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natromanoffxox · a day ago
Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, violence (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
Tony and Peppers wedding was a huge distraction for you, taking your mind off the inevitable; The mission that was taking you away from everyone you loved. You hadn’t found it in you to actually tell anyone other than Natasha, not yet at least. You just wanted to enjoy the day, the last day you would all be together. Happy and smiling, dancing and all sharing an incredible memory. This is how you wanted them to remember you.
You, Nat and Morgan were all holding hands, swaying on the dance floor as the little girl squealed with excitement. You were going to miss her so much. You wanted to see her grow. See all of the things she got into, which was currently Frozen, which you absolutely loved too. For being 2 and a half, she already knew all of the words to every song in the film; demanding you sing them with her every day she saw you, which was literally every day. But you didn’t mind. You loved to sing, you love the movie, and you loved Morgan.
The night came to an end, and your goddaughter refused to be took to bed by anyone but you. So you did. You could never deny the little Princess anything.
“Why are you sad, Auntie Y/N?” Morgan almost whispered as you pulled the covers over her, placing her favourite teddy under her arm. You were shocked still. How did a 2 and a half year old notices the pain in your eyes? You silently prayed that no one else had realised.
“Well, Squishy...” You called her by her nickname you’d gave her, giving her a gentle jab through her sheets, earning a fit of giggles from the child in front of you.
“Auntie Y/N has to go away for a little bit for work. Got to stop those naughty people from doing naughty things. But don’t worry, I won’t be long!”
You saw her eyes start to pool, and yours quickly followed, but you blinked them away quickly, refusing to cry in front of her.
It was a lie.
A giant fucking lie.
You were going to be long. 3 years, possibly more. Possibly forever if things didn’t go to plan.
“But you’ll call all the time, right? And we can sing to each other! Are you going to bring me back a present?” It was as if your goddaughter could feel the pain you were in, trying to ease the situation with her happiness.
“I will have to write to you, sweetie. But your mammy and daddy will read out every single one! And we can send each other videos! Obviously I’ll be bringing you back a present! The best presents always come from Auntie Y/N!”
You said your goodnights and left the child’s room, slowly closing the door behind you and pressing your back to it. You squeezed your eyes closed, trying to stop the tears that instantly came from falling. You’d cried every single night since finding out you had to leave. Nothing could prepare you for that. It was one of the most heart aching things you’d ever have to do.
“Hey.” You heard the soft voice of your girlfriend beside you. When you opened your eyes, you saw Natasha leaning against a wall, arms crossed over her chest as she watched you with so much sorrow in her eyes. You couldn’t stop the single tear from rolling down your cheek, and didn’t even bother to wipe it away as you let yourself be folding into her embrace. You refused to cry anymore. It was your job, you had to go. Natasha understood that, and so would the team. It didn’t make it any easier or any less painful, but knowing they understood why you left made you feel all of 1% better.
You and Natasha had had a long conversation about it all. She told you that you didn’t have to worry about coming home and finding her in bed with another person, that no matter what, she was going to wait for you. She told you that it was your job, and that it was inevitable that either one of you would have to go on a long time mission. She said she wished it was her, so you didn’t have to miss your family, miss Morgan learn and grow, but told you she would keep you updated on every single thing that happened, down to a sneeze. You’d laughed at her, the first laugh since you’d been told about your mission. That was one of the many reasons you loved her- no matter how you felt, she could always make you smile.
You were suppose to leave the next day, and you still hadn’t told the rest of the team. You felt like you were doing them wrong by not letting them know, but it also broke your heart to much just imagining their responses, their faces. You didn’t want to see the pity, the pain or the sorrow. You wanted them to look at you with love and happiness in their eyes like they had today.
You’d gone to bed that night without a single tear dropping, though sleep was something that didn’t come easy. Not only for the fact you were leaving, but the mission it’s self. You’d read the file, and you wanted to cry just from that. Child trafficking, all over the world. They were smuggling girls and sending them off to other countries, and you didn’t dare allow yourself to think about what was happening to them when they arrived in their new country- probably Hell. As much as you hated Fury for making you go, you also felt a deep need to help those girls. To slaughter every filthy disgusting mother fucker who even looked at them, never mind touched them. To get them back home and to their families. You wanted to saved them, but you didn’t want to leave. Tough, you didn’t have a choice. You knew what the job was when you signed up, knew that you could potentially be sent across the world for god knows how long.
You were so grateful for Natasha and how calm she had been throughout the past few days. She’d truly been your rock, your shoulder to cry on and simply everything you’ve needed. She didn’t pressure you to talk about it, only bringing it up when you did. You were going to miss her so fucking much.
“Tell the team I’m sorry. That I will miss them so much. That I love them all. I’ll write as much as I can. Tell Morgan, Auntie Y/N will be home in no time, with the best presents ever. Tell Tony to always read every single email out to her, she knows I’ll be writing.” You were sobbing into Natasha’s arms as you stood by the jet that was about to take you miles upon miles away from her. You could feel how tense she was, how she was trying to keep herself together for you.
“I love you, Nat. Never, ever forget that. No matter what happens, I will always love you. Always.”
“And I love you. Always.”
As soon as you left, Natasha let herself breakdown. She was in the garage of the compound, leaning against her car and just sobbing. She stayed like that until Sam and Bucky came back from a mission, finding her on the floor in a puddle of tears. They’d somehow got her upstairs, and by the time the elevator door pinged open, her tears had stopped. She couldn’t cry now, she’d had her turn, now it was theirs. She knew how loved you were, how everyone adored you. You were part of the family. You were like a sister to Peter and Wanda. Like a daughter to Tony. A fucking amazing best friend to everyone else. And you were the love of Natasha’s life.
“Nat? What’s wro-“
“Y/N gone. A mission. 3 years.” She spat the words out so quickly she didn’t even know of any of them caught a single part of it. She couldn’t look them in the eyes, keeping her head hung low as she waited for their responses.
“A mission? Why didn’t she tell us?” She could hear the pain in Wanda’s voice. Natasha finally looked up, seeing pain filled eyes and tears.
“She couldn’t. She could barely tell me. She didn’t want to see how hurt you would all be by her leaving.”
“Three years...” Peter had tears running down his cheeks, when he whispered the words. She wanted to go and hug him, to tell him it was alright, but that was your job. You were the one Peter went to, and now the kid didn’t have you. Who was he meant to cry to? To tell all his secrets too? Who was he meant sing and dance like an idiot with? You were his best friend, and you were gone.
“She can email us. She had to leave her personal phone behind. God knows if she’ll have much time to herself to send each of us emails, but something is better than nothing.” Natasha said, before walking out the room. She couldn’t face them any longer, just wanting to be alone so she could suffer in peace.
The first 6 months were a drag. Constant surveillance on boats and lorries. Tracking every single piece of shit gang member, figuring out the next move, working on learning where the girls were going so you could find them and free them. So far you had markers on 8 members, but you hadn’t actually spotted any of the girls yet. They were good, though you expected it. You must have to be a sneaky fucker to be smuggling a load of young women across countries and selling them to the highest bidder, and not be caught. But that’s where they fucked up. They were caught. And every single one of them were going to either end up dead or in prison for the rest of their lives. You were hoping for the first.
As you were sitting and watching from a buildings roof top, you thought about your family back home.
You’d left each of them a personal hand written letting, which you had hidden in each of their rooms just before you left. You told them how much you loved them, and added personal details, memories shared and that you’d always remember them. You’d even left one for Morgan with Tony and Peppers letters, as well as a stuffed Olaf plush. You’d jokingly wrote that you wanted to be sent a picture of her with it so you knew no one had stole it, and Tony had attached the wanted picture in an email to you. It made you cry like a baby. You wanted so much to be there, singing with her again. Natasha kept her promise of filling you in on every detail of what happened throughout the Avengers’ day. She’d sent you videos of Peter and Wanda, dedicating a song to you and dancing together like fools, which warmed your heart so much it brought tears to your eyes. Steve had apparently been spotted with a woman, though the ins and outs of that were yet to be confirmed. She told you that Jane, the owner of the coffee shop you both loved, had shed a tear or two when she asked Natasha where you were, finding out that you were away for work for a while. Jane had told Natasha to tell you to ‘be a smart cookie’, and get home safe. You loved Jane, and just thinking about her made you crave one of her amazing mochas.
Damn, you could really use one of those right now...
It’s been a year since you had left for your mission, and it was really taking a toll on Natasha. Everyone could see it. She was in pain. Everything reminded her of you. She didn’t help herself though, always watching Peters YouTube videos of you singing, looking at photos of you two together, even rereading articles wrote about you. You were such an amazing person, so sweet and kind, funny and sarcastic. You never wanted to hurt a soul, but you’d told her how you wanted to make sure you stopped the people you were going after, once and for all. She knew what you had meant, you wanted them dead. She didn’t actually know what you were doing out there, and that terrified her. Clearly it was a serious mission if it was for such a long length of time, needing the best and most qualified on board. She was so proud of you for being the one who was chosen for it, because you really were one of the best agents around. You’d actually beat Natasha once, ONCE, in a spar, and no one believed you. They’d told you Natasha let you win, but she really didn’t. She was kind of pissed about it at first, no one had ever beat her, but then she couldn’t stop smiling. You had came so far, and she was so proud to have stood by your side while you learned and grew your skills.
She logged onto her computer on her desk, waiting for her emails to update. And there it was, the only thing that was keeping her going- your name.
‘Hey, babe! Hope you’re being good without me ;) it’s still pretty shit out here. I want to come home already!! But we’re making progress, which is good. Quicker than expected, too! Fingers crossed I might get this shit sorted in the next year, but let’s not promise anything...
I really do hope you’re keeping well. Don’t you dare be moping around and being a bitch! Remember, I’m getting emails from everyone ;) I know everything.
Stop sulking and start smiling! We’re a year down! Not long now and I’ll be back with you, in our bed, doing the most disgusting things any of them could imagine. We’ll raise the fucking roof, baby!
I’m sorry I have to keep this short and sweet, but you know... Criminals to stop, people to save.
I love you with all my heart.
~ Y/N xxx’
Natasha read and reread it so many times she could probably turn off her computer and still say it off by heart. Those fuckers ratter her out! They’d told you how crappy she was clearly feeling, how she didn’t want to talk to anyone. You knew everything, as you had said. She wondered who it would’ve been. Probably all of them. She’d been getting even more snappy than usual recently, hitting them with angry jabs of replied whenever they asked her anything.
‘Want some tea, Nat?’
‘No, I don’t want any fucking tea!’
‘Eggs or waffles?’
‘Neither, you fucking idiot.’
Yeah, they’d totally snitched, and she probably deserved it.
You’d hit the two year mark, and things were looking good for your mission. You’d tracked down the leader, figured out where they were keeping the smuggled women, and were planning on when you were going to make your move. Your team were all sat together in the abandoned building you had been using as a hotel room. Two years of a shitty wooden board of a bed, your back was not in good shape.
Connor, Josh and Luka were also agents of SHIELD, but a slightly lower level than you, but they were still good. Amazing aim, strong fighters and devoted to the mission. You were pleased with the team you had with you, but not so pleased that you were the only girl. They didn’t realise you were gay, and you hadn’t mentioned it, finding it funny as they tried to sneak in a cheeky flirtatious comment that you ignored every time. Natasha probably would have slit their throats if she was there to hear their puns, but the boys took the hint, they knew you weren’t interested, yet still tried anyway.
“If we split up, it could go tits up. If we all go in together, we could be ambushed. If we go in groups of two, we may stand a chance.” You told the men in front of you. This wasn’t your first mission, and it probably won’t be your last, you knew how to handle situations. Knew how to analyse and look at it from different points.
“But what if there’s more than we’re expecting? They could have hundreds of men in there!” Connor replied, looking almost worried. Did he really believe you hadn’t thought about that? Fucking idiot.
“I’ve got backup on speed dial. We go in. We take them out. We save the hostages. Simple.” You lowered your tone, sounding more professional than you’d ever sounded in front of them. You’d kept it friendly, using their first names rather than Agent whatever. The three men stood straighter, holding themselves with power, the power you’d just gave them by letting them know exactly how it was going to go, and that another team were a phone call away if needed.
You all suited up, clad in bullet proof vests, head covers, and geared up to the tens. Guns, knives, smoke bombs, everything. You didn’t know what they had in there, so you needed to be prepared. You were loading your guns as you thought back to the last email you’d sent to Natasha. You’d managed to get onto your computer that morning, letting her know that if everything goes to plan, you’d be on your way home within a few days. Hopefully it did, because you couldn’t be putting up with those three dumb asses much longer. They weren’t shit at their job, they were really fucking good, but lord all mighty, some of the conversation you’d overheard during your time with them. Astonishing.
You were sneaking to the building, before you’d be splitting up so two could go through the front and two could go through the back.
“Eyes on the prize boys. Get those ladies out without a scratch. Take out anyone to get the job done! Oh, and for the love of god, don’t die.” You gave them your signature smirk before patting Josh’s shoulder, signalling for him to follow you as you walked towards the back door of the building. It was true, you didn’t have a clue how many could actually be in there. From what you’d seen as you were scouting them out, there should only be 20 tops, but that might not be the case.
“Are you in place, Agents?” You spoke through your earpiece.
“We are in place, Agent.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort. That was the first time you’d allowed them to call you Agent. You hated it, but it sounded better than ‘Y/N’ through the piece, especially if they had to call in more crew.
“In 3, 2, 1-“ You kicked the door open, stunning two men that were stood behind, shooting to kill in an instant. The men were down, that leaves 18.
“2 down. Leaves 18.” You told the men you were working with.
“3 here. 15.” Luka replied. Little shit got one more than you, that would have to change...
You carried on through the building, creeping down the steps silently with Josh behind you. It wasn’t long before you found a room holding two more enemies, Josh handling them as you kept a look out.
“2 more down. 13 to go.”
“1 more. 12 left.” Connor answered back to you seconds later. You couldn’t hear their shots, so they must be further away than you’d expected. You were meant to meet in the middle, but it seemed to be taking them longer to get up than it was for you and Josh getting down.
A bullet hitting the wall next to you pulled you out of your moment of thoughts, making you duck down as you aimed for the asshole who shot at you, and you’re pretty sure you just blew off the guys knee cap. Gross.
“Oof, another here. That was ugly. 11 to go.”
You began to hear the faint sound of shooting the further you and Josh got down the ever lasting stairs. You expected to be done and dusted by now, filling in the details and on a jet home. Mother fuckers. Why did you agree to this shit?
“On your left!” Josh shouted by your side, pulling you closer to him as a shot just missed your shoulder. What the fuck was it with people trying to shoot you in the shoulder?! You raised your gun and aimed- headshot. Another down.
“10 to go boys.” You don’t know why you were smiling, but the grin on your face wouldn’t fall.
You descended further down the building, Josh keeping an eye on the back as you kept the front, not allowing anyone to sneak up on you.
You came to a huge hall, and you stopped, pulling Josh round the corner with you quickly before being spotted. You’d noticed 7 enemies, but there could have been more.
“You guys at the hall yet?” You whispered into the earpiece.
“Not yet.” You tutted at Lukas response, rolling your eyes with a smile, which you saw Josh copying. He knew you weren’t serious, chucking silently along with you.
“We may have to take this one ourselves, Joshie boy.” You smirked at your team mate, before turning the corner and aiming straight to one of the men. Josh was right behind you, shooting as soon as he turned, taking down one as you took down another. It took only minutes for the 7 men in the room to be lying in a room of their own blood.
“3 to go. Come on guys!” You laughed, exiting the hall and heading down a hallway. You didn’t actually know anything of this building, or where the hidden women were being held. You planned to just take out the fuckers and find the girls.
You should’ve had a better plan.
You heard them before you saw them. There was a lot of guns, a lot more than Connor, Luka and the assumed 3 remaining men. You were outnumbered.
You pulled Josh into a random room in the hallway, instantly going for your phone and calling in for help.
“Back up, asap. Unknown number of enemies. Outnumbered and outgunned!” You spoke into the phone, trying to hide the panic in your voice. If you panicked, Josh would panic and considering you didn’t know where Luka and Connor were, you two had to stick together.
“Back up on the way. Hold tight, Agent Y/L/N.”
You didn’t want to hold back, hiding in a room. You wanted to be out there, in the war battling for the good side, taking a fraction of the bad out of the world. That was your job, you stopped pieces of shit like them, and hiding in a room was not what you did.
“Come on.” You pulled on Joshes forearm, forcing him back out into the hallway, heading down silently, listening out for anything and everything. You heard Joshes gun going off behind you, making you snap round to see four more men shooting at you.
You finally made it to the ground floor, finding Connor and Luka each hiding behind a a beam, only taking a shot when they heard their guns refilling. You were actually surprised to see them alive, considering from the quick glance you got, there was easily fifty more enemies hidden around the room.
“On your right. Good to see you’re both breathing still.” You don’t know how you could possibly make a joke considering the situation you were in, but the men chuckled back at you anyway. You heard shots landing everywhere, one scraping the edge of your thigh, making you grunt in pain. You knew it wasn’t bad, just a graze, but it still hurt like a bitch.
“You good?” Josh asked beside you, looking down at the blood on your trousers, eyebrow raised.
“Yeah, ‘tis but a flesh wound.” Josh snorted at your reply, clearly understanding the reference, before taking a chance to peak round the beam you hid behind.
“Looks like back up is here.”
You took a chance to look, seeing about 20 SHIELD agents bombarding the room, shooting and fighting. It’s about fucking time...
You nodded, letting your men know it was time to get in there, take the rest out and save those poor women. By the time the enemies were outnumbered, some began to drop their guns, holding their hands in the air, praying for life over death. For a moment, you debated just shooting the fuckers dead, but you weren’t that person. You don’t kill unless necessary.
“We need to find the women, they’re in the building. We’ve searched the upper floors, so they have to be below us somewhere.” You announced as the back up team handles the surrendered child traffickers. You set off towards the concrete steps, heading down and down, skipping floors knowing other members of your team would allocate themselves to them. You reached the basement, finding a huge metal door with a row of padlocks.
Seriously, padlocks? That’s what they used?
It only took you a moment to shoot through the locks, watching the thin metal of each one shatter off and falling. It was the moment of truth. Once you opened that door, you were changing peoples lives. Saving people’s lives.
“It’s okay.” You said as you opened it, putting your gun low behind your thigh to not scare them, but the sight you saw shocked you still.
There must have been over 60 women- no, children, inside. They were all crammed together at the far end of the room, huddled for safety.
“It’s okay, I’m here to help. I’m here to get you all home.”
You spoke into your earpiece, telling the team you had found the missing women, and to get everyone ready for their arrival above. You wondered how long they had been down there, locked in a pitch black room, not a single drop of water in sight.
“Thank you.” One of the girls came up to you as she headed out the room, up the stairs to safety.
“Thank you so much.”
Your heart skipped a beat. In a good way and in a bad way. Those poor girls must have truly expected death.
“Alright. That’s them all. We’ll go over their details given and get them back home safe as soon as possible.” Agent Diaz told the men; Connor, Josh and Luka. They nodded before turning to leave, but all took a look at each other quickly before turning to the Agent again.
“Have you seen Agent Y/L/N?” Connor asked.
“No, not since the girls were freed.” The woman raised a brow, before speaking into her radio. “Any got eyes on Agent Y/L/N?”
There was numerous replies of not seeing you since you’d headed down to the basement.
“Get the women out of here and get the rest of the team searching! Agent Y/L/N is officially MIA!”
Natasha logged on to her emails as she did every day, refreshing again and again praying she would see your name pop up suddenly. But she got nothing. She’d hadn’t heard from you in nearly two weeks. Your last email had told her that if everything went to plan, you’d be home in the matter of days. Clearly something did not go to plan, and Natasha felt sick to her stomach. Something went wrong. Something has happened to you. If you were still in your building, you’ve had emailed telling her that the plan you had didn’t work out, but you hadn’t, which only meant the worst.
Her mind was lost in all the things that could be happening to you right now, if you were still alive...
The ping of the elevator doors opening grabbed her attention, making her stand from her seat to look through the glass windows of the conference room.
“Well this can’t be good.” She heard Tony mumble as he walked past the door towards Fury and Maria, who had stepped out of the elevator. If the both of them were here, that definitely meant bad news.
“No. Not really.” Fury muttered, as if it were to himself rather than the group who had now surrounded him and his coworker. What the hell had happened? She prayed for him not to announce your death, pulling her arms around herself.
“Agent Y/L/N, shes MIA. Last seen 12 days ago.”
Natasha’s heart sunk.
“We need all hands on board. There’s 20 agents out already, and still no signs of her. We need you guys. You know her better than anyone else, her skill set, how she’d go about this kind of situation, if she’d of left any clues.” Maria continued from Fury’s announcement.
She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to feel or what to think. She was just an emotionless statue, staring at the floor rather than anyone in the room.
“When do we leave?” She spoke finally, shocking everyone by her dry question. They’d expected her to breakdown, to cry, to scream, to as least have some sort of caring sound in her voice, but she didn’t. This was a mission.
She had a job to do. She couldn’t let her emotions get in front of that.
She had to find you.
A/N: haha, brb just gonna go cry cos I really wasn’t going to take this story in this direction but... well what can I say. I’m a sucker for drama. Lotta love xoxo
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natromanoffxox · 3 days ago
Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, violence (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
The party didn’t stop. Dancing and singing to random songs that came through the sound system. But it wasn’t long before everyone was worn out, finding comfort in the sofas, chairs, even the floor. You’d sat on the stool in front of the piano- yes, Tony had another piano! You wondered if he actually played any of them?
“You wrote anymore songs lately, Y/N?” You turned to Steve as he asked you the question.
“Well, I did, but my book is gone now.” Your heart stung at the thought that all of your feelings were burned and crumbled under the place you use to call home.
“Got any saved in that massive brain of yours?” Tony butted in with his joking insult, and you could stop yourself from rolling your eyes at him.
“Happy or sad?”
“Okay, but I warn you, it’ll break your heart.”
You could have sworn you heard someone mumble ‘already broken’ but chose to ignore it, twisting in your seat to face the huge white piano. Your fingers found the keys as they always did, letting the melody play out before you could bring yourself to sing the words you’d once wrote in your diary. You could already feel the pain in your heart as you thought about the lyrics.
“Should've stayed, were there signs I ignored. Can I help you not to hurt anymore? We saw brilliance, when the world was asleep. There are things that we can have, but can't keep. If they say who cares if one more light goes out in a sky of a million stars? It flickers, flickers. Who cares when someone's time runs out if a moment is all we are? We're quicker, quicker. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do.”
The room was silent, everyone taking in the lyrics to figure out for themselves. It was quite clear, but whether they guessed who the person was to you was unknown.
“The reminders pull the floor from your feet. In the kitchen, one more chair than you need. Oh, and you're angry, and you should be, it's not fair. Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. If they say, who cares if one more light goes out in a sky of a million stars? It flickers, flickers. Who cares when someone's time runs out if a moment is all we are? We're quicker, quicker. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do. I do.”
Your singing stopped, the tune of the piano died off, and the room so quiet you felt like you could’ve heard a pin drop. You didn’t turn to them, not daring to look at their faces. It was painful to sing, the lyrics you’d wrote after your fathers death almost killed you every time, but it also helped. It has helped you a lot back then, and still did to this day. Although it was a reminder, it was also one of the few things you had left that reminded you of him.
“Wow.” You heard a sniffled voice behind you, finally making you turn. All you saw were wet cheeks and teary eyes.
“I thought this was meant to be a party?!” You groaned as you realised how much you’re meaningful, heart wrenchingly painful song had killed the mood. Why did you pick that one out of all that you’d wrote?
Natasha’s hand was on your knee, giving it a squeeze as she send you a small smile, letting you know she knew, and she was there for you.
“Topic change, come on. We aren’t having a depression session.”
There were some small giggles but even more looks of confusion at your demand, making you raise your own brow. What was so confusing about that?
“Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard that.” Wanda chuckled.
“Depression session.”
How had they not heard that before? Was that not a thing in America?
“You’ve never heard anyone say they’re having a depression session?!” You were absolutely astonished. You clearly had a lot to teach the team.
“What on earth is a depression session? You’ve definitely brought that over from your hometown.” Tony laughed, not understanding your English joke.
“Well... You know when you’re sad, and you listen to sad music to make yourself even more sad? That’s a depression session.”
“I feel like the ‘session’ in that doesn’t have the meaning as what we think.” Pepper joked, giggling to herself as she wiped away the remainder of her tears from her cheeks. Your mouth was gaping open, boggled by the fact they didn’t know any English slang. You were definitely going to have to teach them a lot.
“A session is- or was, this! A party!”
They all looked at each other, still confused at what you’d said, making you have to carry on.
“So, if someone had a house party, we would say they’re having a session.”
That seemed easy enough to understand, right?
“What other weird things do you say?” Steve asked, sitting up eager to know more. You thought for a second, trying to remember some of the ‘weird’ sayings you and your friends would use back in the North East.
“Um, well, there’s the good old ‘hew’, you’d use it to get someone’s attention usually, like shouting ‘hey’ to someone here. We say ‘like’ a lot, like a lot. Like in every sentence.” You didn’t even realise how many times you’d said the word, silently annoyed by your own vocabulary.
“There’s ‘aye’ which means yes. And a ‘Doyle’ is an idiot. A ‘gadgie’ is a guy, but more like a typical guy if you know what I mean? Like a typical dad type of guy. ‘Give your head a wobble’ was a favourite back in the day.”
It was Thor that broke the quietness with a mighty rawer of a laugh, making the others chuckle along with him. You would be pissed off if you didn’t know they weren’t laughing at you, but the weirdness of your language.
“Oh now we definitely have to hear you talk in your real accent!” Natasha giggled next to you.
“Wait, you’ve never heard it?” Bruce stopped to ask, shocked at the idea that you’d never spoke in your Northern way to her. Of course you hadn’t, it was ridiculous! She wouldn’t be able to understand a single word you said! It was literally a foreign language to them!
“No, but I’m dying to hear it.” Your girlfriend smirked, nudging you with her shoulder, her eyes begging to know what your real accent was.
This was going to be embarrassing.
You groaned at the idea, slinging your head back to hide your rosy cheeks, when you head Natashas gorgeous laugh beside you. You were only agreeing back she wanted to hear it, not caring for anyone else’s wants to hear too.
“I’m gonna need a drink, and a distraction. And English music. Tony, open YouTube.” You told them as you shot back the remainder of liquid in your glass before heading back to the bottles. You saw the bottle of wine and instantly knew what you had to do.
“Got any straws?” You shouted over.
“Third draw, on the left.”
You found what you were looking for, twisting the cap from the bottle and sticking the plastic straw straight in, taking a few good gulps before you went back to them. When you turned, the exact same shocked and confused faced stared back at you.
“Ergh, this is how we Northerners drink wine!” You didn’t even care, walking back to your seat, taking the tablet that Tony held out as you passed him. You thought for a second, trying to remember some of the classics you would play at parties before you ended up finding a throw back remix of a load of songs, most they would probably know, some maybe not.
The conversation started up again, and before you knew it, the wine hit you and you were speaking your language no one understood. This is why you didn’t drink wine since you’d left England...
“Aye man, it’s mint!” You laughed as Peter asked if they knew the song that was currently playing. You threw your head back and laughed at yourself, knowing every single one of them heard what you’d said.
“You’re gonna have to learn quick otherwise you’ll never understand me. That meant yes, it’s good.”
Natasha was smirking silently, clearly loving it.
She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she listened to you speak. It really was like a foreign language to her. She’d been the England, on missions, but never as far up as were Y/N was from. Your accent was hilariously adorable, and she wished you hadn’t hidden it away for nearly a year. She’d silently been keeping track of everything you were translating for them, remembering every word and what it meant. She was fluent in 4 languages, she could easily learn yours by the end of the night.
“Whyaye.” She’d heard you laugh out the word. She wasn’t actually quite sure what it meant, but she couldn’t help herself from laughing with you. You’d planted yourself between Loki and Peter, while she sat with Tony, Pepper and Steve on another sofa. She wasn’t too sure what you had going on with Loki, and it irritated her, but she trusted you so she stayed silent. For now.
“Whack it on, lad. Absolute tune.” You were laughing away with every word you spoke, and Natasha couldn’t stop the smile that was constantly spread over her face. She couldn’t take her eyes off you, watching your eyes light up and your smile widen when something was particularly funny. The way you let yourself swing your head back when something really was hilarious. Your eyes would sometimes squint when you gave a particular smile, the one that you gave when you dedicated it to a specific person, rather than the whole room, letting them know you were truly happy with them. You warmed her heart, you made her feel, and you broke down her walls. Thor was right - though she’d never admit it - she was in deep. You did have her wrapped round your finger. She’d do anything for you, to keep seeing that smile every single day for the rest of her life.
“Al take ya! We’ll have a real dirty session, take you to the best places!” She heard you say to Wanda, wondering what your conversation was about.
“And you babe, daint worry.”
Natasha couldn’t stop the snort that left her, making Tony start up next to her. Your accent was getting thicker the drunker you got. Maybe she should swap your wine for water? Yes. Yes she should. Because she was the one having to deal with you back upstairs in your bedroom. Natasha quickly grabbed a bottle from the fridge, sneaking round and took the straw from the wine, dropping it in the water bottle before drinking some of the wine herself.
“Hew! I’m not that mortal!”
“Well, you are indeed mortal, Little One.” Loki chuckled next to you, but you clearly didn’t get what he meant as you twisted your face up and tutted, making Natasha nearly choke on the liquid she was swallowing. Your reaction was possibly the best thing she’d ever seen.
“Y/N, drink the damn water.” She told you, and your frown quickly turned into a grin again as she spoke. She loved the way you always, always smiled at her, even if you were sad, angry, exhausted, no matter what, you always gave her the best smile you could, and she adored you for that. You smile alone could make her whole day better.
“I think we best cut this ‘session’ short.”
You groaned as you slid further into the chair. She knew you weren’t that drunk, but the amount of different alcohol she’d watched you mix together throughout the night was definitely going to be felt in the morning, or should she say today, given the fact it was 2am. She sent you a smirk, the smirk you knew all to well now, that specific one where she’d raise a single brow slightly as she looked you up and down. That had you on your feet in seconds, as if did every single time. You may have her wrapped round your finger, but you were just as much round hers. She truly loved you.
“Night, bitches!” You called through the room, getting some joking insults in return. You stopped in front of Pepper, pulling her into a hug and whispering in her ear quiet enough that you thought no one could hear, but you were wrong, Natasha could hear you.
“Goodnight, Mama Bear.”
Natasha woke before you, and just lay there, scared to move incase she woke the sleeping beauty. Your head was rested on her shoulder, arm wrapped around her waist with one of your legs over hers. Even if she wanted to get up, you had her trapped in your embrace, and she loved it. She loved waking up like this.
To pass time, Natasha scrolled through her phone, watching silly videos at a low volume so she wouldn’t wake you. She stopped scrolling, nearly dropping the phone on your head when she saw it.
A video version of the picture in the article you’d saw the day before, but from another angle. It showed you jumping and landing on the Chitauri, smiling up at Natasha before planting a kiss upon her cheek. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched and rewatched the clip play out. You’s hadn’t publicised your relationship, but now, even if it was only a kiss on the cheek, the whole world could see it. The Black Widow was known for her careless darkened heart, to not care for anyone, emotionless and does her job.
She clicked on the comments, only to regret it within a second. Thousands of people leaving their say on her relationship, good and bad.
‘Aw they’re so cute!’
‘Are they together?’
‘I hope she isn’t an Avenger’
‘Ergh, how embarrassing’
‘Imagine thinking Black Widow likes you’
‘She needs to go home and stay home.’
‘Black Widow has a girllllfrienddddd’
She couldn’t help it as her grip on her phone tightened with rage. How dare they! How dare those pathetic fools say you couldn’t be with her. That they hoped you weren’t an Avenger. That you didn’t look good together. She kept reading the nicer ones to try calm herself, but ultimately her eyes kept creeping back to the negative. It infuriated her. She must have been shaking with anger as she felt you stir in your sleep, slowly beginning to wake.
You couldn’t see this. She wouldn’t allow it. You had a kind and soft heart, all the negativity would break you. She wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone hurt you. Even if it is a pathetic little comment on some video.
Tony and Pepper had finally announced their pregnancy, and not long after, he proposed, which obviously sent you in a state of pure joy. So much joy you’d cried for three hours. The team didn’t know whether to comfort you or laugh at you. Instead they done both. Pepper had gave you, Natasha and Wanda boxes, each an invite to be her bridesmaids. That just set you off again. Then as time went by, and Peppers pregnancy period grew shorter, they’d pulled you and Natasha down to Tony’s workspace. You remembered how worried she looked, while Tony was smiling. You were clueless.
“Would you both do us the honour of be her godmothers?”
And you were off.
Tears streaming down your face, cheeks blotchy and red. You’d cried so fucking much you didn’t even know how you were still alive! How did you have any water left in your body?!
And then came little Morgan.
She was tiny. Pure. So little and beautiful. Your heart melted when her finger wrapped round yours the first time you held her.
Natasha had watched you with a heart full of love. The way your eyes lit up when Pepper placed her newborn into your arms. She saw your panic for a split second, the way your hands shook for a moment, before stilling as you stepped towards the bed and picking up the tiny little human. It broke her heart that she couldn’t give you that. Obviously there were other options, but you couldn’t have a child with Natasha. A son or daughter that would hold both of your DNA and no one else’s. She wanted that with you, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with you. To wake up to your face and fall asleep by you every night. To buy a home for yourselves and make it your own. To eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together. To travel the world together. Everything normal people did. But neither of you or her were normal. You were Avengers, and you both always would be.
She silently thought of Clint, and his family he hid away from the world. He retired to be with them. Maybe you both could do that one day?
You’d slowly walked back through the hallway, headed towards yours and Natasha’s room before you stopped dead in your tracks. Tears welled in your lids, threatening to fall at any second. Nat was on a mission, due back any moment, but you couldn’t face her. Not right now. You turned and headed out of the building and just walked. You kept walking and walking, your thoughts completely controlling your body.
Tony and Pepper’s wedding was in two days. Everything was set up to perfection. You had been so excited, but now... Now you felt purely destroyed.
Fury had asked to meet with you, and you fully expected him to just give you a simple mission as he always did, giving you a file and going over the details, telling you when you head to leave and how long he expected the mission to take.
And that’s what happened. But just not the mission you could ever have wanted. Never ever would have even asked for no matter what. But he picked you, and you hated him for that. He told you since you’d started as working for SHIELD, you’d showed so many signs of being an incredible agent. That you truly were one of the best, even despite not having any crazy superpowers like some of the Avengers. That’s why he needed you. You were the most skilled in the area, and you were the least known. Less likely to be noticed compared to the others.
Your mission was in England. For 3 years.
3 years.
3 years away from everyone. Away from Natasha.
The tears finally fell, and you couldn’t help but sob. You couldn’t even open your eyes to see where you were. You lowered yourself to the floor, pulling your knees to your chest and just cried. That’s all you could do. You’d tried to refuse, but Fury wasn’t having it. It was your job at the end of the day, to save people, stop the bad guys. That’s what you did, and you loved it, but now you regretted becoming an agent with all your heart. You wished you’d told Natasha no that day.
Because now you were going to have to leave her.
How was she going to take the news?
How would she react?
Could your relationship survive such a long time away from each other?
Could you really ask her to wait for you? To not allow herself to find love elsewhere?
No. You couldn’t ask that of her. Never. Her happiness what all you cared about, and if she found that in the arms of someone else, well then you would just have to deal with that.
You would not allow her to waste three years of her life waiting around for you. That’s if you even came home from it.
You picked yourself up from the floor, finding yourself in the middle of a field. You weren’t even too sure where you were. It was just grass for as far as you could see, which realistically wasn’t that far considering your eyes were still blurred and stinging from the salty tears. You just headed in the direction you think you’d came from, hopefully you’d find your way. Or hopefully not, and you’d be lost. Then at least you wouldn’t have to leave the love of your life. You wouldn’t have to leave your friends, your family. You’d get to see your Goddaughter grow up and flourish. You’d watch her learn and get to play with her like you loved to do.
You had no idea how long you’d been out. You had no idea where you were, and it was starting to rain.
And you being you, were dressed in only jeans and a vest top. It was May! Why the hell was it raining?!
You walked and walked as you had before, and there was just grass and forest. Well, shit. You checked your pockets, hoping to find your phone, but you must have left it back in the compound.
Fucking brilliant.
You continued on, desperate for warmth from the cold water falling all over you. The sky was beginning to darken, clouds covering the sun. Soon you wouldn’t be able to see, and you didn’t know how long it would take you to find some sort of civilisation.
Natasha had got home fully expecting to see you waiting for her on the couch, leaving her shocked when you weren’t there. She’d checked your room, not finding you there either. The gym, the library, the music room Tony had made for you, nothing. She’d even asked some of her team mates, asking if they’d seen you or know if you’d going out, nothing. No one had seen you all day. She’d called your phone time and time again, no answer. She’d left you messages, no reply. Where the hell were you? She was trying not to panic. The rain was pouring outside. Maybe you’d met up with some friends? Natasha could help but worry. You always answered you phone, or text back saying you’d call when you could. She’d been home for four hours, and you hadn’t answered once within that time.
“We’ve just got back from Taylor’s. She wasn’t there.” Tony told her in a sorry tone with a frown. They all knew you so well, so they all knew this wasn’t like you. You don’t just leave the compound without letting anyone know where you’re going. You don’t ignore your phone. You don’t ignore Natasha. Ever.
“She’ll be back, Nat. Maybe she’s just waiting out the rain?” Wanda tried, but she knew it was a lie. You would’ve got a cab. Or called for one of the drivers. You would’ve called her.
“Somethings wrong. I know it.” She announced, bringing her knees up closer to her chest on the couch as she chewed at her fingers in worry.
The team tried to tell her that you’d be fine, that you’d be back soon, but all that was running through her brain was your mission that ended badly.
“Remember the last time!” She didn’t mean for it to come out at a shout, but it did. “Remember the last time she didn’t come home when we expected her to! She nearly died! And I had the same bad feeling then as I do now. So, I’m going to find her.”
Just as Natasha jumped from the couch, the elevator pinged and the doors opened, showing them a soaking wet Y/N. You looked like you had literally jumped into a pool fully clothed. Water was running, not dripping, running from every part of your body. You were shaking, freezing cold, and had a look in your eyes. A look Natasha knew all to well. Agony. Not physical, but mental agony.
She was by your side in a second, and as soon as she was, you broke down. You clung to her for dear life, sobs racking your body. Natasha didn’t care that you were getting her own clothes wet, she just cared about you, and wanted to know what the hell was going on.
“What happened?” She whispered into your ear, only making your sobs grow louder. She looked back at the team who were all astonished in their seats, watching the scene in front of them. No one knew what to say.
“Come one.”
She pulled away from your grip, taking your hand and leading her down the hallway towards your room, instantly heading to the bathroom to start you a shower. You needed to warm up. When you’d hugged her, your body was like ice.
Natasha helped you pull off your soaked clothes, your jeans almost glued to the skin of your legs, and your sobs never stopped. As soon as she got you into the shower, you fell to the floor on your knees under the spraying water. Tears were forming in Natasha’s eyes at the sight of you, the pain you were in. She wanted to help you, but she didn’t know how. All she could do was hold you, not caring for her clothes getting soaked under the shower head.
“Baby. Please. Tell me!” Natasha begged, trying so hard to not let her own tears fall.
“He- he’s making me leave!” You cried, not looking up at her once. You kept your face in your hands, letting the hot water hit your back in attempts to warm you.
“What?” Natasha didn’t have a clue what you were talking about, but the idea of you leaving made her heart stop beating for a moment.
“Fury! The bastard! He’s making me leave! He’s making me leave you! My family! Morgan! Everyone! Sending me on a mission that will ruin my life- our life!”
Natasha couldn’t speak for a moment, her heart really did stop then. Fury was sending you on a mission, but to have you in such a state, it wasn’t any normal few day type.
“How long?” Nat whispered, unable to think of anything else to say.
“Three years.” You choked out, your sobs stopping now, just leaving tears still falling and your body shaking, no matter what temperature you were.
Three years.
You were going to be gone for three years...
She couldn’t find the words to say to you, suddenly in just as much pain as you were. Her heart throbbed, and she finally let the tears silently fall from her lids. Natasha held you as close as possible under the spraying liquid. You’s sat like that for what felt like hours.
You were leaving her for three years.
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natromanoffxox · 4 days ago
Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, violence (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @ali-lie @madamevirgo
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Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
You had all piled into Tony’s holiday home, which somehow was bigger than you expected, and you expected big, considering it was Tony Stark. The place was like a bloody mansion. You’d been greeted at the door by a tall slender woman, who was instantly at Tony’s side when he entered.
Huh, wonder how long that’s been going on.
You’d been there nearly a year and never noticed her around the compound, maybe it was his new girlfriend?
You’d all lazed about, taking yourselves to the rooms you chose before cleaning yourselves up at heading to bed. Natasha was fast asleep by your side, her short red locks spewed over her cushion. You just watched her for a moment, taking in all of her beauty. How did you get so lucky? What did she see in you?
You couldn’t sleep. Whether it was the events of the day keeping you up or just genuinely not being tired, you do not know, but you decided to venture to the kitchen to grab yourself a bottle of water. The lights were off as you shuffled through the hallway and down the stairs. The living room and kitchen was a big open space. It wasn’t til you noticed the lamp beside one of the couches was lit when you realised what you’d walked in on.
Oh, god.
It was like catching your parents in the act.
Pepper, you’d learned her name though Natasha, was lying with Tony on the sofa, now out of his Iron Man suit and clad in shorts and a T-shirt. They were in a full blown make out session, and you nearly gagged. It wasn’t because you were disgusted by their relationship, but because you saw Tony almost as a father figure, and seeing him be so intimate freaked you out.
“Oh, god.” The words left your mouth before you could stop them, you feet sticking you to the spot you were stood in, not allowing you to back into the shadows unseen.
“Y/N?” You heard Tony’s voice.
“No, no. Continue! I was just grabbing a drink.” You uttered out quickly, squinting your eyes as if it would make the scene of Tony and Peppers tongues attacking each other evaporate from your mind.
You heard his laughter from across the room, and the sound of a slap which you assume was given by Pepper.
“Shut it, Metal Man.” Pepper smirked down at her boyfriend. “Our apologies, but it’s nice to finally meet you. We haven’t been introduced properly yet, I’m Pepper.”
The Victoria’s Secret model worthy woman raised from the couch and walked your way, holding out a hand for you to shake. You took it, not wanting to be rude, but all you could think was where the hell had her hand been before you’d interrupted. Ew.
“Y/N. Nice to meet you.”
“Go to bed kid, it’s been a long day.” You rolled your eyes at the name, something everyone had started calling you. ‘Kid’, ‘Little One’, ‘Lass’, you were an adult. Closer to 30 than you were 20.
“Yeah, yeah, grandpa. Get a room.” You smirked as you waved a hand to him, earning a scoff at the name calling game that had begun.
“I like her.” Pepper said, giving you a smile and a wink before returning to Tony’s side once again.
“I’ll be on my wayward son.” You half sang as you travelled back up the stairs, bottle in hand when you heard them talking, making you stop on the landing to listen in like the mischievous little devil you were.
“She’s like a daughter to me. She done good today, but I’ve never been that scared in all my life.” You heard Tony admit, your warm throbbing at his words. You really did have a father daughter relationship.
“Speaking of kids...”
You knew it. You fucking knew it.
You saw the glow in her features, how shiny her hair was. Either she had an immense hair and skin routine or...
You woke in the morning to the sound of the shower running in your en-suite bathroom, the bed empty beside you. You rolled into her spot, getting a wiff of her perfume from the pillow she slept on. You were going to have to take it home with you now. It was your smell, no one else was allowed it.
“Good morning.” Natasha flashed you a smile as she popped her head out of the bathroom door, and you couldn’t help but reciprocate the same back. Her smile made you smile. Her laugh made you laugh. She was looking at you intensely over her lashes, a wicked smirk forming on her face as she pulled herself back into the bathroom, and you knew exactly what that smirk was for.
Oh, it was going to be a good morning, alright.
“I’m holding a party.” You announced as you walked into the kitchen for breakfast, holding Natasha’s hand. Your shower took a little longer than usual, so everyone else was already sat down and eating. You prayed Tony would question you all about the higher water bill this month, because you seriously would not be able to keep a straight face.
“A party?” They asked, as if the word left disgusting taste on their tongue. Since when did they all turn into sober hero’s?
“Yes. A party. You know, a gathering? A celebration? A soirée?”
You rolled your eyes as they tutted at you.
“Why not?”
You saw Natasha shrug and nod her head, clearly agreeing with your statement. You did have a reason, though that reason was a secret no one knew you knew. Not that you would announce it without their blessing. And plus, you guys just saved the world.
“I’m going to get alcohol later. Anyone want anything specific?” The list of drinks for shouted at you instantly, and you could tell you were in for a good night. You ended up having to write a list on your phone when a news notification caught your eye.
‘Avengers save the world from alien attack.’
Your face must have dropped from its happy smiling self as you heard the conversation drop around you. You opened the news report, and the first thing you saw was an image of the group, you couldn’t see yourself in it or in the background. You scrolled, not really reading the words, just looking through the photos they’d uploaded.
‘Has a new member joined the team? The mysterious Y/H/C head was seen jumping through the air and landing on the Alien creature the Black Widow had took control of. Judging by the girls performance, we would like to think we have a new Avenger protecting the world.’
You glanced at the photo, instantly regretting it. When you’d been in that moment, running around and jumping off of crazy ugly flying caterpillar aliens, you hadn’t even thought about what the people around you might have been doing. Didn’t even register that photos of you would be on the news, article written with you included in them. You’d read so many about The Avengers, but now you were going to be in there too. You didn’t know how to feel. You wanted to cry, you wanted to laugh, but no matter what you wanted, your face stayed emotionless.
“Y/N?” You were pulled out of your daze by the sound of your girlfriends worried voice through your brain. You blinked the cloudiness away, only for them to form unwanted tears. You felt to much all at once.
“Sorry-“ You coughed out, letting your phone drop on the counter top. “I’ll be back in a minute.”
Natasha stood with the team as they watched you walk out the back door and into the garden. They’d saw the tears well up in your eyes, confused as you’d just been joking with them only seconds before that.
“Is she alright?” Bruce asked, as if anyone knew the answer. Natasha picked up your phone from the counter where you’d left it, looking at the screen you’d left it on. There she saw a picture of you, the shot capturing you as you jumped from one Chitauri to another where she saw the back of herself. She remembered that moment still crystal clear. Hearing you say “You better catch me, Natasha.” Before seeing you literally leap from the beast. Her heart was racing in that moment, but she was so fucking impressed. You’d never done any sort of mission that came close to what they’d went through the day before, and the way you just drove into action, tricked the God of Mischief and just looked as if you’d done it a thousand times before blew her mind. You were born for this.
She read the words underneath, seeing the article talking about you and wondering whether you were the newest Avenger on the team. She couldn’t help but smile down at the screen before she placed it back on the counter.
“I think it’s just a bit of shock.” Natasha said before she turned and walked in the direction you’d left in, off to go find you and give you all the love she could give.
“When did that happen?! How did I not see that shit! Look at her!” She heard from the kitchen behind her, clearly the guys were looking at your phone, seeing exactly what she just saw.
After Tony quickly found out about your arranged party, he’d ordered everyone a few outfits to choose from, given the fact everything everyone owned was lost in rubble. You were surprised at what you found hanging in your room, and couldn’t help but wonder if Pepper had helped him pick out the garments set out in front of you. And how the hell did he know your sizes?
There was one royal blue knee length dress, a similar shorter version of the dress in black, a few pairs of jeans and leggings, tshirts and bodysuits, and a black ribbed jumpsuit with a very open front which you fell in love with. You barely even took notice of the rest once you’d saw it. You could spice it up if you wanted too, with jewellery and accessories, but given it was just the team, you left it bare, and were just as in love with it on as you were when you’d saw it on the hanger.
You’d made sure to call the rest of the team, letting them know you were all safe and sound, nothing more than a few bumps and bruises, and invited them over, to which they all happily agreed to. Wanda had congratulated you on your appearance on the news, telling you were a ‘bad ass’ and totally deserved all the attention you were getting. You weren’t sure if you liked the attention or not. Being seen as an Avenger was incredible, but having your photo posted all over the internet and TV was turning your stomach. You weren’t the type that liked to be the centre of attention, you’d rather be the girl that took the photos usually.
“Damn, I never need to tell you to wear something hot. You look amazing!”Natasha came up behind you, wrapping her arms around your waist and planting a kiss on the side of your head. “But, this would look so much better on the floor.”
You smirked at her through your reflection, seeing her devilish grin smiling back at you. As much as you wanted to, everyone was waiting downstairs to start the party that you had organised.
“Oh, don’t you worry, it will. But first, drinks!”
You left your room, descending down the stair case like the queen that you were.
“The party don’t start til I walk in!” You sang, making everyone turn to you as you finally got into the living room area, cheering at your dramatic announcement.
“Okay, drinks!”
You headed to the kitchen island where all the alcohol had been set out, pouring Natasha a vodka and making yourself a ‘surprise’ cocktail. Basically you chucked some random shots of alcohol into a glass and topped it up with juice. You never knew how quick you would feel it hit you. Surprise!
“Here. This is for you.” You handed Pepper a bottle of alcohol free wine, and her eyes widened when she realised what it was. She looked up at you, back down at the bottle and back to you again.
“Congrats.” You sent her a wink with a sweet smile, silently letting her know you weren’t going to spill her secret until given the authority. Unless you got shit face drunk, then god knows what would happen.
“Peter! You made it!” You pulled the boy into your arms, squeezing him til he was choking before letting him go with a laugh.
“Yeah, so did you.” You raised a brow in confusion of his reply.
“When I heard what happened, and that you were there, I really thought something was going to happen to you.”
“Oh, so you don’t think I’m skilled enough for the job?”
“No, no! I just- I didn’t- I-“
You began laughing at the stuttering Peter in front of you, pulling him in for another, less bone crushing, hug, telling him you were joking and thanked him for caring for your safety. The two of you were like siblings, an unspoken love for each other, and constantly teasing the other. It was true what they said, you don’t have to be blood related to be family.
The party was in full swing, Tony had somehow changed the lights to a dark red, setting the mood and getting you all up on your feet and dancing to the music that played throughout the room. You’d tried to take it easy, only having three of your surprise cocktails so far but you could definitely feel the alcohol slowly taking control of your brain and movements. You were tipsy to say the least. Unlike some of the others. Peter had slyly helped himself to more beers than Tony originally allowed him to have, which led to him showing of his surprisingly incredible dance skills. He’d shocked you still, before you joined in with Wanda by your side.
Natasha was talking to Pepper and Tony, which Steve, Bruce and Vision were all in deep conversation. Thor was by his brother, making sure the god of mischief didn’t cause any... Well, mischief. You couldn’t help but feel bad for him, seeing everyone having a good time while he was cuffed and bored.
“How you doing, Loki?” You smiled at him once you slung yourself down on the couch by his side. He gave you that same smile as always, the genuine one, the one you knew wasn’t a trick, as he turned slightly to face you.
“I am fine, Little One. How are you?”
“Fabulous!” You sang out, dragging the word dramatically. “Would you like a drink?”
Before he could even answer you were back on your feet, walking towards the island of alcohol to fix your new friend a glass. You weren’t really sure what to give him, and in your tipsy state, you ended up with a bottle of rum and a tumbler glass, heading back to the couch you’d just left.
“Rum?” You offered him.
After pouring him a glass and handing it to him, you sat back down. Your conversation flowed, you’d and Loki’s laughs were loud and wild as you joked about anything and everything. He was just as sarcastic as you, and you loved that.
Something in you was telling you to turn around, like you felt heat on the side of your head. When you did turn, you saw the dagger eyes Natasha was giving Loki, you could literally feel the anger radiating from her. Why was she so mad? The guy was cuffed and surrounded by people! It’s not as if he could get away or do any damage.
“So, Y/N! Are you going to give us a concert tonight?” Tony asked as he turned the music down slightly, just enough so the everyone in the room could actually hear others talking without having to shout.
“A concert?”
“Come on, sing us a song!”
The group began to cheer you on, begging you to get up and give them the show they were screaming for. You did like to sing. And the encouragement they gave was to much to deny them what they asked.
“Fine! Any requests?”
A flock of different titles was thrown at you all at once, and you didn’t hear a single one.
“Pepper, what’s your favourite song?” You asked her. Peppers head shot up in your direction, visibly shocked that you’d specifically asked her. She pondered for a moment before you saw Tony roll his eyes.
“Don’t pretend like you can’t choose, we all know what it is.” He chuckled to his girlfriend, making her cheeks turn a light shade of red.
“Come on! No request is a bad one, unless it’s from Thor.” You smiled to the blonde God, letting him know you were joking. He made a disgusted face, putting a hand over his heart in fake pain.
“Valerie...” She finally admitted, and you couldn’t keep the huge smile from spreading over your face. Amy Winehouse was up there on your list of favourite artists, Valerie being one of your most loved by her. You stood from your seat, taking the floor as everyone stood or sat around you, waiting for your voice to fill the room.
“Well... Is someone going to give me a beat?”
Peter instantly began to start the beat of the song, banging his fists on the table beside him. You watched at the wall opposite lifted, showing a row of incredible guitars hanging. Tony picked one up, flicking his fingers over the strings, the melody playing out the same as Peters drumming.
“Well, sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water. And I think of all the things of what you're doing, in my head I paint a picture. Since I've come home, well, my body's been a mess. And I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Oh, won't you come on over? Stop making a fool out of me! Why don't you come on over, Valerie?”
You grabbed Peters hand, stopping his drumming as you danced to the beat, letting him spin you under his arm. You’d kicked your shoes off hours ago, allowing you to dance around freely.
“Did you have to go to jail? Put your house out up for sale? Did you get a good lawyer? I hope you didn't catch a tan, hope you find the right man who'll fix it for you. Are you shopping anywhere? Change the color of your hair? And are you busy? Did you have to pay that fine that you were dodging all the time? Are you still dizzy? Since I've come home, well, my body's been a mess. And I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Oh, won't you come on over? Stop making a fool out of me! Why don't you come on over, Valerie?”
Wanda jumped up, being the next one to dance with you like a fool in front of your friends. You span her around as Peter had with you, letting her do the same until the beat slowed and she jumped back into her seat. You turned to your girlfriend, looking into her eyes as you sang.
“Well, sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water. And I think of all the things of what you're doing, in my head I paint a picture. Since I've come home, well, my body's been a mess. And I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Oh, won't you come on over? Stop making a fool out of me! Why don't you come on over, Valerie?”
You grabbed Natasha, pulling her to her feet as you threw your head back with a laugh at her astonished face. You watched her radiant smirk show the second you pushed her to move, shocking you with her skill to step to the beat. You didn’t realise she could dance so well! Well, she did do years of forced ballet lessons...
You saw her smirk turn into a genuine smile as she laughed with you while you sang out the last few Valeries, spinning you before pulling you towards her chest, pressing a kiss to your cheek which had you blushing in an instant.
“I love you.” She whispered into your ear.
You fucking loved this woman.
A/N: I’m not sure when this turned into a musical, but believe me, it’s going somewhere! The next chapter will have a few skips in it, just to burn some time. Crazy stuff coming! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING SO FAR! Xoxo
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Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, violence, gun use (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @wickedmuses @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
Gunshots where going off all around you, but all you could do was run. You had nothing to protect yourself with, not even a fucking stick for Christ sake. There was banging and crashing all around you, as if the whole building was falling in on itself. You needed to find Natasha.
As if the lord above where listening to you, Nat came running from the other end of the hallway you were in, spreading a smile across your face that was quickly dropped when you saw what she was running from. The Hulk. The fucking Incredible Hulk. In his state of rage, he was barging through everything, literal walls breaking down in his wake, nothing stopping him, nothing slowing him down. You stopped and pushed yourself up against a door, waiting for the right moment. Just as Natasha was opposite, you dragged her towards you, pushing the door open and falling in a ball of limbs into the room behind. It took her a second to recover, picking herself up on her elbows to look at you, breathing heavy and eyes wide with terror.
“If you tell anyone about the state I’m in, I’ll have to end you myself.” She joked, making you let out a breathy chuckle. Was she seriously joking at a time like this?
“What’s going on?”
“Clint and Selvig, they’re under Loki’s mind control. They just came at us out of nowhere. I sent Thor after Loki to make sure he doesn’t get out.”
You winced at her words, making Natasha’s eyes narrow. She knew you knew something.
“What.” It wasn’t a question, but a demand.
“Loki got out.”
“And how would you know that.” She sat up, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I think that’s a question for another day. Right now, Thor is locked in that cell and this building is about to collapse around us.”
Just as you said that, the walls began to crumble. You grabbed Natasha’s hand, pulling her to her feet as you ran through the room, dodging the falling ceiling and heading for the stairs. God, how you wished you had some crazy super powers right now.
“We have to get Thor.” You said, heading back down the stairs towards the cell. Surely enough, he was still there, smacking his hammer against the glass in attempt to break free. Natasha ran to the board, pressing a sequence of buttons before the locks lifted and the glass door slid open.
“Come on, Blondie, we’ve gotta go!”
You managed to escape just in time, the whole building collapsing around you as you ran for the exit. When you were out, it was just as bad as the inside.
“He opened the portal.”
It was if there was a gaping hole in the sky. Weird caterpillar looking monsters flying out. Where you dreaming? Was this shit actually happening?
“Come on!” Natasha grabbed your hand, pulling you towards her car to head straight into the battle field, because that’s totally where you wanted to be. Right smack bang in the middle of THAT.
Why the hell did you sign up for this?
She handed you a gun, locking eyes with you, sending every bit of love she had inside her into your eyes. You didn’t know whether you liked it or not. Was she reminding you she loved you or making sure you knew it just incase something happened? Either way, she was out the car and you followed close behind. People were screaming in the streets, running for safety in every direction.
You were in the middle of a war, wearing leggings and a crop top, armed with one gun.
Jesus Christ.
The team got to it straight away. Natasha chucked something at you, and when you opened your palm you saw an ear piece. You put it in and began to hear everything the team were saying, keeping connected to each other no matter where they were. You saw Tony up in the sky, the rest down below with you.
“I’ve got eyes on Loki.” You heard Nat’s voice, following her view as he flew the weird flying caterpillar around in the sky.
“We’ve got to close the portal!” Steve shouted, and you began to figure out where it was.
“How?” You asked, not understanding a single thing of what was going on. Is this really the shit The Avengers had to deal with?
“Loki’s Scepter. Get him, get his scepter, close the portal.” Nat told you, making eye contact as you his behind a car for cover. You looked back to the sky, trying to find the God of mischief once again. He was stood on the top of a building. Perfect.
You ran, ignoring everyone’s cries for you to stay down.
“Y/N stop!”
“What is she doing?!”
You knew what you were doing. You were going to trick the trickster. No one tried to destroy your world.
You were in the building Loki stood on, waiting for the elevator, refusing to take the stairs for the whole journey up.
“Hi Loki!” You waved at him as you finally reached the roof, making him spin in shock.
“Y/N?! What are you doing here?” His face said it all, he definitely was not expecting you.
“They brought me out here, didn’t want to leave me in the crumbling building, you know? And there’s loads of shooting down there, thought I’d be safer up here!”
You look around at the sky and then down below as you walked up to him, gun hidden in the back of your leggings.
“So... whatcha doin’?” You rolled back and forth on your feet, smiling the same smile you’d gave him earlier. He simply laughed, shaking his head at you before summoning one of the ugly caterpillars his way.
“Daddy issue stuff.” He climbed on top of the beast, scepter tucked by his side.
“Wow, can I come?!” You put on a face of pure shock, a wide smile to look amazed by what was in front of you. You saw a flash of doubt in his eyes before he laughed again.
“Fine, little one. But only for a moment!”
“Y/N don’t you dare!” You heard through the earpiece.
You climbed on behind Loki.
“Y/N I swear to god!” Oh you were in trouble. But not as much as Loki, which eased your mind slightly. If you could get the scepter, you could close the portal, and that’s all that mattered.
“You okay back there, little one?” Loki turned slightly to try see you as he flew the freaky thing, seeing your smile of pure joy. It actually was quite fun! Other than you know, the murder, shooting and chaos all around. You heard a shot from behind you making you duck your head down low. When you turned, you saw Natasha on one of the ugly flying caterpillars right behind you, getting closer by the second.
“Oh, oh. I’m in trouble.” You muttered, loud enough for Loki to hear.
“Don’t fret, little one.” That being said, he shot up higher into the sky, dodging the building last minute and spinning in the opposite direction. Should you have really got on the back of this thing? You looked down to see Natasha right below you.
“Sorry Loki, gotta go.” You patted his shoulder and stood up quickly, grabbing his Scepter before jumping.
“You better stay catch me Natasha.” You almost cried as you fell through the sky. The wind was nearly knocked out of you when you landed, thankfully not on the floor, but on the beast Natasha was flying.
“That was cool as fuck.” You heard Tony laugh through the earpiece.
“Hi, babe!” You smiled, getting a look of pure rage in return.
“As impressed as I am, I am furious.” You couldn’t keep the smile from growing on your face, and you could see hers creeping too. You let out a laugh before kissing her cheek, making her real smile come through.
“Get that to the tesseract, I’ll get Loki.” She told you as she flew you to the ground, letting you land on your feet before you ran to the portal. What now?
“What the fuck do I do now?!” You looked between the glowing box and the scepter, cluelessly.
“Push it closed!” Nat shouted back in your ear. Yeah, ‘cause it’s so obvious...
You jammed the fork in, pushing with all your force to try and close it.
“Hold your horses.” You heard Tony throw piece, stopping your attempts to see him flying up towards the portal holding a nuke. Holy. Shit. Before you could reply he was gone, disappearing into the black hole. Was he coming out? He had to right? He had to!
“Tony?” You spoke but earned no reply. Natasha ran to your side, eyes wide at the scene above.
“Come on, Stark.” You heard her mumble, and knowing that she was worried, worried you even more. You couldn’t lose him. Not like this.
“Close it.” Natasha said.
“What no, he’s-“
“Close it!”
Tears in your eyes, you jammed the scepter back into the box, finally stopping the beaming blue light and shutting it off. You couldn’t look. You couldn’t watch as he didn’t return. It was Natasha’s sign of relief that finally made you open your eyes again. Looking up, you was Tony falling through the sky, pummelling towards the street below.
“He’s not slowing down. GUYS! He’s not slowing down!”
Out of no where, Bruce, or should you say the Hulk, flew forward, grabbing Tony as he clung to a building, tearing the walls as he fell with speed. You watched as he slung himself backwards, hitter the floor in a crash. You ran to the scene, Natasha on your heals just as Thor tore of Tony’s mask. He wasn’t awake. Eyes shut, not moving.
“Tony?” You said in a tiny voice, choking back the tears that dared to shed from your eyes.
“Come on. Wake up, you stupid idiot.”
He didn’t move.
“Wake up!” You screamed at the man in metal in front of you, holding on to his hand as if it were going to wake him.
Natasha was interrupted by the raw that came from Bru- the Hulk, shocking Tony’s eyes wide open as he gasped for air.
“Oh, thank god!” You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding, falling back and holding your head with the hand that wasn’t in his.
“Well, that was something.” He coughed out, slowing lifting himself to a sitting position. You all looked around, seeing the distraction of the city you lived in. That was going to cost a pretty penny to fix...
“So... Did I just help save the world?”
The team let out a queue of laughter at you question, and you couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah, but we’ll be having words.” Natasha gave you a look, a look that said ‘you’re in deep shit’, but her smile never left her face, showing how proud she was of you.
“What now?” You asked, looking at the team around you.
“Anyone hungry? I’m starving.” Tony replied, sending you a cheeky smile as you raised your brow at him. The man just basically left earth and died and now he’s hungry?!
Considering the building you once all lived in was now gone, along with everything inside it, you all headed to your old restaurant, ready to end the night with some good food before you figured out your next move. It was far enough away from the chaos to not have been effected.
“Hi Taylor!” You smiled at him as you entered the building, The Avengers right behind you. He smiled at you before it dipped and grew bigger at the sight of the hero’s.
“Y/N! It’s been ages! What can I do for you?” He stepped up to you, not so sneakily sparing glances to your friends, your family.
“Food. Saving the world build up one hell of an appetite.”
“Near death situations get me peckish.” Tony chirped in behind you, making you roll your eyes at his joke, though knowing him he probably was not joking.
You took a seat round the large table, taking in the sight in front of you. The Avengers, your family, looked like shit. Everyone was dirty, their clothes covered in dust and blood. Their faces had cuts and bruises from the fighting and shrapnel that flew around them. Tony, Thor, Loki, Bruce (yes, Bruce, not the Hulk) who wore a a T-shirt and shorts that some kind civilians gave him, Steve, and Natasha.
Ah, Natasha. Even when her hair was messed up from the battle, a small thin cut by her brow with dried blood around it, covered in claret and muck, was still just as beautiful as ever. How did she do it?
“What are we going to do about him?” Steve nodded towards Loki, who sat beside you silently, hands cuffed in front of him. You gave him a look of apology, you didn’t want him to feel betrayed by you for some reason. You actually think you saw him as a friend, something you would not be announcing to the group.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered to him as you touched your foot to his leg beside him to get his attention. The team were discussing where they could keep him locked up, unable to do any more damage than he’d already done.
“Don’t worry, little one. I know.” He gave you a smile. A real smile, not a fake one, not a trick. You could see it in his eyes, he really meant that.
“We can go to my holiday home. It has enough room for us all for a while. And we can keep... him, in the basement.”
The idea of locking Loki up in the basement of a house did not sit well with you, then you remembered it was Tony Stark, and his basement was probably equivalent to a normal persons living room.
“We still need to talk.” Natasha whispered in your ear, sending a freezing cold shiver down your spine. You did not look forward to that. Before you knew it, she was dragging you by your hand to the other side of the restaurant, where no one was around to hear the upcoming conversation. You glanced back to the team, eyes full of worry but all they done was chuckle at your terrified state.
Thanks guy, really helpful.
“What were you thinking?!” Natasha let out as soon as you turned to face her. Oh, she was mad.
When she said you were going to have words, she really meant it.
“I was thinking ‘do whatever it takes to save the world’” You shrugged back, regretting the action as soon as you done it seeing the flame behind her eyes ignite.
“You could have been hurt! Or worse, killed! Did you think about that?!”
“No, I was thinking about making sure no one else got hurt or killed!” You admitted, and some part inside of you warmed at the words. You were talking like a true agent of SHIELD.
“What if I lost you, huh? What would I do then?” You could hear the hurt behind her words, her mind probably going back to seeing you lying in a hospital bed. You stepped forward, taking your hands in hers, and looking deep into her eyes.
“Don’t you remember? It’s me and you, always. I’ll never leave you.” You grinned, watching as the anger left her eyes and her tense stance deflated. You’d won her over, and she pulled you closer to her, wrapping her arms round you like you were the only thing keeping her alive. You breathed her in, carving this memory into your brain so you could never forget it. You loved how protective she was.
“Come on, I’m hungry.” You pulled back, giving her a quick peck on the lips before smirking and leading her back to the table. You saw something in Loki’s eyes as you sat back in your seat beside him.
“She’s off limits. You fuck with her, you fuck with me.” You mumbled as you tilted closer to him, pretending to itch your ankle as you spoke. When you looked back up, he was giving you a genuine smile, and you knew he was silently agreeing with your statement.
“I would never, little one. I would never hurt you.”
You let yourself sit back with a sign, slowly tuning in to the conversation the rest of the team were having beside you.
“Oh, you’re in it deep. She has you wrapped round her finger.” Thor laughed, looking at Natasha before looking at you and grinning. Oh, boy.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise today was the day you wanted to die, Blondie.”
You had to literally pin Natasha to her seat, sending a glare Thor’s way telling him to shut up before she really did kill him. Natasha hated being seen as weak and vulnerable, and teasing her about her relationship was possibly the biggest grave anyone could dig themselves.
“Are you all going to behave while I put in our order? Can I actually trust you to not kill each other?” You asked, a serious question. Steve and Tony were glaring at each other again. Natasha’s eyes were sending out a look that could kill straight to Thor. Bruce was just watching the scenes play out, and Loki was smiling at the ruction. He must really love it when people fight, being the god of mischief and all that.
With a huff, you left them, pushing up off your seat to go to the bar. What a day. 
“Just give me seven burgers, they’ll get what they’re given.” You laughed to Carly. Seeing her sweet smile made you miss her even more than you realised, she had always been such a good friend to you.
You forgot it had been half a nearly year since you’d set foot in the place. It made you realise that you’d been with Natasha for almost 8 months. Damn, that was a long time! Though no one knew anything of it for half of that time. But you couldn’t be happier with your new life. It was if you were a whole new person, again. Your mental and physical health had never been better, and you were saving the world. Not bad considering you were a drug addict only a few years back. Who would’ve thought you’d be where you are now?
You glanced up for a moment, silently thinking about how proud you’d of made your father today, even if you had been a little reckless.
“So, you’re an Avenger now?” Carly raised a brow with a smirk, nodding towards the group who sat behind you bickering. You looked down at yourself, your lovely grey leggings covered in black dust and your use to be favourite white shirt now ruined.
“I wouldn’t go that far, but I do work for SHIELD.”
It was as if they all had super hearing, as you heard a throat clear behind you, and when you turned you saw them all giving you warm and proud smiles.
“No, Y/N. You fought along side us and you saved the world. You are an Avenger.” Tony told you, giving you a look that you could only describe as the look a father would give their child when they’d done them proud.
You were an Avenger.
A/N: Again, I know this isn’t how it originally goes in the film! I had to make it fit, I’m sorry! Don’t hate me...
A little bit of a longer wait for chapter 16, my working hours have increased and quite frankly my love for writing and reading is keeping me up til stupid o’clock in the morning. I’m working on 7 hours sleep in the last 72 hours. I’m surprised I can even spell half the words right at this point✌🏻MUCH LOVE💕
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Natasha: What makes you think I’m upset?
Y/N: The giant hole you carved into the table.
Natasha: Oops, didn’t notice.
*moves fruit bowl over hole*
Natasha: There. Fixed it.
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Natasha: Let’s get proof. Step one: put a delicious pie in the fridge and cover it in poison.
Y/N: That’s step one?! What’s step two?
Natasha: Tell their widows they are thieves.
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Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, injury reference (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @wickedmuses @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
You were three weeks into your eight week recovery time, and you were sick. Natasha hadn’t left your side, which you really loved her for, but it was starting to irritate you. You couldn’t even get your own glass of water, and you were starting to feel like a child. You wanted to do things for yourself, not sit in your bed all day every day while she daunts on your every need. You were so grateful to her, that she would put everything aside to tend to you, but now it was time for her to go do her job, and give you just a little bit of space.
You’d asked Tony to send you Fury’s mobile number, and you’d rang him when Natasha was in the shower, unable to hear your conversation. You’d told him how Natasha needed to go back on to missions, no matter how much she protested. He was happy to put her back on the books, even made a joke of you being sick of her love and devotion, before you hung up. It wasn’t that you were sick of her, you were just sick of being treat like you were paralysed. You got shot in the shoulder, not the spine. You could still do everything for yourself, you just couldn’t move your arm and shoulder around too much.
You were lucky to be alive, you knew that. The doctor had said if it were just an inch down, you’d have bled out before the pilot could get you to the hospital. You understood why Nat felt the need to be next to you all the time, to make sure you were okay, she thought you weren’t going to be alive when she arrived at the hospital that day. She’d sobbed that to you.
“I’m going to kill him.” Natasha stormed into your room, face full of rage, eyes narrowed and fists clenched.
“Who?” You played dumb, you knew exactly why she was fuming.
“Fury! That fucker’s put me on another mission! I told him. I fucking told him that I needed to be with you! But no, no no, The Black Widow is needed for this specific mission. He says that every time the id-“
“Natasha.” You stopped her angry speech, patting the bed beside you. She let the tension drop from her shoulders as she followed your orders, sitting down on the mattress and looking at you with those mesmerising green eyes of hers.
“It’ll only be two days. I promise. I hate leaving you when you need me. After this one, I’m refusing any more until you are 100% better. I will not have you back in a hospital because you ripped open a stitch.”
“It’s okay! I’ll be fine! I’m sure Wanda wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on me for 48 hours.” You planted a kiss on her lips, feeling even more of that tension release.
“I have to go. I’ll make sure Wanda knows to keep checking in on you. Please be careful. I’ll be back soon.”
It was the same speech every time. She would be back in a couple days, that she’d have someone keep an eye on you, that you had to be careful not to hurt yourself. You’d had stitches before, you knew the script.
Natasha left for her mission with Clint and Steve, and you’d came out of your room to sit on the sofas in front of the TV. Bliss. No one asking if you were okay, if you needed anything, fussing with you. It was nice.
“Nat on another mission?” Wanda came in and sat beside you, taking the remote from your hand as you were flicking through the channels, trying to find something decent enough to watch.
“Yeah, she was not a happy chappy.” You grabbed the bowl of crisps from Wanda’s lap, sitting them in between the two of you before grabbing a handful.
“Does she knew it’s you?”
Your hand stopped as you went to shovel more crisps into your mouth. She knew. How did she know?
“Your thoughts are very loud, I didn’t mean to hear them.” There’s the answer.
“Please don’t tell her! I just-“
“I get it, Y/N. You need some time to yourself. Nat has been so protective of you since you were hurt, she just doesn’t want you to be hurt again. But I can see why you’re doing it.”
You smiled at Wanda, which she returned before it turned into a filthy smirk.
“Does she help you shower, too?”
You rolled your eyes before letting out a snort. Wanda had learned about yours and Natasha’s relationship at the hospital, seeing how much you needed to see Nat and how much it calmed you when she walked into the room. She’d only told you that she knew when Nat had her check up on you when she was forced onto her first mission since you’d came home from the hospital. It wasn’t awkward like you’d expected.
She just asked how long you’d been dating, if you were happy and told you she was pleased to see her two friends content together. It wasn’t that you needed anyone’s approval of your relationship, but hearing Wanda say that she was happy for the two of you warmed your heart.
“I am officially off for the next 4 weeks. Fury will not be sending me anywhere after the conversation I’ve just had with him.”
You were sat on your bed, knees up to your chest, and you couldn’t look at her. You felt terrible. You felt like a liar. If the shoe was on the other foot, you’d be furious, but you couldn’t keep lying to her.
“Babe, what’s the matter?” Natasha rushed to your side when you didn’t reply, but you couldn’t make eye contact, you didn’t want to see the hurt in her eyes when you told her the truth.
“It was me.”
“It was me.” You finally turned your head to see her. Natasha’s face full of confusion, not understanding your announcement.
“I was the one that told Fury to put you back on missions.”
There was a mixture of emotions you saw race through Nat’s features. Confusion, anger, sadness, pure rage, back to confusion.
“Why?” She whispered, and it fucking broke you.
“I-“ Seriously, why did you? Because you were a bitch who couldn’t let your girlfriend throw her love and devotion over you for a few weeks. “I just needed a bit of space, Nat.”
“You wanted space?” It wasn’t much of a question, more of her just whispering your words again to try and understand them for herself. Her back straightened but her eyes didn’t meet yours.
“You wanted me to leave you alone.”
“No. Nat, please don’t think that I don’t appreciate everything you’ve done for me-“
“You wanted me to stop caring for you?”
Jesus Christ...
“No, Nat-“
“Do you not want me around you?”
“Natasha, I-“
“Do you want to break up?”
Fucking hell, this is not what you were expecting.
“Then why?” Her whole body deflated, eyes filled with so much sadness, that it brought tears to your own eyes.
“Natasha I just wanted you to be you. And I needed to do things for myself. You were devoting all of your time on looking after me and leaving to no time for yourself! You love your job, don’t deny it. You love going out and fighting the bad guys, saving people. You needed that. I only asked Fury to put you on one mission, so you could go do something you loved to do, and I could make my own cup of tea for once. I didn’t intend for him to keep sending you out, but I saw the look in your eyes every time you came back. The worry of looking after me was gone. I needed you to be you, just a few times, before you came back and spent all of your time caring for me again.”
She stayed silent, fidgeting with her fingers, head down so you couldn’t see her face.
“Nat, please don’t be angry. I just...” You didn’t even know what to say.
Natasha’s head shot up, and you almost choked. The anger behind her eyes shocked you ridged. Nope, definitely not how you were expecting this to go, at all.
“Yeah, I love me job!” She stood from the bed, walking to the centre of your room before turning to face you again.
“But I love you more!”
That being said, she walked out the room, slamming the door behind her. Shit. That was the first time during your time dating that she had said those three words out loud. You both knew you loved each other dearly, but the words had never been spoken, until now.
The shock of the situation had you locked to your bed. You wanted to go after her, but you were stuck. Like the angry ‘I love you’ had sent a wave of cement over your body, drying instantly, not letting you move an inch.
The power over you washed away, and you’ve never ran so fast in your life.
~back in the living room~
“Yeah, I love my job... But I love you more!”
Everyone was struck silent as the scream. Had Natasha just- had she just told Y/N she loved her? Well, shouted it. Before anyone could even make eye contact with another, Natasha stormed into the room, pure rage written all over her face. She stopped the second she saw the group on the sofas, every bit of emotion wiping from her face before she continued out of the room.
“Did she just-“
You came racing down the corridor seconds later, sliding to a stop when you saw everyone’s shocked looks. You didn’t even need to saw a word before Wanda pointed to the door, where Natasha must have left through. You had to find her, had to let her know you felt the same, to say the words she’d screamed at you. Probably not as aggressively, but still said non the less.
“Natasha!” You shouted from the top of the stairs, seeing the whip of her red locks hitting the bottom floor. She looked up for a split second, and even from where you stood, two floors up, you could still see her tears.
“Not now, Y/N. I need some time.”
You fucked up. You shouldn’t have let her walk out of your room. You shouldn’t have asked Fury to put her on missions. You should have let her take care of you.
You walked back through the door, leaning against it as you dropping your head in to your hands for a second before remembering that all of your friends were sat on the sofas opposite. You knew they’d be looking at you, and when you opened your eyes, there they were. All those eyes full of pity and worry. You couldn’t deal with that right now. You wanted to run after Natasha, but you knew she needed time to process.
You dragged yourself through the living room, back down the hallway towards your room.
Was the last thing they heard you scream before you door slammed shut.
Natasha still hadn’t returned to the compound. It had been 5 hours since your conversation. Or argument? You weren’t question sure what to call it. Wanda had came to see if you were alright, to which you just told her you wanted to be alone, and she left. Clint had came by not long after, telling you he had never ever heard Nat tell anyone she loved them, and that she would have truly meant it. He went looking for her soon after his conversation with you. You wondered if he’d found her yet?
You’d changed into your comfy clothes, pulling on a pair of joggers and a soft hoodie, tying your hair up in a messy bun. You felt all of 1% better by doing that. You just wanted her to come home so you could tell her everything you wanted to say before she walked out of that door.
You’d turned to what your therapist had suggested whenever you felt like you were having a bad day. You’re writing. Letting your feelings flow out over the pages and turning them into lyrics. It wasn’t long before you were up at the piano on the higher level of the living room, pressing keys pointlessly until you found the right melody.
“First things first, I'ma say all the words inside my head. I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been.” You sang out to yourself, thinking of the next lyrics to write down.
“Second thing second, don't you tell me what you think that I could be. I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea.” You heard from below you. Your head shot round to look over the railing, seeing Natasha sat on the sofa staring straight ahead, arms crossed over her chest. Yep, she was definitely still pissed off.
You didn’t know Natasha could sing, or make up incredible lyrics off the top of her head. Another thing to add to your long list of things you loved about her.
“I was broken from a young age.” You continued, not really sure what to expect.
“Taking my sulking to the masses.” She replied.
“Writing my poems for the few, that look at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me.”
“Singing from heartache from the pain. Taking my message from the veins. Speaking my lesson from the brain.” She was replying within seconds, somehow knowing the exact tune that you were playing.
“Seeing the beauty through the pain. You made me a, you made a believer, believer.”
“You break me down and build me up, believer, believer.”
Okay, that one hurt a little bit.
“Oh, let the bullets fly, oh, let them rain.”
Probably shouldn’t have sang that...
“My life, my love, my drive, it came from pain.”
“You made me a, you made me a believer, believer.” You both sang the end together, your voices harmonising perfectly, even if there was so much anger and agony running through them. You took your hands from the keys, letting the music stop and the room fell silent. Neither of you said a word, not that you were even quite sure what to say. Well, you knew what you wanted to say, but just weren’t to sure how to get the words out of your mouth. Not in this situation anyway.
“I’m sorry.” Was all you could say, but it was enough for Natasha to turn her head in your direction, although her eyes still didn’t meet yours.
“Me, too.”
Oh god, the silence was so loud.
“I wrote a song for you.” You tried, not really sure if she cared. You didn’t know how she was feeling, if she even wanted you to speak to her. She might have apologised, but that didn’t mean she wanted to talk.
“Really?” Finally, Natasha’s eyes met yours, the anger gone and replaced with wonder.
“Well, I’ve wrote a few actually. But this one is my favourite.” You held up your book as if she could see the words from where she sat. Dumb ass. Natasha stood, and you fully thought she was going to walk away from you making your tiny smile drop from your face, until you realised she was heading up the stairs towards you.
She took a seat next by your side in front of the piano, watching you with those fucking gorgeous eyes of hers. You could get lost in them forever, like a portal to another world that was created just for you.
“Oh!” You turned back to the keys, remembering the way your fingers fell for the specific tune. It rang through the whole room before you began to sing the lyrics you’d wrote specifically for her, the woman you loved.
“What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in, and you kicking me out. You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down. What's going on in that beautiful mind? I'm on your magical mystery ride. And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright.”
You glanced over to her, seeing a tiny smile forming as she watched your fingers flow over the keys.
“My head's under water but I'm breathing fine. You're crazy and I'm out of my mind. Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you. You're my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I'm winning. Cause I give you all of me, and you give me all of you, oh.”
You saw Natasha’s eyes were closed, tears sliding down her cheeks. You didn’t know whether or not to continue, slowing the melody and missing a key, which made her eyes shoot open at the sudden change in the tune. You were staring at her, waiting to see if she’d say anything, but she just nodded, silently asking you to continue.
“How many times do I have to tell you, even when you're crying you're beautiful too. The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood. You're my downfall, you're my muse. My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues. I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you. My head's under water but I'm breathing fine. You're crazy and I'm out of my mind. Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you. You're my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I'm winning. Cause I give you all of me, and you give me all of you, oh.”
Before you could finish the tune, Natasha’s lips were on yours, her hands on either side of your neck pulling you closer to her. Your fingers left the keys, finding their happy place, wrapped in her curls. You never knew if you were ever going to sing that song for her, but you were so glad you did.
“No one has ever told me they love me, but that-“ She wiped an escaped tear from her cheek. “That was beautiful.”
You heard a quiet sniffle from below, making both you and Natasha raise a brow before turning to see where it had came from. When you looked down from where you both sat, you saw everyone. Literally everyone. Some were sending soft smiles up at you, some were wiping tears from their eyes, and then there was Thor, who turned into a completely blubbering mess as soon as your eyes met his. You couldn’t help the chuckle that fell from your lips as you shuck your head at him.
“I love you.” You heard Natasha whisper next to you, pulling your attention back to her. You couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face by her, as you placed a feather light kiss on her lips.
“I love you, too.”
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deexchanel · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
This is my master list for one-shots.
I am open to requests!
Most of these one-shots will be fluff and angst but I will write smut if wanted.
(*) stands for smut!
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
Marriage (a request)
*Your Wife.
Captain America is always busy.
Baby (Pt. 2)
*I'm not insecure
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Jealous Bucky.
When he cheats (When he tries)
Remember me?
Charmaine ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan
Pretty girl ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11)
My video edits! Please check them out if you don't mind.
Peter Parker
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natromanoffxox · 7 days ago
Steve: What if you met the right man, who worshipped and adored you. Who’d do anything for you, who’d be your devoted slave? Then what would you do?
Natasha: I’d pity him.
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natromanoffxox · 7 days ago
*yours and Natasha’s wedding*
Y/N: I, Y/F/N Y/L/N, do hereby declare my unending love. I will worship you forever. I will devote my every waking moment to your happiness alone. Henceforth, I am your eternal and helpless slave.
Natasha: Nice... Ditto.
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