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#being human
pink--and--white · 36 minutes ago
Tagged by zo @grabmyboner gaia @mickpause and arrow @arrowflier
Last song: All Eyes On Me by Bo Burnham
Last movie: Inside by Bo Burnham
Currently reading: I'm currently rereading restoration (fic) (I wanna read a book, too, because it's been a while but I'm too much involved in all kind of fics right now)
Currently watching: Superstore, Shameless and I also wanna start watching Dark for the billionth time
Currently craving: an iced coffee
I'm not tagging anyone because i'm already late to the party (but if ya wanna participate, feel yourself tagged! I love stuff like that)
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redvelvit · 2 hours ago
i actually have written out and almost sent replies to mutuals txt posts like 5 or 6 times 2day but every time i deleted and ended up not, bc riiight b4 i hit that send i get a sudden pang of oh shit im being too friendly they literally dont know me idk them i shouldn't be acting so familiar when we just became muts like a wk ago and then i explode my organs everywhere. bc im shy
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mr-milquetoast · 3 hours ago
   I’ve been going through the anti y*ashahime tag, because it annihilated my favorite character from my favorite anime and whatnot and I’m mad about it, and one particular post brought my attention to OG Sesshomaru being known as a protector of children, and it made me think 
(Lemme just ramble, I need to feel better about Sunrise screwing everything up)
   I never thought of him like that, but rewatching most of the Sesshomaru episodes from Inuyasha and TFA, it started making sense. His whole thing regarding Rin and Kohaku has been something like “I don’t have emotions and I don’t care for humans, kids, or human kids” 
And then something would happen to said kids (he adopted one and arguably the other, up to interpretation with Kohaku), and he’d quickly switch to “Something threatened my kids?? This won’t fUcking stand” 
   The thought got more wholesome once I thought more about how Sesshomaru is literally just a giant dog. He’s a giant guard dog. The thought makes me happy again. 
Sorry for the long post, I just had to yell into the void a little. S*ssrinners DNI or I will invert your intestines and throw you to the hippos. 
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lethotep · 3 hours ago
I started reading a fic. Then the fic compared silk and satin, as if they're two different fabrics, in the first chapter and I closed the fic
Had no idea I cared that much, but bloody hell, guess I do care. I even read a bit further just to see if the character would be called on it, but nope.
Silk is a fiber and satin is a weave! This is like comparing wool to twill, or linen to taffeta - it doesn't make sense! They're terms that work in conjunction! You can have polyester satin and cotton twill etc... the weave isn't the fiber!
And the setting in the fic doesn't even have plastic, so it's not like they were comparing silk satin to polyester satin. Or even a cotton or other short fiber sateen. They could have compared, say, stonewashed linen to silk and it would have made sense in context
But this...
This lack of knowledge is clearly unforgivable
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13leggedblobfish · 4 hours ago
"Remember you're beautiful just the way you are. No need to be fake like the Kardashians/Jenners."
I hate it when people use Kardashians and Jenners or certain people's name to put others up by calling them fake because they do plastic surgery. It's like "Because you have plastic surgery you're no longer human, you're now a doll we can sabotage whenever we want to."
Listen here... We are fighting for equality... Makeup is okay, revealing clothes is okay...
Why is plastic surgery being treated as if it's an inhumane thing?
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raphaelful · 5 hours ago
something about late seasons sam and dean after all these years still placing themselves in the position to decide if a live is worth living and then choosing execute them based off that opinion as if either of them are still on a basic level of human
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nil-the-glitch · 7 hours ago
i think the main reason i don’t change my blog up much is a) making a whole new theme is Work and also b) when other people do it i forget who tf they are and i don’t wanna confuse my followers in the same way cuz i know it kinda sucks to scroll back through a blog to figure out who the hell this “new” person is
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massiveweirdo · 7 hours ago
I always feel like I love my partner more than they love me. And I've told them this and they keep saying that's not true. But the thing is that I can't picture my life without them now but I know they can live without me (and that's perfectly fine and healthy!!!). But like, I'm completely at their mercy and sometimes I think about them breaking up with me and it hurts like in my chest and some days I just cry and cry and ugh. This is the kind of obsessive behavior that I hate about myself
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fairycas · 8 hours ago
i am thinking thoughts!
okay i know we say that castiel’s love for dean was the one thing that broke through chuck’s narrative. the one *real* thing out of a set of manipulated, predetermined circumstances. b-but remember what cas said in 15x18, that knowing dean changed him, that he cared about the world because of dean. & in the russian dub, cas says that he learned love from dean. —> can we say that cas’s love for dean is a *product* of the love cas learned from him? so then can we say that actually it was dean’s love - reckless and stifling, but true and so so pure - that broke through the fixed narrative?
i like, need someone who is better at articulating to explain what my lizard brain is trying to say. 
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caspersequoia · 8 hours ago
on all levels except physical, i am the greendale human being
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theunemployedrogue · 9 hours ago
Ok, one thing I can't stand with sci-fi is how it typically handles the concept of "mutants", aka humans with genetic mutations.
"Is this mutant even truly human anymore..." uhhhh yeah?? Why is this always presented as some deep philosophical consideration? Genetic mutations are so fcking common IRL and we don't classify ppl even with obvious physical differences (say, albinism) as a whole new strain of our species wtf?
I know prejudice against mutants in a series like X-men has a metaphorical purpose, but like I'm over here playing the Fallout games for the first time and I'm just kinda :/ about the treatment of the super mutants in particular...
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