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#black poets matter
octaviawrites · 19 hours ago
I am beyond excited to announce that my very first poetry book, Like A Butterfly, will be published and released on JUNE 8th, 2021! 🤍🦋💐
Tumblr media
My mom asked me how I felt about my book being done the other day and I told her that I feel so incredibly accomplished. I’m so proud of myself for publishing my first book at 24 years old. It’s a great start to many more book creations to come. ✨ I can’t wait to share a piece of my heart, mind, and soul with you all. I hope you all are just as excited as I am.
I’d love to give a HUGE shoutout to @nicole.mauck for the amazing illustrations she did for the book! Her hard work and creativity is unmatched. I love her. 💓
We worked hard at putting this baby together!
As always, thank you guys for being here with me on this journey. For those of you that have been supporting from the beginning, you know that it’s been a long road. But we’ve made it here and it’s only the beginning. I’m grateful for you ALL, nonetheless. Cheers to healing and feeling together. Much love. 💖
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theunoriginalyssa · a day ago
flashing lights
friday nights on highways
flashing lights go on by,
a symphony of luminance overwhelming the senses.
Every light pole a new infinity, and
Beyond the lightyears, I counted you to be there;
But stars are only stars twinkling in a dying sky-
promises made of things we can’t touch.
That’s what we made to each other,
with the waning moon a frail blanket.
Laying close, saying things that shouldn’t have been thought-
and aloud we declared it all.
Each word giving speed to a faulty shooting star,
letting any wish wished die upon it.
Maybe it was foolish to think you meant those things,
to let myself make moldavite rings.
The sky is still falling, each flashing light full of laughter over our decay.
Laughter masking its sorrow, grappling supernovas with grief stricken hands.
The dust of her burdens slip into tired eyes, letting tears flow freely down her cheeks.
She decides then it’s time to count the lights.
~ Alyssa Q
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poetdreamerfool · 3 days ago
we, champions
I'm sorry Mr. Rosewater I wouldn't share the breakfast of champions with my own daughter-- you gotta earn that shit. learn that shit. take the weakest parts of yourself and burn that shit-- we ain't born with shit no wish shit; talent in abundance--
water is life. tears are a life lived, I’d rather be the one eating than a smear on a bib-- as the depression slides home. not safe! black magic to black tragic--
the floodgates are ajar like a lion’s jaw; forever the thorn in the lion’s paw; in awe of a truth so raw you don’t gotta lie first to make it hurt when you say it- but for real it depends how you play it soothsayer, booth slayer, all game no player-- no god, no prayers-- just teeth and crashing hands and sharp words that are worse when whispered but feel better when yelled. another strange fruit another strange bell. ding. ding. ding. Pavlov is both god and the pope to capitalism, to hate-- but what they can’t take is what’s in my upright black fist: my fate.  
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mselleward · 4 days ago
A little powder here
A touch of blush there
Primped and primed
For the perfect illusion
A picture of happiness
A face paint it with Joy
With words pre-recorded 
 such essence and beauty
To match this fabricated china doll
Sit up straight!
Keep your smile drawn constantly
As the world erase your perfect imperfections
Yet, you loudly scream silent cries
But the truth stays behind bars of the minds
Because you're taught to sing rainbows
More lullabies of sunshine
Adding more and more chains to the scale
More stitching at your man made seams
Brushing another layer of joy upon your face
Who are you?
Perfect dress, perfect shoes, perfect hair
Dressed in glamour
To sit upon a vast audience
Still sitting in a room alone
Because no one knows.....
No one knows
Who are you?
It's a different day
Different mask
Different smile arranged
Upon a porcelain figure
As more puppet strings appear
And others possess the master key
Somehow the real obsolete
And reconstruction happens daily
A mirror is placed
To see such perfection
Yet all that is seen
Is a stranger
Who are you?
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brain-scribblr · 5 days ago
Life has taught me that certain parts of me are undesirable
My hip dips, my oddly shaped breasts, my knock knees...
But others are hyper-sexualized
My my butt, my thick thighs, even my locs...
Subconsciously I dress to highlight my desirable parts
But not too much as to gain the wrong kind of attention
I’m ashamed, yet confident
Sexy, yet destroyed
Insecure, confused, and every time someone says I’m beautiful I question it
Because how can you be so sure when I’m not even sure myself?
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jasminewritespoems · 5 days ago
Should I Take the Hint? [NaPoWriMo 3/30]
Tumblr media
Answer the phone, please.
I can't stand another night
wondering if you
care about me at all or
if I'm a phase you went through
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mselleward · 6 days ago
No Love (this is a work in progress)
I want to love you
But I must love her first
But right now she and I
Aren’t seeing eye to eye
We’re growing farther and farther apart
Where cupid’s arrow can longer strike
And Aphrodite mourns over our relationship
I want to love you
But I must love her first
The one on the other end
Of this broken glass
Shattering our relationship
Imposing more and more hate
Of my heart’s duplicate
A distorted carbon copy
An unhappy Xerox
I would love you
However, I must learn to love her first
Because we feed off each other
And her lifeline is draining me
Our pulse is offbeat
Making unrhythmic trends
In our spiraling devotion
Sinking lower and lower
Into despair of the attachment
And the noisy silence
Of unspoken thoughts
Trickling from mind to mind
I cannot love you
Because I hate her
In the reflection
My loveless soul
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brearipoetry · 9 days ago
After Lucille Clifton
Okra seeds resting
between cornrowed scalps
we braved seas and still never dropped the roots
planted ourselves upon new shores
and watched white men call our crops they own
that’s what happens when you the blueprint and the harvest
bees buzzing across new worlds
cus you the honey
freedom gon’ ring
cus it’s all we’ve ever known
to dance and don’t care who watching
to tell our stories loudly
with full mouths
cus what had happened wuz
to cut up
to laugh ourselves into new realities
to bake the mac and cheeze
to fry the wings hard
to soak the greens
yes, to the old bay, always
no vacancy on earth for the wretched
for the nappy
for the dark
for the Black
freedom gon’ ring
cus it’s was born
right here
between starshine and clay
in these Black bones
@brearipoetry | IG: @briaripoetry
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ninetyninequestions · 12 days ago
Life is glory, life is trouble
Life is peace, life is disruption,
Life is love, life is envy,
Life is better than what
I could ever have imagined.
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brain-scribblr · 18 days ago
At the end of the day
It was never about the words I wrote
It was never about the songs I sang
It was never about recognition or fame
It was and will always be about a pricked heart and a changed mind
Even if it’s just my own.
~ T.C.
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ninetyninequestions · 21 days ago
After all I’m happy, finally!
Super, superb
So silly, so dreamy
So fun, so light
It’s a delight.
So funny, so sunny, I’m happy
Victory, Victory, Victory
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sadarieswhore · 21 days ago
love is a foreign thing to the mind
it festers in the heart, not stopping,
until something destroys every last piece
so delicate like a wilting rose
ruby roses and violet vices vanish into dawn
i come crashing down in the roller coaster
a ride i never dreamt of getting on, can’t get off
love isn’t so strange to others, it’s innate to them
why is it so peculiar to me?
- mars, “Learning Love” 2021
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ninetyninequestions · 21 days ago
The fakes, the lovers, the friends
I cannot bear to stay around
In my head I’m stuck and I cry
Oh isn’t it beautiful
To be alive.
The pain, the sadness, the smiles
I cannot bear to be around
In my heart I’m stuck and I cry
Oh isn’t it cruel
To be alive.
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thepoetangelique · 22 days ago
all these poets is my sons. i create space for marginalized. youth to counter the narrative being forced upon them.
Britteney Black Rose Kapri, Black Queer Hoe
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poetdreamerfool · 25 days ago
checkmate, king me♟
how I'm supposed to read your lips while I watch what I say? one thing some folks don’t understand is that beauty can’t be absorbed-- no osmosis, no endothermic reactions, no lights, no cameras, no action. they play chess when its checkers and checkers when its chess-- I digress second year in jail, no case, no face; cellies with with eyelash wishes and wishful whispers; to enslave a man-- first its the baptism, then you must kill inside them it the ability to dream-- hope is fine, dreams are the opposite of capitalism.
I am limitless: I breathe in hate and exhale excellence; bedfellows with chaos-- hope them cuffs stay off; dreams out past curfew-- rain dancing-- I got sons to give my earth to; lesson number 1: write them words down, son; put them flowers in some water; my mother's father had a daughter one who never bothered with her son, damn; we was all to the slaughter but lions go different than lambs-- I stand. I ain’t going along with the world’s plans MLK, Frederick Douglas, and Malcolm X could form a shaky alliance   to curb my defiance they’d take one look in my eyes and they’d lose by a landslide; I chose to conquer myself regardless of abundance or wealth, regardless of feelings or health just self.
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theunoriginalyssa · 25 days ago
scrap III
Engulf my being into your warm hands
Soft and pliant I will be
Awaiting your embrace
And knowing you’ll never leave
Until I ask for your permission
But you pull me tighter
Restricting the air in my lungs
My heart beating uncomfortably in my chest
Yet I stay
Knowing I’ll pass
And my remains will be held dearly in your warm hands
~ Alyssa Q
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brain-scribblr · a month ago
I cut myself
Every cut a word I wasn’t brave enough to say
Because I was scared of hurting you
I hurt me
Beads of blood shed just to keep you near
Because I was scared of hurting you
I hurt me
You found those cuts
and what you told me next made me stop
Because I was scared of hurting you
I hurt me
But hurting me hurt you
Because you loved me
~ T.C.
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