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#beth x rio
septiembrre · 11 hours ago
Every time I remember the love triangle coming up on Good Girls, I cringe and my stomach does a little anxiety dance. I am staying calm and breathing through it because we don't know what it'll look like or any direction of how it will play out and I've gotten rather worked up about hinted storylines in the past that I ultimately enjoyed (lol the fake pregnancy. I can't believe that won me over). The fandom has already chatted about the red flags that are coming up for me right now:
1. Two Latino love interests for our White Woman protagonist is problematic in itself and the storyline potentially falling further into harmful Latin Lover tropes would be disappointing. But, it's even more problematic when said White Woman protagonist already shot the first Latino love interest three times
2. Nick is part of Rio's family. Yuck!
I also generally have difficulty dealing with competing love interests on television shows. To say that this is not my favorite kind of angst or storyline is an understatement (I blame True Blood and Grey's Anatomy for all of my damage.)
However, some thoughts getting me through these difficult times:
Brio's chemistry is uniquely fire.
Christina Hendricks could have chemistry with a brick wall. She made so many (too many) scenes with gross, toxic af white dudes on Mad Men shockingly charming. Do I think Christina will have some degree of chemistry with Ignacio? Yeah, because Christina plays very well against others in her scenes.
But I come back to why I still ship the awful clowns in the first place which is the electrifying, mesmerizing chemistry between Christina and Manny. I've shipped a few ships in my time, but nothing has ever come close to the fire these two have when they're alone in a scene together.
I'm so curious about how this is going to play out. My preliminary guess/speculation that is grounded in NOTHING (I have no facts, just lots of thoughts, head full) is that Nick and Rio have come to a place of work conflict and Nick leaves Rio out to dry, withdraws support, and decides to let him take one for the family business. I think while Nick sees the UST between Brio, he is not clued into their (romantic antagonistic) past/present. Maybe Beth downplays her and Rio's history? Maybe she tries to sexually appeal to Nick as a way to get him to help Rio out? I don't love that for our female protagonist but I wonder if it'll echo other vibes around Beth, sexuality, and crime seen with Fitz and this could be a place where all those yucky putting out references could be going. I'm speculating more dressing-up vibes and cleavage, Rio jealousy, Beth taking over more responsibilities of the business while Rio is occupied, etc.
Though, I also gotta say that I don't love the optics of the further criminalization of Rio and the Chekhov's gun situation with Annie. But, I do love the idea of Rio finally getting arrested four seasons later and Beth not being about it.
Ay, vamos a ver.
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lilliloves · 12 hours ago
Text people really think there is a genuine possibility that something is going to happen between Nick and Beth??? Like is this something people are for real worried about??
I mean besides the fact that there has been nothing hinting towards that and we’ve gotten five seconds of Nick screen time and we had one interview that said something about a “love triangle” ... BETH IS STILL MARRIED! like actually, genuinely married. I realize she’s cheated on Dean and had a relationship of sorts with Rio but do people really think the writers would have her start ANOTHER relationship with another man and not only any man but someone RELATED to Rio!??? I know these writers have done some crazy ass things but I would be SHOCKED if this happened.
Maybe I’m the crazy one to think there’s no way? This is a real possibility.
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shanisheis · 16 hours ago
So after seeing the promo pics for 4x09 I have a theory for Beth keeping her SS deal.
We saw Stan and Ruby say Gene was going down at the end of 4x07 for keeping them on the hook with the counterfeit handbag scheme that he’s refusing to give them a cut of.
In the promo pics we see the girls and Stan with the bags having a discussion, we also see Beth in an office with the bags laid out. My first thought was she was taking them to Nick/Rio to flip their game, but that makes no sense bc Nick is some type of political figure (not yet confirmed) and he wouldn’t be that close to the crime/ merchandise.
Then it hit me, if she chooses Rio which I’m inclined to believe and hoping on 🙏🏽 she still needs to give someone up to the SS. So she will make Gene the fall guy.
Counterfeiting handbags is a federal offense, her laying those bags out on the table is at the SS office where she’s pleading her case.
Trade one criminal enterprise for another. Kill two birds with one stone and get Ruby and Stan from under his thumb. We also know from the episode synopsis that the SS will make a decision.
The only question I still have is why the faux bachelorette party the previous episode? It’s clear they printed money with the plates the SS provided and are using said money at the strip club. I’m just not sure how that will play out and why they would be printing and funneling it through the strip club unless, the two events will work together in setting up Gene.
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mbop123 · 21 hours ago
Just noticed something: in the recap at the start of 4x07, they show an additional clip of Dave from 4x06 — from when they are in the van wiring Beth up pre dinner with the in-laws, and he says to Beth “do you want this over or not??”. The “this” in question being the undercover operation to arrest razzle dazzle Rio red handed.
This scene isn’t in the episode prior and I find it interessssstingggg 🕵️‍♀️ that they included it here in the recap, to tee up the content of the episode.
It adds weight to Beth’s half hearted “so it’s not over” in the kitchen after the busted sting, as well as her general hesitation to gather even an iota of useful evidence for the SS and her offer to ditch “Carolyn” mere minutes before walking into the bank.
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btvsthegoat · a day ago
Rewatching Good Girl episode 3x03.....
Dean tells Beth he loves her
But never responded back....
Why do yall think? Is she in love with Rio? Or she just not in love with him anymore?
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pynkhues · a day ago
Don’t you think that the 406 collage of the brio bedroom action + deansie biking around the house (so much 80’s feeling in it) + the song was a symbol of ending the old “innocent” times connected with childhood and safety and a beginning of something completely different (maybe dangerous) with another family on the other hand?
That’s such an interesting question! 
I think you’re spot-on in the sense that innocence and childhood has really been very close to the surface for Beth and Dean’s arc this season. From the flashbacks which focused on them meeting as teenagers, to Dean’s naivety over who Beth is, and what Boland Bubbles was, leading to his arrest, to the montage with Eric, to the childish decision of getting a hot tub and planting it in their dining room – I’d include Dean’s LEGO version of Boland Bubbles back in s3 too. The show’s always emphasised Dean’s Peter Pan-syndrome, but it feels enhanced this season not just through silly Fast & Furious passwords, but through the visual language of the episodes overall directly working with the textual language. 
Beth making the joke about Dean riding a bike up and down the driveway like Jane in dialogue, and then Dean biking around the house is a really good example of that! It’s the textual and visual working together to emasculate and infantilize him, haha.
I love your point about it potentially being used as a parallel as Beth found herself in a more ‘adult’ family and ‘adult’ situation with Rio at the barbecue. It makes for an especially interesting contrast in the sense of the evolution of spaces Beth and Rio have found themselves in together too – her house and the park across season 1 and 2, and then the bars during the day in s2, then at night in s3, as well as the parks at night and her workplace, and this season, his grandmother’s house, but also bars, diners, jobs.
In a lot of ways, it feels like it’s this sort of emphasis on the arrested development of Beth and Dean’s relationship, and the evolution and growth of Beth and Rio’s. One circles the same places, the other twists and leaps forwards and slides backwards and changes. One is cemented in history, while the other is constantly changing (to a fault, some might say, haha), and I think you’re right in the sense of it being an indication of a shift in Beth stepping away from childish things and into something more.
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lewraea · a day ago
Okay I know he hid the gun because cops were forthcoming. But like what if him putting the gun away was him telling her he trusts her. Like I’m putting it away, here’s my passcode literally right in front of you circa giving your girl your phone password vibes, here’s where I hide it in my inspector gadgetmobile, here’s both our prints on it. Cause I mean he took it from her like, “🙄 just give me the damn gun Elizabeth and chill out. We both know if I wanted you dead you’d be dead.”
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foxmagpie · a day ago
all i can think about with nick coming to 'warn' beth off a relationship with rio is the potential. annie and ruby are all 'respectful' and will not push beth on her feelings about rio at all. mick just sighs and suffers. dean doesn't want to know so he avoids asking beth directly to just announce to everyone he's ever met that his wife has a boyfriend on the side.
but nick?
in 30 seconds that man established he doesn't care about boundaries at all. at the dinner table with his grandmother and nephews, he straight up asked if they were fucking. he called her out on not wearing her ring to ask invasive questions about her marriage. and then he flat out ignored her when she tried to tell him she goes by beth. this man is not going to take beth's short-circuiting 'there's nothing going on between us' deflection as an answer and i for one think we deserve a character whose entire purpose revolves around calling beth out on her big, fat, mega-obvious crush on rio. it's time!!!
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xenalovesoq · a day ago
What if the hair change shows signifies the time jump... what if rio goes to jaillllllll (just during this little time and they fast forward to when he comes out so it’s not that he won’t be around, but the fact that he goes away because she puts him there?) what if nick’s dumb warning will make Beth choose to turn him in instead of working with him? What iffffffff?????? Ahhhhh someone talk some sense into me PLEASE!!
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Tumblr media
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lewraea · a day ago
Rio has always been really adamant that Beth asked for all of this. That it’s on her, it’s her choice, she wanted to be a part of it, etc.
I low key kind of hope Beth tries a, “I don’t really have a choice do I?” in that picnic table scene. And he’s just fed up and is like, “Nah don’t even try that. I’m giving you a choice. You do this that’s it, what me and you had is done. Go home. You never hear from me again.” Like it would mirror season 1 when she was adamant he’d kill her so she had to put him away. She tends to lean on the whole not having a choice, doing it for her family, etc. Like I just want him to be like nope sorry you’re not gonna make me the bad guy here, you’re in or out. Your choice, and the repercussions are your responsibility. I’m not making this easy for you or letting you justify it to yourself as anything more than you wanting crime (except for maybe you wanting that 🍆).
I just am not here for another storyline of her trying to pretend she’s forced into all of this tbh. Or him threatening her to work for him. It’s just like it’s season four, time to 💩 or get off the 🚽. They set the tone by having her conscience sequence rooted in disappointing him, his boss wanting to meet her, versus her being scared of him. They also set the tone by making her miserable every time she left crime. Just let our girl go dark side, I’m ready for the repercussions lmao.
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mego42 · a day ago
I agree with your scene order & was wondering if you had any ideas how or when the quadruple cross would happen? I'd love if we all assumed it would & for once they decided to be partners at season end (ha wishful thinking)
THANK YOU YES WELCOME TO THE TEAM ENLIGHTENMENT (i really am jk, @foxmagpie‘s got me almost convinced to switch sides but then i go and listen to over and over again and am like nah)
so, here’s the thing, i am a very shite magic 8 ball and generally stay out of the predictions game but do have a loose handful of things ranging from specific to vague i could see playing out in the rest of the season mostly bc the show’s p consistent with its characterization and how the players react to pressure and circumstance and a lot of these are obvious, hahahaha (look i never said i was especially clever except for all of the times i said i was especially clever):
rio’s gonna get arrested. like, idk what to tell you, he is. there’s been way too much attention on him and focus on how nothing sticks to him
if it doesn’t happen by the end of 408, i’d be shocked if it didn’t happen in 409 the show consistently uses flashbacks to give weight to major character moments and 408′s serving up some rio flashbacks sooooooo
plus after 409 we’re going into mid-season break so something major’s happening soon
beth’s gonna be a part of it but i don’t think it’ll be as straightforward and direct as the 408 promo is trying to make it seem like
she might not even intend to be a part of it/make it happen (disclaimer, this could def be wishful thinking, hahaha) but it’s gonna happen anyway
and maybe it’s not that she’s a part of the initial request but she’s def going to play a roll in making his situation worse somehow
this probs ties together why nick’s talking to her
either way beth’s going to have major conflict over it bc i do thing she’s v significantly softening towards rio and oh god the angst is going to be delicious
but it’s beth so she’s gonna keep trying to play both sides to her advantage
the gun with the fingerprints, annie and mick’s car date and lucy are all coming back in a major way
it’s going to be breaking point with beth and rio when it does and shake up whatever progress or equilibrium they’ve achieved with their relationship
uhhhhh what else
oh, sorry stan, but beth is absolutely getting up in your business, them’s the breaks
everyone will continue to give exactly zero fucks about dean
personally, i think it would be neat/interesting if both rio’s arrest and the gun coming back into play were things that beth and rio didn’t directly choose to happen but instead happened as a consequence of their previous actions (i.e. the secret service working with info beth’s already given them/nick being the one to put the gun in play to keep rio out of trouble) so they both end up betraying each other without directly meaning to but then having to absorb the consequences anyway BUT that’s my inner soft bitch talking and they’re awful and probs will just keep actively choosing to betray each other bc said awfulness and no amount of being in big stupid love will ever change that.
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fairhairedkings · a day ago
Hi! Are you working on any brio fics? you're my favorite writer in the fandom! I reread your stories constantly
thank you! that is very nice of you to say. :)
i’m basically always writing something, it just isn’t necessarily something that i’m gonna finish and post. i’m that person who will write 5k of random bits of a story that i never plan to do anything with.
the one that i’m getting moderately close to finishing is (drumroll please) a follow up to i pose and take pictures (then send them to people that i don’t know) but i keep getting distracted because i’m a genius who decided to set it in toronto, so it’s turned into me just being mopey that i can’t go to any of my favourite places. like it’s gonna be that you came here for the porn and now you’re being subjected to me talking shit about queen west and the abomination that is bloor & bathurst these days.
but, because it was nice to get this ask and i can’t get coffee for another 7 minutes, here is a snippet:
“It’s a photoshoot,” she says. “With one person there. You can’t seriously be jealous.”
“Jealous?” Rio’s frown turns into a scowl. “You think that’s what this is about?”
“Isn’t it?” Beth crosses her arms over her chest.
“Baby, I have no problem with hundreds of thousands of people seeing you in your underwear. I do have a problem with more people knowing who you really are.” Rio rubs his thumb into the divot between his eyebrows. “Not to mention, we’re going into the city for a meeting. You know what that means? We’re gonna have attention on us. You think people won’t notice if you go into a lingerie boutique and shortly afterwards, they post pictures that are clearly of you?”
“My face isn’t -“
Rio gives her a look. “Not your face they’re gonna be recognizing,” he mutters.”Last fucking thing I need is people in that world making connections and figuring out what you’re up to. Do you really want anyone throwing that in your face during a negotiation?”
She didn’t. She really didn’t. It was hard enough getting some of Rio’s…associates to take her seriously in the first place. She could only imagine how many centuries they would regress if they found out she took lingerie photos and posted them on the internet for fun.
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laurynelizjohn · a day ago
I honestly shouldn’t be roasting beth’s outfits, bc honestly I’ve been called out for wearing mom jeans (they’re old navy jeans ok, shh) and I wear conservative ass shirts with little puff sleeves💀this is why I can’t get a man. 😪Yet Ms. Librarian over here has men throwing dick at her forehead. I cannotttt.😂😂😂
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stansruby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
#have a little romance on your dash #you deserve it
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