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#black and beautiful
the-nubiest · 6 hours ago
My Seeker in Black Tarot (play it pls)
Compared to my Scholar, who is basically me, my Seeker is different, even though we have the same taste in people. Also when I learned that the six has powers, I thought of the Mario power ups. Seems blursed imo.
Tumblr media
[Basic Information]
Name: Delaney Seldon
Age: 23
Height: 5'9/175 cm/1.75 m
Pronouns: She/her
Ethnicty: Cuban-Bhutanese
Love Interest: Maeve (she's so beautiful)
Family: Moms, older sister
[Personal Life]
Inside information: A recently graduated college student. Majored in political journalism and hopes to make it big soon. She has two moms (one Bhutanese and one Egyptian) and an older sister (Egyptian).
Personality: With an interest in history and politics, she only sees the facts and logic, but is still compassionate. Hoping to use the new things she learned as a way to help others. Despite being a very ambitious person, Delaney still acknowledges others and is willing to lag behind to support them. She looks at the realistic side of things a lot, and has a hard time letting herself believe the Crystal Six's words. Saying its BS. Delaney tends to overthink quite easily, due to the immense work and unrealistic expectations she puts on herself.
Other things:
Tends to get quite flustered easily whenever compilments her, even though she is decently praised.
Identifies as omnisexual (is attracted to all genders, unlike pan, stll sees gender)
Has a close relationship to her older sister
Last time she dated was when she was 21 (was a 2 year relationship)
Love language is words of affirmation and physical affection
[Relationships with the Crystal Six]
Mikael: Delaney doesn't really trust them, but has some respect for their control over their emotions. Even though she did try to run from them. Will later grow a sibling like relationship with Mikael.
Vinn: Really likes Vinn in a best friend kind of way. The care and decency he shows to Delaney is very sweet and geniune to her. Automatically became good friends after they first met, but feels bad about his need for freedom.
Reynaldo Reyes: Doesn't like him at all. Even though the others told her that he cares, just has a hard time showing. While she understands where he is coming from, just doesn't like shouting from him. Later sees him as a brother.
Kera: Respects her immensely for her sterness and need of protecting. Just hopes to get close to them, just to let them relax and get the stress off.
Chaya: Finds her cute and adorable, even finds the outbursts kind of endearing. Sees her as a close friend and sister later in the story. Did have a mild crush on her, but went away quickly.
Maeve: Found her attractive the first time Delaney saw her. Thought is was a small crush, but later in the story, it grows bigger. Thinks she is quite a complex person. Tries to deny she is attracted to Maeve in a romantic way.
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happy-angell · 7 hours ago
Przecież było dobrze, prawda aniołku?
Co się zepsuło?
Za dużo przemyśleń,za dużo myśli.
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vintageroyaleny · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On An Island With You (1948)
✧ Ricardo Montalban, Cyd Charisse, Dick Simmons, and Esther Williams
✧ Leon Ames, Charles Rosher, Bobby Barber, Kathryn Beaumont, Jack Boyle, Chester Clute, Dorothy Cooper, Lester Dorr, Tay Dunn, William O. Harbach, Samuel Herrera, Carmencita Johnson, Edna Mae Jones, Al Kikume, Dorothy Kingsley, Nolan Leary, Billy Lechner, Emilia Leovalli, Uluao Letuli, Carl M. Leviness, Leon Lontoc, Charles Martin, Walter Merrill, Frances Morris, Joe Pasternak, Nina Garson, Cosmo Sardo, Robin Short, Dick Simmons, Robert St. Angelo, Richard Thorpe, Sam Tubuo, Arthur Walsh, Hans Wilhelm, Esther Williams, Marie Windsor, Dick Winslow, Kay Norton, James Dale, and George Betz
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21-seconds · 8 hours ago
Leonid Lazarev
was born in Moscow in 1937. After winning the second prize in the international competition for young people and students in 1957, he decided to dedicate his life to photography. In 1962, he was considered one of the best photographers in the world in the Photography Year Book, by the international press. Over the years, he worked with leading magazines and newspapers in the former Soviet Union. Today, Leonid Lazarev is still active, preparing the book “Moscow of a Thousand Nationalities”.
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jazz-ba · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's been a minute. Life's so crazy but these two baby boys bring me the calm I need
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