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Overwatch Events: Masterlist
This is going to be my masterlist to all of my post that I put under the Overwatch Events tag (I guess it’s a tag, don’t know what else to call it). This is going to be about all yearly events, like Archives or Summer Games, and about skin challenges, like the PachiMari Roadhog or Mardi Gras Ashe. 
What skins might we get in the 2021 Archives Event?  
Roadhog PachiMari Skin Challenge
April Fools Day: The Return of the Googly Eyes
2021 Archives Event: Announcement Date
2021 Archives Event: Bushi Genji and Mousquetaire Widowmaker.
2021 Archives Event: Soldier 1776
2021 Archives Event: Skins Review
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Overwatch League: Masterlist
This is going to be my master list for anything having to do with the Overwatch League which, if you don't know, is Overwatch Esports. I really enjoy watching the Leauge and with the 2021 season starting soon, I want to post more about it while we aren't getting much normal Overwatch content. This will include my posts about skins associated with the Overwatch League(I'm just going to call it OWL), any important information about OWL, and some of my personal opinions about teams, players, or other people associated with OWL.
Roadhog Midas SF Shock 2020 Championship Skin
Echo Good vs. Evil Fleta 2020 MVP Skin
How to connect your Blizzard Battle Net account to YouTube. 
Overwatch League 2021 Season Team Tier List
Season 4 Opening Weekend, April 16th - April 18th
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jay1nca · a day ago
Overwatch Capture the Flag one
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twobigears · a day ago
i heard u like slo-mo agility
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pia-soleildiddle · a day ago
Tumblr media
Blizzard, New York City
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game-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Gym Mercy - Mirco Cabbia (Sciamano240)
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thegamingfanblog · a day ago
Hearthstone: new contents have been released in the card game
Blizzard has released a new update in “Hearthstone”. It gives players access to a free campaign called “Book of Mercenaries”. It is the first arc of a ten-part series.
Tumblr media
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qaazar · a day ago
Some WIP’s :-) (I’ve never actually painted in black and white before!)
I’m painting the Warbringers shorts in my own style, and I LOVE how this one is coming along!
Now time to render both of these...
Check in soon for the final paintings!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twobigears · 2 days ago
Blizzard’s aframe hits have gotten pretty high, so back we go! So fun having both dogs doing remedial aframe training... 😅
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