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bookingforfun · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve seen this new release all over bookstagram and it wasn’t until I read the synopsis that I realized that it’s genre is suspense! I’ve really been enjoying suspense/thrillers lately so, I promptly went and picked it up from my local @target ! The story follows editorial assistant Nella Rogers, she is the only black employee at Wagner Books in New York City. Everytime she goes to work she is constantly subjected to microaggressions and less than comfortable working situations so when the confident Harlem native “Hazel” starts working at Wagner books, Nella feels a sense of relief. They are getting along really well until an event happens and Hazel is quickly elevated and seen as the office darling and Nella feels like an outcast, unseen. Then suddenly strange notes begin showing up on Nella’s desk: LEAVE WAGNER. NOW. She doesn’t want to believe that Hazel is behind the cryptic notes, but she can’t be sure. Nella is very suspicious of the people around her and soon she will find her self spiraling out of control and obsessing over who could be leaving the notes. Is her career at stake or is it something more sinister? Sounds like my kind of read y’all !!! I was more than happy to add this one to my TBR list. Are you looking to pick up any of the new releases ? : #mommymetime#readersofinstagram#readmore#readingspace#bookstagramcommunity#2021reads#bibliophile#booksarelit#booksonbooks#booksoninstagram#bookphotograph#aesthetics#bookstagram#bookstack#booklifeisagoodlife#booklifestyle#bookingforfun
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bookingforfun · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s been a long day but I managed to get to read a few chapters of the cost of knowing today 🥰. How is your reading going this week ? Let me know in the comments below ✨ : #mommymetime#readersofinstagram#readmore#readingspace#bookstagramcommunity#2020reads#bibliophile#booksarelit#booksonbooks#booksoninstagram#bookphotograph#aesthetics#bookstagram#bookstack#booklifeisagoodlife#booklifestyle (at Atlanta, Georgia)
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suma-luma-blog · 2 years ago
The Crucible
Kyle Aulman
Am Lit
In my class for American literature we have been reading a story called the crucible. In this story it deals with a lot of universal conflicts. One of these conflicts is Loyalty. John proctor is not very loyal to his wife Mary. He had an affair with a girl named Abigail(his servant girl). This is a big problem in real life. Lovers go behind each others backs and cheat. They do not stay loyal to each other and it is not right to betray your lover. The proctor eventually gets what he deserves after he confesses his sins in court. Also Abigail betrayed the girls because she was jealous that she couldn’t have John to herself. In life some people betray friends because they have something that they want. That is one of the universal topics that a saw while reading this book.
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