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collegebookstore · 7 days ago
Do you need to take a break from your monotonous and heavy reading of general medicine books for MBBS? If that is the case then you are in the right place as we will share with you some important ways to have fun.
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collegebookstore · 27 days ago
How To Memorize The Best Book For Medical Students Effectively
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Exhausting syllabus, a plethora of chapters, uncountable notes! It does become tough to tackle the whole syllabus of MBBS easily. No matter how tough it seems, it is not unachievable. With a thorough understanding of the syllabus and analytical thought process, one can easily tackle memorizing all the important points from the best books for medical students without fail.
In Case You Don’t Know How To Get Started With The Procedure Of Noting Down All The Important Points Etched Into Your Brains, Here Are Some Fail-safe Procedures To Do So…
Prepare your mood before you start studying:
Optimizing your memorization power depends solely on the effort you put into the whole aspect of studying.  If you want to learn the content of general medicine books for MBBS fast, you are required to pay close attention to the environment.
As you will be sitting in one area studying at a stretch, you need to choose a place where less distraction will be given. Though there are some places where public reading is normalized, you have to understand the learning environment where you are most conductive and can yield productive results.
If the environment isn’t favorable, then create your own. Make some tea, sip into it while munching on snacks, make the mood before diving into the relentless study session. The key to memorizing the content of general medicine books for MBBS lies in exercising the synapse.
The stronger it is, the more you can easily memorize everything. That is why drinking Green tea will not only help jog the synapse but will keep your brain cells working actively for a long time.
Record the content:
Recording the content will not be enough. You have to record the content of Dacie Lewis Practical Haematology Barbara so that you can keep track of all the acquired facts. Listening to the lectures where the facts are recorded will not only give you the edge you need, but you will make the learning more interesting where more than one senses will be engaged.
Always write it down:
Before you start recalling the contents of Dacie Lewis Practical Haematology Barbara that you have memorized, you have to write and rewrite the content to assure that what you have memorized is either right or not.
Compare the notes with the memorized answers from the book to analyze where you lack comprehension, or which part hasn’t been memorized.
In that way, you will know which part needs your effort. This will help retain data as any experiential learner will benefit from visual learning greatly.
Section the notes from the books:
Sectioning the notes based on similarities will not only help you to memorize them well but will assure that you are making the points apparent whenever you require them.
Generally, there are two ways in which you can start making notes, chapter-wise, and subject-wise. Separating the notes into sections so that you can utilize them according to your schedule will help you.
You can also choose to color code the important sections of the Davidsons Principles Practice Medicine Ralston to differentiate the most important sections.
It will help you to break the important sections down. Compartmentalising the information will record the information easily.
Use The memory palace technique:
Memory palace technique might seem like a myth to some, but trust us when we tell you this, that the application of the technique where you can section off the important information gathered from Davidson Principles Practice Medicine Ralston will help a lot.
It is one of the great techniques for visual learners. There are several steps to doing this technique. But the essence of this technique is to choose a place that you know well by identifying the distinctive features of that section and using that area to store the bits and information that is worth storing.
The key to finding the memory is by allocating a keyword to each paragraph.  That one word would operate as stimulation that will help you to jog your memory. You have to be overly familiarized with that word so that it can incite the memory in the memory palace.
Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!
The best way to memorize the paragraphs, or an important line is by repeating it again and again. Repetition not only generates memorization but it accumulates space for adding up new information.
By repetition, you will keep everything stored in your memory, refraining the data from fading away from short-term memory. By keeping the brains engaged with the lines, you will have a set of memory lines that will not fade away.
Why not teach it to someone else?
Teaching what you have learned from the “best books for medical students” is the best way to understand what you have learned. Studies have shown that teaching information to someone you know is the best way to assess your skills.
It will help you to understand where you are lacking, which portion needs much of your attention, and how much work you need to put into the subject. Not only that, you will come up with new sets of problems that will promote you to solve them.
Frequently Asked Questions On The Internet:
How many hours should an MBBS student study?
The answer to this particular question is very subjective. Each student has different methods of studying. Not only that but their capability of retaining information may be different too. Generally, a medical student should give at least a minimum of three hours to study.
However, depending on your retention capability you can modify the hours accordingly. While there is no time limit to studying, you can easily stretch it over for your own ease. The goal should be to get it covered before exams.
What books should every doctor read?
Some of the books that every doctor should at least give a read and get by online book shopping in India are mentioned below.
This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay.
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.
The Intern Blues by Robert Marion.
Unnatural Causes by Dr. Richard Shepherd.
In Stitches by Anthony Youn.
Final Thoughts
Whether you are learning new information or you are repeating the same things again and again, you have to be engaged with the senses thoroughly. While the aspect of studying is tough, we will make the aspect of obtaining the materials easy for you.
Get the medical books by doing online book shopping in India from one of the reliable bookstores, The College Bookstore. Here you will acquire a 30% discount on certain books with a pre-set delivery expenses. The books that you require will be delivered to the doorstep, all you need to do is just tap, tap, and tap.
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collegebookstore · a month ago
What To Notice While Buying Good Books For Medical Students
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Purchasing good books for medical students is comparatively different from acquiring books from an offline store. Nonetheless, many prefer to opt for the online bookstore because of the matter of convenience;
That is the process is cost-effective, time-saving, and does not require you to go out. Only with one click, you will be able to purchase cheap medical books. However, when it comes to the offline stores, the factor that you get to choose the book with promising quality in a short period makes many come again and again.
Whether you buy the books from an offline store or an online bookstore, it is mandatory to inspect the quality of the product thoroughly. This blog intends to showcase some of the important aspects you need to measure while getting good books for medical students.
What Are The Elements You Need To Check While Buying Cheap Medical Books:
Generally, medical books do not come cheaper. It not only increases the likelihood of people buying it second-hand but even prompts some to look for an older edition of medical books like Dutta Textbook Gynecology Hiralal Konar.
Whether it is an older version or second-hand, it is apparent that these books have seen some major days on the shelves, raising a questionable remark on the quality of the book. So here are some of the elements you need to watch before you move onto purchasing the best books for medical students.
The pages:
You have to see the quality of the pages. Is it too torn? Or crumpled in some chapters? Are the pages not cut accurately? These are some of the factors you need to check on the pages to ensure that the book that you are intending to purchase adheres to your liking.
The cover:
Generally, medical books like Dutta Textbook Gynecology Hiralal Konar come in paperback covers, nonetheless, there are certain medical books with a considerable amount of page numbers that come with a hardcover for easy utilization.
Whether it is a hardcover or a paperback, you have to ensure that the cover of the book is intact as it will save your book from further degradation.
If you are buying second-hand best books for medical students, then there is a chance of you encountering pages with doodles or handwritten notes on them. It not only decreases the value of the book but may come in very handy depending on the context.
If it is a textbook-like Langman's Medical Embryology T Sadler, then you might have hit a jackpot for those added notes, however, if it is a demographic book then it might not be useful anymore.
The bindings:
Be it a hardcover-covered book or a paperback one, if the book has an uncountable amount of pages, then you have to focus on the bindings. Boos like Langman's Medical Embryology T Sadler has many pages, which not only requires the student to handle it with care but makes it prone to getting torn. So you have to check whether it is tightly bonded.
Assure that you check all the elements of a book mentioned above to ensure the quality of the book.
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collegebookstore · a month ago
Places To Sell Your Best Books For Medical Students
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Wouldn’t we like to sell the clutter lying on the bookshelf? Those books which you are done reading and have no intention of touching again should be bestowed to someone who would have a go at it.
Be it a novel or a textbook, or books like Pharmacology Pharmacotherapeutics Satoskar, the selling of used books has become a ritual that has been conducted in many countries.
However, a lack of knowledge on where to sell it may create an influential impact on the whole aspect of auctioning off your medical physiology book. So what are those? Let’s find out.
Places Where You Can Sell Your Best Books For Medical Students:
Many tend to hand over the books to their junior without thinking much about the value point of it. Nonetheless, if you know the right occasions at which you can continue to auction off the books, it will have a monetary impact on your savings.
Understanding your audience is the right step to selling a medical physiology book. Following are some important areas where you can try getting your books negotiated at a good rate.
To your local bookstore:
You can choose to sell the books like Pharmacology Pharmacotherapeutics Satoskar in your local bookstore at a cost that satisfies your end.
Generally, the bookstore owner will refute your cost, but you have to stick with the price you have set resiliently. Nonetheless, ensure that the quality of your book is top-notch so that they can not provide you with any claims of the book not being up to the mark.  
In a yard sale:
You can choose to sell books like Self Assessment Review Gynaecology Sakshi Arora in a yard sale too. A yard sale is considered to be very famous and attracts many buyers from many walks of life.
Here the middleman is discarded giving you the chance to discuss the cost of selling first hand. Here you can sell the books at a favourable rate without cutting many margins.
Sell virtually:
You can choose to swap books like Self Assessment Review Gynaecology Sakshi Arora virtually.
On registered shopping sites:
The aspect of medical books online shopping has become very popular as it connects the sellers with the buyers directly through a mediated platform. Sites like the college bookstore, Amazon and other bookselling sites are some of the virtual spaces where you can get your old books sold at a good price.
Social platform:
Even selling your medical books on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, to some extent even WhatsApp will get your medical books sold. Here you can directly reach the person and discuss the cost without cutting many losses.
Many indulge in medical books online shopping on eBay. All you have to do is post an ad, post the price and if someone is interested in your offer, it will be sold without an issue. Even the communication will be more effective.
There is a high demand for second-hand books because the money-saving aspect has increased the value of the books to multiple folds. You can choose to get your books sold in the College Bookstore at a convenient rate.
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topmedicon · 2 months ago
Best anatomy and physiology book for medical students 2021
Best anatomy and physiology book for medical students 2021
Best anatomy and physiology book Best anatomy and physiology book for medical students is essential to know. Not it? Yes! Of course, it is! But It will not a big list! It will be a list of the best 10 anatomy and physiology books for medical students. Anatomy and physiology are two of the foremost basic terms and areas of study within the life sciences. Anatomy refers to the interior and…
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collegebookstore · 4 months ago
Purchasing books online has become one of the most sought-after methods of getting medical books. It not only saves time but increases the effectiveness of Online book shopping in India.
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collegebookstore · 4 months ago
Requirements India's Largest Online Bookstore Should Fulfill
Have you ever wondered what India’s largest online bookstore should have as its characteristics? Has the thought ever crossed your mind about what makes them the best? It is the dedication to fulfill the needs of any customer that makes the whole aspect of purchasing the best.
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The most important reason why you should try to find the site that has fulfilled each quota so that the experience of a buyer can be enhanced. As it is one of the most important factors that can change the whole fundamental of the experience. In this article, we will discuss those aspects while purchasing the best books for medical students.
The aspects that you should see:
There are many factors that an Online book shopping site in India should fulfill. Adherence to these aspects ensures that the main focus of that site is to ensure the fulfillment of the customer’s requirement and to maintain the satisfactory elements.
When you purchase the latest medical books for yourself, you have to see whether the site offers discourse rates on them or not. Only then will you be able to gain benefit from the purchase. Most of the medical books are expensive and the discount on those books will decrease the amount by a few notches.
Another aspect that the site should fulfill is that it should offer a plethora of options to choose from. There should be uncountable books on medicine registered. Books from a different stream of medical sciences like Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry Ferrier or Basic Ophthalmology Jogi Renu should be there for making it easier for the medical students.
Another factor that the best Online book shopping sites in India should fulfill is an effective mode of delivery. The delivery service should be practical, trustworthy, and hasty. It goes on to show the efficiency of the site and how it looks after the requirements of the site. If a site delays orders again and again, then you might need to reconsider your commitment.
While purchasing the latest medical books from an online site, you should see whether the site has their contact details registered on the system. The more informative it is, the better it will be for you. If the need arises, you can contact them using those numbers.
Offering the customers exciting deals and offers, or promotion codes will help the student get books like Basic Ophthalmology Jogi Renu at a lower cost. These deals are a form of promotional tactics that lures buyers and strengthens trust.
Another factor that makes a site more trustworthy is the method to provide them with a tracking number. The tracking number for the purchase of Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry Ferrier will help you understand how long it will take for the book to reach you and schedule your stay accordingly.
Upon fulfillment of all these factors, you can undoubtedly make purchases for medical books. Or you can choose to purchase the best books for medical students from the College Bookstore. The college bookstore provides up to a 30% discount rate on medical books which will be delivered to you within seven days.
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collegebookstore · 6 months ago
Ways To Understand Whether The Online Site For Buying Books Is Good Or Not
There are multiple sites available from where you can buy the best books for medical students. However, when it comes to realizing the site is worth visiting again or not can only be described by the value they put into addressing the task.
Many buyers tend to think that only by buying once, they will understand whether the site is good or not. Why should you be taking the risk? We can help you determine the best way to analyze the issue is by going through a few elements.
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Those elements are the most important aspect that would determine whether the site is good for buying the latest medical books. In this article, we will discuss some elements through which you can understand whether the site is good or not.
How To Understand Whether The Site Is Good For Buying The Latest Medical Books?
The only way to understand whether the site is good or not is by going through the elements of the site. Only through analyzing the characteristics of a site will you be able to undertake whether the site is worth ordering books like Principles Pharmacology H L Sharma or not. Let us begin.
The site should have a wide range of books: Medical books are very rare and very easily go out of stock. The best way to assure that you get the book you desire is by ensuring that the site has a wide range of books.
Books like Bailey Love’s Short Practice Surgery and physiology books are very tough to come by. So make sure that you see whether the site offers the rarest books or not.
The site should be connected with many resellers: The site should be connected with many resellers. The more resellers it is in collaboration with, the more chances you will have of getting the book.
The site collects books like Bailey Love’s Short Practice Surgery from sellers and then delivers them to buyers. See if the number of sellers connected with the site to determine its authenticity.
Discount rate: the discount rate should be greater than what one is providing in a medical physiology book. Most of the time the nearest bookstore offers only a 15% discount on the medical book.
However, the goal of a site is to provide the buyers with a hefty amount of discount so that they can be allured by their offer.
Delivery duration: To understand whether you should buy again from an online site is by seeing whether the site will deliver the book in time.
Untimely delivery is a sign of distrust. Suppose you ordered Principles Pharmacology H L Sharma, see whether they deliver it timely or not.
You can apply these points to discern whether a site is worth buying the best books for medical students or not. However, we have done the hard task and have already confirmed that The College Bookstore is one of the very few sites where you can find a medical physiology book at a low price. They offer up to 30% discount and carry out a professional and timely delivery.
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collegebookstore · 7 months ago
Improving your experience while acquiring free medical books online is very crucial. It not only safeguards your trust in the system. But also helps you to shift to a more convenient mode of acquiring which is backed by a strategic mode of conduct.
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suhailmyself · 8 months ago
100 Books To Read In A Lifetime: Buy Top 100 Books Online at best Prices In India
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the-obsidian-soul · 10 months ago
Book 5 : Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
The author, Abraham Verghese is an Indian origin doctor, who was born and brought up in Ethiopia hence the story is set in Addis Ababa revolving around the lives of a few doctors and nurses in a small hospital there.
The story's main characters are a pair of twin brothers born to a nun (who is a nurse at the hospital) and a surgeon. The nun dies during child birth, unable to accept the fact that the love of his life is no more, the surgeon runs away. Meanwhile the OBGYN and the general medicine doctor ( who later get married) decides to look after the newborns.
Name the emotion and you would've felt it while reading this book. The author's ability to dissect each relationship, build complex characters and take us through the journey of their lives without being dreary is the beauty of this book.
I'd also like to call this book 'magic' because it has the ability to conjure passion for medicine into a form you can almost feel within you (I know this sounds dramatic, but I'm not exaggerating one bit ☺️). I read this book at a point when I was feeling lost about my choice of career in medicine and this reminded me exactly why I do what I do.
This book is a love letter to medicine and I recommend every person in the medical field to read it.
Tumblr media
"Wasn't that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted?"
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awhiskeyriver · 3 hours ago
Hiiii I hope you are well! If it isn't too much to ask can we get a snippet of the next challenge chapter?? I can't wait for it! xo
Hey there, anon! I'm chugging away at the next chapter, it's actually almost finished. Here's a sneak peak from the next chapter. Enjoy!
“Gale mentioned you were a med student. That’s an ambitious major.”
“Pre-med,” Madge corrected with a light blush before looking over at me. “He’s giving me too much credit.”
“Still, that’s not easy," Hazelle commended. "Have you thought about the schools you might want to apply to? I’ve heard Panem’s medical program is one of the best in the country.”
I raised an eyebrow up at my grandmother, because since when did she know anything about the country’s best medical schools? At my quizzical stare, Hazelle turned sheepish before giving a light shrug of her shoulder.
“I may have done a little research.”
“It’s true, Panem does have an insane track record,” Madge agreed. “Who knows if they’d take me, though.”
“You’ve already got an in,” Hazelle winked, making Madge laugh a little.
“To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought. Mostly, I’m just trying to focus on graduating my understudy on time. My counselor told me this is the year to start thinking, but I guess all the big decisions need to be made next year.”
For all the medical talk Madge and I had engaged in over the past several months, discussions of where her schooling would lead her hadn’t ever come up. Sitting at the table listening to her and Hazelle discuss advantages of each coast and schools that were hundreds of miles away from Wisconsin brought the reality of the situation to the forefront of my mind.
Although I was still focused on earning a degree, the main goal had always been to declare for the NFL draft. To make it. Then earn enough money to help my siblings get through college and payback Hazelle for all the help she’d given to us.
That was always the plan.
But just like med school, there was no telling where the NFL draft would land me. And even if by some miracle I was drafted to a team nearby Madge’s school, what were the odds of us lasting?
She’d be up to her nose in medical books and lectures and clinical's.
I’d be playing games almost every weekend for half the year. Following a strict conditioning and training regime the other half.
I took a heavy sip of water, trying not to let the panic show. But I could feel it starting to rise up inside of me.
Because truly, what chance of success did we actually have?
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