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belladonnabarnes · 6 hours ago
𐐂   hand in unlovable hand  𐐚  -  chapter 1
Tumblr media
a/n: here is the first part of this fun little universe i hope u enjoy!!! as always feedback & reblogs are strongly encouraged so go crazy go stupid - i can’t wait to hear ur thoughts <3 (dividers are by my love @skylightlantern​ but this was edited to a very low standard by urs truly so apologies for any mistakes) 
pairing: bucky barnes x female reader
word count: 2.6k
warnings: language, violence 
as much as you hate to admit it, those stupid crime shows are right in saying it’s always the little things you remember from a traumatic event.
for you it’s the smell.
no surprise, when its ever increasing presence is what tips the scale of your losing battle with consciousness. the venomous acrid scent of C-4 plastic is the last thing you notice before everything goes dark.
“could’a slipped you an extra shot, sugar.”
like an off kilter tilt-a-whirl, your attention is cartwheeled from the nightmare of a memory towards the voice ringing in your ears. its only when you note the welcome replacement of the coffee scented air that you remember where you are.
the cast of characters in the little leaf & bean is ever changing, but abigail’s presence is a constant above them all.
she’s passing by your table now and wrapping a heavily ringed palm on the stained oak. hair piled high on the crown of her head, she shoots you a smile cut and pasted from the sweetest of daydreams. 
“shit – abs. what’s the time?”
she glances at her wrist, turns back to you. “you’ve only been out a few minutes, don’t worry.”
you breathe a sigh of relief. the spontaneous arrival of nightmares to your waking life isn’t exactly a good omen, but at least you weren’t late.
late isn’t an option when you have a 3pm appointment with shield’s most renowned espionage agent.
gathering up your things and tugging at the hem of your dress, you’re out the door in a second. the building is only down the street, but you know from experience that the security clearance process for anything above the first floor is a bitch.
the first signs of winter have begun to blanket the city in the form of fairy lights and oversized ribbons. waking nightmares and biting cold aside, it makes you smile.
you get a few stares in the lobby and breach the sixth floor with less than a minute to spare.
pressing through the glass doors adjacent to the elevator, you can’t help but feeling like you’re on your way to the principals office. you’re not sure what to expect from casimiro. you’d met her once before, but that was before the whole, ‘sole-survivor-extended-stress-leave ordeal.’
against all expectation, you’d emerged from that darkened cave of grief hell-bent on revenge. and international law enforcement agency or not, you wouldn't let SHIELD stand in your way.
the agent’s voice rings out from her nightmare of a minimalist office before you’ve even taken your first step inside. “i know what you’re up to.”
its not her silver tinged hair in the fluorescent lighting that catches your attention, but the hint of amusement in her tone that has you feeling like you’d packed an atomic bomb to a knife fight.
“cool it, sugarplum. i may be a world renewed mole, but i ain’t no snitch.” 
your heart-rate is only just bottoming out when distant footfalls kickstart it back to an uneven rhythm. a man rounds the corner in pretentious all black ensemble, and you cock a brow.
from where casimiro sits across the room, she sighs in anticipation.
“who's this meathead?”
he says nothing. the crease in his brow is ever persistent.
“this is sergeant barnes. i’m sending him out with you.”
casimiro’s proposition is pinned harshly in the air as you blink in disbelief. “absolutely not. i work alone.”
“with all due respect, this is well and truly out of your division. if it weren't for the fact that i happen to like you, this whole operation would be out of the question. it’s either him or a cubicle in human resources.”
you shift, glance once more at the man looming over you. everything from his outfit to his posture paints him all sorts of wannabe intimidating. you don’t like his attitude, but he’s the lesser of two evils.
sure, he has wise eyes moulded from sea-glass and a jawline that perfectly aligns with the soft slope of his cheekbones, but that doesn’t change the circumstances.
nothing about the situation is remotely fair, and that’s before your babysitter is taken into account.
you blink back and forth between the agents once more. 
“we take my car.”
settled beside your reluctant ally in the very spot you’d been two hours earlier, the first thing you note is how uncomfortable he seems to look in public places.
he carries himself with a cautious sort of attitude you supposed owes its origins to war. it’s fascinating to watch if nothing else; the way he scans the room like a cat in pursuit of a particularly lead-footed fly - but a bit of a harsh teasing point even for you.
thankfully, he’s generous in providing alternate options. 
he’s sat a respectable six inches away from you on the pleather booth of leaf and bean, watching you tap away at your laptop. you can practically feel his gaze burning the skin on the back of your neck, and you bristle with discomfort once more before snapping.“jesus, could you loosen it up a little? i feel like i’m on suicide watch or something.”
you watch as he cracks his knuckles back and forth in his lap. his reply comes so swift and gruff you almost miss it. “or something.” 
his first recognition of your presence save for a nod of understanding, and he’s already chosen the asshole route. you follow suit. 
“watch it, sarge. you’re my bitch in this dynamic.”
his only comeback this time is two cyan eyes pitched to the ceiling. 
very mature. 
pointedly avoiding the conflict that dangles in your face, you busy yourself with tracking footprints. the sticky note on the edge of the table is a little weathered by its extended stay in the bottom of your purse, but you couldn’t forget those four names even if you’d wanted to.
an hour of deep diving, and one stands out among the others. blacked out emails and sporadic bank statements for a property across town; all stamped with a foreboding t.
bucky doesn’t talk a lot.
contrary to popular belief, it’s less of an attitude problem and more of an evolutionary reaction to identifying as a fly on the wall for the past century. his vocabulary had been cut short to detail the simplest of responses; ‘yes, no, hand me that gun. ‘
being treated like a person was a relatively new thing for him, so he sometimes forgets he can speak of his own free will. 
bucky has an inkling that you couldn’t begin to understand the feeling for all the money in the world. all you do is talk - chattering out of nerves, complaining about the weather and commenting on every cute dog you happen to lay your eyes on.
the only reason he’s still tolerating it resides solely in curiosity. you’re flirtatious, chirpy. it’s a far cry from how it’d been since hydra stuck their claws in him. 
he wonders if everything else you do with your mouth is equally as sweet.
it’s the rapid halt of your fingers on the keyboard that breaks through his thoughts. 
“got something.”
he shifts in his seat, leaning to peer at the laptop you’ve hunched yourself over.
with a satisfied nod, you slam it shut.
if he were more of an open book himself, he might’ve had the audacity to be irritated by the safeguard you’ve propped up between you. instead, he reminds himself that he doesn’t have to like you - only keep you alive. it’s part of his pardon - a source of income and a way to prove himself in shield’s eyes.
you go back to the counter for another matcha, and bucky goes to wait for you in the carpark.
five minutes later, he’s set up in the driver's seat of a baby pink cadillac with you riding shotgun.
it hadn’t been an easy compromise for either party, but bucky’s having one of those rare days where his obligation supersedes all semblance of embarrassment. when he slides into the drivers seat, your feet are propped up on the dash like you’re on a spring break road trip.
it pisses him off to no end. 
thankfully, you kick them down once you’re off the highway in favor of digging around in the glovebox. making sure he’s still on the google maps path, he spares a glance to the hiding spot and scoffs aloud at the confectionary store hidden inside.
he’s not one to judge healthy eating choices, but your flavor selection is a violation of everything he holds dear. every neatly organised packet in the glovebox is made up of varying shades of red candy - sour worms and red vines and something that looks like a bag of frogs.
“want one?”
you’re offering him a lollipop glazed over with cherry, and he blanches at the sight.
“tastes like cough medicine.”
an interim of ten seconds passes before your response comes tumbling from sugar coated lips. the wind is whipping your hair around your face like some sort of fierce deity, and he’s suddenly grateful he’d chopped his own locks off.
“if you’re gonna ask me for some freezedried shit, get the fuck out of my car, barnes.”
if it weren’t the pile of bodies he was already responsible for, he’d be kissing the pavement.
instead, he settles for something more concise and turns his attention to the city passing you by. “shut up.”
the first signs of winter and its reactionary fanaticsim have begun to kiss the suburbs with its crude lips. maybe he’s a cynic, but it’s always struck him as amusing that fairy lights are humanity’s best wall of defence against the monotonous kind of melancholy dredged up by the cold.
even now, idealism sits prison in their flickering glow from where they ensnare the streetlights above you. 
“so.” he punctuates the word with a singular tap against the steering wheel. it must work, because you direct your gaze from the lights and over to him. “what’s your beef with these guys?”
you shrug, lie straight through your pretty teeth. “they owe me twenty bucks.”
it’s a playful remark, intended to keep him off your trail. bucky doesn’t want to pry, but that doesn’t mean he won’t.
“listen dollface - this’d work a lot better if i knew what the fuck i was getting myself into.”
there’s another beat of silence while you remove the lollipop from your mouth.
“listen up, asshat. you don’t tell me what to do and you don’t get in my way. stay out of my business and keep my head attached to my neck and we’ll be just fine.”
if your words aren’t hostile enough, the gaping hole in his skull from your fiery stare is enough to shut him up. to himself, bucky makes a note to call you that more often. 
it’s almost nightfall when you reach the cul de sac that harbours typhon’s collapsing apartment building. from first glance alone you can safely assume that he’s on the lower end of the organisation's ranks.
as you pull up to the curb, you’re startled by the sound of the drivers door opening before you even get a chance to unbuckle your seatbelt.
it’s shut again in an instant. 
face adorned with some uncomfortable scowl, bucky edges backwards towards the entrance of the building. “wait here.”
you blink, sliding over the console to take his seat. “uhh, no? who do you think you are?”
this time, there’s no hesitation in his reply.
“the guy who’s responsible for keeping your head attached to your neck.”
something about the ferocity of his tone catches you off guard, and you can’t quite decide if you never want to see him again or if you’d like a nice view of his bedroom ceiling at sunrise.
before you have the chance to make up your mind, he’s disappeared inside the dim lobby.
a few kids meander down the sidewalk next to the car, and you envy them for a moment. their normal lives, their functional looking relationships.
instead, you’re in timeout at the hands of grumpy middle-aged bodyguard who doesn’t even know the apartment number of who he’s meant to beat up.
bucky’s slick with sweat and dizzy with vertigo when he stumbles from the apartment, and they hadn’t even got a hit in. on the dim lit staircase, you inhabit the space by his ear like a fruit fly on an unrelenting quest for spoiled mangoes.
the whole thing had been a blur.
the apartment is a hellhole even before he breaks the door in - cans of coke and varying standards of firearms littering the carpeted floor. there’s three of them inside, two on the couch and one emerging from the bathroom. he goes for the former first, taking the shorter one out with a single punch. the second one puts up a better fight, and bucky’s out of breath by the time boot meets throat.
while requiring the least force, the third one is perhaps the worst of all.
the look of fear in the the man’s eyes as bucky presses him against the wall is something he would’ve preferred to go without seeing. alas, he gets what he’s looking for in two words. a name, a place.
they hold no value to him, but the way your eyes flicker in recognition when he parrots them to you in the hallway affirms it.
at the cost of his own stability, he’d secured you the information you needed.
three guys, punches he could count on one hand, and he’s completely ripped apart.
despite his best efforts, parts of the winter soldier still lurk in shadowy corners that make up a museum of muscle memories bucky would rather forget. for the first eight months or so into recovery he was guarded and overly paranoid, jumping the gun at every bump in the night.
a full rotation of therapists later and he thought he’d been doing better. he could walk into a room without scanning for exits, and hear fireworks without diving for cover.
the way he feels throwing a single punch after eight months of peace has him thinking otherwise. 
one step forward, two steps back.
he doesn’t turn to look at you until he’s pushing the keys back into the engine for fear of encouraging conversation. you’re practically vibrating in your seat from what he can subconsciously recognise as adrenaline, and his hand is on your knee before he can give it a second thought.
it takes an effort to maintain an even expression at the contact as his hand stills your bouncing leg. if you react in any discernible way, he doesn’t catch it.
the tenderness of the gesture sits like lead in his chest. as fast as it appeared, his hand is gone from your lap. 
“so. berlin, huh?”
bucky nods, hitting the gas and turning back into incoming traffic.
“ok, so. i get the whole 'driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake-hole' thing, and i respect it, but i'm thinking since this is my car we're in a bit of a grey area."
you’re rambling, producing another candy - a sour worm, this time- and pushing it past your lips.
mistaking the deep twist in his gut for hatred, bucky tosses you the aux and heads for the airport.
Tumblr media
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forever-rogue · 17 hours ago
i want to write but head empty 🥺
i will let you all ruminate on this while i slowly work on enemies-to-lovers!bodyguard!bucky!
bucky making you sit on his thigh when you've been bad and making you get yourself off. that's all buh-bye 😌
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navybrat817 · 21 hours ago
Sugar Daddy? Bodyguard? You spoil us!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're too kind, lovely anon. It really was a nice distraction today and I can't wait to write them. ❤️
Andy really is going to be a good sugar daddy. Our lucky reader. And Bucky wants to guard every inch of our reader. ❤️🔥❤️
But. My tattoo boys are right there glaring at me because they refuse to be ignored. Hehe. ❤️ Thank you so much!
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kaunis-sielu · 2 days ago
Naja: 3
After you check in you give Bucky a little goodbye wave then head up to your room. You want a shower and then a drink, maybe not in that order maybe you’ll order a drink first then you’re going down to the pool. You take a quick shower to get the airplane off of you, then pull on your swimsuit and slather on some sunscreen before throwing your coverup on. You throw your hotel towel, book, water bottle and sunscreen into your pool bag, slip on your sunglasses and head out the door. Just before you close the door you take a hair and put it against the latch, closing the door. This way you’ll know of someone else goes in your room. You take the elevator down to the main floor and head to the pool that’s next to your building.
You order a drink and relax in the water when you get too hot, it’s a great first day and when the sun sets you head to the little beachfront club where music is playing.
Without the breeze it would be too hot for dancing but it’s perfect. You dance alone for a while until suddenly a warm body joins you.
“Looked for you today pretty girl.” The voice says and your heart stops. No one would be this brazen would they? Take you out here in the middle of a dance floor. “You avoiding me?” It’s then the voice clicks.
“James,” you breathe and he laughs softly against your ear.
“I thought I asked you to call me Bucky.”
“You did but I haven’t decided if we’re friends yet.” You sass back over your shoulder while you dance. His hands rest on your hips, he’s a surprisingly good dancer and you’re the recipient of a few envious glares from some of the other women on the dance floor. “And to answer your question about avoiding you. No, I wasn’t but I didn’t go looking either.” Your back is plastered to his front as you sway in time with him. One of his hands is splayed across your stomach keeping you against him, not that you were planning on going anywhere.
“You wound me Doll.” You roll your eyes but your stomach swoops, oh god you’re in trouble.
“I don’t mean to.” If you’d meant to he’d know it. “How about I buy you a drink as a peace offering.”
“I actually don’t drink, but I would take a walk on the beach instead.”
“How romantic.”
“Well I am trying to woo you. Is it working?” He asks taking your hand as you amble off the dance floor.
“It’s not not working.” You admit and he laughs again. “I don’t usually make vacation friends.”
“Well, there’s a first time for everything right?” He asks and you hum softly,
“I suppose, but I’m just not sure I should let you pop that cherry.” He snorts and gives you a little push that you exaggerate and go tumbling into the sand.
“Oh shit, I’m so sorry!” He says reaching down to offer you a hand up. You take it but quickly put a leg up onto his hip, pull his hand and flip him over you and into the water where he lands with a satisfying splash. You laugh loudly at his startled expression then leap to your feet and take off running.
You know he’s going to be faster than you so you have to take advantage of his surprise. You hear him coming and when he catches you around the waist with a little growl you let out a small yelp.
“You’re in so much trouble.” He says twisting and yanking you into the water with him. It’s almost like he barrel rolls and just takes you with him into the water. You hate that you can’t really show off what you can do, you could have him flat in the water pinned under you in a second, maybe two he is private security after all. “Fancy move there Doll.” He says with a laugh as you sit up next to him, water dripping down your face.
“Brothers.” You say with a grin of your own, you look over at him and he gently moves some hair off of your face.
“You must’ve had some wild brothers.”
“More like I had brothers who didn’t hold back just because I was a girl.”
“You still see them?”
“Yea, we don’t live close to one another but we talk pretty often. What about you? Any siblings?”
“I’ve got a little sister Rebecca and my best friend Steve, who’s also my business partner, is like a brother.” He tells you from where you’re both still sitting in the shallow water. The waves wash over you causing the hem of your dress to sway crazily in the water.
“We should probably get out of the water.” You muse and Bucky hums his agreement but neither of you move.
“What are your plans for tomorrow night?”
“Bucky it’s vacation, I don’t have plans.”
“You just called me Bucky.” He says and you glance over at him.
“Okay fine, you can be my vacation friend.” He whoops loudly and you laugh giving him a little sideways glance.
The two of you sit and talk for a while longer before a breeze goes by that actually makes you shiver.
“You cold?” Bucky asks smiling over at you.
“Maybe a little.” You tell him and he stands then offers you a hand. You take it and this time you let him pull you to your feet.
“Can I walk you back to your room?”
“What a gentleman.” You tease as you take the arm that he offers.
“I do my best, even when the lady is a terror.” You gasp in mock outrage.
“You’re the one who pulled me into the water!”
“You did it first.” He argues,
“You pushed me.”
“Okay fair.” Bucky concedes and you laugh, “but you also avoided me.”
“I didn’t avoid you, I just didn’t go looking. Remember I’m a vacation friends virgin.”
“By the end of this trip I’m hoping we could just be friends,” he seems like he wants to say more but you don’t look up at him.
“I’m in Berhert but I’d prefer if you just dropped me off at the elevator.”
“Doesn’t seem very gentlemanly of me.” You don’t like the thought of him knowing where you’re sleeping.
“James, please.” You say quietly and he frowns down at you.
“Did I upset you?”
“No, I’m just not comfortable with a stranger knowing where my room is. It’s-“ you almost say that it’s a habit of the job to be secretive, “it’s just there’s a reason I don’t make friends during vacation. When I was on spring break in college a dude tried to follow a friend of mine back to our room. He’d been making both of us super uncomfortable the whole night and it just, freaked me out.” The story isn’t yours but a client’s from back in your early days. It could’ve so easily have been you though.
“I’m sorry that happened to you guys. I can take this as baby steps.”
“Thank you. I know it’s not fair but it’s just, you don’t know the good guys from the bad until it’s too late.” He nods his understanding then pushes the button for the elevator.
“Could I maybe get a phone number? So I know you’re back safe?”
“I mean, it’d be nice to make some plans maybe do one of those outings you were asking Happy about, but this was really so I know you’re safe.” It’s sweet of him to be concerned, but you’re probably the more deadly of the two of you.
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honeysucklesteve · 6 days ago
If I had bodyguard!bucky I would simply cling to him at one of my fathers events and whine the whole time like “I’m booooreddd let’s go do something” while I tug on his arm 😌
imagine giving him a boner at one of the events cause you’re bored so he drags you into a storage closet to bury his cock inside of you yes that is very nice 😌✨
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honeysucklesteve · 6 days ago
bodyguard bucky punishing me oh my god i can literally feel myself vibrating... sex in the back of nice cars or limos, putting you over his knee and spanking you, having to address him as “sir” sometimes 😳
oh my god 😳 if you’re being bratty or misbehaving during one of your dad’s events—making bucky’s job harder he’ll grip you by your bicep and whisper in your ear “that was your last straw, sunshine. i won’t go easy on you tonight.” as your breathing hitches as he lets you go as if nothing’s happened and he has you squirming in the limo before he’s spanking you and having you beg him to cum
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honeysucklesteve · 6 days ago
bodyguard!bucky with bratty!reader?👀👀👀
oh uhhh yuh just throwing her over his shoulder, having to literally chase her down, and giving her warnings like “if you don’t start behaving i’ll have to put you over my knee,” as she smirks like “that’s the goal.” 😃
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honeysucklesteve · 6 days ago
B-,,,,,,bodyguard,, Bucky? I’m,,,, interested
i’m just thinking about bodyguard!bucky who tries to be all strict and harsh with you but can’t help but place his hand on the small of your back or wipe your tears away.
and he knows he can’t sleep with you—his bosses daughter—but everyday it gets increasingly difficult especially when you say “can you stay with me tonight? i don’t wanna sleep alone.” and he’s like “i’ll be right here sunshine,” and starts to lie down on the floor and you’re like “no silly. i have a big enough bed.” and he just sucks in a breath like “i don’t know if i trust myself in a bed with you, sunshine.” 😩
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honeysucklesteve · 6 days ago
last night i was thinking about bodyguard!bucky and i’ll leave u guys with that one
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kaunis-sielu · 7 days ago
Naja: 2
He shakes his head and gives you a little sad smile. “Sorry, don’t mean to be such a bummer.”
“It’s my fault,” you assure him, “I never should’ve asked.” You bite back a yawn and James chuckles softly.
“We should get some sleep.”
“We should.” You agree as you get your pod set up. The space extends so that you’re able to sleep flat, you grab the pillow blanket that you always bring from your bag and curl up. Really you can sleep anywhere but why not splurge a little and make sure that you sleep as well as you can? Especially if you’ve got the money for it. “Night James.” You say softly not sure if he’d even hear you.
“Night Tori.” You hear softly back and you smile softly. Oh boy you’re in trouble.
Your hand lashes out and you grab the arm that’s just about to touch you in a vice grip. Blinking your eyes open you realize where you are, and who you are.
“James! Sorry! I have older brothers.” You lie as you let go of his arm, “they used to be ruthless pranksters.”
“With reflexes like that you should be in my line of work.” He says with a laugh.
“They were ruthless.” You tell him rubbing a hand over your face. “What’s up?”
“They’re handing out breakfast, you asked to be woken up.”
“Oh, right. Thanks.”
“Glad you asked me to wake you and not one of the poor flight attendants.”
“Me too.” You say with a laugh, this man is dangerous. If you’re not careful you’re going to end up being busted by him and those observant blue eyes of his.
You get up and slide past him to go to the bathroom, you need to focus, regroup. You use the bathroom then pull a face wipe out of your pocket and attempt to clean your face a little. It’s not much but you’ll be damned if you use the water in the bathroom on your face. When you leave the tiny bathroom the breakfast you’ve chosen is sitting, covered on your tray. If you weren’t you and hadn’t literally killed a man with this exact technique only three months ago you’d think nothing of it. As you pass by one of the flight attendants you give her your most apologetic look and say,
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize there were nuts in the muffin and I’m allergic to nuts. Could I get a new plate?”
“Oh, I don’t know if we have more pancakes but if we don’t is the sandwhich okay?”
“That’s totally fine. I’m so sorry.” You tell her again and she gives you a small smile. You sit back down and Bucky offers you his blueberry muffin.
“Trade you. The banana nut looks better.”
“Oh, um you can just have it.” You tell him with a smile holding out your plate toward him.
“Thanks Tori.” He says taking the muffin from your plate, “you sure you don’t want mine?”
“I’m good thanks.” The flight attendant comes over and swaps your meal for another and you eat quietly. You try to look tired, which you are, and hope that he’ll leave you alone. For the most part James does, glancing over at you a couple of times before pulling out his phone.
After breakfast you decide to sleep for a little longer. You’ve still got about an hour before you land and with jet lag you’d rather sleep now rather than when you get to the island.
When you land you go through immigration with no issues. James stops next to you at the sidewalk,
“You taking the resort shuttle?”
“Yea, I let them know what flight I’d be on yesterday.” You lie, you’re not going to give someone information like that ahead of time. You’d planned on taking an Uber, but of course you’ve now got Mr. Observant along for the ride.
“Yesterday? I told them when I booked.” He looks confused but when you spy the car with the resort name on it you point it out.
“Ah! We must be the only ones.”
“Leave it to Stark to use luxury cars.” James laughs as the car pulls to a stop. The driver gets out and gives you both polite smiles.
“Mr. Barnes. We didn’t know you had another guest.”
“Oh, no she’s a guest on her own. I just got lucky enough to meet her on the plane.”
“We only have record of you coming today sir.”
“I called yesterday. I didn’t have my flight all figured out when I’d booked.” You tell him, “I can take an Uber if you want.” The driver seems to think it over but James interrupts his thinking.
“Oh come on Happy. We’re both going to the same place, who cares if she’s not on the list?”
“Tony and Pepper care.”
“Okay, I’ll vouch for her. If you get into trouble I’ll take the blame. I just wanna get to the resort and take a damn shower man.”
“Fine!” Happy snaps grabbing James’ bag and putting it in the trunk.
“I don’t mind getting an Uber.” You tell James quietly as Happy puts your bag in the trunk too.
“After all the work I just did. Not a chance Tori.” He says pulling the door open and gesturing you inside.
“Thank you James.”
“Bucky. Please. Only my mom calls me James and only when I’m in trouble.” He tells you with a grin as he joins you in the car. Happy climbs in the front seat then eases into traffic and heads for the resort. It’s about a half hour drive and you spend it asking Happy about the different things to do on the island.
You’ve completely charmed him by the time you arrive at the resort. He gives you his card when you go to grab your bag,
“Just call me direct if you need a ride. I can get someone dispatched faster than the front desk.” He says giving you a little smile.
“Thanks Happy.” You tell him tucking his card into your purse before grabbing your suitcase and heading inside.
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memecatwings · 9 days ago
laying here at 2am thinking about a sam/bucky Hitman's Bodyguard au,,,
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kaunis-sielu · 9 days ago
Tw: death/mentions of death, not major characters
You take a slow breath then round the corner. You know only your target is in here, you know the lay out and you know that when you’re done here you’ve got a fat paycheck and a vacation on a beach waiting.
You slip like a ghost into the bedroom, he’s snoring soundly, like you knew he would be. Slipping a little something extra into his drink earlier was almost embarrassingly easy.
You make your way into the room and pull your kit from your pocket, it takes you a few seconds to prep the needle then inject him between his two smallest toes on his left foot.
You put everything away then wait in the shadows, his breathing slows, then stops. It’s then that you make your way out of the bedroom and slip into the night. Tony Masters would not wake up in the morning.
You used to feel bad about killing people, it used to weigh on you but these were bad people. Should they have the chance they’d kill you too, but you were better than them, it’s why you’re still alive.
As you make your way down the street you pull your phone from your pocket and after turning it on you dial the only number on the phone.
“Bossman.” He groans, he hates when you call him that but it hasn’t stopped you yet.
“What do you have for me?”
“Done, he stopped arguing at 1:06.” You use the code word arguing to be safe, you never know whose ears are listening.
“Well done,” he praises, “your pay will be in your account in the next two hours. When are you back from your trip?”
“I’ll have a new client for you then.”
“Copy that Bossman, I’ll be in touch when I get back.”
“Until then Naja.” You hang up then and turn off the phone before shoving it back into your coat pocket, god you hate New York City in the winter.
Once you’re back at the safe house you take off the wig you’d been wearing and take a hot shower. After packing everything into your bag, then locking away your work stuff and hiding it in the wall, you schedule an Uber for tonight then get some sleep. You hang out around the safe house that day, ordering some food to the house and watching Netflix while you plan your upcoming trip.
The ride to the airport and walk through security are both uneventful. You travel enough that you’re able to hang out in the business lounge and enjoy a late snack and a Diet Coke before your flight. It’s not crazy packed this late in the evening but it’s busy enough where a man comes wandering in and joins you in your little alcove of seats. He gives you a little nod and you return it with a small smile.
He’s handsome, dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and a very fit body. He looks less comfortable with his surroundings than some of the other bored looking business types but not completely uncomfortable. You almost strike up a conversation but you decide it’s too quiet in the room for an actual conversation so you go back to your book.
When it’s time you head for your gate, to your surprise the handsome guy also gets up.
“You’re not going to Fiji too are you?” He asks and you laugh softly.
“I am.”
“What seat? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“A4.” You tell him and he gives a surprised laugh. “No way, you’re A3 aren’t you?”
“Yup.” He says with a smile, “James Barnes but my friends call me Bucky.” He tells you reaching out a hand.
“Nice to meet you James, I’m Victoria.” You lie, you always travel under the name of Victoria, “but you can call me Tori.”
“You’re a bit of a smart ass aren’t you Tori?” He asks with a little smirk in your direction and you laugh as you walk together toward the gate.
“What would make you say that?”
“Calling me James because I said my friends call me Bucky and we’re not friends yet.”
“Awful presumptuous of you.” You tease and he looks over at you in confusion, “Assuming we’re gonna be friends.” His confusion changes to a little smirk,
“Oh I think you’ll find that I’m a great friend.” He says and you laugh.
“How long will you be in Fiji?” You ask as you step onto the moving sidewalk.
“A week.” How convenient for you.
“Mm, me too.”
“What are the chances we’re on the same flight home?”
“Slim, I don’t actually live in New York.”
“Oh,” is it just you or does he sound disappointed? “Where are you from?”
“I live in DC.” You tell him, another lie, you don’t really live anywhere which can be pretty shitty sometimes.
“I work there sometimes, it’s not a bad city.”
“Especially if you like history and politics.” You say and he laughs. You’re able to walk right onto the plane, you hoist your bag up into the overhead above your seat and slide into your little pod. You shove your extra bag down in it’s spot then settle in as James sits down next to you.
“Here’s the real question,” he says, “are you the kind of person who ignores the world, headphones on sleeping while you fly or are you the kind that will chat with your soon-to-be friend?”
“Eventually I’ll need a nap, this is a long flight after all but I’m not opposed to chatting for a while.”
A while turns out to be nearly half the flight. He’s funny, charming and you’re thrilled to find that he’s also staying at the same all inclusive resort you are. Then comes the dreaded question,
“So, what do you do for a living?”
“I’m an admin assistant at a dentist office.” You lie, people usually don’t have many follow up questions to that answer. “What about you?”
“I’m in the personal protection field.” Oh shit. He’s a bodyguard?
“What do you mean?” You ask, just to be completely clear.
“I’m a bodyguard. Mostly for CEO’s sometimes politicians. I’m the co-owner of Nomad Solider Protection so I don’t do a ton of hands on work anymore.”
“Sounds much safer.”
“Yea, if we get a bigger client though my partner Steve and I usually take those on. Me more now that his wife is pregnant.”
“Must be scary.”
“I’ve gotten used to it, I sometimes feel bad for our clients though. Feeling like they need protection all the time.”
“Only sometimes?”
“Yea, sometimes it’s almost like they’ve done it to themselves. I know that sounds victim blamie but if you’re going to choose to poison the water supply to make a million dollars it’s almost more a consequence of your actions.”
“Have you ever lost anyone?”
“Only twice.” He sounds sad and you suddenly feel bad about asking.
“Sorry, we don’t need to talk about it if you don’t want.”
“It’s all good. It was a long time ago, I’m still not entirely sure what happened. The first one almost killed me, the second was like a fuckin’ ghost.”
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belladonnabarnes · 9 days ago
hand in unlovable hand | bucky barnes
summary: it’s an indisputable fact that revenge is a dish best served cold, but you still wish your shield-appointed bodyguard wasn’t so committed to freezing you out.
Tumblr media
{ through the rosy lens of nostalgia, self-described oil spills of agony had been nothing but ink stains on the blueprint of his plan.
bucky was stupid to underestimate how wide the jaws of pain could stretch and gape to swallow him whole. one glance at the blood on his hands and he’s toeing the line of a panic attack right there on the footpath. everything is too much, too heavy, too loud.
especially when you seem to have made a habit of staying hot on his heels and ringing in his ears.
“you ever seen saw? that guy could kick jigsaw’s pinocchio ass, i’m serious.”}
part 1 coming early may
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extremelyblackandwhite · 10 days ago
innocence - 37
PAIRING: bodyguard!bucky barnes x innocent actress!reader
WARNINGS: angst 
A/N: aaaa we’re reaching the end in a few chapters and everything is starting to go downhill. hope you enjoy it xx
Tumblr media
Bucky barely knew Eliza. He knew she was Mr. Powell’s assistant and would mostly keep to herself, being as invisible as she could and only really speaking whenever someone spoke to her. Bucky had said hello to her once or twice, but nothing which he thought would led to her wanting to speak to him in private. It crossed her mind it could be regarding Mr. Powell but Bucky had been fired from being her bodyguard a long time ago and essentially did not pose a threat to him anymore. 
Eliza led him to a sheltered corner of the hall, looking around for anyone she deemed recognisable enough but there was no one. Media had been strictly forbidden to attend the trial and everyone else had pretty much left except for a small handful of people which were much further down, so they were pretty much alone. The young woman fished through her purse before taking off a small USB drive which she handed to him. Bucky furrowed her brows, not taking the USB from her.
     - Mr. Powell is set to testify against you for punching him on a Halloween party tomorrow. It’s a surprise witness but ... I feel bad letting him testify. He doesn’t have her best interest at heart and this USB proves it. 
     - What’s in it?
     - I ... don’t feel comfortable explaining what’s in it but it’s a video and if presented to the jury, it would make him an unreliable witness. - Bucky took the drive from her, putting it inside his jacket’s pocket. - You cannot tell Y/N, I gave you that ... or show it to her. I am really sorry I couldn’t stop it.
     - Stop what?
     - You’ll see. - she walked away leaving him to pounder on her words. Surely, it wasn’t anything bad, he told himself. 
He shook his head out of his worries, thinking about how much he just wanted to return to his wife. To hold her and tell her how much he loved her and try and make her forget what she had just seen. However, he wanted to see what was on that drive. He wanted to see it. He walked down the court hall and spotted one of the consultation rooms was open.
    - Hey Buck, we’re waiting for you. - he turned his head to see Steve walking towards him. - We got some pizzas. 
    - Close the door behind you. - Bucky told him as he walking into the consultation room, finding one of the computers was on. Steve merely did as he said, closing the door and turning on the light before taking a seat on one of the spinning chair. 
    - What are we doing? Are you okay? I know that video was rough. 
    - One of Y/N’s director’s assistants gave me a USB with a video. She asked me not to show Y/N. Sounded weird. 
He connected the drive to the computer. For all he knew, this could be some weird way to get his data if he connected it to his laptop besides with Y/N in the house it would be much harder to hide it from her, not that he exactly knew why he had to hide it from her. As the computer read the drive, a folder opened up with a video file titled with a date. Bucky cocked his head to the side, as he opened the video. It was an almost CCTV quality video of what looked like one the trailers at the trailer park where Y/N had been shooting her last movie. Both Y/N and the director were sat on the couch, a rather large distance between them. The sound quality was poor and muffled but he could hear his wife’s voice as he called the man by her side pathetic. Out of the sudden, Powell wrapped his hand around her neck and pinned her to the couch. He saw red. He could see it, he could see her squirming trying to get free from his hold. Bucky wanted to break through the screen, he wanted to help her, he wanted to stop him, he wanted to stop him but he couldn’t. 
    - Buck ... - Steve said in a warning tone, recognising the look on his face.
Bucky took the driver of the computer and shoved it back in his jacket before leaving the room in a fast pace. Steve tripped over his feet to follow him, watching as the super soldier closed his fist, the plates in his arm moving and whirring and his steps heavy enough they echoed in the hall. Steve ran up to him, standing in front of him and putting a hand on his chest to stop him. 
    - Get out of my way, Steve.
    - You need to calm down, Buck. 
    - Get away from me, Steve. 
    - You cannot get in trouble with anyone even somewhat related to Y/N. I know what you just saw is making you mad and we will deal with it once the time is right. You cannot do anything for your wife if you’re in jail. - Steve’s calm demeanor only made him angrier. - This is one less witness you’ll have to worry about. Y/N is fine but you’re under trial. 
    - Didn’t you fucking see what I saw? He attacked Y/N, he choked her, he could’ve killed her and no one fucking helped her. GET AWAY FROM ME, STEVE. 
Bucky twisted Steve’s hand away and continued his strut down the hall until he saw her. Steve continued to run behind him which warned Sharon who put herself in front of Y/N. Did she think he was going to hurt her? The mere thought of it slowed him down. 
    - How was it with Eliza? - Y/N walked from behind Sharon up to him, placing her hands on his shoulders. - Are you okay, Bucky? 
    - Yeah ... I’m just great, princess. - he swiped the hair away from her neck, his fingers grazing the skin there. He was supposed to protect her, he promised her nothing had happened. How could he’d let this happen? How could Eliza let this happen? Why did no one help her? He leaned his forehead against hers, his finger tracing the end of her jawline before he kissed her. - I love you so much, princess.
    - Are you sure everything is ok? - she held her hand against his face, moving her head slightly to the side wondering why Steve had just ran after him. 
    - Yeah, I’m just tired ... wanna go home. 
    - That’s fine, we can go home. I just need to pay Steve for the pizza.
    - It’s fine, Y/N. - Steve beckoned. - It’s been an harsh day. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Call us if you need anything, okay?
    - Thank you, Steve. - she left Bucky for a brief second to hug Steve, Sam and Sharon. 
Bucky watched that with a sad look. She was so sweet, so kind and no one had done anything. That sadness quickly turned to anger. He was no longer angry at the trial, he was angry that the agency which was supposed to keep her best interests at heart had left her with a director who had treated her that way. She didn’t deserve that, nobody deserved that. Y/N waved everyone goodbye before going back to her husband, her hand immediately wrapping around his metal hand, the warmth of her skin almost giving him feel in that arm. She almost playfully swung their intertwined hands, leaning her head against his shoulder. He always felt safe to her, he always felt like home to her yet Bucky seemed lost in the middle of his mind, ever so often appearing to have no life behind his eyes. 
The drive was equally silent with his hand looming on her thigh throughout all of the way yet not in his playful or even lustful way, he kept his hand there as if someone was to snatch her at any moment. She doubted it, she was never really attention’s sweet centre, specially in her business. In all honesty, she was the one who should be possessive of him, not the other way around. Nevertheless, he held a possessive grip on her as if she wanted to escape yet it wasn’t jealousy. At least it didn’t appear as jealousy to her and she couldn’t read exactly what it was. The walk up to the flat was the same as the car and the exit from the court with him holding her hand and ensuring the climbed the stairs in front of him, keeping a firm eye on each and every movement. 
Once Bucky closed the door, the possessive and protective aura continued. She held her hands up to his face, cupping it and feeling the slight stubble against her palms before she leaned in to kiss him. It was soft, very soft, the sort of kisses he’d get in the morning from her whenever she had to leave early for interviews. So soft, so warm and filled with love. She was so kind and the world ... the would just ate way at her. 
    - Y/N ... - he broke the kiss, stepping back. - I need to go shower.
She stood there, perplex at his actions and almost frozen in the spot. She threw her bag onto the coach, forgetting about what she had discovered to go into the bathroom. She took her shoes off at the edge of the door stepping into the bathroom which was already filled with hot steam, the glass of the shower steamed with beads of water running down, yet she could see him. Y/N stripped off her dress and underwear, throwing it onto the laundry basket which laid just below the sink. She opened the door of the shower, seeing Bucky with his back turned to her, head looking down as the shower head dropped water like rain onto his hair. She wrapped her arms around his torso, leaning her head against his back. 
     - Tell me what’s wrong. - she peppered skins against his upper back and the scars which connected the metal to his skin. - Please, James. 
     - Nothing’s wrong. - he turned around to hold her, letting the warm water fall upon them both. 
     - Liar. - it sounded so innocent, sprinkled with that little naughty smirk of hers, still decorated in pink lipstick. - You’re my husband. I know you, Bucky Barnes. I know if something wasn’t wrong I would be pinned against the shower wall tiles but I am standing here. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.
     - I promised someone I wouldn’t tell you about something I’ve seen. 
     - Well, I won’t tell anyone. - her chest and hands were flushed against his, streams of water running down both their skins, leaving wet trails in their path. Bucky looked up, letting out a jailed sigh before looking back at her, his hand pushing her now wet hair away from her shoulders to look at her neck, fingers going slightly up and down the skin. - What are you doing?
     - I know what Powell did to you. - he mumbled, almost afraid someone else would hear it. A cold shiver ran down her body and she looked the other way, hand coming up to push her hair in front of her collarbones and cover her neck as if those bruises still laid there. - There’s a video. 
     - What?
     - Eliza gave me the video to use to stop Powell from testifying. It’s not the best quality but it is clear who’s on the tape.
     - Oh ... - she didn’t exactly know what to reply to that. 
Various things crossed her mind on that moment from if anyone had seen the video, if Powell himself had the video to why Eliza had the video. She wondered why Eliza would’ve given him the video, she wondered how the video had even gotten into her hands but most of it she wondered what he felt like. Her stomach churned and she felt guilty for not telling him. After all, a relationship is all about trust and here she was, having something she had hidden come up. It wasn’t she trusted Bucky, she  did, she loved him so much but for whatever reason, one she couldn’t pin point the reason why she did not tell him. Maybe she didn’t want to be a disappointment, maybe she didn’t want him to worry, she didn’t know. She tried to cup his face but Bucky avoided her touch, instead exiting the shower and leaving her there. Her bottom lip dropped as she held in a sharp breathe, turning the shower head pressure up so the noise muffled the few tears that rolled down her face. 
She must’ve been there for a long while as once she finally stepped off the shower her skin felt raw to the touch. She put on her bathrobe, swiping the fog of the mirror to see herself. Taking a few deep breathes in, she slide her palms along her jaw before looking to the marble of the bathroom sink. 
Bucky was sat on the couch, nursing a cold beer and staring at the TV but Y/N could tell he wasn’t paying any attention. He was in Buckyland as she called it, a place where he’d go, inside his mind, and no one but him was allowed in. Not even her. She went up behind him, resting her chin on the top of his head.
    - Talk to me, Bucky. - she kissed the top of his head. - Please, don’t shut me out. 
    - What do you want me to say, princess? - Bucky sighed, hand creeping up to hold hers. - I can’t do anything fucking right. 
    - What is this about? - she walked around the couch to sit on his lap, leaning her head against his shoulder and cuddling him. Bucky leaned his head on top of hers. - I’m so sorry, Bucky. I wanted to tell you, I really did but I didn’t want you to worry after that stupid mission. It was just ... insignificant.
    - I should’ve been there to protect you. 
    - You don’t always need to be there to protect me. As I said it is insignificant but ... it’s good for our case, right?
    - You are the most significant person in my life. You are my wife, you are all that matters, all the time. I don’t want any man touching you or even breathing on top of you if you don’t allow it much less that man. 
    - So ... we’re okay, right?  
    - I didn’t want you to see what they showed in court. I am already a disappointment for the world, I don’t want to be a disappointment to you and after seeing that ...  thing ... I just ... - Bucky seemed to return back to Buckyland for a while. - I don’t have anything to offer you. I don’t know if I can have kids, I don’t know if I can give you more  than a crappy flat in Brooklyn but I knew one thing, I thought I could protect you. I’m a super soldier, for heaven’s sake.  
    - Being a super soldier does not give you the ability to be in two places at the same time. - she caressed his chin. - You do know I love you, not what you can offer me. I like you, I like being your wife and I like you being my husband. 
    - So that’s what you want? Mr. and Mrs. Barnes?
    - You say that as if it is a bad thing. I am not married to the Winter Soldier, I am not married to Sergeant Barnes and I am not married to my bodyguard. I am married to James Buchanan Barnes. I am married to you. I am not expecting anything from you other than waking up and falling asleep with you every single day. You’re the love of my life because you are you not because you protect me. 
    - I should be the one comforting you, princess. - he held her close to him as if someone was to take her away at any point. - God, that just happened to you and I’m here ... whining. 
    - Just happened? It was weeks ago, Bucky. Besides if I give it the attention it  needs, it’ll become a much bigger thing than it needs to be.  
    - It is a big thing, Y/N.
    - I’m an actress, Bucky. It happens ... more than it should but it’s ... fine. Who’d take my word on it even? They won’t even believe me when I tell them my own husband is not harassing me. Imagine them believing a whole industry is. 
    -  You need a better agent. 
    - Are you offering, Barnes? - she teased, giggling against his chest.
    - I’ve been a soldier, a brainwashed assassin, avenger, bodyguard ... I guess I could give it a shot. -  he kissed her forehead. - Are you alright, princess? 
    - Don’t worry. - she looked up to kiss him. - I’ll be fine, Bucky. However, you, Mister, cannot and will not do anything about it while you’re on trial and even when you’re not on trial.
    - I promise you that I will do everything I can to make you happy and safe. I can only do that if I’m out of prison so I promise not to go Winter Soldier on Powell. - he kissed her cheek and then her nose, cuddling her closer to him, no matter how closer she already was. - I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you to wake up one day and realise you’re ashamed of me. 
His eyes softened, brows furrowed creating that little crease just in the middle  of his eyebrows and his nose seemed to twitch as if he was telling himself constantly not to cry or look any weaker than he already felt. She leaned her hand against his cheek, finger softly brushing his skin. It was warm, she was always so warm.
    - You need to stop thinking those things about yourself. You can’t change what they made you do, you can’t get that past back but you can live the rest of your life just like you want it. 
    - It’s not that simple.
    - It is, Bucky. And if anyone tries to hurt you, I’ll hurt them back.
    - You will hurt them back?
    - Yes. Sharon taught me how to punch and she said I have a very good aim. I almost managed to punch her. 
    - Why did you ask Sharon to teach you how to punch and not me?
    - Would you have taught me to punch? 
    - No. You don’t need to know how to punch, you could get hurt, someone could hurt you or worse you could break your hand. I’ll do the punching for you.
    - I’ll still do some punching.
    - Alright, princess.
The trial was a circus and not only was the whole ordeal a whole unnecessary mess but the press was having a field day covering both of them. Sam had even offered for the two of them to stay with him, Sarah and his nephews until the dust settled down but the last thing any of the two wanted was to destroy their peaceful life by having paparazzi all over their lawn. Instead, the two of them would only come out of the flat for court dates. While Powell had mostly cowered away once their lawyer threatned to expose the video if he didn’t back down as a witness, Hawthorne hadn’t been very happy with it. He’d mostly sent a very heavy worded e-mail to Y/N but she was much too busy trying to find any cohesive way to prove it was him. She knew he did it, she just couldn’t prove it. All she had was photos from the written mirror in her flat and his signature yet no one would take that in. They would just say it was similar handwriting or that she was imagining things to protect her “abuser” husband. Bucky, Sam, Steve and Sharon were all in the dark about it as she had chosen not to tell any of them what was happening. It was just a theory, just a silly theory and if it wasn’t true, she knew Hawthorne would go after all of them and she didn’t want anyone to get hurt. She was already the reason Bucky was in court, being called things that no victim and no person should be called. She was the reason the prosecution was revisiting his choice less past and pinning it on him as a reason to not have a regular life. If she didn’t know better, they  were upset about his pardon. 
Things seemed to progress fast with court days going on and on until they woke up in the morning of the last one. She knew he was nervous, she’d heard him in the phone with Steve and Sam before yet he put on this strong facade as if things would be ok but she herself had started to doubt it. The jury was biased, that much she knew and after all, the decision was theirs. The court room was silent as the prosecution finished their closing statement but she could read the environment. Everyone’s eyes bore at her husband as if he was a criminal and those who spoke didn’t speak in kind words. 
   - Does the defence have any closing statements? - the jury asked their lawyer who stood up and faced him. 
   - No, your honour but the defendant would like to address the jury.
   - I’ll allow it. - the jury beckoned and Bucky got up to face the jury. She wanted so much to jump from that bench and hold his hand but all she could do was remain there, watching him and giving him an encouraging smile whenever he looked her way.
   - Listen, uhm ... - Bucky scratched his neck, searching for the right words to say. - I know you don’t like me, trust me I don’t like myself either but I love my wife. I would never, ever hurt her and if she hadn’t wanted me then I would’ve been fine with that because ... look at her she’s the most intelligent, kind and warm woman I’ve ever met and I know she deserves better than me. I tried telling her a million times that she deserves the perfect movie man who has a stable job and isn’t over a hundred but for whatever reason she still decided to marry me and I am gonna spend the rest of my life trying to even be half the man she deserves. I would never hurt her even if someone forced me too. 
He sat down again and Y/N shimmied to the front of her bench to hold his hand through the wood bars that separated her from him. The judge excused everyone while the jury went to make their decision. Y/N excused herself to go speak to the lawyer while Sam and Steve kept Bucky occupied. 
   - You know, you do look a lot like your father. - he said as she approached him. - Never thought about going into the family business?
   - And deal with my siblings every day? I wouldn’t wish it. 
   - Is there anything you need?
   - I have a question to ask you but you can’t tell Bucky I asked you about it. 
   - I always have confidentiality with any of my clients so I wouldn’t tell him anything you’d ask me. What is it?
   - Do you think we’re gonna win? - she picked at the hem of her dress, stress filling her veins.
   - I don’t know. The jury is biased and without any evidence they’ll make their decision based on their opinions. We can always contest it but right now I think you’d do best spending some time with your husband now.
Everything needed to slow down as she walked away from the lawyer and she could hear her heels echoing on the wooden floors.  She saw Bucky laugh at something Sam had said yet she couldn’t hear him laugh, she could only see and as she saw it, she looked at the ring around her finger, the same ring he had on his finger too before turning her head harshly to where Hawthorne was standing. Suddenly sound came back and her steps quickened as she approached the head of her agency. 
   - We need to talk. - she said interrupting his conversation with Miss Olson. 
   - What about? - he spoke in his collected tone which only further angered her. 
    - Alone.
She followed him into one of the reunion rooms, hands fumbling with her phone just before closing the door behind her. She realised she didn’t really know what to say, she hadn’t prepared herself for it and she certainly wasn’t a natural. All she knew was to try, try and right now she was gonna try, she was gonna try for Bucky. 
   - I know you did it. - she tried speaking with an unwavering voice but it came out almost like a wave.
   - Excuse me? - he leaned against the wall, mocking her. - Did what?
   - Bucky couldn’t have done it, that night in my flat. He was in Brooklyn and then he was stuck in traffic that morning, there’s footage of it. He could’ve never gone to my flat when he dropped me off at 4 AM and then be stuck in traffic. I know it’s your handwriting, it’s like the one on the contract. Besides, no one knew my flat address other than Bucky and Miss Olson and not even Bucky or Miss Olson knew my family address. You did it. You know you did it. 
    - You’re clearly mental unstable but it’s okay because me and Miss Olson will get you the help we need after we get the marriage annulled. 
   - Stop. - she said. - You know no one else will believe me so at least tell me truth. Tell me how you screw up my husband’s life. 
    - Don’t be dramatic, Y/N. It wasn’t to mess up your husband’s life. Do you know how much money we invested on you? For you to destroy your image by going out with an American traitor? You think you could’ve gotten this role without me? You think you could be anything out of your little shows without me? You’re a good actress but take a look at yourself, you’re hardly what men want. You wanna break it into the business? Be hot or have connections and it turns out you can’t do both. That audition you did in London you tried to hide? Who did you think they called to give the news? Oh and if you’re wondering, it was a no. 
   - Did you do it? - she tried to maintain her cool but she knew she looked meek and she looked pathetic.
   - I thought with your Nancy Drew speech you knew the answer.
   - Did you or did you not? 
   - I did but who’s gonna believe you?
   - I don’t know. -  she opened the door, holding the knob in her hand as she pressed play on her phone, his voice saying he did it playing and echoing in the empty room. - They won’t believe me but they will believe you. 
   - Don’t toy with me, Y/N. I’ll make sure you never get a single job here or anywhere else. I’ll bring you down.
   - Maybe but if I’m going down, you are going down with me.
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bodyguard!bucky pls?? 😭😭🙏
bodyguard!bucky and mob!bosses!daughter would be so wholesome omg
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adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (12)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 7.8K
Warnings: Stalking, murder, references of abuse, swearing, made up sciency things.
Notes: lol anyone else think about how the prologue/chapter 1 and this chapter are like nearly completely different stories? XD Also, I took my time with this one since it’s the longest chapter so far. I hope it works well lol.
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You gulped. You were sitting on a chair with your eyes wide, staring at the ground just outside the lab in the hallway. Tony was having a shouting match with the team a little ways away from you inside, your eyes never leaving the ground and your lips never managing to close. He had hoped you couldn’t hear them, and in a way you didn’t, but their voices still reached your ears. The image of the hand in that box, drained of most of its blood and curled as though it was gripping onto something, flashed in your mind. The nails on the hand were jagged and broken, as though they were using their nails to scratch against something. Whether it was in agony or not, you didn’t know, but you had a hunch who’s hand was in there. 
You were still clutching the card in your hand, the back of it reeking of that pickle-like scent that had attacked your nostrils as soon as you took the lid off the box. You could feel the wisps of it tickling your nostrils again. Embalming fluid. 
You were listening passively to the argument that was taking place, a lot of it going into one ear and out the other. “No! I’m sick of your fucking plans. She didn’t even manage to start before she was traumatized! You think now that a human hand has appeared in a box, she’s going to want to look at data from when she nearly died?!” Tony shouted spitting out his emphasized words. 
“Tony—,” Nat tried and Tony pushed a metal tissue box off a table, it hit the ground but didn’t break, as you heard it clatter to the floor. “No. I don’t care about whatever shitty explanation you have! If that bloodwork comes back and it’s a match for her biological mother, do you really think that she’s going to want to keep going? Let alone start!” 
Even Sam and Bucky had to agree that some of the team members were getting slightly disrespectful. They were so desperate to make headway in the case that they had forgotten you were not a machine; you didn’t just process data. You’re a human being and you have feelings, you get hurt, you get traumatized and you cry, too. 
“Just hear me out—,” Nat tried again and Tony shut her up. “Last time I heard you out, my daughter found a human hand on her desk, so I don’t think I’ll be listening to you anytime soon,” Tony spat, huffing as he put his hands on his hips. He was clearly furious, steam practically pouring out of his ears.
“Barnes, you’ve spent a lot of time with her! Tell him!” Nat desperately looked to Bucky who was standing aside with his arms crossed. Sam and Clint angled their bodies towards Nat defensively, signaling that they were siding with Tony in this argument. 
Steve and Banner seemed to abstain, not wanting to get involved as they awkwardly stood aside and watched the scene unfold. “I’m with Tony on this one,” Bucky said and Tony flung his arm towards him.
“Thank you! Finally, some sane people in this building!” Tony shouted and briefly plopped into a chair before standing up again. “You know Nat, not everyone can just deal with seeing a human hand that could belong to their biological mother show up in a box. You may have nerves of steel, but she doesn’t! Y/n is not only young, but she has seen so much bullshit in her life that I can’t stand it!” Tony hissed, and Nat flinched. She had seen Tony this way a few times thus far, but there was something different about this. Perhaps it was the guilt that she felt almost immediately after she asked Tony to still let you assist. She regretted it very slightly, knowing you’ve gone through so much, but a bigger part of her knew they couldn’t tackle it alone. It was like Bucky said: this case was made for your eyes. 
While the shouting match was going on, you had been writing down your deductions on a piece of paper, your body betraying you with your shaky hands and unusually crooked handwriting. You were having a hard time filing away emotions this time. It was like your past and your present came crashing down on you like a ton of bricks. You were terrified. Why had your worlds collided like this? First, it was the familiar handkerchief. You hated that piece of cloth so much, even though it was always used to clean you up by the same hand that hurt you. 
Then, to really drive it home, her literal hand shows up on your desk. You knew it was hers; you didn’t need the bloodwork to piece that together. From the brief flashes of memory you retained from the last thirty minutes, you compared the details of the hand to the ones that were put on you when you were younger.
You didn’t know why. You thought she was still in jail; Tony would have made sure of it. Your past and present were connecting themselves with strings, weaving a complicated tapestry with no corners or edges and threads that had no ends or other threads to be connected with. The images in your head were more complex than ever, one memory leading to a seemingly unrelated one, popcorning over to another. The voices of your past were haunting you, louder than they ever had, and they were part of the reason you were there in the first place. 
You were not on good terms with your mother, that was a fact. But you never wanted her dead. After all, if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t have met your dad, or Happy, or Pepper. And now you had to live with the idea that you had gotten her killed. But... Something told you that wasn’t right. Why would your stalker go to all that trouble to hurt someone who hadn’t harmed you in years? There was more to the story here. You knew there was. 
There was always more.
“If anyone here dares to talk to my daughter about the case again, you can consider yourselves benched indefinitely!” Tony shouted and then a hand tugged on his sleeve. “What?!” He screamed whipping around to find you there. You flinched as his loud voice reached your ears. 
“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry.” Tony softened nearly immediately and wrapped you in a hug. “What is it?” He asked and you shakily handed him a piece of paper. He shook his head without even looking at it. 
“No, honey. I’m not going to make you help with this one,” He assured gently, the contrast between his voice a second ago and how it was now was shocking to everyone in the room. You just shook your head. “It’s not much help. It’s just a hunch this time.” You quietly said and Tony looked into your fear filled eyes, sighing and gently took the piece of paper, seeing plenty of words written and then scribbled out with one thing in the center of the paper.
I think she was involved in something bigger. Try to run her prints and see what happens.
Tony felt a pang of guilt as he realized you were a little behind on the investigation, having just noticed he chose not to update you on the new information they had uncovered. “Why prints?” Tony asked and you looked at the ground, then back up at him. “Some of the prints were scrubbed off. It’s almost like they were trying to hide something. But they didn’t get them all... I think you’d be able to lift a partial,” You explained and he nodded, letting his hand rest on your head.
“You’re a good kid. Now, go back to the house with Barnes. Don’t leave unless you really need to, and we won’t be calling you to look at anymore evidence,” Tony said and you nodded, your eyes turned to see Bucky. At the sight of him, you immediately calmed. It was like his image naturally gave you a burst of serotonin, and if that was what happened when you looked at him, you couldn’t imagine how much better you would feel if he held you, kissed you and told you everything would be okay. He was what you needed most.
Bucky’s face flickered in worry as he walked over to you, walking out of the lab while you got ready to follow. “Bye, dad,” You whispered and Tony quickly wrapped you up in another hug. “Bye, sweetpea. Text me when you get there,” He said and you nodded, not saying another word and following Bucky as you waited for the elevator to come up. You could feel the whole team watch you from the lab as you stood next to Bucky, disappearing into the lift while the doors closed. 
Bucky’s worry was eating him away inside, he saw you stare blankly at the ground and worried that one word from him would make you burst into tears. You stayed quiet but he couldn’t deal with the silence anymore. “Are you okay?” He asked and for the first time, you honestly shook your head no. 
“What can I do to help?” He asked and you looked over at his sincere expression, your eyes beginning to water. You stepped into him, wrapping your arms around his torso and nuzzling your head into his strong chest, the weight on your shoulders already feeling lighter. It was only noon, and there was a lot left in the day, but somehow you both knew it would be a long one. 
Bucky put his arms around you and held you close, looking down at you as your face remained blank and your eyes spilled tears as though holding him turned a faucet. “Hold me,” You requested in a whimper. “Hold me and never let me go,” 
“Always,” Bucky said and pressed a kiss to the top of your head as he moved your hair out of your face. He couldn’t stand to see you in such a state. He thought he had seen you at your worst; but he realized then he had only seen one side of your worst, but there were going to be a few more bad days before the two of you could truly feel at peace again.
He guided you to the new car that Happy arranged, another armored car of a different color and a new license plate. Tony and Happy figured it was smart just in case the shooters had clocked the plate number or looked out for a black armored sedan. The grey car sat in Tony’s personal parking lot, next to his supercars and you sighed, letting Bucky open your door for you so that you could get in. He closed it and climbed into the drivers side, then started the car. 
He drove out of the lot and used his usual way of getting home; an insane amount of counter surveillance. You felt it drag on as you watched the city slowly blend into something more familiar, and then the familiarity dissipated again when Bucky took a turn on a weird street. While at a light, Bucky connected his phone to the car as discreetly as he could, playing a song that he knew you liked. Greek Tragedy. Your ears perked up and you blinked a few times, your eyes moving up the window to look at Bucky in the reflection. He put his phone in a cup holder and you turned to him.
“I’m putting on some music. I hope you don’t mind,” He smiled giving you a glance just as the light turned green. He started driving and you felt your heart flutter. 
He’s trying to make me feel better.
There was only one person besides Happy, Pepper and Tony who truly cared about you in this world. It was him. You knew that fully, and though the realization made you happy, you couldn’t shake the events of that morning, images flashing in your mind again as you shook your head lightly, squeezing your eyes shut. You tried to wipe the images and memories that had emerged again, and it was then that you had fully understood Tony. He kept you hidden to avoid this. He didn’t want you involved in his gruesome work, and this was something mild for the avengers. They saw people being killed all the time. How they managed it without a daily mental breakdown, you had no idea.
“You don’t have to act tough, you know,” Bucky started, breaking the silence again and you looked over at him, slowly turning your head to the side. “Shit like this fucking sucks. And it’s hard. If you need to cry, you should cry,” He continued and you swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat.
“I would if I could. But... I don’t think I can,” You replied and he nodded. “That’s okay, too. As long as you’re not holding anything back,” Bucky said and you shakily exhaled, reaching over to grab his human hand. He was surprised at first, but then readjusted his grip to hold it more comfortably, using his thumb to rub soothing lines across your knuckles. “We have a whole day ahead of us. What do you wanna do when we get home?” He asked and you looked at him, his use of the word startling you. You didn’t think Bucky had ever called the safe house ‘home’ before, but then again neither had you. Though you never said it out loud, the safe house wasn’t just that anymore. 
“Home?” You asked and he smiled slightly. “Yeah. When we get home,” He repeated back to you and you felt your heart flutter. Maybe it wasn’t the safe house that was home. 
“I just want to stay with you,” You replied after a short silence and he nodded. “That can be arranged,” He jokingly replied, trying to lighten the mood and you smiled a little. The effect that Bucky had on you was so bizarre, but it was one you wanted to keep. You had never felt like this before and it filled you with such a warmth, like a dark void that you hadn’t even known existed was suddenly filling itself shut. 
Once you made it home, you got out of the car, holding Bucky’s hand as you made your way to the elevator quietly. You walked up to the door and Bucky pulled out his keys, unlocking the heavy door and pushing it open. You walked inside and peeled your jacket off, hanging it on a chair before sitting down on the couch and patting the seat next to you. Bucky pulled off his leather jacket and dropped his keys and his phone on the kitchen counter, sitting next to you. He didn’t make any moves, letting you do whatever you wanted. You reached over to him, wrapping your arms around his torso and tucking your head into his chest. He put his arm around your waist and pulled you close, taking in a breath while you heard his chest rise and fall. 
“Get comfortable, doll. Maybe change into something looser,” He gestured to your outfit and you nodded, kicking off your shoes and trudging to the bedroom, leaving the door open a crack while you stripped your clothes. As you removed your shirt, you stared at the bed for a moment, swallowing hard as you tried to pick something out of your closet to wear. You found a baggy shirt and shorts and you tossed them onto the bed, removing your bottoms so that you were just in your bra and underwear. You cautiously moved to the full length mirror, looking at some of the scars of your childhood that never went away. Each one had a story, and each story ended similarly; with her hand. And now it had been taken to evidence for the case. 
Not many of the scars remained, most of them having healed, but there were still some there, the bruises that had once constantly colored your skin long gone. You dragged your fingers across the faint lines that covered some of your limbs, recalling how you had received them, when a knock on the door sounded. You turned towards it to see Bucky cautiously peeking inside, keeping his gaze to the floor. 
“Doll? You were taking too long so I thought I’d—” Bucky froze when he finally looked up, seeing you standing in front of the mirror with no clothes on. You met his eyes and watched as his adam’s apple bobbed. He walked over to you, meeting your eyes in the mirror. Bucky knew he wasn’t supposed to be thinking about how gorgeous you were at that moment, but he couldn’t help it. You didn’t kick him out either, and so he took the chance to see you this way, practically naked before him. He smiled at your reflection, standing behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, his cool metal arm contrasting with the warmth of his flesh one. He tucked his head next to yours, leaning down to make your heads level. 
“You’re so beautiful,” He said and your eyes started to water at your reflection. You shut your eyes, trying to hide the glassiness of them. You opened them again, trying to blink away the tears as they fell. You leaned back into Bucky, putting your hands on his while he held you. “What’s wrong?” He wondered. “A lot of things.” You replied. He didn’t know if you were talking about your feelings or your reflection. 
“These scars were made by that hand,” You moved his human hand with yours, guiding it down to some of your old wounds that had emotionally reopened when the lid of that box came off. Bucky gently caressed them, looking at them in the mirror. He was furious on the inside for you, but he didn’t let it show.
“It’s okay to be mad,” You said. Right. How could he forget? You could see right through him. “I’m still mad about it. But it is what it is, and it’s alright now.” You turned your head to look at him and he glanced at you, straightening his spine so that he was back to towering over you again. “Just because it happened a long time ago doesn’t make it alright,” He said and you shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore,” You replied, feeling dejected and defeated. 
“Are you kidding me? You know everything. You’re Y/n,” He teased and you laughed while your eyes continued to tear up. “I try to know everything, but after today, I remembered how powerless I really am. I like to act like I have a handle on everything and everyone, but I’m still vulnerable to everything,” You explained.
“I hate to break it to you, Y/n, but that’s called being human.” Bucky said and you looked up at him. “You’re not a machine, no matter how fast you process things or how smart you are... You’re still human.” 
“You know... For someone so strong and muscly, you sure do have a soft spot for me,” You joked, looking up at Bucky over your shoulder through your misty eyes. Bucky laughed and tightened his arms around you. “Only for you.” He smiled and kissed your cheek, patting your waist with his hand. “Come on. We have a movie date, don’t we?” He asked and you nodded, letting him go wait in the living room while you threw on your clothes. You exited the room, seeing Bucky with a blanket he dug out from the closet. You guided Bucky to the long end of the L-shaped couch and you sat next to him, letting the blanket drape over the two of you. He grabbed the TV remote, handing it over to you so that you could pick something. 
Bucky watched you as you flicked through the options, and he wrapped his arm around you, pressing his lips to the crown of your head. You cuddled into him closer at the gesture, feeling yourself relax as you put on something funny to watch. You spent a few hours with Bucky, the two of you conversing as you watched movies and TV shows, trying to catch Bucky up on popular media that he had missed. You also showed him some of your favorite youtube videos.
Bucky enjoyed watching you get excited to show him the things you liked and he was glad that you were starting to feel more comfortable and loosen up. It made him realize that he was capable of protecting you in more ways than one. He had been struggling with that thought recently; was he good enough to protect everything about you? Was he capable? Your smile and excitement that overshadowed your fears eradicated all the doubts he had. 
He thought about how different this image of you was from when he first met you. It was like night and day. Back then, you had called Steve a terrible liar and guessed their coffee orders, and now there you were, still sharp but the walls you built up made him an opening, one only accessible by him.
That was when he had a thought. “How did you know our coffee orders?” He asked and you looked at him. “Huh?”
“The first time we met. Our coffee orders; how did you know them?” He repeated and you shrugged. “Americanos were popularized during World War II in Italy. That popularity carried over into the US in 1946, which is a year after Steve disappeared, but he did spend time in Italy during the war on US military bases,” You explained and then he gave you a look, gesturing for you to continue about how you knew his. 
“You’re always blunt, straight and to the point. You like things simple. I figured that was the case with your coffee too,” You nodded along to your words as you explained. “But we hadn’t even spoken yet, how could you know any of that?” You turned your head to the side and smiled as he asked the question. “Lucky guess,”
Bucky smiled at you, knowingly. “Cut the crap, I know there’s no lucky guesses with you.” He rolled his eyes and you giggled. “I just had a feeling,” You explained and he felt satisfied with leaving it at that. 
“I don’t understand you sometimes,” Bucky murmured as he stared at the TV screen. You turned to face him again, wondering what he was going to say after that. “You have a right to be mad at the world... So much to be angry about. And yet you’re always so nice. No one would blame you if you were mean. I can’t help but wonder why sometimes,” He said, realizing that you were looking at him with anticipation.
You paused, pushing your mouth to the side as you settled back into the couch, pulling the blanket up to your chin in thought. “I know what it’s like to be hurt and not have anyone notice, or do anything to help. I try to do what I can because I want to break that cycle of anger, not continue it,” You explained and Bucky looked down at you as he noticed your thousand yard stare, gaze pointed off to the side. “I will never allow myself to give those feelings to another person.” You finished and Bucky felt a whole new sense of admiration for you as you uttered the words. He ran a hand through his hair.
“I don’t know. I was always told to be tough. Never punch first, but always punch last kinda deal.” He said and you smiled slightly to yourself.
“You’re confusing being tough with being mean,” You described and Bucky looked down at you again, “What?” He furrowed his brows in confusion. “Whenever I was feeling down, my dad always told me that the strongest people are still kind even when the world tore them apart,” You released your head, letting it fall against Bucky’s arm and he raised his brows.
“Tony said that?” He asked in disbelief. “Mhm,” You nodded and he scoffed. “Our Tony?”
“Yes, our Tony,” You giggled at his reaction. “That sounds nothing like him,” Bucky shook his head, still confused about whether or not he would say something like that.
“See, you’re thinking of Tony Stark the billionaire. I’m thinking of Tony Stark the father,” You created the distinction and Bucky figured you were right. He had seen how Tony behaved around you. It was the most fatherly he’d ever seen him, not thinking it was possible for him to seem that nurturing. A short silence stretched between the two of you before you said something.
“Also, you can’t tell me I don’t punch last. Let’s not forget about how I was perfectly nice to Antonia then she was mean to me so I exposed her for sleeping with the intern,” You furrowed your brows and said as you remembered what Bucky had said moments earlier. At your words, Bucky let his head fall back, letting out a loud laugh at the memory. You giggled. “You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?” 
“Oh my god, it was one of the funniest fuckin’ things I’ve ever seen,” He said through his smile as he looked down at you. The smile reached his eyes and you heard it in his voice as he spoke, his tone light, stirring something in your heart. You felt an overwhelming urge to be closer to him. You had him right there, and you needed more. 
You leaned up, and pressed a kiss to his lips. He reached around, using his metal hand to rest on your cheek gently, his warm tongue pushing out against your lower lip, begging for access. You obediently opened your mouth, letting Bucky explore it as he tugged you closer. You moved the blanket away and moved up to straddle his hips, letting your knees sit on either side of him. His hands moved to clutch your hips as your lips returned to his once more, his grasp tightening. They moved to roam your back and explore your clothed body.
You both pulled away, slightly breathless and leaned your foreheads against one another. Bucky gazed into your eyes as you looked back into his. “Bucky, what are we?” The words tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop them. “I was hoping you were already mine, but am I wrong?” He wondered and you giggled.
“No,” You replied and moved your head to rest on his shoulder, your chest pressing against his as he wrapped his arms around you, tightening them around your waist. He continued to hold you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as the events of the day started to wind you down, and you dozed off clutching onto him. “Y/n?” Bucky called quietly, feeling your arms loosen as your breathing slowed down.
Bucky smiled to himself as he slowly stood up, carrying you by your thighs and turning around, laying you down on the couch and putting the blanket on your sleeping form while he grabbed his car keys to go get you guys dinner. He didn’t want to risk taking you with him this time, especially because of what happened before. Whatever happened, he could handle it himself without putting you in danger.
Tumblr media
You woke up not even half an hour later, and you sat up, rubbing at your eyes as you looked around the empty apartment. “Bucky?” You called and received no response. You moved the blanket aside, your brows furrowing as you looked around the apartment. You knocked on the bathroom door, and when you didn’t get a reply, you opened it, seeing it empty. Your heart started to race and you looked around the safe house, hoping Bucky would pop out behind the kitchen counter or something. “Bucky?!” You called again. You hadn’t been without him by your side for the last month and the sudden distance made your heart pound anxiously. 
You walked out the bedroom, speed walking to your phone and picking it up. After unlocking it, your shaky hands searched for his contact card and pulled it up, thumb quickly pressing the call button. It took a few rings but he picked up. “Bucky?” You called and you heard his voice on the other end. “Hey, Y/n. How was your nap?” He asked and you felt your knees nearly buckle over with relief. You tried not to let it show, not wanting to drive Bucky away by being too dependent or clingy. 
“It was good. Uhm... Where did you go? I woke up and you weren’t there,” You explained, hoping you didn’t sound too possessive or attached. “Oh, I was grabbing us dinner. I’m 10 minutes away, I’ll be there in a bit,” He said and you nodded, then remembering that he couldn’t see you. “Okay. I’ll see you,” You said and then hung up. You shakily exhaled, moving to sit back down on the couch, trying to settle in after the mini heart attack you had just had.
“I’m in trouble,” You chuckled self-deprecatingly. What was going to happen to you once Bucky was no longer your protection detail? You were sure he would make the effort with you, but if being away from him for such a short period of time made you anxious, what was going to happen when he’s gone for days on a mission? Or worse, weeks?
As you were pondering this, the door opened and Bucky dropped his keys and his phone on the counter. You immediately stood up, going over to grab the food and put it on the counter, removing his jacket for him as you hung it up. “You didn’t have to do that for me, doll,” He said as he opened up the bag, pulling out the takeout that he had brought for the two of you. While Bucky was busy inspecting the items, you wrapped your arms around him from behind shakily and he stopped. “What’s wrong?” He asked, looking over his shoulder to see you pressed up against him.
“Nothing. I just... I had a mini meltdown when I woke up and you weren’t here,” You mumbled and he sighed. “Sorry. I didn’t wanna wake you just in case you’d still be asleep when I got back,” He rubbed the back of his neck and you stopped him. “Oh, no! That’s not what I meant. It’s not your fault at all and you have nothing to apologize for,” You moved to look at him to make sure he didn’t get the wrong idea. 
“I was just thinking about how I’m so used to having you around now that I can’t imagine what it would be like without you anymore,” You leaned your elbows on the counter as you looked off to the side. “I honestly don’t know how I managed to live by myself before,” You chuckled, standing back up to hug yourself, resting each hand on the opposite elbow. 
“Maybe after this is over, you could move into the tower,” He offered and you looked at him, not having thought of that as a possibility in the past. “What? Really?” Your eyes sparkled with interest at the prospect. “Yeah. I mean, the only reason you weren’t living there was because you were kind of being kept a secret. Well, secret’s out now, baby girl,” Bucky winked as he picked up a spring roll and bit into it.
“You’re right. I should ask my dad about that later,” You smiled, suddenly feeling much better about the whole thing. Bucky really had a way with words; a way that made you brighten every time you spoke to him about your problems. “Feel better now?” He wondered, peering into your face with a half smile. You nodded with a shy, tight-lipped grin. “I’m glad.” He pressed a kiss to your head, grabbing the food and moving it to the coffee table.
“Alright, dinner time,” He offered and clicked the TV back to life as you walked over with a skip in your step, sitting down on the couch next to him as he laid the food out on the table. 
Tumblr media
The bloodwork had come back. It was a match for your biological mother, and there were trace amounts of Zucloatium, Peflil and Pluintine found in her system. The stars were aligning and things were beginning to make sense for the team. “So, the only place she can get this drug is from the Enclave. And we’ve proven that she’s taken it, but if she was an Enclave agent and it had no effect, they put her up to having a child to see if the effects would be passed down,” Bruce recapped while pacing in the lab, while the team listened to him intently. 
“Bottom line up front: she was using you to have a child,” Nat coldly said as she dropped the pieces of paper she was reading off onto the table. “I’m not surprised. She kinda sucked,” Sam mumbled as he looked over the records from your appearance at the 11th precinct. “You’re not wrong about that,” Tony sighed frustratedly as he adjusted himself in his seat, flipping the pen he was holding between his fingers. He knew that she was suspicious as he started to learn more about his ex throughout their time together, but to find out that she was an agent with the Enclave was something else entirely, though he didn’t regret it. How could he? Doing that gave him you, and he wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.
“Tony, do you know why she would target you specifically to father her child? She could’ve picked up any idiot on the street or went to a sperm donor.” Steve asked, arms crossed. 
“My opinion? She was worried that the kid wouldn’t be smart. But, if the kid had Stark genes, it would be smart regardless and they wouldn’t have offed her because she could’ve claimed that the drugs worked.” Tony rationalized the only possibility in his head. He knew he wasn’t wrong, the Starks were known to have a long line of geniuses and if you had turned out to be a genius without the effects, she would know why, but the Enclave could assume otherwise. 
All of a sudden, Nat’s phone pinged. She looked at the notification she got on her phone and her eyes widened. “Tony, you’re not gonna believe this,” She said as she showed him the file she just recieved. 
The file had a photo of his ex’s mugshot and her single arrest, but she was released on parole a few years ago. “She was released?” Tony asked as he yanked Nat’s phone from her hand. “How is that possible? I never heard about this,” Tony’s brows furrowed. 
“That’s not the only thing,” Nat said as she used her finger to swipe to another file while the phone stayed in Tony’s hand. His eyes scanned the page and nearly bulged out of his head when he landed on the bolded sentence in the middle of a paragraph.
He didn’t need to read anymore to know what the results implied. If these tests and background checks were to be believed, and they usually were, then there was no mistake. A hand went up to cover his mouth in disbelief. Whatever was going on was starting to clear itself up, but why this particular thing had happened, he had no idea. “This is insane...” Clint said as he snatched the phone out of Tony’s hand to read the file. 
The team crowded around it while Tony slowly took a few steps away, his back towards them as he rubbed a hand to his stubble and put his hands on his hips. “Tony, this means that—” Sam tried to say out loud.
“I know what it means, Wilson,” Tony’s voice wasn’t harsh, but his voice was sad and confused. It seemed like the closer they got to an answer, the more muddled things became. They were diving deep into murky waters without anything to light the way. The corruption and the depravity ran deep in that organization, their fingers in many pies, and now one of those pies was the Stark family. The guilt of keeping you so out of the loop was starting to reappear, and he felt like the things he was hiding from you were snowballing out of control.
“I’ll be right back,” Tony said as he exited the lab, walking straight to Pepper’s office. Luckily, she was still in there working and looked on in surprise when her door was opened and Tony was standing there. “Oh, Tony. Is everything okay?” She asked and Tony walked over to her, pulling her into his arms. 
“What’s going on?” She asked as she held him. He pulled away and sat down on the couch. “I don’t know what to do, Pepper,” He said, leaning his elbows on his hands as he explained the situation.
“And you’re sure?” She asked, shock, confusion and worry filling up her features. He nodded. “Yeah.” He replied.
Pepper gave him a look, trying to think of an answer for him as she thought up some response. “You have to tell her,” She finally said while shaking her head, as though telling him there was no other choice. “No. I can’t.” Tony swallowed hard as he outrightly refused. “I promised to protect her,”
“Isn’t telling her what’s really going on a way of protecting her, too?” Pepper asked, leaning her head to the side. “She’s your daughter, Tony. If you keep things from her you’ll lose her trust. Not only that, but the truth will be a past that she comes to terms with, a lie is a future that will haunt you forever,” 
Tony let out a shaky exhale as he ran a hand through his hair. “She’s my baby girl,” His voice cracked for a second as he whispered the words. “And you can protect her from her past without having to shield her from it. Those are two different things.” Pepper said and Tony went silent. “Remember when things went south with the Accords? Who did as much research as possible to help you settle things with the UN so that you could operate like you used to?” Pepper asked and Tony chuckled. “Y/n did.” He admitted as he remembered, “and she did it beautifully.” Tony said as he recalled how worried you were about him. Even as a teenager, you used your smarts to help him secure meetings with people who refused to see him.
“And who told you that you should ask Steve and Sergeant Barnes to join the team again?” Pepper asked and Tony chuckled, shaking his head. “Y/n did. She made me a chart,” He raised his brows as he thought through those moments. “She’s supported you through your worst days, Tony Stark. You need to do the same for her,” Pepper advised and he continued to think about it before he nodded. 
“You’re right. I’ll have her come in tomorrow morning,” Tony stood up and hugged his wife again. “Thanks,” He said and then turned to leave. 
“It’s what I’m here for,” She murmured as he exited the office and she smiled sadly at his receding form.
Tumblr media
The next morning, you and Bucky were going to the tower upon Tony’s request. He told you he wanted to give you a quick update on the investigation. You were dressed up in what made you feel most comfortable, something telling you it wasn’t just going to be a quick update. 
Bucky clicked the button on the car keys and you both reached for your doors, trying to yank them open. “Bucky, the doors are still locked,” You said and he furrowed his brows, clicking the button on the key again. 
“What the hell?” He tried the button again, having no success, and a pit formed in the base of your stomach. Something was really, really wrong. You quickly scanned the parking lot, looking for misplaced shadows behind pillars. Your instincts were kicking into high gear as you quickly went around the car to Bucky.
“Bucky, something’s wrong!” You frantically called and then you heard a familiar voice ring out in the parking garage. “Something’s wrong indeed,” You froze. You recognized that voice, but the tone and inflection was completely different. It was unlike you had ever heard it before and even Bucky seemed to have that same realization as he pushed you behind him.
“Show yourself!” Bucky called and reached into his leather jacket to pull out his gun, removing the safety and aiming it. “Tsk, tsk, Sergeant. Aiming your gun when you have no idea what you’re up against?” The same voice called as he stepped out from behind a pillar. 
“Allen?” You looked over Bucky’s shoulder, confirming your suspicions as to the source of the voice. You gulped and you saw the grip on Bucky’s hands tighten, his metal arm clicking and whirring. Allen looked different; he was dressed to the nines in expensive clothes, ring no longer on his finger. 
“Surprise!” He smiled and threw his arms out in a gesture, and all of a sudden, a group of gunmen dressed head to toe in black appeared, all aiming their weapons at the two of you. Your heart pounded so hard it hurt, you were starting to feel anxious and panicked as you looked around. You stayed behind Bucky, hiding behind his broad back, but it was no use; you were surrounded. 
You counted them quickly. “Oh, don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ve got more in this building,” Allen said flamboyantly. “But... How?” You wondered, thinking back to the times you had scanned his form up and down, discovering every little thing about his life. 
“Oh, dear. I thought you were smarter than this. Everything you saw about ‘Allen’ was placed there for you to find. I was never engaged, nor did I gamble or own a boat. I just wanted to see how good you were,” He seemed to understand your thoughts exactly as he eyed you while you peeked your head cautiously from behind Bucky. 
“Clever, wasn’t it?” He smiled, pulling his expensive sunglasses off and crossing his arms. You were second guessing every deduction you’d ever made, every thought that had ever crossed your mind. “What...?” You couldn’t believe your eyes or ears. How could you have been so wrong about everything?
How did they find us? Both you and Bucky wondered and Allen seemed to understand what you were thinking. “You’re probably wondering how I found you. Well, I learned all your counter surveillance techniques and monitored any cars using any of them. We hit a few dead ends at first, but I’m glad I continued doing so.” He smiled in a way that would have been charming had you not been in this situation. 
“Now, darling. Step away from that dirty little soldier and come with me.” He reached his hand out like a prince reaching for his princess and you grimaced. Allen had been considered attractive in the office, with his lean build, blond hair and green eyes. His personality made him ugly to you, and this was even worse. 
Instead of answering him, you tucked your head back behind Bucky. “Oh, honey, please don’t make this annoying. You belong to me. Now, come,” He beckoned you over and you didn’t move. You were clutching tightly onto Bucky and he was still trying to formulate a plan in his head. 
“Fine. You leave me no choice,” Allen snapped his fingers and the twelve men all charged in at once, Bucky tried to shoot a them and protect you, punching and kicking in every direction with you behind him. Shots were fired, and Bucky tried his best to block them while kicking the legs out from under one man and turning around to hit another, while he got hit in the head with the buttt of a gun. He tripped over himself and the men took the opportunity to punch him in the face, causing a cut to graze across his cheek and blood to pour out of it. Then, you were yanked away from him by a few Enclave agents. 
“No! Bucky!” You shouted, kicking against them and trying to break free from their grasp. “Y/n!” Bucky called, shoving whoever it was he was fighting to try and reach you. In his desperation, multiple men attacked at once, and he was quickly overwhelmed, bruises forming on his body and redness covering his face.
They restrained Bucky as he tried to fight against them. “Y/n!” He shouted and you reached for him. “Bucky!” You called. As the two of you were restrained from each other, Allen laughed. “Now, this is certainly interesting. A soldier developing feelings for the woman he’s protecting? How unprofessional,” He teased, shaking his head with a smile. 
“Any last words to your precious Y/n?” Allen asked, gripping Bucky’s bloodied face with his hands. “Don’t you dare touch him!” You shouted, kicking and punching to try and get out of the men’s grasp. “Oh, no. You have feelings for him, too? Not to worry. I’ll make sure you forget about him,” He laughed maniacally as a car tore through the parking garage, breaking the barrier and stopping right in between you and Bucky. One of the gunmen opened the backseat for him and he got inside. 
“Knock him out and bag her,” He ordered and they immediately ziptied your wrists and put a bag over your head. You struggled hard against them as you shouted Bucky’s name, the words becoming muffled as a bag was put over your head. 
“Bucky!” You shouted. “Don’t hurt him!” They lifted you roughly by the arms as you kicked the air. “Y/n!” Bucky called and was knocked out by the butt of a gun. “No!” You shouted as you heard it come into contact with his head. 
“Should we kill him, boss?” Asked one of the men and you shouted again. “No! No! Don’t kill him!” You screamed as you tried to shake out of their grasp. “Look at him. He’s finished. He has no idea where we’re going anyway,” Allen laughed and then closed the car door as they tossed you into the trunk. More cars suddenly appeared, and the gunmen got into them, the whole entourage leaving the parking lot in a drift, with Bucky lying unconscious on the ground. 
Tumblr media
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If Bucky becomes an Avenger at some point during Phase Four alongside Sam’s Captain America I will be so, so happy and probably cry because of the GROWTH that the two of them have had individually and together as friends and I just - 
Marvel has to give me this, okay? If you won’t give me Stucky, at least give me this!
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soap-bubble-nebula · 15 days ago
adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (11)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 4.3K
Warnings: Stalking, a bunch of made up facts, swearing, references to murder
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“The Enclave? What’s that?” You asked, instinctively turning to Bucky, who’s fists were clenched, causing his metal arm to click and whirr with a low hum as the metal readjusted itself and tightened. “Uh, honey. Why don’t you spend a bit of time with Steve?” Tony put a hand on your shoulder, guiding you to the exit of the lab. He seemed very eager to get you out of there, and you knew he was doing that fatherly thing of keeping you out of dangerous business.
“Steve?” You wondered and looked over your shoulder. “What?” He looked confused and Tony glared at him. “Oh, yeah! I was just telling your dad how I wanted to take you out for coffee!” Steve tried to confidently say, and you gave him a look, your brows lowering and lips falling into an unconvinced purse, and he remembered the comment you gave him when you first met him, your voice running through his head in that low mutter of yours.
“Terrible Liar,” Right. He couldn’t fool you even if he tried. “I can go with her—” Bucky tried while getting ready to walk in your direction, not wanting to be apart from you, but Nat caught him by the shoulder, pulling him back. “No, it’s fine. Steve needs time outside of the tower anyways.” Nat backed Tony up and you gave her a blank expression. You could see right through her, too and she knew it, seeing as her smile turned from a warm one to an awkward one. 
They would have absolutely let Bucky take you to coffee, had they not needed him. Though he was not very closely entangled with the Enclave, he’s run into them a few times when they overlapped with Hydra. It was known amongst the team that when the Enclave was supposedly dissolved, many of their agents went to work for Hydra. On top of that, these groups functioned similarly, meaning his expertise would be needed when examining some of the evidence again.
You turned to Tony, who gave you a pleading look. You sighed, giving in to his need to have you away from all this. “Only because I love you,” You whispered to him and he clenched his fists in front of him in a silent victory. “Great! Steve?” Tony called and Steve gulped, somehow intimidated by you. He hesitantly walked up to you and you tried to give him a smile to ease his nervousness. He didn’t know how Bucky was able to spend so much time with you, knowing that you could read every single fidget of his fingers or misplaced breath.
“One more thing,” Tony called and you turned around. He quickly pulled you tightly into his arms. “I miss you and I’m glad you’re safe,” He whispered in your ear and you felt like you wanted to cry, the emotions overtaking you all at once as you hugged him back. It was as though the danger was sinking in for the millionth time, and the wall you had carefully rebuilt to stand atop was crashing down again, the emotions that you’d carefully filed away while you examined the handkerchief coming undone.
“I love you, dad,” You told him and he kissed your head. “I love you, too. I promise you, I will handle this,” He assured and you nodded, letting go of him reluctantly to walk out of the lab with Steve. You stood awkwardly in the elevator, unsure what to do with the silence. Steve cleared his throat.
“Does the coffee shop down the road work for you?” He asked and you looked up at him, expression as blank as when he first met you. “Yeah, that’s fine,” You replied. The two of you silently walked out of the elevator, slowly strolling through the building, Steve looking straight ahead and you glanced up at him.
“Why aren’t you looking at me?” You asked him and his eyes snapped down towards you. “I’m not... not looking at you,” He tried to describe. You looked over him, seeing him swallow multiple times as he strolled, his breathing was controlled and unnatural, he was cracking his fingers and avoiding your gaze. His demeanor exuded nervousness and you knew what this was about.
He doesn’t want me to read him.
You knew from the get go it was because he promised Tony not to disclose details about the investigation to you, and he was trying his best to keep that promise. Steve was a man of his word, after all. But with your skills and trained eyes, it was going to be difficult.
“If you didn’t want me to read you, you could have just asked,” You mumbled looking ahead again. “Can you just turn it off like that?” He wondered and you quickly replied. “No,” 
The conversation swiftly dropped off again after that. You were starting to feel slightly guilty, a pang of the stuff rediating in your chest. You sighed and just as you were about to exit the building, you stopped him. “Look, Steve. It’s not something I can turn off, but whatever you’re hiding I can’t read it on you. So don’t worry about that,” You said and he gave you a look.
“Who said I was hiding anything?” He seemed genuinely confused. “I did. Just a second ago,” You said as you walked out of the tower, while the super soldier stood there in silence for a moment. Steve quickly followed after you. “Wait, wait, wait.” He jogged to catch up and stood in front of you on the steps, blocking your way for a moment.
“I’m not hiding anything,” He repeated and you gave him a look. “Then why are you so desperate for me to not read you?” You wondered and he swallowed, “Look, honestly. You intimidate me a little bit,” He lowered his voice with a sheepish smile. “What?” You asked. You looked down at yourself and then back up at him. “Captain, you’re towering over me right now, I don’t know what you mean,” You pointed out and he chuckled shyly.
“I mean it intimidates me how good you are at figuring things out. It’s impressive, really. But there are some things I’d like to keep to myself,” He offered with a kind smile. He wasn’t lying, that much you knew. You shrugged. “That’s understandable. Which means you know something about the investigation that I’m not supposed to, got it.” You sidestepped him as he shut his eyes with an exhale. There really was no use in trying to conceal anything, was there?
He walked side by side with you and you avoided looking at him. You entered the coffee shop and went up to order. Steve was about to say something but you interrupted, “I’ll have a vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso, and...” You ordered your drink and went to sit down at a table with Steve, waiting for your order to be called.
“How did you...?” He tried to start but you cut him off, still avoiding his gaze. “You’re tired, captain. You needed something to wake up your senses; something sweet, but you are still a simple man so a vanilla latte it is. Bags under your eyes say you haven’t been sleeping, so extra shot seemed like it was needed,” You explained.
“Wow... You really are brilliant,” Steve complimented, leaning back into his chair with a smile. “Thanks,” You smiled back without looking at him. He furrowed his brows. “Now, why aren’t you looking at me?” He asked and you shrugged your shoulders.
“Given that I can’t exactly turn my brain off, I wanted to honor your wishes and not read you. But to do that, I’d have to not look at you,” You responded and he thought for a moment.
There was no way Bucky struggled with you this much at first, Steve thought, wondering if his friend even realized how much you could tell from just one look. “You can look at me,” Steve chuckled and you turned to him. “Just don’t make... Statements. Ask questions maybe?” He requested and you nodded.
“Or, I could keep all my deductions about your habits to myself, if you prefer,” You wondered and he shook his head at that. “No. I’d like to be able to carry a conversation with you. Questions are good,” He reassured and you nodded. There was a pause in his entire frame, and his eyes looked at you in anticipation. No, expectation. You corrected yourself in your head. He wasn’t waiting for you to ask a question, he wanted to say something.
“Do you have something to ask me, Captain?” You asked, and he chuckled again. “Can’t hide anything from you. And please, call me Steve,” He smiled and you nodded, returning with a gentle smile of your own. “I wanna hear about how Bucky has been dealing with you being able to read him,” Steve leaned forward with interest.
You giggled quietly as you thought of the blue-eyed soldier. Your soldier and your protector. Steve was taken aback, you laughed at the mention of Bucky and a genuine smile spread lightly on your face. It’s interesting how you have the innate ability to read people, but you can't control your own expressions; you were just as vulnerable to your own attacks as anyone else was.
Steve picked up the faint twinkle in your eyes that quickly dissipated as you started to speak. “Not well. I don’t even think he knew at first. He only realized when he figured out my tell,” You said and Steve gave you a look. “Your tell?” He wondered.
“Yeah. Sometimes, when I’m looking around and I realize something, I have a tell. I just go ‘hm’.” You explained and Steve smiled, enjoying your story as you told it. As you explained the reactions of his best friend to your abilities. Somewhere in the middle, you both got your cups of coffee, the two of you animatedly talking about Bucky, the ice completely broken, and the tension alleviated from your conversations. 
An hour or so had passed, and you laughed as you exchanged stories, though you particularly left out the parts about your closeness to Bucky. You touched your knees together, your calves spread slightly in a gesture that was endearing and shy. You put your elbow on the table and let your chin rest in your palm, fingers curling in the direction of your face. Your half-lidded eyes sparkled as you looked off to the side, a blush coating your cheeks. Steve noticed that you had suddenly gone quiet and he cocked his head to the side. 
“What is it?” He asked and your eyes flicked over to him, before looking off to the side again. “Nothing. It’s just... It’s interesting,” You said and he continued to look confused, “Speaking with you,” you added. Yes, the two of you were having a good time, your minds taken off the imminent danger you had found yourself in, but Steve somehow knew that wasn’t what you were talking about. 
The stories you heard about Bucky and how much time he spent around Steve made you glad that Bucky had such a good friend. You knew he needed someone besides you to rely on, and even though Bucky wouldn’t let his walls all the way down in front of Steve, as least they were low enough that Steve could peek over them.
“I’ve learned a lot about Bucky over the course of the last month. And talking to you just gave me better insight,” You explained.
“I would hope so! I can tell you all sorts of stories, if that’ll help,” Steve chuckled and you giggled as well. “That’s not what I meant. Though I do appreciate it. It’s more... Manner,” You described and Steve raised his brows.
“Even though one could argue that you and Bucky are not that much alike, I can see the borrowed words and phrases that he’s picked up from you. You two really spend a lot of time together, don’t you?” You slowly blinked and when your eyes opened again, they were gazing at the captain. Steve had to swallow hard, a blush coming upon his face as he felt your soft stare on him.
You were incredibly beautiful. He’d expect nothing less from Tony’s daughter. But there was something else on top of it that really made you attractive. It was the gentleness of your tone, expression and movements; it was the shy glint of your eyes and the gentle moisture of your lips. 
“I appreciate you being there for him,” You smiled, your eyes narrowing affectionately as your face remained flushed. Steve swore he saw sparkles around you as you moved. You seemed angelic in that moment; nothing like the shy and quiet person he had first met. Of course, you had always been pretty, but that day was a different kind of pretty.
That was when you noticed a person approaching, you turned to see Bucky, standing there looking at the two of you. “Oh, hey!” You beamed and he gave you a look, irritation coming up on his face. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” You asked worriedly, as he approached you and grabbed your wrist. “We’re leaving.” Bucky replied shortly and you gave Steve a look of concern, him looking concerned as he stayed in his seat.
“Bucky, what’s wrong?” You tenderly asked as you exited the cafe. “While you were busy laughing it up with Steve, we were actually working,” Bucky said, thinking that Steve was still in the shop. Steve had just left the place and caught the tail end of the conversation from away, quickly slipping away to conceal himself behind a few people standing and chatting.
“Are you... Jealous?” You asked and Bucky stopped walking. His shoulders were tense as the grip on your hand loosened for a minute. Bucky turned to you and opened his mouth, you put your hands up to stop him.
“Shut up! Just let me think you were jealous,” You moved your hands up to your face to hide your excited smile and light blush. Something about Bucky being jealous over you made your heart stir sweetly and it made you feel some type of way. Bucky looked at how excited you were at the prospect and he rolled his eyes. He was so irritated and jealous, yes, but your reaction to his jealousy was so undeniably cute that he had to turn around just to hide the faint color that coated his cheeks.
“Keep quiet,” He said sharply as he kept walking, with his hand still wrapped around your wrist as you bit your lip, trying to conceal your smile, and Steve grinned with his arms crossed as he watched the scene. “Oh, he’s got it bad,” Steve muttered to himself quietly. “So does she,” He chuckled at the last bit, shaking his head and walking back across the street to the tower. 
Tumblr media
While you were at coffee with Steve, Bucky was giving his two cents on the data that had been collected so far. He was offering some helpful advice, but at some point, he also hit a wall. “Come on, Barnes! You know this stuff better than anyone,” Tony argued. Bucky groaned, “Yeah, but that should tell you how skilled these guys are, if even I barely know anything about them,” 
“Maybe if you looked again—” Tony approached Bucky with a glare and Bucky turned towards him, Sam quickly standing in between them. “Okay, kids. Keep the arguments to a minimum.” He warned. 
There was a brief silence that fell over the room and Banner sighed, pulling off his glasses. “Tony, I hate to say it but—” Tony cut him off before he could continue.
“If you hate to say it, then don’t—” Tony was then interrupted by Banner, as though the two were one-upping each other. “We need Y/n,” 
“Goddamnit!” Tony shouted, slamming his hand on a metal table, startling everyone in the room. “No, we don’t!” Everyone was shocked. The pure emotion Tony had been displaying since the initial car bombing was astounding. They had been working this case for over a month, and Tony didn’t routinely get angry, but there were times when he snapped. The idea of dragging the victim into the investigation, for example, always made him react this way. Not only were you the victim, but you were his baby girl, and he was going to shield you from all harm if he was able.
Tony turned to the team, and pointed an accusing finger at them. “When I picked her up seven years ago, I promised her I would protect her! I promised her no harm would come to her! I don’t care if that pain is emotional or physical, if there is a chance for her to be hurt, I will not allow her to be subjected to that!” He shouted. “I’m sick and tired of you treating her like she’s just a tool to further the investigations!” Tony moved around the table to look at the team.
“Tony, that’s not it—” Nat tried to calm him down. “Then what is it?! Hm? You’ve only ever brought her here because you’ve not made progress!” He shouted back. “I don’t care if she is the result of some stupid super drug! I don’t care that she knows everything about everything and could probably solve every murder in this city!” He continued to rant, pausing to take a breath. “She’s my baby girl. My kid... And I will do anything to protect her,” Tony breathlessly spoke as his voice quieted down. 
“We understand that. Really, we do. But... You have to understand our side. We’ve been going off nothing for a month, and Y/n shows up and miraculously gives us something to work with!” Clint tried to explain. Sam and Bucky look at each other, confused at some of the words that were being exchanged. 
Super drug? What the hell? Bucky thought, his face twisting in confusion. “We need her to at least start us off,” Clint finished and Tony crossed his arms. “No,” He replied. 
“Tony,” Bucky started and the whole room turned to him. “There’s something you should know, too.” Bucky said and Tony waited. “The letter from the windshield? Y/n realized something. This person is giving us clues only she can figure out,” 
“What?” Sam asked, brows raised. “He’s using different identifiers. Ones that are pretty hard to find. Y/n said if he knows her like the letters seem to convey, then he would know that she could’ve figured out the typewriter,” Bucky explained and Tony swallowed hard, recalling the first note they found when they arrived at the estate in the Catskills.
Tumblr media
“She specifically described it like levels in a game. Each set of letters is another clue, and the leads get more obscure and harder to pick out. Maybe the reason you’re not getting anything is because everything was made for her eyes,” He offered. Everyone stood there silently.
“Y/n said that?” Tony asked and Bucky nodded. Tony sighed and looked at the ceiling in thought, shutting his eyes and clenching his jaw. He had never felt so distraught in his entire life, the conflict of his heart growing louder as he thought about how meta the whole situation was; to save his daughter, he had to let her save herself. If you were right, and Tony knew you were rarely wrong, then the only way he could help you was by subjecting you to possible emotional trauma. He put his hands on his face.
“One condition,” He murmured. “I’m upping FRIDAY’s security. She’ll be on high alert for any weird movements. Barnes will take alternate routes to get here every day. We do not leave her side for any reason. If she needs anything we will be there for her; if she starts to get upset we remove her from the situation until she feels better; if she gets tired, she goes straight back to the safe house with Barnes. If she is even the least bit uncomfortable, I will kill all of you,” Tony said and they all nodded.
“Tony, you can trust us. We’ll do our best to make sure she feels supported throughout all this,” Nat gave Tony an earnest look as she spoke. 
“Barnes. Do me a favor and get Steve and Y/n,” Tony looked down at the ground in resignation. Bucky hesitantly exited the lab, unsure if this was the best course of action. And yet... Even he knew that you were the only person capable of exposing the Enclave.
Tumblr media
Steve quickly caught up to the two of you in the elevator. “Buck, what the hell? You weren’t gonna wait for me?” Steve gave his friend a look. “It’s not my fuckin’ fault you’re so slow,” Bucky smirked and Steve shook his head, standing on the other side of you. The elevator ride was quiet, though Steve didn’t seem pissed or anything. In fact, you realized he was unnaturally calm and almost happy. Despite his mostly blank expression, his eyes were narrowed affectionately.
“You know, don’t you?” You asked and Steve looked down at you, as did Bucky, who then looked up at Steve in anticipation. “Know what?” Steve asked, his features shifting as his tell flickered across his face. You put a hand up to your mouth to hide your giggle. Bucky immediately face palmed. “Oh, for fucks sake, Steve,” Bucky hissed, using his thumb and index fingers to rub his eyes frustratedly.
“Listen, it’s not my fault you were so obvious about your feelings,” Steve tried to defend and Bucky sighed, refusing to look at him as he instead looked at the ceiling. “I don’t think this has to be said, but...” You looked up at Steve pleadingly and he chuckled.
“Your secret’s safe with me,” He assured and you smiled, nudging Bucky with your elbow. “Don’t touch me,” Bucky warned and you giggled, knowing his words were empty. It was amazing how different he was at the tower. He was so affectionate at home, but that was also because it was just the two of you. 
The elevator doors opened and you all walked back into the lab. “Hey,” You greeted quietly and everyone smiled at you. Everyone turned to Sam. They put him up to the task of getting you settled at a desk on the floor of the lab since he so easily relaxed you and broke the ice relatively quickly.
“Well, kid. Clean out your desk! You’re gonna be working with us now,” He smiled at you, stepping up to put a hand on your shoulder. “I’m... What?” You asked and he chuckled.
“Don’t worry. I gotchu. I know this is weird, but we need your help. And we’re all ready to support you in any way that we can.” He offered a smile. Though you were anxious, Sam’s honest grin helped ease your worries. You were going to be surrounded by a world-saving team, surely no harm could come to you at the tower, you thought.
“I know you used to work in 3rd floor R&D, right?” Sam recalled, easily striking up a conversation with you due to his open nature. “Yeah, that’s right,” You replied and he nodded. “Great! Tony mentioned you still had some stuff at your desk. We’re gonna go grab that and get you settled up here so that you can feel comfortable,” He smiled and placed a hand at the small of your back, leading you to the elevator while Bucky followed.
“Okay,” You smiled as the three of you entered the elevator, heading down to floor 3. You walked over to the R&D department with Sam and Bucky trailing behind you. After turning the corner and entering the office, you immediately froze. The environment was different; and you didn’t recognize a single face in the crowd. Weirder still, everyone smiled at you and greeted you. You quickly turned to Bucky to see him pretending to be innocent, looking up at the ceiling in mock thought. 
“You told him, didn’t you?” You asked, finally making the connection and he turned to you. “I’m not going to apologize for getting the whole floor fired. They kinda deserved it,” He shrugged and you sighed. “Well... It’s too late now.” You replied and walked over to your desk. 
Bucky and Sam were idly chatting as you approached your desk, spotting a gift box sitting on top of it. It was a brown cardboard box with a lid on top, wrapped in twine with a card tucked into it that read, ‘Y/n.’ You raised a brow, looking up at the room to see if you could find out if anyone put it there while you removed the lid. You scrunched your nose, catching the scent of pickles as you looked around to see who was eating a sandwich.
At the very top of the box, there was a card fully covering the contents and your breath hitched as you immediately recognized the handwriting. You read it to yourself.
Ding Dong, the witch is dead. I protected her daughter instead. 
You shakily lift the card, and look inside the box. You stumble backwards, tripping over yourself as you let out a blood curdling scream. Your heart was racing in your ears and your eyes were having trouble adjusting. Everyone in the office turned in your direction, trying to figure out what was going on. “Y/n!” Bucky immediately ran to your side while Sam peered into the box, quickly staggering back in surprise. 
“What is it?!” Bucky worriedly asked, leaving your side to look down into the box. There, sitting in a minimal gift box, on top of bright pink tissue paper as though it was a present, was a human hand. 
Tumblr media
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