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worstloki · 21 minutes ago
ugh! teletubbies?!! hopefully they just based some gadget on them or something. but ughhh. It feels like the show isn't taking Loki's character seriously at all. between this, the writer saying he cared more about the TVA, and the loki in the trailers not feeling like dark world loki at all I feel like the show isn't gonna do him justice.dark world loki was so hilarious and fun (but also serious) and had the perfect balance for a fun show. y they gotta ruin him with dumb childish stuff
gotta keep in mind this isn’t dark world loki after he’s been in prison for a year and a bit, it’s loki at the end of Avengers 1 and at the start of TDW. he was acting up and being annoying on purpose at that point, because he had the (true) notion that having torture and Thanos behind him wouldn’t make a difference to what he’d done besides. then he was left in time out for ages with no one but Queen Frigga, Lady of Gaslight, who then proceeded to die and leave him in shambles. the timeline split and while I wouldn’t call him unstable i would argue that at that point loki hadn’t had much time to reflect on anything and was expecting to die. 
he wasn’t meant to get the Tesseract, which means he wasn’t meant to end up with the TVA. none of this could’ve been a part of the plan he was following in Avengers 1. I’m quite sure the entire point of the TVA jumping in is that it’s literally off the script, which could be a very good motif. 
Having watched the main timeline version of him and being able to manipulate time are the only benefits i see them having over Loki. He’s got to work on a new plan from scratch now, and he’s not the composed mess he was in the previous movies. I’m going to be mad if they trash his old characterization completely, but I can see how the circumstances would make it reasonably possible. I don;t think the teletubby thing will actually be major y’all XD 
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heavydirtb0dy · 43 minutes ago
i lost all my muscles but i still weight the same or even more which means im bigger bcs fat is lighter than muscles.
plus i can fit my old clothes which sucks even more and i can't really train anymore and keep eating. eating a lot. i havent been under 1000 in months lmao and some days i only have a meal im just so fat and gross and have no control over myself
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adoginthemanger · 7 hours ago
Hm tharki nhi hai yrr...🤧sirf @mydogisgaytoo se pyaar krte hai....
@edgar--allan--h0e ke sath toh mazaak kr rhe the, hmko kya pta tha ki @mydogisgaytoo bura man legi😞🥺😕😭usko khona nhi chahte yrr
@mydogisgaytoo dekho bhai ye desperate ho rahe hai. Bura mat maano. Maaf kar do
@edgar--allan--h0e aapka kat gaya lolololol
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a-soul-full-of-art · 8 hours ago
Just a reminder
You do not need those people who make you feel bad about yourself when the problem is not you but them all along. So make the bravest but the hardest decision, and leave them as quickly as you can. You will be free, and you can build yourself up again. You will live your life happily and proudly without them. Don't look back. This is the best revenge.
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topmostpopular · 11 hours ago
Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey’s being investigated over pre-game act
Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey’s being investigated over pre-game act
The AFL will look into an incident involving two Collingwood players before Saturday’s game against Sydney. In the pre-match, Fox Footy’s cameras showed Jordan De Goey touching the rear of teammate Isaac Quaynor with his left middle finger while standing behind him. has confirmed the league will review the vision on Monday, which was taken moments before the Pies ran onto the…
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byanyan · 12 hours ago
*: ・゚∙ * ⁕ @culledsoul​  sent 💬 for a starter.   (s)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
     “some people think that i’m crazy; i’m just out here trying to have a GOOD TIME, what’s your problem? ”
  which is to say that yes, in fact, they DID notice this weirdo looking at them. is it really so much to ask to have some quality ALONE TIME off to the side of some random alley without a nosy stranger peeking in? damn. now forced to pause in the middle of adding colour to their nails AND jamming to some deceptively bright pop music  (yes, in some dingy-ass alley),  the teen raises their hands in a manner both questioning and suggesting a READINESS TO FIGHT, offering the other a rather dirty look.
     “ you never seen someone painting their nails before? christ. you ALWAYS stare at people minding their own business like that? if you’ve got something to say, just fuckin' say it, freak. ”
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killing-romance · 12 hours ago
I'm learning how to change my emotive langauge after making a big mistake that hurt a few of my relationships. Due to careless behaviour and a lack of self control, some people that I love very much were emotionally injured and angered by me. So now I am working towards fixing that so it doesn't happen again.
Learning to change my language is difficult, but I have already learned some things that I can replace my immediate thoughts with. Here are some of them:
Instead of saying "no one will care about this anyway" (baiting), say, "my emotions are trying to make me believe that no one will care" (rationalising)
Instead of saying "it's fine, whatever" (dismissal), say, "I am not feeling good right now and I can't think clearly or rationally" (admittance)
Instead of saying "I'm probably just gonna be ignored" (assumption), say, "I am feeling vulnerable and invisible, so I would like someone to talk to if anyone does see this" (outreaching)
Instead of saying, "I don't care" (defensive), say, "I am struggling to focus on anything other than my [negative emotion] right now" (disclosure)
Instead of saying "this person hates me" (suspicion), say, "I get negative feelings around this person, I don't know their true intentions but right now I don't have good feelings about their attitude towards me" (realisation)
Instead of saying "I wasn't doing [negative behaviour]" (denial), say, "I didn't mean to do [negative behaviour] or realise I was doing it, but now that it's been brought to my attention, I will do my best to control the urge to do it" (acknowledgement)
Instead of saying "no one cares about me, I'll just leave" (provoking), say, "I need to take a break because I'm not feeling emotionally stable right now" (recognition)
It's going to take some time and a lot of mental energy, but if it means that I can make amends for what I did wrong, then it is worth it.
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newswrote · 12 hours ago
Coronavirus | Extending gap between Covishield doses scientific: V.K. Paul --Indianews/NewsWrote
Coronavirus | Extending gap between Covishield doses scientific: V.K. Paul –Indianews/NewsWrote
It was taken by consensus by a gaggle of consultants. Dr. Paul says. The choice to delay the second dose of Covishield vaccine to up to 16 weeks was not as a result of a “shortage” of vaccines however was based mostly on scientific proof from the U.Okay., stated V.Okay. Paul, Chairman, Nationwide Knowledgeable Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19, on Saturday. It was taken by consensus…
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bocetismo · 13 hours ago
i get the anger at mother and etc but my older sister is doing it way too much
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tabitha-tate · 14 hours ago
every other day i see a va speak on barchie and it’s like what is your problem god at this point they have more hope for ba than i do
“barchie is bones” okay then act like it ?
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arosnowflake · 14 hours ago
Hey, heads up for everyone wanting to/planning on watching Princess Tutu: the first half of the anime (or more specifically, roughly the first eight episodes or so) contains fairly realistic depictions of emotional/psychological/verbal abuse. While it is framed as wrong, the perpetrator never apologizes for it to the victim and receives no (narrative) punishment. 
In general, Princess Tutu deals heavily with abuse and unhealthy relationships/toxic love, but in my opinion, this particular plotline was handled significantly worse than the others. Even so, you could argue that the other plotlines on the subject could have been handled better, and I’ve seen other people be more bothered by them than I am. 
In general, if abuse and unhealthy relationships, especially mishandling of them, is something that triggers you, I suggest not watching Princess Tutu.
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firebirdsdaughter · 16 hours ago
No one cares about my two cents but I feel like saying a thing.
Do I think this is absolutely the end of the Western toku fandom? No, honestly. If the Mouse can’t stop leaking and piracy, Toei can’t stop all of it. It will definitely start having to come from small circles/shady places, but they are not gonna be able to stop all of it. I think it might slow stuff down make it harder to access, but if people stick w/ it, it won’t disappear (also subs will get worse bar certain services).
Tbh, I’m not entirely convinced there’s a genuine threat either, at most might be a scare tactic, however I strongly support the fansubbing groups’ decisions to not risk it. In cases like this it is way better to be safe than sorry. While it’s disappointing to lose access, it’s in no way worth them risking getting sued or anything like that, esp since they’ve done it on their own time for free for so long.
But I do also have to admit that I think there’s a portion of the Western fandom (esp the American one, I think, as an American, but I could be wrong) that brought this on themselves/the rest of us. It’s not so much an issue in smaller circles, where I try to stay, but I’ve felt for a long time that the ‘mainstream’ ‘general’ toku fandom in the West is… Very, for lack of a better word, toxic. There’s a certain sense of entitlement and arrogance? So many people who seem to totally lose the fact that we are not the target audience. That’s not to say one can’t criticise (I’ll be the first to say that I have things I disagree w/ in shows), but I’ve in many places seen people say things that utterly baffle me, and esp in the Western fandom there’s this attitude that some toku, KR in particular ‘isn’t actually for kids anymore, more adults watch it.’ I see people making wildly inappropriate comments about actors (whoever started that rumour about poor Noa, the challenge to fight you still stands). Stuff like that. The sort of elitist attitude I felt from the whole Amazonz thing.
But the fact is, it is a kids’ show, and we, Westerners, are not the target demographic. Sure, we do represent a portion of sales, but we’re not where bank is. Toei doesn’t care if you won’t buy a Sentai toy bc the girl isn’t yellow, or whether you hate all the characters. We’re not the target viewers. For all I whine up the wazoo and joke about fighting Takahashi, I have no illusions that he cares what I think or that I have any power/can do anything about what was done. I can critique and say I disagree, but ultimately Toei doesn’t care what I think (although I’ve given them some solid cash bc of Horobi and Fuwa… ;^^). I think there’s some large misconception that the Western fandom is more important than it actually is. I’m not saying we’re not part of the equation and we don’t give them money and it wouldn’t behoove sales for us to have access to the shows, but that I don’t think we’re such a substantial cut that ‘losing’ us or having Western consumption slow down will be a large blow to them—at the very least, from their perspective, we wouldn’t be.
Also… There’s this attitude of invincibility? Japan’s not some distant, exotic, magical land of mystery. Toei has a public social media presence. There’s absolutely multiple people at the company who speak and read English, at least, fluently, probably even other languages. You put stuff in places where they will see it, they will see it. I may not be a huge fan of Shirakura’s producing style and I don’t know what he’s like as a person, but I do have to say I respect the grace w/ which he handled getting (twice?) confronted by piracy/leaks by simply saying ‘you/we’re not supposed to know about that.’ And I know those aren’t the only instances (I remember when Nachi was announced as part of the cast, someone was asking him about Thouser, who we were, to quote Shirakura P. ‘not supposed to know about’ at the time).
Basically… It’s the same thing as people harassing fansubbers for not being ‘fast enough’—we were never entitled to these shows, esp not for free. Yes, us getting to see them did provide Toei w/ revenue, but we are not the target audience, this was never an official release of the show or anything else. It was something that some people who were interested in the shows/genre did out of the kindness of their hearts to share it w/ us on the down low. We were not owed anything, we do not deserve any super special treatment. We invested our time, by our choice. It’s sad to see the access go, but again, we were never entitled to it, it was just something people did to share something they cared about, and their well being is more important than getting the shows free.
Of course, I do understand being upset. I’m very disappointed. Maybe support movements to get the shows legally easily accessible in the West? I heard stuff about there being people advocating for that. Alternatively, and not like anyone who would do this is following me or near my blog, maybe don’t brazenly show leaks and mention benevolent piracy to people in the company? For one thing, you’re putting the leak and/or fansubbers in the crosshairs when they’re just trying to do something nice, and you’re being tactless and rude in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toei was on the side of turning a blind eye towards the sharing bc of the sales, until it started getting shoved in their faces. What started as a fun, well meaning way of giving access to something enjoyable that other people might not be able to get to was twisted into some sort of… Weird, entitled, toxic, arrogant, demanding mess by people who… I dunno. Forgot the circumstances? Were so full of themselves they didn’t care? Didn’t understand the situation?
Either way… Congrats, guys, you ruined it for everyone. Thanks.
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