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#beet burger
threemarys1927 · 21 days ago
ultimate vegan beet bean burgers
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By Nutriciously.
The recipe may be found here:
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itsfoodbaby · a month ago
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vinspirationme · 3 months ago
The Beet Burger from Wait, That’s Vegan?!
The Beet Burger from Wait, That’s Vegan?!
Satisfy your craving for a hearty meal with The Beet Burger from Wait, That’s Vegan?! by Lisa Dawn Angerame. Served with special sauce, lettuce, pickles and onions, these burgers will turn anyone into a veggie burger lover! Wait, That’s Vegan?! You may know Lisa Dawn Angerame from her blog Lisa’s Project: Vegan I know her from the world of vegan blogging, though we’ve never met in person. (She…
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Maybe, maybe not. But beetroot definitely goes on burgers. :)
Hi Rob <3 I don't like beets and i dont like burgers, so im gonna have to disagree w u here
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thegaygreaser · 17 hours ago
Headcanons For The Gangs Favourite/ Least Favourite Foods:
Favourite: Basic bitch, chicken. Doesn’t matter what form (but he likes it most on burnt toast-)
Least Favourite: Jelly beans gross the SHIT outta him. Cannot stomach them to save his life. Every time he tried to eat them, he’d vomit.
Favourite: Oreos. Holy shit, this dude goes bonkers for Oreos. Can easily devour a sleeve of Oreos in 5 minutes.
Least Favourite: Beets. He thinks everything about them is sus.
-“A pink vegetable? wHAT-”
-His main reason though is because it stains the shit out of anything. That’s how he lost one of his favourite shirts.
Favourite: SALMON. Oh my fucking GOD, salmon.
Least Favourite: Baloney. He says it tastes like plastic.
Favourite: Sushi
Least Favourite: Chickpeas. “It tastes like tree bark,” to quote him.
Favourite: Tuna sandwiches.
Least Favourite: Sushi (although he’s never had it) purely going off that it involves fish (even fucking though his favourite food is fish sandwiches)
-Mocks the shit out of Johnny every time he eats it.
Favourite: Burgers. Specifically from Dairy Queen.
Least favourite: Pomegranates
Favourite: Really likes waffle fries.
Least Favourite: Not really a food, but he HATES mayo. Apparently, it tastes like cardboard to him.
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my-humble-homestead · 4 days ago
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wow! big garden day!
it’s been HOT the past few days. like, high 80’s hot. i’m not sure how much longer our cold weather veggies will last. i knew i needed to get out there because some of our turnips and beets were starting to wilt. but we’ve also been (slowly) caging our tomatoes and there have been some other veggies in the way. today, for example, some carrots were in the way of where we needed to put a tomato cage. so i dug them up! i can’t get over that we even *have* carrots. ah!!!
i’m excited to say the least. i’m going to make some beet burgers and freeze them in preparation for bbq season :)
the turnips are just gonna be crushed, seasoned and roasted.
and i have no clue what to do with my lovely, little carrots. maybe i’ll just eat them :)
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nextbestchef · 8 days ago
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[Homemade] Beet Burgers and Dairy-Free Macaroni
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nextbestchef · 8 days ago
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[Homemade] Beet Burgers and Dairy-Free Macaroni
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my-humble-homestead · 14 days ago
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pulled up some beets yesterday (and more turnips) and made some beet burgers! they were delicious, i can my wait to get some more but they were a bit small so i think i need to wait a bit to pull up anymore of them.
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grauaeugig · 14 days ago
whats your thoughts on pickling?
Like pickled veggies ?
YES! I love a good pickle! Cornichons are really good! Sometimes i eat them as a snack or sometimes i slice them and put them on a sandwich or a burger!
Ohh and pickled jalapeños are also really good!! They're delicious in some rice wif tomatoes, bell peppers, lima beans and sum corn!! Gotta be a lil careful right, because there's a lot of juice inside, so snip the tip and put the juice in first and then cutem up and put them in, mhhhh!!
Ohh they're also so good wif some baked feta! But i guess maybe fresh ones would work a lil better? Hmmm...
Ohhh and pickled beets are real good!!!!! They're my favourite! Can also eat them as a snack or if you want, eat them as a side with mashed potatoes! The sour-ish/salty contrast is DELICIOUS!!
(Ohh u can also eat apple sauce wif mashed potatoes, i know it sounds real weird but trust me and try it, it's good!)
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emo-leo-2100 · 16 days ago
ive always been a semi picky eater. heres foods that i just simply h a t e:
a s p a r a g u s chicken turkey ham tuna oranges steak brussel sprouts beets baked beans hot dogs celery corn soybeans k a l e tomatos avacado figs grapefruits veggie burgers tofu green olives frozen veggies >:| so yeah thats most im probably forgetting a lot
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hobriseok · 19 days ago
so i have friends coming over at noon to marathon a show and just catch up and so i was thinking about going out and getting breakfast before they get here but then i’m trying to save money and i bought some avocados so i decided to cut them open to see if they’re still good and once you cut them you have to use them lol so i started making an avocado mash for toast and..... i started doing other shit?
like i realized i’m putting off eating. i still haven’t made the toast yet-- i’ve emptied the dishwasher, put away the last few pieces of laundry, straightened up my apartment, replied to some friends’ texts, i’m writing this post-- and my avocado mash is sitting in the bowl in the kitchen and my bread and toaster are out and i just..... don’t want to make it because once i make it i have to eat it and i don’t know what to do.
i shouldn’t be paralyzed or feeling dread. i shouldn’t be afraid of my food being done and then having to eat it. and it’s so dumb because i ate so much yesterday-- two pieces of pizza and chips with some cookie dough (all vegan) in the morning during bbcon and then for dinner i had a beet burger and cauliflower bites with a sesame cake for dessert like... why am i like this why am i putting off eating.
like sometimes i really do think i have issues. i think i do have an eating disorder but there are days when i eat normal-- i eat a lot-- but i catch myself with these ticks or thoughts-- like for instance there was a tweet and i qrt it with a pic of my iced coffee and two cut open avocados and as soon as i posted it i was self conscious because the pic was evidence that i was using 2 avocados? not just one? like that makes me look like such a glutton that i’m eating so much....... and then as i’m typing this i realize i sound insane like omg 2 avocados aren’t that deep and does it matter!!! because i’m eating them at the end of the day so even if i do feel self conscious and anxious about people knowing how much i eat, i’m still eating it so it doesn’t matter. 
god my head is just a mess because. one one hand these thoughts plague me all the time and i know i have some weird habits-- like i realized this morning that i have to drink 48oz of water before i can eat. that’s weird right? but then i’m still overweight and i still eat like junk food so do i really have an eating disorder? am i faking it? like even if i have tendencies they obviously aren’t bad enough to seek help or tell anyone or something.
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