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#bnha poll
rosiebrie7 hours ago
Can't believe Wash currently has the same number of votes as Midnight and Overhaul. 馃槀
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rosiebriea day ago
Dabi and Shigaraki stans better pull up to the bnha sexy poll cuz yall boys are falling behind now
I'm keeping the poll open until Wednesday (06/16)
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rosiebrie3 days ago
Tumblr media
When I woke up this morning to see Dabi had been usurped by the rabbit hero herself.
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rosiebrie5 days ago
I made a poll of 18+ BnHA characters to ask the age old question: 鈥渨ho sexy?鈥
just for funsies since my last quarter before summer just ended and i was inspired by a similar haikyuu poll on twitter.
I tried to include as many different characters as I could, no matter how obscure聽鈥榗uz who knows which one of y鈥檃ll has niche tastes. It鈥檚 not everyone, but quite a few.
(As a villain fucker, I hope y鈥檃ll LoV stans don鈥檛 let me down).
I鈥檒l keep it open until I feel there have been enough responses, then share聽the results.
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class1akids9 days ago
Tumblr media
Here is an interesting thread on 1-6 combined popularity poll numbers.
Bakugou is 1/4th of all votes by himself. So proud of Shouto - he has been doing so well too (despite being sidelined for long stretches of time)! And Hawks is totally impressive for being only in 3 polls.聽
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todosiblings9 days ago
not the 3ndeavor doll and grn torino having more votes than fuyumi and spinner 馃槵馃槵
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incorrect-academia10 days ago
What kind of boyfriend Dabi would be (submissions)
-聽He wouldn't like to get too close and vulnerable but would love if you are vulnerable with him
-聽Lmao mans will never commit
-聽dabi is messed up for sure but i feel like he鈥檚 just...incredibly awkward and so so tender when it comes to you. he has issues of course like trusting you and constantly wanting to prove he鈥檚 worth having you and not knowing how to navigate a relationship etc but he does care for you so so much. he鈥檚 not so great with expressing affection but he does what he can and if it isn鈥檛 enough he tries harder鈥攁ll his life he鈥檚 been trying and trying, and you鈥檙e someone who deserves that. he just wants to be good, honestly :(
-聽Throw hands at anyone who even thinks if being mean to his gf/bf
-聽Distracted. He's a bit too focused on revenge rn
-聽Controlling af
-聽The one that uses his partner like a therapist
-聽Would kill someone for you without asking beforehand
-聽A possessive asshole. Probably gets hurt a lot but doesn鈥檛 know anything about first aid. He takes naps while laying on top of you and you can鈥檛 move
-聽The 'your parents don't like him' boyfriend
-聽Uhhhh he鈥檇 be pretty *hot* ba dumm tss
-聽a lot of people hc dabi as like,,a tired distant kind of boyfriend but I feel like he'd be amazing and caring and attentive even if people mock him for it. he wouldn't want you to think he didn't care
- Daddy issues and daddy kink
-聽Very careful to never be violent or aggressive with you but also he'd ghost you frequently
-聽Either wouldn鈥檛 give a shit or really over protective
-聽B i t c h B o y
-聽this motherfucker would make fun of you 24/7
-聽I cannot imagine him feeling love for another
-聽Degrading 馃槶
-聽Man鈥檚 urge to wreak havoc is too strong (fax)
-聽hot but incredibly dumb and impulsive. hey babe can u come pick me up from prison haha type vibes
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incorrect-academia10 days ago
What kind of boyfriend Hawks would be (submissions)
-聽Funny, awkward, brings you food at all occasions
-聽Flamboyant, loves to show off the relationship and loves to tease and loves to keep things interesting but knows when to chill
-聽That fuckboy you banged on mistake
-聽probably somewhat distant and not emotionally honest
-聽Possessive, jealous, territorial, caring, compassionate, worrying about S/O a lot, can be clingy sometimes, needs a lot of reassurance, but can give it too when you need it, love language physical touch
-聽Flirty, cuddly, protective
-聽He'd drag you into a bunch of dumb games/activities, but spoil you with top tier dates
-聽He's great at flirting and first dates but is very closed off and it takes a long time for him to open up and for the relationship to actually get serious
-聽He鈥檇 ghost us after hitting it a few times
-聽The funny and caring type but would be really annoying in arguments
-聽Awkward as hell, he has 0 dating experience and I'm 90% sure he's a virgin. That being said I want him to take me flying
- needs therapy, i think he would try to be a good bf though
-聽he,,,would try his best 馃拃
-聽he鈥檚 closed off. he never feels truly there because there鈥檚 always some sort of aspect of him that鈥檚 hidden and you can never figure out what it is or why. he鈥檚 secretive and sneaky and doesn鈥檛 always tell you everything but hell if he doesn鈥檛 love you. he adores you, he really does, and he would absolutely cherish you as a good thing in his life he never, ever wants to lose
-聽Constantly the teasing bf
-聽Finger guns at you whenever he sees you
-聽Emotionally distant, very minor fuckboi vibes
-聽The funny and caring type but would be really annoying in arguments
-聽A flirty, cocky bitch. I love the man but he would be so cocky at first (though I feel like that鈥檚 just compensation for his past) and once he trusts you he鈥檚 actually kinda insecure and he loves cuddles for reassurance
-聽more concerned w how the relationship appears to be going instead of how its actually going. texts like a straight white boy
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incorrect-academia10 days ago
What Dabi smells like (sent in by followers)
- Burning flesh
- Campfires
- Pure vinegar
-聽Burnt popcorn
-聽burned skin and fresh leather
- A literal disgusting corpse
-聽Wood candles when you blow them out
- Fire and ashes
- Arson and spray paint from vandalism
-聽Smoke. All the time. He can never get rid of it
- Antibiotic ointment and burnt bacon
-聽camp fire smoke and metal
-聽Daddy issues, extended hospital stays, and a tire shop on constant fire *spritz spritz* Eau du Dabi
-聽burnt hair
- Hair dye and ashes
-聽Burnt crayons
-聽Medical staples, and just huge stink like Shigaraki (not poor Shig 馃槶)
-聽maybe a little basic but dust and smoke. a little wildfire but also a little cigarette.
-聽He has two different smells. Before he uses his quirk he smells like your clothes the day after a camp fire. When he uses his quirk mans reeks like a crematorium (Yes your highness GO OFF)
-聽Bad, none of the LOV shower too often
-聽prob disgusting idts he showers tbh
-聽burnt flesh and cheap shampoo
- Roadkill/rotting meat
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incorrect-academia10 days ago
What Shinsou probably smells like (submissions from followers!)
- Cats
- Cat piss
-聽Aizawa but with a dash of self hatred
-聽Freshly washed sheets and expresso
- Monster energy drinks
-聽hair gel and Cat
-聽Coffee and disappointment
-聽Freshly cut grass and woods
-聽cats and i wanna say coffee but like. the lighter kind. i also wanna say he smells fluffy???
-聽coffee and sleep deprivation
-聽Aizawa but throw in cinnamon and chamomile tea scents
-聽Coffee and rainy days
-聽Catscatscats :3
- Lavender
-聽coffee and very light cologne or something. a little like aizawa, but not as refined
- He literally smells SO good unlike a lot of teenage boys. He鈥檚 very well groomed and despite being tired and having messy hair, he smells like a rich business man
-聽Office supply store
-聽Cats and coffee with a hint of rain
- Vanilla
- Lavender, vanilla, but something more musky and with a hint of coffee
-聽Prob uses some kind of colonel (cologne?)
-聽Depression Jr.
-聽Probably summer breeze or something
-聽He doesn鈥檛 put effort into smelling like something specific. He鈥檚 just clean
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incorrect-academia11 days ago
League of Villains headcanons
- Mr. Compress holds private magic shows for them to boost morale
- Kurogiri is the only one who knows how to use money
- Shigaraki has a soft spot for Toga because it reminds him of Hana. He also hangs out with Spinner the most and they play video games together
-聽Toga teaches these idiots some self care
-聽They're definitely a family and extremely close
- Compress tries to be the dad but all he does in actuality is egg them on
-聽Twice and Toga switching Dabi's shitty hair dye for a bright pink dye and now he's a lot less scary to people he's tryna murder
-聽They have a prank war going on. Nobody knows who did the first prank. But one day, Shigaraki just walked into their hideout with his hair dyed green and declared vengeance on everyone of them, hence the start of the prank war
- I wanna say they all moved past the "we're here because of stain" and are now all actually like a family to each other, but i feel like that might already be canon
- Every two weeks they have spa night. Dabi is weirdly good with hair, Toga puts on everyone's facial product. It never once works on Shiggy but he still likes to do it
-聽Chaotic dysfunctional/nuclear family shenanigans
- Kurogiri has to force Dabi and Shigaraki to shower. He also has to break up fights before they start. Toga, whenever she gets mad, will try to stab everybody. Twice kinda just sits back while yelling encouragement/hate to keep her fighting
-聽All really nice as kids but society fucked them up (this may be pretty canon though)
- Their hideout smells like booze, body odor, and blood聽
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incorrect-academia11 days ago
What Toga smells like (submitted by followers)
- Blood (for the sake of saving space, I got聽鈥榖lood鈥 as a single word about 20 times so this was a general consensus lol)
-聽Bubblegum and vanilla
- Blood and roses (hello President Snow?)
-聽Blood, but she tires to cover it up with some fruity perfume
- Hospital
- Chemical smell from unpacking needles for her gear that she鈥檚 stolen from hospital wards
-聽Cake with a dash of blood
-聽A mix of the vanilla extract that goes in marshmallows and buttercream frosting, a constant tinge of iron and copper, and a swaddling of hydrogen peroxide interacting with "unidentifiable" stains
- Vanilla
- Blood but also coconutty lotion
- Bath and Body Works. Like heavy, HEAVY Bath and Body Works
-聽those strong vanilla or sugar cookie perfumes that they market to kids/teens
-聽She probably smells very sweet
- Cherries
-聽some overpowering almost sickening floral perfume
- Bubblegum and copper
- Pennies
-聽Amazing, literally the best, probably like iron and Victoria鈥檚 Secret perfume
-聽either a rusty tinge of blood and bleach or cinnamon and chocolate
- Easily the best smelling member in the LOV. Strawberry shampoo, coconut and vanilla lotion and perfume, and good breath from always chewing minty gum or bubblegum
- Dead bodies covered with really sweet perfumes聽
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incorrect-academia11 days ago
Class 1A Headcanons
- The short ones all climb onto the counter tops/use their quirks to reach stuff聽
- They have two class group chats. One is official stuff and the other one is 95% memes.
-聽Everyone simps for Iida when they see him without glasses for the first time
-聽They all know All Might can't teach so they study ahead of time and pretend to act confused so he can explain it and feel validated
-聽Momo using her money to buy a few therapists for the very clearly traumatized class 1a
-聽Sato and Bakugo are definitely the main cooks in the dorms, but Uraraka helps them out quite a bit as well since she learned how to cook pretty young and she becomes one of the main cooks as well
-聽Kaminari isn't allowed in the kitchen while Bakugo is cooking because he accidentally short circuited almost all the appliances
- They have a board with 鈥榑_ days since someone has been hurt鈥, it took two days before Aizawa noticed it in the classroom they have never gone more than 3 days
- Sleepovers!!!!
-聽They have class movie nights every Saturday and they all make popcorn and watch it together. Eri comes every time with Mirio. Sometimes Mic, Aizawa and All Might are there.
- For movie nights, they draw names from a hat on who gets to pick. Bakugou loves horror, Deku likes comedy, Kirishima likes action, and Momo likes romantic comedies but she鈥檚 too nice so she lets someone else pick the movie if her name gets pulled
-聽Bakugou and Iida are the ones that keep the dorms from looking like a college frat party happened on a daily basis. Without them, chaos would happen
- The rich kids (Momo, Todoroki, Iida) spoil the hell out of everyone on holidays or even just for fun. After villain attacks when everyone is struggling with fear and depression, the three rich ones will go out and get food and little trinkets
- No one wants to cook? That鈥檚 fine. Enji Todoroki鈥檚 card, courtesy of Shouto, will provide a nice ordered in meal for everyone
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incorrect-academia11 days ago
What Tamaki smells like based off of submissions from my followers
- Anxiety
- Street food
- Sea food
- Shrimpies 馃
-聽An ocean breeze
-聽fish and plants. maybe chicken
- Whatever he ate last and a hint of Mirio鈥檚 cologne
-聽E V E R Y T H I N G. Pure joy and serotonin. This child is the human embodiment of "excuse me is there an essential oil for [ ]?"
-聽sweat cus anxiety鈥檚 a bitch
-聽Sunshine and lollipops
- Anxiety and octopus
-聽very faintly of rare foods, but he goes out of his way to make sure he doesn鈥檛 have a distinctive scent or anything
-聽Milk chocolate
-聽A bakery and spring
-聽Those really nice soaps, he may be anxious af but he takes care of himself
-聽Whatever he's eaten for his quirk, otherwise like a subtle cologne that he knows Mirio likes
-聽Vaguely of calamari considering that鈥檚 always what he summons when he uses his quirk. It makes him self conscious :(
-聽Don't know probably like (it cuts off here. Probably like 馃槍)
- Lavender or eucalyptus and spearmint from all the self care bubble baths
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incorrect-academia11 days ago
What Hawks smells like (submissions from followers!)
- Fresh air
-聽Like water vapor, and probably chicken nuggets
- Birds
-聽really obnoxious Axe body wash (DON鈥橳 DO THIS TO MY MANS PLEASE 馃槶)聽
-聽Sterile, like he washes himself in scentless soaps
- KFC but overspiced
-聽Chicky nuggies
- dust
-聽A masculine cologne from a photoshoot that they spayed him with (spay and neuter? I know this was a typo but I still giggled)
-聽A lot of ozone but mostly burnt chicken nuggets
-聽Fresh air and clone (CLONE)
-聽like the first time you use a goose down pillow
-聽MMmmmmmm chicken or fresh out the shower smell (mmmn indeed)
-聽chicken and bath and body works man smell
- Some fancy soap
-聽The baby shampoo thingy
-聽some fancy overpriced cologne and faintly of fried food. his cologne is strong and doesn鈥檛 necessarily fit him, but he still wears it partly to not smell like food or b.o. from hero work
- Bourbon
-聽Dead dreams and childhood trauma
- Bird shit
- Piss
-聽rain and wind
- dirty wet soggy naughty bird boy
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incorrect-academia12 days ago
What Kirishima smells like (submissions from followers)
-聽Too much old spice
-聽Manliness and rocks
-聽axe body spray
-聽hair gel
-聽Cheap cologne and flowers
-聽coconut leave in conditioner
-聽Rocks and old spice
-聽Teenage funk and axe body spray
-聽old spice smoke and a hint of vanilla
-聽Manly. So manly. Sandalwood. Oud. Wood shavings. Mint. Caramel. Mountain Dew. Every perfume/cologne Mina tested out on his skin with Sero's tape at the mall. Sweat. Strawberry shampoo. So manly.
-聽Wood and orange juice
-聽faint hair gel and a little sweaty ngl. it鈥檚 not overpowering or horrible, but it鈥檚 still there bc teenage boy who works out a lot
-聽Red Hots candy
-聽Whatever cologne they sell at hot topic
-聽Baby Powder
-聽Axe mixed with (it cut off here. Mixed with what, anon, MIXED WITH WHAT?)
-聽He smells like the sun, if that even makes sense
- Old spice and ball sweat
- Wet rocks
- Wet dog 馃檮
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incorrect-academia12 days ago
What Aizawa probably smells like (based on the opinions of my followers)
- Depression
- Coffee and cat piss
- Catnip
-聽Week old coffee and sadness
-聽cheap plastic and ammonia
- Warm and subtle like freshly washed sheets. (Also like Present Mic)
-聽Part of me wants to say, expensive men's perfume but the other half is saying, this man hasn't showered in at least 2 years, he probably smells horrible聽
-聽coffee old paper and pine trees
-聽Coffee and "looks like my cats left me a surprise"
-聽like dirty or musty or sum shit cus we all know mans don鈥檛 take care of himself
-聽coffee and light aftershave. it鈥檚 not super intense, but he doesn鈥檛 have any super strong scents
-聽Like mints, very fresh or cats
-聽Cedar wood and Whiskey
-聽Expo marker
-聽Cigarettes and Cologne
-聽coffee and windex (WHY WINDEX?)
-聽Vanilla or like off brand sweet
-聽Cat fur, coffee, and SWEAT
-聽probably axe but not one of the obnoxious smells
-聽Some basic shampoo that he uses. Sometimes he slips up and takes Yamada鈥檚 by accident. Sometimes he comes in smelling like Kayama. He doesn鈥檛 care what it is as long as it works
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thewheezingwyvern17 days ago
So I'm curious...
what was the character I wrote for that brought you to my blog?
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let-therebefanficsa month ago
Poll for next fanfic
Hello simps of the internet~
I have a small question for you all:
Which fanfic should I work on first? (since I haven鈥檛 gotten any requests yet, so I鈥檓 just going to be doing ships I like for the time being)
Poprocks (Bakugou x Kirishima) from MHA
Drarry (Draco x Harry) from Harry Potter
Reddie (Richie x Eddie) from the IT series
Klance (Keith x Lance) from Voltron
Lony (Loki x Tony) from Marvel
Just either message me or comment so that I know what you guys want!^^
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