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#boo seungkwan
svt-incorrect10 hours ago
Seungkwan: must be hard not having a sense of humor.
The8:...? I have a sense of humor you know?
Seungkwan: I've never heard you laugh before.
The8: I've never heard you say anything funny.
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nettlestingsoupa day ago
going seventeen is just the best content to watch when you need a distraction. look at all these fools lying to each other during mafia. look at them trying to find buried treasure. look at them trying to raise each other's heart rates by telling embarrassing pre-debut stories. there's genuinely no better nonsense.
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svt-incorrecta day ago
DK: dandelions symbolise everything I want to be in life.
Seungkwan: fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?
DK, main character glow: unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the unconventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn, happy, bastardous, friends with bees, highly disapproving of lawns, full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.
Hoshi: edible.
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yutaroo2 days ago
Seventeen masterlist
Tumblr media
-Choi seungcheol-
Coming soon
-Yoon Jeonghan-
Coming soon
-Joshua Hong-
Coming soon
-Moon Junhui-
Coming soon
-Kwon Soonyoung-
Coming soon
-Jeon Wonwoo-
Coming soon
-Lee Jihoon-
Coming soon
-Lee Seokmin-
Coming soon
-Kim Mingyu-
Coming soon
-Xu Minghao-
Coming soon
-Boo Seungkwan-
Coming soon
-Choi Hansol-
Coming soon
-Lee Chan-
Coming soon
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letter-05262 days ago
15.06.2021 (12:06 AM KST)
鈼 kwon tiger kwon hamster keon soonyoung happy birthday 锟尖櫋鈾♀櫋鈾
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bloopseventeen2 days ago
Doctor : It says here that your back hurts?
Seungkwan : From carrying the entire KPOP industry and my own company, yeah...
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beezonia4 days ago
Wedding Bell Blues
Seungkwan x GN Reader聽
Overview: Your best friends getting married. You would think that's a good thing right? Not for you, everyone in your big ass friend group can tell that she's using him for the money apart from him. So on the big day you decide to help nudge him in the right direction. You object. You spill your heart out to him on what's supposed to be the happiest day of his life. And probably make an even bigger mess than the one you and your friends were originally in.
Warnings: A lot of alcohol, drunk idiots, childhood friends to somewhat enemies to lovers. ANGST.聽
Two months before:
鈥淚ts not like he's gonna ask her for jokes is it?鈥 Seungkwan had called across the table where you were sat next to Joshua, the rest of the group sat (or crouched in Chans case) not so subtlety whispering about another friend (Beakhyun the player) who was hanging out with his new to- girlfriend.聽
You slightly chuckled at the way your closest friend could easily listen out for the newest information on a specific person or group, and then he would go and spout random shit out like it was him who never spun the lies in the first place.
Seungkwan had been your best best friend since diapers, the two of you were inseparable. In high school the two of you were the people to go to for a little tea. That was how you met most of your other 12 friends that also happened to be in one big group called Seventeen.聽
Which was now your family.
Both of you one night had made a very drunk vow. The vow was the really cheesy聽鈥淚f I'm still alone at blank age I鈥檒l marry you鈥 which left the two of you both heart broken every time a new relationship was blooming.聽
It also led you to make the worse idea in your life.聽
You were going to object to his marriage (even if it was to someone he supposedly loved)聽
Well why did he love a gold digger? You would ask yourself.聽
Your large ass group agreed.聽
鈥淪he鈥檚 a fucking gold digger!鈥- Seungcheol聽
鈥淎bsolute untrustworthy bitch.鈥 - Jeonghan (Also came with a couple of other curses)
鈥淎 shit ton of Chinese curses you couldn't really understand鈥 - Mainly Minghao but sometimes Jun
Lastly, Hansol (Seungkwans university best friend) literally said聽
鈥淲hy the fuck are you just using him for the money.鈥澛 In front of the woman at the engagement party. In front of pretty much all her family members and then blamed it on you when it was clearly Hansol who said it.聽
The hate from her didn't just stop there. One night she had the audacity to make a very drunk (also emotional) Seungkwan cry when she told him that you were dating another guy. He left you on read for about three weeks that time.聽
All 12 hated her, hell like all of the concert band (most of your friends) and the choir (most of Seungkwans friends) hated her and they all had shown it to her and him several times.
聽Seungkwan was just to blinded by what he thought was聽 love to see.聽
So you spouted your crush. The group then deciding it would be the so called best idea to do it at the wedding. Then Jeonghan would pull up the voice messages and show Seungkwan you were the better one for him.
Even after trying to not only subtly but also obviously get him to notice and understand how you felt.
Absolutely failing with both.聽 聽
Bachelor Party:聽
Why was it their idea to drag you out of bed (even if some agreed with you on hating party's) and forcing you to sit in on the bachelor party even though it was specifically for men.聽
You have no fucking clue why. (Well its the 21st century so maybe they want to break stereotypes)聽
鈥淭hen I said to Soo, I don't even thinks she likes you platonically I'm pretty sure she's using you for the free food!鈥 The large ass group of men laugh at聽 Chanyeol (A sax player in the concert band) as he recalled a story about Kyungsoo (A singer) and his girlfriend (now fianc茅 and a cello player) Eunjung.聽
You let out a light chuckle, then taking a sip of your tequila sunrise glad to be able to be you without getting hounded by the bride and her lackeys (as most of the group had labelled them)聽
Most of the guys were a mix of the choir friends Seungkwan had made back in high school along with some of your concert band friends. Or a mix of both (In Joshua's case)聽
Take Chanyeol, a sax player you had met in your first year of being in the concert band who along with Baekhyun, a flute player made it their goal to get to know every single person in the band starting with you.聽
Then another one of their friends Kyungsoo who was Seungkwan鈥檚 first friend in the choir who also knew you because of the other. Had plainly asked Seungkwan to聽鈥淪hut it.鈥 when he was being to loud when they weren't performing聽聽
Causing them to bond over opposite personalities.聽
You were all connected for your love of music one way or another. In your case you had instantly fallen head over heels for聽 Seungkwan when you heard his voice at his first audition.
鈥淗ey, how you doing little troll?鈥 Chanyeol had called at you from the oposite side of the very long and crowded table you were all sat at.聽
The nickname had stemmed for your love of DND and Beakhyun saying that you were the size of a tiny troll.聽聽
鈥淕ood, what about you?鈥 a short reply because you were definitely not in the mood for talking, especially when you could be drowning yourself in alcohol.聽
The group laughed used to your short grumpy replies, Jeonghan instantly trying to pry into how you were feeling but you gave him the聽鈥渄on't you dare鈥 stare.
鈥淒eadass, shit no way!鈥 Seokmin聽
鈥淒ude what the fuck happened?鈥 Hansol聽
鈥淛isoo just sent me some weird shit from the hen.鈥 You barely heard because he was speaking so quietly.聽
Most of your friends had instantly perked up at the name of his girlfriend wondering what it could have meant. Causing them to gather around him and try to pry answers out of Jisoo.聽
A light pat on your shoulder, Seungkwan.
You smiled turning your head towards the man only realising that he wasn't wearing his usual bright smile.聽 聽聽
鈥淗i, we need to talk.鈥 He sounded sad.
鈥淪ure, but are you okay, you look depressed鈥 Shit that was the alcohol speaking
鈥淲hat I'm about to say is gonna hurt you, but I'm doing it for the best reason. Your my best friend and you cant come to the wedding.鈥 He spoke slowly, treating you like a baby.
鈥淚s this your personal choice, or did your little lovable gold digger just say that so you would never ever find out that we knew she wanted you for the money!鈥 You spoke voice raising as you spat out what you were supposed to hide.聽
Your friends instantly knew they had fucked up and so had you. Seungkwan turning to the rest and trying to decipher what had happened.
聽鈥淵our just saying it because your drunk and jealous, she is everything to me everything you could never be cause you don't even know what love feels like! Don't even think about trying to stop me, at least be a good fucking friend for once and stay out of it!鈥澛
Trying to blink back the tears, you instantly sped out of the bar. Trying not to be enticed by the calls of your so called聽鈥渂est friend鈥. Some of the other guys following straight after you hollering curses at their friend.
He obviously didn't care about you anymore, didn't love you the way you loved him. Of course you were jealous, you loved him and he never batted an eyelash.
Why why why did it have to be you, the hopeless adult who God just wants to watch suffer and break down every single day, hour and minute.
Wedding day聽
Operation try not to think of your crush because your about to get married was ago. Seungkwan probably cried himself to sleep the night before.聽
Well he was sure he did cry himself to sleep.聽
Maybe because he had one to many shots of vodka, and when he gets drunk he also gets emotional.聽
He wondered about you.
We鈥檙e you okay?
How were you feeling?
Probably like shit because of what he did to you last night. Stopping himself doing the one thing he knew you wanted him to do.
Tell you everything, how he imagined asking you to marry him. Planning the wedding together (It would obviously be one of the best weddings Korea had seen)
Telling you how much he loved you.
You on the other hand were still completely recovering from drowning yourself in alcohol, trying not to think of the pain you were put through and were still being put through.聽
鈥淗ey, I brought you water.鈥 Chan called as he walked into his and Hansol鈥檚 shared hotel room. He sat down in front of you, suit jacket haphazardly draped across his shoulders.聽
鈥淭hanks.鈥 You croaked, letting out a slight cough afterwards, grabbing the bottle and downing most of it.聽
You really really shouldnt have drunk soo much wine last night (You were pretty sure you drained Hao鈥檚 stock that he brought)聽
鈥淯mmmm, The rest of the guys are gonna come over, they wanted to see how you were holding up since you drank like half of Hao鈥檚 wine stock.鈥 You shared a chuckle.
You hoped they wouldn't drag Seungkwan into this so he could apologise.
鈥淥pen up Chan we know your hiding them in there!鈥 Jeonghan
The younger instantly obeyed allowing the 11 others to spill into the small hotel room.
鈥淵our gonna stop him right?鈥 Soonyoung questioned.
You sighed in response not really wanting to deal with Seungkwan this early in the morning.
鈥淒id you seriously think he鈥檚 not gonna die if he鈥檚 without you.鈥 Minghao calls from the bathroom (going over his and Jun鈥檚 makeup)
鈥淚f it makes you feel any better you can fu-!鈥 Joshua clamped a hand over Jeonghans mouth.
鈥淣o one is going to fuck you Jeonghan, especially after this. We are going to get them back together today no matter what.鈥 He stood up, the rest following.
鈥淥peration Get The Besties back together to spill their hot feeling tea is ago!鈥
Your friends cheered, and you had no clue what the actual fuck was going on.
But you liked it.
The church was as beautiful as you remember it. The stained glass, the architecture and so on.
This was the place you wanted to get married. Well you were hopefully going to get married in this place (as long as the plan goes well)
All of your old choir/band friends were gathered to celebrate (Destroy more like) the union of Seungkwan and the gold digger.
Chen and his wife (Along with his daughter) Chanyeol and his fianc茅 June, Hobi and Yoongi trying not to start fighting at any given moment , Lisa was chatting with Hansol and finally Joshua and Jeonghan were having an absolute unholy make out session in one of the back pews.
It was chaos as you expected and it was about to get even more chaotic when you objected.
鈥淪eriously, why are you so nervous it鈥檚 obvious that he loves you and wants to be with you.鈥 Jihoon spoke, giving your hand a tight squeeze in reassurance.
鈥淵o yo yo, how are you guys it鈥檚 been a while!鈥 You turned to see Wonwoo鈥檚 fianc茅 Helena walk over to where you guys were sat, taking a seat next to Seungcheol and his wife Boeum on your right (Wonwoo following like the lovesick puppy he was)
Jisoo and Seokmin gave you a nod. 鈥 You love him and that鈥檚 why your gonna win.鈥 She whispered as the music started.
You smiled, you loved him and you were gonna tell him how you felt even if it went to shit afterwards.
鈥淚 object to this marriage!鈥 You called, trying to keep your voice from shaking.
Most of your friends had turned towards you then looking to Seungkwan (Who instantly knew he鈥檇 royally fucked up with this wedding)
鈥淯mm no you don鈥檛 you bitch, Seungkwan doesn鈥檛 care about you he loves me and now you and your little fake ass rich kid club can get out and stop trying to take me away from the money!鈥
The crowed gasped. Jeonghan instantly pulling his phone out of his pocket to get the message and calls he had found.
Seungkwan stared at her harshly, starting to shout obscenities at his now ex- fianc茅.
Her parents were also hounded by your best friends parents and you were pretty sure that Seungkwans mum was about to start a fight.
The large group of family and friends had started to cheer waiting for Seunkwan and you to say that you loved each other.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, I really was blinded by lov-鈥
You smacked your lips onto his, butterflies exploding in your stomach as you depend the kiss glad you had not only your best friend but your love in your arms.
鈥淚 love you.鈥
鈥淢e too baby, me too鈥
Three Years Later
鈥淛eonghan ,Josh can you please stop trying to have sex on the buffet, if your that desperate just ditch and come back later!鈥 You called to the couple who were mainly fighting for dominance at that point.
Scaring most of the younger attendees who were mainly just trying to eat in peace.
You laughed as you felt a soft kiss being placed on your exposed neck.
鈥淭hey never learn do they Mrs Boo.鈥
鈥淥h no they don鈥檛 Mr Boo鈥
You didn鈥檛 end up getting married at the church.
No cause you ended up getting married in Las Vegas because Seungkwan said it (The church) gave him nightmares.
Probably for the best, poor Chan didn鈥檛 remember a thing from that night let alone who.
But love did prevail. It brought you and Seungkwan closer and further apart then your relationship had ever gone.
You wouldn鈥檛 have changed a thing.
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x-woozi4 days ago
An Unwise Interest
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Profiles 2
Profiles 1 || M. List || Next
Summary: Of course you love your brother but he can be a bit overly concerned and involved in your personal life. Things only get worse when you find yourself having a little more than 鈥渇riendly鈥 feelings for one of his best friends.
A/n: Hello!! This is going to be the profiles for the first of the series 鈥淒iamond Affairs鈥!! With this being the first one I don鈥檛 want to reveal the love interest right away, but it does come up fairly quick with hints. Please, enjoy! 鈽猴笍
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booshi-hoon4 days ago
god i love seungkwan so deeply聽
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letter-05265 days ago
11.06.2021 (11:37 PM KST)
鈼 鈥渕asterpieces that we鈥檒l listen to again once it comes back鈥... must watch!
mmtg is airing their special concert on sbs right now and seungkwan is one of the mcs!
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svt-incorrect5 days ago
Seungkwan: babe~
Seungkwan: angel~
Seungkwan: hansol-ah~
Seungkwan: precious little nugget
Seungkwan: slumbering little bug
Seungkwan: if you don't answer me the pet names are just going to get meaner.
Seungkwan: bowl of cereal that's been sitting out for like an hour.
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k-star-holic5 days ago
Tumblr media
'Idol-taking' finalization, end-of-the-line difficulty problem ..
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kyedaei5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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letter-05265 days ago
10.06.2021 (6:59 PM KST)
鈼 no why did the video cut off 銋犮厾銋犮厾
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letter-05265 days ago
10.06.2021 (6:53 PM KST)
鈼 i鈥檓 just a bit late
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luvlettertohoon5 days ago
[4:28PM];聽鈥渟eungkwan, seriously!鈥 you whine. you turn to him with a pout,聽鈥測ou鈥檙e getting flour in my hair...鈥 seungkwan chuckles, chestnut hair falling over his eyes. for extra effect, you make 鈥減uppy dog eyes鈥 as you pout. he looks down at you and gives you that iconic grin. the strands of hair covering his eyes are covered with some sort of egg-flour mixture and he knows he鈥檒l be aggravated when washing it out later; but now, he doesn鈥檛 care. he feels his heart flutter in his chest as he stares at you (and the many clumps of flour stuck in your hair). he shakes his head, bits of flour flying out of his hair,聽鈥渙kay, okay, fine! i鈥檓 just trying to have fun ___~!鈥 he sing-songs teasingly.聽鈥渨e are having fun! i鈥檓 having so much fun with vanilla extract all over my hands and egg up my nose!鈥 you retort. he smirks at your childishness, knowing how well it mirrors his own. a part of yourself that bloomed only after meeting seungkwan. you look down at the messy counter in front of you, as well as the half-full pan of聽what seems to be an amalgamation of cookies. 鈥渓et鈥檚 just finish this,鈥 you say, full of determination. 鈥渟eokmin and vernon will kill us if we don鈥檛 have these ready for the birthday party.鈥 seungkwan nods, 鈥渨ithout getting any more flour in our hair?鈥 he tacks on with a laugh. you smile, sticking your hands into the bowl of dough. 鈥渨ithout getting any more flour in our hair!鈥
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