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#big red x ashlyn
the-writer-nerd-ro · 4 months ago
Since we're all in Holiday Spirits here's a Redlyn Christmas Fic I wrote for Christmas in July before I knew they were Jewish (I'm Sorry)
It features:
EJ being not all bad
Ricky, Nini, and Big Red all hanging out
Hints at the Redlyn romance
Me not forcing Redlyn because some people want them to just be friends
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the-writer-nerd-ro · 4 months ago
Why did romance peak in High School Musical The Musical The Series Episode 7 (Thanksgiving) with Big Red and Ashlyn? It's not fair the bar has been set too high
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Ashlyn, parking the car: Could you grab us a table?
Red: Sure!
[A few minutes later]
Red, sprinting out of the restaurant, carrying a table: START THE CAR!
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Red: What’s it like living with Gina?
Ashlyn: Once I asked her for a glass of water while she was mad at me and she brought me a glass of ice and said “wait.”
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Red: Ashlyn told me that I need to stop singing ‘I’m A Believer’ because it was getting annoying and I laughed because I thought she was kidding...
Red: but then I saw her face.
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sonsetcurve · a year ago
NEW VIDEO ALERT! Our first Redlyn video is LIVE! Go watch it! Comment, like, subscribe do all the things! @keepingupwiththehollingsworths
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silkcherubs · a year ago
get you a man that looks at you the way big red looks at ashlyn
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maad-maxx · a year ago
big red really went from being the shy boy who high fives his crush, to buying her an arrangement of flowers and committing to what he said he would do. (shine a bright spotlight on her because he likes the way she sings). everyone take notes and learn something from my boy big red!
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maad-maxx · a year ago
Someone please gif the scene where Big Red tells Ashlyn that the only thing he’d throw in her face is a brighter spotlight because he likes the way she sings, and him actually doing it in ep 10! Please.
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tylerhoech · a year ago
sharpay and zeke walked so that big red and ashlyn could run 
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tyrussogay · a year ago
This boy deadass bought Ashlyn a huge bouquet of flowers just to show his appreciation, proudly shined that spotlight on Ashlyn as she performed her song with a huge ass grin on his face, and then stunned her (and the rest of us) with his amazing tap skills, AND THEN THEY FREAKING SHARED THE CUTEST KISS EVER!!
And all I'm seeing are posts about Ricky and Nini....
Y'all better put some freaking respect of my soft ship cuz these two are too freaking precious to be true!
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nini-ricky · a year ago
Ashlyn and Big Red gave me major Sharpay and Zeke vibes in the end credits. like you know after the last song Sharpay finds Zeke in the gym, yeah
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ellenarcher · a year ago
OH My goshhhhh Big Red and his tap dancing!!! He’s so good and adorable!!!
Ahhhh and Ashlyn showing up and kissing him!! 😍😍 They could NOT be cuter!!! My precious children!!! Look at their huge smiles!!! They are so soft and sweet!!
This show makes me so happy!
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imtrying13 · a year ago
big red high fiving ashlyn bc he was nervous bc the flowers he ordered for her “didn’t come with a note.”
He literally was like those are not from a mystery person i got em for her. and they’re development was so cute and not too rushed.
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qunnfabray · a year ago
big red showing off his previously hidden dance skills and ashlyn coming across the gym to kiss him is such a fantastic and subtle parallel to zeke revealing his heretofore secret baking skills and sharpay running across that very same gym to hug him 
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