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milquetoast-on-acid · 40 minutes ago
I can’t get over the fact that there is a Benson and Stabler Love theme!
My new/old OTP has a love theme! Don’t mind me, I’m just over in this corner with all of the feels! And the fact that the piece of music is so beautiful!!! gaaahhh!!!!
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milquetoast-on-acid · 51 minutes ago
This music is...
Tumblr media
Can I keep this music? Because please this needs a soundtrack release!
I’m about to talk about this music come follow me...
Stabler’s Theme:
Elliot’s theme totally has that iconic saw riff in it. I think that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. That riff is so iconic so it’s hard not to think about saw whenever i hear it. IT’s heroic for sure though. 
Kathy’s Funeral: 
THE BEST PIECE. So fucking sad, it’s beautiful, it’s wistful, it hits you in the god damn face with sad feels..  
Stabler hunting Wheatley:
It’s fun, it’s heart pounding, some wonderful dissonance. We get a bit of Elliot’s theme in here but sounds darker and deeper. And maybe not as heroic as Stabler’s Theme. 
Benson and Stabler’s Love Theme: 
This piece is so soft and serene. Like the softest piece of music on OC. There is this slow gradual build to a bit of dramatic angst. And then we hear a bit of Elliot’s theme at the end. It’s so beautiful and I love it! Excuse me while I go off over here in a corner with all of the feels! 
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hennwilson · 4 hours ago
Sonny Carisi Week Day 2: off duty Word Count: 1847 Pairing: Rollisi, pre-bensler? Summary: Sonny and Amanda host a dinner party for the squad. AO3
As Jesse chattered away to him, stirring the pot diligently, Sonny heard the door open again, a string of barely-discernible greetings ringing through the apartment, and his heart felt fit to burst.
He’d been wanting to do this for a while; have everyone get together, cook for them, pamper them, show his found family just how much he loved them. He’d never had the space to host in his tiny apartment, though, and he couldn’t ask someone else to host just on his behalf, so more often than not, on the off chance they did all get together, it was for takeout, and a kid-free night.
This was different. Special. This was what he’d been wanting all along.
Amanda slid up behind him at the stove, winding her arms around his waist and pressing a kiss to his shoulder which Jesse pretended to find gross despite the absolute glee in her eyes.
“You doin’ okay in here?” She asked softly.
The question was directed at Sonny, but Jesse piped up with a very happy, “We’re great, momma,” which startled a laugh out of Sonny.
“Yeah,” he said gentle, turning in her arms to press a kiss to her cheek. “We’re great.”
“You’re behaving?” She asked Jesse, who nodded solemnly in return. “Good.”
“Go,” he said, punctuated by a chaste kiss to her lips. “Entertain our colleagues.”
“When you were planning to use my apartment to host this, you said they were our friends.” She tried to look stern, but she couldn't quite manage it and he laughed, turning back to the stove.
“Go,” he insisted. “I’m doing what I do best here. And it’ll be done in 10 minutes so make sure the kids have washed their hands.”
He could feel her watching him, and he turned to shoot her a smile before she left.
 He felt warm and fuzzy again as he brought out plates piled high with homemade spaghetti and meatballs for everyone. He couldn’t help but watch as his friends helped themselves to salad and garlic bread, laughing and talking all the while, as though his food wasn’t an interruption to their previous conversation but merely a welcome addition.
“This smells great,” Kat exclaimed, eyes wide and hungry as she grinned at Sonny.
“Tastes great,” Fin added around a mouthful of pasta.
“Thank you for inviting us into your home,” Garland said gently, giving his wife’s hand a squeeze.
“Uh, it’s Amanda’s home, but—“
“Shush,” she said, swatting his arm playfully. “It’s just as much your home as it is mine.”
His heart melted at that, and he had to take a moment to let that sink in as the conversation started up around him once more. On a surface level, he’d known this was his home too. He spent just as much time here as Amanda did, maybe even more now. But he still had his tiny apartment going to waste, slowly emptying of everything he could ever need as his belongings migrated here, and they hadn’t discussed him moving in, officially.
“You okay?” Amanda asked, mouth close to his ear so they wouldn’t be overheard.
“Course,” he said with a grin, squeezing her hand under the table.
And he meant it. He was sure he’d never felt better.
 “Never known you to be this quiet,” Elliot said, settling beside Sonny and handing him a beer.
Sonny laughed. “You barely know me at all.”
Elliot was quiet for a moment, watching Liv and Amanda where they sat on the couch, heads close together, cheeks flushed with wine and eyes alight with laughter.
“Feel like I do, though,” he said after a beat, not tearing his eyes away from the scene across from them. “The way Liv talks about you all, I feel like I’ve known you just as long as she has.”
Sonny turned to look at him, not sure how to respond to that. He couldn’t return the compliment—Liv had never mentioned Elliot directly in the time he was gone, and even since he’d come back, she’d kept whatever was going on between them private, barely spoke about him unless prompted—but it felt wrong to leave a comment like that hanging.
“She’s a good woman,” Sonny said thickly, looking down at the beer in his hand.
“The best,” Elliot agreed with a grin, clapping Sonny on the shoulder. “Although you didn’t do too bad.”
That startled a laugh out of Sonny and he looked back over to Amanda again, warmth thrumming through his veins.
“Yeah,” he said a little breathlessly. “Still pinchin’ myself, y’know.”
Elliot nodded slowly, finally tearing his gaze from the women to look at Sonny. “I know exactly how you feel.”
“So you and Liv…” he trailed off, not sure it was really his place despite Elliot starting this thread of conversation.
“Getting there,” he said with a shrug. “I’ve got a lot of work to do. But she’s worth it.”
Sonny nodded. He knew what that felt like, knowing someone was worth every bit of effort and pain, knowing someone was worth waiting forever for.
 “Carisi!” Kat called from the kitchen, beckoning him over excitedly.
Sonny feigned annoyance, grinning the whole while, as he left Fin and Garland to continue their conversation without him.
“Watcha doin’ in my kitchen?”
“Your kitchen?” She raised her eyebrows. “Thought your kitchen was on the other side of Manhattan.”
Sonny felt his cheeks heat up, and he hoped the alcohol and warmth of the room would have already given him enough of a flush that she wouldn’t notice.
“Yeah, yeah,” he waved a hand, still grinning. His cheeks hurt but he couldn't quite stop.
“This s’posed to be you?” She asked, pointing to a stick figure drawing pinned to the fridge, front and centre, Billie’s name scrawled in the corner.
“Yeah,” he said proudly, almost like he was challenging her.
He knew he was listed as daddy in the drawing, knew that topic had stayed between him and Amanda as they worked out exactly how they wanted to proceed and what was the right way to go about all this, but in that moment, with love and affection and alcohol flowing through his veins, buzzing in his brain, he couldn’t help the way his chest puffed with pride or the way he stood a little taller in the face of someone else seeing, someone else knowing.
Kat softened, giving his elbow a squeeze. “I’m happy for you.”
“Yeah,” he breathed out, turning to grin at her. “Me too.”
He was about to say something else, but at that moment, Billie barrelled into his legs, tears welling in her big eyes, and everything else was forgotten in favour of helping his little girl.
 “Noah, come on,” Liv insisted from the doorway, exasperated and tired and fond all at once. “It’s time to go.”
All she got in response was a shriek of laughter and pounding footsteps as Jesse and Noah continued to chase each other around the table, high on far too much dessert and the leftover excitement of being part of a ‘grown ups party’.
Liv sighed, rolling her eyes, but she didn’t insist again. Instead, she settled a hand on Sonny’s arm, expression soft and warm.
“I’m really happy for you, Sonny,” she said quietly, giving his arm a squeeze for good measure. “You deserve this; to be happy.”
Sonny glanced past her out into the hall where Elliot waited, checking his phone for their Uber.
“So do you,” he said with a nod in Elliot’s direction.
Liv followed his gaze, a soft, wistful look taking over her face for a moment before she turned back to him, looking so much like his boss again that he instantly stood a little straighter.
“I know,” she eventually said, expression softening again. “Just making sure he knows that first.”
Sonny laughed, covering her hand with his own where it still rested on her arm. “Trust me, he knows.”
She studied him for a moment before looking back over at Elliot, who was now looking at them in return.
“Uber’s here,” he said, waving his phone.
Liv turned to call for Noah again, but he came bounding towards her just in time, eyes bright and curls bouncing.
“Thanks again,” Liv said softly, taking Noah’s hand in hers to join Elliot.
“Thanks, Uncle Sonny,” Noah echoed, waving behind him.
Elliot nodded to him from the end of the hall, raising a hand in farewell, and then they were gone.
He closed the door behind him, resting against it for a moment, letting the success of the night sink in.
“Uncle Sonny!” Jesse squealed, wrapping her arms around Sonny’s legs.
“Shh,” Sonny stage whispered. “Your sister’s asleep.”
“Uncle Sonny,” Jesse repeated in a whisper. “Read me a story?”
Sonny looked up to meet Amanda’s gaze across the room where she was gathering plates and glasses to take back to the kitchen. She gave him a small shrug and a warm smile in response, and he, once again, felt awed that she trusted him enough to make any decision about her children without consulting her, even if it was just a bedtime story way past her actual bedtime.
“Okay, Jess,” he agreed, ruffling her hair. “You go get ready for bed and pick out a story and I’ll be in in a moment.”
He gathered a few stray plates and glasses, following Amanda to the kitchen to dump them beside the sink.
“Hey,” she said softly, turning to face him at the counter.
“Hey,” he echoed back, heart thumping against his ribs almost like he was nervous, or excited, or both.
“We’re real adults now, huh?” She joked, straightening his collar before winding her arms around his neck.
His arms fell easily to her waist, pulling her in close. “Dinner party, tick.”
She laughed, tilting her head back, eyes shining in the light, and god, she looked so beautiful she took his breath away.
“I love you,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth.
She kissed him properly, pulling him in close, almost desperate, like she’d wanted to do this all night and was just waiting to have him all to herself.
“Careful,” he mumbled into her mouth, reluctantly withdrawing. “I still gotta read Jesse a story.”
“Your mistake,” she said with a sly grin, pressing one last kiss to his lips before letting go. “Off you go, then.”
He watched her for a moment, just as she had done earlier that night, thinking of the ring he had tucked away back at his apartment, the only thing of any real meaning he still had there.
If anyone had asked him even a month ago, he would have said he wasn’t sure she’d say yes, but as he watched her washing dishes after helping him host their first ever dinner party as a couple, with her eldest waiting for him to put her to bed and her youngest already calling him daddy, he knew. He knew he could ask at any moment, and she’d say yes without a moment's hesitation.
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sonyapaxtonapologist · 12 hours ago
why does elliot give olivia the same look after she explains phoebe was fin’s first partner as when she tells him she’d give him a kidney ??
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barbra271 · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Liv, fall back!''
"Liv, down..."
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barbra271 · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The way she pushed him and his face
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yhamh · a day ago
He Called Me 'Baby, Baby' All Night Long - youhaveamerryheart - Law & Order: SVU [Archive of Our Own]
"It hasn't changed," Elliot said, turning on his side to face her, he ran a hand over her, almost possessively. It annoyed her a little.
"What hasn't changed?" she asked, her voice husky and barely above a whisper in the silent room.
"This, being with you," he leaned over and gently kissed her shoulder.
Takes place after Fin's Non-wedding in 'Wolves in Sheep's Clothing'
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hereforthepartie · a day ago
So I have this theory for the 500th episode….
1 of 3 things are going to happen:
1. Bensler becomes canon. It’ll be the longest ship ever on television to be canon.
2. This is the episode where we have a trial of Richard Wheatley (I full blown expect to have an episode of it)
3. Lewis copycat.
Thoughts? Opinions?
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outofthe-underwoods · a day ago
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roxy206 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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duckiebrennan · a day ago
fam i tried to write something <3
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andy eckerson is who elliot would’ve been if he wasn’t a married family man: (even more) recklessly violent, sleeping with olivia benson, and free of catholic guilt
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