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#bnha taishiro
pinguilord · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Manga panel redraw
(click 4 better quality)
(Cliquea para mejor resolución)
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bnhahq101 · 15 hours ago
Pro-Heroes will a Villain F/O headcanons?
So just to help out this list is organized of the heroes I think would be most likely to accept their s/o being a villain.  
 Keigo Takami/Hawks
As long as they aren’t an actual threat to society, Keigo is pretty chill about the whole thing
Will turn a blind eye to them if he encounters them while on duty
There’s a mutual agreement that business can be discussed over dinner but that’s it
 Higari Maijima/Powerloader
He may be a hero, but he understands that there are grey areas to everything
He won’t treat them any different though he will ask them about why it is they became a villain
Hates whenever they get into trouble with the law (such as getting arrested)
 Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fatgum 
Another who understands there is a lot of grey areas between heroes and villains, but still tries to convince his love to stop their life of crime, offering to provide everything they may ever need
If they still want to though, he won’t stop them instead choosing to watch over them
If they come home injured, he’ll gently chew them out for being careless as he takes care of their injuries 
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bnhahq101 · 20 hours ago
Taishiro x Rappa x Reader headcanons please!
This relationship works surprisingly well despite one partner being a pro hero and the other being a villain
This relationship is incredibly hidden from the general public
Both men love drowning their s/o in physical affection
While Taishiro loves cooking for their lover and Rappa, Rappa is surprisingly good at domestic activities such as cleaning (he understands the importance of a clean home)
The two men have a mutual understanding that if they have to fight because of their professions, they will fight but never with the aim to kill
For Kendo, while he still wants a battle to the death someday, he doesn’t want to upset their lover
The cuddles are the best and often have s/o squished between the two
Kirishima and Tamaki know about the relationship, but stay silent seeing how happy it makes Taishiro
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thelazyhermits · 21 hours ago
Once that’s done and you relay this information to your two helpers, you realize you haven’t told Shouta about this unexpected dinner. “Do you think Shouta-san will mind having so many guests for dinner?”
Both Natsuo and Taishiro snort at your question before the latter moves to ruffle your hair. “Don’t worry about it. Despite how he may act, Shouta enjoys big family dinners like this, so even though he may seem annoyed, he really ain’t. It’s all a front.”
Natsuo grins, “I think you should be more worried about how Shouto will react once he sees that both Touya-nii and Keigo are here.”
Oh boy, he makes an excellent point. Considering how Shouto reacts to Touya’s interactions with you, you can’t imagine he’d be too crazy about the idea of his oldest brother and Keigo being here since they both have a penchant for flirting with you.
A nervous laugh escapes you. “Let’s just hope for the best…”
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ayumiinuzuka · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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arquitecturadelanada · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: none
word count: 1k
a/n: this is purely for funnies based on the characters’ zodiac signs. please don’t take this too serious and don’t be sad if you «aren’t  compatible» with your favorite character; remember that i’m only talking about the sun sign (and there are other factors to take into consideration for a more accurate match. like moon, rising, and venus signs, for example). also, by no means i’m an expert so maybe i made some mistakes; i apologize in advance for that and, as i said before, this is solely for fun purposes ♡
Tumblr media
your compatibility with: bnha fire signs…
fire can keep you warm yet it can also lead to great destruction. like fire itself, these signs tend to be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tomura Shigaraki | Chiyo Shuzenji (Recovery Girl) | Naomasa Tsukauchi | Kesagiri Man
cardinal fire | DATES: march 21 – april 19 | RULING PLANET: mars | COLORS: red & mustard
positive traits: there’s no braver sign than aries. they are not afraid of taking risks as they have a natural thirst for adventure and trying new things. they’re generally very energetic and popular in social circles. ultimately, aries are known for being very passionate.
negative traits: they tend to be insensitive to others’ emotions and can come off as arrogant know-it-alls. they can be very stubborn and sometimes they’re hard to deal with because they love arguing. in addition, they are impulsive and frequently impatient. aries can be very confrontational.
leo 100% ↦ they fall in love deeply and are almost impossible to separate as they stubbornly hold on to each other
sagittarius 90% ↦ this is a couple with lots of potential and could easily become one of the warmest relationships
libra 90% ↦ however difficult it might be to reconcile these two natures, remember that opposites attract
gemini 80% ↦ good, exciting and challenging. a relationship where both partners can learn a lot
aquarius 80% ↦ this relationship is based on a lot of physical tenderness but can fade as their passion dies down
pisces 70% ↦ a relationship disturbed mostly by the lack of trust and the ability of both parties to open up
virgo 60% ↦ in most cases they are not really meant to last, but at least their relationship is never boring
aries 50% ↦ their relationship can be truly rewarding as they can share many adventurous moments
scorpio 50% ↦ their relationship can be like the most aggressive image of fire vs. water
capricorn 50% ↦ not an easy relationship, however, they could truly complement each other
cancer 40% ↦ this relationship can be painful for both partners and needs a lot of work put into
taurus 40% ↦ a relationship full of personal challenges and individual depth
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tenya Iida | Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) | Taishiro Toyomitsu (Fat Gum) | Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)
fixed fire | DATES: july 23 – august 22 | RULING PLANET: sun | COLORS: gold & purple
positive traits: leos aren't afraid of showing love and affection, they’re naturally energetic (as they’re ruled by the sun itself). they’re usually kind, helpful, and optimistic. they highly value loyalty and honesty, and they are very straightforward. because they’re confident and courageous they are often perceived as leaders.
negative traits: they can be super dominant and prone to jealousy. leos’ ego is often big, they can come up as self-centered or arrogant believing they’re better than everyone else. they can also be impatient and it takes a lot to change leos’ mind. pride is something they often struggle with.
aries 100% ↦ this is such a warm and passionate relationship, in which sparks fly around all the time
libra 100% ↦ their relationship is beautiful yet challenging. they have a lot to learn from each other
sagittarius 90% ↦ a very good fiery combination that is bound to fall in love.
gemini 90% ↦ a pair that can have so much fun that it could make anyone envious
taurus 70% ↦ this relationship could be aggressively challenging if not for their warm natures
aquarius 70% ↦ a creative couple that needs to learn to let go of the image they have about each other
scorpio 60% ↦ this is in no way an easy relationship, they often don’t know what to expect
leo 50% ↦ a satisfying relationship that can, most often than not, fall on the dramatic side
pisces 40% ↦ a relationship that can damage their beliefs as they search for different kinds of love
cancer 40% ↦ they simply don’t value the same things and that’s mainly the reason why they decide to part ways
virgo 40% ↦ it is rare for these partners to form a strong bond, however they might get along just fine
capricorn 40% ↦ if they meet in the right moment, leo and capricorn might get along very well
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David Shield | Masaki Mizushima (Manual) | Fuyumi Todoroki | Mitsuki Bakugou (Katsuki’s mom)
mutable fire | DATES: november 22 to december 21 | RULING PLANET: jupiter | COLORS: maroon & navy blue
positive traits: sagittarius are known to be very adventurous and brutally honest. they’re usually optimistic and bright. knowledge is very important to them and they have a strong sense of right and wrong. sagittarius are also known for being generous and usually find it easy to feel happy.
negative traits: they can be inconsistent and often struggle with commitment. they can also be careless and struggle with patience. sometimes they come off as tactless because of their inclement of telling the truth «as it is». sagittarius frequently comes off as overconfident and moody.
aries 90% ↦ they tend to fall in love with each other, deeply and sincerely
leo 90% ↦ they share a warm love for each other and will have the chance to create, perform and have fun together
aquarius 90% ↦ their relationship gives priority to the future and brings hope of a better time
libra 70% ↦ a relationship that allows them to develop their emotional, inner worlds
pisces 60% ↦ this is a relationship of two kindred spirits that often doesn’t last very long
gemini 60% ↦ their relationship has a strong intellectual connection and they often make a good couple
capricorn 60% ↦ this relationship will rarely be the one where they both choose to stay in forever
cancer 50% ↦ usually they aren’t attracted to each other but if in love they will rarely have a damaging relationship
virgo 50% ↦ this relationship is not a usual happy ending emotional story because there are many challenges in their way
sagittarius 50% ↦ they will easily fall in love with the other but the relationship can change very fast
taurus 30% ↦ these two signs don’t even get attracted to each other very often
scorpio 30% ↦ they make a pretty great couple, for as long as they feel the excitement of the start of their relationship
Tumblr media
air signs (soon) | water signs (soon) | earth signs (soon)
Tumblr media
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sweettomatogirl · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Icon with mask on or not, his is a cinnamon roll.
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xgummibearx · 6 days ago
Fatgum X (F)reader: Sweethearts (pt 1)
(WARNING: Contains major spoilers from the Overhaul arc)
Summary: I absolutely love the fatgum X Baker trope so I'm gonna throw one into the mix. (unintentional pun sorry lol)
You are a baker and Fatgum starts visiting your shop. You start to develop feelings for one another but you get called out of town to handle a catering job, the same time as the overhaul fight. You were out in the country, and don't even hear about it until days later.
(X)> insert name
(starting with a chubby form tai, what can I say?)
Taishiro found the place accidentally, the smell of freshly made cinnamon rolls nearly knocked him off his tired feet. His slightly less pudgy stomach had burned off a bit of fat but he'd been worse. "Ow!" He grumbled, not noticing the bell on the door frame before hitting it with his head. The dull clanging sound still caught the attention of the owner.
(X) wiped the powdered sugar off her hands. "Oh gosh I forgot to lock the door..." He could hear her mumbling, he panicked wondering if he should leave. He froze at the sight of her, "I'm sorry but we're closed, how can I-oh!" She looked up at him. "Fatgum?...well this us a surprise!"
He laughed nervously, "I uhm...didn't realize you were closed! I can leave it's no problem!" She waved her hand,
"no it's okay! Just got off of patrol I'm assuming?" He nodded,
"Yeah...I was gonna grab some takeout so that I wouldn't have to cook.." He didn't get the chance to cook much. "I'm surprised that I haven't made any local businesses close up shop yet!" He added nervously, why was he so nervous? She laughed.
"I know alot of the vendors around here, your reputation proceeds you." She disappeared for a moment, returning with a tray of cinnamon buns. (X) started to place them carefully in a bag, "I didn't want this dough to go sour so I have way too many of these.." She smiled, holding the bag out. "Here you go."
Taishiro waved his hands, his face a little red. "No no it's okay! I've already imposed enough I-" He was interrupted by the growling of his stomach, his face growing even redder. With a sigh he stepped forward and took the bag. "Thanks...but I can't just accept these for free!" She leaned forward with a smile.
"Well, how about you promise to pop in one in awhile? It would be good for business." She added jokingly. Fatgum laughed softly, pushing his mask up a little to scratch under his eye.
"It's a date then." He politely waved then stepped out if the shop. As the cool night hit him he felt his face burn, "did...I just say that out loud??"
It became frequent, whether after hours or even during patrols his soft face became a familiar and welcome sight. Every now and then he had a day where he couldn't make it, for some reason those days rolled by so slowly. They would come and go with so much disappointment.
When those days happened (x) didn't even realize how much she had wanted to see him until the next day when his presence would suddenly make the shop feel so much brighter. However, today he looked frazzled. There was a far away distracted look in his eyes. "'s pretty early today, you're usually not here until noon." She looked concerned, "is something wrong?" He suddenly snapped upright.
"Oh! Uh, no I'm okay." He smiled, "we have a really big meeting with some agencies." Taishiro explained as he ordered a dozen donuts, he pulled out his wallet. "It's confidential so I can't discuss any details, but...there is alot going on." (X) nodded.
"Yeah, with All Might stepping down there's been as huge increase in crime lately, I had to tap into my insurance after one of those monsters destroyed my shop front." Fatgum raised his brows a little.
"Monsters? Those things they found when they rescued the UA student?" (X) nodded.
"It's been scary honestly, I've been spending alot more money on cabs's far too dangerous to walk around at night after I close." Taishiro listened carefully, she made sense. Things hadn't been easy since All Might's retirement. He took the donut box then smiled, trying to reassure her.
"Hey, that's what we're here for...we all do our best to serve and ensure your know, I'm sure I could help you feel safer and not to mention." He started stumbling over his words a little. "I could...I could help you, save money on cabs if I...walked you home?" (x) smiled looking up at him as she leaned on the counter.
"I would like that, I'll be leaving this  afternoon for Osaka on a catering job this weekend but I'll be back on Monday?" Taishiro smiled.
"I'll be looking forward to it..."
Her mind drifted off all weekend, her hands on auto pilot as she finished orders and served pastries by the dozen. It took a whole afternoon just to clean up, but the extra day after the event was certainly a good idea. (x) left her phone in her hotel room, and simply enjoyed the late spring air that held the promise of summer around the corner.
Monday came, and (x) was antsy. "Why am I so flustered? I'm excited and nervous at the same time!?" She thought, overthinking everything about her outfit as she stared in the mirror. The day flew by, thinking about Taishiro made a soft smile form on her lips, making her coworker stare in confusion.
Then, he never came.
The next day was no different, and as Wednesday morning rolled up she quietly turned to her cashier. "Hey uhm...did Fatgum stop by at all?" Her cashier froze, his mouth dropping a little as he nervously checked to make sure there weren't any customers.
"That's right! You were out if town...uh, may want to see this." He pulled out his phone, "it was all over the news! He was part of this huge bust; the heroes took out the head if the Chisaki Yakuza!" There was no footage from the operation, but she saw a glimpse of him.
He helped carry what looked like a student I to an ambulance before passing out himself. (x) lifted her hands to her mouth, the colour draining from her face. "He was beat up pretty bad, and...Sir. Nighteye was killed in the fight too." She was speechless, the image of his weak battered form ingrained in her mind.
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timidpatotie · 6 days ago
adore you || taishiro toyomitsu/fatgum ft. chubby reader
Warnings: Smut, Not Proof Read
synopsis: fatgum showing you his adoration for you in pleasurable actions.
Tumblr media
Minors Do Not Interact
A kiss to your forehead, to your nose and the both side of your chubby cheeks, slightly nibbling to your cheeks that reminds him of the mochi he used to get before patrol.
Proceeding to kiss your lips. Pecking again and again. Taishiro smiled. It was the times when it's just the short and soft pecks that you two shared made his heart flutter.
You beneath him. All cute and soft. Caged between his arms and his large form hovering you. Your hair disheveled and messy. Your chest falling and rising with every breath you take. Taishiro will always cherish this moment. All the little things he love about you.
Pressing his forehead into yours and he was meet with your (e/c) orbs. He finds himself getting lost. It was like the galaxy. Endless. Warm, beautiful and peaceful. Your eyes filled with sincerity and love.
You find yourself staring back at him. His golden orbs shining. It was the same sight you find in his work. His gaze caring and full of adoration. It didn't change even he was serious.
"Mochi?" He murmured. His breath in your face.
"Do you know I love you always? He asked.
"You always say that Taishi~"
"Do I? Good. I love you Mochi~"
"I love you too.~"
His sight darting to your naked form. Well the both of your were naked from your earlier activities. It was still the start of something fun and the two of you will enjoy it.
Kissing you again and his lips went to trail to your jaw and to your chin. Slightly biting the skin.
His hand in your arm. Pulling it and putting a kiss to your knuckles. You can't help but to smile. Taishi had his ways of making your insides warm even in the simplest of gestures.
Pinning your wrist besides you. He continued to place feather-light kisses in your neck. Finding your sweet spot and once he did. You were moaning. Sucking on it and leaving a bruise.
He just hummed. Kissing your collarbones. His lips finding your nipple. Capturing it with his mouth and his tongue circling around the hardened bud.
Your other hand found it's way to grip his hair. Your fingers playing with his soft blond locks while he continued to play with your breast. You can clearly see he was enjoying himself and he sucks like a baby you thought. Breath hitching at his actions.
After being satisfied with it. He leaves kitten licks to your stomach. Casually nibbling on the way until he was between in your legs.
Smiling at you. He happily settled between it. Sandwiching himself with your thick thighs.
Leaving his hand to your wrist for to wrap his hand around your thigh and the other gripping on your side. Squishing it before to do the plan he was planning to you.
"Can I Mochi?" Asking for your permission to indulge you.
Nodding your head. He started to leave marks on your inner thighs. His hot breath ghosting on it.
This was heaven Taishiro thought. He can't get over how your thighs feels around him and he can do it over and over again. You indulging him to his desires. It's like the first time that you were worried about crushing him and he joked that he is gladly to die between your thighs which he really is serious. Oh, to live and die between by your thighs. The thought sends shivers to his spine. He can feel himself getting more hard at the thought.
Flattening his tongue, he took a long stripe from your dripping slit. You instantly moaned. Your hand immediately gripping his blond locks. He continued to lapped on your slit. Gathering your arousal that drips everytime he licked.
"Taishi~, so....good, more please..." You begged. Your knuckles turning white from how hard your were gripping the sheets.
He just hummed. Grabbing your wide hips to stop your from bucking your hips from him. Sucking on your clit like a man starved for years. Eating you out like it was his last meal. Savoring how you taste so good around him.
Spreading your pussy lips to get a better access in sucking you. His two fingers plunging inside your pulsating hole.
The feeling of being stretched by his fingers made you feel the familiar coil in your lower stomach. Ready to burst at any moment.
".....gonna come, Taishi~" You slurred.
Satisfied by your response. He roughly sucked on to your clip. Pumping his fingers inside you faster. Your hips moving to match the pace of his fingers. Taishiro growled holding your hips hard to stop you from moving.
With one harsh suck and the curling of his fingers you came. Toes curling from the sensation of coming. You were panting. Sweat forming on your forehead from the intense orgasm.
Taishiro continued to lapped the juices flowing through your hole. Helping you to rode out with your high. He can feel your thighs trembling around him. Satisfied with his work. He climbed up on you.
"Are you okay Mochi?" His voice concerned.
Removing the stray hairs that clinged to your face.
"Mmmm." You nodded.
Kissing him which he gladly returned. Exploring ever inch of each other's mouth.
Your arms wrapping around his neck. Breaking the kiss, he kissed your forehead.
"Can you go again for another round Mochi?
Which you eagerly responded. Brushing your pussy to his hardened cock.
Taishiro chuckled at your response.
"Eager are we?~" He teased.
"Please, Taishi."
"We're getting there Mochi."
Raising your leg to press in your chest. Pumping his cock and brushing to your entrance. Rubbing it to your slit. You whined. He was teasing you again which wanting you to have more.
Aligning his cock to your entrance. He gently pushed it in. Earning a moan from you and followed by a grunt from him. The stretched burned deliciously. Loving how his cock filling you up entirely.
Taishiro can feel how your warm walls clamped around him. The spongy muscle wrapping his hard cock. Grunting he slowly moved. Setting a slow, steady pace. This got him feeling light headed.
Thinking it was all good. He moved faster. Your pussy creaming him. Hitting you in the deepest parts the tip rubbing the sweet spots inside you.
Your nails found it's way digging to his biceps.  Face buried in his neck. Trying to muffle the sounds from the feeling of being fucked by him. It was so good. So good. He was knocking your brains out of you. Your legs trembling from the sensation.
Taishiro was enamored at the sight his cock disappearing to your pussy.
The sight of your stomach rippling proves how his thrusts was harder. Pride bubbling from his chest from how good you were taking him and loving how your body responded to him. Such pretty sight to behold.
His balls slapping to your ass cheeks as he pounded on to you.
You were already crying from his actions. Tears streaming down your chubby cheeks.
"m'full, so full..... m'good... Taishi." You were a blubbering mess. Your words barely audible.
Taishiro smiled while wiping the tears and petting your hair. "I know Mochi. Such a good girl for me." He praised not minding the pain from your nails digging around his biceps.
He can feel you nearing your end as well as his from how your walls clenched around him like a vice. His movements getting sloppy but still continued to violently thrusts in to you.
Slapping your thighs to watch it jiggle and his thumb went to your clit. Circling around it to make you come faster with that you came. Making you see white. Panting from the intensity of your orgasm.
Knowing that you came Taishiro buried his cock deeply. Brushing with your cervix and released his seed into you. Your pussy milking him not wasting a single drop from his cock. Grunting he pulled out his softening cock to you.
Collapsing besides you and facing you. Your face sweaty. Taishiro smiled, looking at you with such adoration.
"Are you good?" He asked while rubbing your soft stomach.
"Yeah. So good Taishi." Flashing him a gentle smile.
Kissing your forehead and wrapping his arms around you. Rubbing your back soothingly while catching your breath.
You two stayed for that position for a while. Staring at each other's eyes.
Taishiro will show you all the ways of being appreciated and adored. You in his arms and happily indulge you to all your wants and needs. Your happiness was his number one priority.
He will always adore you for the rest of his life and you will do the same for the man that your truly loved.
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toyomitsutaishiro · 7 days ago
Happy Monday, my little dumplings~
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I just want to ✨ Consensually ✨ smack fatgums ass as i walk by him.
That is all.
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xgummibearx · 8 days ago
Fatgum x Freader-Rescued
y/n: (X)
summary: You were walking home after a late shift when someone decided to mug you. Taishiro saves you and insists on making sure you get home safely. You're so shaken up you ask him to stay the night.
Warnings: mentions of violence, possible angst but mostly fluff.
(lemme know if you guys like this, I'll see if I have time to write more)
(X): insert name
The florescent lights made her eyes sore, a slight dull headache only adding to the frustration. "I missed the last bus.." (X) cursed under her breath, stepping away from the bus stop. "Cabs too expensive..." She added with a grumble, shuffling her heavy aching feet. There was a possible chance of storms according to the weather alert; however luck seemed to be taking pity on her as she walked down the dark streets without a single drop of rain.
She walked around a corner, zipping up her hoodie. The early spring air still had a chill to it, at least there was a possibly of biking and walking more since the cold of winter had passed. With this thought (X) turned and started walking down a dark empty street, she grit her teeth and slipped her keys between her knuckles. She suddenly felt pair of firm hands grip her shoulders, and before she could even scream (x) was lying on the pavement. "Weren't you taught to never walk around by yourself?" A tall man stood over her, kicking her in the side sharply. (x) felt the pain shoot up, a plea for help ringing into the air as she was grabbed by the arm and pressed into the wall behind her. "Now..." He flicked open his switchblade and lifted it towards her. The blade glowed in the dim light of a single street lamp, "hand over your wallet or this will get messy pretty damn fast."
With the cold cement wall against her  back (x) stared into the face of her attacker, the dark shadows casted down on him made it near impossible to identify him; she was scared unable to move, unable to speak. He growled, in impatient frustration he gripped her shoulders and pushed her harder into the wall. He pressed his knife to her throat, "I don't have all night sweetheart now give it to me!"
(x) was reaching slowly into her purse for her wallet with trembling hands as all the colour drained from her face. She felt dizzy, hardly able to breathe when the pressure of the knife was suddenly lifted with a painful but small scratch. (X) screamed as loud angry shouts erupted from the mugger, she slid to the ground unable to stop shaking as her head swirled. In the dim light of the street lamps she saw flashes of yellow, and could only hear shouts as fists collided with flesh. In seconds there was silence, and a huge figure stood over her. "Are you alright miss?" The male who spoke had a soft voice, (x) could just barely make out a gloved hand gentle stretching out towards her. "A police car is on their way, can you stand? I'm afraid that they're going to have ask you some questions but don't worry it won't take long." She nodded slowly as he spoke, taking a hold of the hand as she leaned against the wall. She couldn't stop shaking. With the lights she was able to see her rescuer, she had seen him on patrol here and there many times; Taishiro Toyomitsu.
Fatgum had the perpetrator engulfed in his fat, was almost a comical sight watching Tai pluck him out and hand him over to the police. With a gentle smile he sat her on a nearby park bench, "here I'll just talk with the officers for a moment then we should be able to-" As he checked (x) over he noticed the cut on her neck. "Oh miss you're bleeding, it isn't deep thankfully...I'm so sorry it must have happened when I grabbed him..."
(X) could barely make out what he was saying, he sounded muffled as her vision blurred. He looked concerned, seeing her swaying and the colour still drained from her face. "It'll be's going to be alright." Fatgum made sure to be quick as he went to speak with the officers again. She hardly noticed, but when she looked up (x) tried to focus on his yellow hoodie, trying to stay conscious as she took deep breaths to clear her head. "She's in shock...I don't think she should require any questioning, it just sounded like he was trying to rob her." The officer shut the door on the attacker and listened carefully.
"Very well, we need to make sure that she gets home safely then." Fatgum nodded,
"I'll see to it, you just take of that guy." Taishiro left the officers to drive off and returned with the ointment to clean the cut. "Are you okay?" Her voice was still shaky but she let out a small laugh.
"Yeah, just...just peachy!" Fatgum still looked concerned, wiping the small cut carefully. It only stung a little but (x) didn't notice, her heart racing with adrenaline. She looked over at him with a smile, "thank you...I, I didn't know what he was going to do." Fatgum shrugged, shoving the ointment in his pocket.
"I'm just glad I got there when I did, now where's home? I can call you a cab-" He pulled out his phone to pull up the number but she shook her head.
"No no it's fine, I think if I get in a car I'll get sick..." She mumbled, still light headed as she stood, she didn't even know what she was saying. "I'll be good! Real good!" (X) lazily waved, then bumped into a trash can. Fatgum stood, he was very concerned.
"Did she get a concussion? Or is this just shock?" He wasn't sure but either way he couldn't just leave her like this to wander the streets. He checked the time, there was only a few minutes left for his patrol at least.
"Uhm...okay, I'll just walk you home then." He suggested, shoving his phone in his pocket. (x) was standing still, nodding slowly.
"Y-yeah that's...that's probably a good idea." She held her arms, feeling the cold air hit her as she trembled. They walked in silence, the fear gripping her with each step and her eyes glancing at every dark corner twice. Fatgum put a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"You're one else is going to hurt you." (X) didn't understand why she was still scared, she knew he was right but her head was still spinning when they reached her home. Taishiro lead her up the stairs to her apartment, a hand on her back. "I could carry you if you want..." She shook her head sleepily. When she stood at the door she thought of her dark, empty apartment that was far too quiet. (X) left her hand on the door handle hesitantly. Tears were welling in her eyes a little, the weight of the night's events made her feel like she was crumbling from the inside as she leaned against the door.
"I...I don't have anyone living with me...I..." She could hardly speak, she was shaking violently. "Would you be able to stay the night possibly?..." She realized what she had said, her head pounding but she was so tired she couldn't think straight, her heart was still racing. Tai nodded,
"of course, you've had a long night...where are your keys?" She handed the keys to him, almost dropping them.
Taishiro opened the door, trying his best to keep her steady as they stepped in. He kept his head hunched, a little tall for the ceiling of the entryway. He set (X's) shoes aside, helping guide her to the couch. "Is there anything I can get you?" She shook her head, resting her head in her hands.
"No, you've done so much already." He went to the kitchen and grabbed her a cup of water.
"It isn't a problem, let me help you..." He picked up a blanket that hung on the back of a  chair. "It's what I'm here for after all." He smiled gently, draping the blanket over her shoulders. She was terrified, he could see it.
(X) held the glass tighty, her shakes made the water in the cup ripple.  "I..." Tears built up in her eyes once more, and they finally began to trickle down her face. "I don't know?!" She hunched over, quietly sobbing. Fatgum took the cup and moved a little closer.
"I'm shouldn't have to deal with this on your own." He wrapped an arm around her, the promised rain began to fall gently outside. The sound was soothing as (X) found herself returning his embrace. She lay against him, her sobs made her shoulders shudder. "It's okay." Tai carefully pulled her closer and held the back of her head. "You're safe, I promise..."
Her heartbeat slowed as she softly cried, her face pressed into his comforting chest. He was so warm, she listened to his steady as her breathing regulated. (X) cuddled closer to him, exhausted. "Thank you..." Her hand was gripping his hoodie gently. "Please don't go..."
He felt a small chill go down his spine as he felt (x) holding on to him. He took a deep breath, slowly wrapping his arms around her. "Okay, I'm not going anywhere." He stroked her shoulders, "I'm here..." Sleep came easily to them both as she settled against his soft form, and as the sun creeped into the small living room she was still in his arms.
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