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#bnha ochaco uraraka
wrongmha · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can only infer that love exists from its effects on others.
Source: A Softer World
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small-frost · a day ago
Tumblr media
This is still not the coloring technique Im going for, but it's a lot closer! in other news I love uraraka's little finger beans sooooo....
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donutwatches · a day ago
MHA 2.1 & 2.2 - Best Expressions Round-up
Tumblr media
It looks like he caught them doing something incriminating. Hurry, act normal! Gotta say Uraraka's face wins this one.
Tumblr media
You would think that Deku would be used to Lil Might poppin' like a tomato all over the place by now.
Tumblr media
You know when you are hanging out with someone who is a wild card, and will do/say crazy shit in public while everyone else averts their eyes in horrified embarrassment? Yeah, this is that.
Tumblr media
Sing it with me: Some day my prince will come, tralalalala. I don't know about you, but this is MY favorite Disney princess.
Tumblr media
"Yesh!" What a mood.
Tumblr media
Pffft. The way his smile makes him look more sinister than hurt. He is gonna murder that brick. The girls are more worried for the brick than Lazer Beamz.
Tumblr media
Listen, I am not going to judge poor Deku. I would prob look like that too if I got elbowed in the face. His cheek looks so smushy.
Tumblr media
Not funny. Just an excuse to gaze on this glamour shot. Behold, the brooding yet sparkling boy. You are welcome.
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sarcasmishowidohugs · a day ago
Midoriya: Okay. I'm going to fight my childhood friend, Kacchan.
Uraraka: But you're not armed.
Midoriya: I am.
Uraraka: With what?
Midoriya: Overconfidence.
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travalerray · a day ago
Dazai, Loki, Killua, Uraraka?
Thanks for the ask!
Dazai Osamu (I am assuming this IS the BSD Dazai because there are kinda too many running about currently):
Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual (look this man gives off bi vibes + this is mainly because of the rl author as well)
Gender Headcanon: Cis he/him
A ship I have with said character: Soukoku, FyoZai
A BROTP I have with said character: Odazai (it's beautiful and tear jerking and heart wrenching and—)
A NOTP I have with said character: Dazai X Akutagawa. No thank you
A random headcanon: Mhmmm, this is a very specific headcanon but it's basically about the Agency Dorms and I like to imagine that Dazai and Kunikida have rooms beside each other and if Dazai found a really interesting (read: scarring) Tumblr post, then he would absolutely get into his room and shove it into his face. Whether he is sleeping or not.
General Opinion over said character: Well written complex character who is one of my favourite examples of character developments and redemption arcs (or corruption arc if you see BEAST)
Loki: (since you didn't specify which one, I will put all the Lokis I know. Which isn't many but eh)
Sexuality Headcanon: AroAce in the MCU(look I 100% blame @/worstloki for this) and Aromantic Pansexual/Omnisexual in the myths and Runemarks series
Gender Headcanon: Genderfluid, any pronouns (for all versions)
A ship I have with said character: None
A BROTP I have with said character: Strange and Loki! I think it's cute! (In the MCU) And in Runemarks, I adore Maddy and Loki. Thor and Loki in the myths
A NOTP I have with said character: Thorki. Frostiron. Maddy X Loki. Pls no.
A random headcanon: Okay, this is about Runemarks Loki (but could also go for the others—), but I imagine that he would run a tattoo shop.
General Opinion over said character: Love him, amazing complex character (over all medias, tbh), gorgeous God of Mischief
Killua Zoldyck:
Sexuality Headcanon: Asexual. Could be aro or homo (because face it. This guy ain't straight)
Gender Headcanon: Agender. He/they pronouns
A ship I have with said character: Literally none
A BROTP I have with said character: Gon, Alluka, Kite.
A NOTP I have with said character: KilluaGon. Like just. NO.
A random headcanon: He would probably be good at chess and would jokingly cosplay Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Ray at some time during his life.
General Opinion over said character: Well written complex character with a REALLY good character development arc.
Uraraka Ochaco
Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual
Gender Headcanon: Cis she/her
A ship I have with said character: Uraraka X Iida
A BROTP I have with said character: Uraraka and Izuku! And Uraraka X Tsuyu!
A NOTP I have with said character: IzuOcha
A random headcanon: Mhmmm, she writes fluff fanfictions and shares recipes with Satou and Momo.
General Opinion over said character: Nice character, could use a bit more characterization beyond being a love interest for Izuku, tbh along with a bit more plot relevance.
Hope you have a good day!
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meltingpotimagines · 2 days ago
Dekusquad Headcanons #1
lots of cuddle piles
deku's the cuddliest
blushes and stiffens the first few times he has contact with the girls during the pile but eventually gets used to it
shoto's kinda stiff but doesn't object to a group cuddle
tenya goes full dad mode and makes sure everyone is comfy and that there's blankets
ochaco typically plays with someone's hair
tsu usually lies on ochaco's stomach and w i l l fall asleep in minutes without fail if she's is playing with her hair
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dekus-scarf · 2 days ago
Uraraka, to Class 1-A: I'm going to get groceries, do you guys need anything?
Tokoyami: an end to my insomnia
Bakugou: a therapist
Todoroki: death
Midoriya: two minutes to relax
Kaminari: self-respect
Yaoyorozu: confidence
Kirishima: a way to appreciate myself
Jirou: some fucking quiet
The rest of 1-A: ...
Koda: eggs?
Uraraka, done: I have like ¥800, go buy some yourself jeez
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ivybelleart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Izuocha! 0/////0
I love drawing grass so it served as practice. Also I don't know why I always find this type of scene romantic?? So you'll probably see it a lot (:
(I struggled with Izuku the most. You can tell)
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lemonpop-3 · 2 days ago
1A Quirk Simularities Part 1 of 4
Characters -  Yuga Aoyama x Reader, Mina Ashido x Reader, Tsuyu Asui x Reader, Tenya Iida x Reader, and Ochaco Uraraka x Reader 
Summary -  Reader has a similar Quirk to one of the students in 1A 
Word Count -  2,383 words
Warnings -  These are platonic, nothing else! In the future if I want to continue this I can make them romantic (after I’ve done everyone else in class 1A)
Author’s Note -  Reader is different for each scenario/headcanon, as well. Also, there are some mentions of crushes on other students. I would really appreciate it if no one starts a fight or creates some drama! If you don’t like it, you can leave anytime! The next one of this will come out when I have the time to write it! Love you all and enjoy!
Tumblr media
Headers by lemonpop-3
Having a Similar Quirk to Yuga Aoyama…  Quirks: 
Yuga Aoyama - Naval Laser 
Reader - Laser Eyes (similar to Cyclops from X-men)
Tumblr media
Ayoama would probably be really arrogant, honestly
First time you two interacted, he acted really flashy and bright
At the entrance examine, he overexerted himself to one-up you
He regrets that immensely, especially when you had to rescue him from falling debris 
The first day of class was brutal 
Immediately, he recognizes you when you walk in. Aoyama points at you and smiles
“Mon héros,” He called, leaning over his desk. “We’re in the same class!”
From that moment onwards, Aoyama stuck onto you like glue
Since your eyes get dry from over using your Quirk after training, you both usually head to Recovery Girl
He alway reminds you to take your eyedrops after
“Mon ami!” He said. “Don’t forget what Recovery Girl said, you must take these if you want to continue using your Quirk!”
Rest, Relaxation and Recovery (R&R&R) days after using your Quirks way to much 
Which are basically days where you do spa days in Aoyama’s dorm and practice his French or catch up on much needed homework 
Currently, you have a bet between the two of you to see if Aoyama will either let go of his feelings for Midoriya, or confess to him
Aoyama’s crushes are harmless, honestly. He just tends to show off more around them, and embarasses him a lot
The crush lasts for about 2 to 3 months, but Aoyama soon moves on to someone else  
You’ve tried to convince him to tone down the glitter in his room, especially because after your last R&R&R you had glitter in your hair for a week
“Aoyama, stop laughing! It is so not funny that my scalp is coated in glitter! Gah!” You groaned.
In class though, he is constantly out-shining you and one upping you
But it’s all in good fun, right?
You both aren’t really paying that much, honestly :/
You’re the type of people in a class to be whispering to each other while the teacher is talking
Aizawa gives attention to all of his children students, however you two do get over looked a lot
 As the school year progresses, you and him have become observers 
Which has led to overhearing some of the juiciest secrets
“Okay, so you know how Kaminari was bragging about how well he did on the test?” Aoyama prompted. “Turns out he was high for, like, the whole thing. Basically guessed it all on some of Sero’s supply.”
“How do you know this?”
“During break, I was near the back grabbing something and overheard it in passing.” He explained. “You know how it is. If you just keep your head down and act busy, people think you’re not listening.”
You two are really competitive though
Like, when the class needs to do a project as individuals, Aoyama just looks at you
“C’est en march, Y/N,” He whispered as Aizawa handed out the rubric. “It is so on.” 
Aoyama is more competitive though, out of the two of you. He just tries to make his project the flashiest out of everyone, especially yours
It got to the point where he was presenting once and he showed one of the slides and it temporarily blinded the class. Aizawa was not pleased.
Really competitive friends/friendly rivals with too much glitter to handle
Having a Similar Quirk to Mina Ashido…  Quirks: 
Mina Ashido - Acid (Mina’s acid is Hydraulic Acid which melts metal)  Reader - Nitric Acid (Nitric Acid which makes TNT and similar things)
Tumblr media
Because of your Quirk, you also have an unnatural skin tone and eyes
Which makes it really hard to miss on the first day of school
She totally geeks out with you about it
Expect a lot of questions (lol) about you, from Mina
“Woah! So you can, like, make explosions? That’s so cool!” She giggled.
Because of the many similarities, she’s asked her parents if you two might be related
Sadly, you’re not :/ 
BUT!! She still treats you like you’re a cousin of her’s
The class can’t tell though because they’re clueless as hell lol
Mina and you have a series of bets going on about who likes who and ect.
So far, she’s been right for like.. Three of them?? 
One time, you watched in horror as she became Matchmaker on Valentine’s day (The class now gets very scared around February 14th)
Staying up late on call, just talking about stuff because you’re bored
Sharing embarrassing stories about your shared Quirks and laughing about it
Has surprisingly good relationship advice and is a really good person to console about relationships
Convincing her to study instead of goofing around (even though she’ll be a bit butt hurt that you’re telling her to do that)
Explaining to her some designs for explosives that you can make
“What’s this called again, Y/N?” Mina asked.
“These are my special TNT sticks,” You explained. “They’re made special from the acid in my Quirk.”
“Isn’t it kind of dangerous to have that on school property?” She asked again. “What if Bakugo accidentally y’know… got near them?”
Testing your Quirk compatibility and discover that you two can refine gold together
One of your semesters may have been spent refining gold.. Aizawa wasn’t pleased that you two were doing this instead of homework
“Look, I’m all for exploring your Quirks and exploiting its potential. However, you both need to stop or else you’ll ruin the economy.” He said.
There goes that get-rich-quick plan :/ (When Uraraka found out she was salivating at how much you guys could have made off of it)
With all the leftover gold, you two decide to create some jewelry and decor (After making sure Aizawa would be okay with it) and sell it around the school
Which then got you both in trouble, so there goes that idea :/
Good friends with a lot of chaotic ideas and practically no impulse-control 
Having a Similar Quirk to Tsuyu Asui…  Quirks:
Tsuyu Asui - Frog 
Reader - Toad (Causes the Reader to have poisonous but bumpy skin)
Tumblr media
Because of how toads and frogs behave together in the wild, the teachers were a bit worried what you two would be like to each other
However, the first day went really well
Because of Tsuyu’s welcoming personality, you did not fight her
Tsuyu thinks your Quirk is really cool, even if you might be insecure about it 
Your skin is more calloused like in some areas, and you used to be bullied for it in middle school
If she ribbits, you’ll most likely ribbit back 
The students don't really know why you two do that, they think it’s some sort of secret language. It’s not. You’re just trying to reassure Tsuyu, and sometimes a little “ribbit” works well.
“Ribbit ribbit, Tsu,” You repeated. “It’ll be okay, Tsu. We can do some extra revision for the test, if you want.” 
“Thank you, Y/N. The support means a lot to me!” Tsuyu murmured, then giggled. “Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!”
Queue confused Kaminari who accidentally overheard the conversation, and who was the first person to think it was some sort of secret language. 
Talking really late at night together, eventually going from silly conversations about crushes to confessing your deepest darkest fear
You two have a plan incase the other accidently goes into hibernation 
If you both go into hibernation, you have trusted Shoji and Tokoyami enough to know your plan
One time when it was raining, you guys ended up being ten minutes late because you two were enjoying the rain puddles
You guys just like the rain, okay??
Tusyu does enjoy talking with you and being your friend, however you both agree it’d be better if you paired up with different people
Mostly because you can be a bit.. Intimidating…
Like, you know how Aizawa can be a little intimidating? That level of intimidation…
But the people you’re close to know you’re not like that!
There are some projects you two pair up together for, and it can be fun. But for the most part, you guys do your own thing
(for context: I heard a headcanon about Bakugo being terrified of frogs so..) 
Tsuyu doesn’t intentionally scare Bakugo, she just does it by accident
But after Midoriya told you two that Bakugo he’s been scared of toads and frogs since they were little, you had shown a more mischievous side
Tsuyu tries her best not to laugh when you glare at Bakugo, but it’s so hard  
“Y/N, stop! Don’t,” She let out a few giggles. “Don’t bully Bakugo!”
So far, you’ve become the only one that will keep Bakugo in line :) 
You don’t do it too often though. Mostly just when he thinks of himself as a God
Friends that play in the rain and being friendly to everyone (well, Tsuyu is)
Ochaco Uraraka - Zero Gravity Quirks:  Ochaco Uraraka - Zero Gravity Reader - Light as a Feather (Lets the user make items they touch weightless)
Tumblr media
When she found out you guys had similar Quirks, she might have gotten a bit insecure
What if they do better than her? Do they have a better control over their Quirk? So much doubting!
But when she does meet you, and you are excited to meet someone with a similar Quirk? All of her worries wash away!
You guys go into a deeper conversation about your Quirks sometimes, and often have to tell people that your Quirks are very different
It got to the point that Uraraka has made a presentation to explain why they’re different, even memorizing what to say for each slide 
You two do hang out a lot though
You even had a little game with each other, like tag with your Quirks
“I’m going to get you Y/N!” Uraraka giggled, touching your back. She brought her palms together. “Haha, got you!”
It’s really fun, and it kind of helps builds your control on your Quirks
Sometimes you guys play against the class, kind of like a bonding activity/large game of tag
She’s let you in on her parent’s financial struggles, and her reason to become a hero (no judging, honestly, the struggle is real). You two are pretty close
Urarakra has even offered that you work for her parent’s construction company if the hero business doesn’t work out for you
When you guys do projects, Uraraka usually looks over at you like “Y/N? You wanna pair up?”
Because she usually hangs out with Midoriya and Iida, you two compromise by eating together at lunch
Sometimes you share your lunches together while you talk about things
We all know how much Uraraka blushes/gets flustered when talking about a certain someone
“Y/N! Not right now!” Uraraka brought her hands to her face, accidentally making her float off her seat. “My crush is, like, right over there.”
“You like-” You said in a sing-song voice. Uraraka clapped her hands quickly before shutting you up.
Not to say that she doesn’t make you blush as much either, talking about your crush too (If you don’t have one, she’ll remind you of some embarrassing stories you’ve shared with her)
Friends who eat lunch together a lot, usually making the other blush
Having a Similar Quirk to Tenya Iida…  Quirks:  Tenya Iida - Engine Reader - Roller Blades (Reader has roller blades on their feet)
Tumblr media
If you two end up on the same route to U.A., he will race you and you have no say in it
“Having trouble keeping up, Iida?” You teased. 
Iida picked up the pace. “Not at all, Y/N! As a matter of fact, you should be concerned about keeping up with me!”
He is surprisingly very competitive, when it comes to racing
Probably because he and his brother would have raced each other all the time
So far, you are the only person that can keep up with Iida when you guys do class runs or walks
This man 100% speed walks as his default walking speed, do not even argue with me
It’s become a small tradition to buy him orange juice after a really extensive training/battle/workout to help him fuel up
Because of your Quirk, Iida has yelled at you to not skate in the hallway 
You often slide around the place, skating around without a care in the world
While Iida is behind you, chopping the air furiously and lecturing you
“Do! Not! Run! In! The! Hallway!” He yelled.
Iida does not know how to roller skate, like at all
And when you found out, you were practically begging to teach him
“Please Iida, let me teach you!” You begged. “I promise I’ll be a good teacher for you.”
“Fine, Y/N.” Iida said. He brought his hand to his chin, then pondered it more. “I suppose with all your experience because of your Quirk, you would be a good teacher.”  
He trusts you to be a good teacher for roller skating, and expects it to be really easy
But it’s not. You’re so close to laughing every time he falls on his butt.
“Iida, you just have to-” You bit onto your index finger to hide your snickering as he stumbled onto his butt again. “Here, let me help.” 
Some projects you guys pair up together, usually because Aizawa thinks Iida will be a good influence for you
Or that Iida think he’ll be a good influence on you
Either way, if you two try to put your heads together when doing projects
“Iida, just let me help you with this!” You whined.
“No, Y/N it’s okay.” Iida assured you. “I’ve got it covered.”
“I don’t want to be one of those people, okay? I want to help.” 
Usually you two pair up for training though! So far, you’ve come up with a new move together!
The Discus - Iida running fast in a circle with Engine, while you hold onto his hand and skate behind him. When he lets go, you’ll be able to act as a human catapult
When you two did that the first time, Aizawa was screaming internally
“Yamada, Iida is going to fling them into the sun.” He said. 
Friendly rivals with orange juice and rollerblade hangouts
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huepickedprideflags · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve never made a pride flag from BNHA? This is a TRAVESTY! I love BNHA.
Have a Lesbian flag picked from Uraraka Ochaco!
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sol-god-of-the-sun · 2 days ago
Jirou x Uraraka
Song Inspiration:
Class 1-A is in a battle kind of like the USJ attack all over again but this time they are in the city against worse opponents and everyone is split up. Jirou and Uraraka are dating but no one knows because Jirou wanted to hide it.
They are in the middle of the battle when the rooftop Jirou is on crumbles and breaks off and she starts plummeting off a 37 story building. She's falling when in a last ditch attempt to live she yells "Can you save me now? You were my gravity! Can you save me now? When the ground drops out I get lost in the clouds! Save me now?" Her voice carried across the whole entire battlefield to get to Uraraka. The battlefield is stunned for a second from the loud yell that obviously came from Jirou.
Uraraka takes off in a dead sprint from where she heard Jirou. She is running as quickly she can tears running down her face running through many battles screaming out for Jirou. She can see her body plummeting head first towards the ground in the distance.
Angst Ending:
She watched Jirou's body plummet and was right there when she saw her body crash into the ground. She watched Jirou take the full impact and land on debris that stabbed her through the body. She slowly crawled over to Jirou who had a slight smile on her face when Uraraka cupped her face. Jirou coughed up some blood before looking at Ochaco with glossy eye's. She tried to reach out her hand to touch Uraraka's face "Hey Music Note" she had to pause to cough up some blood, her lazy smile starting to slip away and her eyes filling with tears "I guess this is it, isn't it?" Uraraka shook her head profusely "No, I'll bring you home, you'll be safe." But it was to late, Jirou's hand slipped off Ochaco's face and her hand fell limp and her head became a dead wait in the others hands.
Once the battle was over and people start to look for eachother they find Ochaco rocking back and forth with Jirou's dead body in her arms, a giant gaping hole in her stomach. They all just watch as she sobs over Kyoka's body until the Medics come to take her to the hospital and Jirou to the morgue. It takes Shoji to pry her away from Kyoka to seperate them.
@special-simp um, Gravity Beats Angst
Fluff Ending:
She made it just in time, she touched her just in time, she had activated her quirk and caught her right before she hit the Debris. She pulled Kyoka towards her before deactivating her quirk. She sobbed holding Jirou to her chest, they held each other close as they tuned out the battle around them. The whole battle proceeded without them, as they cried in eachother arm. The battle slowly ended they never left eachother's arm, though both passed out from exhaustion before the battle ended.
Shoji ends up finding them passed out on the ground together. He picks them up and cradles them in his arms, then brings them back to where the rest of the group is gathered. Those who aren't injured fret over the two but he reassures them that the two are still alive and are just resting.
And that is today's fic idea spiel
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d0llygard3n · 2 days ago
Tsuyu, Uraraka, Midoriya, Tokoyami and/or Bakugo with s/o who has a reptilian animal Quirk? (Like a snake, dinosaur etc:)
=+ pairings: tsuyu asui x reader, ochaco uraraka x reader, izuku midoriya x reader, tokoyami fumikage x reader, katsuki bakugou x reader
=+ genre: sfw, fluff?
=+ warnings: minor swearing, mentions of bullying
+ a/n: hii :D
- tsuyu asui
she absolutely adores you
thinks you're really cool :>
comforts you when stupid people make fun of you
(she knows what its like, poor girl-)
- ochaco uraraka
at first it was a bit odd
then she got past that, and really loves you :DD
makes your bullies float (its actually really funny-)
- izuku midoriya
like uraraka, it was a little bit odd
got over that quickly though :D
hates when people make fun of you, but comforts you the best he can :)
- tokoyami fumikage
thinks you're cool
glad there is finally someone he can relate too (other than mezou ofc)
understands when you feel sad when someone makes fun of you (he gets made fun of a bit as well), so he comforts you to the best of his ability
- katsuki bakugou
at first, he was fucking confused and angry-
then he got over it (it took a long ass time)
blows up anyone makes fun of you
protective bf 1000% (doesn't admit it though-)
current request status: open
current matchup status: open
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randomspritesblog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Ochako Uraraka
I don’t feel i made a good job on this one, but i’m posting it anyway.
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rain-edits · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
day 12: bisexual ochaco moodboard with desserts (mochi!!) because yes
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