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#book suggestions
starlesssea · a day ago
Adult Queer Fiction
A running list, because so many of these sorts of things are for YA lit.
Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir | fantasy/science fiction | featuring necromancy, swordfighting, and a spooky old palace
The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow | fantasy | featuring the suffrage movement with a magical twist, a mysterious tower in the middle of a city, and maybe not found but certainly rediscovered family
Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston | realistic fiction | featuring late-night emails, a lake house in Texas, and one of the most wonderful friend groups you'll ever read about
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller | Greek myth retelling | featuring a cave in the mountains, a meddling mother, and the occasional Ancient Greek word or two
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern | fantasy | featuring a deserted Narnia-esque world, stories within stories, and a whole host of mysteries
This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone | science fiction | featuring love letters, history references, and two incredible protagonists
Witchmark by C. L. Polk | fantasy | featuring a mysterious stranger, a bicycle chase, and a captivating new world
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multi-fandom-mess18 · a day ago
Some good bxb/gxg enemies to lovers books on Wattpad?
(Loads of angst and fluff will be amazing)
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buster-north · 2 days ago
Tales from the dome book1: The Underground.
“Weekly recording 58, I think, the days are blending together. I have been down here for the better part of two years. Anyways, I’m not sure how much longer I can do this… I think I might give up soon.”
“Gotta remember to get those oranges, or Gail is going to kill me,” I mumbled to myself during a grocery run. I moseyed down the isles of food skimming past everything until I got to what I needed. then I saw it, a flyer to the once every three years event. “The talent show,” I said in awe.
“you wanna join?” a high-pitched voice asked, I looked around to find the source. I heard a sigh.
“down here human!” I looked down to see a three-foot-tall blue humanoid creature in a bright yellow suit.
“Zello!” I exclaimed. “how have things been with the new job? I heard someone died, is that true? How have sales been?” I questioned the little thing until it punched me in the leg. “ow! What was that for!?”
“you’re annoying” she huffed a little piece of clear blue slime dripping down from the pores on her head. From what I know about them, Grumbas were ridiculously small, but fierce as hell and they only expel the strange goop when they’re angry or in danger. So far, I don’t think the goop has any toxic qualities, but I’m not going to touch it just in case.
“before I answer your dumb questions, you answer mine,” Zello said handing me a yellow flyer. I took it without a second thought and stuffed it in my bag.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” she stated looking at my excited face. “now onto your questions, things are dull, I don’t know if someone died or not I’m not in that area enough to see, and sales haven’t been the same since the disappearances.”
Right, the disappearances, the thing that everyone talks about a week after and before the talent show. The winners of the talent show have a tendency to disappear after a week or so of the said talent show. There are still missing person signs up in the streets from the last event, it’s tragic, but I won’t let that break my spirits, I’ve been practicing my dance ever since I learned what the talent show was.
I got knocked out of my thoughts when I heard an alarm-bot yelling, “half an hour till curfew! Half an hour!”
“shit! I need to get home, Gail’s gonna give me a lecture. Bye, Zello!”
“Bye, Alyc”
Yup that’s my name. my birth name was Alyx, but the aliens who logged my name didn’t have an X in their alphabet, or as it’s called here “the letter log,” but whatever you call it they didn’t have an X in it, so they decided to go with the next best thing, that’s how the name Alyc came to be. Only my family still calls me Alyx, and I rarely ever see them anymore.
I hit my apartment building door hard in the face. Good job, Alyc, you did it again, I thought rubbing my forehead. I got my keys out to unlock the door when the doorknob began to turn, the door opened up to reveal my green six-foot tall very angry roommate tapping her foot with her arms crossed. “heyyyyyy, Gail, I was just about to unlock the door but looks like you got it for me, so, Bye!” I tried to run past her into the hallway, but she caught me by the shirt and lifted my limp 5’3 body off the ground like it was nothing.
Gail dragged me up the stairs until we got to our flat, where she then unlocked the door and threw me inside. “where were you?” she all but demanded from me.
“sorry about how long it took, I was gonna call you, but I ran into Zello.”
“how is she!? Did she say anything to you!?”
“I asked her a bunch of questions and she punched me.”
“hah! Yup that’s definitely Zello.”
“I mean how many Grumbas do you know that aren’t really aggressive?”
“I guess you have a point.”
I picked up the bags that dropped on the floor, hoping nothing broke or got crushed in Gail’s pre-curfew rage. Curfew only started happening about five years ago, when the worst announcement of our small lives aired on the news. There is a large beast-like creature that prowls the streets when the sun goes down, it had eaten a few people and robots before they started curfew.
There was a knock on the door, so Gail and I lined up Infront of the it before it opened to reveal a friendly looking robot that we had gotten to know very well over the years. “George!” I cheered.
“Hey, George.”
“Hello girls! I’m just here to do my nightly check before I head on,” George explained. “is everyone here?”
“good, has everyone completed all their tasks today?”
“Good, see you tomorrow girls, Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, George.”
And with that George closed the door and left us to do our nightly routines before heading to bed, for a “well-earned recharge” as George put it.
I walked to the kitchen to put away the groceries. “lets just hope the ice cream didn’t melt,” I muttered, but Gail heard.
“what!? You got ice cream!?”
“yeah sorry, I was gonna tell you, but I decided against it.”
“and why shouldn’t I know my roommate was planning on getting fat!”
“wow harsh, listen I’m just gonna eat one small bowl every other day.”
“at least you have a plan, remember the last tub? It was gone in three days.”
“well, four.”
“Don’t test me!” and with that I had just what I needed, I love pissing her off. I quickly put everything away in the kitchen and put the ice near the cold stuff, so it they didn’t melt. Then I joined Gail on the couch for the count down until curfew.
The announcement-bot starts counting, “10, 9, 8, 7…” Gail and I start counting with it.
“1.” Then the power shuts off and Gail and I are stuck in the dark.
We sat there for a few minutes in silence. “well, imma head to bed,” I stated yawning and getting up from the couch. I walked past Gail’s room and the bathroom until I got to the end of the hall. Staring at my door I realized I actually wasn’t tired; I just needed an excuse to get away from Gail. For some reason Gail got extra aggressive near the talent show every three years, and I’m going to figure out why.
I suddenly awoke, everything was shaking. Is this an earthquake!? I thought to myself. All the shaking stopped, so I looked at the clock on my nightstand to see what time it was. “three A.M.” I groaned flopping back down on my bed, what could be going on at three in the morning that was so urgent they couldn’t wait until after curfew.
After a few brief moments, the shaking was back. I couldn’t take it anymore, I got up and looked through my window, then I saw it. The beast, the creature, the thing that started this whole lock down thing, was standing right next to the apartment building. It was at least 20 feet long and 11 feet tall on all fours, it had a large round body the shape of a rabbit, with huge sharp teeth. It had two long ears that laid across it’s back, with strands of what looked like skin curved down from the tips almost touching it’s feet. The creature stood on it’s hind legs making it approximately 40 feet tall with it’s legs outstretched. It took a sniff, then another, then it plopped back down on all fours with a thump that rattled the entire dome from the looks of it. The creature looked around for a moment, then bolted. As it was running down the street I could see the streetlamps explode, with little pops.
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letsgetyourdeanon · 2 days ago
I am looking for advice from people who know any contemporary writers of literature that features POC.
Next year I am writing a master thesis in English literature and I want to look at how POC are portrayed in literature in different time periods. However, my supervisor seems to think this peaked in the 20th century. I want to write about something more current.
Does anyone have suggestions to novels or other works of literature with a good portrayal of a character that is a POC?
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What I’m reading: The Girl with all the Gifts by MR Carey / #books
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p-ssyfaery · 3 days ago
get black nails like my soul
Tumblr media
bet 😩
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fangirlxsblog · 4 days ago
Read the inheritance games and I LOVED IT
- First of all Jameson Hawthorne can step on me idc I'm simping on him
- Like I love Grayson, he's more of a gentleman but if I had to choose I'd choose Jameson
- And omg I never thought Xander had such a big part in the whole book and clearly he's the most intelligent brother and that's the reason Tobias Hawthorne told him to find Toby II
-We still didn't get to know what Avery's mom's secret was and I honestly cannot waittt
- The Hawthorne legacy is coming out in September 2021 OMFG I cannot waitttt
- Apparently Amazon is gonna make a series out of it which it clearly deserves so I'm just really really HYPEDDD
*Lastly if you're in a reading slump atm believe me and read this book you won't regret because it kept me hooked right from the start and it's very fast paced so I'm sure you'll get get out of that reading slump bcoz I did too. And now I'm searching for more books to read which is incredible
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majestythewraith · 5 days ago
I just finished, To Kill A Kingdom.
And I am screaming.
Like, no- what- you cant just-
*screeches like volcra*
I am left reeeeling because I need more and I was nOT ready for that to end.
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apocalypticdoll · 5 days ago
Hey! I was looking at 80's and 90's horror books I enjoyed as a child but realized they're all a bit bad. If anyone could suggest some genuinely good horror/thriller books, I would really appreciate it!
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Heyo, I'd like to start reading fiction again and I wondered if anyone could recommend well written & executed ETL stories? With a fulfilling ending? (Idc if the lovers are happy, I just want it to make sense storywise).
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ace-of-sspades · 10 days ago
Do you guys have any good book recommendations? It really doesn't matter what genre, I’ll read anything
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Hey does anyone have any shit your pants level scary books? Like I’m talking about I’ll be up at night, can’t sleep, might vomit, have to sleep with the lights on level scary books?
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shadyyouthpolice · 12 days ago
What to read
I really need to start reading again. I’ve read all the books I bought from Waterstones last year, and now I need more. 
I’ve tried reading my grandma’s old books, but they’re SO boring, and for what? They only look good because they’re those old, classic hardback books from, like, the 50s or something.
Wouldn’t say I’m dedicated to one particular genre, but I do like books with thrill. Would love suggestions <3
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saskia-wolf · 15 days ago
I need some good fiction book series to read. Prefer something magical and/or with LGBT+ rep. I keep reading the same 3 series and need new things to read XD
Current Series/Singles (Rereads)
- The Dark Heavens Series (Kylie Chan)
- The Mercy Thompson Series (Patricia Briggs)
- Temeraire Series (Naomi Novik)
- Girls of Paper and Fire (Natasha Ngan)
- Graceling, Fire, & Bitterblue (Kristin Cashore)
Needless to say, I can read many of these series in a week or less at this point when I get going, I don't stop and it is every waking moment I am reading. I need some new material, y'all got any suggestions?
If you do, please list the first book in the series or the single book title, the author, and a simple premise of the story! <3
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cauldronbookreviews · 15 days ago
With the weather brightening up where I live, I’ve started to feel more motivated and excited to do the things I enjoy. Part of that involves tackling my TBR pile. With my intent to be choosing a complete book series, I’ve narrowed it down to two box sets I have downloaded -
1. Witches Bite Series by Stephanie Foxe
2. Legacy Series by McKenzie Hunter
I’d love to hear from you guys! Which series should I tackle first?
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bec-writes · 16 days ago
i’ve been in a reading slump for the longest time, and i started reading the invisible life of addie larue by v. e. schwab yesterday night and i hope it’ll get me out of this slump. it’s so good 10/10 recommend !!
also, yes i’m using a ruler as a bookmark
Tumblr media
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