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#benedict cumberbatch character
ben-c-group-therapy · 3 days ago
Series Links
Links to the series I have.
Meeting Tiffany- Ben C x OFC, Henry Cavill x OFC 
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
The Pianist - Benedict x OFC
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapters 17 and 18 were just skipped and went straight to being numbered as 19. I lost count after so many and all my breaks between. Sorry guys. But nothing is missing!
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
The Pianist and Me (Part 2 to The Pianist)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
7 Days - Ben C, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Tom Hiddleston
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 Part 1
Chapter 3 Part 2
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rosequartzwriting · 3 days ago
A Shaking Struggle
Pairing: Doctor Strange X Reader (gender neutral) 
Description: It’s lunch date time and you pick to go to a Japanese restaurant for sushi. But there is one problem: because of his hands, Stephen can’t use chopsticks. 
Warnings: light swearing
Word Count: 1.6K
A/N: THE IDEA FOR THIS HIT ME LIKE A TRUCK AND I NEEDED TO WRITE IT ASAP! IM ACTUALLY SOBBING AT HOW ADORABLLY EMBARESSED HE WOULD BE! Enjoy lol. Also special thanks to my friend Hailey for being my beta reader for this one <3
Masterlist | Fic Reading Recs | Ao3 | Quotev | Coffee
Tumblr media
Walking through Greenwich Village always gave you excitement, knowing that the New York sanctum was in the area. It was also just a generally nice place to be in the city, so walking on your own to go see Stephen was always relatively peaceful. As you walked, the afternoon sun added warmth to your enthusiasm. Pretty soon you could see the sanctum in the distance, the recognizable window on the roof standing out among the other buildings. After a few minutes, you found yourself on its doorstep ready for your lunch date with its protector.
You woke up to a text from him that morning which said: I’m off in the afternoon, lunch?
No “good morning” or no “how are you this morning?”. Blunt and straight to the point, but still with his charm. You had laughed at it and replied with a simple Okay! and made sure your afternoon was cleared. Most of the time the doctor was occupied with his mystical work, but when free time came up for him he would let you know right away and ask you to hang out. 
Before you could knock, you were suddenly already inside with a rush of wind. The split second of confusion passed once you realized you were in Stephen’s office, finding him at his desk behind a book and a cup of tea wearing casual clothes. You regained your balance and held back a laugh.
“Hi!” He said with that cheeky smile, looking like he did not just teleport you from the front door into his office. 
“I thought I told you not to do that,” You said, the laugh in your voice coming through. “It’s dizzying.”
“Well, it’s funny.” He gave you an innocent look, one that you could not resist smiling at. 
“So, you ready for lunch?”
“Yeah, I just finished up some reading.” He closed the book and put it on a tall stack on the edge of his desk. “Where do you want to go?” He asked before taking a sip of his tea.
“Oh! There’s a sushi restaurant just down the street that I haven’t been to. I heard it’s really good!”
Stephen sputtered into his teacup. A sudden jerk to his hand added to the event, his shaking hand giving out and forcing him to put down the cup. You watched a little tea splash out onto the desk. He cleared his throat and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“You alright?”
Stephen looked back up at you, “Yeah, I’m good. Sure, sushi. Let’s go!”
You smiled at him and held back a little noise of excitement. He got up from his desk and came to join you, casually offering you a hand and saying “Lead the way,” before you pulled him off to exit his office and back out into the busy street. 
A bowl of miso soup sat in front of Stephen. He had abandoned the spoon and resorted to drinking it right out of the bowl, which he saw you doing as well which brought a feeling of comfort. Staring down at it, he saw his own reflection on the surface thanks to the lighting of the restaurant. It was like staring down into a bowl of his own shame and insecurity. 
When you had suggested sushi, Stephen tried not to choke on his drink. Sushi, Japanese restaurant, Asian food. Insecurity had overcome him in a wave. He liked Asian food, loved it, but he did not want to eat it in front of someone else. But he didn’t want to say no to you. The look of excitement in your eyes was something he never wanted to say no to. You looked like you really wanted sushi. So he decided that he had to suck it up.
He tried to distract himself. Talking with you was the best thing he could do for himself, hearing you talk eased him slightly. But he found himself zoning out, forgetting what he had asked you mere seconds ago and some of your words not making sense to him. 
Stephen had always been a tad insecure about his shaking hands, often forgetting about it thanks to his mystical work. But he had never been so overcome with the feeling until now. When he was in front of the person that he was so smitten with, one that he wanted to impress and charm. 
But the little paper package that was sitting on the table to his right was not going to let him impress you today. 
The focus that it requires to steady his hands with magic was difficult to do when he was as nervous as he felt now. Just the presence of you was throwing things off as well, so your existence was not helping at all. 
He was a master of the mystic arts and he could not steady his hands because he was too nervous. Goddammit, he thought.
“I’ve been feeling so tired, work hasn’t been kind to me.”
Stephen looked up at you and pretended like he heard everything you said. He nodded while taking another sip of his soup. He tried so hard to naturally steady his hand around the little bowl, but somehow, his hands shook harder. He desperately tried not to spill the soup.
“You okay?”
Stephen was caught off guard, “Hmm?”
“You seem tired, too.”
“Oh, yeah. I am. Been busy. Uh, things have been crazy.”
Stephen began to talk about a few things that had come up for him recently. Seeing you genuinely interested in what he was saying, resting your chin on your palm while looking up at him with sweet eyes, was enough to ease his nerves just a little. And the talking helped as well, he made sure to exaggerate just a tiny bit to stroke his own ego.
But then a waiter came over with your orders of food. A litter verity of maki rolls, some nigiri pieces, and tempera pieces in a little basket. The way your eyes lit up made Stephen smile, but there was a hint of hesitation on his face. 
Any trace of comfort was gone from him and you were already opening your packet of chopsticks.
Shit, he thought. 
He went to pick up his own.
You were so hungry and so excited that you already had your chopsticks ready. Everything looked so good you did not know where to start. You looked between everything, “Okay, what one do we try first?”
You heard the clatter of wood on the table. Looking across the table, Stephen had dropped his chopsticks. There was this look of dread on his face. He then quickly picked them back up again, tore the two sticks apart with a frustrated jerk, and tried to place them in the correct position between his fingers.
He was struggling to even hold them. 
Then you realized that for all the time you have known this man, from dating for a couple of months to the time of being friends before that, you have never seen this man with a pair of chopsticks. The reason was obvious once you remembered the state of his hands.
“Do you... do you need some help there?” You asked, words laced with a laugh that threatened to burst out. 
“No no, I’m fine.”
You could tell that it was not fine.
He had managed to place each of the sticks in a correct and comfortable position, but it looked like it took some effort to even keep them in place. You seriously doubted he could pick something up with those. 
“You sure?” You asked, trying oh so hard not to laugh. 
Stephen let out a heavy sigh and put the chopsticks down. “Okay, I promise you I know how to use chopsticks. I just avoid them cause it’s not fun watching me struggle,”
“You could have just told me,” You replied, still desperately holding in a laugh. But the smirk and growing smile on your face was betraying you. 
“Cause it’s embarrassing,” He said in a low tone, rubbing his forehead in the self-annoyance.
This poor man had this look in his blue eyes resembling that of a helpless puppy. 
“Stephen, it’s okay. You can use your hands. It’s actually considered alright.” You giggled. You put your chopsticks down and picked up a roll with your fingers, just to make him feel more comfortable.
He sighed relief and a weight was visibly lifted from his shoulders. You had not noticed the tightness to him until it was gone, you assumed it was from him being tired from work. He picked up a roll with his fingers himself and you both tried it together. After mutual agreement of how good the food was, you both continued to chat in-between bites. 
“When I was first studying in Kathmandu, I was mostly fine because most food is just eaten with your hands. But when it came to chopsticks, I gave up and resorted to spoons and forks.”
“So you were the white guy eating with a fork?” You snickered.
“Hey, I told you. I know how to use them! I’m just physically challenged, okay.”
You finally let that laugh out and he ended up laughing along with you.
“Wait, aren’t you able to steady your hands a little though? Use a bit of magic?”
“Too nervous. Can’t hold it properly.”
You raised your eyebrow, “Doctor Stephen Strange, nervous? Wow, that’s new.”
“It’s your fault.”
“I make you nervous?”
“Aww, really?”
He shrugged shyly.
You found that fact very amusing. That the person he was dating, you, could make him so nervous and make him fear embarrassing himself in front of could break down his huge ego. He’s the cutest, you thought.
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marvel-sluts · 5 days ago
request: Could you make a Dr.Strange x Wizard reader.
Where Strange is helping reader master her powers and there have been sexual tension between them for a while until one decides to confess and perhaps some smut
- @creepybook (sorry it won't let me tag you)
a lesson in magic
Tumblr media
pairing: Stephen Strange x reader
warnings: FILTHY SMUT, unprotected sex, swearing, overstimulation, wong walking in on them.
summary: Stephen is trying to teach you a new spell, when an innocent act of comfort turns into something a lot less innocent.
a/n: I absolutely loved writing this, I haven't written smut in ages so this was great. thanks for the request. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"ugh I'm never going to get this" you groaned, watching the sparks fizzle out in the air.
"yes you will, come on. one more time and then we can have a break." Dr Strange said from behind you. "have this hand here, and this one here." he said, positioning the hands as he spoke. you were very aware of his hot breath against your neck, making your heart beat quicker. "try it now." he said, when he had finished adjusting your position.
you waved your hands in the air, trying with all your might to get this damn spell right. you watched the sparks float in the air for a second before they fizzled out just like last time, and the hundred other times before that. you sighed loudly, shoulders dropping in disappointment.
"you will get it eventually y/n, I can feel it." Stephen said, gently placing his hands on your shoulders and giving them a reassuring squeeze.
you tensed at his touch, skin tingling where he touched you and butterflies erupting in your stomach. "hopefully" you mumbled.
"yeah, hopefully" Stephen said, giving your shoulders another squeeze, making you moan slightly. you immediately clamped your hand over your mouth, face growing hot.
"don't be embarrassed darling." Stephen whispered in your ear, moving his hands from your shoulders to your hips quickly. he spun you around in his embrace as your eyes found his.
"do you want this?" he asked, always the gentleman.
"yes." you murmured, as he leant down and captured your lips in a breathtaking kiss. his lips felt like they were meant to be against yours.
"I've wanted to kiss you like that for so long." Stephen whispered against your lips when the two of you finally broke apart.
"me too." you whispered, gasping slightly as he lifted you up by the thighs, pressing you against a near by wall.
he kissed down your neck, whispering sweet nothings against your skin. "sorry about that love, I just couldn't help myself. you look so tempting." he said, kissing down your collarbone. "are you sure you want me to continue?" he asked, pulling away slightly.
"yes, please Stephen. I need you." you moaned, missing the contact between the two of you.
"okay darling." he mumbled, before attacking your neck with butterfly kisses. he pulled back again before adding “we should probably move this somewhere else, if Wong catches us we will get an earful about his precious books."
“fuck Wong” you hissed, slamming your lips on his harshly. he reached down, working on undoing your trousers until he finally got them around your knees. pulling your underwear aside he slid two fingers into your drenched pussy.
"my my, you are wet." he said, smirking at you.
you nodded, throwing your head back in ecstasy as he pumped his fingers in and out of your cunt. you reached your hand forward slowly, beginning to palm him through his trousers.
Stephen stopped his assult on your pussy, pulling your trousers and underwear completely off of you in one motion before reaching to undo his own trousers.
"no, let me." you said, sinking to your knees and unbuckling his trousers before pulling them down and discarding them in the growing pile of clothes.
you gasped at the size of him, long and thick with pre cum leaking from the angry red tip. you gave the head a small kiss and licking away the pre cum before slowly rising to your feet and looking into his lust filled eyes.
Stephen turned you around, backing you into a table before picking you up by your thighs again and lifting you onto it.
"please Stephen, I need you in me." you whimpered, bucking your hips against his, trying to get some friction.
he slowly lined up at your entrance, gently pushing into you until he bottomed out. pausing for a second to make sure you were okay he pulled almost all the way out before slamming back into you, making you moan loudly.
"your so tight darling." Stephen growled, starting a brutal pace. he hit your g spot everytime, making you throw your head back in ecstasy.
"that's it princess, take my cock." he hissed, pounding into you relentlessly.
"I'm gonna cum Stephen." you moaned, before he captured your lips in a harsh kiss.
"go on darling, cum all over my cock." he said once he had pulled away from the kiss.
you moaned as the vibrations took over your body, clamping down on his cock like a vice as he helped you ride out your orgasam.
Stephen kept pounding into you, determined to make you cum one more time before spilling his seed in you. he reached up to your pussy and started rubbing circles on it, making you moan at the oversitmulation.
"come on, cum for me again darling." he whispered.
"I- I can't." you stuttered.
"yes you can, let go for me." he said, adjusting himself so that he could go deeper into you.
you moaned loudly as the second wave of ecstacy hit you, clamping down on his cock again, triggering his own orgasam. he groaned loudly as you felt his hot cum paint your walls. he thrusted into you a few more times before pulling his throbbing cock out of you slowly and collapsing onto the table next to you.
"we should do that more often." you said, when you had caught your breath, smirking up at him.
before Stephen could reply the two of you heard the door to the library open. you whipped your head around to see the shocked face of Wong.
"what the fuck?"
safe to say, the two of you did get an earful about "doing that in the room with my precious books."
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rosequartzwriting · 6 days ago
The Agent and Her Sorcerer
Pairing: Doctor Strange X Fem!Reader
Description: You, an agent who works with The Avengers, comes back to the compound to find that Doctor Strange has brought you coffee.
Warnings: mentions of drinking and doing the dirty
Word Count: 2.4K
A/N: Originally posted on Quotev | Things have been busy, so has mental heath things, so idk when new things will come out. I love this piece tho so I hope this makes up for it. 
Masterlist | Fic Reading Recs | Ao3 | Quotev | Coffee
Tumblr media
Gif by @cumberbatchlives
Technically a sequel to The Sorcerer and The Agent
When you stepped off the jet and onto the landing, you let out a long breath of relief. That field mission was finally over. It was an early call that got you out of bed before the sun came up. Too early for your body to function, but with the encouragement of coffee and Captain Rogers forcing you out of bed, you conquered the task. You checked your phone for the time, it was now around noon. You were ready to sit down, maybe even take a nap. You desperately needed a break.
But you knew you would not be able to rest.
Tony was already on your ass. He came out of nowhere, scaring the life back into you, and shoved a tablet in your hands. "Before you file your report, you got another one."
You groaned, falling into step beside him to make your way into the building. "Already?"
Tony pushed a few things on your tablet and an image came up. It was one of the objects you had recovered from this morning's mission. On the side was a stream of jumbled letters and numbers.
"Decoding, seriously?"
Tony shrugged, with a grin on his face that you wanted to punch off. "Hey, you're best for the job."
"Can't FRIDAY just run through it?"
"Where's the fun in that?"
You glared at him.
"Come on, you got this."
You rolled your eyes, "Fine. Only because it might give us a new lead."
"Atta girl! Don't stress yourself out."
You were already stressed.
"Oh and by the way, someone in the lounge is here to see you."
After a brief moment of surprise, you knew who it was. Tony saw the smile appear on your face, then winked at you. You rolled your eyes at him.
You tucked the tablet under your arm and made your way to the lounge. Maybe you were getting a little break before continuing for the day after all. A small amount of energy that came from your happiness pushed you forwards.
When you got there, sure enough, there he was.
"Hey, I thought you might want coffee."
You chuckled. Of course you wanted coffee.
Stephen Strange had a coffee tray in his hands that had two cups in it. He was standing around looking a little awkward, a little out of place at the compound. He looked relived to see you, as if anyone else in the doorway would made him embarrassed. His serious demeanor was no where in sight, a hint of warmth in his cheeks.
He wasn't wearing his sorcerer robes, but casual clothes. A jacket, dark jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, simple things that you got to see him in more often now. You liked it. Very much.
Without any hesitation, you made your way over to him. Giving him a big smile the entire way. You put your tablet down so you could take the cup he was holding out for you. "Thank you." Your gloved hands brushed against his bare shaking ones. The contact was enough to widen your smile.
"Don't mention it."
"Hi! How are you? What's new?" You asked him, leaning one hand on a table and sipping your coffee with the other.
Stephen let out a breath, "Well this morning I helped to try and close a dimensional rip in space time. If we hadn't managed to close it then it would have swallowed an entire country."
"Sounds exciting, Doctor." You hid a smirk behind a look of playfully exaggerated interest.
"Oh it was." He was trying to hide a smirk too, "How about you, Agent (L/N)?" His cheek twitched, trying desperately to not let that smirk slide through.
"Well I just came back from a mission in London where an very well hidden Hydra base was found. There were a few of their agents there, kicked some ass, and managed to recover some of their tech and files. You know, normal things."
"This is a very casual conversation despite its content." He commented.
You both broke after that, smirks turning into fits of chuckles. You reached up and kissed him on the cheek.
The two of you were developing into a 'thing' recently. Whenever he would come to the compound, you would have your eye on him. And you could feel his eye on you as well. It had been going back and forth for a while, finding excuses to talk to each other and purposely being in the same room as one another. Casual attraction.
You noticed the little details in him. Taking every opportunity to make a snarky comment during meetings. Dedication and a 'cool calm' overtaking him whenever disusing anything serious. His gaze of sparkling blue, sharp features, and welcoming smile. The very presence of him either made your heart stop or quicken, sometimes both simultaneously.
Whenever you were both having a conversation, whether for work or just friendly chatter, you found yourself entranced by him. His voice, his gorgeous face, his personality. Not casual attraction anymore, you were sightly obsessed.
But there was always this look in his eyes, that he recognized your attraction to him. And a look that told you he had similar emotions. You just knew it. You paid attention to him. You noticed him paying attention to you with interest, catching him staring on occasion.
Things had went from zero to one hundred at a party that Tony threw last week. You had a little too much to drink. Stephen did too. You found yourselves alone. Things escalated from there. You woke up the next morning in his bed in the New York sanctum, cuddled in his arms. You both went out for breakfast that morning. He took you out for dinner a day after.
Ever since then, he shows up at the compound when he can, or calls you to ask how you are doing. Work for both of you has gotten pretty busy lately so finding time to go out together was hard. But you promised each other another date as soon as you both were free.
This was a long time coming, you both knew that. All it took was one little push. But you did not expect that push to be a little alcohol. It happened anyways, so you decided to take it without complaints.
Stephen looked around, making sure no one else was in the room to intrude. After confirming, he leaned down and stole a kiss from you. You giggled and let him, leaning up into him. He pulled away to let you have another sip of your coffee.
He wasn't drinking from his own cup. You felt his eyes on you. It did not take long to figure out why. You were still in your uniform, one that is similar to Natasha's. Black bodysuit, weapons belt. Skin tight. A blush crept up on your face, some memories coming back from that night. He has seen you wearing this before, but now his gaze had a different weight to it.
"Liking the view, Strange?" You asked with a raised eyebrow and mischief glittering in your eyes.
He shrugged, "Now that I know what it all looks like, I like the view even more." Casual. Calm. Cocky.
You playfully smacked him on the shoulder, bringing his hint of a smile into light. Tucking the tablet under your arm, coffee in one hand and Stephen's own hand in another, you pulled him over to one of the couches. The two of you sat down. "I have a little tech and paperwork to do right now. You're welcome to stay while I do it, if you're free."
He relaxed beside you, an arm slinging over the back of the couch. "I've got time. Wong is watching the Sanctum, I have the afternoon off."
"Maybe if I finish early we can go out?" You asked with a perky smile.
He gestured to your open tablet. "Better get to work then." You laughed, quickly kissed him, and did get to work. You explained to him your tasks, the decoding you needed to do and then fill out your mission report file. He seemed interested, looking over your shoulder the whole time as you explained your process. He watched you complete the decoding, send the results to the cloud, and start typing away at your morning's mission report.
Stephen's presence behind you the entire time was comforting, taking away some of the stress of your busy work. His warmth and the smell of coffee in the air made you content. You felt him start to fiddle with the tails of your hair, you jokingly swatting him away before he went right back to it.
During the breakfast date, and the dinner date, you saw more little things about him you liked. There was curiosity and interest in his eyes. Behind that serious shell was gentleness and kindness, a full heart who thinks for others. It was like after that night, you got to see the real Stephen Strange, not the Sorcerer Supreme. He was a gentle lover, even drunk, making sure you were comfortable the entire time. Eating out together, he was a gentleman. Seeing him around the compound, he seemed to be smiling more.
You never knew the great Doctor Stephen Strange was a total softy. It made you like him even more.
While writing, you found yourself putting extra care into reviewing the mission and its details. This may have been caused by knowing Stephen was watching your every move and you wanted to make a good impression of your work ethic. You made sure to skim through for any mistakes or typos in your writing as well. After some time, discarded cups on the coffee table and Stephen now subtly nuzzling your neck, you submitted your report.
"Do you have to do that after every mission?" The man who was practically wrapping his entire body around yours on the couch asked.
"Yeah. That was one of the longer ones. Most things were more straightforward this time around, but I did a lot in London today." You heaved a sigh, momentary wiggled out of Stephen's arms to plunk your tablet down on the coffee table, and relaxed back into the couch.
"Have anything else to do?" He asked.
"Not currently." You turned to him, now giving him your full attention. He seemed to like it.
"Well then, maybe you and me can go grab lunch?"
"I'd like that."
You watched his eyes dip down, briefly glancing at your lips before looking back up at your eyes. You caught him. This told you what he was thinking about, and soon you were thinking about it yourself. And then you were doing it. One of his hands rested on your cheek, the other found your waist as he kissed you. Your hands tangled around his neck and up into his hair gently.
It was like you lost track of time. You just focused on Stephen, a hand of his running over the fabric of your tight uniform.
"I'm glad Tony threw that party."
You and Stephen urgently parted at the interruption. Standing in the doorway, Steve and Natasha had smug grins. They were still in their uniforms from the mission, Steve's shield strapped across his back. You groaned.
When you told only one person that you went home with Stephen that night, it had spread through the compound like wildfire. Your coworkers all knew, and they were relieved. Finally, they had said. You must have not noticed how obvious you and Stephen's electric stares and intrigued chatter were.
You were a little embarrassed at being caught making out, but the embarrassment practically radiated off Stephen. He immediately straightened upright and cleared his throat. Apparently he did not show his vulnerable side to anyone but you, him instantly clicking back into a neutral expression when facing someone else.
Nat got right to the point, ignoring the irritated look on your face, "We got a new lead. There was a new location marked in one of their files found in London. Venice. We leave in thirty."
A frown glazed your features. You were really looking forward to spending some time with Stephen again. You looked at Stephen, who shared a mutual disappointed look in his eyes. But you knew that he would go let you work. It was annoying.
It wouldn't hurt to ask. Would it?
You stood up from the couch, grabbing your tablet to pull up your report again. You strided towards your bosses, a lick of confidence in your posture.
"Um actually I was kinda hoping if I could get the rest of the day off." You sang.
Steve let out a breath in a smug laugh, while Nat was hiding one of her own.
With a smile, you handed Nat your tablet, the mission report on the screen. Clean, detailed, care put into it, reflecting your hard work you had accomplished all morning. You saw her eyes look it over, the captain leaning in to do the same.
"You did work hard this morning." Steve pointed out.
"And you did eventually save our asses in the end." Nat added.
As you said to Stephen earlier, you did kick ass during the mission.
You gave them a look of hope. It was obvious what you wanted, they both knew it. For some reason you felt like they were lengthening the moment to tease you. To leave you in anticipation.
After what felt like minutes instead of seconds, the two turned to each other and exchanged expressions. Steve nodded. Natasha handed back your tablet.
"Go play with your sorcerer and his magic hands." Natasha whispered to you with a wink. A deep blush crept up onto your neck, and you saw her smirk. Scrunching your face up in a mock sneer, you snatched your tablet back.
"Have fun, you two." Steve said as a goodbye, and him and Natasha left the lounge to get ready for part two of today's investigation.
You turned back to Stephen. He had an impressed look on his face. Now standing, he threw away your empty coffee cups in a nearby bin."You didn't have to do that, you know."
"Too bad. Already did." You shrugged, sauntering back over to stand in front of him.
Stephen gave you a smile, and opened a slingring portal right in front of you both. "Then lets go."
You put down your tablet and went to empty your weapons belt. "I'm still in uniform, Stephen." You laughed, "I should go change first."
The sorcerer snapped his fingers, and your skintight Avengers uniform turned into a pair of leggings and a blouse. An outfit Stephen had complimented you on last week. You were surprised he remembered it.
You rolled your eyes at him, and before you could say anything, he grabbed your hand and pulled you through the portal.
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bluesakura007 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Something I noticed when I found this gif: it’s a case of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, but if you look closely at the moment right before Spock knocks him out, Khan looks like he’s got a couple of droplets trailing down from his left eye. In other words, it looks like he’s crying from the pain of having his arm broken and then being beaten up so viciously, which has probably been made worse by the mild injuries he sustained during the Vengeance’s crash and the understandably immense heartbreak of being led to believe that everyone he knows and loves has just been killed in the torpedo detonation and that he’s now basically the last of his kind as a result. We know that making his pain obvious to others apart from his crew isn’t his style, so that would explain why the only clear indication of his reaction to what Spock’s done to him here was when he yelled out at the moment when there was a crunch sound as his arm was broken.  TL;DR: I’ve noticed that in this gif it looks like Khan is crying in the pain that’s been inflicted on him by Spock, and I just realised I’ve ended up giving myself a small burst of feels.  💔
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taiganaut · 18 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Morrissey-Inspired Character on The Simpsons, Angers Morrissey
Cumberbatch voices Quilloughby, a depressed British crooner from the 1980s who becomes Lisa Simpson’s imaginary friend Cumberbatch voices Quilloughby, a depressed British crooner from the 1980s who becomes Lisa Simpson’s imaginary friend
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marvel-sluts · a month ago
do you want to stay with me?
request: Stephen Strange x neighbor reader where a burglar went in reader's house while she was sleeping and almost got in danger because of it. Stephen offered her to stay at the Sanctuary for the meantime
11. do you want to go on a date with me?
26. cooking with them.
- @tom-hlover
Tumblr media
pairing: Stephen Strange x reader
warnings: swearing, breaking and entering, major fluff.
summary: after a mysterious man saves you, you take him up on the offer to stay with him until your house is safe again.
a/n: I'm so sorry this took so long but I hope you like it!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
you had always been a deep sleeper, but you never thought you would sleep so deeply that you didn't hear the door being broken into and people ransacking your house.
you woke up with someone shaking you awake. "sorry for bursting in on you like this but I saw that your door was broken down and people were taking your belongings, they are delt with and nothing has been taken but I'm afraid that it's unsafe for you to stay here." a tall figure said.
you reached over to the light beside your bed, switching it on and yawning. in the light the man was quite good looking, tall with dark hair and a wierd looking cape on. the cape seemed to move on its own accord, not following the laws of physics at all. the man froze as you turned the light on, staring at you for a minute before snapping out of it and smiling softly at you.
"what?" you said, still half asleep.
"some thugs broke into your house, but I delt with them." the figure said.
"oh shit, thanks for saving me. I owe you one." you say, sitting up and motioning him to sit down on the bed.
“your welcome, I'm Strange by the way. Stephen Strange." sitting on the bed softly and holding out his hand.
"y/n, y/n y/l/n. nice to meet you." you said shaking his hand. you suddenly let out a small giggle.
"what's so funny?" Strange asked.
"just this whole situation, you literally save me from robbers and now we are having a conversation while I'm in bed, in my pyjamas. it's funny." you said, a small giggle escaping your lips once again.
"actually they were more than just robbers, they had knives. they could have hurt you, but your right, this is a bit ridiculous." he replied, your smile faltering when you hear that they were armed. “don’t worry, I dealt with them.” he said, seeing your face and giving you a reassuring smile.
“you weren’t hurt were you?” you asked, worry etched on your features.
“no don’t worry, I’m fine. you on the other hand need to find a place to stay until your door gets fixed.” he said, “you can stay at the sanctum if you want.” he offers.
“the what now?” you ask, confused.
“the sanctum, it’s a place for sorcerers like me.” he said, waving his hands and creating a big circle that covered almost all of his upper body. the circle had a pale orange tint to it and small orange sparks flew from the circle, making your jaw drop.
“so your a wizard?” you ask, titling your head slightly.
“I prefer the term master of the mystic arts but yes, in some sense I’m a wizard.” he replied kindly. “if your going to be staying at the sanctum you should probably pack some things, you won’t need much your door should be fixed in a couple of days.”
“what about all my stuff? if the doors broken then people will just come in and take it.” you asked worriedly.
“I can put a sort of force field around to stop people from getting in, but that means you won’t be able to get in or out without me removing it each time. so your things will be safe but you will still have to stay in the sanctum.” he replied, calming your nerves slightly.
“okay, give me a few minutes to get changed and grab my things then i’m ready to go.” you said, grabbing some clothes and heading to the bathroom to get changed.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
a few minutes later the two of you were standing outside in the cool spring air. Strange was waving his hands in the air, you assumed that he was putting up that force field thingy he was on about. suddenly the wind picked up, making you pull your jacket closer to your body.
“are you cold?” he asked, looking down at you with kind eyes.
“just a bit” you replied.
“here.” he said, his cloak coming off his shoulders and levitating towards you before gently wrapping itself around your shoulders.
“wow” you muttered softly, eyes blown wide.
Stephen chuckled softly “that isn’t the even the weirdest thing your going to see today.”
"I highly doubt that." you said, yawning.
"come on, let's get you to the sanctum and to bed." he said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and leading you to a dark alleyway. he waved his hands for the third time that night, opening a sort of doorway to what you assumed to be the sanctum. the other side of the portal looked like a library with books lining the walls, although some books were in chains. you couldn't figure out why, maybe they were dangerous?
he stepped through first before looking back at you through the doorway. he reached a hand out through the portal, allowing you to grab it. he pulled you through with him, a small giggle escaping your lips as you fell onto his chest.
"sorry." you said, quickly drawing away, a light blush coating your cheeks.
"it's fine darling, come on. I'll show you to your room." Strange said, closing the doorway and leading you past the bookshelves and down a few corridors.
"you have a room set up for me?" you asked as the two of you crossed the courtyard, the cold night air making you shiver.
"while you were getting ready I messaged my friend Wong, he said that he'd set up and room for you. word of warning though, Wong is the librarian. you can read and borrow the books but don't damage them, otherwise you will have him on your ass." he said, leading you down a corridor with doors on each side. he opened the door on the far end of the corridor for you. "this is where you can stay until your door gets fixed, I'm in the room next to you if you need anything."
inside the room was a bed with a peice of paper on it, a desk and a closet. there was a door on the other end of the room and a chest of draws next to the bed. "through there is the bathroom, and this is the WiFi code." Stephen said, picking up the paper on the bed and handing it to you before pointing to the other door.
"thanks, you really didn't have to do all of this." you said, stiffling a yawn.
"yes we did. now bed for you, the sun will be coming up soon." Stephen said, walking to the door "goodnight y/n."
"night Stephen." you said, yawning again. he closed the door behind himself, chuckling softly.
"you really like her, don't you." a voice came from behind him.
"yeah, I do." Stephen said, turning the see wong peeking his head out of his door. "stop spying on our conversations."
"seeing you in love is funny." Wong said, ignoring Stranges last comment before shrugging and heading back into his room.
a small smile appeared on Stephens face as he headed to his own room, looking forward to seeing you in the morning.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
the next morning you were woken by a loud banging coming from one of the rooms below you. quickly you got dressed and headed to the source of the noise.
you were greeted by the site of Stephen trying to cook. a frying pan lay on the floor, and there was flour everywhere. he looked up as you entered the room, giving you a bashful smile.
"I tried to cook for breakfast for you, if you can tell I don't really cook the often." he said, picking up the pan from the floor and putting it back on the stove.
"what are you trying to cook?" you asked, heart soaring that he made the effort to try and cook for you.
"pancakes, but it's not going very well." he said, showing you a bowl filled with batter and then pointing to the ceiling. there was a half cooked pancake stuck to the ceiling. "Wong is going to kill me." he said, mixing the batter hopelessly.
"come on, I'll help. you use your magic to get the pancake off the ceiling and I'll try to rescue the batter." you said, taking the bowl off of him and pouring it into the pan.
ten minutes later there was a stack of pancakes and a clean ceiling, just in time for Wong to come down.
"you cooked? and didn't burn the building down? you should stick around y/n, I might be able to eat something other than takeout." Wong said, eyeing the pancakes cautiously. "these ones don't look like they are going to jump off the plate and kill me, that's better than last time."
"pancakes tried to kill you?" you asked, turning to Strange accusingly.
"I don't know what I did, but they tried to kill us." Stephen said, shrugging "I think it might be the incantation I used."
"that's why don't use spells to cook." Wong said, stealing a pancake and taking a bite. "these taste great, you are definitely staying."
"great to know I'm appreciated." you said, taking a pancake yourself.
"hey Wong, could you go and find that book that I asked for the other day?" Stephen asked.
"what book? you never asked for a book." Wong said, mouth full of food.
"yes I did." Stephen said, giving him a stern look.
"oh yes, that book. right, I'll go and find it then."
the two of you watched Wongs retreating figure until he was out of sight. "so y/n, I was wondering. you can absolutely say no but do you want to go on a date with me? to get dinner or something? I know we don't know each other very well but I'd love to get to know you." Stephen asked, playing with his fingers nervously.
"of course, I'd love to." you said, smiling up at him.
"really?" he asked, shock evident on his face. christ he had fallen hard.
"yes." you said, a big grin on your face.
"I like you y/n." Stephen said, taking a step closer to you.
"I like you to, Stephen." you said, closing the gap between the two of you and kissing him softly. he kissed you back, hands tangling in your hair.
"hey Strange I found that book you wanted." Wong said from the doorway, causing the two of you to break the kiss, "right, erm bad time?" he asked, beginning to back away slowly.
"very." Stephen said, pulling you back into him and kissing you again.
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rosequartzwriting · a month ago
A Stark Contrast
Pairing: Doctor Strange X Fem!Reader
Description: You and Stephen are going on a double date with Tony and Pepper, but putting those two men together always results in trouble. 
Warnings: signs of ptsd (from Stephen)
Word Count: 1.9K
A/N: Originally posted on Quotev | Check the post before this one on my page for updates on what is going on and what is coming. Thank you for your patience and support! One of the last Stephen ones did very well, I love you guys!
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Tumblr media
The plans you had this evening slightly worried you. It was either going to go really good, or really bad. The knots of excitement and anxiety fought against each other in your stomach, like butterfly flutters and stinging wasps jabbing around.
You smoothed the wrinkles out of your beautiful blue cocktail dress as you walked down the large staircase in the foyer, heels clicking on the steps during your decent. You did one last check in your bag for everything you needed and after confirming you had not forgotten anything, you continued.
You and Pepper have been planning this for a while, but only now were you all able to clear time out of your busy schedules to do it. A double date night with you, Stephen, Tony, and Pepper. Tony made reservations at a fancy restaurant in Lower Manhattan, close to Bleeker St. Stark insisted on the high end establishment, saying that the food and setting was worth it. His treat, obviously. They were already making their way to pick you both up from the tower and would not be long now.  
You could imagine the good outcome: a nice night with close friends doing some catching up with an excuse to dress up and eat classy food. You could also imagine the bad one: Tony and Stephen either finding something to fight about or trying to one up one another. And knowing them, if that happened it could go on for the entire night. You were at least expecting some type of disagreement to go down.
Pepper shared your concerns a little, and you both decided to each talk to them before hand. To ask them to try and not start a fight tonight. You still had to do that. And you found Stephen already in the foyer, fumbling with his tie. You approached him with a raised eyebrow. His hands were giving him trouble with tying the proper knot. Must be the shaking.
You do not remember the last time you saw him all dressed up. You liked the sight of it. He was probably struggling to remember exactly how to tie his tie, which must have been the result of not needing to for quite some time. Maybe you should go out with the Starks more often.
"Need help?" You asked, a little laughter in your voice.
His eyes jerked up at the sound of your voice. He sighed, admitting his defeat. "Yes please."
You assisted him with finishing the knot. The entire time you felt his eyes on you. Sure enough, when you looked up you saw those sparkling blue gems staring right back at you.
"You look amazing."
Once you finished, you reached up and gave him a peck on the lips. "You do too."
He smiled and threw on his blazer, straightening it out over his shoulders and smoothing it down.
"Are you going to behave yourself tonight?" You said, crossing your arms over your chest and looking up at him with a serious glance.
He looked genuinely confused, "What do you mean?"
"Whenever you and Tony are in the same room it's like a contest."
Going from confused to realization, he replied, "It's always his fault."
You scoffed, "Don't blame the whole thing on him, you're part of the problem too."
He shrugged and did that little tilt of his head he did when he was thinking, "He's worse."
"Whatever, just please don't cause trouble." You begged, "I want a nice night."
"Okay," He sighed, like he wasn't taking it seriously.
"Stephen, I'm serious."
"Okay okay, I get it. No making Stark upset. On purpose."
You rolled your eyes. He was good at doing that, but you did not need it tonight.
"We haven't been out like this in a while," You mused, "I'm excited."
"Yeah, it's nice we finally have a break." Stephen had let out a deep breath, like he was tying to relax.
The past week had been hectic. There were multiple problems that had happened over at Kamar Taj that took a lot of work and energy to resolve. You both needed a night out. You were thankful Wong offered to watch over the Sanctum tonight.
Out of nowhere, Stephen blurted, "Do they have to pick us up? We could just meet them there."
"We can't just take a slingring portal to a fancy restaurant, Stephen."
He groaned a little, "I don't exactly trust Stark behind the wheel."
He had a point. You imagined Tony's lack of chaotic control might get translated into his driving. But you knew that was not the only reason Stephen was looking a tad worried. That deep breath earlier was him trying to relax. Obviously it was because of the crash in his old Lamborghini. To your knowledge, Stephen had not driven or even been in a car since then. You could not blame him for it. He did not even need it, with slingrings and mystical ways to travel.
You saw the anxious energy that emitted off of him.
You looked him in the eyes, "It will be alright."
He gave you a little nod, like he knew what you meant. You comforted him with another quick kiss.
"Don't worry about it." You said, "Worrying only makes it worse. I don't want you to hurt yourself."
Stephen cleared his throat, "I'll try."
Even though you had not experienced that horrific car crash, you understood his nerves. Reaching for his hand, you pulled him into a hug. "I'll be right here." That made him smile.
Pepper texted you that they were here already. When you and Stephen stepped out of the Sanctum doors and onto Bleeker St, there was an Audi sports car in a flashy silver colour waiting. Tony and Pepper were in the front waving you over. You gently grabbed Stephen by the hand again, reminding him that there was nothing to worry about, and jumped in the back seat together.
"You two clean up nice," Tony said as a greeting. He shifted gears and pulled out onto the road to drive to the restaurant. "Last time I saw you, you were roughed up by some magic monsters."
"They were demons from another dimension." Stephen pointed out, "Who were trying to eat us."
"Well good thing you both weren't eaten." Tony replied.
You could tell they were trying to be nice. It was kind of obvious. It was like it thick layer in the air. The hard resistance to make a jabbing comment.
"Well the mystic arts always comes with surprises." You said.
"Any magical duties you two have after dinner tonight?" Pepper asked, more joking then an actual question.
"Are you kidding, it's our night off." Stephen laughed.
Past his light hearted tone, and the urge to poke at Tony, there was still a trace of nervousness in Stephen's voice. You could feel his hand in yours trembling a little more than they usually did. You squeezed your hand around his a little tighter. You could see that it was like he braced himself for every turn and every acceleration the car made. But the fact that you were still holding his hand made things a little better.
Along the way, the four of you caught up. Stark Industries was going strong and the Avengers were doing well as always. You shared a few recent things going on with the sanctum and Stephen bragged about how well your skills and studies were progressing.
In little time, Tony pulled up to the restaurant and the four of you go out to start the night. The place was very high end, but not too classy. It was a place where you could show up all fancy, but still have a casual time. Your little party was definitely recognized by people that passed by, other patrons, and the staff. This gave you a little boost of confidence, and quick service to your table.
Your shoulders relaxed, all worry of Stephen and Tony ruining the night was replaced with excitement. With your arm wrapped around his, you smiled and got ready for a pleasant night.
They were trying so hard.
From the moment you all sat down, there were opportunities for them to pick at one another. To argue about one little thing or brag about something. They did not take any of those opportunities. Normally, knowing Stephen, he would have taken every single on of those to his advantage for his own amusement. But no, it was all calm and pleasant.
The two had a lot of similarities when it came to personalities. Cocky, stubborn, full of themselves, and very existences dripping in sarcasm. They both were really good at improvising snarky comments when presented with an opportunity. That is why they clashed so often.
But there was little differences that you had picked up over your time of knowing them both. Stephen is a little more clever and had more of a witty and collected style. Tony's style is more chaotic, out there or down right ridiculous. Tony is more outgoing, while Stephen can be a little more reserved. Stephen is responsible, Tony is not.
The contrast was more obvious once you realize it.
And you did not want to listen to those two personalities bicker all night.
You tried to focus on the good things. They were trying for you and Pepper, so you could have a good night. The appetizers were delicious, and you could only imagine how good your main course would be. Tony had reserved a table with a beautiful view of the city, the lights and buildings being visible through a large window. Table conversation was great and things were trouble free.
It actually felt weird like this. The usual was non stop bickering. But now with them being nice to each other, it was all so strange. Defiantly a stark contrast from the normal.
You had to bring this to light, and in the middle of dessert you did.
As you were taking a bite of your slice of cheese cake, Tony said "I actually admire you Strange."
You froze in shock. And apparently everyone else at the table did too, even Tony himself.
"I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you right." Stephen cockily said. "Repeat that."
It was like Stark was trying not to throw up saying it, "I admire you. Your whole life was taken away and you bounced back. Now saving lives a better way. I admire that."
You looked at Pepper. You thought that maybe she was behind it but the look on her face told you otherwise. The smile on Stephen's face was one of amusement and astonishment, like he was taken aback. He stumbled to say thank you, but he did eventually.
Despite the nice moment, you broke out, "I don't like this."
"What?" The two men said at the same time.
"The fact that you both aren't ripping out each others throats is kinda scary."
Pepper took a sip of her wine, "Yea it does feel a little off."
"Very off." You corrected.
Stephen turned to you, "I agreed to not make fun of him for you though."
"I though it would be better, but something just feels like it's missing." You admitted.
"Make fun of me?" Stark asked. "Is that what you call it?"
"That's the lighter term."
"Then what's the usual term, Merlin?"
"I'd say 'wiping the floor with you' is the better sounding term."
And with that cool and quick comment, things grew into a argument. All the tension that build up over the course of the night was released into a wave of quick witted remarks, one after another with some name calling. You kinda prayed that the other tables were not paying attention.
You and Pepper slightly smiled at each other.
"And they're back." Pepper said into her glass of wine.
Yes they were, and you loved it.
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A study in Sherlock Holmes (s1e3)
So lets start this off on his inhumane tendencies. (FYI I do not believe he is a “high functioning sociopath”, pointing out his inhuman and sociopathic actions at the start of the series is just necessary to point out his development later on). BORED. This is truly when we first see how Sherlock acts in the absence of cases and distractions. He decides to shoot at a wall. The second odd thing we see is the head in the fridge. Its not exactly normal to keep heads in your fridge, though I'm not judging if you do. This sets his actions and beliefs throughout the episode up, perhaps not entirely ordinary and somewhat inhuman. This is continued through his behaviour towards the people who are making the phone calls. Its not that he doesn't entirely care, he focuses more on the case and the so called game instead. And that isn't entirely bad at all, its just clear that here, he lacks empathy for people. For whatever reason that is, whether he truly is a sociopath or he hides his feelings and emotions because it helps with cases. Though his focus on the case itself can go a bit far, especially the “although i did technically solve the case” part. Buttttt there is development by the end of the episode. Throughout the whole episode he ignores all the people getting killed but by the end he points out to Moriarty that "people have died" which shows that he does actually give a damn.
However, he does clearly feel upset when the old woman died and he was clearly stressed out of his mind when he has 10 seconds to save the little girl, so the emotions are there and you cant prove me otherwise lol. 
Something else I noticed is that he is self aware of his lack of sympathy towards the victims. This is shown so greatly through the “heroes don't exist, if they did i wouldn't be one of them” quote. It not only shows that he is aware of the usual human reactions when bad things like this happen, it shows that he is aware of his emotional repression (or sociopathic tendencies if you believe that) but you could also say (this could be a stretch but oh well) that he doesn't entirely believe in himself either, because after all, his causes are good, he is on the good side but doesn't see himself as a necessarily good person. 
Continuing on from my point on the study in TBB, i love his appreciation of the things he doesnt care much about. This is shown through the whole thing about the solar system, he cares about it so little that he doesn't know that the earth travels around the sun but he appreciates the beauty of it. 
The ending of the episode is beautiful to me. When he thought he had to set the bomb off, his entire façade was broken. For those 2 seconds, vulnerability and perhaps even regret are the only things written on his face. Because he doesnt want to die, hes young, finally made a friend and loves his job, death is probably  the last thing he wants. I saw this in a tumblr post a while ago, i cant remember the name of the blog but they said that this was the rebellious, rule breaking, disobedient child Mycroft sees and i think its a perfect summary.
This one could be a stretch too buttttt Donavan calling Sherlock a "freak" his expression does seem to change a little. It has always seemed to me that he really was bothered by people making fun of him, especially as he was made fun of at Uni and probably even before that. I'm not sure if it's me seeing things but it just shows that he does feel things and is actually affected by people like Donavan.
Now onto relationships:
The key thing about his relationship with John is the contrast between them, it's interesting how two such different people manage to live together. John is clearly still not entirely used to living with him, or perhaps will never fully be because let's face it, Sherlock isnt the most ordinary person. Their differences do seem to cause some issues though. Espiecally because John is prioritising lives instead of the game itself. Something I love is the "I'd be lost without my blogger" phrase. As funny and sarcastic as that may be, he does mean it. Because she literally would be lost without John, and that is shown throughout the rest of the series, everytime John and sherlock are separated, they're either not happy or one of them nearly dies. He does also give John a chance at deduction, not to make fun of him, just plainly giving him a chance which shows that it's not all arguments between them and that they are really friends. There is that small scene when John first steps out at the pool, when we cant see the bomb yet, when Sherlock really does start doubting John, so many emotions pass through him in that millisecond, I dont even need to list them, think about what you thought when first watching that. It was set up that way, us and Sherlock are meant to have the same reaction, shock, confusion, doubt, literal pain. Obviously that passes quickly, those emotions turn to worry for John. Something I feel like Sherlock never experienced to that extent, worrying for another person's safety. One other thing is the fact that they non verbally agreed to die together which is so telling of their relationship and how strong it is
His relationship with Mycroft is literally a classic sibling relationship put to the extreme. Sherlock is childish towards Mycroft, doesnt do a case hes interested in because Mycroft suggests it, and Mycroft is the stereotypical older sibling, calls Sherlock stupid every moment he can, acts like a greater human being but really does care about him.
Now onto Moriarty. Their characters mirror eachother so much, they have always been two sides of the same coin in my opinion. It's literally in their names "Colsultant Detective" and "Consulting Criminal". They're both smart, enjoy the game more than any outcome, and both have a great fashion sense. Sherlock admits it himself, "I cant be the only person in the world that gets bored", he knows why Moriarty is doing this, because hes similar to him, at least in that moment in time. Moriarty is what Sherlock could have become without Mycroft, whether he wants to admit it or not, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade, Molly and John. Though I dont believe they are overly similar later on in the series, when Sherlocks true colours start coming through, at this moment in time they are very similar. But anyway, their differences will be explored later on, when Sherlocks emotional side decides to show up. Though I wanna point out that Moriarty knows about Sherlocks sentimental side. He knows that he has a heart, and it's clear that Sherlock is just hiding that because Jim says that they "both" know. That heart, will later be "burned", apparently. And though Moriarty may not actually win after TRF, I still hold the opinion that he does partly, as throughout season 3 we do see how burned Sherlocks heart was buT THATS AN ESSAY FOR ANOTHER TIME!
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A study in Sherlock Holmes (s1e2)
Ok, i struggled a bit with this one, some f these points are repetitive and sorry for any mistakes I'm half asleep and its not even 8pm lol, if you have anything to add, discuss or straight up contrast then feel free to in the comments (as long as you're going to be nice about it) :))
The key thing I noticed in this episode, now this may be a complete reach, when Sherlock is trying to get John to remember those letters on the wall that were painted over, he does it the complicated route and doesn't listen to John. I find that this linked slightly to the last episode when Euros says that he doesn't see when there's nothing to see through. He looks for complicated solutions and never takes a moment to look at the whole picture (literally the the picture lol) in the simple way. 
Something we are also told is that Sherlock wasn't very popular at Uni, hated actually. Though when Sebastian asks him for help in that email, he acts nice and like Sherlock is his friend (”how are things, buddy”). I feel like this kind of shows how people take advantage of him. 
Something that always bothered me, and many other people, was when John corrected him and called him a "colleague" instead of "friend". Its quite sad honestly, trying to show someone who makes fun of you that you have a friend and kind of being turned down. I feel like this is where Sherlocks self doubt about being John's best friend begins, he begins to question (or shall I rather say, continues to question) if anyone truly does care for him, i wont try getting into the reasoning behind John saying that, because there's loads of arguments that could be made but that's not entirely what this is about lol, the thing that stands out is that Sherlocks expression genuinely changed, whether he was trying to hide it or not, you can see that he wasn't unbothered by the comment. 
We also see that Sherlock doesn't ever mention being strangled or fighting that person at the flat to John, he simply lets him believe that he has either not done anything or ignored him totally by not letting him in the flat he was strangled in. The key message with that is that he doesn't seem to guilt trip John ever, he doesn't use the things he's been through to his advantage. Now I'm not fully sure why he did this, to not appear weak maybe? Though I'm not sure if that would fully fit with every context this has happened in. 
Another small detail, was when he said “that's what i was suggesting” when John says he has a date. This is a great example of the fact that he knows nothing at all about human nature, and if he does in fact know the implications of saying that then ill save that for a future Johnlock analysis. 
What also stood out to me was the fact that he is clearly used to working alone and doesn't like working alongside others. This idea is kind of reflected repeatedly throughout the earlier episodes, when he's too distracted trying to solve a case to let John help and running off on his own. He also doesn't like asking for advice (which is made quite clear through him not wanting to repeat the phrase “i need to ask for advice”). I feel like I don't need to mention his lovely relations with New Scotland Yard and the people working there.
Last point ( I swear), what was kind of endearing was when he said “have a little respect” when the items at the museum were being shot at. This is kind of shown better in the next episode but even though he knows nothing about art and probably doesn't give a crap about it, he appreciates it and respects other peoples work. 
Nowww onto the relationship development
When it comes to Molly, he is still clearly taking advantage of her and manipulating her when he compliments her hair to get what he wants, this shows how he still doesn't really seem to care about other peoples emotions (for the record, I don't think he’s a sociopath lol i just cant ignore moments like these in the earlier episodes when it really seemed like he was one).
Though Graham  wasn't in this episode, what was made clear is that Sherlock works well with him, at least compared to everyone else at Scotland Yard. This is shown through Dimmock clearly not being too fond of him (lets be fair, Sherlock defo reciprocated those feelings). The key thing is that Gavin also believes in Sherlock, however annoying he may find him, because he recommended him to Dimmock. 
I don't want to repeat myself too much but I feel like Sebastian is kind of a tool used to show everyone's attitude to Sherlock when he was at Uni, and hell, even in the present day (well 2010 but whatever). He pretends to like him when he needs him but doesn't shy away from saying that he “hated him” and mocking him when he has the chance. 
Lastly, when it comes to Johnny Boy (useless TOP reference leave me alone), he is such a contrast to Sherlock, we get to see two men living together saving crimes, one of them thinks of himself as a “high functioning sociopath” and isn't fully human while the other reminds us, as well as Sherlock, of how normal humans function. He has a job, gets angry when Sherlock framed him for the spray-paint, tries to go on a date etcetcetc. It kind of balances their relationship out in a way. We see that though they get on, and manage to live together, John isn't exactly used to Sherlocks chaotic way of living (but lets not pretend that he doesn't enjoy the adrenaline he gets from it lol). Again, not to repeat myself butttttt, there is a visible change is Sherlocks expression when John corrects him and calls himself a “colleague” instead, so even though they are so very different from each other in many ways, and even though Sherlock doesn't make friends, he clearly does feel something for John (whether platonic or not, though its not entirely the time for my Johnlock obsession to come through). 
Thanks for reading <3, again, if you'd like to add anything, feel free to, I definitely missed a few things lol 
Edit: something else I've noticed is when he mentions the price of the hair pin. He truly does look happy for her. It's the second episode and we are starting to see already that Sherlock does feel things and clearly isnt a sociopath.
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spitfcre · 2 months ago
since we now have decent magic in the mcu, i’m never gonna feel self conscious about having a marvel verse here again. there is no excuse to say they couldn’t crossover. they can y’all
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byjasw · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i’m doctor stephen strange | “just wong? like adele? or aristotle. drake. bono. eminem.” | a collection of songs that remind me of doctor strange
i. lost it to trying by son lux | ii. viva la vida by coldplay | iii. third eye by florence + the machine | iv. single ladies (put a ring on it) by beyoncé | v. infinity by jaymes young | vi. moondust by jaymes young | vii. another one bites the dust by queen | viii. as the world caves in by matt maltese | & more! <3
listen here:
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byjasw · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the great sherlock holmes. | “stop boring me and think. it’s the new sexy.” | a collection of songs that remind me of sherlock holmes
i. ocean eyes by billie eilish | ii. i found by amber run | iii. the scientist by coldplay | iv. war of hearts by ruelle | v. medicine by daughter | vi. overjoyed by bastille | vii. love love love by of monsters and men | viii. falling slowly by glen hansard & marketa irglova | ix. brooklyn baby by lana del rey | & more! <3
listen here:
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