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#bedtime stories
a-lil-perspective · 4 hours ago
The Dad Batch members taking turns each night to read Omega a bed time story and tuck her in. Or all of them tucking her in for bed at once and it’s chaos but they love it and wouldn’t have it any other way
OMG I was just about to make a post about this AHEM I LOVE IT.
Hunter’buir tells THE BEST bedtime stories. The thing is, he just makes them up as he goes. Hunter is so incredibly interactive as a Papa; he doesn’t need to work within the confines of a storybook, not at all. His imagination really shines through at bedtime.
Omega, all his girls, LOVE IT.
And so “bedtime” is actually whenever Papa finishes his story. :)
Every time without fail (adding the wife in here for a sec) Cyare will go check on them because it’s been forty-five minutes and surely they’ve all conked out by now—
She can hear their giggles before she even reaches the door.
She enters to find her youngest hanging from the ceiling, Omega supporting her, while the eldest has a sword fight with Hunter.
Hunter can feel her look of bewilderment before he even sees it.
It always takes a moment for her features to settle, before she asks what tonight’s story is.
And Hunter’s got the biggest grin on his face as he beckons her over, because bedtime stories are a group effort and it’s inevitable Cyare gets pulled in (usually to play the one needing saving though everyone knows she can handle herself; Hunter just likes to be her hero. Cyare is more than happy to humor him). And with a barely restrained laugh she tells them to wrap it up, to which Hunter replies they’re just getting to the good part; this is the finale, they can’t stop now.
Papa Hunter got really good at telling bedtime stories with Omega. She was his only child for a while and he really got to hone his parenting skills through her. They have such a unique, incredibly cherished bond because of that.
I mostly got off on Hunter here but the rest of the boys would each have their own niches for bedtime stories; all of them just as interactive as the next. Which I might expand upon in a separate post.
The kiddos always get the best sleep afterwards because they’re tuckered out from all the action, their little minds have been stimulated, their curiosity filled, and they can now rest soundly.
The Dad Batch man just. Bedtime stories run a high success rate among them. 100%, you might say.
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itshalloweenkidsposts · 5 hours ago
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