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#bless him i love him so much
mizuguchiyuto · 4 days ago
sometimes i really miss laun :( i’m so happy that from what he shares on instagram he seems to be doing really well and i wouldn’t wish him to be doing anything that doesn’t make him happy but i just really really miss him with onf sometimes
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gothships · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i would make a “kefka palazzo fucked up evil moments” joke but really every moment he’s on screen is a fucked up evil moment isn’t it
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sweetbabyara · 11 days ago
he really called with me for over 4 hours and made sure i felt ok and got my mind off stuff while i was feeling really sick and had a fever. yes my man is the sweetest🥺💗💍
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dilitiria · 13 days ago
do you . . . do you ever just think about isoldes death. i feel like a lot of people fail to realise her death was not an instant thing , or a quick one — it was a very slow , painful death. isolde wasn’t stabbed , she was grazed by a dagger coated in poison ; which was obviously enough to kill her , but not enough to make it quick. poison by default is not ( usually ) a quick death , it’s actually a very . . . traumatic one.
i just . . . think about poor viego , who likely only has isolde at this point , watching his wife in agony knowing that a. the dagger was meant for him && b. there is NOTHING he can do to make her feel better. he just has to sit there && watch && try comfort her as much as he can , knowing that ultimately she will die. isolde is very selfless , she would never purposefully put her pain or burden on another but please . . . her crying so freely && saying how it hurts — her asking for viego to lie with her , asking for gwen , burying herself so close to him despite her fluctuating temperatures.
viego just has to watch her body slowly shut down && somehow be okay with that ? ? at least at the start , albeit in pain && very unwell , she was still coherent && there. however after a while she just begins sleeping more && more , until one of these times she doesn’t wake up && her body gives out. he has to endure that for weeks ( months ? ) && SOMEHOW come out of this mentally traumatic thing okay ,, i just think about her death a lot && how traumatising it must have been for viego.
#& ㅤ * ㅤ out of character ㅤ ╰ ㅤ ఌ ㅤ 𝐜𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐬 𝐧𝐚 𝐧𝐞𝐨̀𝐢𝐥 .#* tbd mobile#I JUST THINK#obviously this isnt an excuse for him to do what he did / does. hes a villain && we cannot deny that what is doing is wrong#but he is not a villain without purpose. he is not BAD per–say. we can feel sorry for him && realise he endured a traumatic thing#without excusing his selfish behaviour. because bringing isolde back was selfish. the ruination is selfish#HOWEVER. we should not ignore what he endured by watching his wife die a very horrible death && enduring it alone for the most part#i just cannot stop thinking about tiny isolde bundling up against him because it tricks her mind into thinking it lessens the pain#how she only feels safe when she is close to him. even it it makes her sweat more. makes her temperature worse. hurts her burning body#she just ! ! wants her husband && doll in those moments ( probably her mum too but she cant have her so )#as much as i would like to think isolde was strong && brave in those moments . . . she is literally in her early twenties dying#to poison. idk how brave someone can be when faced with that reality . . . && knowing there is no cure ? ? yeah no she was scared#but ): always reassuring viego that it isnt his fault. that she doesn't regret getting hit instead of him#her trying to smile for him && be strong for him when she can be . . . CLUTCHES MY HEART#i also think about how after she passed && prior to going to the blessed isles viego put gwen && all isoldes beloved#things into a chest for when she was resurrected. like . . . he was going to give her all these comfort things ):#to make her feel better when she came back to him )): THEY'RE SO GOD DAMN SAD I HATE IT HERE#also not viego having to watch someone he loves rot away hitting close to home ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ love that#death //#poison //#i do not know what to tag this im so sorry
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piningbisexuals · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm weak, legit rewatching untwo scenes right now & I see these, the way I adore this duo 😭💞
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partycardigann · 17 days ago
chris addison’s gonna be on the bugle again, i’m so excited. i hope this means he’s returning to stand up/panel shows too.
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alwaysbethewest · 19 days ago
“Like I said, I did a couple of audiobooks, it’s something that I particularly enjoy doing, is reading aloud, it helps me a lot. I, you know, and this is something to be, you know, really honest... I love writing. It’s not something I’ve been doing at all in these last few years but I used to, I guess when... when I felt so much more, uh, far away from the things that I wanted or thought that I wanted, writing was such a... a way of giving myself something that I wanted, um, I guess, in my heart, if that makes any sense. And anyway, I would read it aloud constantly to anyone that would listen. To kind of like, either keep going with the story or to look for affirmation or to see what people thought and everything. So I can, I just admire that you’ve done that with your books.” - Pedro Pascal (from David Duchovny in Conversation with Pedro Pascal on 05/27/21)
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miyakyo · 20 days ago
Ok listen (TGCF Spoiler Alert)
Does it ever hit you that even though Shi Qingxuan was never meant to be a god he was probably like the one who enjoyed it the most? He was always so cheerful, talkative, he loved to help others and he was the first in MANY years to become friends with Xie Lian, he loved to be the Wind Master, he loved everything so much... only to find out all of those things were stolen from someone else, someone he actually cared for. His life fell apart in a flash, he discovered that he was never meant to be happy, he discovered that his "best friend" was actually the person whose life had to be ruined so he could be saved, his brother got killed right in front of his eyes. He was abandoned, left alone after losing everything he had... Yet when he showed up again he was still that same little sunshine, even though he was in so much pain, his heart is honestly so pure that he managed to move on even if he was so damn hurt inside and out... My little angel deserved so much more...
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barbwife · 20 days ago
I am slightly late, but I have been summoned by the hand thirst and must do my solemn duty. ~ @devildomteatime
Nimbly, his fingers take up the dough and twist it in quick, minute little movements, shadows playing in and out, amber light flashing against his palms, catching aubergine nails and illuminating the workspace.
Not that you care much for anything else on the counter. You don't think you've blinked in ten minutes. Barbatos is making... oh. You've forgotten that, too. He's making little rolls of some kind. A pastry.
He coils the newly made twist around two middle fingers, looping, turns his wrist up toward the light, pulls the dough methodically, rhythmically through the loop to tuck one end alongside the other in opposite directions, thumbs rolling over the finished product to neaten it before it goes on the tray.
There must be a dozen ready to go in the oven. But there's still more dough. Diavolo on his own eats more than you could even dream of in one sitting.
Barbatos moves with a practiced pace, a comforting rhythm, slender hands precise as a pianist, an enviable economy of motion, each step of his process so fluid that it seems the whole is one, single movement following a moment in time that never moves, simply settles and draws on and on and on.
He plays your heart this way, you think, as he smiles. "Are you enjoying yourself?" His eyes glitter. He knows.
Tumblr media
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sugushou · 23 days ago
NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR TALKING ABT USHI,, go on i am listening 👁👁 you have the biggest brain 😩 and i agree!! he’s probably the type to be completely oblivious as to when girls are flirting with him, he might not even always understand the flirty remarks his darling will give him 😭✋🏻 scenario: ushi walks by his darling with them short shorts,, darling: “damn i’d tap that” ushi: “tap that? tap what?? why only tap??? what are you tapping????” LMAOAO but i’d still let him ruin me any day 👉🏻👈🏻 -bun💖
later when you're in bed together,,, ushijima spanks you silly like "is this what you meant by tap?" and you're just drooling and crying on his lap as he takes you apart ;-; he gets back at you in his own way, and in the most loving way possible dahsdkfj
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