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#black marionette
adobe-outdesign · 11 days ago
so from FNaF 2 onwards was Charlie sitting in the box for 30 years waiting for Henry to return with the milk? What did she do in all this time?
playing FNAF 3 obviously
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adobe-outdesign · a month ago
Fans: Golden Freddy is a ghost because of all the wacky shit he does!!! Real suits can't do that!
The Puppet:
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adobe-outdesign · 2 months ago
Thoughts on the new epilogue? I mean, we finally got the Puppet so cool.
I have no strong feelings. Nice to see Charlie again, but she feels like a deux ex machina.
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salinejournal · 2 months ago
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Celebrating Black History Month with a look back at the original “Lt Uhura” marionette handcrafted for Dreamland Theater “Star Trek” production in Ypsilanti Michigan.
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adobe-outdesign · 3 months ago
Every day I wish for Scott to have some new thing include Marionette, but no, we got those freaking wood children thingamagigs or whatever. Please Scott, let me see my daughter
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adobe-outdesign · 4 months ago
Theory: Knowing how bizarre Fazbear’s Frights can get, the titular “Puppet Carver” story is not going to relate to Charlie or Puppet whatsoever, but a different story in the same book will, but it would be called, like, “The Four Humors” or some shit and have her crawl out of a TV screen and drain a dude’s blood
The Puppet Carver is about Doc Carver from Showdown Bandit. meanwhile, William’s humor turns out to be blood
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adobe-outdesign · 6 months ago
Ok the Fazbear’s Frights series may be a trainwreck, but I’m genuinely invested in it because it’s a trainwreck. I wonder what bullshit they’re gonna come with next. Is Toy Freddy gonna have lazer vision? Is the Puppet gonna somehow end up with (phony) medical degree and start the zombie apocalypse? Is a fucking bibibab gonna become a genie and steal some punk goth kid’s kidneys? Is Toy Bonnie gonna somehow get a TikTok account to kidnap 15 year olds? Who knows, probably not Scott
I mean other real-life brands have appeared in FNAF books before so at this point tiktok being canon would be the least weird thing in them
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yume-danshi · 7 months ago
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I made the contract seal that Joker has in our demon!circus au! It wasn't too difficult, but it taught me how to use the 8bit layer feature and symmetry rotation brush on medibang ^^
Feel free to use as long as you credit the design back to me! I'll be making the others' seals soon, too, as well as taking suggestions for other characters if enough people are interested~
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inkcyclopedia · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Carlos Albuquerque (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
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lavenderbeesknees · 7 months ago
Stop motion by me!
“The Marionettes Dissent”
Credits for poem and music at the end. Photography, model, and editing by me!
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adobe-outdesign · 8 months ago
Fnaf AU where Everything is the same excpet for some reason Charlie becomes Nightmare and Sammy becomes the Puppet.
Brother: wait why are you the Puppet and she’s Nightmare
Sammy: my outfit matched and Charlie keeps getting her ass kicked by big metal bears
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world-of-puppets · 8 months ago
The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather’s Porridge? (1930)
The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather’s Porridge is a british marionette short film directed by Jack Harrison and produced by Joseph Seiden with music by Philip Braham. The film starts in an opium den where a woman is forced to dance for the inebriated opium users. Things escalate into a fight, causing one of the patrons to pull a gun and kill almost everyone, and Herlock Sholmes, an obvious parody of Sherlock Holmes, I’d called in to solve the murder mystery.
The film is notable for being one of the earliest known puppetry films to feature synchronised sound.
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