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#because we have a system and he gets the sleep he needs
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
Anytime I ever ask my baby’s doctor about helping him sleep longer stretches they’re just like “oh he sleeps short stretches because he knows if he cries you’ll respond so he hasn’t learned to soothe himself” like no dip???! Of course I’m gonna respond to my baby??? You want me to just let him scream himself to sleep every night????? Sir what??
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Tumblr media
[Image description: a banner with a photo of space, with bright stars and a purple nebula in the background. In the center of the banner, “The Foolish, Foolish Stars” is written in big, white letters, and “Two days before the Grand Coronation” is written in smaller letters under it. /end ID]
TW/CW: Nothing, but please tell me if there should be!
A/N: The first vignette-chapter thing from our second main POV! Magician is a mood here :)
Word count: 692 words
For context: [WIP intro], [chapter 1], [chapter 2], [chapter 3]
Taglist (contact me to be added/removed): @viskafrer @47crayons @apocalypsewriters @drippingmoon @chazzawrites @wizardoface @drbibliophile @dragon-with-a-pen
Two days before the Grand Coronation
“Where are they?” I run through the corridors, trying to find anyone who knows anything about what happened tonight.
Why didn’t a single idiot think of waking me up? Did nobody read the protocol for magical attacks? I spent five days writing out every possible detail. Five. Full. Days. No sleep breaks, no food breaks, only energy potions. And here they are, ignoring every page of it. Is that smoke coming from me? No matter. If I don't find anyone who has any idea what's going on in the next two minutes…
I turn a corner and practically bump into Malikil, the Captain of the royal guards. Now, I may be giving off smoke, but it's nothing compared to the fire of all the nine underworlds burning in his eyes.
"Magician," he says. I'm surprised to find I'm still alive: if he had any magical abilities I would be cut into pieces by the voice alone, "Care to explain how a full-blown magical attack went unnoticed while you were in the castle, at work, supposedly doing the one thing you were hired to do: protecting the King?"
"You may have noticed, Captain, that I am made of flesh and bone. I need sleep every once in a while, like everyone else. And no one, not a single one of your men cared to wake me up like I explicitly told everyone to do in this exact situation."
We stare at each other for a few moments, testing who would get incinerated first.
"I'll make sure they never forget the procedures again," he says, looking away, "but you do need to work out a better security system. Set some spells that will wake you up. Do something. You have to understand, this must never happen again."
I nod. This is something we can agree on.
He looks at me, the fire in his eyes calming down to brown coal with the occasional sparkle or two, “Oh well. It’s not like anyone important went missing.”
“But someone is missing, right?” I ask.
“Well, I wouldn't call it 'missing', exactly. Two of my guards are gone, two piles of ash are found. It's not dragon magic"
I try my absolute best to not look relieved. Those were people, too - I try and remind myself - just because you don't know them-
"That fool thing is gone, too," Malikil adds carelessly.
I try to think of it. I try to make those words have meaning.
Irik - the Irik I saw just yesterday - ash. Their smile - ash. Their silly costume I know they secretly hate - ash.
I can't feel anything. Not now. Not yet.
"Have you found the remains?" I hear a question. Is it my voice?
"Oh, not with this one," Malikil says. He seems to be too busy with his thoughts to notice the changes in my expression, "but I can ask the servants. Why? Does that interest you? Did you-"
I don't know what he was going to say and have no interest in knowing.
About three minutes later, I’m running back from my study with a rare amulet - the Blood Seeker, the captured, concentrated hunger of undead spirits.
Hallway. The door to the King’s chamber. Irik’s sleeping place.
It looks like there was a pile of something right next to it, gray dust grinding itself into the holes between stones. No time for this now. I search their pillow - of whatever it is they used as one, looks like an old, folded blanket - and find a hair. I bring the hair closer to the amulet.
No reaction.
No reaction.
I’m almost pushing it against the amulet when it springs to life, hissing, monstrous teeth trying to reach Irik’s hair, something that smells like life, something that belongs to a living person. I pull it away, shove the amulet into its everything-proof case, and allow the mix of tears and laughter to run through me as they please.
If I keep them in now, I might snap sometime later, and that's not something I can allow myself.
There are so many things to be done.
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slenderversemyway · 14 hours ago
All They Have - Chapter 6
Marble Hornets, Brim, TW: Injury, Language, Mention of medication, Mental illness, DID, Violence, Kidnapping
Summary: It was all over. Alex was dead and Tim could finally move on. All he wanted was a normal life. If only he could have one...
Chapter under the cut for those who don’t use Ao3
Tim knew the next while would be rough. Not only because he wouldn't be able to walk, nor because his meds would completely fade from his system. It wasn't even because he was being held captive by a monster. No. He knew because, he was stuck for who knew how long with Brian fucking Thomas.
The bed was uncomfortable, the food was crumby, and he couldn't move. Overall it was the most comfortable he’d been in years. There may have been better times but at this point he didn't care. Might as well see this situation as the best it'll get. After all he wasn't running through the woods on his broken leg. No matter what Alex was still… He sighed.
“That won't change. That won't change. That won't change.” He repeated softly again and again like a mantra. His eyes scanned the ceiling for any new stimulus as he mumbled. Finally he sighed, nothing. It was the same as it had been for the last month. Beige grey, popcorn kernels staring down at him, riveting.
He knew he had plenty of time to think but that was the last thing he wanted to do. So he spent his days counting the protruding dots. Brian occasionally came in to give him food or an ice pack but he wasn't around much. Seen more often was Hoodie and the more he saw the less Tim wanted to see. Brian was already annoying but that thing was something else. Something that made his stomach twist. Combining the two was the worst of both worlds. As if on cue the door creaked to open. Tim held his breath as he could never be sure who’d walk through that door. It pushed open and in came an annoying but at least not hostile face.
“Morning sleeping beauty.” Yup definitely Brian.
Tim would’ve rolled his eyes but at this point he thought they might freeze that way. So instead he ignored the comment entirely. Opting to stare at the ceiling and begin counting again. One, two, thre-
“Hey! Tim ya in there?” Brain made a knocking motion at the man’s head. Tim repressed the urge to grumble and kept going. Three, four, five, si-
“Oh I see. Well if there’s no Tim I guess you won’t be needing this." Tim looked through the corner of his eye, Brian held up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… Again. As much as he hated them Tim was hungry and begrudgingly sat up and looked at Brian.
“No it’s colonel fucking Sanders.”
“Oh i guess you’d prefer chicken then.” Brian chuckled lightly as Tim glared. He came closer with the plate sitting on the bed beside Tim's legs. He extended the plate to a very indifferent Tim who took it.
Tim stared blankly at the plate before looking back up at Brian. “Again?”
“What?” Brain responded indignantly. “PB & J is a classic.”
“Not when it's all you've eaten for the last month.”
Brian shrugged and said, “Well it’s all we have so you’ll just have to live with it.” Tim's eyes rolled despite his best efforts. “No, it’s all you know how to cook.” Brian crossed his arms defensively.
“No!” He whined. “How would you know anyway? You haven't been anywhere but this room for weeks.” Tim gave Brian a knowing look.
“Who did all the cooking in college?” That made Brian pause turning slightly red.
Tim despite himself chuckled, the most smiling he’d done in a long time as a flustered Brian left closing the door hard behind him. As unhappy as Tim was with his food the smile didn’t leave his face.
 The next day, Tim awoke to a loud crash. Jumping he looked over to the door. What the fuck? He sat in silence for a moment before the door unexpectedly burst open. Brian stood slightly ragged covered in white powder and tan splotches.
“What did you do?”
“Nothing, just some stuff fell.”
“Stuff fell?” Tim narrowed his eyes.
“Yes.” Even Brian seemed unconvinced of his lie.  
Tim rolled his eyes. Moving his leg off the bed he carefully sat up..
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Getting up.” Brian's brow furrowed.
“How? If ya forgot uh.” He gestured at Tim's leg.
“Yeah, hadn’t noticed” Tim quipped sarcastically. “I have crutches in the closet.” He pointed to a door in the hall. Brian walked over.
“And why should I get them?” Tim glared at Brian.
“What am I gonna do? Run away? Besides we both know you can't cook for shit and I’d rather not have you burn down my house trying.” Brian thought for a moment before huffing and walking over to the closet.
“I guess.” He grumbled
“There’s also a first aid kit in the bathroom.” Tim called.
“Why do you have crutches anyways?” Tim shrugged looking through the contents.
“You never know.” He pulled out some gauze and alcohol. Gently he raised his shirt to reveal the bruise on his side. There were still a couple of open cuts. Brian looked at the wound.
“Jeeze that car crash did you bad, huh?” Tim didn’t break his concentration treating the wound.
“No, actually this was you. Kick in the side remember?” Tim's voice was cold and tempered making Brian look a bit uneasy. He did not answer.
Tim continued cleaning the wound and then wrapping his torso in gauze to set the bones for healing. “Just sad it didn’t puncture a lung.” Tim's tone was serious. Brain squirmed uncomfortably. He put his shirt back down gently.
Moving on to his leg Tim took out a leg brace wrapping it tight around his bad leg. He then grabbed his work boots securing one on carefully over the wrapping. He tied them tight and grabbed the box. He reached into it for one last thing, a white pill bottle. Brian's eyes widened and he pounced forward grabbing the pills away and inspecting them. Tim flinched back as the pills were ripped away.
“What are these?” Brian asked urgently. Tim looked at him with confusion and annoyance.
“It’s just Tylenol. What the fuck man?” Tim's confusion was met with a serious look from Brian who opened the bottle taking out the contents to see an orange cylindrical tik tak looking pill. He scrutinized it but eventually pulled four out and gave them to Tim. Tim snatched them away and quickly swallowed them as if Brian might change his mind at any moment. He then glared at Brian for a moment before grabbing the crutches and getting up. “Why won't you give me my meds anyways?” Brian sucked in a breath a bit startled. Then in a serious voice he explained.
“It doesn’t want you to have them.” Tim just stared for a moment. They seemed to stand like that for a while, two old friends staring at the strangers the other had become, on different paths. As much as he wished he was, this wasn’t the Brian he knew. This Brian wasn’t his. He belonged to something else…
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bearsinpotatosacks · 23 hours ago
I saw a post about the star trek crew all living together and I took that idea, as well as my multishipping heart, to make an AU where the crew all live in a polyamorous household so here we go:
In the beginning, there were only 3 couples...
McKirk, Spuhura and Benkaru
Ben and Hikaru live in a house of their own but visit a lot
And Sulu has a place in their futuristic fold out sofa if he ever needs space from Ben, which he probably does since he went from being light years away to living in the same house which must be difficult to adjust to
I'm not sure how they'd get to all living together but I think it would be after the 5 year mission but if they don't go out on any other missions straight away
There are 5 bedrooms, 2 offices in the attic, a kitchen-diner, a living room, 3 bathrooms, a garage and a greenhouse-shed in the backyard
There's Jim and Bones' room, where Spock or possibly Christine if they're feeling adventurous, sleep
There's Uhura and Spock's room where Christine or Scotty might sleep when Spock's not there
There's Scotty's room where Bones or Uhura sometimes sleep
There's Christine's room where Uhura or Bones may sleep
And Chekov's room, where only his causal flings or one night stands stay because this boy is a horny aromantic guy who is not shamed for this fact
Bones just makes sure to stock him up on protection
They also have their own spaces which, because I managed to land on the healthy relationships education side of tiktok, is very important just so a person can maintain their autonomy and have some time to themselves (doesn't matter if it's a room or a shelf the person said)
Spock has the greenhouse where he meditates surrounded by flowers that Sulu is always donating more to and helping with
Scotty has the garage where he's always tinkering and blasting weird calming sea shanties or space shanties, just a weird combination of choirs, shanties and prog rock
Uhura has her room and/or one of the offices, she likes to have a place to watch her shows in all the languages she knows and to just be herself away from everything
Jim has the living room and/or his and Bones' bedroom. This is mainly a place to workout, in barely anything but he routinely reminds everyone to be grateful he's at least wearing clothes
Chekov has his bedroom where he has a whole gaming and programming set up. The crew make sure to pull him away if it's been a few hours without a break, and bring him drinks and snacks
Bones as the kitchen where he cooks up a storm and becomes a full on Southern Belle housewife, cooking and baking and making sweet tea and singing with a "Kiss the Cook Apron" on that Jim got him
He complains but he loves it
Christine also has her room where she often becomes a cat and lazes in the sun of her window with a face mask on sound asleep
They have certain nights for people to cook, they don't trust Jim though, not since he tried to make a casserole that Pike showed him and he almost burnt the house down
Luckily there are sprinkler systems in future houses
Bones becomes a full on dad and grills whenever there's sun out
Has a bad Hawaiian shirt too, something directly out of Karl Urban's wardrobe probably
They take holiday cards as a family and celebrate all their holidays, Christian based ones, Jewish based ones, Muslim based ones, Vulcan ones and general nom denominational ones too like Federation Day and United Earth Day
They also take care around each other on sad days too
Scotty leaves a mug outside the greenhouse when it's the anniversary of Amanda's death, Uhura makes breakfast on David McCoy's death instead of Bones, Chekov works out with Jim on Pike's Death Day
If the couples have kids the house may get bigger or they might just have smaller houses that are connected so they still live pretty much together anyway
This ended sad, I didn't want it to but can you see the family stuff I want so much? Them being close and together and even more of a family. I hope you enjoyed these!
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coffeetherapy · a day ago
This must’ve been the biggest and scariest thing I’ve done in my life.
Giving birth during the pandemic was very lonely and scary. I had to go through hospitalizations due to complications without any companion, didn’t even see a fellow patient, only sounds of the machines accompanied me. I cried quite often towards the end, especially at the hospital when I was dealing with it all alone. But I’m very lucky I have very good support system. And having twins is such a great blessing, especially when it wasn’t planned.
It took a while for me to realize that I’ve been extremely blessed that the boys came out healthy, having been born prematurely. Though they were understandably underweight, that was the only hurdle they had to overcome - their weight. I had to have an emergency C-Section due to the contractions. In the delivery room, there was a big team of doctors and nurses. I wish I didn’t have to go through it alone. But Covid. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I remember having heard their cries seconds after they were pulled out, and I felt so relieved protective of them though I haven’t seen them (and couldn’t touch them yet) because they had to be brought straight to the incubator. I haven’t had the privilege to experience skin to skin. On the second day after my surgery, I went to the NICU to visit them and remember thinking my stitches must’ve ripped open because I was in so much pain. The first time I laid my eyes on Lucas, I thought the name really suited him, and I couldn’t believe he’s the one who’s been kicking my bladder (kinda like it’s nice to put a face to the name), because we didn’t get to do the 4D ultrasound due to Covid so we had no idea how they looked like. When I laid eyes on Louis, I felt scared because he was so small and fragile. He was the smaller twin weighing only 1900grams. I felt very protective of him.
The pandemic hit very hard, but it made it possible for us to be very hands on, and I like that during their first year I was able to spend so much time with them and see their progress everyday. Since they came home from the hospital, we've been co-sleeping with them and even though the sleep deprivation and the major lifestyle/physical changes slightly drove me into Postpartum Depression the first few months, I wouldn't have it any other way. It was my first time to hold a newborn, to change diapers, to hold a hand so tiny and precious and hear their heartbeats on my chest. Everyday I learn something new about this gig called motherhood. Most days I feel like I suck at it. I never bathed them as newborns because I was too scared, and until now I’m still too scared to trim their nails. Sometimes when I stare at them while they sleep, I find it hard to believe they were once inside my body.
Almost a year later, I sometimes still don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror. The tip of my C-Section scar still hurts a little when they hit or step on it. The stretch marks on my tummy are proof I brought two lives into this world, but I'm not going to lie, some days I really dislike looking at my body now but it doesn't mean I'm not proud of my body and what it went through to bring them safely into this world. I got asked in an annoying way if I actually carried them or if I had a surrogate, because my figure “didn't change a bit”, my hips “didn't widen". Well, for a second I thought of showing him the tummy that has earned its stripes to make him believe but after mentally rolling my eyes I realized I didn't need to prove myself to him or anyone.
So as my first time to be the mother in Mother’s Day, I want to salute all the mothers out there.
To my sons, thank you for coming into our lives and choosing me to be your mom. I know I won’t be perfect but I will love you and protect you as long as you need me to. ❤️ You both are loved by so many.
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cribpart4 · 2 days ago
9 Steps To private Adhd Assessment Near Me Of Your Dreams
After another couple of months went by, Caleb's mother called my office for help because he had overdosed and nearly perished. He was 14 years unused. He had taken 5 ecstasy pills concurrently and abreast of that took 8 powerful ADHD tablets of unknown strength. The particular ADHD drug he took is an amphetamine, effective stimulant is actually subject to abuse and addiction. Tellman's story is different, and this really is interesting since he also go started component first business when he was 19. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was a child, and basically got As and Ds getting older in class. He got As if he was interested; he got Ds if he wasnrrrt. Because he was smart enough to be unable to go work and yet sound smart in class and make logical answers on his tests, despite the fact that he never read any money. He couldn't concentrate on anything. And, you know, if there's almost anything to those numbers at all, if there's anything, obviously any good shred of truth coming from what we just stated, as there are one thing that's very, very important that everyone should realize. Which is, look, if private adhd assessment uk or add, adhd traits and characteristics, or maybe get frustrated really quite readily. You're probably high anxiety. You probably have some shreds of insomnia or otherwise times in your life where you can't deep sleep. Get noticed by doing something particular. For instance, use a picture to a pair of socks and caption it, "If you hire me, I'll knock your socks off." Of course, that have been going around a while and lots of folks have already seen it, so think about something similar and something in line with your own personality. Make use of your ADD originality! Tellman: Well, first of all, for most people people it appears before a diagnosis. Right! Whether they are an adult or if they are a kid, they suspect contain ADD adhd assessment so that often times they can start and they get tested.
Tumblr media
Although need to not the direct mandate of this article, in order to critical which i understand how life works and what the design of human creatures. Whatever we resist, it will persist. Greater you one more thing change things, the more they remains the comparable. Hence, the action to together with any problem is to stop resisting problem. If might continue to try away of a issue, or dislike it, or hate it, within the it will demonstrate up with your life. This is likely way I describe effective ADD leader. There are some base level skills and systems to be learned, and it will be all about personal form. When you learn to manage your ADD, What works for you is not nearly as important as the simple fact it Does work.
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iellarenuodolorian · 2 days ago
This might turn into a simp page for Tech from the Bad Batch for a bit...
I’ll go back to Mandalorian when the new season comes out. But for now, I just cannot get over Tech 😍
This is just quotes from Tech that have made me Have Feelings™️ in some way...because well, why not 😂
(Yes I know they’re out of order....and yes it bothers me I’m just too busy to fix it right now)
“Let’s test that theory. Excuse me trooper, what division are you from?” (Step aside) “Oh. Well, they seem the same to me.”
“Hopefully not mental. Clearly we’d never pass that.”
(The way he just looks at Omega when she sits down) “You want to sit with us? That’s never happened before.”
“Not really. We’re more deviant than we are defective.”
*his eye roll when Wrecker goes charging at the simulation droids*
“Perhaps if you memorized them.” *Wrecker “Why don’t you memorize them?” “I HAVE. What we did on Felucia.”
“I’m not going anywhere.” *breaks my heart every time 😭*
“That’s not going near my rack. I refuse to sleep by a projectile again.”
*Echo, “What was that?” * “You don’t want to know.”
“Easy Wrecker, your programming is kicking in.”
“At least with the Republic we knew where we stood. Tarkin and this Empire are a whole different story.”
“I would not discount Omega’s insight. A state of heightened awareness is not unusual for an enhanced clone such as herself.... When Nala Se spoke of five clones, Tarkin assumed that meant us, but Echo’s a reg. The fifth is Omega. I confirmed my suspicions after analyzing her DNA while we were in the infirmary... Well, I thought it was obvious.”
“Well, the plan wasn’t a total failure.”
(Ok, if Crosshair is CT-9904, what does that make the rest of them????)
“That would be a short list.”
Cut and Run
“That would be dirt.”
“Hiding. That’s what deserters do...Why not? We’re all deserters now.”
“How else did you think it worked.”
“All in all, I would say that could’ve gone much worse.”
“I only learned of them moments ago, but yes.”
“That is not ideal.”
The Bad Batch
“Uh, technically, they were trying to mate with us. And, for your information, the stinger of a Yalbec Queen is a delicacy on some plantes.”
Tech calling out shots for Crosshair 😍
“Well, maps can be wrong. Hunter never is.”
“You got it Cap.” *and any other time Tech calls Rex “Cap” 🤣
“Hm. This is a delicate operation.” *Wrecker proceeds to kick in the door with a “BOOM””
A Distant Echo
Can we appreciate the fact that Wrecker is Tech’s copilot?? 🥺
“Primitive is being kind. My intel says the Poltecs worship flying reptiles.”
Can we all appreciate Tech translating, and being able to see things from his perspective 🥺🥺 through his helmet
“Strange. I just lost the signal...Well, I have a new theory. I’m surprised I did not consider it earlier. The signal is only traceable during data transmissions. So until Echo dispenses more intel, I cannot pick up the signal.” *our sweet boi kicking himself for not being smart enough 😂 this is why I love him*
The way that Tech can walk up to any computer console and just know what he’s doing is something else...
And the way that he just knows to give Rex a minute with Echo....his social skills aren’t one of his strong suits, but I’d bet he’s done a lot of reading on that subject to improve them to get to the level that he is on. Kriff...he’s doing better than me sometimes 🤣
On the Wings of Keerdaks
“I’m still trying to decrypt Echo’s cerebral interface. Until I do, we cannot disconnect him from this computer system.” *talk nerdy to me more often!*
“Not yet, I need more time.”
The fact that Tech is climbing the vent with Echo clinging to him just makes me 🥺😭😭
“That’s fine, but if you fall, don’t take me with you.” (I think this is the original line that made me really like him)
“I do have a brilliant idea!” (And then this cemented it 🤣)
“When the locals attacked us, I recorded the creatures’ distress call. (He records everything. It’s a hobby) Which allows us to call those flying creatures to us. There is our ride out of here!”
“How else? We jump!” *he says it like its so obvious and I love him for it*
“Uh, that wasn’t part of the plan. Those things can fly!” *I feel like this needs to be part of any Tech fic I ever read 🤣🤣*
To anyone else who says Tech isn’t aware during battles, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!?!?! He will run off to place a droid popper in the perfect spot, he can coordinate the rest of the group to be the most effective in a battle, AND he’s a dam good shot!
Unfinished Business
“Yup, Sarge. We are ready.” *its just the small fact that he says ‘yup’ that gets me every time*
“Still not sure how we’re gonna land on that ship.” *this coming from the PILOT who is by no means an amateur...I anxiously await the day I get to see him pilot the Havoc Marauder in a battle 😳*
“That makes me feel so much better...To be blunt, his mind belonged to the Separatists until we unplugged him. We don’t really know where his loyalties lie.” *I know this is a controversial line, but I can see Tech’s point of view. You just don’t know people, even when you think you do.*
“I have a feeling you’ll get your chance.” *BUT WHY IS TECH IN THE CO PILOTS SEAT?!?!*
“I assume that’s a rhetorical question.”
(Tech is such an amazing pilot 🥺)
“Not really our thing.”
(I also have a head cannon that Tech helped Echo with his new prosthetic and helped him program whatever he needed help with.)
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zu-is-here · 2 days ago
Hi Zu!
How do you feel about shopping centres? Do you have any nearby?
Well, even though it doesn't happen as much as you'd like, I'm still glad you enjoy yourself every now and then 🌻 Doesn't that make every chance you have even more precious and pleasant? And a hot shower for me, please (x Warm or — god forbid — cool water feels really uncomfortable for me, but spending too much time in a hot bath makes me dizzy and weak, like I'm going to faint. By the way, fun fact: I feel like that quite often, yet I've never actually passed out. Always balancing on the verge of consciousness and unconsciousness (x
Oh, I sleep on the big pillow only. The small one is there just so the other doesn't feel lonely; it usually lies between the big one and the wall. Not for usage but for company. That's how I explained it as a kid, and that's how I explain it now.
Well said! To be honest, that's a big part of the way I define love — accepting each other yet helping the other to get better and getting better yourself. So I'm especially grateful to have such a person in my life, and to be that person for her.
Then I'll make sure to share whatever I come up with as soon as it happens! For now I'm a bit confused by the fact that Broomie was created by Ink yet he isn’t able to create sentient living beings, if I'm not mistaken. Right now it feels like a dead end, but that's just right now. I know I can make it work, and I will! [* anfie is filled with determination]
It's not surprising at all, to be honest. Many people confuse pin yin (official romanization system for Chinese) with simple latin letters and pronounce it all wrong. And it's even worse in Russian, since spelling mistakes are everywhere as well. (Okay, I'm rambling, I need to stop (x) I mean, I'll never ever give this type of scenes from this author a chance anymore, but all the other things are just as amazing as they were. It's so very worth it. And how I found it is a good question, because I don't remember (x Perhaps it was anime adaptation first; then it was on-going and it is likely I didn't want to wait and went to read the original novel... But I'm really not sure.
Again, best of luck with the diploma! I'm rooting for you every day, and without a doubt I believe in you!
The poem is far from finished, but I do like the changes I made. Poems are a special matter for me, I write those only when the words come from my heart and soul, when it hurts to stay silent. Sometimes it's like that with prose as well, but more often than not it's quite different. With poems there is never any rush. Anyway, I'm glad you're excited about this one, thanks for that, and for letting me ramble about the process 💖 Could you maybe share something about yours? Anything at all, I don't know much about drawing, digital or traditional, I'd just like to listen to you talk about something you love.
Take care! *hugs*
Hi anfie╰(*´︶`*)╯
Oh I'm indifferent to them, there's one nearby but I go there mainly to a cafe or to the cinema, though I used to love to spend hours there trying on clothes x) How do you feel about them? ☆
It does indeed (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) Same here, but please, be careful with hot baths lest the balance's upset, god forbid (ó3ò)
"So the other doesn't feel lonely" is such a sweet excuse for the second one! <3 It reminds me a childish attention to toys we all used to have, when you want to take everyone so as not to deprive or offend anyone (〃ω〃) As well as "not for usage but for company", so true!
Hmm, that's a good point indeed (ò_óˇ) Was Broomie created by Ink himself? (I hardly remember his story) Well, at least you can rely on the fact that Brommie's more or less alive since he (/they? :0) can move, react and express emotions ☆ Yay determination! (òwó)
Oh you're not rambling at all! I didn't even know such details about Chinese (・∀・) Is the anime adaptation better or worse than the novel?
And thank you very-very much for your support! It does mean a lot to me ♡
Woah,,, Isn't poetry more like the opposite, inspiration, either in happiness or in pain, when the first words and lines come to mind by themselves, and then the work begins? How does it feel and work for you? *^* Cause that's how it is with the drawing, when the picture comes to life in the head, so clearly your hands just follow. But sometimes it's not that obvious, and you carry this fog for a long time until your hands find the answer themselves... Guess it turned out pretty vaguely xd but thank you for listening! <3
Take care ♡ *hugs*
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spencergkdi372 · 2 days ago
Outside Sports Lovers Are Flipping Out Over Disc Golf. Outdoor Obstacle Course Ideas For Kids
10 Ways to Maintain Your Child's Mind Healthy
Raising kids isn't simple. As moms and dads, we are anticipated to do a great deal of points for our youngsters to insure their safety and security and also wellness. Occasionally, it's tough to know what is right for them, and also what isn't. After all, they have modern technology readily available to them that we never ever had. They also have a whole lot a lot more diversions than we did. They are consumed with stuff! These things in life don't always shriek "hey, this is truly going to injure them in the future down the road!" So what are the fundamentals in life, in order to raise a satisfied and healthy and balanced child? I intended to make a checklist of one of the most important things to bear in mind, because life is so hectic. I wanted to show moms and dads that simple is best, often, as well as elevating a youngster in this day as well as age doesn't have to be so tough. Right here is a listing of 10 things we require to do with our children, to see to it that they will be well- adjusted, and to provide the most effective chance at life, when they come to be grownups.
1. Develop a daily routine. Follow the routine as high as feasible. Youngsters become grounded if they have a routine to look forward to and also depend on. It is a type of safety for them. It gives them security and eliminates anxiety.
I saw the need for this in my own son. My ten year old boy is very forgetful, and when I add even more tasks right into his day-to-day live, he begins to neglect the typical predicted jobs, individually. When he had sporting activities or group methods, he was stressed out and also couldn't sleep. He would certainly neglect his homework the following day and also also his lunch. On the days when there was no practice, he was much better.
We needed to take a seat and discuss this as well as obtain his worries and also his worries. I had to help him keep in mind points and be his supporter to motivate him. We were both expecting completion of the season, and we aren't certain if he will certainly play that sport once again. It was too time eating with 3 hour methods after institution nearly on a daily basis. He had to have his down time, as well as this sporting activity was obstructing of his brain being able to function properly.
Be sensitive to your child's individuality in regard to what they can take care of. Kick back as well as evaluate if this deserves it, or if it is affecting their stress degree and institution job.
2. Read with your youngster, or check out to them, everyday. Discover a publication that they are interested in and also finish it with each other. A book opens their mind and allows them experience points that they have not lived yet. Checking out also aids in school, and that is always a good idea!
Tumblr media
I noticed that my children had a tough time completing books that they began. They always wished to give up after the 3rd phase. I needed to urge them to finish what they started. At the second or 3rd phase of a book, the characters have actually hardly ever also introduced the obstacle in the story, yet. They had not also offered the book an opportunity to get excellent! Don't allow them stop.
Obtain associated with the book with your child. This is a means to make memories with them, as well as aid them to end up the story. It's best to read in the evening before they go to sleep, to calm their mind. It gives them something good to fantasize about. At the end of the book, they have a feeling of achievement that is so useful as a training tool.
3. Produce a system of duties and also incentives. Youngsters constantly such as to obtain an allocation, however I understand that some youngsters do not do what they are expected to up until it's pay day. They think they can obtain it all performed in 10 minutes on Saturday, and then obtain money. That's unreal life. Set boundaries for them and also tell them your assumptions. If they earn money an allowance for every day's chores, see to it that they do it every day. Or else, pay them for the one day they functioned, or pay them by the task, as they complete it. This technique functioned better for us.
A reward system is a great way to develop expectations as well as produce a work values. This will require time, as well as won't happen overnight. The moms and dad has to do a little job also, like reminding them of what needs to be done, and making a chore listing for them. If you pay them at the end of the week, ensure you urge that they save for something or have an objective of what to do with the money. Open up an interest-bearing account for them, as well as permit them to open up their regular monthly bank declarations when they are sent by mail! Mail is amazing and so is enjoying their money grow.
4. Play outside with your kid daily. Take them to the play area or play outdoors in your backyard. Make time to bond with play. This is the stuff memories are made from! Every child wants to play. Get some exterior playthings at your residence, a backyard swing set, or most likely to the local pay area. Simply obtaining outside is essential.
We require to be active as well as make certain that our child sees us taking pleasure in life. It's healthy and balanced as well as really feels great to play outdoors. It makes us laugh and also smile. Even in the winter, enjoy the outdoors for a little while daily. Sunshine launches vitamin D in our bodies, which is vital for healthy and balanced development.
5. Guarantee that they have a healthy diet plan. Limit fast food to once a week or much less, as well as see that they get a fruit or vegetable at every meal. This is an excellent policy for us, as well. Our bodies require good food to maintain us going. Our busy routines make it hard for us to eat right, so strategy ahead! Make a weekly food selection to ensure that your family is eating right, or cook ahead.
This one was tough for my family. We are active people, so getting hold of convenience food was simpler. We needed to make a dedication and make plans to stay at home. This had likewise come to be a really poor routine! However after a month, we understood that we had actually conserved cash as well as gas in the car. My youngsters seemed to have more power (me also) after eliminating junk food from our diet plan. We weren't as sluggish. We rejoiced we made the change, as well as delighted with the results!
6. Limit their video games, TV, as well as texting time. The recommended time frame is one hour a day for TV. If they play computer games, that is the same thing, so area a limit on that particular too. Texting gets difficult to limit. I attempt to take the cellular phone far from my daughter before we consume supper with each other, after that I provide it back then following early morning. I wish to see to it she speaks with us! Remove the diversions, to ensure that they can see that family is more vital.
For my child, the TELEVISION usage and also video games are an issue. I take those away after one hr, so he can review and also do his homework. If you check out a kid's schedule, there actually isn't adequate time for every little thing, so implementing restrictions on TELEVISION and also video games is really crucial.
A regular child only has 5 hrs at home prior to they have to go to bed for the night. In that time they have homework, dinner, shower, playtime, sporting activities as well as TELEVISION or video games. There just isn't enough time for a great deal of TV. It's more important to make them review or examine for upcoming examinations at college.
7. Play board games or other video games that call for psychological stimulation. Discover chess, checkers, Connect Four, or Battleship (relying on your child's age degree as well as ability). My household played a great deal of video games while I was maturing, and also I loved it! Gamings are an enjoyable way to laugh with as well as bond with your kid. You can discover their toughness and weaknesses, and learn their mannerisms. It's excellent, clean enjoyable as well as a delightful past time.
8. Encourage intellectual discussion. Don't simply ask "how was your day?" Inquire "What did you enjoy one of the most about today, and also why? What did you do that was interesting? What did you do that you really did not like?" Do not ask yes or no concerns. Make them think about their solutions!
I discover so much from my youngsters when I obtain them chatting. Details appear from the day's tasks that I never would certainly have understood, or else. In some cases you need to ask much deeper concerns to peel off a layer back, piece by piece, to see what they are really believing or feeling. I don't desire a surface partnership with my kids, and also you probably do not either. To get some genuine solutions, you need to dig deep, but that's where the rubies are.
9. Technique your child when they have actually done glitch. If they tell a lie, don't finish their homework, don't do as they are informed, or various other anticipated things, make certain you follow up with a reliable disciplinary action. They require to find out about effects in the house prior to they go out right into the real life. If you informed them to do their research or they would not be able to invest the evening at a good friend's residence this weekend break, then follow through with what you said. If they inform a lie, you should take advantages away that will make them keep in mind that they don't ever wish to do that once more.
Tumblr media
When we are active, we occasionally forget to enforce policies, and this will certainly hurt our youngsters in the future. It is necessary that we show them what we expect. If a conversation will not function, then grounding them from their favorite past time is a good choice. In our home, we remain to take privileges away until the message is gotten as well as the actions genuinely changes.
10. Allow them pick a fun task to do with you. Provide 4 or 5 choices to choose from (museum, library, play ground, barbecue, flicks, show, make a craft together, etc.) as well as see what they wish to do! This is a learning experience for us, to see what they like. It helps form very early viewpoints as well as early decision making capability. Do it as soon as a month, or much more, ideally. As long as you limit the choices they have, you are OK to allow them select from those.
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multifandomwriter44 · 3 days ago
A/N: In this imagine your quirk is Banshee
Warnings: Talk about hearing voices, mentions death
Including: Todoroki
Tumblr media
You really were trying to listen to Aizawa. He wasn’t as boring as other teachers and was actually your favourite. He had been since the first days of school when he showed up to class in a sleeping bag.
But the whispering inside your head distracted you.
You massaged the side of your head to try and soothe the pain. But the voices wouldn’t stop. Aizawa paused when he noticed you clutching the sides of your head, causing the rest of the class to turn to you too.
The class was training outside and weren’t cramped in a classroom, meaning everyone had a clear sight of you. If you weren’t in so much pain, you would be embarrassed.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” Kirishima asked from beside you. You didn’t answer as Aizawa approached.
“Go.” He said simply. You immediately took off and went inside, travelling to your dorm where you turned in relaxing music.
You calmed down after a while and there was a sudden knock on the door. Slowly, you answered and saw Shoto on the other side, his face twisted into one of worry.
He rushed forwards as soon as he could see. Shoto never really showed his emotions but he couldn’t help panic when he saw you in pain earlier.
“Is everything okay? Are you hurt?” He scanned you for any sign of pain.
“Fine.” You answered with a small smile as he pulled you into your room and rested with you on the bed. “Just my quirk.” You shrugged.
“I thought you had that under control.” You could practically hear the frown in his voice.
“Sometimes it just gets worse.” You whispered.
“Maybe we could train.” He suggested. “Learn more about your quirk and find out how you could contro-”
“No.” You denied.
“Y/N, you can’t carry on like this.” You sat up.
“My quirk isn’t like yours, Shoto.” You didn’t mean to yell or sound so mean, you didn’t blame him, but that’s how it came out. “I don’t wave me hand and make fire or ice appear. I just have voices in my head. Voices telling me people are going to die and I can’t do anything about it.”
Shoto stayed silent, understanding you needed to get this out of your system. He understood what it was like to be afraid of your quirk and knew sometimes you just needed to rant. He didn’t know what your quirk was like. The only one who knew was your mother, who you got your quirk from, and she was halfway across town. So he was quiet and patient as you spoke.
“I’m so scared, Sho. I find dead bodies I’m not looking for. I get told how and when people are going to die. I’m terrified that one day it’ll be Kirishima or Sero or you. I’m afraid that one day I’m gonna find someone I care about dead. Especially with everything that is happening with the LOV.” Tears began falling down your cheeks. “I don’t think I could handle that.”
Shoto grabbed your hand, pulling you into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, placing kisses on your head.
“I’m here.” He reassured. “Kirishima is here. Sero is here. None of us are going anywhere.” He promised. “Besides, I can’t die before Bakugou. If I live longer than him I win a bet.”
You giggled through your tears and Shoto smiled.
“It’s just,” You sighed. “Sometimes the voices make me want to scream.”
Shoto pressed his lips together in thought. He suddenly stood up, pulling you with him out of your dorm and into the training area, which was now empty.
“What are we doing here?” You wondered.
“You said sometimes you just want to scream.” Shoto told you, moving behind you and leaning closer to your ear. “So scream.”
“I can’t.” You whispered. “I could-”
“You can’t hurt anyone.” He assured. “And I’m pretty sure this area is sound proof because of Present Mic.” You giggled again before taking a deep breath.
A long, loud scream fell from your mouth and knocked a few pieces of equipment back. You screamed for a few more seconds before falling to your knees. Shoto was by your side instantly.
“Feel better?” You smiled and nodded tiredly before snuggling into his chest.
“Thanks, Sho.”
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emtinistar · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve got you. I will fight for you to have the best mummy. I will fight for you to have the best life. I love you.
Since last night my emotions have been sky high. Restless nights sleep. I have received an email 18th May for my next psychiatrist appointment whilst I’m glad I’ve got an actual date another 2 weeks! I don’t know if I can make it till then! I need help. Can we get this appointment pushed forward to a closer date please.
Get my kid to school and I’m going to explore all options today. I will explore every Avenue possible to get some support starting with the doctors. I physically went in to the doctors receptionist not very helpful just told me to ring back at 8am for a telephone appointment 🙄 great another waiting game.
Back at home I flick the kettle on and roll a cigarette. I feel tired already I just want my bed but no I’m ringing round everywhere. Today I fight! First person to call is the mental health team explain my situation. Again I was told that unfortunately my psychiatrist was on leave next week and my 18th May appointment was booked for when he’s back. This hurts. It’s ok for this psychiatrist to go on leave living his best life while I’m dragging my self through each day, battling with my mind, pushing away suicidal thoughts whilst trying to parent. Alright for some eh!!!! Just leave me on hold for 2 weeks. Forget about me. I feel because they know I’m strong and I’m still holding on after 8 or so months they just disregard me. Because I’m not screaming I want to die they don’t want to know. They know my son is my safe place. They know suicide isn’t an option for me.
Tumblr media
Excuse my hand writing. This was today’s manic moment where I told everyone possible I need help. I even went as far as contacting a solicitor to pursue a medicinal negligence claim. It sounds extreme I know but with bpd I have found that as well as my moods being either an extreme high or an extreme low my life has been the same way. My lifestyle, my attitude my thoughts literally go from one extreme to the other. I can’t help it and I only realise that I do that when I look back. My friends sat I do that to!
I rang my landlord explained the situation. Unfortunately nothing she can do her end apart from suggesting the crisis team, and being their for me if I need a chat. I rang my local mental health team. I just keep getting passed numbers and places I’ve already tried.
I put in a self referral to social services. Explained the situation whilst she made notes. I’m an honest person so on this phone call I started the story from scratch. It was a good half hour phone call.
I have this dreadful emotional scar where when I am telling a story it takes me a long time to get to the point. I do it on phone calls as well and it’s usually to likes of British Gas telling the advisor a full blown half an hour story just to get to end and be like sooo that is why i was late paying my bill but can I pay it now if you take over phone payments 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 My kids dad used to hate it. Just get to the fucking point he would mouth to me consistently whilst I was on the phone. I generally can’t help it 😂 i have tried to help it as well im afraid it just doesn’t work for me! I have to tell absolutely everything, right back to square one, every little detail from how it came about to what the weather was that day. I believe I do this because of how I’ve been treated in the past, always questioned, always disbelieved, always disregarded so now it’s just stuck with me. It is a part of me. I guess it’s what one would call one of my annoying traits. I’m sorry!
Further more with social services referral she even said it sounds like my child’s not at risk but will put it through for the team. Basically said that it doesn’t mean il get the answers I want. Then she gave me a number for adult social services and said this will be your best bet as they at social services only work with children. For my life! What is wrong with the system! No my child is not at risk however my parenting is slacking, I don’t want him to be damaged because of my mental health. I don’t want him to hate him. It’s funny because if a child’s at risk rightly so they are prioritised yet when I’m here reaching out for help to prevent my child from being at risk where is the help??? I will get a phone call back before 5pm tomorrow. I hope they can help even just a letter or a phone call to the mental health team to push my appointment forward or give me a different psychiatrist with a available appointments! I called adult services. They can not help they sent be back to the crisis team.
I’m done in. I’m fucked. I’m going round and round in circles and getting no where. My head pounding I need to lay down! Why is this so fucking hard! What can I do where can I go now. Im not giving up but I’m done for the day I hang up my mask, my armour... I’ve put up my fight now I guess it’s down to them to help me. I tried my best. I did everything I could. I need to sleep. I will hopefully feel refreshed when I wake
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animalfly25 · 4 days ago
Where Is The Best Busan Budal Shortcut?
Be apt to plan a great theme related activities have to be eliminated the kids busy while they wait for the movie begin. Set up a face painting booth. You can either do it yourself, or convince an inventive friend or family member to really come in handy. Create balloon characters which go with your movie theme, like simple light sabers for a Star Wars movie night, or animals for a Madagascar costume party. How to know if my baby is hungry or just is at one point would waking utility? If your baby wakes up as well as every night, he/she is treated to getting up. If your baby is sleeping longer and longer and yet wakes shifting upward. Most likely they are hungry and will eventually need to eat. Due to your rapid response and effectiveness of two teams of CODE personnel, both Bonnie and David had their heart rhythms altered quickly enough preserve their lives and prevent heart harm. Neither experienced a heart attack because Angela had intuitively in order to watch the two patients with great care. Both patients were transferred to the CCU for further care. TS: I'd absolutely love to do something Doctor Who related. Maybe one particular date. There are quite several actors I'd love efficient with, from genre staples to some that I don't think get enough recognition or appreciation for how they work. There used too many to establish. Comedy clubs are a sensible way to get the men into a laughing mood on stag night. If there are at the club, they will most have in all probability you splitting your sides within short enough time. Comedy clubs may like a bit harder to find than other kinds, but there are a number of them generally towns and cities. Particular and get tickets before you get there if the comic is definitely an especially popular one. Andi remained unconscious without change in her urinary output or vital signs. But at 2:30 a.m., Tom noticed crackles in the lungs indicating she was retaining fluid in the lungs--a dangerous situation; when there is fluid the particular lungs, less oxygen finds its way into the circulatory system. TS: Everybody loves Herbie, kids especially, but he's a diva. We are a few hints dropped here generally there regarding his past guy takes some abuse, nonetheless think keeping him helpless is part of his elegance.
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blazingsaadi · 5 days ago
Everything wrong with Demon Slayer. In Bullet Points. Spoilers. Obviously.
•Tanjiro doesn't know what a demon is even though there's no reason why he shouldn't. There are so many around that a whole corp is needed to fight them, people in the village believe it, and Giyu was nearby which implies demons are in the area
•We're never told why the Demon Slayer Corp isn't recognized by the govt, nor does it make sense. Demons have been around for 100s of years as the strongest beings on the planet, with many witnesses and victims to verify their existence
•Tanjiro's setup is not done well. A common trope is for the mc to have a good life and have it taken away. When used correctly, the story takes the time to make us learn and care about the characters. The family is on screen for 2.5mins just to show they're a happy family and they aren't memorable. If I'm wrong give me each of their names, personalities, and guy to girl ratio without googling it
•What is the point of having 5 siblings if they're just going to die in less than 3 minutes? If we don't know the characters there's no reason to care if they die
•The training arc is greatly misused. 2 years in 1.5 eps. Should've been longer to flesh out Tanjro's forms and the overall power system (see my post on that if you're interested)
• It was never explained why Tanjiro could see the ghosts of former students
• Zero reasons to care about Nezuko and her 2-year sleep. We dont know anything about her and we know nothing bad will happen cause she's the entire focus of the mc's mission
• No explanation as to why she slept for 2 years. That may be how she heals, but why that long? Nothing prompted that time
• Nezuko's entire character is being cute. Cute is not a personality trait
• Zenitsu is a bad character. He's comic relief, but he isn't funny. His jokes: he screams, screams about girls, passes out from cowardice. Repeat
•Cant as get invested in fights because we don't know the movesets due to the abilities being specific and restricted (the result of bad training arc)
• Only thing good about the fights is the animation. The choreography is basic and uninspired. MHA is even better in that aspect
• 4 of the 6 lower demon moons were killed for no reason and we never see their abilities. They could and shouldve been used to show progression
• Ranking system is barely used and has 0 references for strength. Tanjiro didnt even know how to check his rank and never did it again
•Tanjiro couldnt beat the 2nd weakest demon moon yet somehow beats the strongest of the lower six, roided up on Muzan's blood, with Inosuke's help
- Said demon not using his full power
is nothing more than plot
•Rengoku dies after the first arc where he's relevant. There's little reason for Tanjiro or the audience to be sad about his death because we barely knew him
• Tanjiro later goes on to talk to Rengoku's family like he knew him his whole life
•The Sound Pillar has a similar issue where he shows up for one arc, we get a bit of info and he's gone for the rest of the story. As for the rest of the pillars, there isn't much to them because we dont get to properly know them
•Example: Snake pillars backstory was shoehorned into the final battle where it had nothing to do with what's going on
•Inosuke gets stabbed in the chest by a poison hook and survived. The Sound Pillar who was trained to fight off poison succumbed to it, but Inosuke is fine because he's "a rugged mountain boy"
•Inosuke still had the strength to decapitate number 6
•Zenitsu randomly has a new ability called Godspeed. Never once mentioned or foreshadowed. Not even in the previous (2nd) training arc after infinity train
•A pillar gets stuck in a water trap by the 5th upper demon moon and cant break through it with his sword. A kid swordsmith fails to do it with a knife, be he somehow blows through it with his lungs
• The comment from the mangaka that the illustrations of the breathing forms are just visual representations and not actually there does not make any kind of sense with a lot of the fights
•Giyu and Tanjiro are losing badly to Demon Moon 3 and only won cause Tanjiro's face looks similar to someone he knew (who we dont care about) and lets himself die cause he Tanjiro helped remembered his past
• Misuse of flashbacks and backstories for most characters. They're either unnecessary, irrelevant to the whole story, or dont contribute anything
•Nezuko is way too op for no reason. The only demon who can recover from sleep, regenerates limbs at the pace of an upper 6 demon moon, gets a whole new transformation which was never explained, doesn't need to sleep to recover the energy, and still has enough power to burn away everyones poison
- her blood demon art is to set HER
BLOOD on fire, so that makes no sense.
There's zero explanation to it so choose
your headcanon
•Nezuko is the chosen one. Literally, she overcomes the sun. Because she can. The asspull was so great it echoed to the main villain, changed his plan, and changed to the overall plot
•Muzan isn't a good villain. Tanjiro just walked up to him and grabbed him like it was nothing. He then didnt kill Tanjiro even though he has the same earrings as another demon slayer who tried to kill him just to keep his human persona.
-Why is he even bothering posing as a human?
-He has a kid that is the result of a demon and
human, how on Earth is that not touched
on?? Was he trying to find the spider lily? If so
how does being around random ordinary
families help? IT'S NEVER EXPLAINED
•Zenitsu goes through a very drastic character change with practically 0 transition (due to his old training partner becoming a demon)
• He uses a brand new form to beat him, which we never saw him develop in the training arc before the fight what so ever
• He goes right back to being the person he was before
• Genya's ability is never explained
• Upper moon 1 says he's seen it before but it's still never explained
• The final fight with Muzan is over 10% of the manga and drags on
•Muzan pulls a "this isnt even my final form"
• Tamiyo claimed she needed the blood of the 12 demon moons to find a way to beat Muzan and heal Nezuko, but just ended working with the insect pillar to develop a poison
• Said poison ages Muzan even though he said to be immortal
• Poison counteracts Muzan by going "this isn't even my final effect" and hinders him in 3 more ways
• Tanjiro becomes a demon for honestly no reason
Tumblr media
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lito-thegawd · 5 days ago
Mannie Fresh Could Walk On Water
Na do you have more riches than the sea got fishes/
Can you do more broads than the feds got snitches/
See i ride Lexus land with the tv playing/
Getting head shake a fed with the phone in my hand/ — fyi this Q93 version.
Tumblr media
That right there was my first introduction to my lord and savior Mannie Fresh. My older cousin told me, “he made the beat too.” The song was “get your shine on”. I was in 7th grade. My mind was blown. Who the fuck was this magical guy? This unicorn? A real patron Saint with a ‘fro (before Webbie) that hung with dirty uptown niggas. What a human.
I know you bitches can’t stand me /
Lexus with the candy blowing on blunts sipping on brandy/
Now that’s a good car paw paw cleaner than you ever saw/
Oh shit. This nigga funny too. Who is this man? I need to know more. I found out Mannie was from the 7th ward. I was an underprivileged kid from uptown that never left uptown. I ain’t even know where the 7th ward was in ‘97. Shit was like a whole new world. I asked my momma to bring me to the 7th ward that weekend. I got a happy meal from McDonald’s on St. Bernard and Broad that Saturday. Asked the McDonald’s employee if Fresh was around. He told he was in East over. Thought to myself what the fuck is a east over. This was a good start but I needed to know more. Asked my momma to bring me East over. We pull up. Yo this nigga had a guard at the front bro. We couldn’t get in. I knew he was a legend. Then I heard Mannie say...
“Have you ever met a baller in yo whole damn life/
With plenty money, plenty bitches and a whole lotta ice/
I’m that nigga mane, the one they talking about/
I’m that nigga mane, with the big ass house/
Hold up.. this nigga rich? Seventh grade me was tryna elect Fresh as President of this whole shit. Dawg rapping, he funny, he making beats, and this nigga rich? I later found in 1998 when his grand father passed, he left him with a Monte Carlo and whole lot of cash. Picture this... his shit was bubble gum blue with leather plush seats. Nigga. Come. On. What more you want? But wait... there’s more. He also had an illegal regal it was so tight.. and if you touched it the whole 7th ward was fin ride. Bro if you touched mans car the entire hood was coming out. This man was turned the 7 into the fruit of Islam. Everything basically checked out.
Tumblr media
Back up for the most spectacular, cakestackular/
Performance like Acura, got these hoes scared like Dracula/
How you love that diamond bezel/
Blinding everything in this bitch when i hit the champezzle/
This MF spitting dawg. He making up words. The nigga a vampire. He creating words. What can’t this man do? Did you know that even his moniker has a double meaning? You didn’t huh? Lemme show you bro/sis. Bro-sis.
Mannie Fresh
You ain’t even see that huh? You ain’t had the vision dawg. Mannie did the math my g. He was stuntin even when he wasn’t. Damn that’s hard.
Tumblr media
Fresh went on to create the soundtrack to my life... 400 degreez. Because I too eat, sleep, shit and talk rap. I’m forever grateful. I also gotta mention he was the engine between Cash Money Records. Countless albums. Countless songs. He also made “boom boom clap” a famous saying to start a Jeezy song. A magical human. Last but not least.. Mannie taught me multiple lessons in believing in myself. Mannie was the first man I heard call himself beautiful. Mannie , said he came from a city where the girls is alright and the niggas is pretty”. This man a modern day non racist Dr. Seuss. Fresh would give you the beat, a verse and a hook. Boy was a one stop shop. A musical eco system if you will. Fresh the Lebron James of Production. Boy gonna give you whatever it take to win the championship. You see how i tied that in? @Espn y’all hiring? What I’m saying is Fresh is the best beat maker this side of earth. Go debate ya bald head maw.
Tumblr media
Take me baby to the motel/
When we're finished you can go tell /
Teresa, Lisa, and Dawn/
How we got butt-naked and got it on/
How I split ya, hit ya and brung ya home/
Stole ya chains and rings and herringbone/ <——- ❤️romance
Tumblr media
The writer would like to add he did ultimately get access to the 7th ward. Triangle deli and the blue store never lead me astray. Eastover is also a pillar of the eastern lands. I’ve now been multiple times. Thank you for everything Mannie.
- the Gawd, amen, gone
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canaryatlaw · 5 days ago
oof, well it's 2 am and it's been a bit of a busy night. I did 3 loads of laundry, which then took like an hour to fold and put back, so that was fun. today was my clinic day and I didn't have court or really much else to do, so I did my whole set the alarm for every half hour and see if anything comes in and sleep in between, which I did until like 11:30 when I got a client call that I needed to handle, so I got up after that. didn't really have much to do for most of the day, had a few things to handle that came up and we eventually got a clinic case at like 3, so we did what we could with that with the time we had left and went from there. And I was going up and down the stairs to do laundry this whole time. We were recording at 7 and I ended up working pretty much right up until then. It was a good episode though, one of the longer ones (a bit over an hour) which made me happy because I'm always concerned they're going to be too short. from there I turned on the flash that had aired earlier tonight because the flash podcast people want me to guest with them when they record tomorrow since the episode was pretty much legally based, aside from Barry and Iris (and the personified speed force...) doing their own thing. I'll have to see how the conversation goes and what exactly we should talk about because like, the whole thing was they wanted to make killer frost take the metahuman cure as a sentence, and like, the only real comparable thing from the actual legal system that I can think of is court-ordered chemical castration (which is like taking pills) for child sex offenders, but that's not a very pleasant conversation topic, so we'll see if we want to go there, lol. after that I watched last week's episode of the resident since I missed it, it was a damn good episode and dr bell's stepson (whose name escapes me at the moment) better get to adopt the adorable child from the episode that he spoke to in Chinese and her adoptive parents fucking abandoned her.....I know this is fiction, but there have definitely been situations like that in real life and it pisses me the fuck off. ugh. anyway, when I finished with that I ended up watching like an episode and a half of Seinfeld on the CW instead of hitting up Jimmy Kimmel as usual, just wanted to change it up for a bit. After that ended I went to fold all my laundry which took a while, then shower and start to get ready for bed, and now I am here. It's like 2:20 am and I do have court in the morning, so I'm going to go to bed now. Goodnight babes. Hope you're having a good week.
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swpromptsandasks · 6 days ago
I love your stories so much! Can we get a continuation of Sweetheart Hungry? How is the 212th going to take care of Obi-Wan now that they’ve escaped?
Smiling slightly against the warm skin as the Jedi let out a soft sigh of pleasure while digging his fingers into Cody’s side, the clone continued pressing soft kisses to the incubus sensitive neck.
Getting out of their captivity and back to safety had finally left them a chance to feed Obi-Wan properly, Cody quickly stripping out of his armor to crawl into bed with the Jedi, blanketing the other’s warm body with his own as the rest of the vode steered them home.
Hands dug in under fabric to pet and carcass and warm kisses were exchanged, Obi-Wan slowly becoming more aware as the hunger for skin and desire became sated until he was simply enjoying it for the leisure.
Obi-Wan was skin starved for normal affection, it was something the troopers had quickly figured out when the Jedi’s true being had been revealed to them. It had turned a few stomachs as they realized that Obi-Wan had resorted to sex because that was the easiest way to get what he required.
Quickly, they had set up a system, to cuddle Obi-Wan, to let him realize that he did not need to proposition them for what he needed and instead they were quite willing to hold him and press kisses to exposed skin with as much affection as they could.
It made Cody wonder if the other Jedi were aware that Obi-Wan didn’t need sex but intimate touch worked just as well to sate his hunger. He couldn’t see Obi-Wan’s friends taking advantage of him or allowing him to become starved on purpose if they knew it.
Or the Jedi council, Mace Windu and the other were kind, tried their best to save their troopers and be compassionate to those around them.
Cody knew that General Skywalker at least just held the man and petted his hair to feed him, there wasn’t sex involved with those two even when Skywalker was too rough for hte trooper’s taste but maybe the amount of emotions involved didn’t feed him enough when it came to Skywalker?
Had Obi-Wan simply never corrected them and felt desperate with hunger that he just accepted it?
“Better?” He whispered quietly, letting his thoughts rest as he spoke against Obi-Wan’s skin.
“Mhmm,” Obi-Wan sighed quietly with pleasure. “Quite Cody, thank you.” He murmured drowsily, fingertips slowly teasing Cody’s skin in return.
It actually made goosebumps appear on Cody’s own skin and he shivered happily. “Waxer is getting us back to the Negotiator.” He murmured, chuckling slightly as Obi-Wan tucked his leg up around Cody’s hips.
“Mmmn, Helix mandated someone cuddle me the entire way then?” Obi-Wan questioned quietly, tone soft and warm.
Lifting his head enough, Cody raised his brows. “Even if he hadn’t, someone would have. You were starved for days Obi-Wan.” He stated sternly.
In moments like this, it was only Obi-Wan and not General.
To get the other to understand that the troopers were more than willing to be here, to hold their Jedi, to feed him in any way he required. Cody had feed him more sensually honestly, quite a few of the 212th had and calling the other ‘General’ in bed was…
No, titles had nothing to do in bed and certainly not in the kind of relationship Obi-Wan and his troopers were developing.
Obi-Wan grimaced slightly then chuckled, lifting his head enough to peck a teasing kiss to the tip of Cody’s neck. “Might have asked if no one volunteered.” He confessed, yawning slightly before he closed his eyes with a content little hum.
The confession had Cody smiling softly, stroking over Obi-Wan’s furry cheek.
In the beginning, Obi-Wan admitted nothing beyond ‘I’m hungry, I need assistance.’, a life of being either shunned or used the troopers theorized making him cautious. Now Obi-Wan willingly if a tad shyly confessed when his hunger got the better of him and asked them for what he needed.
The trust always humbled Cody.
He never wanted to loose it. “Sleep now, you’re safe. We’re safe. We’re on route to the Negotiator. It will all be alright ner jetii.” Cody whispered, smile growing at the sweet hum he got in reply before he shifted forward and pressed his face back into Obi-Wan’s neck.
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raogallegos1 · 7 days ago
Do Not Let Poor Dental Health Send You To The Er!
For self-confidence, pain-free and a general feeling of good health it is amazing how much your teeth affect your state of mind. You know when things are really bad and you are running to your emergency dental doctor... But what about the times when you are not feeling as good as maybe you should be. Are you aware of when something is wrong with your teeth? Are you taking the easy steps to create a healthy set of teeth and a healthy way of life? Just think about it. Imagine if you were playing baseball, for instance. All it takes is for you to get hit in the mouth with a ball and one of your teeth can come flying out. Now, what if you had to wait a week to get an appointment with your local dentist? This would be a miserable experience for you. You probably wouldn't want to talk to anyone because you would be too embarrassed to show your missing tooth. This is why emergency Dental care is so important. It can provide you with the assistance you need without forcing you to have to wait a very long time. Desire to chew. If your baby has suddenly developed a desire to chew any solid stuff, then it implies that he may be in the process of teething. This is because a counter pressure from biting and chewing helps in relieving the pressure from under the gums. It is also normal for your child to have red and swollen gums along with a difficulty in sleeping due to the irritability and pain which the process of teething brings along with it. There are many reasons for Odontalgia or toothache. Tooth decay is one such reason. When we eat, the acids attack the teeth which eventually leads to cavities. Another reason is sensitive teeth - when we eat hot or cold beverage, there is a pain reaction. The third common reason is gums which are receding. If you use a hard-bristled brush, sometimes, the gums are affected and this causes the pain. A cracked tooth and a tooth with abscess completes this causes of toothaches list. Often times, the dentist will tell you that the underlying problem is not brushing enough, not flossing or potentially not coming in for regular cleanings. If these are the problems that led to the painful toothache, it is important to improve them. Ask your dental care provider about what caused the cavity and the pain in the first place. That way, you can prevent it from coming back. With any type of mouth piercing, there is an enormous risk of infection if it is not done in a sterile environment. emergency dental care arlington tx Many people who have tongue piercings also have chipped front teeth. If you want a healthy mouth, stay away from tongue piercings. Now for the final warning. Your daily care is critical to preventing dog heart disease and dog liver disease, your wallet and even your dog's safety. You should discuss this with your vet in detail. Sedating a dog is serious and requires a vet and staff that know their responsibilities. Our experience was a real awakening for us. During her procedure, Lady was "rolled over" to get to a few teeth in one part of her mouth. Sedation relaxes many muscles in a dog - include those supporting their digestive system and stomach. The "rolling" actually twisted her stomach and caused a constriction that the vet "missed" the next day. Tinned foods, which carry sticky materials, should be avoided as far as possible. Natural food is always preferred. Your veterinary surgeon will help you getting better alternative for you pet.
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peyotepirate · 7 days ago
Torrey Pines "Dawn Patrol" Is No More
For those who aren't aware, up until the fairly recent past (I saw an article as recently as this past January referencing it), Torrey Pines used to keep the earliest tee times right around sunrise open for walk ups and wouldn't reserve the first official tee time until 30-60mins into sunrise. Since it's so difficult to get a tee time in general, you would often get people sleeping in the parking lot or showing up at 3 or 4am to get in line trying to get one of these early tee times. This had been going on for about 40 years.
My friend and I tried to do this yesterday (May 1st). We got to the parking lot at about 3:45am with only one other car there. The system that had developed over time was that, on the weekends, a new car would come unto the parking lot and another car would have their lights on or flash their lights and that person would tell you your place in line. I was a little suspicious that only one other car was there, but he was a single hoping to get our early like us. One other car showed up about 4:15am, a veteran of the dawn patrol of something like 20 years. He said they'd been squeezing out the dawn patrol tee times gradually over the past year to the point they were essentially non existent and Torrey no longer allowed pre official tee time walk up. But, because of his history and relationships with the starters, he still had some luck with them letting him get out before the first tee time.
First tee time that morning was reserved at 5:50am. Starter window opens at 5am. This veteran tried to talk him into letting us out as a 4some 20mins before the first tee time, but they wouldn't allow it and put us onto the wait list in the order we had shown up. Now, the first guy in the parking lot only beat my friend and I by about 5 minutes (only because we stopped at McDonald's). As our shitty luck would have it, a 2some no-show slot opened up at about 6:30am, but since the single was ahead of our 2some, he and the other single were sent out. Eventually, we got lucky, and another 2some no-showed for an 8:40am tee time. We were willing to wait as long as it took. The round was amazing and we were able to check off a bucket list course.
On one hand, I can understand Torrey eliminating the dawn patrol tee times and just doing a full reservation schedule. On the other hand, you're eliminating a cultural touchstone of the course that had more than 40 years of history behind it where the most committed golfers who couldn't get a tee time had an avenue to get out if they were willing to work hard enough for it. Kind of a shame, but oh well. The tough part is, you still need to get there extremely early to be one of the first on the waitlist if you want to do it on a Saturday. During the week, it's not nearly as tough. Getting out as a single off the waitlist looked like it would have a very high success rate. A 2some is much tougher, but still possible.
RIP dawn patrol.
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