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#black lives matter
allthingsfern · 14 minutes ago
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Covid19 Wanderings Black Lives Matter Presence Sending a unified message XXXV. Sacramento, 06-06-20.
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exeplum · 41 minutes ago
Imagine if your parents committed a crime, and because they are dead, you have to go jail for what they did. You should not punish white men today for the terrible things their ancestors have done. 
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poemhatertoo · 51 minutes ago
I wish people would stop tagging posts as “black lives matter” or “stop asian hate” when it’s not relevant to the individual causes.. so many people just use it to gain traction on their posts and thus bury actual useful information lol die
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savedbythegirl · 55 minutes ago
Because we knew so little about each other and because your behavior was so surprising, upsetting and confusing, I didn’t even realize that I could give you the tools to learn more about your identity yourself. This is what I would have done. I was confident that I could help you but it wasn’t going to become gay so it didn’t feel like it would mean the same thing. I couldn’t just tell you what to do if you weren’t an ally because I didn’t know what you were going to do with that information... and you were already stealing my identity and lying to everybody! Maybe you just didn’t want to hear it from me. And it became so. That was hurtful, too. There isn’t a time and a place to be angry and miserable. I wish I could help you just start over. I just don’t want to meet your old expectations. You need new ones. You need healthier priorities and a positive attitude. I can’t buy your love. I’m not for sale. I want a love life, a family. This isn’t about work.
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Another way the prison system in America is modern day slavery and why the democratic- Republic system doesn't work.
So we arrest Black people, right? And in 11 states felons lose their voting rights permanently. 18 states they lose their voting rights until they finish parole. 19 states they lose their voting rights while they're in prison.
That leaves 2 states where felons can vote.
Then Black people are prosecuted for felonies at a higher rate, right?
And then inmates are counted as part of the population for the city where their prison is.
And because of how our system is we don't directly vote for anything. We vote for representatives that we trust to have our best interests in mind.
In theory...
If I were a republican...
I'd arrest Black and BIPOC people, right? I don't want them to have a say because they won't vote for me. Okay.
Then, I want more republican congress people, right? I want more people on my side.
So... I have ALL THESE PEOPLE I've rendered unable to vote. A shitton of people.
And I house them in white districts. That way they have a "higher population" and that district gets more representatives. Right?
So we're taking votes and populations out of Black districts and putting populations into white districts without the votes.
Like I literally think of a comparison without comparing inmates to inanimate objects (which is why this is literally slavery. You've turned these people into objects to gain political power).
Then we put gerrymandering into the mix.
I'm drawing my districts, right? Well let's say we have an area with 100 white people SURROUNDED by Black people. Right? There's no way I can draw this city into a district that'll vote republican.
I build a prison in this city? And pull in 1000 inmates that can't vote? Then all of the sudden we have 1100 people in this city. So this city of 100 eligible voters is now it's own district. Giving me another republican district.
Sketchy shit going down when you look at the population count and prisons is all I'm saying.
I don't trust it.
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arguablysomaya · 2 hours ago
Why do americans not like coppers? Like, police brutality is a thing in my country but the way you americans talk about it with your "acab" thing makes it seem like literally every single policemen on that entire country is a shithead, is it really that bad?
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acab isn’t about the individual police. it’s about the whole system of policing, prisons, and the whole concept of “legality” in the first place. police are simply class traitors who chose to enforce the agenda of the bourgeois (defending private property, enforcing unjust laws - which is all of them, and being the physical manifestation of the state’s monopoly on violence) rather than protect their fellow man. 
I encourage you to check out are prisons obsolete by angela davis to get a better picture
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Image Description.
Text reads "If Bill Cosby can be convicted at 81 years old, then why isn't charges being brought upon Carolyn Bryant Donhan for accessory to murder for having Emmett Till like and confessing in 2017 that she lied about the entire ordeal."
Image of young Carolyn Bryant Donham.
Image of old Carolyn Bryant Donham.
Image of old Bill Cosby.
End description.
For those that are new here. Emmett Till was lynched in 1955 at the age of 14 because Carolyn Bryant Donham (age 21 at the said he whistled at her (in a flirty manner. It was a flirty whistle apparently).
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Image of Emmett Till to humanize him.
This petition is 11 months old, but I'm still sharing it.
Here's a link with more information discussing the FBI arresting her fur perjury.
And yeah.
Arresting Derek Chauvin wasn't enough. If the government wants to enact REAL change I want to see Carolyn Bryant Donham in prison and forced to pay restitutions to Emmett Till's family.
I want every fucking murderous asshole to see her hauled away in handcuffs and SCARED SHITLESS that they'll have to pay for the crimes they committed against Black people.
I want the world to see America say, "Just because everyone did it, doesn't make it okay, and we'll make sure every last one of them is held accountable.
Justice for Emmett Till
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ellis-franceschi · 4 hours ago
quick message to everyone who sees my posts:
Hi! I just want to let you all know that this is a safe place :) whatever your sexuality, gender, religion, race or ethnicity, you are all welcome here. However, if you are homophobic, transphobic, racist etc you are certainly not welcome here and please leave.
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