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#black panther is the exception and it is a masterpiece move on
kwispayne · 4 months ago
The Top 10 Albums Of 2020
This year was shiiiiiiiit. Fucking covid 19 interrupting everything. I am so glad this was a great year for music. 
So in all, I didn’t hear much bad music this year. This was a great year for metal, so you will see alot of it in my top albums of this year. 
And as always, I didn’t hear every album this year, this is my person list and I counted anything released this year.
10. Idles - Ultra Mono
Tumblr media
Genres: Punk, Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Art Rock, Industrial Rock, Post Punk
Country of origin: England
Following up in my opinion one of the greatest albums ever made isn't an easy feat, but Idles have made a very interesting good attempt. Adding more experimental flare to their punk style with some of their most hard hitting riffs, it almost shadows the raging punk anthems throughout. Lyrically more angry and direct, this album is a leftist's wetdream. As an ensemble they are tighter than ever, and as always Joe Talbot's delivery is as unique and engaging as it can be. Following a masterpiece is hard, but this is an extremely good effort. So far, not a bad album has been made by this band and will more likely see my top 10′s each year.
9. Everything Everything - Re-animator
Tumblr media
Genres: Art Rock, Art Pop, Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Electronic
Country of origin: England
Of course these guys are going to be in my top 10. Usually they top it, but this album is a bit of a step down from their 2 recent masterpieces, but like Idles, these guys are putting an interesting foot forward. Stepping more into their pop and electronic shoes on this one, the album creates some of the bands most interesting sing alongs and even adds a bit of funk into certain places. Lyrically this album isn't as direct, but the tone of the album definitely is pointing towards the floorboards rather than the ceiling. And as always, Jonathan Higgs' vocals are the most unique in music at the moment.
8. Myrkur - Folkensange
Tumblr media
Genres: Folk, Scaninavian Traditional
Country of origin: Denmark
Mykur grabbed my attention originally based on what it is. A one woman black metal project. Now her previous 2 efforts have increased with effort, but her previous album Mareridt showed more folk influence, and that mix really did intrigue me (this album was a hair away from the top 10 the year it was released). Now with this album is a completely different entity. Completely loosing the metal parts of her sound and just focusing on the folk elements really showed how much of a musical genius Amalie Brunn is. Compositionally this album has incredible moments of beauty and purity that I can only imagine exist on some sort of divine plane that we can only barely reach. This project just got a whole lot more interesting and the potential for the future is even more exciting.
7. Haken - Virus
Tumblr media
Genres: Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Djent
Country of origin – England
Haken have always been a hair away from my top 10s for most years. In many ways as a band they are getting better and better with each release. Virus is very much their most focused release. It is very chaotic still, but it there is a certain organised chaos that they haven't tapped into before. Also the best thing about their recent  releases is that they're short and to the point. Musically the band are always on point, with the most impressive playing coming by drummer Raymond Hearne (this man is a programmable machine). And while the musically is incredibly complex, it doesn't sound overly manufactured, which is also a bonus. It’s also weird that they called their recent album know...pandemic and all that jazz.
6. Ensiferum - Thalassic
Tumblr media
Genres: Folk Metal, Battle Metal, Power Metal, Viking Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Country of origin – Finland
Ensiferum are again another band who at times have been very close to my top 10's in the past but lost the list by a fraction. Folk metal to me only really interest me if the material is exceptional and there's something else to their sound. Now when it comes to the genre itself, they already are one of the best bands going, but now they've decided to add a new element to their sound, with new keyboardist and vocalist Pekka Montin who really adds a new diverse element to the band. Catchier chorus', more epic instrumental passages and Rob Halford power metal screams make this album a real standout to their discography and I hope this is a sound and element that these guys don't loose.
5. Avatar - Hunter Gatherer
Tumblr media
Genres: Power Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal, Extreme Metal
Country of origin – Sweden
I recently just got into these guys, and why it took me so long, I'll never know. Their last album Avatar Country was very enjoyable, but it was just a few hairs away from my list (seems to be a pattern this year). Now the band are back, heavier, screamier and more succinct than ever. Musically these guys are very agile while showing off to fit the music rather than the spectacle. The real focus of this band has to be vocalist Johannes Eckerström, moving from operatic tenor to very unique screams and growls. The blending of the 2 styles has never been done so successfully. Material wise, the band bring forth their most to point material, and lyrically having a lot to say without it overclouding the enjoyablity factor. Can't wait to see what these guys have to show us next.
4. Caligula’s Horse - Rise Radiant
Tumblr media
Genres: Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Art Rock
Country of origin – Australia
Getting into my list with their last album, In Contact was an amazing listen, even though I knew these guys had a lot more to prove to us. And this album is what I was expecting. A tightening of their talents and more focused material. The subtle blends of prog rock with the extra groove and bass, the band really are one of the groviest modern prog metal bands and have very beautiful arrangements at times too. But the biggest highlight of this band has to be vocalist Jim Grey, who I believe has provably the prettiest sounding voice in prog metal (if his voice was a man, I'd kiss it). Lyrically very poetic and beautiful, his delivery is like watching the best performance of Shakespeare's work put to music.
3. Pain Of Salvation - Panther
Tumblr media
Genres: Progressive Rock, Experimental Rock, Progressive Metal, Art Rock
Country of origin: Sweden & France
Of course my list isn't not going to include these guys. This album is a bit of a harder one to get into from their discography. Musically this is not just unique to the band, but to most music I've heard before. Toning down the distortion, the album still keeps its metal groove, but with more of a percussion kind of bite with very complex rhythms provided by Léo Margarit, giving his most dynamic performances. Lyrically the album is what did it for me, it being a concept album about someone with autism. Daniel Gildenlöw has always been one of the most thoughtful and intelligent lyricists in metal, and this album just proves it, proving these guys are way more than a one trick pony.
2. Enter Shikari - Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible
Tumblr media
Genres: Post Hardcore, Electronic, Art Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock
Country of origin – England
Their previous album The Spark just didn't do it for me. While I did enjoy a lot of it and respected it deeply, this band is always the best when there is a bit of bite behind their sound. And this album has a lot of bite, but it's also their most pop focused album to date. The hooks on this album are incredibly ear wormy and will stick in your head for a long time. Musically the band are just improving, mixing the rock and electronic sound with complete ease as if these 2 rival genres should always mixed. Lyrically the album is just as biting, with Rou Reynold's painting an apocalyptic future that is more present than ever in the face of this pandemic and being thrust forward into this new normal. This album just begs the question...why is Imagine Dragons doing a cheap rip off of what these guys have been perfecting for years, yet receive a million times more attention?
1. The Ocean – Phanerzoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic
Tumblr media
Genres: Progressive Metal, Post Metal, Progressive Rock, Sludge Metal, Experimental Rock, Post Hardcore
Country of origin – Germany & Switzerland
For some odd reason, this band has missed me the past few years. Maybe I needed to be more mature towards post and sludge metal, but I finally bit the bullet and listened to part 1 and 2 of this mammoth double album project. Part 1 should have been on my previous year list, but I only got around to listening to it this year, but it did prepare me for this new release, which easily over shadows the previous. Musically these guys are everything I'm looking for. Powerful, beautiful and sounding free with incredible attention to detail. Robin Staps songwriting and presentation is outstanding, while lyrically painting a biological history lesson which will soon reflect our own destructive natures. Vocalist Loïc Rossetti gives the performance of his career, showing off a wide range of dynamics, from throat curdling screams and bars while his clean voice shows off amazing character and emotion. Also, the album again has guest vocalist Jonas Renkse giving possibly the greatest collaboration in his entire career. And now I am so glad I found these guys. I can't wait to dig deep into their other and hopefully future discography.
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bwibwiko · 9 months ago
˗ˏˋ Park Jimin Fic Recs ˎˊ˗
Tumblr media
personal fav   ➺ ♡    
completed ➺ ✔    
fluff ➺ 🍃    
angst ➺ ☁️
drama ➺ 🔆
smut ➺ ❣
yandere ➺ 🔪
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➸ Spirited Away by @out-of-jams​ | {🔪}{❣}{✔}{♡}
haku!jimin x fem!reader
You knew that you shouldn’t have gotten out of the car. Shouldn’t have followed your parents into the seemingly abandoned theme park. Shouldn’t have let them eat the food.
Because now they were being held hostage. And you were trapped. Stuck in a backwards resort for supernatural spirits, with no way out except to work to free both yourself and your parents. Until you met a mysterious Park Jimin.
Though there was something not quite right about him.
➸ Into the Woods by @exhausted-joy​ | {🔪}{♡}
jimin x fem!reader
Park Jimin is your needy, clingy, summer camp cabinmate that both creeps you out and makes you regret ever trying to be socially engaged during your summer break. After submitting truckloads of request forms to switch cabins and getting rejected, you realize that you must swallow your pride and get comfy with your new cabinmate. He hates it and so do you—at least, that’s what you thought.
➸  What Love Takes by @teawithkpop​ | {❣}
jimin x fem!reader x namjoon
Magic AU - a magic system very much inspired by the novel Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.
➸  Otherwordly by @sinning-on-a-sunday​ | {🔪}{❣}{♡}
jimin x reader
Coraline AU.  when you discover a tiny door in your home that leads to a much better version of your own life, it seems too good to be true. little do you know, the man posing as your boyfriend may be a lot more dangerous than you care to admit. and he is NOT intent on letting you leave.
➸  Mesonoxian by @bangtans-apollo​ | {🔪}
foxhybrid!jimin x fem!reader x jungkook x (slight)yoongi
Ever since the fire, you’ve avoided the warmth of love. However, when Park Jimin enters your life, you’re forced to adjust to the feelings his burning heart holds.
➸ No Sleep for the Wicked by @flymetothejoon​ | {🔆}{❣}    
prince!jimin x oc x prince!jungkook
“No Sleep for the Wicked” follows an outcast servant princess who has fled the castle, and details her journey back into power. With the help of two princes, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin, Cho Nari is forced to overthrow her own home, a Kingdom that has been invaded by the wicked and undermined by regal council living within.
➸ Calico by @mygsii​ | {🍃}{☁️}  
hybrid!jimin x fem!reader x hybrid!jungkook
Hybrid AU.  after an incident, you’ve somehow acquired a cat hybrid, and with him a dog hybrid, who makes a grand entrance into your life. the problem? you don’t know how to take care of them.
➸ Masterpiece by @smileyoongle​ | {🔪}  
yandere!jimin x fem!reader
You thought it was just a painting until you bought it. You thought the man in the frame was beautiful until you saw him. You thought it was a masterpiece until you were ruined.
One Shots:
➸  Azure Blue by @jimlingss​ | {🍃}
fairy!jimin x fairy!reader
Jimin doesn’t let you forget no matter how much you want to.
➸  Soliloquy by @kinktae​ | {🍃}
fairy!jimin x fem!reader
Jimin was a boy who had an affinity for flowers. You were a girl who liked to talk to them. It all should have been very simple. Except for the incredibly complex fact that Jimin was an angel and you were painfully human, completely oblivious to his existence and how he had somehow fallen deeply and foolishly in love with you.
➸ Jagged by @opaljm​ |  {🍃}{☁️}{❣}
jaguar/black panther!jimin x sand dune cat!reader
The pretty little sand cat hybrid Jimin has been in love with for the past year experiences her first heat and Jimin would love nothing more than to be the one to guide her through it and breed her with his kittens.
➸ Treasure by @sombreboy​ | {🔪}{❣}
 faerie dragon hybrid!jimin x fem!reader
Jimin loves to collect sparkly riches and playthings. You just happen to be the next treasure that ignited his obsessive desires.
➸ Cygini by @bibbykins​ | {🔪}{🍃}{❣}    
yandere!jimin x fem!reader
Swans are graceful animals. The Cygnus bird is known for its gentle movements, but it’s even lesser known for its protective nature. Swans are persistent, and they are ruthless. There is no flight in the brains, it’s only fight. It’s pushing enemies down so far into the water until they drown. One of the most deadly animals, and yet all we see is beauty, and all we love it for is just that. It takes a real mate to love them for both.
➸ Under The Sea by @bloomsuga​ | {🍃}{❣}
merman!jimin x fem!reader
A one shot inspired by the fairytale “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen.
➸ Wrecked by @hollyhomburg​ | {☁️}  
jimin x fem!reader Idol AU.  Months after your break up, just before a performance, Jimin finds out that you’re seeing someone new through Instagram. His group mates pick up the pieces after that.
➸ Blood to Spare by @yoon-kooks​​ | {☁️}{❣}
prince!jimin x knight!reader
When a malicious threat is made against Prince Jimin’s life just hours before Garreg Mach’s annual ball, it is your sworn duty to accompany him as his date and ensure he makes it through the night unscathed. For as the Prince’s personal guard, you must be willing to cut down any blade that takes aim at him, even if it’s your own heart.
➸ Flaming Hot by @guksthighs​​ | {🍃}
firefighter!jimin x fem!reader
Firefighter Jimin saves your life.
➸ JIMIN ( ison-gata 依存型 : dependant + shuuchaku-gata 執着型 : Obssesive )       by @sopetrbl​​ |  {🔪}
yandere!jimin x fem!reader
Yandere AU. School AU. “ C'mon, C'mon! You HAVE to see me perform, baby! I’d DIE if you didn’t! ”
more coming soon...
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Worth The Wait
Fandom: Football
Characters: Virgil van Dijk/OC
Category: smut
Warnings: explicit sexual content, strong language, daddy kink, clamps, oral (female receiver), light bondage
Word count: 2k
Taglist:  @avsensio - @sandyddt - @neymarlionelmessi7 - @venustrap04 - @nananaagiroud - @evie-pr - @romanisbaex - @draxler-babe - @deepmusicbeauty @olesatthewheel
You stand in the door, your knee length black trench coat loosely tied around your slim waist. The wind is slightly chilly, blowing under the thin fabric, making you shudder. There's nothing else under the coat, literally nothing. You are as naked as the day you were born.
This is the boldest you've ever been in your entire life. You've never been on the shy side of things but you've also never been overly sexual until now... until your brother's teammate whispered into your ear “You can stop rubbing those thighs together. I'll fuck you.” Goosebumps appeared over your skin as you remembered how his low voice snapped your spine straight, how his breath caressed the side of your cheek, making you wish you could have just jumped him there and then.
You almost couldn't believe what he said but to confirm it, later that night you got a text from him; Be at my place tomorrow. 8 PM. It's been a long time since you two have been on it. The chemistry between you two has always been undeniable, from the day you met 2 years ago. You were 18 at the time and Virgil was 26. He dropped by to your brother, Jordan when you happened to be there and you were undone. Since that day, you've kept making sure to meet as much as possible, let your gaze linger on him longer than necessary, dress just a little more revealing than usually, laugh just a little louder, smile just a little wider. Not that you needed any of it; it's been clear Virgil has felt the pull too but he never acted on it... not until now.
The door opens and he stands there, in a tight black shirt and jeans, his hair in a ponytail. You lick your lips unconsciously, his mere sight enough to send a wave of wetness to between your legs. As if you haven't been a mess just by the thought of having him take you.
“Second room to the left,” he says with a level voice once his gaze roam over you, from the dark blue heels to your own ponytail high on the top of your head.
You swallow hard, suddenly anxious as you step into his home. The hall is illuminated by the dim light of mood lighting lamps over the walls. Your heels click against the hard wooden floor. You can feel his eyes in your back, watching every step you make. The air is filled with tension, you almost expect some kind of electric discharge, you're so tensed.
The door to the room is open ajar and you walk in. There's darkness except for the lights falling on the bed from the street. You take in the scene in front of you slowly. There are ropes on all four legs of the bed, hooked. In the middle of the bed there's a vibrator and a set of clamps.
“Are you okay?” He asks, startling you enough that you let out a tiny yelp.
“Yes,” you say quickly before he could think you have a change of heart. “Let's do this.” You take a step towards the bed, turning to face him. Your fingers open the coat, let it fall open. His eyes are hungry, taking in the bare skin you reveal. Another step backwards and you let the coat drop over your shoulders. Your nipples tighten under his gaze. His eyes darken and he takes a step towards you just as you let the coat fall completely and the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed.
“Such a good girl,” he muses with a husky voice as he steps in front of you, his knuckles brushing over your front. “Spread,” he orders and you don't hesitate a moment. You've never been lead so directly but you find it incredibly sensual how he let's his authority embrace you. “Already wet for, daddy,” his voice is gravelly and your knees almost buckle when his fingers stroke your wet folds. You never though you'd be into daddy talk but the way he says the word, it does things to you. “On your back, on the bed.” His touch is gone and you really want to complain but you suspect that wouldn't get you any closer to what you want so desperately.
He takes away the clamps and the vibrator so you can lay down. There's not much noise besides your own heavy breathing. Your breasts rise and fall quickly. Virgil takes your hand and slips into the rope hooked around the head of the bed. His eyes are on your face nonstop, watching intently. He pulls and the rope cuts into your skin, it isn't uncomfortable or painful but you feel the fabric biting your skin.
“Are you good?”
“Yes.” You nod firmly, trying the restrain.
He stands up and walks to the other side, doing the same with your left wrist. The process is the same with your ankles, as well and then you're there, spread out, exposed, wet and trembling. Virgil is standing at the end of the bed, admiring his handy work, watching you like you're a masterpiece.
He opens his shirt slowly, his gaze never leaving you, taking your body in like his mapping what points he needs to cover. You wet your lips as his toned torso comes to your vision. He looks like a statue as the street lights fall over his perfect muscles. Virgil moves to the bed, to between your legs and he looks like a panther, a predator as he gets closer to you. Your body trembles with anticipation and you wish you could touch him. You want it bad and you bet he knows it, too because there's a small smirk at the corner of his lips for the slightest second.
“I've been waiting for this for so long,” he whispers with gravelly voice as he leans over you. His lips are softer than you expected. He tastes like pepper and mint, a hint of coffee. His knuckles brush over your front, pulling your nipples even tighter. “You'll be a good girl and won't tell your brother, right?”
“Of course not,” you reply quickly. The last thing either of you need is Jordan making a big deal out of Virgil – hopefully – fucking the living hell out of you.
“Good girl.” He smiles down at you approvingly and then there's a sudden bite on your left nipple and your eyes widen, the jolt of pain shocking you. “Just breath.” He commands softly, watching your mouth open. You try, really but the sensation is intense and unexpected. “You're going to be a good girl for daddy, and say thank you?”
“Thank you, daddy.” Your mind is turning hazy, filling with his deep, velvety voice. The next clamp over your left nipple makes your back arch from the bed and presses your upper body against his bare chest, pushing the clamps harder into your flesh and you hiss.
“So fucking gorgeous.” His lips brush the side of your cheek and then down to your line of jaw. His hand disappears between the two of you and you feel his fingers touching your pussy again. Your middle pulses with need and you lift to him. His teeth graze over you collarbone. He dips lower and covers your body in wet kisses while his thumb makes small circles over your clit, lubricating your skin with your own arousal.
Your breathing is turning heavier and heavier. You've been on the edge since the night he said those sinful words, got off more than you care to admit and yet, you're ready to explode in any second.
“Take a deep breath.” You frown at him but before you could question him, there's a clamp attached to your clit and you cry out, the biting making your vision blurry for a moment.
There's hardly time for you to even think about complaining before his tongue darts into your hole and you feel like crawling out of your skin. He laps your excitement hungrily, the ache that makes your clit throb is almost unbearable. Your eyes roll back in your head as Virgil feeds on you, his hand slipping under your ass and lifting you to his mouth. Your fingers grip the ropes he used to restrain you and you're very thankful for having something, anything to hold onto.
“Virgil,” you pant desperately, trying to ask for more or less, some kind of release. His eyes move to your face and there's this moment of almost cruel arrogance flashing in his gaze before he rips the clamp from your clit and you scream out. Blood rushes back to the little bundle of nerves and your body thrashes in his hold, sending the first wave of release over your body.
He doesn't even let you come down from your heights before you're back on the bed and the vibrator is pushed into your tightness.
“Oh my god! Fuck!” You whimper, your body shaking with the aftermath of your orgasm.
“Be a good girl and give it all to daddy.” He growls as he starts fucking you with the vibrator hard. His mouth clashes to yours and you moan into the kiss, letting him devour you. His free hand grips your pony tail and yanks hard enough to send a slight ache to your skull.
Then he's gone again, disappearing south only for you to feel the chain resting on your chest between the valley of your breasts being pulled. It's between his teeth and the look on his face is killing you. He tugs on it again. Your back lifts from the sheets, trying to follow the leash instinctively. The image of him with the chain between his teeth, eyes dark, gaze filled with lust and sin will burn into your mind forever, you think before a scream ripples through you as he rips the clamps off your breasts, pressing the vibrator against the most sensitive spot inside you. You're falling unstoppably, the euphoria knocking air out of your lungs.
And then the vibrator is gone and he's pressing against your entrance. You don't even know when he got undressed but in your state of daze, you see his mouthwatering body hovering above you.
“Let me touch you, please.” Your voice sounds distant. Your brain still tries to process the pleasure inflicted on your body.
With quick moves your hands are freed from the ropes and you can finally feel him under the tip of your fingers. He slams into you hard enough so that the bed bangs against the wall and you moan loud or maybe scream, it's hard to tell but you don't even care. You're so far gone you don't care about anything but how it feels to sink your nails into his shoulders, how his body presses to yours, his weight anchoring you into the moment with him, his cock thrusting into you over and over again while all you can do is take it and wonder if you're in one constant orgasm or maybe a lot followed so fast, you can't make a difference.
“Fuck, harder,” you croak, your thighs quivering as you lift to him as much as you can with your legs still restrained.
“Such a dirty little girl,” he growls, his hand sneaking around your throat, squeezing hard as he slams into you powerfully over and over again. There's nothing anymore but him, his body, his voice, his breathing that matches your own laboured one and the world falls apart of a second as a scream bursts through you and your mind shuts down completely while your body pulls him with you after only seconds.
“Definitely not telling Jordan,” you blurt as you feel Virgil's cock throbbing in your contracting tunnel.
“Good, smart choice.” He chuckles in a low voice, pressing a small kiss to your temple. Your hips lift to him again and he laughs out. “More?”
“Such a hungry little girl, worth every second of wait,” he states, kissing you deeply and you couldn't agree more. This was worth every second spent with agonizing waiting game.
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