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#black widow x fem!reader
scarletwidowaf · 3 hours ago
Working on a new Yelena x Reader series! Follow @bestofmultiverse for updates! 💜
Tumblr media
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athenamgh · a day ago
a/n: veryy veryy old idea.. lets see if smth good of it will come out... btw it will have at least two parts
paring/s: Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader
summary: two broken hearts need to heal each other.. but will they..
warning/s: tears, angst, fluff (i am soo not sure....)
word count: 1.7k
Chapter I | Chapter II
Natasha Romanoff MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
You slowly opened your eyes and they met the dark ceiling. It seemed it was still an early morning because the room was still sinking in the dark. You slowly turned your head to the side, your palm brushing through the empty space aside. Suddenly, you tightly clenched the sheets in your fist, closing your eyes strongly.
You slowly opened your eyes and they met two beautiful forest green orbs. Before you could notice your body was already acting in it’s own way, your face spread a bright smile. Natasha was looking at you with those dark green eyes, you could drown in, her hair messy due to the sleep, made her look even more beautiful whenever.
You gently brushed the loose strand of hair, whispering “Good morning gorgeous”. A soft smile spread her soft lips and reddish crawl up her face. She was about to cover herself, to hide her face with sheets, but you gently caught her wrists. “Don’t you dare to run from me”. 
Natasha looked at you with a challenging look “Or what?”. Your face crept up a smirk, you quickly brought your hands to her sides starting to tickle her.
The laugh filled the room. She was trying to defend herself, but your hands there faster running across her body. “Okay, okay,” she giggled, “stop now, please” , but you didn’t want to let her go so easily. 
“Say, that you won’t hide from me ever again”, Natasha narrowed her eyes slightly, her lips spread a wide smile, she nodded. Romanoff  wrapped her hands around your neck, looking deep into your eyes, admiring the pure affection sparking in them.
  “I would never want to be apart from you y/n”. You felt her hand brush your cheek, then slim fingers ghosting your bottom lip. All this time your eyes didn’t disconnect even for a breath second.
In a moment of surprise Natasha swiftly flipped two of you over, now she was on the top straddling your waist. You widely smiled at her tricky move, lifting yourself up on your forearms “I will never be able to stay away from you, huh?” you asked, astonished. 
Natasha leaned forward for a moment with a mischievous smile, placing her index finger on your bottom lip making your tongue brush it lightly “Well, that’s the plan, dear..”. 
You lifted your eyebrow playfully, “Oh, really?”. 
“Mhm,” she giggled, now shaping your strong jawline with her finger. 
“Well, then how about we make it even, huh?.” Her lips parted, her tongue liking her bottom lip while  looking up at you. “You will never be able to get me out of your head,” you said with such a low almost husky voice. 
She leaned her head to the side slightly because of your statement, from her eyes you could tell she was intrigued. “And how would you possibly do that?” she said seductively.
Suddenly you lifted yourself up from your elbows making her sit down in your lap. A  gasp escaped her lips at the sudden closeness, her hands resting on your chest. You looked at her deep green eyes, analyzing every detail of it. While your fingers ghosted the side of her neck, then lingered at her collarbone. You noticed she was holding her breath, looking stunned at you. At this moment Natasha Romanoff only belonged to you and you only belonged to her. Then, with both of your hands, you gently took the sides of her face. Bringing her closer to you, one of your thumbs brushing the soft skin of her cheek, your lips inches apart, but before they could touch one another, you whispered, “This…” and your lips blended together into a perfect kiss.
You shot your eyes open. Sweat covering your body. You sit up in the bed crawling into the ball. Your hand now tangled in your hair, cheeks riding down salty tears.
It was a late evening. Moon step by step climbing up the dark sky to settle in for a night. The room was quiet, just the sound of the light rain tears from time to time interrupted the comfortable silence. Natasha was curled up into the ball near the window, her eyes lost somewhere far in the distance, guarding something or someone.
The sudden movement inside of the room interrupted the peaceful, but gloomy atmosphere. “You know, you need to leave your room sometimes,” Steve’s voice reached her ears. 
“You know, it wouldn’t hurt if you knocked sometimes,” Natasha said without turning around.  
“You are becoming a hater, Nat.” this time she just ignored his comment, drowning somewhere deep in her own world.
Since the day Steve has met Natasha, he kind of promised himself he would do everything he can to protect her, of course, as everyone else who was part of his life. Natasha for Steve was such a dear friend and he hated so much seeing Nat like this: broken, hurt, lost. And there was just so little he could do to lighten the Romanoff’s pain.
“It’s been months Nat”. 
“And it seems like nothing has changed…” Natasha’s voice almost sank into the whisper. 
“She is still on your mind, isn’t she?” Natasha turned around, brushing the tear sliding down her face. Her eyes reddish and cheeks stained with tears. “And it hurts too?”
Taking a deep breath Natasha parted her lips “If I didn’t feel the pain, maybe it would be easier to forget? Forget how good it felt, how bright and beautiful everything looked, how sweet it all sounded, to forget it all...” Steve’s face softened, he came up to Natasha, sitting beside her.
“Nat,” he stopped for a moment, thinking. “They say with time the pain fades away, but they always forget to mention how in fact long it takes to finally feel it calm down even a tiny bit. It seems the pain gets more and more powerful with every day until it almost claims you completely.” Natasha’s gazed down, her hand tightly clenching the blanket.
“And there is nothing. Not even the shining armor you suited yourself to protect your heart or giant walls you built around to save yourself from pain, will hardly defend you from what your heart desires.” Steve continued. “And even then all the pain fades away, you won’t forget it. It will always be in the back of your mind and heart, lingering there and never fading away.” He reached to take her hand, squeezing it tightly for a moment and letting it go, making Natasha to look up. “Because Nat, you can’t just stop loving someone who you fall for so unconditionally. Your heart will never forget someone who once made you truly happy.” Steve saw how the last tear rolled out on Natasha’s cheek.
“I knew you were sentimental bastard, but not that strong” she said jokingly and Steve for the first time in month’s saw her lips spread a tiny smile even if it was for only a moment. 
“What should I do?” she asked, her eyes filling with new tears again. 
“Natasha, only you can decide what to do, what or who to choose.” She barely nodded. “Now, get some sleep, a long day is waiting for you tomorrow,” Steve said while walking towards the doors. He was about to exit, but Natasha’s voice stopped him, making Steve turn around 
“Thank you, I don’t think I say it enough”. Steve gave her a soft smile before leaving.
The sound of someone entering the small grocery store interrupted the soft music playing in the background. You were standing in front of one of the shop shelves, searching for the right ingredients for dinner. It was probably a good idea to make at least one home meal. Instead of buying pizza or any other meal that you could possibly order directly to your apartment.
You were about to grab a serial box, but suddenly you heard a familiar voice. “Y/n?” you turned to your right, recognizing the person. 
“Oh, Wanda” you greeted each other with a warm hug. “What are you doing here?” You shook your head a little, “I mean, obviously you are in the grocery store because of the food.” 
Wanda released a small laugh, “Yeah, that’s how it kind of works. Or the shop just convinces you that you need something, even if you really do not.” You chuckled lightly agreening.
Wanda stepped closer to you, reaching to crease your left arm “So, how are you doing?” 
You glanced down “You know, I would say that I'm okay’ or ‘Everything is alright’,” You looked up at her, facing her concerned face “But I know you know me better than that, so I would just say… I don’t know, I really don’t know.” Wanda nodded slightly 
“I hope everything will be okay soon.” You nodded, barely smiling. 
You shook your head a little, asking “Less about me, how are you and the avengers?”
“They are good. Nothing new lately, just a few missions here and there, everything as usual. Thor is too busy being a badass and worrying about his hair, Tony and Bruce working on some kinda project that I am too confused yet to talk about, I keep myself busy with training stuff and helping Steve and Nat.." Wanda's voice cut off at the last name, realizing what she said, you heart skipped a beat at the sound of the name that left Wanda's lips.. After a moment more Wanda continued ''Everyone is just keeping themselves busy, ever. Long story short everyone is okay”. 
  “Not all happy, but okay” she added, listening to her last words made your heart ache even more. “We miss you, you know?”
You smiled with a small smile at her words “Yeah, I miss you too guys..” 
Wanda looked at you for a moment “Would you come to the party tomorrow that Tony is throwing?” You looked at her hesitantly. “Come on” she pushed you shoulder. “We would love to see you”
You looked at the ground for a moment, trying to collect your thoughts. “I’ll promise to consider it,” you said, looking up at Wanda.
“That’s all I need” her lips spread a wide smile. “I see you there!” she said walking away. You rolled your eyes at her playfully.
As you stood in front of a mirror smoothing your palms over the small wrinkles on your dark velvet suit, the only thought that was lingering in your mind was how desperately you wanted to crawl up in a ball in your bed and just stay like that forever. You didn’t want to go to that party. 
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natashasleftelbow · a day ago
my only exception
Tumblr media
(i don’t own this gif or any of the characters in this fic)
summary: you and nat are separated when in the Red Room. you both are reunited. after holding onto a couple things to give her for a couple years you both realize love is well and alive.
warnings: violence, abuse, swearing, lil angst, fluff
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
word count: nearly 1.8k
a/n: omg i don’t know what to say! thank you for all the support on the stuff i’ve released so far. it’s super crazy seeing some of my favorite writers following me. thank you so so much for 30 followers! much love 💕💕
(italics in dialogue mean the person is speaking russian)
sorry for any mistakes i wrote this at 3am and have to get up for school at 6 😪 no bueno
It was a cold and stormy night as the power in the Red Room continuously flickered on and off even with the help of a high powered generator.
You and Natalia had been waiting for an event like this to occur so you could break out. Even though both herself and you lived only a small bit of life outside in the real world before you were taken in and trained to become a weapon, both of your humanly morals knew right from wrong. The Red Room’s treatment definitely being a wrong.
Madame B and the other monstrous staff at this facility put all you girls to bed roughly an hour ago. Nat and yourself undid your cuffs connecting your wrist to the metal bedframe so you could pack the few things you both owned before you made your escape. Both of you had talked this plan over through and through so you both were on the same page as soon as you saw that flicker of a power outage surge though the site.
At the moment you both were eighteen years old meaning both of you had proven yourselves worthy enough to hone a spot at this academy and had graduated a couple months prior.
Some information you had gathered which the staff weren’t aware of was every time the power flickered off, it disarmed and unlocked the exit door/s for nearly five seconds. The weather has been dry but cold lately not making this discovery too useful. The plan was to sneak over to uncuff yourselves in the middle of the night when these brief power outages were occurring, pack your items, and as you were about to escape bang on the wall of the large room where the girls kept at the academy would sleep to create enough of a distraction before you were out and free for good. Easy right? How wrong you’d be.
When it was time for the distraction, Nat stood by the door waiting for the next surge of lightning of whatever broke the electricities stability as you walked to the far side of the sleeping quarters where you were sure you’d have enough time to bang on the walls and sprint out of that door.
You heard a crash of thunder so you knew your escape chance would be soon. As you were about to start banging on the walls you see a door knob parallel to Nat but far away none the less start turning.
Lightning strikes, what seems to be right outside of the building. You sprint for the door only to have your arm caught by one of Madame B’s henchmen.
Just like that the power flickers.
Without much thought you break away from the man’s grasp lunge at Natalia who happened to be at the door.
“We’ll meet again Natalia.” you speak softly
You shove her out of the door with all of your might.
You use all of your remaining strength that you can muster up to slam the heavy metal door closed.
The door locks once again.
“You stupid little bitch. Get over here NOW!” the man practically growls.
You slowly and steadily walk over to the man as he gruesomely pummels and kicks you.
Sure the beatings, mind torture and manipulation hurt, but you’ve never experienced any kind of pain on the same caliber to what being separated from Natalia feels like.
Madame B is more than disappointed, enraged and annoyed with one of her ‘star students’. You receive daily beatings and long, tiresome training hours for helping Natalia escape. Although everyone is ‘replaceable’ in the minds of the staff as well as Madame B, they just lost Natalia so they couldn’t afford to lose you as well.
Months later the beatings finally slow down to a couple a week which you are able to endure. Madame’s mission now is to make a monster out of you by pushing you to and past your limits when training.
One night you finally drift off to sleep. You hate sleeping. It’s a constant replay of your last night with Nat. Only hoping that she made it to civilization safe and sound and is living a normal teens life. However, tonight’s dream is different. In this dream you see yourself shoving your packed-escape bag between your mattress and bedframe as you are bleeding out on the ground from the beatings. You wake up in a cold sweat and manage to kneel on the ground and slowly lift up your mattress only to find that same, small bag filled with the few, but important belongings of yours and Nat’s. You open up the bag forgetting all about what you both had packed. The most important items you see is a picture of Natalia as a toddler with alongside her mother and father, a small metal ring which you had made for her after stealing a small teaspoon at dinner, banging it against the concrete floor with a rock to flatten it out as you’d continuously bend it back and fourth so only the thinnest part is of the spoon is left which you bend into a ring before surprising Nat with it after you know she had a pretty rough day training, and lastly Nat’s papers containing important info about her such as her full name, birthplace, parents names, and birthdate.
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
You make sure you have this date burned into your head, latching onto any important information about her you can learn.
You hang onto those three items keeping them hidden.
Two and a half years later...
It’s late at night when you hear gunshots and fights breaking out throughout the facility. You quickly get up out of bed (once again undoing your cuffs) and grab those three items from under your mattress. You place them in your pocket getting ready to make a break for the outside world. As you reach for the door you turn back taking one last look at the place you’ve been living for pretty much the entirety of your life, only before a man in a funny red, white, and blue costume enters your view.
You bring your hands up ready for a fight.
“Look kid, I’m not here to fight you. We are breaking you out.” the man ensures
“Who even are you?” you sternly question
“Steve Rogers. But the public calls me Captain America.” his gaze settles on your figure, “Mind telling me who you are?” he pushes
“Names y/n, but look I’ve got places to be ma-“ you are cut off when Captain America’s jaw drops.
“No, we both know you don’t. But, you ARE coming with me.” you know there isn’t much room for protest but that won’t stop you from trying. You lunge at him and push him to the ground as you wave a small goodbye and sprint towards the door only for your body to fall on the ground limp. Realizing you’ve been stunned by something temporarily.
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” you shriek, he only chuckles.
“God, Nat was right about you.” she shakes he head with a small grin on his face.
“N-nat?” you whisper as you vision fades black.
You regain consciousness and look around only to find yourself in a weird windowy, loud vehicle type thing. You see a group of people standing around you but you see one particular familiar face hovering directly over yours lightly combing through your hair with one one hand and gently outlining your jawline with the other.
“NAT!” you screech, your brain is feeling too many emotions to comprehend at the moment.
Once she sees and hears you are awake she pulls you into a bone crushing hug.
“Y/n/n I’m so sorry I left you and you had to stay in that hellhole for so long alone I don’t know how I would’ve help up it if that-“ you cut her off
“Natalia, all that matters is I’m here with you right now.” you reason.
After getting off of what you learned is a ‘plane’ you and Nat spend hours together clinging onto one another as if, as soon as you separate you will be absent in her life for alan other couple years, vice versa.
Months pass by. Even though you and Nat have yet to label yourselves as a couple your heats belong to one another after being attached to the hip to one another for pretty much every activity or mission you both do. In this time you were also recruited as an Avenger due to your skillful hand to hand combat and your masterful types of fighting you have nearly perfected from your time in the room.
The date just happens to be November 22. You are pretty sure no one in the compound is aware of Natalia’s birthday, hell, you aren’t even sure if she’s aware.
Today is the day you decide to return the missing items from her bag that you recover after she left.
You wake up next to her and wake her up with a long, graceful, soft kiss on her lips to which she responds shortly after by kissing you back as you feel as tiny smirk against your own lips.
“Hey, what was that for?” she asks playfully
“Ohhh nothing. Just maybe it’s for my favorite girl’s special day today.” Nat blushes.
“H-how’d you know?”
“Oh honey, I know e v e r y t h i n g.” you reply
Before she can respond you pull her to sit up on your shared bed and hand her an envelope containing her papers as well as he one and only photo of herself and her family.
As soon as she sees both items she sobs into your chest. (more because of the picture, you really only included her papers so she too would know all the most crucial parts of her life pre-red room era.
“Uh, uh, uh’” you tut,”One more thing.” you reach for her hand slowly and tell her to shut her eyes. You slowly slide the makeshift ring on her finger.
“Open.” you instruct
To which she gasps at the sight and just like the day you both were reunited you hugged and kissed for hours on end.
“Nat, will you be my girlfriend?” you ask with a sheepish smile.
“Of course y/n/n, I thought you’d never ask.” she takes a breath,“I know love is for children, but you are my only exception.”
“Ditto.” Natalia chuckles, “That is what the Americans say, right?” you backtrack with flushed cheeks.
She holds you tighter and presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“Sure.” she breathes out.
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pvrntal · a day ago
If it's not too late to ask, maybe a mother's day fic where reader is female reader is the little of Lena, Kara, or Natasha? Of course mommy milkers but also reader naked and having their legs open for their mommy. If it is too late, thanks for at least reading this. <3
Mommy’s gift
a/n: can’t forget, happy mother’s day to scarlett and her mommy milkers. it’s a couple hours late but i wasn’t really on here today :/ i also may have gone a little overboard but yolo
pairings: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
(18+only!)warnings: mommy!natasha, natasha’s mommy milkers, mdlg, mommy kink, fingering, oral (r receiving), praise kink, degrading, spitting kink, crying kink.?? thigh riding, strap on, chocking, breeding kink, sub space, spanking, *let me know if i missed some* the photo at the end :)
word count: 1613
Tumblr media
Hearing the door shut, you hurried back into yours and Natasha’s room taking your robe off and throwing it on the floor. Not only was Today the day Natasha would come home from her week long mission but it was also Mother’s day and you wanted to do something special for Natasha since she is your mommy and that special something was a gift. You. and her favorite candy you had shipped from Russia with a picture you drew for her as well as her favorite dinner that was keeping warm in the oven.
You climbed onto the bed, siting down leaning against the headboard and spreading your legs. You hear her call for you and grin when her voice gets closer. The door opens and in walks your beautiful girlfriend. You smile innocently and spoke “Happy Mommy’s day”
Natasha slams the door shut with her foot as she began to tear off her clothes “happy mommy’s day to me” she mumbles to herself as her lustful eyes trail your body. Hearing her words, you giggle watching her undress. Once naked, Natasha grabs your ankles and pulls you to the edge of the bed making you squeal, she stands between your legs leaning down.
“This all for me, printsessa?” she asked running her hands up and down your sides. You nod your head before speaking “Yes mommy, i’m your gift”
The redhead smirks “does that mean i could do whatever i want to my gift” she ask you while kissing your jaw. “mhm” you nod closing you eyes at the feeling. Natasha stops and stands up “Good”
Getting on her knees between you legs, she hooks her arms under your them pulling you close. “Mommy’s a little hungry right now” she kisses your inner thigh, lightly biting it, creating hickeys all over them. She place kisses on your lips, holding herself together from going straight in. You whimper closing you eyes bucking your hips up hoping she’ll get the message and stop teasing you which result in her spanking your thigh.
She looks up at you as spits on your pussy, before latching onto you, sucking your clit as she teases your entrance with her finger. Arching your back, you moaned as you grab ahold of the sheets “fuck mommy”
Normally, Natasha would’ve stopped or spanked you for cussing but she’s missed you so much this week and has been dreaming about the things she wants to do to you when she gets home. Adjusting herself, the avenger plunges two fingers into you causing you to moan loudly. You move your hips in the rhythm of her fingers, as she laps your clit while still holding onto your thigh with her other hand.
She moans into your pussy making you go crazy from the vibrations. She pulls away still pumping her fingers and adds a third one, you moaned asking her to put another one in. “you want another one? baby i’d practically be fisting you” she tells you making you whimper “but i bet you’ll like that huh? you love being a whore for mommy’s fingers”
All you could do is moan, a fire pooling low in your abdomen. Natasha does back to sucking your clit, thrusting her now four finger roughly in you. Your vision blur with tears. Natasha knew you were close, feeling you pulse around her fingers. Tapping your thigh, giving you permission to cum anytime.
Arching your back, a big gasp escaped you as you saw stars, jerking as you came all over Nat’s fingers. Tears rolling down your cheeks. The ex assassin loved seeing you cry, it was one of her kinks. of course that’s only the happy tears she loves.
“Fuck baby, you look so pretty” Natasha purrs keeping her fingers in you still slowly pumping into you bringing you down from you high. She pulls them out making you whine at the emptiness. Slapping your thigh, she poke “move up for me baby”
You scooted up watching her as she climbs on the bed straddling your thigh, grinding on it. You moan feeling her wetness coat your leg. “Mommy is so wet for you baby” she rubs your clit then thrust her fingers into you making your breath hitch. Using her other arm to rest it on the bed by the top of your head. Her breast swaying by your face, leaning up you latch your lips around her nipple hearing her gasp.
“Mmh mommy can’t wait to fuck you with her cock” she breathed, fucking you roughly with her fingers as she fucked herself on your thigh “look at mommy using you as she fuck toy”
Feeling yourself get close already, your eyes shut closed sucking her nipples. Natasha humped your thigh fast ready to explode anytime now, just from eating you out almost made her cum so she was already close. Eyes rolling back, letting out a silent moan as she came undone. Seconds later, sucking the nipple so hard creating a hickey on it, you hit an euphoria bliss.
Natasha pants slowly taking her fingers out of you, wincing when you unlatched from her nipple. She falls next to you watching as you twitch. You looked so beautiful, eyes glossy from crying, swollen lips, hickey covered thighs. Just seeing you like that made her want to go again. Getting up, she hurries into the closet, grabbing your favorite strap and putting it on.
Walking back to the bed, she stands at the end again. “Get up” she commands. You, still dazed, listen getting on your knees in front of her, eyes darting to the strap, your mouth watering noticing which one she had on. Grabbing your hair, she pulls you forward “suck”
Looking into her eyes, you take her cock in your mouth and began to bob your head up and down the strap. Natasha bucks her hips making you gag in the process when it hits the back of your throat. She thrust her hips into you, fucking your face “my pretty girl taking her mommy’s cock. you were made for this cock, weren’t you whore?”
Nodding around her cock, tears spilled from your eyes. You were close from hitting your sub space and Natasha knew it. Whining when Natasha pulls her cock out, you take in the look she gave you and turned around getting on your fours. The redhead doesn’t wait anytime as she slams into you, gripping your hip as you moan loudly.
She spanks your ass leaving it red as she continues pounding into you. “Taking mommy’s cock so well, detka” she cooed reaching around to grab your neck pulling you against her, lightly chocking you while using her other hand to rub your red puffy pussy. You cried out and pushed into her “harder mommy!”
Gripping your throat more, you smiled moving with her rhythm. “Such a little whore for me, smiling while i choke you, fucking the tears out of you” She whispers in your ear seeing you smile. Thrusting hard into you, you roll your head back on her shoulder. You saw black spots and you knew you were in it deep. “gonna cu-“ you let out a silent scream as you came all over Natasha’s cock. Natasha moved her hand off your throat.
Falling limp on the bed, Nat kept pounding into you, pushing your face in the bed as you spanks your ass. “More mommy! please fuck me more” You rambled off, Natasha smirking hearing it in your voice that you reached sub space. Arching your back, she grips your hips holding your hair.
“Mommy! please” you plead out, your head was fuzzy, drool falling on the bed along with your tears. “Please what baby? keep fucking you?” she husked “i’m already doing that”
“cum in me please” you cried out “please mommy! i need your cum” knuckles white from gripping the sheets. “you want my cum slut? you want mommy to give you her cum, to fuck a baby in you” she grunts pounding in you. You moaned like crazy as you nod against the bed “yes please mommy, fuck a baby in me!”
“Who’s slut are you?” she asked slapping your ass, she couldn’t get enough of you. “yours mommy! all yours! fuck i’m your slut mommy” you sobbed. “Cum for me slut, cum for mommy” she grunts. Eyes rolling back, sinking in the mattress, you dissolve into pleasure, shaking and whimpering. Natasha who was practically laid on top of you, release her cum in you and helps you ride out your high. One still, she pulls out of you moaning mentally as the sight of your cum filled hole, She rubs your back moving your sweaty drooly hair out of your face, you had a hazed smile and glossy eyes.
Natasha gets out of bed taking off the strap dumping it on the floor and gets you a towel. Walking back, she cleans the mess between your legs as best as she can before cleaning herself and throwing the towel in the basket. She climbs back in bed pulling you into her body and covers you both with the blanket. You were practically limp in her arms, still fuzzy, and buried your face in her chest closing your eyes.
The redhead strokes your hair and kisses your nose “I love you baby, you are the greatest gift mommy has ever gotten” she coos. Giving a hazy smile, not looking at her “love you too mommy” you mumbled then latched your lips around her nipple, suckling lazily and you reached up behind her neck to play with the strains of her hair. This was your favorite way to fall asleep. 
Tumblr media
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natasha-danvers · a day ago
Tumblr media
The air was balmy and smoothly caressing you skin as you stood by the open window admiring the sleepy city come to back to life. It was 7:30 in the morning and the birdsong that filled the air was loud enough to be distracting but not so much to be annoying. Two minutes into your quiet meditation sipping on your warm cup of coffee you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your frame and soft lips kiss the nape of your neck. Humming and leaning back into the touch you close your eyes momentarily. “Hey baby when did you get back?” you manage turning in her arms a wide smile planted on your face.
“Mmm an hour ago. We had a debrief and I showered there. I didn’t want to wake you up too early” she answers pecking the tip of your nose.
She eyes your coffee cup.
“Want some?” you offer. She nods taking the mug and a large gulp of the black liquid. “Everything alright out there?” you add smiling a little at the grimace she makes at the taste of your drink.
“Urgh I don’t know how you drink that…” she licks her lips reaching forward to put the mug on the console table behind you.
“Says the person who drinks vodka straight” you slap her arm jokingly and she laughs wrapping her arms back around your waist. “I missed you” you half whisper and she smiles softly locking eyes with you. “I missed you more” she replies resting her forehead against yours.
Her eyes drift to your lips and you take that as an opening to move closer. Taking a step forward you pin her body to the trim of the bedroom door. You didn’t mean to be so rough. “Sorry” you mumble on her lips when she grunts on impact. She answers by looping her fingers through your belt loops and pulling you flush against her. Your hands slide into her hair fisting strands and tugging slightly. She opens her eyes and you see her dark hooded eyes looking back at you and a predatory grin firm on her lips.
A surge of adrenaline flows through your blood as she moves her hands to your breasts and squeezes a little more roughly than she usually does. “I’ve been thinking about this every night since I’ve been gone” she husks into your skin. You chuckle softly wondering if Wanda heard any of those thoughts. You made a mental note to bake her some muffins as an apology either way.
She digs her nails into you as her hands explore your body. As you kiss, hard and frenzied she moans a little when your tongues clash fighting for dominance. “You’re ok for time right?” she growls into your mouth, “If not now would be a good time to tell me.”
“Yes” you moan wrapping a leg around her hip and pushing down against her. You were desperate for some friction to ease the ache that was becoming more and more uncomfortable to bear.
She chuckles and slides a hand down until it brushes against your bare thigh. Her fingers disappear beneath the hem of your hoodie and your eyes close in anticipation. She uses her other hand to grip your ass, finger kneading and digging into the soft flesh there.
You’re suddenly acutely aware of how many layers the both of you have on. Grabbing the hem of her shirt you start tugging it up her body. Your movements are sloppy and staggered as your head starts to spin. “This has to go” you rush out breathlessly.
She chuckles again but loosens her hold on you. She tugs her shirt over her head and drops it at her feet. Your eyes rake over her body taking in every inch of flesh and muscle. She blushes slightly under your intense gaze.
“Gorgeous” you whisper reaching out hooking a finger in the top of her bra and tugging her towards you. Unable to help yourself your hands wander up and down her torso finally coming to rest on the outline of her hardened nipples. She leans into your touch eyes drifting closed. Your featherlight caresses leave her painfully straining against the fabric. “Fuck” she groans, the guttural sound itself makes you gush with delight.
Sliding your hands to her back you unclasp her bra and move it off her body. You brush your thumbs directly against her this time and she moans, deeper this time.
“Wait” she growls as your fingers slip into her pants and brush against her core. She grips your wrist and holds it still. “I’ve spent too much time thinking about this for it to end so soon.”
Pulling your hand free she grabs the hem of your top and pulls it free from your body. She moans softly finding you without a bra before both hands find a home on your breasts, rolling and tugging on your nipples.
While she kisses her way along your shoulder she moves one hand down your leg. She slides one hand dangerously close to your core. Without warning she brushes over your clit as she cups you. Your eyes screw shut at the sensation as your head falls against her. “Stop teasing” you command and the hand on your breast tightens almost possessively.
She lets go of you completely but before your whine manifests itself she cups your face and kisses you hard. Just as the fog in your brain starts to clear a little the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed and you fall back onto it pulling her with you.
Her lips start to mark a wet trail down your throat teasing and tasting the skin there. Settling between your thighs she continues to taunt you with her tongue. She takes a nipple in between her lips rolling it and nipping gently. You arch into her squirming as she moves down your torso.
She slips off the bed and grips the back of your knees tugging you to the edge of the mattress. You push yourself up on your elbows and watch her. She’s looking at you with a devilish glint in her eyes. She licks her lips and winks at you causing the blood to drain from your face. You can feel every nerve ending tingle and it feels like you’re about to burst into flames.
She leans in and presses a kiss to you inner thighs. Sliding her hand under your ass she yanks you forward lifting your hips slightly so they’re canted up towards her waiting mouth. Her tongue circles your clit sucking it in and out of her mouth. Your entire body jolts coming off the bed. One of her hands leave your ass and she inserts two fingers into you pumping in perfect rhythm with each calculated flick of her tongue across your already pulsing clit.
“Don’t stop” you moan fisting the sheets, “please” you plead feeling the knot in the bottom of your belly coil tighter and tighter. Your hands dive into her hair holding her against you. She growls against you sending ripples of pleasure through your core. Quickening the pace her fingers and mouth drive you to the edge.
Her fingers leave you suddenly and you almost cry at the loss. She readjusts herself and pushes your thighs as far apart as they’ll go before thrusting her tongue deep inside you. She growls again and it’s just what you need to be sent headfirst into the abyss. Your legs shake uncontrollably as white light flashes behind your closed eyelids. For a second you open your eyes and you can’t see a thing.
“That’s it baby” she speaks right into your core. Your toes curl as she latches her lips around your clit sucking it into her mouth. You soundlessly gasp out her name and claw at her shoulders.
“O-oh my g-god” you stutter as she crawls her way up your body. She chuckles nuzzling your neck before laying down beside you. Her thigh brushes against your core and you jump as a wave of electricity courses through you.
“Still sensitive?” she teases.
You groan. “I’m going to be sensitive for a week at least!”
She rolls you to your side and wraps her body around yours. Her fingers run up and down your thigh tracing the curvature of your hip. Her lips brush against the shell of your ear.
“Are we spooning?” you moan pressing back against her.
“Nothing wrong with a little spoonage, right” she answers her lips twitching in amusement.
Looking back at her you giggle. “You are not allowed to say spoonage after fucking me like that.”
Her lips quirk up into a smile. “I always thought you liked cuddling.”
“Yea I do but…” you answer arching a brow just before flipping around and reversing your positions. You drape your arm around her hip and draw lazy circles over her abdomen. “…I like this position better” you continue and she laughs at your words.
Nudging your thigh into the back of her leg she lifts it and you smile into her shoulder. You grind yourself into her ass as she pushes back into your front moaning softly. You slip two fingers into her and the sound she makes is electric.
Mmmm she hums lowly. She says please so softly you almost miss it but the moment your brain registers it you lose every ounce of control and come totally unhinged.
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natashasleftelbow · 2 days ago
natasha romanoff
know you better- you are pretty closed off to the rest of the team so nat decides to get to know you a bit better. later on nat confesses something to you after you get injured on a mission.
fabric thief- you are hesitant to steal one of you girlfriend’s hoodies while you are away but when you do an she catches you it’s a cute moment.
unexpected confession- you have a little too much to drink and nat takes care of you. you then confess your crush to a certain someone without realizing.
my only exception- you and nat are separated when in the Red Room. you both are reunited. after holding onto a couple things to give her for a couple years you both realize love is well and alive.
wanda maximoff
coming soon
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natashasleftelbow · 2 days ago
know you better
Tumblr media
(I don’t own this gif or characters in this story)
summary: you are pretty closed off to the rest of the team so nat decides to get to know you a bit better. later on nat confesses something to you after you get injured on a mission.
pairings: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
warnings: violence, injury, minor angst, fluff
word count: 1.6k ish
a/n: thank you for all the support on my last posts i appreciate it so much. i know these fics are nothing too crazy but i’m glad people are enjoying them! also happy mother’s day, show your moms or mother figures some love today!! love you all 💕💕
this story is formatted kinda oddly. the first part is nat getting to know you and the second half is r getting injured and a confession.
Ever since you joined the avengers you felt like you didn’t fit in. The team was super welcoming and happy to guide you through any troubles you had. The issue was you, or at least that’s what you thought.
From a young age you were pretty closed off, shy, and had interests and hobbies that didn’t align with your peers, this put you in the ‘weird’ box. However, if someone actually got to know you, you were kind, loyal, had a pretty good sense of humor, and even liked to have fun and do adventurous things.
When you met the team since it was compiled of the worlds strongest and most attractive beings in the galaxy, so you were sure it was going to be like high school all over again. If only you knew how wrong you’d be.
As you distance yourself from the others they just became more and more intrigued with your presence. All they wanted to do was find out more and more about your life, interests, and why you distanced yourself in the first place. However, one fiery redhead in particular was very set on finding more information about you.
You never noticed anything out of the ordinary because for so long you were alone and incredibly independent. With this being said you continued on with your day and your normal days consisted of rolling out of bed and heading down to the kitchen making a quick smoothie and heading down to the gym/training room to stay fit and healthy.
The gym was empty, per usual at this time of day, so you started your routine. As you were finishing up you saw Natasha Romanoff or as some people call her ‘Black Widow’, approach you.
“Hey y/n, I know you seem to be pretty independent when training, but I was wondering if you’d like to spar with me?” she spoke friendly. This only made your head spin with confusion. Why is she talking to me? Doesn’t she have more important activities to be doing? Ugh, it’s just another way to prove you are unworthy to be on the team to THE Black Widow.
The only experience you could compare this interaction to was when the popular kids at school were paired up with you in class clearly wanting nothing to do with you, so they end up treating you like a leashed dog they encounter when walking past a happy couple living in a suburban neighborhood.
“A-are you sure? Don’t you have more important things to do?” you pause, “Oh my- I’m so sorry, I’m not trying to say all you ever do is stuff that is important or being in your own gym isn’t valid enough a reason, matter of fact-“
“Breathe hon, I’m positive I’d like to spar with you or else I wouldn’t have asked.” she sends a soft smile your way.
“Oh okay. If you’d like to, then sure!” you curse at yourself for being so awkward.
You walk over to your locker which holds your hand wraps inside. You wrap your hands carefully while making your way to the ring that Natasha is currently waiting for you in.
Both you and her are positioned diagonal from each other.
“Ready?” she asks
“Uh I think so?” you reply
You already know that you want to start off defending so you can feel out her fighting style and patterns. Hand to hand combat happens to be a strength of yours, but not when you are in this head space with Natasha around.
Not even a second later Natasha lunges at you sending a jab to your stomach and head. You stumble back astonished and barely able to process anything before she comes at you again sending an uppercut to your chin but you back up and circle her before kicking her left leg out and quickly clinging onto her fallen form straddling her stomach speechless. She manages to slide out from underneath you smoothly and effortlessly places her knees on the sides of your hips and pins your hands above you. At this point your brain is short circuiting and your mouth is gaping with a bright pink blush on your cheeks. She soaks this moment in for a hot second and you hear her mumble,
“God your adorable” as she gets off of you. You quickly cover your face with your hands trying to shield your face from her sight but she just finds it even more amusing. She nudges your side with her foot and stretches a hand towards you on the ground. You hesitantly accept it still trying to recover from the events that just occurred. She strides away and you follow to wherever she is headed. All you wanted to do in this moment was take a cold shower and shout from the rooftops.
“Y/n, I gotta ask, why don’t you talk to any of us? Did we do something?” Guilt floods through your mind. How could you be so stupid to let the team you are apart of feel like they are the issue?
“No, no, not at all. It’s just I don’t know why you’d have any kind of interest in me when there are literal gods apart of this team. I’m sorry for making you guys feel like you are the reason I’m quiet, when that is just my issue.” you manage to say.
“No it isn’t an issue at all. We were just worried about you.”
“W-worried about me?” her face softens at your reaction to her showing she and the team care about your well-being.
“Of course y/n! Matter of fact we all want to get to know more about you.” her voice switches to a whisper, “Especially me. So how about we go and grab some lunch?” she suggests.
“I’d love to.”
Four months later...
You had opened up to the team more and started going out with Natasha. Currently you were infiltrating an ‘abandoned’ HYDRA base in order to collect intel from this group. You, Nat, Wanda, Tony, and Cap were assigned to this mission. When you arrived there, yourself, Nat, and Cap were the ground team while Tony circles the perimeter and Wanda stays back on watch on the Quinjet.
The three of you enter the premise of the base. It’s quiet like most ‘abandoned’ bases are supposed to be but there seems to be something a little off about this base. You use an entrance around the backside while Nat and Cap enter through the front. Nat is supposed to recover/collect the intel since she is known to be one of the most tech savvy people on the team besides Tony. You make it to what seems to be the center of the base where the large super computer is located, no one is in sight. This makes you feel uneasy because Nat and Cap were supposed to meet you here a couple minutes ago. Since you don’t want to waste anymore time waiting you try and speak over coms saying you will extract the data yourself.
You stick the chip that was given to you into the computer and open the command line interface and start the extraction. You hear a door open behind you. You know it’s probably one or two of the teammates you’ve been expecting but you are met with the presence of a grungy looking man in a HYDRA uniform ready to attack. As he is about to radio to his fellow group members alerting them, you whip out your gun and shortly kill him. You realize this base isn’t completely inactive and is possibly a trap. You quickly rush over to the computer to see the extraction is complete, grab the chip, and rush out the exit where you came from. When you are making a break for the exit, you hear a couple footsteps behind you which you know can’t possibly be any of your team members because of the number you hear. You sprint out the exit and make a break for the Quinjet, but not before gazing over to the entrance making sure Cap and Nat returned to the jet safely. When you see no sign of them you continue running hastily. Only to stop when you feel a burning, piercing pain from your back through your chest. You send shots back and limp over to the Quinjet where you see the team rushing over to you. You collapse. Your teammates had assumed that you’d return to the jet as soon as you realized coms were down. So they didn’t try to provide backup for you.
“Y/n/n! Keep your eyes open for me babe!” says a voice you recognize as Nat’s. “Come on! I can’t lose you y/n, I love you too much!” she yells only for your vision to fade out seconds later.
You wake up in a white room and bed you identify as the compound’s infirmary. You look to your left and see your beautiful girlfriend asleep in an uncomfortable position in the hospital chair. As you move a bit she jumps up out of the light sleep she was in.
“Oh my god y/n! Don’t you ever do anything like that to me again! I thought I lost you! I can’t even think about having to live without y-” you cut her ramble off.
“Breathe.” you say
“Did you mean it?” you rasp
“What? That I don’t want my girlfriend to almost bleed out on me ever again?” she asks confused
“No. Do you actually love me?” you ask hopefully
“Of course I do! That was definitely not my favorite way to admit it to you though.” she jokes but you know she’s still pretty shaken up.
“Good. Because I love you too Nat. When you are with me I feel like I finally have a purpose to fulfill. Something I’ve never felt before. I’m also sorry for doing that. I couldn’t even imagine if the roles were reversed between you and-“ she is the one who cuts you off this time with a long, passionate yet soft kiss.
This woman is going to be your cause of death.
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natashasleftelbow · 3 days ago
fabric thief
Tumblr media
(i don’t own this gif or the characters in this fic)
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
summary: you are hesitant to steal one of you girlfriend’s hoodies while you are away but when you do an she catches you it’s a cute moment.
warning: none really just fluff and 1 swear.
word count: 907
a/n: hey guys! thank you for the likes on my first post even though my tags are broken i appreciate it and i hope you all have a great day! love ya 💕💕 (can someone please tell me how to implement the read more link thingy i’m stupid)
sorry for any mistakes, not reviewed by anyone besides me.
Nat has been gone for two weeks and you miss everything about her so much. You and her have been going out for around two and a half months making your relationship relatively new. However this doesn’t stop you from missing her little smirk, gorgeous fiery hair, emerald eyes, and even the way way she smells. So you finally create a plan.
Okay, I go in, and I get out, you think to yourself. Wanda peaks around the corner of the hallway and walks towards you,
“Y/n/n, what are you scheming?”
“I- um n-nothing,” you stutter out
“Alrighty then... By the way, you know Nat wouldn’t mind at all if you borrowed a hoodie, right?” she teases
“Wh-how?” you fail to realize how much you show you miss your girlfriend around the compound.
“Well first off, I can kind of read minds. Second, since Natasha hasn’t been around, you look like a lost puppy who lost their favorite toy, and lastly, you are literally standing in front of her door right now.” she explains
“Okay, okay, I guess you got me there. You just know how much I worry about her and miss her, Wands.”
“I know. Well, I’ll just leave you be here. Remember what I told you!” she speaks while walking away.
You know what she’s right. You think as you open her door (you are the only person other than herself who she gave authorization to unlock her door) The first thing you see is her room is mostly clean but her laundry basket is filled to the brim almost overflowing with clothes. So before you choose what clean hoodie you want to steal, you gather the rest of her dirty clothes that aren’t inside the basket as well as take the basket to the teams large laundry room, and throw them in knowing she was in a rush to leave for her mission so she didn’t get the chance to do it herself. Knowing Nat and her organized self she wouldn’t be too ecstatic doing her chores as soon as she returned from her long mission. You move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.
You decide to head to the training room and push yourself in training and weightlifting so you would get good sleep tonight to speed up the time so Nat returns quicker. Once you are done you take a quick, much needed shower and return to the laundry room to pick up Nat’s clothes and return them to her room. You fold all over her clothes nicely and tuck them in her drawers and hang some in her closet. You finally choose the sweatshirt you want to borrow. This particular red hoodie happens to be one of her favorites, it also happens to smell like her which you are more than happy about.
It is only about seven-thirty pm and you and the team have yet to have dinner so you decide to take a quick nap on the couch in the living room while waiting on the Chinese food Tony ordered to be delivered.
Natasha finally arrives back to the compound with only a few new cuts and bruises on her. The team greets her but she can’t help but wonder where you are after noticing you aren’t their to greet her after being gone for so long. Those thoughts are quickly pushed down and away when she sees your sleeping figure on the couch in a relatively uncomfortable position. Nat walks over to you and takes a picture of you peacefully asleep so she can remember the moment forever and carries you up bridal style to her room. You don’t wake up until the morning and when you do, you feel a strong pair of arms on around waist. You quickly flip around only to see your beautiful girlfriend with that smirk you love on her face and eyes filled with amusement.
“NAT!” you squeal, “When did you come back and why didn’t you wake me?” you faux a pout.
“Sorry, as excited as I was to see you again, you just looked too peaceful and cute to wake up.” she exclaims.
“Well, in that case, I have some lost time to make up for.” You say as you place light kisses all over her face.
“By the way babe, you should wear my clothes more often. Although, I do wish it didn’t take me leaving for a couple weeks for you to finally steal some of my clothes.” she winks as you blush and hide your face in her shoulder. “Also, don’t think for a second that I didn’t notice my empty laundry basket and lack of dirty clothes детка (baby). I appreciate it.” she whispers seductively into your ear.
“Awe, you know you don’t need to thank me, I’m more than content with you just being here.” you speak hushed under her emerald gaze, “And also, even though you scared the absolute shit out of me when I woke up to a pair of arms encased around my waist, you should sleep with me more often.” you giggle.
“I think that we can arrange that.”
You snuggle deeper into her embrace and mumble,
“I missed you.”
“I missed you more, love, now let’s go back to sleep.” she says.
You smile against her neck and realize she is your home and there is no one else in the world who you would rather call yours.
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thewidowsghost · 3 days ago
My Requests Are Open!
Just wanted to let you guys know that my requests are open!
I’ll write for Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Bobbi Morse, Skye / Daisy Johnson, Steve Rogers, Hermione Granger; Annabeth Chase. 
Feel free to send in requests, and I’m looking at you @procrastinatingsapphictrash! 🤣😂 know you feel bad for requesting fics from me, but I love writing them so much. 
I’m going to tag some people I’d love to write some requests for. 
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rooskaya-yelena · 3 days ago
hi hello 😌 congrats on 400!! you deserve all the followers and more. i cannot wait to see you flourish 💕 can i get a headcanon for my baby Yelena? do you think she is more of an at home cook or take out person? if she likes to cook, what's her fave dish to make for someone she likes. ily xx
Ahhh tysmm💗💗ily2. this turned more into a mini fic as headcanons, i hope you still enjoy it!!
-Yelena would never admit she is a good cook or likes to cook in fear of her reputation as cruel assassin being damaged
-She loves to cook tho, she only lets a few people know
-Natasha and you were the only ones supposed to know, well not supposed to but you kinda caught her making some ~~very good~~ pasta at 3 am, when you came home from a mission earlier than planned.
-You three ended up sharing the pasta and watching a movie, since you and Natasha were still on the edge and unable to fall asleep
-”Yelena these are amazing” you exclaimed, shoving big bites into your mouth, not caring if it was proper or not. The blonde looked down blushing slightly, for her sake, the darkness swallowed most of the red tint that rose up to her cheeks. Yet a smirk from Natasha let her know that at least the redhead noticed.
-Cleaning up the kitchen rather quickly the three of you fell onto the big, comfortable couch, exhausted but yet not sleepy enough to actually fall into a slumber.
-You pulled a fluffy blanket over you, leaning your head on the blonde’s shoulder, focusing on the random movie Nat choose.
-Yelena tensing a bit at the sudden contact couldn’t help but let out a shaky breath when u draped the blanket over her too.
-”I didn’t know you could make such amazing food” you smiled toward her, now it was your turn to blush slightly.
-”I learned it a few years ago” shrugging it off she relaxed into you.
-The truth was Yelena had to learn cooking on an undercover mission for the red room, being on her own for a few weeks, maybe even months, the blond had tried a lot of different recipes, finding a sense of calm in the daily task.
-Nodding your eyes fell on the redhead next to Yelena, who was sound asleep by now ”Hmm” softly poking the blonde’s sides, a small smile appearing on her face.
-”Whats your favorite thing to cook?” you said quietly. After a few moments of silence, Yelena answered, “Probably some simple pasta” she whispered, a yawn escaping her, making you giggle a bit.
-”Pasta is always good” you hummed, a yawn following, now it was Yelenas turn to giggle, before softly pulling you into a more comfortable position. “I’m tired, sleep time now” she mumbled into your hair, earning a nod from you, before you both fell asleep.
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happyunniewrites · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff masterlist - Full Masterlist
Summary: Peter Park takes an interest in you but you’re not exactly interested. Or available.
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Word count: 533
Tumblr media
‘So what’s Y/n’s deal?’ Natasha looks up from her work and follows Peter’s gaze. He’s watching you work at your desk, sorting through paperwork with a frustrated look on your face. Natasha leans back in her chair, arms crossed with an amused grin on her face. She’s curious to see where this is going. ‘What do you mean?’ Peter hesitates for a second, knowing that you and Natasha are good friends. If he says the wrong thing, it’ll circle back to you but at the same time, who better to ask about you than your best friend? ‘Is she seeing anyone?’ Natasha’s grin grows wider. ‘You got a crush, Parker?’ He shakes his head but Natasha has already spotted the blush creeping upon his cheeks. ‘Just curious.’ ‘For as far as I know, she isn’t. But I don’t think you’re her taste.’ ‘Why do you- I mean, I’m not interested in her.’ She chuckles and gets up from her chair. ‘Sure you aren’t Parker.’ She places her hand on his shoulder. ‘But if you’re interested, she likes them older and-’ ‘Older?’ Natasha looks amused at his interruption and points back at you. Peter looks over and sees that Bucky and Steve have joined you. Bucky sits on your desk while Steve stands next to you. The three of you are teasing and laughing. He notices your subtle touches as you laugh. Peter huffs and shoots out of his chair, walking towards you. Natasha, curious to see what’s going to happen, follows him. ‘Y/n?’ You look at Peter coming your way and you show him a gentle smile. ‘Hey Peter, how are you doing? Getting through your paperwork?’ ‘I’m already done,’ he tells you, a shy smile on his lips. ‘Hey, listen, could I take you to go get coffee sometime?’ ‘Oh, ehm,’ you hesitate and look at Bucky and Steve to help you. You can tell they aren’t going to. They’re just going to let you do this all by yourself. Natasha stands next to Steve. Both of them look so damn amused. ‘Well, Peter-’ ‘Natasha said I’m not quite your type but can you give me a chance?’ ‘Peter, I’m-’ ‘Please?’ His big puppy eyes almost make you feel sorry for what you’re about to say, especially since you know the three spectators to this whole ordeal will never let it go. ‘Peter, listen to me. One, I’m already seeing someone. And two, I’m a lesbian.’ And with those words, you feel Natasha’s arm drape around your waist and you see Peter’s jaw drop. ‘O-okay, I’m just gonna go,’ Peter stutters, bright red from the whole interaction and severely ashamed. He rushes away like there’s fire under his feet. ‘Nat, did you really have to set him up like that?’ You whine at your girlfriend as she presses a kiss to your cheek. ‘He didn’t let me finish talking. This was all him.’ ‘I doubt that,’ you say with a chuckle, ‘you’re a minx, you know that right?’ ‘I am, but I’m your minx.’ ‘You mean you’re my problem.’ She smiles and presses another kiss to your cheek. ‘I didn’t want to say it.’ ‘I hate you.’ ‘No, you don’t.’
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natashasleftelbow · 4 days ago
unexpected confession
Tumblr media
(not my gif or characters)
summary: you have a little too much to drink and nat takes care of you. you then confess your crush to a certain someone without realizing.
pairings: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
warnings: fluff, alcohol, swearing (lmk if i’m forgetting any)
word count: a little over 1k ish
a/n- just another drunk reader fluffy story. i’ve been consuming wanda and nat fanfics for a bit now and decided to write one. i’m aware it definitely has grammatical and structure issues but i’m trying (i don’t understand how to set up dialogue for the life of me)😪. thank you for reading, love yaa💕💕
also i’m sorry that this story is a lil messy i was bored in between classes. with that being said my thoughts as well as this short are scattered a lil.
It was another fun night out with the team at one of Tony’s notorious parties he threw for the littlest reasons or simply no reason at all. It was about 1:30 AM and you were completely o u t of i t. You were sitting crisscross applesauce on the cold tiles while staring at a blank wall daydreaming about being Natasha’s girlfriend. Of course you had a crush on her who wouldn’t? The only times you fantasized about being with her was when you were dreaming because someone like her would never even shake hands with someone like you, right?
Now, you hardly ever let loose and you were a pretty shy and reserved person so it was surprising to everyone on the team when you starting pounding drinks, but at this point those thoughts were quickly forgotten when your state mirrored most other team members as well. You finally broke out of your daze when you feel a soft hand pat your shoulder. You look around and see the whole team was gone meaning they most likely retreated to their rooms during the time when you were blanked out. You finally look up, much to your confusion, you see the gorgeous, surprisingly sober, red headed ex-assassin peering down at you with a expression between concern and amusement written all over her face.
“Hey y/n/n, it’s bedtime.” Natasha spoke softly.
“But I’m not tiredddd...” you whined and pouted.
“I’ll be the judge of that, babe.” she chuckled.
Your brain short circuits at the pet name as your eyes widen and mouth opens and closes like a fish. She is puzzled for a minute while trying to figure out what caused you to shut down. It doesn’t take long for her to figure the trigger which she laughs at as she outreaches a hand towards you on the ground.
You just stare at it for a couple seconds and look up at her face then back down to her hand. As amusing and adorable you are in this state she knows you better get to bed soon and hydrate yourself before you have a hell of a hangover tomorrow. She proceeds to grab your hand to stand you up. Still starstruck, you try and work with her by taking a step forward which you stumble and you grab Natasha for support which she lets you do before picking up your smallish frame and placing you on her hip.
You are more than content with the position you are in as she effortlessly carries you up to where you think your room is. Only to find out minutes later you are being placed in a foreign bed in an unfamiliar looking room.
“Hold on y/n/n I’ll be right back. Let me go grab you a bottle of Fiji water before the boys suck it down after trying Thor’s Asguardian liquor. Don’t fall asleep on me just yet sweetheart.” she half heartedly lectures.
“No! P-pleaseee don’t go!” you say starting to tear up. Natasha frowns,
“Awe, don’t cry honey, I’m just going to get you water and maybe some tylenol so when you wake up you don’t feel like shit.”.
“Oh, okay!” you smile returning to your happy self. She walks towards the door with her signature smirk on her face while slowly shaking her head at your hasty mood swings.
3 minutes later
Natasha opens her door seeing you all bundled up in her blankets and smiles. Half asleep, she makes you sit up and finish half of the water bottle. You have a huge tired smile on your face,
“Nat, can I tell you a secret?” you speak.
“Of course y/n you can tell me anything.” she answers.
“First you have to pinky promise me you won’t tell her though. Okay?”.
“Yep,” she pops the p as she intertwines her pinky with yours, “your secret is safe with me.”
“I have a crush on someone you might know.” you slur.
“Is that so?” you nod. She doesn’t want to get her hopes up because after all this time getting to know you on the team she is just utterly infatuated with every fiber of your being. She really thought you were aware of her crush on you but you were completely oblivious to the signs of flirtation she would send your way.
“She’s the most beautiful, intelligent, kind, brave, badass women in this universe, she also has eyes I could get lost in for months at a time, and I have a crush on her.
“Who?” she questions.
“Black Widow. I know I don’t have a chance with her but it’s fun to dream big sometimes, y’know? I just love her so much. She can take down men triple her size, hack into almost any web infrastructure, and god, have I mentioned she looks like a goddess yet?” you ramble while she is frozen at the end of her bed with a small smirk on her face.
“Don’t you think you should dream a little bigger than that baby?” she says as she inches a little closer to you. You shoot her a glare.
“Why? You don’t think that dream is big enough? I can’t possibly think of anything I would like more in life than to have a chance to go on a date with her.” you start off speaking full of anger but it slowly reduces to a hushed whisper.
“No, not at all y/n/n. But you really should go to bed now. We’ll talk in the morning, sounds good?” she suggests.
“Yeahh” you yawn, “just one more thing Nat, can you lay down with me? Also, you might be surprised to hear this, but you kinda look like Black Widow.” she let’s out one of the most genuine laughs you have ever heard from her.
“You know what? Now that you mention it, people have told me that before. But, of course I’ll lay with you.”
She lays on the bed right next to you. You face her and cling onto her like a koala bear.
“Night, night, Natty.” you whisper.
“Goodnight cutie.” she softly replies, placing a soft kiss to the top of your head.
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lowkey-l-fox · 5 days ago
I Never Thought You'd Say It
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 2227
Warnings: Angst, violence
An: Happy ending I promise
Tumblr media
I was trying to be in love with someone I knew could never truly love me back. It was a fact that I never tried to run from. I knew what kind of woman I was dealing with but still I allowed myself to fall for her.
To anyone else falling for her seemed pointless. She wouldn't be vulnerable, she wouldn't spare anyone's feelings, and she would never fall in love.
To me, falling for her was enthralling. It was a forbidden fruit that I knew would come to smite me in the end. I reckon what made me different from everyone else was that I didn't expect anything from her.
I knew Natasha wouldn't fall in love with me. There was nothing I could say or do to make her even consider giving me a chance; and I was fine with that.
Natasha had so many lives but the one she hated the most was her own. She grew up in a loveless environment. She wasn't allowed a lot of her basic human rights and it will always leave a scar on her.
It takes time for her to trust anyone and even more time for her to decide she likes you. I've been a member of the Avengers for almost 4 years now and I feel like Nat didn't even like me until year 2.
By then I had already come to terms with liking her. I realized that I had feelings for her because I got jealous any time I saw her with Bruce.
Now it was public knowledge that there was something between Natasha and Bruce, but no one really knew what the extent of that something was. Whatever it was didn't work out but everyone could tell that Bruce wished it did.
I think that's why he warned me. I was exceptionally good at hiding my feelings but Bruce saw straight through me. He told me that even if Nat did like me in a romantic way she would never allow herself to show it.
That didn't stop me from falling for her. Here's the funny thing about falling in love: you usually don't have a choice. When your brain is producing a shit ton of dopamine whenever you're around one person it's hard not to be attracted.
Nat and I didn't have a strong bond right away. I was new and as you probably know none of the Avengers are fond of new. Fury had been scouting me because of my "unique abilities". You know the origin stories for super powers; government experiment, radioactivity, meteor falls from the sky, or alien. I fall into the "meteor falls from the sky" category.
Not only can I produce and control fire but I'm also considered to be very efficient in hand to hand combat. Nat was slightly impressed by my hand to hand skills and that's when we started to bond more.
We trained together all the time to test our skills and even come up with some duo moves. It took every ounce of control in my body to stay focused during our sessions. There were times where there was virtually no space in between the two of us. It was most likely as close I would ever be to getting physical with the woman.
Being her friend offered me a lot of insight into the way that she operated. I knew what she liked and what she didn't, I could tell when she was in her head, I knew when she didn't want to be alone. I just found that learning her was second nature.
Even if I knew she couldn't love me back, loving her wasn't something I'd ever stop doing.
" So we're sure that this base is empty?" I asked, having a weird feeling about the situation.
" That's what the file said, it's been abandoned for awhile now" Nat answered me and continued to move towards the base.
I hated these types of missions. I felt like going to abandoned Hydra hideouts for potential information was stupid. If it had been abandoned I'm sure they took the things of importance with them.
" I just have this feeling that something isn't right"
Natasha took a second to survey our surroundings. I did the same but I noticed one thing out of place.
" Nat," she hummed in response," Do you see the wire?"
About 15 feet in front of us there was a very thin trip wire in the grass.
" It might just be a failsafe they put in but there's no guarantee that means they're here"
" Nat if there are Hydra agents here we are severely outnumbered. We should head back to the quinjet?" I was starting to get anxious about this whole thing. We had walked into set ups before but then we had the whole team with us.
" If this base is active we need to know, so we don't send anyone else here. So either way we need to check it out," Nat reasoned with me.
I wanted to protest again but it would just waste more time. The faster we checked it out the easier it would be to get out of here.
So together we moved towards the base. We stepped over the tripwire and that's when all hell broke loose.
An alarm went off outside the building and we were soon surrounded by Hydra agents.
This wasn't the time for I told you so but it was definitely something I was thinking. Natasha took a fighting stance but I put my hands up in surrender.
" What are you doing?"
" I'm doing what you do you when you're severely outnumbered"
" We can fight them off together"
" Natasha, if I were you I'd run away," I said as the men began to close in on us.
" I'm not leaving you," I sighed at her stubbornness.
I yanked her arm so she was facing me," Do you trust me?"
She stared at me silently but eventually nodded her head.
" Great, now go" I could tell that she still didn't want to leave me behind. I looked at her quite literally with flames in my eyes letting her know I had a plan and that's when she finally took the hint.
In less than a second Natasha had disappeared from thin air sending some of the Hydra agents in a panic. This the distraction I needed to take off running further towards the Hydra base.
I needed to be as far away from Natasha as possible if I was going to do what I needed. I didn't know how much time I could give her before I'd have to blow everything up.
It seemed like half of the agents had begun to chase me while the other half was searching for Natasha. If they caught up to her I knew she would be able to handle her own but I wanted them to only focus on me.
While I was running I looked back quickly and shot a few fireballs at them, letting them know that I had powers.
" This one shoots fire, let the spy go and circle around to block this one off," I heard one agent yell presumably into his communication device.
I had run as far and as fast I could but one of the Hydra agents finally was able to shoot me in the leg causing me to crash to the floor.
I tried to get back up but only made it to one knee. I saw more Hydra agents coming from the forest meaning they had left Nat alone but now I was surrounded.
They all moved in on me guns ready to shoot at any sign of movement. I was channeling my fire into every fiber of my body.  I needed them to be as close as they could before I released the energy.
This wasn't going to be pleasant for anyone involved but it's really all I could do. As soon as they had fallen within range. I stuck both of my arms out and instantly there was a huge explosion. It was almost as if a bomb had gone off, there was no way that the agents could've survived it.
I was barely able to even handle the heat being released from my body. I looked around and saw the flames surrounding me but I passed out before I could do anything about it.
" Y/n... Y/n... what did you do?" I heard a voice but I couldn't move.
I could only hope that it was Natasha but that was the best case scenario. I didn't know how long I'd been out for or who had come around since then.
The person touched my back but they retracted their hand just as fast as they put it there," Fuck Y/n, you burned me."
It's definitely Natasha.
" How am I supposed to move you if I can't even touch you?"
I tried to get up but I couldn't. It was like I had melted into the ground. I don't think I had ever used that much energy and it proved dangerous.
I felt cold water touch my skin but Natasha cursed," Jesus Christ, you're steaming Y/n. If you can hear me I need you to try to cool down for me "
I was doing the best I could. The only thing I could think of was draining myself of even more energy to leave my body void of the heat.
There was a humming in my body, it was the only way I could warn Natasha to get out of the way.
" Y/n you're turning red"
That's new and probably not good.
" I swear to god if you die right now I'll kill you"
I stopped trying to dispel the energy instantly. I groaned out loud at the feeling.
" Fuck"
Natasha was by my side in a second. She helped me sit up but I scooted away from her.
" I'll burn you"
I looked around and everything for at least 3 miles was charred black. The Hydra base was gone along with half of the forest. I had burned through most of my gear and I could still feel the heat radiating off of my body.
" I don't care, can you get up?" I shook my head, not remembering my bullet wound.
" Well then I'm going to burn myself picking you or you have to cool down"
I was trying my hardest but no matter what I did I felt hot. Which was making me frustrated, which made me even hotter.
" You need to calm down," Natasha put her hand on my shoulder and I was going to shrug her off but she wouldn't let me.
" Natasha" my tone was warning but she just met it with a steely gaze.
"  I'm helping you whether you like it or not," her hand was burning and I could tell it was hurting her.
I rolled my eyes," You're too stubborn sometimes"
" It's why you love me right?"
I froze for what was a moment too long. I knew it was just a figure of speech but it still caught me off guard. I was going to protest but I didn't get the chance. Natasha gently cupped my jaw with her fingers; imploring me to meet her gaze.
" Natasha?"
" I know, Y/n. I know that you're in love with me."
This could not be happening right now. First I'm ambushed, then shot in the leg, then I over exhaust myself, and now Natasha is about to reject me. Great, really just swell.
" Can we not do this here please. Can't we just find a way to get me on the jet, get back to headquarters and forget that this ever happened," I sounded completely desperate.
" Y/n-"
" Natasha please"
" Y/n-"
" I get it okay, you're rejecting me"
" Y/n-"
" No Nata-"
Before I could protest again her lips were on mine. I felt my body instantly relax, a coolness blanketed my skin.
She pulled away from the kiss but her fingers still cupped my jaw.
" It took me so long to come to terms with my feelings for you Y/n. I didn't want to fall in love with you but you made it almost impossible not to. You were always there for me while not expecting anything in return. You never tried to make me love you and I appreciated that. That's when I started to allow myself to fall in love with you"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. After all these years of pining for Natasha, here she was confessing her love for me. It seemed unreal but looking into her eyes I could tell I wasn't dreaming.
I felt tears building up behind my eyes because of how overwhelmed I was feeling.
" Don't cry, my love. This is good for us isn't it," she wiped my tears away.
" Ya, this is all just a little unreal. I want to... Can I take you on a date?"
" Yes, but first we've got to get you out of here" Nat was finally able to help me up and get me into the jet.
" Nat could you say it again?"
She pressed a quick kiss to my lips," I love you, Y/n."
Loving her was a gift and having her love me back was unreal.
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beanzykin · 7 days ago
Screw The Pancakes
Tumblr media
Imagine: Waking up next to your wife, Natasha
The little voice pulled you out a slumber.
This time louder and more impatient. Looking through your eyelashes, you could zero in on a little girl who seemed to be a spitting image of both you and your wife.
This time now fully awake, you quickly snatched your daughter from the ground, lifting her over you. Her giggles filled the air while someone grunted next to you.
"What are you doing up, little missy?" You teased, planting sloppy kisses over her face. "It's pancake day!" She shouted, Saturdays were always pancake days. 
You heard a soft groan from your left side, it belonged to your wife. The one and only Natalia Alianovna, your wife. 
Putting a finger to your lips, you and your daughter watched as Tasha snuggled into your side, trying to nuzzle her head between your stomach. 
Your daughter leant down carefully. "Mama?" She whispered softly, moving a bit of your wife's gorgeous red hair from her face. "Mom?" She asked again, this time tilting her head.
"How about you go downstairs and get out a bowl while I wake up your mother?" You pulled yourself up a little bit, lifting your little girl off your lap and back on the ground. 
"Loki Doki!" She nodded enthusiastically, clearly excited about pancake day.
Once you watched her leave the room, you turned over to face the sleeping beauty. "Hey, Tasha, it's wakey time," you smile at her, caressing her cheeks lightly.
A small whine escaped her lips as you softly woke her to sobriety. "It's pancake day," You pushed your limits with the assassin, chuckling like your daughter had.
"Screw the pancakes." Your chuckle soon turned into a full laugh at the grumpy widow's morning bedside manner. 
"Shut up," Natasha grumbled into the pillow, "You're too loud." You snatched her comfort pillow and watched as she groaned some more.
"Wake up, your daughter wants pancakes." You smirked at the mess of red hair in the black tank top snarled at you.
"Screw the pancakes…" She whispered once more before forcefully throwing her face into the mattress. 
Note to self: It's impossible to wake up Tasha before 8 o'clock. 
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pvrntal · 7 days ago
The Perfect Game (Ch.4 )
a/n: I realized my mistake about readers job, reader works at a diner not a cafe shop. fixing the error on the previous chapters
pairings: Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader, fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes (briefly), Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes (briefly)
(18+only!)warnings: stripper!reader, milf!nat, legal age gap (reader early 20s, bucky mid 40s, nat late 30s), angst..? swearing, cheating, mentions of alcohol. talks about drug abuse, child abuse. mentions of sexual encounters *will add more throughout*
summary: (au) CEO!Natasha Romanoff investigates and finds out you have been sleeping with her husband. Instead of confronting him and you, she decides befriend you but with that, Natasha was not prepared for falling in love with you.
word count: 1898
Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3
Tumblr media
“I brought you food” Natasha held up the white bag with the label ‘Lizzie’s diner’. She takes a seat next to you on the stool placing the bag on the table.
“how did you know i was here?” You asked as you watched her take out the plastic tray of food placing it in front of you. It was currently 5 am and the club had just closed, bouncers were kicking people out and helping them in taxis.
Natasha places a fork and napkins next to the plate “I was heading to work when I saw your car out front, I figured you might be hungry and I have a slow day today so here I am” she tells you as you put away your money. “Thank you, that’s very thoughtful of you” You smiled at her before digging into your food.
“Oh my god, you are a lifesaver” You say mouth still full, you quickly swallowed before talking again “ugh i could marry you.. shit i’m sorry” You apologized not wanting to make her uncomfortable or feel sad since she was had a divorce.
Natasha blushes and shakes her head giving you a smile “No, it’s fine. I feel honored” she winks at you. Now it was your turn to blush, you looked down at you food. “oh well okay than, I feel honored that you feel honored” You look back at her smiling. Maria walks up to the both of you and kisses your cheek.
“Hey baby, i just wanted to thank you again for coming in on your day off. Don’t bother coming in next Friday, Wanda’s got you covered” Maria smiles at you before noticing Natasha “who’s this?” she asked eyeing Nat.
You look at Maria and say “Um Maria, this is my friend Natalie Rushman. Natalie, this is Maria Hill, the own of this wonderful club” You look between them.
Natasha smiles politely giving Maria a little nod “Nice to meet you”
“You too” Maria carefully says not really trusting her. She had a guy feeling about the redhead. Shaking it off, she looks at you “I gotta go check on the girls, do you need thor to walk you out”
“No Im good” You look at Natasha then back to Maria shaking your head. Maria nods and giving you another kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back “Okay, bye baby. I’ll have Sharon clean up”
“Okay, bye Mar” You give her another smile before she walks away.
“You two seem close” Natasha says watching Maria then moving her green eyes back to you. “Yeah we are, I guess you can say i’m one of her best girls besides Wanda and Daisy” you tell her.
Raising an eyebrow at you “Oh really?”
You grin and nod as you cheeks turned red “Yup, these men pay double for us. We’re pretty much the favorites around here” 
“Oh okay” Natasha nods understanding “Is it always this busy?” She asked noticing round of people on the front waiting for taxis.
“not usually. it’s always the weekends there are the most but there’s a fashion show going on this week so a bunch of big time celebrities are gonna be here the whole week. I’ve been told about this week and usually I wouldn’t come because some like to do drugs and I can’t deal with that” You explained to her and take another bite of your food.
She looks at you with an expressive look “wow so this club is a pretty big deal around here”
You nod and swallowed your food before answering “yeah it is, we’re also not allowed to talk about any celebrities that come here. we don’t wanna be in trouble with anyone.. or killed”
Tilting her head at you “May I ask why you have a problem with drugs?” She asked even though she already knew the answer to that.
You look down at your food “Um my parents are drug addicts. They always had people over, parting and shooting themselves up. I hated those parties, especially when men would think they can um come on my room” You place the fork in the bag loosing your appetite “but yeah, sometimes my parents made me um push the needle in them”
‘How could someone let their child do that’ she carefully ask “is that why you left?”
You nod “yeah because of them I had to go into foster care when they found out about my parents being druggies. I bounced from one home to another, some were good and others were just.. awful but I made it through thanks to this one teacher I had” giving her a small smile as you continued “Her name was Ms.Potts, she was amazing. She would bring me food or clothes when I needed them. It’s because of her I want to become a teacher. Most teachers out are all about just teaching what they need to teach and getting over the job but me”
You had this dreamy look on your face “I want to actually be there for kids not just teach them but be someone who’s there to help them wether it’s them not understanding the work or them having problems at home. Everyone forgets that kids go through shit too, not just adults. And teenagers go through them as well. So I wanna be that adult that reminds the kids, who are in troubled homes, that life does get better and the world is not against them” You look at Natasha “that’s what keeps me going from quitting school. It’s also why I have this job”
“That’s amazing” Natasha beams at you “and i agree with you, there needs to be more teachers like that”
“do you have kids?”
Natasha tenses a bit “um yes I do. Two actually. Phoenix and Jade”
You light up at the names mentioned “Oh! I have a friend wells not really a friend.. he’s uh whatever.. anyways he has two kids that have the same names”
“Really? that’s.. convenient.” Natasha says with a tight smile. “Is he your boyfriend?”
You looked at her not noticing her discomfort “who? oh no! he’s just a somebody” you made a face of disgust.
The ceo gives you a teasing smile wanting to you break and tell her everything “just a somebody?”
“Yeah” You nodded your head, some lights turing off “okay, we gotta go unless you wanna be locked in here” you grabbed the bag of food and money, walking out of the side door with Natasha following close behind.
“I better be going, do you a ride?” the redhead asked.
You smiled shaking your head as you put your bag in the backseat “I’m good, thank you and thank you again for the food” you get in your car and try to start it. ‘oh come on please don’t do this to me now’ After trying a couple, your car doesn’t turn on.
“fuck” you close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to stop your from crying. You sign getting out of your car grabbing your bag from the backseat. You walk to Natasha’s car who was already in there watching you. Raising an eyebrow, she rolls down her window.
You grin embarrassed by what just happened “does that off still stand?”
“come on in” Natasha nods her head to come in. You get in holding your bag in your lap.
“you know in order for me to drop you off i’m gonna need an address” Natasha says as she starts to drive.
“oh right, sorry” You chuckled and give her your address. The car ride to your place was silent but a comfortable silence.
The car stops in front of your apartment building. You look at Nat and smile“this is me” you open the door “thank you again for so much”
“It’s no problem, call me if you need a ride” Natasha grabs a napkin and pen from the console writing her number and handing it to you. You grab the paper and grin at her.
“Thank you, bye!” leaning over you kissed her cheek and get out of the car. Natasha blinks as her cheeks flushed, giving you a smile and drives off. You watched her before walking into the building.
Later that day
You and Wanda were at ‘Lizzie’s Diner’ having a cup of coffee and chatting. The coffee there was better than the coffee at the university’s cafe shop.
“When do you plan to break off this arrangement with that guy?” Wanda asked as she takes a sip of her coffee.
You signed in frustration leaning back in your chair “I don’t know, he’s been calling but I haven’t answered” 
The redhead giggles putting her cup down “and how does he feel about that? I don’t see why you don’t just date the guy”
“Because I don’t want to. He’s not really my type Wans, plus for all I know he could be married and just lying to me” You explained your reasoning
“True but look at me and Vis. Him and I had an arrangement for months until I finally let him in and now we’re happily together” She tells you “and he doesn’t get jealous about me working at the club”
“Yeah but you both clicked the moment he introduced himself to you. Bucky and I just don’t click” You pout wishing you had the love her and Vision had “plus he has kids who by the way are like five years younger than me!”
Wanda makes a face of disgust and agrees “Okay, yeah that’s a little weird”
“See!” You exclaimed before taking a sip of your coffee. “Okay look, just give it about another month just in case you’re a little short on the money then end it.” Wanda proposes.
“a month. I could do that” Nodding, you agree with it as you put your cup down. “It can’t be that bad, can it?” Wanda asked taking a bite of her pumpkin bread.
“no but I could just tell he’s getting too attached. Last month he wanted me to go to his daughters cheerleading game” You shake your head make a face. “No!” she looks shocked quickly swallowing her food so she doesn’t choke.
“Yes! and I know for a fact he wants to sleep with me because he always makes jokes about doing it but of course I just play it off by changing the subject” you tell her.
“You guys haven’t done anything?” the redhead puts her bread down wiping her hands with a napkin. 
“no, I mean we did for the first month but it just felt wrong with me. Like I felt that I was doing a bad thing” You take a piece of her bread then eating it. “We should investigate him” She blurts out.
Looking at her as if she’s crazy, you asked “How?”
“Vis. He knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who can get us anything we want” She leans in making you lean in as well before whispering “He could even make Bucky disappear or worse”
“Wow” you looked at her with a shocked expression.
The redhead stripper nods giving you a knowing look “I know. I’ll ask him tonight and I’ll text you if he can”
Giving her a worried look, you asked “and if we can’t?”
“Oh trust me, with this mouth I can get him to do anything I want” Wanda winks at you wiggling her eyebrows.
“eww Wanda!” You threw your napkin at her and she laughs throwing it back at you.
Tumblr media
@an-evergreen-rose @mrsromanoff @dykse @stephanieromanoff @what-is-your-wish @beforeoursecrets @rooskaya-yelena @madamevirgo @trikruismybitch
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dreamywlws · 7 days ago
7 in the morning
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x female reader (Future! Wanda Maximoff x female reader?)
Word count: 3.3k
Warnings: Angst?, good softness, grief, is soft! Nat a warning?. 
Translations:  дорогой / dorogoy - Darling ? I hope this is right 😭 (I just used Google translations) малыш/malysh - baby, моя любовь/moya lyubov' - my love.
Also side note: the reader (you) in this au has powers, you have the ability to see visions and dreams of the future that are coming true. I think its called Precognition. And you also have this talent or gift where you can relive your past memories, almost vividly see your past loved ones right in front of you. Kind of like time traveling back to the past if that makes sense. This will be important side note for this fic xD
A/N: I’m sorry but also I don’t regret nothing. Should I write a series to this? it sounds like it could be a future series in the works... Let me know. Also this is my first actual attempt at a Natasha one shot fics so I hope its good. I miss her :( And enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
You hummed along to the song that was playing from your phone in the kitchen compound. The team was still fast asleep, well except for Sam, Bucky, and Steve they were all up chasing each other around like children and seeing how fast one another can win or who can beat who at the finish line. 
This morning you woke up craving pancakes, it’s been a while since you’ve had them. And well made them in general since you’ve gotten used to Tony buying his way through everything like buying a chef to cook for the team so they didn’t have to do it. 
But this morning you wanted to cook for yourself. So you let the kitchen staff go and you were already halfway through making your favorite pancakes your mother used to teach you how to make growing up. 
The pancakes were the comfort from your childhood. They reminded you of the best days spent watching your mother cooking away and flipping pancakes in the pan. As she would sing and have a happy, content smile on her face that made you smile as you watched her sometimes dance around in the morning and even on her bad days she would always be there to have your breakfast ready. 
“Breakfast is the most important part of the day, Y/n. Everyone needs their tummy full so they can be energized and ready for the day ahead.” 
That was something she used to tell you. It’s nice with your special ability, you can almost vividly see her right in front of you. Telling you what and what not to do with making the best pancakes. 
And most importantly, what you can put on them. 
Or “decorate them” she would say. 
“Look! I put a smiley face on yours! To remind you to always smile.” 
You were caught off from your daydream when Natasha’s smile was all you could see now, she was standing in her PJ shorts and your band shirt. You grinned, watching her sit upon a counter while she watches you cook. Her nails were painted red from when the other night you had a fun girl's night sleepover with Wanda too. And the three of you painted each other nails while attempting to do each other makeup (Wanda kind of failed at that at first which is okay since she wasn't the best at makeup but Natasha was surprisingly good at it) and you three ended up watching classic horror films and Wanda wasn't too happy with that but you all had a good time together.
It was nice not being avengers for once and just enjoying each other's company in your own time.
Making special memories for you to look back on and smile.
“You don’t wanna help me? These pancakes don’t come from nothing nat” you joked, and the redhead playfully rolled her eyes and hopped off the counter. 
“You just want me to help you cook, дорогой” she grinned at you, her beautiful smile making your heart flutter. 
“But don’t worry, maybe I want to help out,” Natasha said. 
You gasped, placing your hand on your chest to pretend shocked. 
“Is my darling girlfriend offering to help me cook pancakes? I don’t think I’ve met this Natasha before” you teased the redhead who frowned at you. 
“Too bad, I’m here now move,” Natasha said, teasing you by nudging her hips towards your side to push you gently but you smacked her on the arm in a playful manner. 
“Ouch!” she pouted, rubbing her arm and you sighed. 
Natasha just laughed at you, leaning into your body as you gave her a warning look. She didn’t care for your warning as she moved behind you and wrapped her arms around you, snuggling her head into your back and you smiled enjoying the feeling of being wrapped in the arms of your lover and hearing her content breathing, sometimes she would squeeze tighter to let you know she was still behind you because you would get lost in your thoughts. 
But you always knew Natasha was there. 
You always knew. 
“You look really cute in my sweater малыш, ” She murmurs, and you feel your cheeks heat up. 
“It’s actually mine now, not yours” you replied, grinning. 
“Is that so?” 
“Yup!” you said, popping the p. “Sorry, not sorry but that’s what happens in relationships. Sharing is caring,” you said, chuckling. 
You squealed when Natasha squeezed tighter and lifted you up, you were still holding the pan in your hand and you started to shout for Nat to put you down or the mixture was going to get everywhere. 
“Nat, I'm serious!” you said, squealing again when the redhead rudely started placing kisses down your neck and she took that opportunity to squeeze your breasts. 
“God I love your tits” she whispered, but you heard it very well.  
“Natalia Alianovna Romanova! Put me down now!” you shouted, struggling to move against her hold. 
“Using full names now are we?” Natasha said, raising an eyebrow at you. “Should I be afraid now моя любовь?” 
“Yes, you should. Be very afraid” you warned her, raising your spatula at her. 
Instead, Natasha leaned in and used her finger to stop some of the mixtures from dripping to the floor and placed it in her mouth with a hum. 
“Seriously Natasha?” 
“I think it needs more sugar, maybe some chocolate chips too mhm?” she said, smiling at you and you groaned. 
“I’m using my mother’s special recipe!” you whined when you felt her wrap her arms around you again. 
“Your mothers?” she asks and you nod. 
“She used to make pancakes a lot, wanna help me finish making them and try not to make a mess?” you say and she grins at you with mischief in her eyes and you raise your spatula again which makes her laugh. 
“Come on, let’s make some for the team too,” she says, grabbing another spatula as you watch her grab another bowl to put more pancake mixture in, and your smile watching her. 
“Дорогой, keep your eyes on the food or flies will get in your mouth and you will burn our breakfast,” she said, winking at you and you felt your cheeks burn. 
damn her and her effect on you.  
Cooking with Natasha was a disaster. She always told you to stay focused but she was always teasing you and making you laugh and lose concentration. You even somehow got most of the pancake mixture on the floor and ended up having a food fight with her when you got irritated with her childish behavior. 
Natasha sat on the floor, laughing as she watched you try and get some pancake mix out of your hair and you scrunch your nose at her. 
“Nat shut up, you have shit in your hair too,” you said, pointing your finger at the redhead who just kept on laughing uncontrollably. 
“I haven’t laughed this hard in so long!” she wheezed, clutching at her stomach, and just seeing you in such a mess with an upset frown makes her laugh harder. 
“Nat you ruined breakfast! My mother wouldn't have been pleased with you” you said, mumbling curse words and Natasha pouted and crawled towards you and wrapped her legs around your waist and you stared up face to face with a pouty assassin. 
“I think she will be very happy that her child has found someone who can make her smile this much even when I’ve ruined breakfast,” she said, bringing both of her hands up to cup your cheeks. 
“You’re an idiot” you grumbled, and she giggled and boop at your nose. 
“Yeah but you love me,” she said, leaning in close to press her lips against yours. 
But sadly before you could enjoy the kiss you were about to have, the team started to walk into the room. 
“Damn, did an earthquake happen or is it just Natasha and Y/n two love birds sitting in a pile of pancake mix on the kitchen floor?” Tony said, quirking his brow at you both with his arms crossed over his chest. 
“Shut up Tony.” 
“No, I’m serious. I’m gonna call someone else, wait someone take a picture of this moment! Seeing Natasha all soft is a rare thing to see and something I wanna embarrass her about in the future!” he shouted, “JARVIS did you get that?!.” 
“Yes, I did Mr. Stark.” 
“Yes!” Tony cheered. 
“What is going on here?” Thor asked, walking in late and looking confused as always. 
“Oh my god” Natasha mumbled, a blush forming on her cheeks and you giggled at her. 
“Is Natasha getting embarrassed that her team is seeing her like this?” you teased the redhead, who glared at you playfully. 
"It's perfect payback for messing up breakfast," you say, grabbing the pancake mixture bowl from the countertop and placing it between your legs as you dipped your finger into it and placed it into your mouth with a pleasant moan. 
"You know JARVIS has a picture of you as well right? Since I'm with you…" Natasha told you, and your eyes widened. 
"JARVIS delete that picture right now!" You said, trying to stand back up but Natasha's hands grabbed you by the legs as you were now dragging her and she wouldn't let go. 
"Wait, don't pull away… not yet" Natasha's voice went quiet, and you looked back down at her and her eyes softened and she pouted at you with pleading eyes. 
You sighed, you couldn't resist this woman. 
"You really have me wrapped around your finger, don't you?" You said with a smile as you say back down onto the floor now in her lap as she played with your hair. 
"I'm beginning to think you like that," she said, smiling at you and her smile reached her beautiful green eyes that you can't stop staring into and admiring them the way they shine when the morning sun hits her face through the kitchen Windows. 
Your hand caresses her cheek, you really couldn't stop smiling at what is now yours in front of you. 
"Yes. I very much do. You have me forever Nat."
"I like that."
"Good. Because I'm never leaving your side."
"Neither am I, дорогой. I'll always be with you until the end of time."
And she truly meant that. You never knew how much those simple words would impact you until this day. 
You gasped, your eyes widened as you woke up yet from another nightmare of Natasha's death. Seeing her fall from your hand grip was all you could see now. 
The sadness in her eyes, somehow they looked hopeful for you. She wasn't scared to die. She looked death in the eye over and over again if she could. And she would never show her fear. 
But you knew she was scared. Scared at the thought of seeing you alone without her, knowing that you would join the last battle not with her by your side like she has every other battle and mission. 
And even in that moment, a soul for a soul, she would never let you sacrifice yourself because you would know how much pain and suffering that would be for her. 
That it would slowly kill her every day. 
Breaking her once-broken heart she didn't think she could love until the day she met you when Steve recruited you to join the avengers when Nick Fury saw the potential you had even though at the time you were young and frightened by everything and everyone around you cause you didn't wanna risk hurting anyone with your strange ability. 
Natasha was the only one who made you feel at home. 
And now she is gone. 
It's been two years without her. 
How could you go on? 
Only being able to see her through your ability to live out through past memories again and again only to wake up with that same nightmare that wasn't even a nightmare it was all real. 
Why couldn't you have saved her instead?
She deserved so so much more than what she got in the end. 
The worst part of it all is that you saw her death coming from a mile away. 
You thought it was just a nightmare, and sometimes before Thanos came and destroyed everything you saw flashes and imagines of the future. And you saw your future wife, dying and jumping off a cliff and you heard your scream of agony watching her. 
You would wake up back then, during those night terrors and shaking in sweat and Natasha would be there to comfort you. She would never ask about the nightmare, knowing she experienced nightmares as well. But yours were different and she wouldn't understand if you told her you knew how she was going to die. 
It broke your fucking heart. 
Waking up knowing you could have stopped her death. 
Was this punishment for having a gift like this? 
Did the universe hate you that fucking much?
At first. You thought this gift was cool. Because you saw things other people couldn't see. Sure, others might have thought that was weird and strange and that was valid of them to feel that way about you. But sometimes you felt powerful knowing the type of power you had, the visions you got, that came to you in the middle of the night, that felt like listening being struck and you knew what was coming next for you or someone else or a freak accident or even visions of a tsunami and storms in other places you sadly couldn't go and help. 
Then you remembered the cost of this gift, of having a gift, is that you can't save everyone. You can't change the past, you can't stop what is to come, maybe you can try, but it's best not to. It's like the butterfly effect. If you play with it too much it will be dangerous, just like playing with fire, you will get burnt. 
And that's what your love was like with Natasha's. You did have dreams of how things could have turned out, but they all ended badly and some ended… somewhat better than the other choices. 
But now you have people like Wanda and Dr. Strange who are now supporting you and helping you to control and manage this gift for the better of what humanity has left off. 
Even though he knows the pain you are in from what this gift has caused you. Like how you couldn't save your mother from her death even if you warned her. 
A knock at your door startles you, you see Wanda standing there in just her shirt and pants. She must have sensed or known that you were having a nightmare again since your thoughts were so loud for the witch and she did live right next door to check on you every day to make sure you were still alive. 
"Hey," she said, her voice was soft and comforting as she bit down on her lip.
A thing she did when she was anxious, you have noticed. 
"Hey. Sorry did my screaming wake you up?" You asked, smiling sympathetically and she shook her head. 
"No. But your thoughts did. I just wanted to bring you some tea" the brunette said, holding some tea in her hands that you didn't even notice before. 
"Dr. Strange wants to see us both today, for your training," she tells you and you nod grabbing the tea she gave you as she sits crossed-legged on your bed.
"Thanks," you said, smiling at her genuinely this time and she nodded. 
"Anytime. We are friends, you know? I'm always here for you--"
Your hands were shaking, which caused you to spill the drink and hot liquid fell onto your lap and you hissed. 
"Shit. Fuck I'm sorry" you laughed, gritting your teeth at the pain and Wanda raised her hand and red whisps danced around them, her eyes glowing red, and you were always in awe with her magic as she helped clean it up and your cup was full again with fresh warm tea. 
"Cool. Was that new?" You asked and nodded.
"A new trick I learned," she said proudly, her accent thick and coming though strongly, she giggled and you grinned at her. 
"Awesome" you complimented her and saw her cheeks turned crimson red. 
The two of you then sat in silence. It wasn't any of those awkward silences, it was more of a comforting silence. Between two close friends, Wanda had her hands clasped together in her lap and she looked around your room with curiosity in her eyes and you liked how interested she seemed about your simple room with lots of memories it held. 
Mostly of you and Natasha…
Wanda was the first to break the silence before it got too much. 
"You know… I am no stranger to losing someone you love the most. Pietro, my twin brother, who you never knew. Was killed and it broke me. I wondered after I lost him if I could ever live with myself ever again if I could ever face another day, see the sunlight again, feel it on my skin, see the beautiful stars in the night sky again, or smell and taste delicious new food. Or meet new wonderful people" Wanda said, not staring at you but you were looking at her as she spoke again and you felt that familiar feeling of the ache in your heart. "He died young. I was angry at his death, angry at myself because I knew I had the power at the time to stop his death. He died saving me, and died saving someone else from losing their loved ones, he knew the cost he was risking, he knew that it would break my heart. That I would feel his death as well, but even after all that I could sometimes still hear his voice. Or feel him standing next to me and hearing one of his funny jokes" she said, laughing fondly and finally looking into your eyes and grabbing your hand. 
"Natasha isn't gone. She is still by your side, and she hates to see you suffer. And I know you know that deep down, I didn't know her very well but the love you two had was unlike anything I've ever seen before" Wanda smiled at you, a tear streaming down her cheek as she didn't even realize she was crying. "We don't lose the people we love, their love will always and forever be with us in here," she said, pointing at her heart. "And the memories of them too are in here," she said, pointing her finger at her head and you were now crying when you felt your cheeks all wet.
She envelops you in for a hug, wrapping you in her arms as you cry into her chest. Letting it all out, you haven’t felt the comfort that a hug could provide you in so long, it feels so nice, she hums a familiar song, you've heard it somewhere before but she sings it in her sokovian language. It sounds beautiful, peaceful, everything you need right now. 
"Our gifts don't punish us, they make us stronger. And we have something others don't that can help them too" Wanda said, gently rubbing your back to soothe you. 
"Come on now. I want to take you somewhere" she says, after some time you stop crying and wipe your tears away and grab onto her hand as she helps you get out of bed. 
Knowing that you haven't gotten good sunshine in ages. 
"Where are you taking me?" You asked the brunette and all she does is turn back and smile at you. 
"Pack your bags. I have something exciting to show you, I'm sure Strange will be fine with us going for a day or two. We're going to New Jersey to a wonderful small town that I wanted to show you and Natasha. But since she isn't well, here. You are, and that's all that matters. Now come on, let's begin a new life for each other" she said, smiling at you and for the first time in weeks you felt… good.
You felt content. 
And you trusted Wanda with your life now. 
And she trusts you too. 
Hand in hand, something new awaits you both. 
"Are you ready?" She asks you and you nod. 
"Yes. For once I am ready."
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thewidowsghost · 8 days ago
Fox - Chapter 55
Tumblr media
Yelena is the last to wake the next day. She smiles as she slides out of her bed, straightening the sheets and drawing the covers taut.
Glancing over at her alarm clock, Yelena realizes it's not as late as she thought it was. Expecting it to be ten o'clock or even ten-thirty, she is surprised to see that it is only eight-thirty.
Yelena retreats into her bathroom to brush and floss her teeth before making her way down the stairs; Ghost, and Marvel following her, the two cats have become the young girl's shadows.
"Morning, Lena," (Y/n) greets, and Yelena smiles affectionately at her mother.
"Hi, Mom," Yelena responds, sitting down at one of the barstools at the island and peers into the frying pan.
"You want some eggs?" (Y/n) asks Yelena, and the girl nods.
Yelena takes a moment to glance at (Y/n)'s attire and asks, "Where are we going?" (Y/n) was wearing a pair of leather pants, a white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket.
"It's a surprise," comes Yelena's other mother's voice.
"Morning, Mama," Yelena greets, and Natasha beams, her eyes twinkling.
"Morning, Lena," Natasha returns, placing a kiss on her daughter's hairline.
(Y/n) smiles at the interaction as she continues to cook the scrambled eggs in the pan.
Natasha comes over to the counter beside (Y/n) and starts the coffee maker.
Natasha grabs two mugs and pours coffee into them before adding (Y/n)'s preferred amount of cream and sugar.
"Thank you, hun," (Y/n) says, smiling at her wife as Natasha hands her the fox mug. (Y/n) hums happily into her cup, and Natasha leans into (Y/n)'s side, her own coffee mug in her hand. Natasha's arm wraps around (Y/n), her fingers brushing the skin on (Y/n)'s waist just under her shirt.
(Y/n) glances down, her eyes full of tender affection. Natasha looks up, meeting (Y/n)'s gaze. The redhead smiles shyly; (Y/n) chuckles, placing a kiss on Natasha's temple.
After a moment, (Y/n) sets her coffee mug down on the counter beside the stove and turns into Natasha, giving the redhead a warm hug. Natasha lets out a soft contented noise as (Y/n)'s strong, comforting arms rest around her.
(Y/n) grabs four plates and dishes out four servings of eggs before she stops, her eyes clouding sadly. After a moment, she scrapes the fourth plate of eggs back into the frying pan.
An hour later, Natasha and Yelena are sitting in the Jeep, waiting for (Y/n). She was making another cup of coffee as (Y/n) had finished the cup Natasha had made for her.
"You ready?" Natasha asks. (Y/n) jumps into the Jeep with a travel mug, her keys, and her wallet.
"Yep," (Y/n) says, cheerfully buckling her seatbelt and then looking back to check Yelena's seatbelt.
(Y/n) pulls out of the garage and drives to the SHIELD base a few miles away.
The three jump out of the Jeep and make their way inside, Yelena standing close to Natasha's side and (Y/n)'s keys hanging from a lanyard around her neck, which housed her SHIELD badge as well.
"Hey, Lena," (Y/n) kneels, her and Yelena's eyes meeting.
"Yeah, Mom?" Yelena questions.
"I want you to meet someone special to me," (Y/n) tells Yelena, straightening up, taking Yelena's hand, and leading her gently up to Phil Coulson's office.
(Y/n) knocks on the door, and she hears a, "Come in."
(Y/n) opens the door, and Phil smiles at the sight of his honorary daughter.
Phil stands up from behind his desk and then walks over, hugging (Y/n) and then Natasha.
"Dad, I want you to meet our daughter, Yelena," (Y/n) says, squeezing Yelena's shoulder gently.
Phil smiles kindly at the girl, his eyes bright with amazement; Yelena meets Coulson's gaze, green on brown. It reminds (Y/n) of a forest - green leaves hanging from brown branches.
"Hi," Yelena waves, and Coulson smiles again.
(Y/n) leans down to murmur in Natasha's ear, "You want to introduce Lena to the rest of our friends while I go down to the training room? I'll meet you there in an hour?"
Natasha nods, and she reaches up, fiddling with the chain around (Y/n)'s neck. (Y/n) looks down to see Natasha pulling (Y/n)'s wedding ring out from under her shirt and lets it sit on (Y/n)'s chest.
"See you later, hun," (Y/n) says, leaning down to kiss Natasha tenderly on the cheek.
(Y/n) leaves her dad's office and makes her way down to the training room where she finds Clint and a young blond woman. The woman was taller than Natasha - maybe five foot eleven - and had blue eyes.
(Y/n) greets Clint warmly, hugging her friend.
"I suppose you must be Bobbi," (Y/n) says, addressing the shorter woman. "I'm (Y/n)," (Y/n) says, offering a hand for Bobbi to shake.
"It's nice to meet you, (Y/n)," Bobbi says, shaking (Y/n)'s hand.
Natasha walks down to the training room - Yelena holding Natasha's hand - to find her wife and a blond woman sparring.
After another second, (Y/n) comes crashing heavily to the ground.
"I don't know why Fury's having me train you, Bobbi," (Y/n) comments, rising unsteadily to her feet. "This has happened at least twelve times already."
"There's no point anymore," Natasha remarks, and (Y/n) brightens at the sight of her wife.
"Hiya, Nat!" (Y/n) says with a wave. "Hiya, Lena!"
Yelena, her green eyes glimmering with amusement, waves back.
"Bobbi, this is my wife Natasha," (Y/n) introduces, "And our daughter, Yelena."
"Hello," Yelena says cheerfully.
"Looks like you are having fun kicking my wife's ass, huh Bobbi?" Natasha asks and (Y/n) covers Yelena's ears.
"Language!" (Y/n) says, her eyebrow raised in warning.
"How old are you?" asks Natasha and Bobbi at the same time.
"Hush," (Y/n) says, removing her hands from Yelena's ears.
"Mom's right, there is a child around," Yelena says and (Y/n) smirks.
The smirk slides off (Y/n)'s face as Yelena points to her.
"You're not my favorite anymore," (Y/n) says, though the affectionate ruffle of her hair has Yelena thinking differently.
Word Count: 997 words
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c-is-writing · 10 days ago
ch 2 - find out
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
genre: fluff
word count: 1579
warnings: none except for the fact that this is a coffee shop date once again lmao
a/n: ahhh i decide to repost this chapter mainly because i felt really unsatisfied with the first version of ch 2 and i really disliked it. i hope that this version is better :’DD 
now and then masterlist
Ever since you had your date with Natasha, she has never left your mind once as you slowly count the days until your next date. This girl truly lives rent free in your head at this point and it scares you. As you begin your morning routine of getting ready for the day and making breakfast, you sigh when you think about your relationship with Natasha. Part of you is screaming yes because you’ve never felt safer around anyone but her, however the other more logical part is telling you to protect yourself and your heart because you never know what could happen. You want to make the leap of faith, but you don’t have any cushion to fall back on if all else fails. Honestly, you aren’t sure if your heart could handle another heartbreak especially while you’re recovering from a recent one.
A light buzzing brings you out of your thoughts as you turn your attention to the source of it. The phone nearly falls off the counter before you go to pick it up. Flipping it over, the corners of your mouth turn upwards as Natasha’s name flashes brightly. You lean against the counter as you press the green button and a voice comes through.
“Good morning, Y/N.”
“Good morning to you too, Natasha.”
There’s a slight pause as the redhead tries to get her thoughts together.
“I- um, I was wondering if you wanted to get some coffee with me?”
“Yeah, today.” she answers, holding her breath in anticipation of your response.
You hesitate. What if we’re going too fast? Is this too fast? It’s been only 2 days since we last met. It wouldn’t hurt to see her again, right? As you’re about to respond, Natasha interrupts and gently asks, “Y/N? Is everything okay?”
“Hm? Yeah, everything’s alright. Sorry,” you laugh awkwardly, “I was just caught up in my thoughts.”
“So?” Natasha trails off.
“I would love to get coffee with you.”
“Oh! Really?” She replies with a hint of shock in her voice.
Laughing at her tone, “Yes, really.”
“Okay. Um, I’ll meet you there at 10:30. Sound good?”
“Yep, sounds good. I’ll see you then, Nat.”
“I’ll see you then.”
As the hang up tone sound plays, you bring your phone down and clutch it to your chest, your heart fluttering as you replay the conversation in your head. The softness in her voice made you melt on the spot. You let out a small scream of happiness, feeling a warmth bloom in your chest and spread throughout your body, leaving a tingling feeling. Nearly dropping the phone on the counter, you cup your cheeks, heat radiating from them. 
You’ve practically ascended to cloud nine and it’s only 10 in the morning. This is such a new experience for you that it’s both exhilarating and frightening at how fast you’re falling. Your mind keeps telling you to slow down in the hopes of protecting your heart which is screaming that she’s going to be different than your previous partner. As you prepare to go out, you push down the conflicting feelings and glance into the mirror, making eye contact with your reflection. Taking a breath, you steady yourself. It’s now or never.
The keys in your pocket lightly jingled with every step as you make your way to the café. As you approach the entrance, you spot a flash of red in one of the windows. The bells jingle, signaling your arrival as you look at the tables with a warm smile on your face. Natasha’s focus is quickly redirected from watching passerbys to you as you make eye contact with her and approach where she’s seated. Your smile grows bigger and bigger with every step until you stop right in front of her and breathe out, “Hi.”
Distracted by your bright smile, it takes a few seconds for Natasha to register that you said something. Fumbling with her words, she manages to greet you back and tries to play it cool. Your eyes fall to the ground as you quietly laugh at her flustered state. Cute. Taking a seat across from her, you rest your arms on the table as you start conversing with her.
“Were you here for a while?”
“No, not all. I think I got here a few minutes before you came in.”
Natasha takes note of the audible sigh of relief that passes your lips as your posture relaxes. As she opens her mouth to continue the conversation, she’s interrupted by a voice in the background calling out, “Two drinks for Natasha!” You watch as she perks up at the announcement and goes to stand up.
“Sorry, those are our drinks. I’ll go get them.”
Giving her a small smile, you nod as she returns the smile and walks over to the counter. The nerves you felt earlier in the morning have dwindled down to a quiet buzz. The rest of the tension in your shoulders leave, making you feel 10x lighter. Natasha quickly returns to the table, drinks in hand. She gently places one in front of you with a gentle clink, watching the steaming liquid in it swirl around in the cup. You graciously accept the drink and take a sip as she takes a seat. The moment it hits your tongue, your eyes widen at the taste and your heart begins flutter. She knew what my favorite drink was.
The room starts to get warmer as you become increasingly flustered at the thought. The woman across from you watches as you cough, nearly choking on your drink. Stifling a laugh, she asks, “Are you okay over there? Was the drink too hot?”
“Yep, I’m fine,” --you clear your throat-- “I just, um, how did you know what my go-to order is?”
Now, it’s Natasha’s turn to become flustered. A soft pink blooms on her cheeks as she turns her head to the side, trying to cover it up. Turning back to you with pink-tinted cheeks, she tries to play it off and pretends like nothing happened.
“Oh, I just happened to notice what you were drinking the first time we met and figured that that was probably your normal order.”
“Well, Ms. Romanoff, you surely are observant.”
Chuckling at the change in your tone, she matches it as she responds with, “Why, of course. Thank you, Ms. L/N.”
You giggle at her words and her proud smile.
“Really, though. Thank you for this. I’m surprised you managed to figure out my order.”
“Well, a spy never reveals her secrets.”
The awkward air seems to dissipate as you fall into a rhythm with Natasha while the two of you had a never ending conversation. At some point the redhead casually slips her hand into yours and your smile grew even softer as you watched her face slowly redden while she continued talking. About an hour or two pass and you find yourself learning more about the woman you’ve fallen really hard for. Her actual name is Natalia Romanova but she goes by Natasha Romanoff. She’s an Avenger which confirms your thoughts as when you first saw her, you knew that you’ve seen her somewhere. You also learned about more mundane things like how she’s not really the best at cooking but she tries to work on it in her free time. So far, she’s only burnt down the kitchen once or maybe twice, but who’s keeping track at this point.
With every detail, she takes one more step into your heart before fully capturing it. Your time at the café slowly comes to an end as Natasha checks the time and realizes that she has to get back to the compound. As the two of you exit the coffee shop, hand in hand, she turns to you and, before you know it, a pair of soft lips are pressed against your cheek. Smiling she bids you goodbye as she takes off in the opposite direction of you. You wave back at her and begin to journey back home with a lovesick grin plastered on your face. 
As you get back home, you quickly send Natasha a text.
> Thank you for the lovely coffee date this morning, you made my day <3
Within a few minutes, your phone buzzes and lights up with a text notification.
> Of course, anytime :) I really enjoyed talking with you today
> Same here. So, I’ll see you again on Saturday evening, right?
> Yep! I can’t wait :D
> Honestly same, but can I ask you something, Natasha?
> What’s up?
You take a deep breath and begin to formulate your question, making Natasha slightly nervous as the bubbles never seem to stop. 
> I really like you and I just want to ask, would you like to be my girlfriend?
Nearly dropping her phone at the confession, Natasha quickly recovers and types out her response.
>  Yes, Y/N, I would love to be your girlfriend :)
> Okay :D Could we take things slow, if you don’t mind? As much as I like you, I don’t want to rush into things too quickly.
> Of course, we’ll go at your pace, alright?
> Okay, I’ll see you Saturday, Nat.
> See you, Saturday <3
Unceremoniously flopping onto your bed, you scream into your pillow, feeling your cheeks ache at how wide your smile is. Okay, she’s definitely worth the risk.
You know there’s risks worth taking
You know you’ve gotta just find out
Your heart is always changing
There’s more to love than breaking even
All you can do is just find out
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The Perfect Game (Ch. 3)
ᴀ/ɴ: I’m so sorry that it took me forever to update but I promise I’m gonna start updating more! Also I hit 100 followers!! and 200 hits on ch. 1, thank you so much for the love 💗
pairings: Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader, fem!Reader x Bucky Barnes (briefly), Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes (briefly)
(18+only!)warnings: stripper!reader, milf!nat, legal age gap (reader early 20s, bucky mid 40s, nat late 30s), angst..? swearing, cheating, mentions of alcohol and drugs, *will add more throughout*
summary: (au) CEO!Natasha Romanoff investigates and finds out you have been sleeping with her husband. Instead of confronting him and you, she decides befriend you but with that, Natasha was not prepared for falling in love with you.
word count: 2091
Ch. 1 Ch. 2
Tumblr media
After parking, the two of you walk into the diner. Natasha looks around seeing all the vintage furniture and pictures. You spot your friend and turn to Nat telling her to find a table and you’ll be right back. Natasha found a table and watched you talk to some girl before walking back to your table. “I hope you like waffles” You say as you sat down. The redhead smiles and nods “I do”
“Awesome” You say smiling. As you both wait for the food, you watch the way Natasha stare out the window. She seemed lost in her own world just people watching. Sometimes she’ll catch your eyes making you look away and blush from being caught.
The waitress came and set the plates in front of the both of you, you thanked her giving her a smile before looking at Natasha who was digging into her food. You watch as she takes a bite of the waffle and practically moans. You blush at the sound “Good?”
“Amazing actually” She replies and shifts in her chair “so have you always been a uh..” Natasha didn’t know how to word it not knowing if you were comfortable enough to talk about your work in public.
“A dancer” You gave Natasha a teasing smile. She flushed with embarrassment nodding giving you a small smile “yeah”
You looked down at your plate of waffles “um for about a couple months now” You tell her. The two of you were at your favorite dinner ‘Lizzie’s Diner’, a block from the university you go to. You found the diner the first week you moved here, you wanted to see if there were any good places by your school and luckily you found this in place. It’s also the same diner you work at. “I uh actually work here too”
“oh, that’s nice” Natasha pretends to act surprised and takes a bite of her waffle, good thing you don’t notice. You nod and take a bite of yours. “Have you always lived in New York?” She then asked after swallowing her food.
You swallowed yours before answering “no. I’m originally from a small town called Greenfield, Massachusetts”
‘knew that’ Natasha says in her head before speaking “so what made you decide to move to New York?”
“a fresh start... and i’ve always wanted to live in New York. I took a trip here once when I was in high school and I fell in love. Call me cliché but i fell in love with the big city, the lights and tall buildings. The fact that this city is so big, no one knows each other unless they work or go to school together or their family. The fact that you can walk pass a person and they don’t know your family life or your drama, you’re just a random person to them” You explained to her, your eyes sparkling and your smile brighten as you continue to spoke “Hell you can trip in front of someone and they tell a couple of people but by the end of the day, you are just a random person!” You smiled dreamily “no one knows who you are, your just this mysterious person living in this huge city” You looked at Nat who was staring at you with awe. “What?” You asked.
“Nothing” She replies shaking her head and gives you a smile “I just think that you are the first person to ever talk about New York the way you did” Natasha wanted to tell you that the way you thought of New York and your love for it was what she felt when she moved here. She never met someone who thought about the city the way she did and even though she hasn’t seen much of it due to always working, she still loves it. She’s never meet someone like you. “What about you?” You asked digging into your eggs.
Natasha tenses a bit as she plays with a piece of waffle with her fork “um I’ve always lived here. I’m a New Yorker” she emphasizes it and laughs then quite down looking at you “I’m sorry about the other night, it’s just.. it’s been a while since I’ve been single. I just recently got a divorce so I thought maybe go try and do something and well I ended up at a strip club, you came up to me and started being touch and I don’t know” She signs “I guess I just panicked and kinda felt like I was cheating on him” she explains to you hoping you wouldn’t pick up the lie she told as she looks down at her ring “and I haven’t gotten the courage to take the ring off yet”
You gives her a smile “It’s fine, really. I understand now and I’m sorry about the divorce” you say sincerely. She brushes it off “He was a cheating asshole, it’s fine”
Giving her a look, you shake your head looking down at your food “Well he’s dumbest person ever to cheat on someone like you. He really messed up by loosing you” you look up and into her green eyes. You both stared at each other to what seem to be hours until Natasha broke the stare to look at the clock that hung up on the wall behind you.
“oh shit, i better be going or i’m gonna be late” the redhead stands up throwing a hundred on the table. You blink a couple times before standing with her “o-okay, lets go” You walk out of the diner with her and out to your car. You wanted to talk to her more in the car but sadly she got a call and she really had to take it. Once the car was parked by hers, Natasha hangs up turning to you giving you a smile “Thank you for giving me a chance to make it up to you”
Shrugging and giving her a shy smile “It was no problem, really. I had fun” You say “maybe we could even get breakfast again?”
“Maybe” She shrugs winking at you as she smiles teasingly. You felt like your heart stopped for a second when she winked at you ‘oh gosh’. “Well you know where I work at” you stated.
“Yes I do” Natasha gets out of the car shutting the door and walking to hers then gets in. She gives you one last smile before driving off. You watched her and bite your bottom lip. ‘Natalie Rushman, what are you doing to me?’
After work, Natasha went to dinner with Carol and her wife, Maria Rambeau-Danvers.
“So the plan is to basically become friends with her to understand what she’s like and why he would want her” Maria repeats the plan Natasha and Carol explained to her. “And you agreed to help her” She pointed at Carol, who nodded. “then what?” she looks at both of them who look at each other with sheepish smiles. Maria rolls her eyes “that’s all you came up with!”
“Hey, you act like I’ve done this before. It’s not everyday you find out your husband is cheating on you with a child and you come up with a plan to find out what’s so special about her” The redhead snapped making Maria feel bad. “Okay, i’m sorry. I just don’t want you hurt anymore” Maria tells her grabbing her hand across the table. “I know, i’m sorry for snapping. I just don’t know what to do” Nat tells her.
“Blackmail her.” Carol blurts out making Nat and Maria snap their heads towards her giving her a crazy look. “What don’t act like you haven’t done that before” She explains making Natasha roll her yes. “That was one time and don’t you think I haven’t thought about it” The ceo tells signing “I know that all I have in this damn plan is just to friend her but at least that’s something so for now that’s that.”
Carol gives Maria a look who understands. “and we are with you on that plan, if we need to come up with more than we will” Maria says giving the redhead an encouraging smile “now we gotta talk about the hubby and what we’re gonna do with him”
Natasha smirks darkly “oh that is all planed out” she revealed making the other two smirk as well.
The next day
Natasha poured a pack of laxative into the already made smoothies, quickly closing the cup with the lid hearing footsteps coming down the stairs. She shakes it a bit before holding it out to Bucky, who just walked in. “Here you go, I made you a breakfast smoothie” Natasha gives him a fake smile. Bucky grabs the cup “Thanks babe” He kisses her cheek “Don’t wait up for me tonight, having dinner with the guys” He tells her as he leaves.
“I won’t” Natasha replies waving at him. ‘The boys my ass’ She rolls her eyes and starts cleaning up the mess she made. Her plan was to slowly humiliate Bucky, start going through finances to make sure her ass is covered and take Bucky’s name off some things that she’ll want to keep and then divorce his cheating ass. Of course it’s not as simple as it seems considering that there are kids to think about. They may not be hers biologically but she was the one who stepped up to be their mother. Phoenix was 4 and Jade was 3 when she met them, their mother was an addict who ran off with her drug dealer when Jade was only 5 months. Natasha is the only mother figure they have considering Bucky’s mother passed before they were born and they didn’t know anyone from their mothers side.
Now their 18 and 17 in college, living their own lives and visiting as much as they can. Their Natsha’s world and she doesn’t want to hurt them from this divorce even if they practically adults but she’s not gonna stay with someone who’s gonna make a fool out of her and sleep in another girls bed. She’s going to have to tell them even if they hate her.
Natasha looks at the family photo that stood on the island. She signs and closes her eyes ‘god i hope they don’t hate me’
- Hey, can you come in tonight. Roni is sick and you’re the only one who can make drinks. :(
You read the text that was sent to you by Maria, the owner of the club, who’s also our momager/bodyguard. She’s amazing and takes very good care of her girls. It doesn’t matter if the president was at the club, if he’s touching us in places he shouldn’t. She will kick his ass. As much as you don’t want to work tonight considering it was your only day off, you couldn’t say no. You quickly text her back.
- Of course, be there in 20 :)
You get up from the couch and take a quick body shower before getting dressed and grab you back. You check your phone as you walked to your car seeing Maria’s message.
- Thank you baby, I owe you one ♡
“Yeah you do” You mumbled as you got into your car, starting it you drove straight the club. You phone start ringing, giving a quick look you see Bucky’s name run across it. Rolling your eyes, you let it go to voicemail. ‘i’ll deal with him later’
You get to the club and start getting ready changing into some short shorts and a see through crop top. You wore a see through lace bra underneath the shirt. You knew this outfit would make the men give you big tips. After getting dressed, you start getting stuff ready taking down the chairs, wiping down the tables and restocking the beer bottles. Once you were done, the girls started coming out and men started to fill in.
You groan and sign out of relief. This was the first time you sat down since you came. For a Monday, it was pretty busy though you can’t complain considering the amount of money you made tonight. Taking some money out, you start to count it. You let out a big yawn, counting in your head. ‘I can’t wait to go home’
“Should you really be counting that much money out here?”
You heard a voice ask from behind you, putting the money down in the bag, you smiled turning around in the stool “what are you doing here?”
Tumblr media
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