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flamencodiva · 4 days ago
Hunter Encyclopedia - 9 Secrets are Hard to Keep
Description: Y/N has always been known as the bookworm of the hunter world. Her cast knowledge of various monsters has landed her the nickname, Hunter Encyclopedia, or H.E. for short. All her life she's heard of the Winchesters and everything they've done, even going far as to reading the Carver Edlund Supernatural books. Could her knowledge of the famous brothers mislead her into thinking they are not what the books make them out to be?
Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventual), Sam x Reader (Platonic Friendship)
Warnings: Supernatural level Violence, Smut, MUST BE 18+ to read!, Fingering, Oral (female Receiving), P in V, Unprotected Sex, Language.
Square filled: Secretly Dating
A/N: This is for @spndeanbingo​ Round 2
Word Count:4300
Beta’d: @wonder-cole​
​Dividers: @firefly-graphics​
​A/N: I need to send my appreciation to @crashdevlin​ for helping me with not just this fic but all my fics and listening to my crazy ramblings!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dean sat at the bar glancing through the mirror at Y/N, who was playing pool. A frown etched on his face as he watched her flirt with a douche to hustle some money. To say Dean didn’t like their secret arrangement was an understatement.
He hated it with every fiber of his being.
Sam’s voice brought him out of his haze.
“What?” Dean replied.
“You look like you’re pissed about something,” Sam pointed out. “You and Y/N, okay?”
Dean plastered a smile on his face and turned to his brother, “I’m fine. Just taking in a nice successful hunt and celebrating with a beer and a game of pool.”
“Huh, interesting,” Sam said as he looked between Y/N at the pool table and Dean. “Why don’t you go on and help Y/N? I mean --”
“She’s a big girl,” Dean said. “Besides, we’re just friends, Sam. We both decided that it's best if we just stay friends.”
God, he hoped that Sam would just drop it. Dean wasn't sure if he could keep lying about being with Y/N. In fact, the minute she made her way over, he was fighting not to pull her in his arms and kiss her.
“I just made a grand total of one thousand bucks!” she exclaimed happily, leaning over and pulling Dean in for a hug.
“Now that is how you hustle,” Dean let out, lifting his glass of whiskey and knocking it back.
“So, what else can we do?” Y/N asked before flagging down the bartender to order a beer.
“Well, I guess just drink and relax,” Sam said, smiling over at Y/N.
“Hey, Y/N.”
Dean could see Y/N tense up at the sound of the voice. His jaw clenched as he saw Kyle from the mirror behind the bar.
“What are you doing here, you --” Dean began but stopped when Y/N put a hand on his shoulder.
“Why are you here, Kyle?” she sneered.
“I came to apologize, and I could use your help,” he let out, rubbing the back of his neck.
“Pretty sure I told you never to bother Y/N ever again,” Dean growled. “You are not getting any help from us, you prick.”
“Look,” Kyle said, looking at Dean. “I know what I did was wrong. Y/N is a great hunter, and she was an amazing partner,” he shook his head and turned to Y/N. “Please, these wolves are looking for the moonstone and--”
“The moonstone?” Y/N straightened her back and looked over at Dean. “We don’t know where it is,” she lied, “But I’m sure we can do some research to figure out its location and keep it from them.”
“I figured I could give you the information of where they are, and we can--”
“We nothing, pal,” Dean stood from the stool and towered over Kyle. “You give us the information,” he motioned between himself Y/N and Sam, “and we will take care of it.”
“Dean,” Y/N pulled him aside and sighed. “I can handle him. You stay here with Sam and guard the stones. I have a small feeling they’re going to come into play.”
Dean looked around and pulled Y/N towards a small cleaning closet. “I don’t trust him being alone with you. Y/N, at least let me come along.”
“You know you’re really starting to not get the whole secret dating thing,” she huffed.
“Maybe because it’s stupid, and you know how I feel about you,” Dean said, glaring at her. “Y/N, I am respecting your wishes here, but you need to meet me halfway.”
“Look, we’re dating. That means we aren’t even an official couple. By definition, dating just means getting to know people where you aren’t tied down. We aren’t going steady.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Dean held up his hands, shaking his head at her words. “I thought we were in the early twenty-first century here, not the mid 20th. You sound like we’re in the 60s.”
“And yet the definitions haven’t changed,” she spat. “We’re dating, not exclusive.”
“You going to see Kyle again? Is that what you’re saying? Was I just some guy you wanted to use to make him jealous?” Dean found himself pushing Y/N up against the far wall, his body caging her in.
Y/N stared deep into his eyes as her breath caught in her throat. She knew she shouldn’t feel aroused by his actions. In fact, she should be angry at his words. But something about his possessiveness made her think about her feelings towards him.
And yet, the fear of something better for him coming along had her snapping out of her aroused daze. Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed him away and glared right back at him.
“If that’s how you feel, maybe I should go with Kyle. I mean, that’s what you think my end game is, right?” she huffed.
Dean pulled her in and gave her a deeply needed kiss. His hand cupped her cheek while his other held her tight.
“I’m sorry,” he said after breaking the kiss. “I want you, Y/N. I hate keeping this secret. You know I do. You are perfect.”
“Look, if we want to keep up this secret,” she sighed, “you need to play the game. Know that it’s you I will come back to.”
“I don’t like it,” he let out, pulling her in for a tight embrace. “I don’t like being a secret, and I don’t like Kyle trying to worm his way back into your life.”
“Trust me when I say, I don’t want that asshole touching me,” she huffed. “If we can use Kyle to find the pack, then we can eliminate them. A pack looking for that stone is dangerous, and that stone can’t be destroyed.”
“Why not?” Dean asked. “I mean, it looks simple enough to just smash it.”
“Because,” she reached up and cupped his cheek, “there is a ritual to use that stone to help turned wolves become human again. And not just one at a time.”
“So if we can figure out which packs--”
“We can turn them human, or at least turn the ones who were bitten,” she finished.
Dean closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “just promise me you’ll be careful and make sure Kyle doesn’t do anything stupid.”
“Promise,” she whispered, leaning in to give him one last gentle kiss. “I have GPS on my phone, so you should be able to track it if you don’t hear from me. Jinkies is my code word for something is wrong, okay?”
Dean couldn’t stop the smile that crept upon his face, “got it, Velma.”
Tumblr media
Dean had been pacing in the Library, glancing down at his phone every few seconds.
“Dean,” Sam sighed, “just call her. I’m sure everything is--”
Dean held up his hand at the small Zoniks chime that came in. Looking down, Dean smiled in slight relief that it was a text from Y/N.
“Fuck,” he yelled as he grabbed his laptop and began typing furiously.
“What?” Sam asked, “What is it?”
“Jinkies,” Dean said.
“Jinkies? Why would you say Jinkies?” Sam raised his eyebrow at his brother.
“It’s code,” Dean clarified as he turned the laptop towards his brother, “she’s in trouble.”
“You two and your Scooby-Doo references,” Sam muttered. “Okay, so she’s in trouble. What do we do next?”
Dean pressed down on the gas pedal as Sam was on the phone with their friend and fellow hunter, Sheriff Jody Mills.
“Thanks, Jody,” Sam said, ending the call before turning to Dean, “So get this. Turns out there have been a string of missing women all in the area of Y/N’s location.”
“You think it’s that pack?” Dean asked as he tightened his grip on the wheel.
If anything happened to Y/N, he would make sure to kill that son of a bitch Kyle for putting Y/N in harm’s way. Then he was going to berate himself for ever letting her go and getting hurt.
“We’re going to find her, Dean,” Sam reassured him. “She's a tough hunter. I’m sure she’s surviving whatever they’re doing to her.”
“That’s not the point,” Dean huffed. “I hope she forgives me for this, but Sam, Y/N, and I--”
“Have been hiding that you’re dating,” Sam finished with a smirk.
“You knew?” Dean huffed. “Of course you knew. Nothing ever gets by you.”
“Well, you two aren’t exactly quiet, plus the fact that I did catch you that one time coming out of her room, and you were embarrassed.”
“I wasn’t--” Dean sputtered, “you were--, Shut up.” He let out before turning the wheel down a new road.
“Look, you guys did what you felt was right,” Sam said. “But there was no denying that you two are meant to be. I mean, she saved your life back in the barn with those Vamps. If it wasn’t for her, you would have been impaled on a piece of rebar.”
“Yeah, I know,” Dean said, letting out a smile. “She was badass.”
“Then let’s go save your girl,” Sam said with a smile.
Dean let out a chuckle as he turned into the nearest motel to check-in,. He was happy that the owner was cooperative in giving him the extra key to Y/N’s room. It only took Dean a few minutes to piece together the clues Y/N had left behind for him to find. Dean wondered how he got so lucky with a girl like Y/N. She was everything he secretly dreamed of, a woman he could love.
“Hey, Dean,” Sam said, breaking the elder hunter out of his thoughts. “Isn’t that Kyle over there leading a busty blond to his room?”
Dean clenched his jaw and fists as he walked over to the window. With a growl, he stormed out of the room and marched his way towards the man who hurt Y/N.
“Where is she?” Dean growled as he pushed Kyle up against the nearest wall.
The woman Kyle was with scurried off screaming.
“Let go of me, man,” Kyle said, struggling against Dean’s hold. “I don’t--”
“Don’t fucking lie to me,” Dean said through gritted teeth as he pulled out the demon blade. “If you don’t want me to hurt you,” Dean continued as he dragged the tip of the blade along Kyle’s cheek.
Kyle seemed unphased by how Dean had threatened him and chuckled, “why do you even care about her?” he gave Dean a smirk. “ Besides, I figure this was good enough revenge for what you did to me that time. I was slowly regaining my rep back when you and that bitch came in and ruined it.”
“A lot more is going to get ruined by me, pal,” Dean said as he reared his arm back, ready to plunge the blade into Kyle when something stopped him.
“Don’t,” Sam’s voice said softly in his ear. “Dean, listen. I know you’re pissed. I would be too. But we need him to find the pack and Y/N.”
Dean let out a growl as he shoved off of Kyle and pushed Sam away. Smirking when he heard Sam cocking his gun.
“Now, you're going to come with us nice and easy, or next time, I don’t hold him back,” Sam threatened.
Once they had Kyle tied to a chair in Y/N’s motel room, the interrogation began. By the end of it, he was squealing like a pig.
“All they want is the stone! She has it. They know she has it,” Kyle screamed as Dean dug his finger into an open wound. “I swear, she’s still alive. They just want the stone.”
Dean glanced over at Sam before turning his attention back to Kyle, “you fed her to the wolves all because I told you not to mess with my girlfriend?”
Kyle snorted, “please, a guy like you with your reputation?” he let out a laugh, “you only want her for her brains unless you got a chance to taste her.” Kyle stared into Dean’s eyes, “you did. I can see it in your eyes. So, how is she? She’s great, right? Only took a few words and some soft kisses and--”
Kyle couldn’t finish his sentence as Dean rammed his fist right into his face. The elder Winchester threw punch after punch, letting the room fill with the sounds of bone crunching under his fist. As Dean was about to land another punch, the room filled with the sound of a cell phone ringing.
Both Sam and Dean looked at one another and shrugged. They turned their heads to try and pinpoint the sound, Dean’s eyes landing on Kyle’s right jacket pocket. Reaching for it, Dean placed his thumb on the green call button, placing the phone to his ear.
“You’ve reached Kyle, but he’s a bit tied up right now,” he said.
‘And who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?’ the voice on the other end asked.
“Count yourself lucky,” Dean smugly declared. “You’re talking to a Winchester.”
‘Am I? I take it Y/N Y/L/N is your pet?’ the voice asked with a chuckle. ‘At least that’s what the other hunter said.’
“Well, I hope for your sake she’s not harmed,” Dean let out his own, “Because if she is, well,” he paused and licked his lips. “Then you and I are going to have a problem.”
‘Are we?’ the voice let out. ‘Then maybe you have what I want. An even trade. You give me the stone I’m looking for, and I give you your pet back.’
Dean and Sam waited in the Impala, where they were instructed to meet Y/N’s captors. They brought Kyle along as a way to keep an eye on him.
“They better show up soon, or I go in and start tearing them apart,” Dean growled, glancing back at Kyle. “hoping they can do something about this wanna-be hunter.”
“Dean,” Sam sighed. “As long as we get Y/N out of here without giving them the stone, we should be--”
Dean and Sam turned their heads to the shadow emerging from the edge of the forest.
“I take it that’s our guy,” Dean said, groaning as he got out of the car.
Sam had taken the job to grab Kyle from the back making sure to gag him to keep him from talking. To say that things went smoothly would be a lie. Of course, the brothers knew that the pack would try something sneaky.
It was here the boys found themselves kneeling before the pack leader, arms tied behind their backs.
“Search them,” the pack leader growls as he holds Y/N close to him. “Get the stone from them. Our source says they have it.”
Kyle smirked as he walked up with the rest of the pack, his own eyes glowing and his teeth transforming.
“When did this happen?” Y/N asked, wincing when the leader held her tighter to keep her from going away.
“Oh, this happened just after Dean threatened me,” Kyle responded casually. “You see, I was on a hunt, and I needed intel. Well, by then, everyone had written me off since a Winchester now dubbed me a worthless hunter, and they praised you.”
“So you got careless and got bit,” Y/N huffed, “you always were a moron, Kyle. What I ever saw in you, I don’t know.”
“Please,” he huffed, walking towards her and letting his finger graze her cheek. “You know exactly what you saw in me. You saw someone who could take a pathetic girl like you and give you the validation you craved.”
Y/N tried to move away from him, but between being in the pack leader’s arms and Kyle standing too close, she had nowhere to go.
“Yeah,” Y/N agreed, swallowing the lump in her throat. “But at least everyone can now see you for the worthless leech of a hunter you are. You never did like to read, Kyle.”
“No, but I had you for it,” He chuckled. “Besides, who were people going to believe, a girl too into her books? Or a hunter who had a bigger and bad reputation than you.”
“You didn’t and never will have the same reputation as the Winchesters, Kyle.” Y/N spat, glaring at him.
“No,” Kyle agreed, “but I can do something to hurt them. I can turn you into one of us and make you my bitch. See, we found a very nice ritual in all the junk you had in your house. You never were able to keep things organized, Y/N.”
“Impossible,” Y/N growled, “you couldn’t have taken---”
“It’s called a phone, Smartypants,” Kyle mocked. “All I had to do was snap a few pictures of the right pages and identify the stone. Too bad your alarm system kicked in. I could have gotten into your vault, no problem.”
“You were there?” Y/N gasped.
“Enough!” the leader growled, “If you want her, Kyle, I can make her your mate. As for the Winchesters, kill them.”
Tumblr media
Y/N and the Winchesters walked out of the forest, bloodied and beaten. The stone in safe hands as Sam was smart enough to buy a fake stone from a New Age shop. Kyle had his head chopped off by Dean, not being a problem anymore, much to Dean’s delight. 
“Let’s get cleaned up and go celebrate,” Sam said, looking at his brother and Y/N.
Y/N was still unaware that Sam knew the secret she and Dean were holding. Sam noticed how she stayed far from Dean, even though he could see his brother fighting to pull her towards him.
“That sounds good,” she agreed. “After all of this, I need a drink.”
Dean gave Sam his signature death glare, to which the younger brother simply shrugged innocently.
Once everyone was cleaned up, the bar they chose was a well-known hunter bar. One that Sam knew, Dean would get the word out to other hunters faster if he played his cards right. As usual, Y/N kept her distance from Dean, keeping up the charade of their just friends game.
Sam, of course, had other plans.
While Dean and Y/N had their backs turned, Sam talked to one of the male bartenders. If he did it right, he hoped that Dean would get jealous, and it would push him to reveal that they are together.
“What’ll you guys have?” the bartender asked as he sent a wink towards Y/N. Making Sam smirk at the way Dean clenched his jaw.
“I’ll have a whiskey,” Dean grunted, sending the bartender a glare.
“I’ll have a mixed drink tonight, so I’ll go with a Moscow Mule,” Y/N said, smiling brightly.
As the night went on, Y/N couldn’t help but flirt back with the bartender. His knowledge of ancient Sumerian text had her telling her tale about a trip to Iran.
“Well, it sounds like you had fun,” the bartender said, to which Dean mocked as he sat next to Sam.
“You know,” Sam said after taking a sip of his beer. “You could just take her in your arms and show everyone here who she belongs to?”
“I--” Dean looked between Sam and Y/N.
His brother was right. He couldn’t keep their relationship a secret anymore. Just as the bartender had started to ask for her number, Dean pulled Y/N into his arms and kissed her.
“Dean,” Y/N gasped after breaking the kiss.”What are--”
“I am done hiding. You are mine,” he growled, pulling her into a breathless kiss once again.
Breaking the kiss once again, Dean turned to the bar filled with hunters and civilians, making sure to look at everyone in the room.
“Hands off Y/N Y/L/N,” he growled. “She is my girl. And if anyone decides they want to try to hurt me by getting to her, they’re going to regret it.”
Before anyone could respond, Dean picked Y/N up in his arms, making her shriek in surprise. He looked at the bartender, who flashed him a smirk and pointed towards the back of the bar.
Dean kicked open the door to the storeroom, closing it with his foot before pushing Y/N up against it.
“Going to make you scream for everyone to hear,” he growled possessively in her ear. “No more of this, secret relationship, bullshit, got it?”
All Y/N could manage was a nod of her head and a small uh-hu as Dean nipped at her neck. Her mind was distracted by the simple kisses and touches that she never noticed when Dean had taken off her pants and underwear. Only seeing when he had them down by her ankles, cursing when they were stuck on her boot.
“Next time,” Dean growled as he placed his face close to her sex, “you need to wear a skirt. Easier access.”
Y/N was about to counter his critique when he suddenly plunged his tongue into her dripping heat. That act alone sent her into a slight panic, pushing Dean back momentarily.
“We can’t,” she whispered. “Everyone out there will--”
“Will know that you belong to me. They will know that you’re mine just like I’m yours,” Dean said, standing momentarily to cradle her face. “I was so worried when you sent me your text. All I could think about was finding you alive, Y/N.”
Just gazing into his eyes and seeing how much he loved her had Y/N leaning in to kiss him. Her fingers digging into his scalp. The fear she had of people knowing she was with Dean, melting away. She could never be ashamed of being seen with Dean. Her fear was embarrassing him and having hunters wonder why Dean would hang out with a shy girl like her.
Just like before, Dean’s touches were like a drug. Numbing her to everything around her as he sunk to his knees once again. He played her body like a well-tuned guitar, bringing out the most sensual sounds from her as he ate her out. Her whines and moans growing louder as her orgasm built until her legs began to shake. Dean moaned in delight as he swallowed everything she had to give. The tangy taste hitting his taste buds. His fingers pushed past her folds massaging her inner walls, pressing along that soft spongy spot he knew would send her over the edge again.
Getting up from his knees, Dean held Y/N with one arm, kissing her feverishly while removing his pants as best he could with the other. Finally, freeing his hardened cock from its confines, teasing Y/N with the tip before angling just right to push deep inside her. Dean was going slow and steady, wanting Y/N to enjoy the feel of him as her moans grew louder with every thrust.
Dean was holding off on his own orgasm, wanting to solidify that Y/N was everything he needed. Even if he didn’t get to finish, it was all about her pleasure and making her realize that she was his, in mind, body, and soul.
And ever since they had gotten back from that weird universe, all he could think about was how he could feel a connection to her deep in his bones. Even if they hadn’t gone, there was just something about her from the first day they met that seemed to just pull him towards her.
He continued thrusting his hips up into her, her breasts out in full view after Dean had pushed her shirt and bra up. He bent his head down slightly, taking a nipple into his mouth while his free hand kneaded her other breast. He felt his body shake with the need to cum as she came again. Her thighs quaking as she came on his cock. Dean let out a grunt at the feel of her orgasm coating him and running down between them.
He couldn’t hold it anymore and began thrusting his hips faster. He let out his own moans and grunts as he continued to suckle on Y/N’s tits, his cock twitching just before filling her.
Breathless and spent, Dean took in a gasping breath as he gently pulled out of Y/N and looked around for the cleanest rag he could find.
“Yeah,” Y/N sighed as she leaned against the door for support, legs shaking. “I think they all know I’m your girl.”
Dean let out a chuckle, “Damn right. Anyone gives you trouble, you send them my way, I’ll handle them.” He shot her a wink and helped her get dressed.
Once they were presentable, they made their way back to the bar where Sam was waiting for them.
“So, back to the bunker?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Dean said as he held on to Y/N’s hand. “I think it’s time we went home.”
Once they made it back to the bunker, Dean waited until Y/N had gone to her room before pulling Sam aside.
“Now that I have one secret out, I have one you need to keep,” Dean said as he rummaged through his drawers.
“What? I thought no more secrets, man!” Sam whined as he placed a hand on his forehead. “I mean, you and Y/N just got done with this secret, and now--”
He stopped mid-sentence when Dean held a box with an engagement ring.
“Figured you’d like this one,” Dean said, smiling at his brother.
“Yeah,” Sam nodded with a chuckle. “This one is going to be easy to keep.”
Chapter 10
Tumblr media
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What I've kept with me and what I've thrown away Know where the hell I've ended up on this glary random day Where the things I really cared about, just left along the way For being to pent up and proud
Woke up way too late feeling hung over and old And the sun was shining bright, I walked barefoot down the road Started thinking about my old man, it seems that all men Wanna get into a car and go anywhere
Here I stand, sad and free And I can't cry, I can't see what I've done No, God, what have I done?
Don't you know I'm numb, man? No I can't feel a thing at all 'Cause it's all smiles and business these days and I'm indifferent to the loss And I've faith that there is a soul somewhere that's leading me around I wonder if she knows which way is down
Here I stand, sad and free And I can't cry and I can't see What I've done? No, God, what have I done?
And I poured my heart out It evaporated, see
Blind man on a canyon's edge of a panoramic scene Or maybe I'm a kite that's flying high and random dangling a string Or slumped over in a vacant room, head on a stranger's knee I'm sure back home they think I've lost my mind
Here I stand, sad and free I can't cry and I can't see What I've done? No, God, what have I done?
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nrsranger · a month ago
Chapter One Shattered
The New Republic MC-80 Starcrusier, Ranger (NRS-67) a flying city of Mon Calamari Steal, Measuring in at 1,550 meters long, this Cruiser servers as both Crusier and Carrier, housing squadrons of A, X, and Y Wing Star Fighters. This ship serves as a flying home for 10,200 Officers, Pilots, Engineers and Crew members. This ship is formidable on and off the Battlefield. Now a new threat is lurking in the fringes of the galaxy. The Ranger’s enemies can be lurking anywhere and everywhere, there is nowhere to hide when the battle is all around you
NRS Ranger (MCN-67)
Ord Mantell Star System
NRS Ranger
Bridge/Comand Information Center
1615 hrs
The Mon Calamarin Admiral Blaph Thadmin stood on the bridge overlooking Task Force Four, Thadmin glaced right and took in the sight of the NRS Theed a MC-80 Star Cruiser glancing to his right was the NRS Torrent another MC-80 Star Cruiser. Task Force Four was one of five New Republic Task Forces incharge of the protection and defense of the New Republic and her allied star systems. His characteristic Mon Cala  deep throaty, softly spoak one word “begin,”
Chatter instantly begin to clammer over each other,
“INCOMING!!! 4 targets 015 mark 00”
“Go to Red Alert! Sensors give me a reading on them, Launch Fighters!” Commander Xavo Damon the executive officer said in her authoritative voice.
Clacksins begin to blare as the normal bridge lighting turned to a deep dark red, without missing a beat the sensor officer 1st lieutenant Glaris Jax in her female higher twi'lek voice said “We have 3 crusier analogs and 1 Grand Battle Cruiser analog”
“CAG to Bridge, fighters launching” The Captain of the Air Group said
Thadmin took a short breath, then turned to the master tatical holotable that illuminated the 3 Blue ‘Friendly’ Cruisers with smaller wedges swarming around the bow of the Cruisers forming two lines the first only a dozen meters from the front of the MC-80s comprising of the A-Wing Squadron, and the other forming 300 meters infront of the first line, being made up of X-Wings. This sight was being mirriored to the right and left of the Ranger as the Theed and the Torrent launched their fighters. Thadmin then took in the 4 red markers forming a T-shapped with the 3 cruisers rangeing infront of the Grand Crusier
“Thadmin to all Wings; X-Wings engage the three light cruisers, and clear a path for the MC’s to engage that Grand Cruiser, A-Wings form a screening line between the MC’s and the unknown cruiser if the enemy forces launch fighters prepare for an Iblis A-wing slash.”
“CAG to Bridge Roger that” Captain Alek Mauz said into his comm before switch over to channel 2, and in an calm almost board voice said  “Lock S-foils in Attack Position, You heard the Admiral, Hurricane Squadron, probe the cruiser on the right, Blade Squadron you got the one on the left, Firebirds” he announced with his official sounding voice “We will take the ones in the center, When you finish, see if you can skirmish against that Grand Cruiser and let's find some weakness” The Squad leaders acknowledgments flooded in. With that, Alek switched to channel 3 the frequency used only between his squad.
“Well said Firebird,” said the mocking voice that belonged to his wingman
“Shut up, Joker,” Alek said back into the comm. “Ok lets foucus Joker and I will go in first and draw their fire, Tripper, Squid you’ll follow in after us, Brawl, Sabbac your after them use your proton torpedos, Drip, Mob cut across our left side, Root, Gunngan you’ll take the right”
“Roger that boss” Brawl said
“Yessir” Root said
“Cut the chatter and watch for incoming fire, we're now in range.” Root said just as the first yellow blaster bolts raced toward them.
“We really had to go first” Joker said
“Ride fast and ride hard Joker”  Alek “Firebird” Mauz said
“Oh and don’t die, don’t forget about that” Joker said
Screaming toward the cruiser Firebird and Joker opened fire with all their payloads to draw the Cruisers’s Fire
“I think it's working!” Joker said “Now tell is that a good thing or -”
“CUT the chadder Joker” Alek said, pulling out of his dive with Joker 35 meters away on Aleks 5 o’clock as the yellow bolts tracked them only 2-3 meters from causing a nasty end of the day. Then Tripper and Squid made their attack runs Simultaneously Drip Mob, Root and Gungan took there runs
“Proton Torpedoes seem to have a larger effect against their shields” Drip said
Alek said “Drip, relay that info to all other Squads and the Ranger”
“Roger that Fireball” Drip said as he switched from channel 3 to channel 2.
Tripper and Squid came across the top side and fired all their Proton torpedos
“Their Shields are down! Tripper said”
“Lets finish her off Brawl” Sabacc said in his crackly voice
“Torpedoes away!” Brawl cheered
As his yellow training torpedo hit the outline of the holographic ship there was a little pause as the computer calculated the damage results then that cruiser fizzled out as the holo projector powered down.
“YEEEEEHAAAAWW!!!!!!” Drip filled the comm with his Coruscanti accent. “First kill belongs to the Fireballs!”
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mysticalballoonfox · a month ago
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard For Mac Free Download
Tumblr media
For Mac Data Recovery Wizard Free Download Data Recovery Wizard Pro Buy Try Data Recovery Wizard Technician Buy Try For iOS iPhone Data Recovery Free Download. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free mixes up a user-friendly approach with a handy suite of features in order to help you recover files that you have accidentally deleted from your computer. Solutions about Drive cannot be Found by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. When you run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to recover lost files but find that the drive is not listed, you probably could find a solution here. Video Tutorials about Data Recovery with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12
The Internet is full of websites that offer free software and serial keys, including links for EaseUS Data Recovery keygen. However, you should remember that using such a program isn’t the best idea. The reason is that EaseUS Data Recovery keygen only exists due to hacker manipulations. This means that using such software is against the law and can damage your device.
What Is EaseUS Data Recovery Keygen?
Thankfully, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician to recover files from any device you own even if you didn’t create a backup copy. Whether you lost data due to inattentiveness, corrupted hard drives, system errors, viruses, or partition damage – this software will solve your problem. Read more about EaseUS Data Recovery torrent.
As you can guess from the name, EaseUS Data Recovery keygen is pirated software created to bypass the program’s security system. The original product is a tool for restoring data that uses the Wizard interface.
Tumblr media
EaseUS Data Recovery keygen automatically generates an appropriate key that allows you to ignore the security system and use the program for free. That being said, gaining access to the product using that method is a bad idea for multiple reasons.
EaseUS Data Recovery Keygen: Disadvantages
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is able to recover deleted, formatted or otherwise inaccessible data from your hard drive. You can recover documents, photos, music, videos, emails, folders, and archive files etc from Windows laptops and desktop computers.
EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard 9.1 can be downloaded from our website for free. Macdrwtrial.dmg is the default file name to indicate this app's installer. The bundle id for this application is com.easeus.EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard. The software lies within System Tools, more precisely Backup & Restore.
Undoubtedly, using EaseUS Data Recovery keygen allows you to save a lot of money. However, in the future, you’ll have to pay a larger sum. Why? Pirated software has many flaws, which you should definitely learn before you decide to take advantage of EaseUS keygen.
1. Possible Virus Infections
When downloading an EaseUS serial key, be ready for a potential virus infiltration. Since such software is pirated, the chances of receiving harmful software are very high.
2. Legal Liability
All software hacking activities are a serious crime. When downloading keygen, you have to understand the potential consequences of your actions.
3. Unstable Program Performance
EaseUS Data Recovery 12 keygen doesn’t undergo quality assurance, which is mandatory for legal software. This means that no one can guarantee the proper functioning of all features and tools.
4. Lack of Updates
Developers that distribute pirated software don’t care about releasing updates for EaseUS Data Recovery keygen. Over time, your version of the hacked program will become completely outdated.
How Can I Use EaseUS Data Recovery Legally?
If you’re an upstanding user, you’ll immediately abandon the idea of getting EaseUS serial key illegally. Another reason to do it is the fact that the official developer offers various versions of the program, among which you’ll definitely find the one you need.
1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
Price: Free
FixThePhoto's Rating (4.5/5)
The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery allows hundreds of thousands of users around the world to restore their files by using such tools as automatic scanning, preview, and single-click recovery. You can restore data regardless of its file format. The number of supported file types currently stands at over 1000 and includes DOC, XLS, JPEG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, and more.
2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro
Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
Price: $119.95 per year
FixThePhoto's Rating (4/5)
This professional-level data recovery software allows you to restore files that you lost due to emptying the Trash Bin or accidentally removing them. All you need to do is follow 3 easy steps: pick the needed hard drive, perform scanning to find all removed files, and preview all data that can be recovered. This software is an essential tool for recovering lost images, videos, audio and text files from all sorts of storage drives including HDD, SDD, fusion, SD-cards, USB sticks, and more.
Discover more about EaseUS Data Recovery Crack.
3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician
Tumblr media
Platforms: Mac OS, Windows
Price: $299 per year
FixThePhoto's Rating (4/5)
If you’re running any kind of business, organization, or academic institution, one of the key things you have to keep in mind is ensuring all your files are safe and protected since data loss can severely damage your activities. Thankfully, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician to recover files from any device you own even if you didn’t create a backup copy. Whether you lost data due to inattentiveness, corrupted hard drives, system errors, viruses, or partition damage – this software will solve your problem.
Read more about EaseUS Data Recovery torrent.
EaseUS Data Recovery Keygen Alternatives
Even if you can’t afford the legal version of the program, that doesn’t mean you should rush to use EaseUS Data Recovery keygen. You can either get the official free version or download one of the free programs with similar functions below.
1. TestDisk
OS support
File system and partition support
Impressive functionality
Available on multiple platforms
More suitable for advanced users
TestDisk is a free file recovery program. It has an open-source code and is shared under the GNU license. This program is mainly used for restoring hard drive partitions and fixing bootable disks that stopped working properly. TestDisk is also a great tool for collecting information about corrupted data, which is especially useful for tech support experts.
Read aboutCleanMyMac X.
2. Recuva
Intuitive and beginner-friendly
Can analyze corrupted data
Advanced mode available
Data preview in advanced mode
Low scanning speed
Inaccurate file names
Recuva is a free alternative to EaseUS keygen. It allows users to easily restore files that were removed from your PC either by accident or because of an error. Furthermore, you can recover files that were deleted from the Recycle Bin and even photos and audio files from SD-cards and MP3 players. Learning how to use Recuva is also very easy. By default, the program has a Wizard UI, which allows you to choose the needed options and removes the necessity of browsing through all the confusing menus that’ll pop up if you decide to not use Wizard.
Tumblr media
Discover the list of the best file sharing services.
3. Glary Utilities
Fast and simple
Good for on-demand scanning
Clear concise options
Doesn't provide system monitoring
Once you open the program, your registry will be scanned automatically. After a couple of simple steps, you’ll find all invalid entries and links. Next, you’ll be prompted to either fix specific errors or automatically repair all of them.
4. PhotoRec
Available completely for free
Open-source code
Broad range of supported file types
In-depth scanning
Isn’t particularly user-friendly
Disappointing customer support
PhotoRec allows users to recover deleted files from hard drives, cameras, smartphones, SD-cards, and disks. Since the tool doesn’t take the device’s file system into account, it’s capable of recovering even corrupted files. PhotoRec also allows you to send damaged data to its handy online checker to examine if it’s possible to recover it before attempting to fix all of the files.
Choose the best document management software.
5. Disk Drill
Nicely organized
Useful preview function
Allows pausing and resuming the process
Free edition is quite limited
Disk Drill is a simple data restoration program that was initially released way back in 2011. Being available on Windows and Mac, this program allows restoring files in over 200 formats including documents, songs, video clips, etc. The number of supported devices is also very impressive and includes external and internal HDDs, USB sticks, SD-cards, cameras, tablets, and even phones. Sadly, the free edition only lets you restore up to 500 MB of files.
Ann Young
Hi there, I'm Ann Young - a professional blogger, read more
How to Recover Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
This is a dedicated article which presents you a video tutorial of an entire recovery process and many useful tips with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows.
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Generate Error Report of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
Generate error report to locate the crash or hang up issue with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
Continue Previous Recovery Without a Rescan with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard provides the option to continue the previous recovery.
Activation and Upgrade for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
Activate free or trial version to full and upgrade from the old version to new version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows. Filemaker pro 16 download mac.
Create Bootable Media of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
Tumblr media
EaseUS Data Recovery Bootable Media is designed for data recovery when your computer fails to boot or you lost data from C drive (e.g. mistakenly deleted data on C drive or performed an accidental system recovery).
Configure a Deep Scan in 7.x Version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
This is a guide about how to recover the accurate lost data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows 7.5 or older versions.
Create Image to Recover Data from a Bad Drive with 7.x Version
The Disk Image option in version 7.5 can help you copy the whole bad drive to a good one, then you can scan the good drive to get data back.
Troubleshooting Hang up Issue During the Scan of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
Follow the guide below to fix the issue that the scan of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows cannot be completed for a long time.
How to Locate Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
This article will give you some clear clues how to filter useful data from a complex scan result of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows.
Why the Lost Data cannot be Recovered with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
The article mainly tells you why the lost files would be unrecoverable in some conditions.
Recover Lost Data with RAW Recovery of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
This article mainly guides you how to recover lost data in the case that the lost files with original file names cannot be opened or the lost files cannot be found.
Video Tutorials about Data Recovery with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
The video tutorials about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows.
Solutions about Drive cannot be Found by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
The article offers some suggestions about drive not recognized by Windws Explorer and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
How to Disable Trim of SSD to Recover Lost Data
This is an article about the introduction of Trim feature in SSD and how to disable Trim to recover lost data from the SSD.
Why I Cannot Recover Files for Free in the Trial/Free Version
EaseUS provides limited free recovery in the Data Recovery Wizard to help customers test its recovery quality before they make the purchase. This article explains how to obtain the free recovery in the Free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
How to Locate Pictures Without Using the Recognizing Faces Feature
Recognizing Faces is a newly developed function in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This artile is an instruction to guide you how to locate the images if Recognizing Faces feature cannot locate the image for you.
What is Lost Partition/Lost Disk in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Lost Partition or Lost Disk is an option in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to retrieve the files even the entire partition was deleted or unallocated. This article explains the 2 scenarios that you need this feature to recover the files.
How to Locate Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
This article will give you some clear clues how to filter useful data from a complex scan result of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.
Generate Error Report of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
The error report of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac contains necessary info for investigating some terrible product issues.
Create Bootable Media of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
The Bootable Media is mainly used to recover data from the device when the computer failed to start or the lost data is saved on Mac system drive.
How to Recover Data from System Drive of Mac OS 10.13 or Higher Versions
The article will guide you how to recover data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac from APFS system drive in Mac OS 10.13 or higher versions.
Solutions about Drive cannot be Found by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
When you run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to recover lost files but find that the drive is not listed, you probably could find a solution here.
Video Tutorials about Data Recovery with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
The video tutorials with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
How to Recover Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
This is a dedicated article which presents you a video tutorial of an entire recovery process and many useful tips with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.
Load System Extension to Recover Lost Data from the Mac APFS System Drive
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 11.9 and higher versions provide the function of loading system drivers to scan APFS system drive directly.
How to Insall and Activate EaseUS Software for Mac
The article will guide you how to install and activate the Mac software of EaseUS in Mac OS.
Continue Previous Recovery Without a Rescan with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
Power nap mac download. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard provides the option to continue the previous recovery.
Recover Lost Data with RAW Recovery of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
This article mainly guides you how to recover lost data in the case that the lost files with original file names cannot be opened or failed to be located.
How to Recover iOS Data with EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS
Recover deleted or lost data from the iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup.
How Root and Enable Debugging Mode of an Android Device
Rooting is often executed with the goal of removing limitations that hardware manufacturers specified on Android devices, resulting in the ability to alter system settings, run specialized apps that require administrator-level permissions.
Solution for Android Device Cannot be Found
Sometimes, Android device cannot be listed in EaseUS Todo Backup after you think you already connect it to the PC successfully. And this article will help you with the trouble, It nearly includes all possible situations why an Android device disappears.
How to Recover Android Data with EaseUS MobiSaver for Android
Recover deleted or lost data from the Android phone.
Allow Unknown Sources Application to be Installed on the Android Phone
The article guides you about how to allow apps to be installed on the Android phone if they aren't from the Market.
How to Recover Android Data with EaseUS MobiSaver for Android App
This article will guide you how to use EaseUS MobiSaver for Android App to perform a successful data recovery.
How to Repair Corrupted MDF/NDF SQL DataBase File with EaseUS MS SQL Recovery
This is a dedicated article which presents you a guide of an entire SQL database recovery & repair process of EaseUS MS SQL Recovery.
How to Recover/Repair Lost or Corrupted PST File with EaseUS Email Recovery Wizard
This is a dedicated article which presents you a video tutorial of an entire recovery process of EaseUS Email Recovery Wizard.
How to Repair Exchange DataBase File with EaseUS Exchange Recovery
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12
This is a dedicated article which presents you a guide of an entire Exchange recovery & repair process of EaseUS Exchange Recovery.
Tumblr media
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ohiobluetip · 3 months ago
Happy blogiversary!! My lil request is about going on holiday with Sackler’s fam and him being an absolute menace at the pool 😌
Nonnie THANK YOU for giving me an excuse to look up plus size models in bikinis you have my gratitude xx now watch me treat my own heart like a fuckin’ yoyo
Tumblr media
Please also see this masterpiece for Sackler reference image: hhhnnnggh (boy is wettt)
Prompt: My lil request is about going on holiday with Sackler’s fam and him being an absolute menace at the pool
Pairing: Sackler x Minxy/Pooh Bear
Warnings: pls ignore the various pool depths required for this to all work—just go with it; this is all a tease xx (1400w)
Absolutely nothing could have prepared you for this.
Of all the things you’d researched about this place… everything you’d Googled in advance, packed and brought with you, and asked about at reception—a whole lot of none of it prepared you for seeing Sackler lift himself up over the side edge of the pool.
His boardshorts, so low on his hips they should be illegal, cling to his thighs. Water runs down all over his body in streams, and in some places little droplets make slow, meandering treks down his muscles. A thin, wet sheen covers him—makes him almost fucking glow in the midday sun.
He whips his hair to the side, out of his face, and then shakes off like a dog. Unfortunately, a member of waitstaff passes by at that exact moment, copping a spray of chlorinated droplets, to which you see Sackler put up his hands and say, “oh—sorry,” before clenching them into fists and resting them on his pecs.
He twists from his torso as he seeks you out at poolside, finding you on one of the banana lounges. He pads over to you leaving messy, massive, watery footprints on the smooth terracotta tiles, and when he stops before your sun lounge he greets you with a deep, grumbling, “Hi.”
“Hi, big boy,” you say, checking him out from behind your sunglasses. “More sunscreen?”
Sackler squints in the glary light. “My parents here?”
“No, they’re inside. Getting us a table for lunch.” You reach for a beach towel from the patio table nearby. “You hungry?”
Sackler says it fiercely, dodging your proffered towel and scampering back to the foot of your reclining lounge. He laughs, a low, goofy, throaty thing.
“—but not for foo-ood.” He sing-songs as he crouches down, like a sprint-runner waiting for the siren to go off and start the race.
“Sackler,” you warn him, “don’t.”
Your boyfriend hums another deep, evil, frisky laugh as he starts to crawl up the sun lounge.
“Don’t you drip on me,” you say, holding your hands up as if the gesture could deter him.
Sackler crawls to you, stalking and slinking ever closer like a panther. He leaves a trail of cold, wet droplets in his wake: some of them sprinkle your legs and belly and chest.
“Do I complain when you drip on me, minxy?” Sackler says, leaning over you and holding himself up by the arms of your recliner.
You take your sunglasses off to look more directly into his eyes. “That’s entirely different.”
“Is not.” Sackler shakes his head ferociously, showering you with more drips and drops from his hair.
“Is too,” you retort, at the risk of starting a childish back-and-forth—the type that Sackler can’t resist.
“Is not!” Sackler throws himself onto you, bouncing his hips against your body.
“Shit, Sackler. People are gonna see—and Christ, you’re cold.”
He stops and sits back on his haunches, resting on your legs. “It’ll dry, minxy…” Sackler trails off, looking down your bikini-clad body. He flicks his eyes back up to yours and smiles. “Like when I cum on you and tell you you can’t clean my jizz up.”
“Oh, my God.” You roll your eyes.
“Come in the pool with me,” Sackler groans, his tone changing entirely.
“Babe,” you sigh, tilting your head to the side. You’ve swum with him every day since you arrived—the past four days! “After we eat, yeah?”
“Noo,” he grumbles. “Noww.” He leans forward until you’re at eye level with each other, and pushes his fat bottom lip out in a pout.
You sigh, and peck a quick, chaste kiss to his mouth. “I’ll sit on the edge, ok?”
Sackler rears back suddenly. “Le’go!” He lands a quick, harmless slap to the side of your thigh, before getting up off you and standing to the side of your banana lounge.
“C’m’on, get up,” Sackler says, and holds out a hand to help you up.
You take it, and stroll with him towards the nearest pool edge. “I’m not going all the way in, ok?”
“Hah. Things I’ve never said to you, Pooh Bear.”
At the edge of the water you stare at him, trying not to smile. “We’re literally about to go eat. I’m not getting wet.”
Sackler tilts his head back a few degrees, looking down at you with hooded eyes. For a long moment, his teeth catch on his bottom lip as he gazes at you. In a deep, sultry murmur he simply says, “Yeah fuckin’ right.”
You tear your gaze away from him before today’s plan completely derails. “I-I’m!”
Your word catches in a surprised shriek as Sackler darts for you, a sharp and quick lunge, his arms about to grab you, cage you, and toss you into the water—but it was only pretend.
He giggles as you try to catch your breath from the startle.
“You dick,” you smile at him, recovered, and drop down onto the tiled ledge of the pool. “I’m only putting my feet in,” you huff, sitting on the edge and letting your legs dangle in the crisp, cool water.
“Fine,” he says.
You hold each other’s gaze in a stare-down… and Sackler pin-drops into the pool with force, splashing you.
“Damn it!” you flinch, “Adam!”
“Adam!” he mimics, sidling up to stand between your legs. He dips beneath the surface and starts to rub circles into your ankles, and the atmosphere changes again.
Sackler gazes deeply into your eyes, and very softly he murmurs, “You called, my lady?”
Your heart starts to race, and you swallow. “What do you think you’re doing?” you mumble, your heart not really in it.
So slowly, Sackler’s mouth curls into a smile—then it all happens so fast.
“What do you think I’m doing, minxy?” Sackler says. “I’m trying to get you wet.” – and he wraps his arms around you quick as a snap and hoists you off the edge, yanking you into the pool with him.
You call out a curse from the cold, wet shock of it, and immediately regret it, waving an apology to a nearby family.
Sackler holds firm to your middle and pulls you back against him, laughing.
“You’re a disgrace, you know that, bear?”
“Me?” you scoff—and before you can argue anymore, you feel Sackler’s hand glide up your back, fingertips inching closer to your bikini top.
“I wouldn’t, if I were you,” you say, an edge of smugness in your voice.
You can almost hear the cogs whirring in Sackler’s brain when he comes up short.
“What the, fuckin’… what?” He tugs and pulls at the band, tries to get his fingers up under it against your skin, but the clasp he’s looking for is nowhere to be seen—or felt.
Sackler’s confused, and unhappy about it. You turn and glide away from him, back to the edge.
“Why does it—that bullshit looks like a bra but it doesn’t fuckin’ open like a bra? What?”
“For this!” you exclaim as you move through the water. “This exact reason, you pervert.”
Sackler watches your body slip away from him, the water distorting the shape of your figure in the most enticing way.
What’s more, you’ve just told Sackler that there’s something he can’t have—even though it’s so prettily displayed for him—and the man just can’t stomach that.
Sackler chases you through the water, and when you grip the edge and spin around to face him he’s all over you like a cheap suit.
Sackler pushes you up against the edge and lifts you, weightless in the water, until your hips are at the same height.
“Call me a fuckin’ pervert?” he murmurs.
“All day, big boy,” you breathe back, wrapping your legs around him, “and twice on Sundays.”
He sucks in a breath, enraptured, and nuzzles your nose with his. “I don’t wanna eat down here.” He jerks his chin in the direction of the poolside dining.
“Well,” you slide your hands across his slippery shoulders and lock your wrists loosely about his neck. “What do you wanna do, then, Sackler?”
Make you say my name again, he thinks, gazing into your eyes. His own dark-chocolate orbs glimmer and sparkle, reflecting the glinting light from the pool.
“Fuck it,” he says abruptly, breaking a warm, soft moment. He grips under your ass firmly and starts walking, carrying you to the steps at the edge of the pool. “We’re getting room service.”
33 notes · View notes