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genshin-collection · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Send 🍦to learn one way to completely melt my muse.
@sir-huffman​ asked:
🍦 (for Dain and Lisa~)
Tumblr media
Reassuring Dainsleif that he wasn’t at fault for the destruction of Khaenri'ah while softly tracing over scars on his body that were caused by that final battle. He was MORTAL at the time and was fighting to protect his home nation from much stronger GODS but being constantly verbally blamed for failing to protect Khaenri’ah due to being known as it’s ‘Twilight Sword’ has made Dainsleif believe that he was a major cause of Khaenri’ah not surviving.
Canon Divergence note:
Dainsleif lost his right arm up to the shoulder in that final battle and most likely lost consciousness - due to shock/blood loss before having immortality forced upon him - so he did not voluntarily stop fighting to defend Khaenri’ah but his body failed him and was unable to defend it to the end.
Tumblr media
This is only for her partners that have visions!
( Under READ MORE to not explode the dash )
The ultimate trust test for Lisa with a vision holding partner would be using their elements in a subtle and intimate way. It is canon that Lisa radiates ELECTRO elemental energy when angry and has zapped Kaeya’s arm that left it feeling numb for some time. BUT she still has a lot of control over her own element/vision that can be used against a willing partner that has just about the same control over their element/vision as she does!
Lisa using feather light touches to glide over her partners skin with TINY amounts of Electro to trigger a ‘static’ effect to cause goosebumps.
A subtle ‘static’ kiss to distract/confuse a partner
Temporarily marking partners who’ve been naughty with a electro ‘burn’ upon their skin before kissing the spot when they’ve been good.
Ultimately Lisa is aware of elemental reactions so she wouldn’t purposely try and harm her partner - unless they’ve been naughty - but that would be discussed independently between the mun’s who ship with her!
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bodycountgame · 2 hours ago
Hi Nell! Body Count is such an amazing game and I have so much fun reading it! Keep up the good work! I just wanted to ask about the COG forum. Is the reason why you haven't posted the demo on the forum because of any negative experiences? I'm also currently writing a WIP and I've heard a lot of negative things about the forum, but no one really wants to get into any specifics. So I was wondering if it's worth it to post my WIP there and could you elaborate on any of the negatives you've experienced on the forum?
I actually think that other authors have gotten into the specifics of their issues with the forums. I've linked some posts here and here that should provide a bit more information on the issues.
I did originally say that I didn't plan to post Body Count there, but then I got a massive amount of weird anon hate about that decision so I thought, fuck it, anything for an easy life.
You can find my thread here (it's in the adult content section, so it's only visible to those with accounts who have opted in to that sort of content). So far, it's a 118 comment thread and I've had two comments that have actually given me useful, constructive feedback. There have been a lot of other very kind and encouraging comments (which is lovely, don't get me wrong) and some comments that have really given me a headache.
To be honest, I used to have much more faith in the ability for authors to be directive about the comments and feedback they want to receive. The Body Count thread has taught me that even when you try to lay down clear boundaries about the type of feedback you want people will just ignore them lmao.
If you'd asked me before whether I thought it could be worth it for a new WIP to be posted there, I think that I would have been much more balanced in my answer. Now, I really can't think of a positive reason that you would; there are plenty of other channels to get critical and useful feedback about your work that doesn't come with as much hassle.
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kdramaxoxo · 2 hours ago
I just want to thank you so much for being so open and polite with all your asks, posts and thoughts. Love your blog! 🥰🥰🥰
Oh, this ask is so sweet!! Thank you for the love anon :D
I love connecting with other k-drama fans, even if we don't agree about stuff, so I'm glad my blog feels like a safe space for you!
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tartarusdwelt · 2 hours ago
it’s late, i’m about to go to bed, but i wanted to be sentimental on the dash for a moment. by finding the right communities and putting healthy limitations for myself, I haven’t had this much fun writing and roleplaying in a really long time. by finding people who love me and my characters and not stressing about posting in x amount of time, i’ve all but eliminated any anxiety over my portrayals, duplicates or upsetting people by being slow. i know this means i won’t be compatible with everyone, but it’s made my experience here a thousand times healthier. to the people who are patient with me, thank you so much. to those who i haven’t interacted with yet and/or whose encounters with me have been brief, i’m sorry i haven’t gotten a chance to reach out but I do plan on it. if i’m following you, it means i’m legitimately interested in doing so. please don’t ever think you cannot approach me, even if we haven’t spoken for weeks/months/etc.
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ask-hws-chuiggy · 2 hours ago
Did you England in the newest comics? He looks adorably proud of his mobile game.
Tumblr media
His smile is really beautiful. I wish I can manage to portray his smile in the way other artists do so, where you look at it and is all whimsical and magical but eh, I’ll settle with bastard smile for now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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artgirlowo · 3 hours ago
I want to give godzilla a 🤗 because I love hugs
Tumblr media
Now now... be gentle sweetheart this time he needs rest 😌 but you will eventually hug him when he feels like his self again...✨💖
⚠️Please Don't Repost!⚠️
(My au)
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animus-inspire · 3 hours ago
ooc || out of charge - please read!
New (but the same) blog
Been debating this for a long time now but after getting my lovely new theme, I’ve decided to create a brand new animus-inspire blog as my Main!
This blog was created so many flipping years ago, when ask blogs were all the rage, so my main has always been Ask-Reeve-Tuesti, and it’s just... annoying now.
It’s currently a work in progress but will hopefully be smoothly renamed when the time comes:
New blog @animusinspire​  -- will become animus-inspire
This blog @animus-inspire -- will become animus-inspire-archive
Hopefully won’t bugger up trackers.
It’s kinda exciting to start from scratch again, though I’ll be keeping this blog for sure - there’s nearly a decade of my history right here!
Semi-haitus notice
I’m gonna take a semi-hiatus in order to catch up and get things sorted over there.
I’ve reblogged all replies I’ve owed into draft into the new blog and want to reply to all of them before starting to post/promote.
Thanks for being patient!
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milesducemdominus · 4 hours ago
OOC: Question is - - - do I dare post the NSFW meme I’ve been hoarding across my blogs?
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why not? if you want to read some, i recommend Starfarer! the plot is amazing :) (lance, amnesia)
“Lance”🐉:”I just haven’t I guess….but umm…I’ll ask Lloyd if he has any Starfarer comics!”
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sneakymalou · 5 hours ago
Aaaaaah, you're baaaaaack!! I'm so happy ;;u;; Since asks and requests seem to be open, can I request hcs for Hop with a reader who doesn't like relying on others?? Whenever she gets into dangerous situations, she tries to solve the problem on her own and get injured pretty often because of it. I really want to see some hurt/comfort Hop content!!
I’m so happy about this message ! You made my day sweetie ❤
Hop x reader 🦔
A wound. Hop’s heart broke when he found out you were hurt.
He told you before, when you’re hurt, he’s hurt as well.
You tried to hide it for day, too much used to handle things on your own. It’s just the way you are, the way you always were.
When he found out, you almost argued. Battling verbally was rare, for the both of you.
“That’s nothing Hop ! Let it go !” you argued back with a sharp tongue.
Of course you regretted both your words and tone.
Hop’s sad expression broke your heart.
He left you there, with your anger, sadness and regret.
For the first time in ages, you burst out into tears.
You waited for your boy to come back.
One hour.
Than two.
When five hours ran on the clock, you went out in emergency, in urge, and thank to your team and especially your Charizard, you found him in the very place you first confessed your feelings.
Hop was crying, alone.
Without hesitation, you wrapped his body with your frailed arms, and let go of your own tears.
“Forgive me, love...” you murmured with a broken voice.
The minute you spoke, he held you tight against his chest, rubbing your back softly.
“Nothing to forgive, my butterfly... I should’ve known that you were a true warrior !” he responded with a soft, gentle voice.
Hop kissed your temple as you giggled.
“Your warrior only, then...” you admitted, cupping his cheeks in your hands, ready to offer your lips in atonement.
“Only if you accept my help this time. Your wound needs to be treated properly...”
Before his determination, you smiled as if you just fell in love one more time.
“Deal, my sweet nurse...”
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into-the-whitty-verse · 6 hours ago
Are you a god?
Tumblr media
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Does Crowley ever eat? Is there any food he enjoys at restaurants? Or does he just drink wine and glare at the table like a sourpuss while Aziraphale has all the fun?
Crowley: Sometimes. Mostly when the angel forces me to. I much prefer just the wine though.
Aziraphale: I don’t want you to miss out on some wonderful treats!
Crowley: But I don’t want them so I don’t care.
Aziraphale: You only think you don’t want them, but once you try them you’re always impressed!
Crowley: ... Am not...
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heya lance! what's your favourite comic? (amnesia lance)
“Lance”🐉:”I….um…I’ve never read a comic book before…”
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mando-meer · 7 hours ago
„whoa you have. a lot of mutuals in general but also. many big-blog mutuals holy shi-“
I DO hiii besties
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into-the-whitty-verse · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jungkoookie · 8 hours ago
i will never live again thank u
you're welcome. i've always got your back. 💗
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hooded-misery · 9 hours ago
Don’t be stupid of causing mass fire from your carelessness Mono!
"Hey hey hey! Who ever said anything about mass fires? I'm not gonna light stuff on fire at random! Have a little faith!"
Mono gives a smile, even if you can only see his eyes. He really isn't particularly offended, honestly. The matches pack has been tucked away [for now] in the depths of his trenchcoat; lost to the fabrics within until its usefulness pulls it free once again.
Or Mono goes back on his defense, and proves you right. But he's a good child, he wouldn't!
Does the doctor situation count as lighting something on fire-
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have you tried japanese green tea / ocha? if you have, thoughts?
Tumblr media
Olivia: *Sigh* I wonder when we’ll be able to visit Japan again...
Arthur: Eh, let’s just wait and see. Who knows where the next world meeting will be hosted and damn it all if it’ll be France’s.
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