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blueposthings · 18 days ago
i have an idea for another series but i will have to rewatch every mcu movie that occurs after Age Of Ultron all the way to Endgame but its also almost finals week so r.i.p me i guess :D
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blueposthings · a month ago
Please add me to your little informant tag list
of course!
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blueposthings · a month ago
you'd be surprised to hear that the third and last part of little informant is written and almost ready to post even though i just posted the second part yesterday lol
i gotta say, im proud of myself
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blueposthings · a month ago
Hi I’m back :)
It’s been a very long while. I’ve been handling some stuff and I actually stopped writing for quite some time, but I’m here again! I’m in uni now, studying filming (thanks Marvel).
But yeah, I’m back, and I will be writing again. So if you have any requests, hit me w it ;) 
I write for the MCU and Criminal Minds. Any pairing, platonic or romantic. But I do not write smut, incest, or pedophilia/huge age gap.
I’ll be looking forward to wrting again! also I’m planning to make Little Informant to be a mini-series, lets see how that goes
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kj-1130 · 11 days ago
Kate Joyner x sister/daughter!reader
Tumblr media
a/n: I made this gif for the sake of this fic if you wanna use just ask ig???
Idk what this is I just watched the “Mayhem” episode one day and was like “hmm let’s do this!!” anyway i don’t really know what this is. I might continue it I’m not really sure.
This is gonna be located in the miscellaneous masterlist and not the criminal minds one btw
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You heard about the explosion on television and could only hope that Kate had made it out. You honestly begged her not to go to work even though you knew it was incredibly selfish on your behalf. She saved lives doing her job; she saved your life doing her job. You couldn’t ask her to give any of it up, but you just wanted her to be safe. Because without her, where would you be?
It was late at night when the phone rang. You hadn’t heard from Kate since she left earlier that morning so you figured it was her telling you she was safe. That she’d be coming home after another successful day at work. That you would have your movie night just like every other week. It had to be her calling because she can’t leave you. She just cannot leave you.
“Is this (y/n) Joyner?”
You cleared your throat and moved your sight across the room in a fit of anxiousness.
“Wh-who is this?”
“This is Dr. Redding from Saint Barclay’s. Kate Joyner died on the table today…”
Your phone dropped to the floor and everything else became a blur.
Before you knew it, you were at the hospital at the reception desk.
“Wh-where is she?”
“Ma’am, who are you-”
“Kate! Kate Joyner. Where is she?”
“Miss, I need you to calm down.”
“Don’t you tell me to calm down, where the hell is she?”
A hand on your shoulder made you jump and slap it off.
“Don’t touch me.”
You turned around to see it was a stern looking man, with brown hair and melancholy eyes. There were about five people lingering behind him.
“Who are you to Kate?”
“She’s my legal guardian! Where is she?”
The man only stared at you, causing your anxiousness to rise.
“Please. She hasn’t answered her phone all day an-and then they said..they said she died...”
The last word trailed out of your mouth as you fell to your knees.
The man was quick to catch you under your arms and slowly lowered you to the ground.
“Please,” you whispered. “I need to see her, please.”
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kj-1130 · 20 days ago
Chapter 9
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
Main Masterlist
Karima hyperventilated the whole way back to the compound. The team heard her mutters of ‘not gonna find her,’ or ‘too much, too much.’
Natasha in particular could barely tear her attention away from the teen the whole flight. She sat close to Karima because the girl had decided to try and kick her way out of the cuffs at the most random times. The black widow didn’t want the girl to get hurt.
Getting Karima out of the quinjet was a whole new battle. She wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming. ‘Let me go! Let me go!’ It was a surprise she hadn’t fully lost her voice yet.
Transporting her to the interrogation room quickly became a two man job with all of the teen’s squirming. Steve held her legs while Bucky was in charge of her upper half.
While Natasha was glad they had finally caught the source of Fury’s wrath, she didn’t think it would come at this cost.
Karima was obviously traumatized. You could see it in her eyes. You could see it in her actions. She killed two people most likely out of revenge. No mentally stable person does that.
The team sat in the conference room, watching the footage of the interrogation room.
They watched as she hit the middle of the cuffs on the edge of the table, trying to break them.
They watched as she started hitting her head with her fist.
They watched as she started banging her head against the table.
“Someone’s gonna have to go in there sooner or later,” Natasha muttered.
“Yeah, I don’t need blood on my table.”
Everyone turned towards Tony with strange looks. He just shrugged in response.
“I’ll go.”
Wanda left the room and went down to where the teen was being held.
When she opened the door, the witch heard quiet mutterings, but she couldn’t really make out any of the words.
As if she was approaching a scared, caged animal, Wanda slowly made her way to the seat that was placed on the opposite side of the table.
”It hurts. I need Zhenya please.”
The woman furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and reluctantly leaned closer.
“What’s hurting, Karima?”
The girl only shook her head, dropping it onto the table.
All of a sudden, the lights started flickering.
Wanda couldn’t help it as her heartbeat increased, startled at the sudden event.
“….ther.,” her comms crackled.
The witch paid no attention to whatever garbled mess was coming out of the device as the person in front of her started crying out.
Her head started pounding, similarly to when she was first training her powers. She would get overwhelmed by all of the thoughts she heard and didn’t know how to turn it off.
She heard chatter and lots of it; as if she were in a crowded stadium. Except there were no cheers of people supporting their favorite teams. It was screams of variations of ‘Let us out! We’ve been here too long!’
Wanda had never experienced anything like it. All of this noise produced from one person’s head.
As the lights continued to flicker and her comms kept crackling, figures started popping up randomly in the room. Each time it would go dark, an illuminating glow would appear in the corner. Now, Wanda wasn’t 100 percent sure, but the figures resembled human bodies.
Quickly acting on impulse, the woman stuck out her hands and placed them on the side of Karima’s head. Scarlet colored tendrils flew out of her hands, her eyes turning the same shade.
With each second that Wanda used her magic on the teen’s head, the figures that lurked in the corner eventually fizzled out. It was a domino effect from there. The light started lasting longer than the dark. Karima’s cries gradually grew softer.
“....imoff? Wanda, come in?”
While the girl caught her breath, the hero discreetly reached up to her ear and communicated with the team.
“I don’t know what happened, but I’ve got it covered.”
“Wanda no. Come back to-”
The woman turned her comms off.
Karima felt the lady in front of her staring holes into her head. She rocked back and forth slowly trying to comprehend why the voices were so quiet. She was trying to understand why the fuck that just happened. She hadn’t been in that much pain since before she met Zee.
At the thought of Zhenya, her head snapped up.
“Y-you have to let me go. I-I have to find her. Please,” she begged. “Please, please, please, please,” she weakly cried.
If Wanda was being honest, her heart broke a little for the girl. This wasn’t the same person who murdered two men. This was a child experiencing an unimaginable amount of pain.
As much as Wanda wanted to be sympathetic towards her, she knew she had a job to do and that she was being watched.
She pulls out the folder she tossed on the floor when she first entered and placed it on the table. With her eyes still on Karima, she opened it and put the pictures right in the girl’s line of sight.
“You killed them,” the witch started. “Why?”
The teen only shook her head, continuing to mutter about Zhenya.
“Robert Landslin was an innocent man with a wife and child on the way.”
That fact angered Wanda. Why on earth would she kill a soon-to-be-father who did absolutely nothing to her. The thought lingered in the back of her mind; forgotten for the moment. But once she remembered, most if not all sympathy for the person in front of her went out of the window.
Karima furrowed her eyebrows lightly.
“He’s not innocent,” she muttered. “They’re better off without him.”
“Why did you do it?”
She only shook her head again.
“I need Zhenya. I need her. I need it.”
There was a knock on the door. Wanda turned towards it before getting up and stepping outside.
“Let me take a crack at her,” Nat spoke.
The witch relented with a sigh and held the door open for the other woman.
This would be harder than they thought.
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gifted-burnout-archive · 11 months ago
Vices (Epilogue)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.5K+
Author’s Note: fin.
Warning: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Summary: As Dr Reid reaches three years sober, a case comes to the BAU that his old vice Dilaudid plays a key role in – the only witness to the murders is a young woman who abuses the drug to forget. Can Spencer break through to her and catch their killer before he strikes again?
Read ‘Vices (Part One)’ here, ‘Vices (Part Two)’ here, ‘Vices (Part Three)’ here, ‘Vices (Part Four)’ here, ‘Vices (Part Five)’ here, ‘Vices (Part Six)’ here, and ‘Vices (Part Seven)’ here. Explore the Masterlist here.
It was about 1 in the morning when 65-66 Volvo Amazon pulled into its parking space outside the apartment building, but Mrs Donovan didn’t mind too much.
The low rumble of the engine had stirred her from her knitting haze, and prompted her to glance up at her wall clock, and rush to ready herself for bed. She should have been asleep hours ago, and she usually would be: luckily for her, her neighbour’s late nights served her a reminder when she got too caught up in her herringbone stitch. So, Mrs Donovan, after fixing her hair cap into place and fastening up her floor length dressing gown, waddled over to her front door when she heard sure steps coming down the hallway.
“Mrs Donovan, is everything alright?” Spencer asked, and Mrs Donovan gave the kind young man a smile. He was always so considerate of her, and Spencer was concerned to see his 82 year old neighbour peering out her door so late at night.
“Quite alright my dear. I was knitting, but thought I should say hello. You really ought to get home earlier though, Spencer. How much sleep do you get?” She asked, gaining a light chuckle from the doctor.
“It’s all part of my job, Mrs Donovan, but I assure you I’m fine. Have a good night.” He said as he unlocked his front door, his neighbour closing and locking her own as he entered his apartment.
The day had been long, like so many days were, but in the close to fifteen years Spencer had been with the BAU he really didn’t mind. Another killer had been caught, another case solved, and Spencer was just glad to be home and able to relax. Garcia was calling the whole team to brunch tomorrow morning, seeing as they all had a day off, and when Alvez had tried to explain he couldn’t make it because of a dentist’s appointment, Garcia got unhappy so quickly that the entire team, Alvez included, agreed to meet her at the coffee and breakfast place on Richmond the next day at 11. It would give Spencer at least seven hours of sleep after he had sorted himself out for dinner, the most sleep Spencer would probably be getting for a month in a single sitting.
He dropped his bag on the couch, grabbing the TV remote and switching on the news as he headed for the kitchen to search for something to eat. He pulled open his fridge, frowning at the wilting lettuce and expired milk, the only two items left, and quickly shut it over again. He had a quick look through his cupboards for any dried food, but coming up empty once more, he poured himself a glass of whiskey and headed back to the couch, taking a seat and opening a drawer in his coffee table filled by takeout menus sorted in alphabetical order.
“In lighter news, Senator Matthews and his husband welcomed their second child today, addressing the public through an twitter post, a picture of their daughter Avery includ-” Reid quickly snatched the remote from the table and changed the channel, not in the mood to here about some fluffy domestic bliss story. As awful as he knew it was to think, Spencer had been through a long enough day already, and the last thing he wanted was a reminder that his apartment was so very empty.
Reid had decided a while ago that any attempts he made at love were futile and stupid: all the women he had ever felt connected to either ended up dead, insane, or disappeared. He wasn’t planning on trying again any time soon, and while he hated that his apartment was always cold and quiet when he got back from long haul trips like the case he had just been on, it only took him a few minutes to adjust, to get used to being alone when he was so surrounded at the office, and he quite enjoyed the peace.
At least, that’s what the genius told himself.
As a nature documentary played in the background, Spencer finally located the takeout menu he had been searching for, a local chinese place Prentiss had convinced him to try years ago, that did his favourite dish just the way he liked it.
He reached for his phone, and began typing in the number when suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a chap on his door. Reid was confused at first, not sure if he had heard right, but it was quickly followed by another two knocks, sending Reid to his feet, hand on his gun.
Who on Earth was knocking on his door at 1 in the morning? And how had he not heard them coming down the hallway? Had it been the repair man or another neighbour, Reid would have been able to tell who came by the footfall pattern alone. Spencer turned the TV to mute, making his way over to the door slowly, taking the door off the chain.
If someone was about to shoot him, Reid would need the visual advantage. He wouldn’t get a clear shot through the door on the chain.
Opening the door, Reid wasn’t sure what to expect, but the woman standing before him certainly wasn’t what he had in mind.
She was beautiful, to start with. Dressed in business attire not unlike Reid’s own clothes, but where Spencer’s had become wrinkled from constant flying and days of endless work, hers were creaseless. The burgundy halter top was tucked into a pencil skirt that showed off her curves, a cardigan over the top covering her arms. Around her neck sat a string of pearls to match the earrings she wore, and her hair was voluminous, rolling down her back in perfect waves.
But it wasn’t the thing that shocked Spencer most. No, her attire was surprising, but how healthy she looked had left Spencer speechless. On top of the hair, her skin glowed, rosy red cheeks and a golden complexion made the hallway she stood in seem beautiful. Her lips were full, stained a pink red by lipstick, and smooth as butter, the sort of lips you wanted to kiss.
And her eyes. Yellow flecks caught in the terrible lighting, making them catch fire in a way Reid had only seen once before. There was no trace of heavy bags under the eyes, her lashes were long and emphasised by a tasteful amount of mascara, the eyelid painted in a collection of soft browns and creams.
What six years could do to a person.
Before Spencer had a chance to say anything, she held out her hand, her cardigan riding up a little to show old scars now faded across her wrists. The nails Spencer had known to be bitten and brittle were now long and sporting a french manicure, closed around a small token.
“I know it is out of the blue, and I probably should have mailed this to you or something but uh…” She paused, finally looking him in the eye, a smile on her lips. Any doubt Spencer had that it wasn’t her was dismissed upon hearing that voice, a voice that was etched into his brain. Soft and sweet, what once Spencer thought odd for the woman now made perfect sense: her voice really matched who she was. “You told me that when I reached three years sober, I should give this back to you. So, here you go.” She said, flipping the sobriety chip between her fingers before holding it out to him. Spencer, still shocked by her being there, in front of him, wasn’t quite sure how to react, so she reacted for him. When she took his hand in her, electricity shot through the doctor and left him breathless, and she placed the weighty token into the palm of Spencer’s hand.
“Hey Y/N…” Spencer finally managed, the words coming out through a shaky breath. She was really there, in front of him, after all these years, looking so unbelievably beautiful. Y/N smiled when he said her name, she had missed hearing him say it, and a slight blush came across both their cheeks, Spencer taking a few steps back.
“Hello Dr Reid.”
“I’m… I was just about to order takeout.” Reid said quickly, gesturing into his apartment. “You hungry? I’m buying.” He offered, and took a step aside to let Y/N into the flat. She grinned, showing off a set of pearly white teeth, and nodded in response to Spencer’s question, taking his invitation and stepping into his home. “I think we have some stuff to catch up on…” He said after closing the door, taking a moment to watch Y/N look around his apartment. Her fingers brushed against the walls, her heels clicked gently on the floorboards. She turned to smile once more at Spencer, who didn’t wait another second before walking over at pressing his lips to hers.
Six years he had waited, six years of love and loss and heartbreak and suffering he had gone through, only to find Y/N on the other side, and kissing him back. Their lips moved in synchronisation, Spencer’s hands holding Y/N’s face as hers pressed onto his chest. She was the first to pull away, her face red and her breathing shallow, pupils blown from the sudden kiss. But then, a moment after Spencer began to think he had completely crossed a line, she smiled wide, biting her lip for a moment as she looked up at him.
“I think a catch up would be a wonderful idea.”
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