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soodumbnim · 7 hours ago
Summary: David wasn’t like the rest. He had a life before he got involved with all this but as it goes, it only takes one bad night, one act of kindness, and bunch of other shit for all the cards you built up to come tumbling down.
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tentimesthecourage · 11 hours ago
Red: Blue, have you ever thought about being nice to people outside of our mutual friend group?
Blue: Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw, do I look like Mother Theresa?
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gensnix · 17 hours ago
What I hope the second DLC wave will have
Me: It would be super cool if they added Kass mainly since this wave is called guardian of remembrance and in the main game Kass has all this cryptic knowledge from his teacher that we don’t even see in this game. Plus adding him could give us some more story. And maybe since this one comes out in November they’ll add some cutscenes! 
What Nintendo will most likely do 
Nintendo: Fuck you, here's more weapons for Link and Zelda only. Also you get to play as a Lynel. No additional cutscenes only dialog. Welp! See you in 2022! Me:... ok
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tblsomedoodles · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Caboose and Carolina as kids
Just a polaroid style doodle b/c i thought it would be fun. (i kind of imagine it being something the OG Alison used to keep on her person after being deployed, which makes it pretty sad in actuality.) i’ll put an unweathered version under the cut just in case someone wants to see it. I liked both versions.
(based on my fic What Makes Us Human where they’re siblings.)
Tumblr media
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siegenatural · a day ago
hey! same anon here. I might have a request👀: could you do an edit with the pink treancoat of the confession scene? I know the scene is very dark and maybe it's not the best to edit and stuff so you don't want to or don't have the time to it's fine!
sorry for the long ask lol but really I don't wanna bother you, so take it more as a suggestion to do whenever and if you want to! :) thank you so much! ❤️
hey !! yeah i'd love to do that ! and not to worry! I've done a lot of color grading work on that scene in particular before so i can make look good 💙 or at least more visible haha so lighting wont be a roadblock!
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Vio: *gives Shadow a monster*
Vio: Yes.
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violet--city · a day ago
Guardian Shadow AU Chapter 2. "Ring around The Rosie"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The story take place few weeks after chapter 1
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princesspetalgecko · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Cardinal Tetra" and "Bloodfin Tetra" up for preorder in the shop!
550g a copy, order it here or test it here/here!
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liquid-geodes · a day ago
Thoughts on the color yellow? Or thoughts on Yellow Diamond? Got any info about her in your deep sea diamonds au? Like, does she still have her lightning powers, like an eel, or does she do something different entirely? Do they all still have their powers?
Yellow as a color? Not really a fan. It's gotta be a VERY specific shade of yellow for me to like it, otherwise it's either too bright or too dark and looks like it got rolled around in dirt.
Thoughts on Yellow Diamond: big lady,,, prebby-
Yes! Yellow still has her electric powers. Yellow is to be modeled after a Cusk Eel, her body is see through and bioluminescent, so you can see her bones from about the waist down AND she has glowy parts.
I'm regards to the other Diamonds, they don't quite keep their powers in the same way. For instance, White uses her gem light to "see". Think back to the office colors episode with the drones that had lights that could detect a gem, which was why Lars was okay. White's gem is positioned like that of an angler fish, so it spreads out a fair distance around the front of her. Let's say for instance Yellow or Blue are caught within that field of light, White will be able to "see" the cut of their gems, identifying them both as Blue and Yellow Diamond, since their gems are cut in different shapes despite both being diamonds, the size of their gem also differentiates them as diamonds. White can't tell Rose/Steven is Pink because Pink rotated her gem, so White isn't "seeing" the same facets or shape she knows is Pink. She can still control other gems, they just have to get in her light and she can quickly absorb their color. Every gem in White's "Court" is controlled by her, and she can see through their eyes. So even if White herself is blind, she can still control them and send them out almost like scouts and see through their eyes.
Blue's power in the show is mostly emotional based, so I twisted that in a way where Deep Sea Blue deals Emotionally Charged attacks. So like if she's angry, it will reflect in her strength. She will obliterate you. If she's sad it shows in making her attacks more defensive instead of offensive. Since her depression and rage is held pretty hand in hand because of Pink, Blue is hard to beat due to her excellent defenses and attack power. But with that said she's also the most prone to being Empathetic out of the 3 diamonds. You could maybe squeak your way out of a shattering if you're one on one with Blue and play into her emotions. That being said it could also backfire spectacularly and send her into a rage, which obviously ends with a shattered Gem. To prevent that sort of leniency from Blue, all trials are held with Blue AND Yellow present since Yellow's emotions can't be played into and she can keep Blue from showing that mercy she alone is capable of.
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sharkface-daydreams · a day ago
Chapter 5: Extraction Sharkface/Locus Words: 6497 Summary:  After the blast at Armonia decimates their forces, Locus realises finishing the job will incur costs he is no longer willing to pay.
It’s finally finished!!! 🎉🎉 and it only took me a whole entire month of gutting and rewriting it... lol this chapter is a big’un but it didn’t seem right to chop it in half.
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105ttt · a day ago
Green: The pan!
Blue: The bi!
Red: The aro!
Vio: The agender!
All: Together we make The Gays!
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tentimesthecourage · a day ago
Been listening to Cappella groups and my mind went to Four and the colors
I still haven’t figured out Four himself but
Blue - Bass (and damn he can go low. I compare his voice to Geoff Castellucci from VoicePlay /note, his voice only hits that deepness once they’re in their 20s/)
Red - Countertenor
Green - Baritone-bass
Vio - Baritone
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windyqutie · a day ago
When will hot topic give exclusive Ki stuff 
#there’s a Ki and Mike shirt and that’s it#personal#i know lots of people love g/on but also why would you want to buy a SnapBack hat based on his color scheme I#find it hideous personally#but more power to you I guess lol#im not a super big fan of green though like the exception to my rule was Link but rec botw is like blue so#I’m not complaining#anyway point is why#I guess I’ll stick to Etsy#And eBay#Yeah I have way too many Ki shirts tbh so many like shit idk 12 or smth and then all the hoodies and 2 jackets and so do I need more?#no but it would be nice to get a design wihtout Ki drinking from the soda can I love it but it’s on three of my shirts#Well least I have gear anime for some Ki shoes to rep Ki everyday to work I have two pairs and now a th#ird on the way and I also bought some from this other site#LittleOwh#do I need 5 pairs of sneakers with Ki probs not plus the one I got rec probs not but#uhm least all’s I buy is Ki merch tbh if I was still into anime figure collecting shit is expensive but since I focus only on Ki stuff now#and my collection is almost complete it’s a lot saved#I still watch vids though and I’m like Sailor Moon Polly pocket I want#but do I need no but it’s really cute though but no I don’t need lol#tech I don’t need Ki stuff but at least I’ve cut back to one obsession#like I love my girl Miku but I don’t wanna waste a kajillion dollars on all her figures so many figures I have quite a few of Miku and#that’s good enough
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tentimesthecourage · 2 days ago
Blue: I don’t feel good about this. I DON’T FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS!
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stupidzeldaaus · 2 days ago
FS AU where everything else is the same except Blue is the designated Team Mom.
He won't admit it though.
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ripplefields · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
lord forgive me for owning 5 zelda mangas (4 of which are legendary editions so it's actually 7)
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darknebula197 · 2 days ago
I made a drawing based off of a really good story I've been reading.(link below picture) and I couldn't get the image of the what Fours weird brain world thing would look like soo.
(Click for better quality)
Tumblr media
Highly suggest reading this it really good
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