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#black culture
fuhhlame · 23 hours ago
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Restocked! 💗💋💄
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theziaries · a day ago
“I watched the syringe as the blood came up into the drugs that seemed like dirty water. It just filled up with blood, and as the blood and the drugs started its way down into the needle, I thought, This is our childhood. Our childhood had been covered with blood, as the drugs had been.”
— Claude Brown, Manchild in the Promised Land (1965)
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manifestmyfuture · a day ago
Hey Queens & Kings👑!
Welcome to my Positive Vibrations & Gratitude page
✨Repeat (repost) below✨
Everything I (re)posted on this blog is what I HAVE (and what I AM) in my life❣❣❣
My Positive Manifestations & Affirmations❣❣❣
Thank you Higher Being (God, Angels, Universe, Ancestors/Spirit) for such a great, healthy, wealthy, happy, and loving life. I am extremely greatful for all the great things that I have. I am extremely thankful for all the beautiful (with consistent actions) and caring people that are in my life. I am filled with peace & joy, and claim all things positive and beneficial to my life, with harm to none. ❣❣
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1800sididdy · a day ago
6:35 AM is the earliest i’ve been up since high school. i wonder what my body is trying to tell me. my mind is still tired though
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