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nanaosaki3940 · 33 minutes ago
The Crimson Butterfly [Boku No Hero Academia X Tokyo Ghoul] 
Tumblr media
If you wanna check out the whole version of the story, then please check it out in Quotev - 
1. Prologue
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sassiart8 · 57 minutes ago
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Yes. the door remained open.
Run young Midoriya, run.
🥦 🥦 🥦 🥦 🥦
🏳️‍🌈 I’m on Instagram: Sassi_art8
unfortunately I have reached the maximum of 10 photos and I can not share the screen for the credit but thanks always to @incorrectheroquotes for inspiration💕.
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fandomeclectics · an hour ago
|| 𝔹ℕℍ𝔸 𝔹𝕠𝕪𝕤 & 𝕊𝕔𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕖 ||
Tumblr media
Characters: Hitoshi Shinsou, Shoto Todoroki, and Izuku Midoriya
Type: again, idk what this would called, maybe….like…a blurb?
Warnings: none
Summary: what sciences these boys would find the most interesting
A/n: so…..I’m sorry if this lame. I love science, it’s my favorite subject in school! So, I thought this would be interesting to do.
Tumblr media
> Hitoshi Shinsou
Psychology, Shinsou would be interested in physiology. First off, his quirk…is literally brainwashing. It has to do with the human brain. I think he would definitely try and figure out like, what parts of the bbrain his quirk affects specifically. Also, would just want to know how the brain works in general I feel. He’d find the experiments cool too. Like Pavlov‘s dog, and, well, Anything B. F. Skinner did.
Tumblr media
> Shoto Todoroki
This one might be a bit of a stretch but just hear me out. Chemistry, he’d find Chemistry very interesting Firstly, his quirk has to do with temperatures. So just imagine Todoroki researching all these elements and having this small pocket sized notebook he writes their freezing and boiling temperatures in. I think he’d definitely experiment a lot with different variants of each element. Of course using Endavors credit card to order all these things. Also, he’d find it calming to sit and write out the formulas and things. Lastly, come on, just imagine Todoroki in a lab coat and goggles, I mean come on.
Tumblr media
>Izuku Midoriya
Physics, physics, physics. I will stand by this until the day I DIE! Physics, in simple terms is how and why everything works. Izuku studies quirks like crazy, wanting to know how they work down to the utmost tedious details. Therefor, he would HAVE to know some physics. So, Ithink he would find it really interesting how anything and everything works. Also, Izuku just asleep in a pile of quantum theory textbooks would be the most adorable thing on this earth. (Besides Shoto Todoroki in a lab coat and glasses)
Tumblr media
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miggiisdumb · an hour ago
aaaa i love highland cows they’re my favourite, i’m piggybacking a bit here but i imagine my fav farmer ‘zuku coming in for my weekly grooming to make sure my fur stays all nice and soft <33
IIIIIIIIHHHH he makes sure there’s no knots in your fur and it’s smooth and fluffy to the touch, even braids some strands with flowers in them.
Izuku is always bringing a bag full of scrunchies and hair accessories, letting you decided what style you want or what pin colors you prefer and he dutifully follows your commands.
Iida has to drag him by the back of his collar cuz he’s pushing at the third hour of playing with your hair.
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izukus-bby · an hour ago
Izuku’s the type to go “yeah? yeah? oh yeah?” when you complain about how big he is and how you can’t take it… then proceeds to push your legs up to your chest and fuck you deeper *melts*
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fightxxmexxshiggy · 3 hours ago
Izuku taking you to his private gym to train with him and telling you that you need to work on flexibility so he makes you practice but sitting on his cock and slowly pulling your legs out until your basically doing a split on his dick. He's a little shit so he's doing crunches and sit ups the whole time. Sometimes he'll jerk a little and thrust inside you and you'll just grunt as you feel his cock head push up against your cervix even more. He'll apologize but you know he doesn't mean it. then he'll tell you he has to do some pulsing crunches. The pulsing crunches just have his cock trying to pop through your cervix which it does right as he's about to cum a half inch of his cock head pops through and you just feel the hot blasts of cum against the back of your womb and you fall forwards to the floor between his legs still full of his cock.
"Sorry baby I didn't mean to fuck you out like this." He says like a liar.
@hanji-is-life @cupcake-rogue @mochis-cafe
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bnhahqincorrectquotes · 3 hours ago
kirishima, arguing with sero: bakubro back me up on this with zero hesitation
bakugo: whatever he said, he's right. and fuck you, deku
izuku: I wasn't even in the conversation???
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tododekucrumbs · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Storyboard for My Hero Academia season 4, episode 7 (70) — even heroes cry sometimes scene! 🍜
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grenade7 · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 4
Sorry this one looks a little different, it was done traditionally due to my computer issues
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saikic4t · 4 hours ago
hi! could you find any headers for this icon please? thank youu!! <3
Tumblr media
here !! sorry for delay :(
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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speaking english - some bnha hcs
a/n: i think it’s about time for me to introduce you one of my most recent hyperfixations: my hero academia. i’ve binged watched all 4 seasons and both movies, now currently watching season 5. ahaha yeah, i’m addicted. many hours of sleep have been lost over this show. no regrets !!!!
tagging u guys just bc i feel like you’d enjoy this!! @eudemon-ia @prince-kags @angeloroki
if you want to be tagged for future bnha stuff, send me an ask!
Ok so Momo is definitely the best at speaking English out of the entire class
She can read, write, and speak it v well
Momo had an English tutor growing up cuz she’s a Rich Kid
But I feel like she’s the only one who actually really loves learning English
now that i think abt it, that’s probably why she offered to tutor Kirishima and Kaminari that one ep
Todoroki and Iida are tied for second best in the class at speaking English
Iida bc of the fact that his brother is a pro hero and has to travel a lot and do a lot of interviews and press
Tensei probably had to learn English, so Iida did too
Him and Momo are the most diligent when it comes to learning English
He’s like “I have to keep up with my English studies!! If i am to become ingenium and follow in my brother’s footsteps, i must be able to communicate clearly with citizens in need” *intense hand chopping motion*
Todoroki was probably forced to learn English
Endeavor was like “if you are to surpass me and become the number one hero, you must learn how to speak the number one language” bla bla bla
Todoroki also probably had a tutor (Rich Kid tings) so thats why he’s also pretty good, but i don’t think he’s as serious abt learning English as the rest of them
I feel like Deku and Bakugo constantly switch out for third best
Deku started learning english in middle school partly bc All Might went to UCLA for an internship, and Deku thought that was so cool that he lived in America, so he learned english
He was also just fascinated with American culture, so I feel like he also learned some basic US history too
Learning english was just fun for him, and like Momo, he just really loves it
But once he got OFA, he probably had the same reasoning as endeavor did
“ok now that I have to become the number 1 hero, i need to be even better at speaking english!”
So now he takes it way more seriously
He has multiple notebooks, uses all sorts of websites and videos, and forces himself to read books and watch movies in English without subtitles
But I think that sometimes he is just way too tired to keep up with studying it
He already does a bunch of extra training w/ OFA and All Might, plus he’s got all his other schoolwork and things to study for, AND knowing Deku, he’s also learning other things on the side as well
Now, Bakugo also has the same mentality
he’s like “well i have to be the best at everything right? cant be the best hero if i can only speak one language”
we all know he’s a huge nerd so he takes studying pretty seriously
and if he finds out that deku is also learning english OOOOHHH BOY
manz goes crazy, he starts really amping up his efforts bc “anything deku can do, i can do 100 times better”
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nervous-citizen · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wonder what he’s thinking about. 🤔
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babesund · 4 hours ago
I made a redraw of this extremaly cute scene!!
Tumblr media
I love the way she looks at him like he's the most precious boy in the world (and he is!)
Tumblr media
thank you so much for creating ochako uraraka, horikoshi-san!!
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hotwings0203 · 5 hours ago
What about deku accidentally finding bully bakugou nonconning reader and just watching it
Pt. 1
Now THIS. THIS is smthn I can get behind!
Tw: vouyerism, noncon
But you can’t blame him, not really…especially when you scream so sweetly for kacchan.
When he yanks your hair back from the ends of the locks so that it hurts more, when he shoves you into the locker rooms thinking no one is watching, dekus right behind one of the shower curtains violently stroking himself the entire time.
He almost wants to thank kacchan for the surprise show, for dry humping you against the steel while you sob for mercy. He thinks he’ll send flowers to his childhood best friend when his hips slap so hard against your ass that he’s sure they’ll be bruises in unseen places tomorrow.
And when Bakugo tears your hands away from your face in favor of watching your lips open and close with wordless prayers to just kill me, please, instead of doing all this, when he gnaws and teeths at your tear-stained cheeks and neck like some kind of rabid animal, deku’s dick jumps in Kacchan’s bountiful graciousness of unknowingly letting him watch the picturesque scene in front of him.
It feels illegal to have the honor of quietly groaning your name while the rustling of your pants being torn down your body acts as a cover up for the sounds. It feels unjust that he has the privilege to witness Bakugo lowly growl in your ear that screaming and crying isn’t gonna save you this time, you little cunt. In fact, I want you to scream louder for me. Let everyone know whose fucking you into next year. Just know whoever comes through that door is gonna watch you get raped by my fat cock. So go on, open that filthy little whore mouth for me and show me what you can do.
And when you struggle catch your breath when he shoves himself into you, dry and unprepared, Kacchan-like the powerful, admirable leader he’s always been- cooes at you to take a deep breath because he wants you to be awake for this. Deku would’ve laughed at your predicament but he too is struggling to breath when his balls swell with the urge to bust.
He has long since turned the shower off but the water still drips from the faucet, and the sound mixes with the melody of skin slapping skin. Bakugo forces your body to bend in unnatural ways up against every platform and shape in the room. He fucks you in so many pleasurable and painful positions Deku hasn’t seen before that he’s almost tempted to find his notebook and make notes of how your anatomy swells when filled upside down and inside out.
Your clit is neglected completely and your nipples are swirled bu two rough fingers painfully to the point of overstimulation. You writhe like a minnow in his hold, but he holds your body fast against his toned chest as he drags his hips up in favor of pulling your slit open with his prick. You try to shake your head and lift yourself out of his grasp, by Bakugo merely pulls you down further on his length, teasing you and asking why you’re running.
When two large hands go around your neck you start to thrash and panic, neglecting your pitiful whimpers and efforts to remain still and unseen. Deku fists his hand around his plump dick in turn with Kacchan’s hand pressing against you windpipe. Your face slowly starts to deepen its color as he chokes you out, and even after you frantically tap his hand in a signal that you’re about to pass out he still laughs in your face and squeezes your circulating tits as if they were stress balls.
“What’s wrong baby? Can’t breathe?
“That’s okay. There’s nothin wrong with a little oxygen deprivation, dumb whores like you don’t need that many brain cells anyways.”
He can tell Kacchans getting close by the vein erupting across his forehead along with his flushed cheeks. It’s ironic that both men are close, but only Bakugo is allowed to indulge in it by slapping your face so hard your squeezed-shut eyes are rocked open.
“Did I say to stop crying, slut?”
“Come on, beg me some more. Why are you so quiet, huh? Am I not fucking you hard enough? You want me to fuck you up your widdle tummy too?”
“If you can’t even entertain me then what’s your purpose? Apart from being used pussy, of course.”
Deku hopes your terrified wails are enough to drown out his own moans.
The last straw is when the blond hikes up your leg as he fucks you on your side and really drills home into you. Your mouth gapes like a fish out of water, and your bloodshot eyes roll back into their sockets as your battered pussy creams around his length. It’s when Deku sees your stomach actually bulge from the length being shoved inside of you when he roughly bites a towel to prevent the filth pouring out of his mouth as his seed splatters the tile.
Kacchan comes too, except he’s not quiet, no. In fact, he lets out a moan so lewd that even a pornstar would applaud it as he pulls your head to his in a domineering kiss. His body is draped over yours just in an extra show of status as you weakly try to push him off-to no avail, of course.
The dick that is inside you twitches as it empties its contents into your snug womb. You’re spent, dekus has his fill of a show and Bakugo has had his fun too.
And as you’re wrapped in a mocking embrace by your assailant, Deku creeps out behind you both and takes one last glance at your naked bodies locked onto each other, chests heaving and sweat glistening on your limbs.
He wonders if he’s more envious of you or Kacchan
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tryingmyves · 5 hours ago
MHA | The class 1A boys ’ Starbucks orders and their reaction to you remembering it
A/N: bit of a bland prompt, but I’m having a fun time writing for it! I intend for this to be a series so if you like this one, stay tuned for more. Links to previous parts of the series available below.
Series will include: Tenya Ida, Shoto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari, Eijiro Kirishima, and Katsuki Bakugo
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya: - Izuku takes his training very seriously and by extension, his diet and what he puts in his body - if he’s going to master All for One he needs to get his body in perfect shape - and if he’s going consume a lot of calories it better be katsudon - therefore he’s not much of a Starbuck’s fan - it seems expensive and a bit to overhyped - i mean, it’s just coffee after all and he’s always thought it was kina of bitter - but you do know Izuku drinks a lot of tea, it seems All Might is inviting him for a cup every few days - drink of choice: venti iced green tea - it’s refreshing and tasty, without causing a sugar crash part way through the extra training he does after a day of classes - the world-renowned U.A. sports festival was only a few days away and Izuku was nervous about the event - he had been cramming even more extra training than normal into his schedule in order to prepare - he asked you to meet him after school so he could practice a new move he wanted to try with the comfort of a spotter nearby - you agreed without much thought, his tenacity always inspired you - he didn’t just want to be the best, he worked for it - constantly - you raced to the nearby Starbucks as soon as the bell rung, knowing you had 30 minutes until you were supposed to meet Izuku on the practice field - you got your usual order and plus a venti iced green tea - Izuku has been working so hard, but he would always think he could be doing more - that’s why you decided he deserved at least a little treat - you couldn’t get him anything too ostentatious or tell him how inspiring you find him without distracting him from his goal - so you headed to meet Izuku armed with an iced green tea meant to convey your emotions about him… to him… - you tried your best to ignore the fluttering in your stomach as you approached him on the field - he was currently flipping through the latest notebook in his library of hero notes but as soon as he saw you approaching he flashed his dopey smile and waved - you met him with your arm extended, offering him the tea - “Hi Deku! I figured if you’re planning on practicing a new move you should be sure to stay hydrated.” - his boyish grin briefly morphs to a look of surprise, but he’s quick to regain his composure - as he takes the beverage from you his calloused fingers softly graze the tender skin of your own, causing the kaleidoscope of butterflies to spin in your stomach once more - “This is great, Y/N! I didn’t realize you noticed how much I like green tea. Thank you!” his response the sweetest mix of excitement and sincerity - without realizing it you respond, “I notice a lot of things about you, Deku.” - your eyes widen as you register what you’ve said but Izuku is too preoccupied short-circuiting to notice - “You do?! I mean - I notice things about you too! But I just didn’t think that someone like you would be interested enough in someone like me to notice things about me. But I mean - I’m happy that you do! Notice things, I mean.” - you can’t help but let out a laugh, one of both amusement and relief - you sigh sweetly at the nervous boy in front of you, willing your checks to return to their original color - “Well um,” you begin, “let’s see this new move of yours! I’m sure it’s something amazing.” - “Oh right!” Izuku responds, one hand rubbing the back of his neck - you and Deku spend a few hours polishing his newest move and guessing what the sports festival will entail - he even gives you a few ideas on how to improve your own quirk - as the sun starts to set, he walks you to the bus stop - “Thanks again for helping me. And for the tea,” he says. - he opens his mouth to say something more but closes it again - he opens it one last time after a moment and says, “well I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N!” with a smile, walking away without fully turning his back to you - “Yeah, see you tomorrow, Deku!” you say with a smile of your own - it took the whole bus ride home for the butterflies in your stomach to settle
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itsoksammy · 5 hours ago
This fic is doing poor todoroki so wrong *tsk* I might have to read a tododeku fic after that
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