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#book suggestion
buggiebabiebia7 days ago
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good morling friends!!! i care bout you n hope on this rainy day you spirit is washed clean and pure like a spring flower!! 馃尙馃導
i'm feelin berry focused today! *purple minded if you will* an i wanna give my brain some good adventures! 馃摉
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is anyone interested in sharing book recommendations?
i really enjoy:
馃 girl power centered stories
馃摷 poc centered stories
馃悇 kids manga
馃馃徑鈥嶁檧锔 tween safe comic books
馃棟 magical land stories
ps: please make sure if it is a poc's story that it highlights how beautiful it is to be colored. i am not interested in seeing my people in anymore pain bc it triggers me :c
pps: big me love to read also so if ya know a berry good book but not for a baby brain i am still berry open to hearin about it!!! i am just so ready to learn!!!!!
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manypersons9 days ago
So I just remembered that I read a book a while back and one of the important characters had a strong phobia of Keanu Reeves. She was referred to as the Keanuphobe the entire time.
Her phobia got so bad that it grew onto agoraphobia, as she was afraid that if she'd walk out of her house, she'd see something Keanu Reeves related
Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of this book, since I lended it to someone and never got it back, but I know with absolute certainty that it was a Dean Koontz book
So if any of you know the title of this book, please tell me. I would like to be able to identify it if I see it on said theif's shelf
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loadingemotions10 days ago
if I had known I could mass delete posts I would鈥檝e done it on my super old blog long ago, but this one needed it more
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desultory-suggestions25 days ago
Hiii evan any book recommendations?
Hello, sweetpea! Oh, I love books! Though I struggle with reading I adore it all the same. Here are some suggestions, I鈥檒l try to have new ones since I was last asked!
Books I Have Read and Liked
Daring Greatly - Bren茅 Brown
Stay Woke - Justin Michael Williams
The Haunting of Hills House - Shirley Jackson聽
The Double Helix - James D. Watson
Books I Want to Read
Everything I Know About Love - Dolly Alderton
Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close - Aminatou Sow
Dearly - Margaret Atwood聽
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chloteacha month ago
Teacher Literature Review - The Confident Teacher
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I admit, I have always been the kind of reader that uses research and education books to back up a point I am making, more so than to develop and better understand my own skills and flaws.
However, during my PGCE and NQT years I have found myself returning to Alex Quigley's The Confident Teacher, and reminding myself that it is not only human to err, but to also entirely forget your techniques in the classroom.
Through a combination of almost conversational narrative and educational advice, Quigley creates a collection of chapters that give you comfort in your profession.
There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of traditional pedagogy essays and anthologies that are still referenced in modern teacher training - as a woman in STEM, I found that frequently the narrative was either completely biased and unrepresentative of the modern classrooms I teach in, or more frequently, I found myself twisting the narratives of humanities and science classrooms to fit my subject.
Still, Quigley manages to present techniques, activities and advice with an awareness that his experience is in an English classroom - one that differs greatly to say, my Technology workshop or a PE teacher's tennis court.
It reminds us that we are all in the same boat: a room filled with 20-30 teenagers, or (if you have much more patience than me) 20-30 children under the age of 11. It is entirely valid to think teachers are incredible, but we are not deities, or miracle workers. Realistically, we are juiced up on very strong coffee and that one good joke we made on Monday to our tough Y9 class.
This awareness is what makes The Confident Teacher an incredibly important book for teachers in their PGCE year, as it humanises you.
I was guilty, as all trainee teachers are, of getting very cocky when I finally 'got it' - when my feedback was laden with positives and constructive criticism, when students listened and I felt like a teacher. But the reality is, you have to respect that.
Teaching is an emotional profession, and Quigley manages to narrate that in a balance of understanding and learned knowledge that isn't quite a telling off, but certainly a crisp reminder that you always have something new to learn or develop.
The Confident Teacher is a must-read for trainee teachers, but also a comforting flick-through for more experienced teachers on tough days.
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mudkimpa month ago
Hi!!!! Just wanted to say that the philosophicalconservatism post you just reblogged now is actually akin to Aristotle's ethics! He believed that the greatest good led to happiness in people, the greatest good being acts of virtue- things like temperance (with sex or drinking) and integrity. This is different to what can arguably be considered what the philosophy of the left is today- this philosophy of pleasure-based happiness, which can lead to the behavior seen by the left (gender pronouns, demand of conforming to feelings) as they're desperate to achieve their own, personal pleasure. Please read Nicomachean Ethics if you haven't already- they're fascinating! (Along with everything else Aristotle has written!)
Thanks for the suggestion. It seems like something to look forward to once tax season ends.
Hell, might end up posting my thoughts about it once I do get to reading it.
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2tmadea month ago
A New Real Rise Show
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