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#black poems
theunoriginalyssa · 4 days ago
flashing lights
friday nights on highways
flashing lights go on by,
a symphony of luminance overwhelming the senses.
Every light pole a new infinity, and
Beyond the lightyears, I counted you to be there;
But stars are only stars twinkling in a dying sky-
promises made of things we can’t touch.
That’s what we made to each other,
with the waning moon a frail blanket.
Laying close, saying things that shouldn’t have been thought-
and aloud we declared it all.
Each word giving speed to a faulty shooting star,
letting any wish wished die upon it.
Maybe it was foolish to think you meant those things,
to let myself make moldavite rings.
The sky is still falling, each flashing light full of laughter over our decay.
Laughter masking its sorrow, grappling supernovas with grief stricken hands.
The dust of her burdens slip into tired eyes, letting tears flow freely down her cheeks.
She decides then it’s time to count the lights.
~ Alyssa Q
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theunoriginalyssa · 5 days ago
doll I
She is nothing but a doll
her cloth a genetic lottery.
the stuffing not too much
because too much stuffing is never what a mother wants.
round dark brown button eyes
bordering on black,
a gifted abyss
a reminder of her ever-present loneliness.
plump lips
a wide soft nose
stitched together by the woes
Of her mother
the traumas of her father
she is nothing but a doll
a toy that has yet to be played.
~ Alyssa Q
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chvrlieherbs · 6 days ago
Black man black man
You carry the world on ur shoulders
Black man black man
You father our children
Black man black man
Your life is shown no mercy
Black man black man
Killed by brother, crooked cops, and racists
Black man black man
Still fights to be respected
But your life is made pure and guided with love
The black man was created
From the heavens above
- Amelia
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theunoriginalyssa · 6 days ago
scrap V
my mind is not my own
it speaks for itself
my heart is not my own
it feels for itself
the two at war in the confines of this shell
barely human i am
i am barely human
functioning on the lowest scale
i wonder what it'd feel like to be one
to feel feelings
with no doubt nor hesitation
to let my mind ponder
without dissecting my existence
to simply exist is challenging
there is no end
yet when it does
i will not be a witness
~ Alyssa Q
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theunoriginalyssa · 7 days ago
grillz I
do you ever wonder or ask:
are we enough?
the lies we tell one another
aren't holding up
each one flawed
but flawed perfections
living in-between cavities
covered in glistening veneers
with gold grillz worn over it proudly
are we enough?
sore feet dancing under fluorescent lights
they burn so bright
frying the skin of those it shows itself upon
turning itself off once the feet drop
are we enough?
using our faces
our broad grins
exaggerated lips and hips
never enough to fill the void
will we ever be enough?
~ Alyssa Q
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brain-scribblr · 8 days ago
Life has taught me that certain parts of me are undesirable
My hip dips, my oddly shaped breasts, my knock knees...
But others are hyper-sexualized
My my butt, my thick thighs, even my locs...
Subconsciously I dress to highlight my desirable parts
But not too much as to gain the wrong kind of attention
I’m ashamed, yet confident
Sexy, yet destroyed
Insecure, confused, and every time someone says I’m beautiful I question it
Because how can you be so sure when I’m not even sure myself?
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theunoriginalyssa · 8 days ago
cake I
take some flour and sugar
baking soda
baking powder
crack the eggs with a soft power
uncap the milk
whisk until it becomes one
making the edible inedible
it’s unappealing
how ironic this batter makes something so appetizing
so beautiful
layered in benevolent frosting
sugar flowers decorating it
it’s kind sweetness
the beginning forgotten
only the present known
let the writing on her cake say
“welcome home”
a double looped “o”
~ Alyssa q
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theunoriginalyssa · 8 days ago
generational I
fall in love
to the beat of our two drums
come together to create one
that will only form from only our love
let it crack when we crack
one love becomes two loves and two loves two homes
my bones sore
the 9 to 5 not worth it anymore
but me and the kids need to eat
but wait that’s it
i’ll just pack up and leave
leave that wretch and her kids
bring along my midlife crisis
rethink how bad did i have to fuck up this life
this is
is this it?
this generational thing isn’t looking good is it?
what if i end it
end it right here
cut this blood line
make my family tree disappear
what if i did
make my legacy my child
let the words few choose to read resígnate
let that be my child
let it be my 9 to 5
let it be my love and misery
let it be me
~ Alyssa Q
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brearipoetry · 12 days ago
After Lucille Clifton
Okra seeds resting
between cornrowed scalps
we braved seas and still never dropped the roots
planted ourselves upon new shores
and watched white men call our crops they own
that’s what happens when you the blueprint and the harvest
bees buzzing across new worlds
cus you the honey
freedom gon’ ring
cus it’s all we’ve ever known
to dance and don’t care who watching
to tell our stories loudly
with full mouths
cus what had happened wuz
to cut up
to laugh ourselves into new realities
to bake the mac and cheeze
to fry the wings hard
to soak the greens
yes, to the old bay, always
no vacancy on earth for the wretched
for the nappy
for the dark
for the Black
freedom gon’ ring
cus it’s was born
right here
between starshine and clay
in these Black bones
@brearipoetry | IG: @briaripoetry
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theunoriginalyssa · 14 days ago
rhythm I
Two lovers touched lips
Swallowing one another’s lust whole
Their breaths in unison
But falling out of sync
Foul warm tongues exchange lies
Dripping in sorrow
Letting each other lap up their pain
Yet it pools in a still mouth
And coughed up in haste when all is said and done
~ Alyssa Q
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theunoriginalyssa · 15 days ago
whiskey I
The humble day drinker sits
rolling his gold between teeth
stinging his tongue
and down his throat
the warmth enough to awaken his heart
enough to make him feel alive
burning his heart and belly
a boiling pot of hurt and pain
his body becoming a furnace
yet never hot enough
never warm enough
the steam bubbling into tears
he wishes to wash it all away once more
an empty glass
an empty home
sipping the last of his gold down his throat
~ Alyssa Q
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meandsomemore · 19 days ago
Running out of time
Trying to find some peace of mind
Going in circles
Chasing my thoughts
As they scatter around
Feeling chaos
Can I finally sleep?
And dream a little dream
Makin my body less weak
Now my body tensing up
With all the things i haven't done
Asking myself Is this really worth some?
While sitting in my boredom
I've lost hope in myself
And what i've really done
Thinking can i get better
Than my past contenders
No authenticity
In what is really me
In what i write
And what it be
Feeling like all i do
Is sit ‘round and rhyme
Missing the fire
I once ignited with desire
Sparking ideas
Someone pass me a lighter
Missing those days
When id write till i seen old age
Now i see myself wither
Can't even see the bigger picture
Trapped in myself
Too afraid to go get help
Maybe one day ill express how i really felt
To a world with no help
Asking god is it really safe
To live my life this way
When i want a life
Thats worth more than a price
And some change
But is this really right
To run around and lose sight
In the midst of all i truly spite
I wake up in tears
Tryna get rid of these fears
Running away from
What i must truly say
That people’s thoughts
keep getting in my head
Cluttering what's already been there instead
Making less room
For all those voices to go boom
Askin’ myself
Can i truly get out this Doom
And let myself fully bloom
Suffocated from all i'm trying to say
Can i please get out this place
Till i finally feel safe
To express my words
In a way i'll truly be heard
And stop tossin me to dirt
Cause this shit really hurt
And i'm feelin real thirst
For all the ways i haven't learned
How to truly grow
In a space with no flow
Cause i no longer
Can keep choking myself
To silence the things
That tell me I should follow my dreams
When will i learn
That i'm as free as a bird
As long as i see
To the third degree
That im truly blessed
to be all that is me
[Interlude] Unattainable
I stop my excitement
Just to try and fight it
So i dont re-ignite it
From myself and all those others
Who believe i can go higher
In a world without desires
To make me feel lighter
Pushing all the things
That make me believe
That this high is by surprise
How long can i live this lie
Why wont i let myself fly
Saying it’s easier to look down
And not try
Encouragement feeling more foreign
Than the bank accounts of all those tourin’
Just to say they feel clout
For those thoughts always filled with doubt
I wonder when i’ll finally see
What it means to be me
In a world filled with greed
Making me hungry for a g
Seeing fame and praise
Shine bright in my name
Hoping for the day
I'll be on a big stage
And make it out this place
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theunoriginalyssa · 20 days ago
lover I
How am I to be the moon when I’m only the sea?
The moon is steadfast
and the epitome of beauty,
Witches and creatures of the night
bask in her glory.
Her gaze calming and soothing,
something I could never be—
see, I am controlled by these things
that I can and can’t see.
I reach out to others
yet they play with my efforts,
toying with my tears at the shallows of my shore.
My efforts to reach out halt
Letting the waves come to a still
And I empty out the burdens in my depths;
I give up my vain efforts of sanity
an uncontrolled mess of a sea
enveloping the lives others have made near me.
How am I to be the moon
That you want me to be.
~ Alyssa Q
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brain-scribblr · 21 days ago
At the end of the day
It was never about the words I wrote
It was never about the songs I sang
It was never about recognition or fame
It was and will always be about a pricked heart and a changed mind
Even if it’s just my own.
~ T.C.
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theunoriginalyssa · 24 days ago
sonder I
It was the first time I took the train:
people’s body odor irritated my senses
and the leaking gas from the cart stung my eyes.
It was packed to the brim 
yet I managed to find a seat.
But as the doors shut,
and the train began to move,
a woman sat down beside me.
Her figure round and aura warm,
she had a soft smile—
It was comforting
But my sense of unease didn’t go unnoticed;
She turned to me and said
“It’s the gas, they haven’t upgraded all the trains yet.”
My lips parted into an “ah”
curling at the ends into an acknowledging grin,
She did the same. 
We sat in whatever silence a packed train could afford,
the sound of the PA system and those onboard becoming one.
She got off two stops before mine
I never saw her again—
But I don’t think I could forget her.
~ Alyssa Q
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theunoriginalyssa · 25 days ago
What’s so enticing about the depraved?
the romanticization of lack
hunger for a fair life fetishized 
teeth rooted into gum’s that tingle with greed
forced to watch from afar while white devils grow in privileged gluttony
waiting for the scraps to fall off their dishes
hoping that their white angels don’t jump down
bellies folding over and over 
rolling hills wishing for a dry season
beliefs granting solely themselves a seat at their other half’s table
saying we experience the same thing
rice and meat stuck in between their teeth
acids stuck digesting acids in my body
~ Alyssa Q
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waveypoet · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
If Qi the spiritual flow of Air, then Mother Nature is the energy of Earth? A combo of a spiritual being.
Breathing to new beginnings,
Searching our souls within the depth of our emotions.
As the energy flows,
Vibrating a new frequency
You’re the energy that you align yourself with
You become one with your thoughts, here comes the tranquility.
If God can connect the mountains with the clouds... so can you.
Growing, breathe still & living.
Let the energy and spirit guide you, as it guides me.
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theunoriginalyssa · 27 days ago
scrap IV
the wallpaper is pressed nicely up against the wall
it’s feel smooth beneath my palm
the repetition of a singular pattern making me feel safe
but i notice a tear in the top left corner
then my hand grazes an air bubble
and i can’t seem to remember when i last did my nails
and when i last showered
and why was the floor covered in piles of unwashed clothing
but i can’t remember how i even got here
why was i here
~ Alyssa Q
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theunoriginalyssa · 28 days ago
scrap III
Engulf my being into your warm hands
Soft and pliant I will be
Awaiting your embrace
And knowing you’ll never leave
Until I ask for your permission
But you pull me tighter
Restricting the air in my lungs
My heart beating uncomfortably in my chest
Yet I stay
Knowing I’ll pass
And my remains will be held dearly in your warm hands
~ Alyssa Q
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