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#because really what WAS that
brennanyx · 33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#when is it my turn to be happy. i'm starting to hate you and i hate that. just fucking be honest with me and tell me you don't want to talk#to me and you don't care anymore and you don't want to be friends. instead i keep getting my hopes up and pray that you'll respond or#interact with me at all. even a stupid like. it never happens. and it just feels worse and worse to watch everyone else receive love. i just#what did i do to lose it. i can feel your hatred for me through your posts and your texts and i get scared to like anything or send in asks#or be me because i don't want to be reminded that you got bored at around a year of us being friends. i expected it but it never hurts less#and i hate being so full of hate and anger and hurt. i don't fucking care if you want to stop being my friend just tell me point blank and g#ive me a reason so i don't spend my day wondering what i did again. and i thought you were different. i thought i was finally going to be#enough and that i would finally have a friendship that would lost longer than a year and i finally thought someone wouldn't get bored of me#and i. i thought i could be happy. i know it's not true but god i fucking wish.#i thought i would have someone who would put in equal effort and care about any little thing i have to say and come up with excuses to talk#to me the same way i did for them because they loved me just as much but i'm putting in all the effort again i pour in my soul and i express#all of my hurt and insecurities and past as best as i can to be honest but not blaming and now i get one word replies and excuses i just#fuck. just tell me you hate me so i can mourn you forever and move on. because i know i won't heal. i never do. i was so convinced#i really believed you. i believed that you cared and loved me but i guess i'm just naive#and too trusting and dumb#i really should be more jaded now#and i guess i will be. what else can i do. i'm never enough and when i try to be vulnerable and open and honest and when i try to mask and#regulate and be normal and try to match their energy and form myself into the person they'd want it doesn't work them either#so the natural me isn't enough and the me that should work for everyone isn't enough either. i can't win. i'm just destined to be alone#the pity friend who you tolerate for a year and then just move on because it won't hurt as much as it does for me because you never cared#and i can't even tell you this because i'm scared of you. happy almost birthday to me. you're going to be alone and friendless and the only#people who will care or do anything will be your family and your mother is emotionally abusive. so. happy almost 17th to be#a reminder that i'll never be enough.
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glorfindels · an hour ago
i am once again thinking about aragorn's "i give hope to men / i keep none for myself" line in rotk but finrod saying it instead... head in hands
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thatone-highlighter · an hour ago
Okay Okay Okay
I was trying to add the timeline of the 2 new eps to my vague timeline of the show that I went thru and did a while back
But I have no idea how long the second ep occurs over
Initially I thought 2 days, starts at night with the little Blight Industries Show, the next morning we get the scene at The Owl House and that day the rest of the ep happens ending that night after Luz’s turn at the Blights presentation
BUT, at the start Odalia says there will he another show in a Week to showcase their new tech, which implies there's a whole week between the opening scene and the closing scene .
It Could work if the only plot was the main hexside plot with Luz, you could argue they tried all this stuff over the course of a week and if probably believe you. The B plot and final ending scene, not so much
I feel like trying to say that plotline lasted more then maybe 3 days max is pushing it. Like sure they could have some a bunch of stuff in between that we didn't see but it just doesn't feel reasonable that they could drag that out to a whole week, especially seeing as at the end they make it seem like Luz has Just come home after their lesson with her
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gayassnatural · 4 hours ago
I'm going through what might or might not be a breakup with a VERY long term relationship and my brain is telling me to self destruct and go buy a bunch of alcohol (I don't drink) and get a tattoo (I don't have any tattoos) so like how much do tattoos cost and should I get one
oh dude that's awful and i'm so sorry! i'm sending you good wishes and i hope you're able to take are of yourself no matter what happens. i think the instinct to avoid diving into drinking is a good one. i would highly rec doing what i did and just write down tattoo ideas here and there. then if you do break up maybe wait 3-5 months until you're out of the worst of it and get the tattoo as a symbolic first step in the fresh start you're making for yourself?
to answer your actual question, prices vary a lot depending on where you're located, if your artist charges hourly vs. a set price by size, if there's a shop minimum, etc. if i had to ballpark it i'd say a fairly simple palm sized tattoo is gonna be like $80-100 plus tip.
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lynxalon · 5 hours ago
Just had my first panic attack in years and (I hope this isn't true, I think it's just my mind fucking with me) I think one of my friends is mad at me for it? Idk, it barely looks at me, and hasn't said a word to me, and idk what to do cause every time I think about it I panic more and I'm finally chill rn.
< nvm it talked to me, I think I was just in my head too much, even so I'mma just keep this up as a rant. If anyone wants to chat or send an ask my way plz do ^^ esp if its writing related, like a prompt would be so cool but I'd feel silly outright asking instead of mentioning on the side of this 😅
#lynx speaks#will delete later#i hate that out of every stressful situation i've been in this year this is what fucked me over#i got out of the shower and was immediately sweaty and sticky and couldn't even put on the shirt i had picked out cause it smelled#even though it had just been washed#and i've been good about my rituals after showers keeping it to where i'm immediately in a cool environment and then ican calm down#before it escalates but today i needed to go get a shirt#and all of my clothes are in this hot ass room with no circulation and i couldn't find the other shirt i wanted#and once i started crying and hyperventilating it's like. all of the health issues i've had over the past year that have worsened#really weighed on me#like i have what might be a yeast infection under my breasts or something like that that i can't get checked out#cause i don't have a primary doctor close to my anymore#and i haven't haf meds in over 6 months so my depression has worsened#like i keep a handle on things as much as i can but i need those meds to even function#and i need to see a doctor about my chronic pain and possible (very probable) autoimmune disease#but guys ngl my severe anxiety (agoraphobia but we Do Not see it 😔) makes switches primary doctors or doing any of this#near fucking impossible#and it's also super fucling difficult to go out because i'm in so much pain#it's just a clusterfuck of bad shit#but thankfully the bad shit is overshadowed by my happier plans to start streaming#and the fact that i've been talking to friends a lot more (especially my best friend phoenix 🥰)#so yeaaaaa
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louisfeatzayn · 6 hours ago
~ discourse and controversial opinions ahead ~
genuinely wondering why all of the sudden some of you think louis would fuck with his own career … that makes zero sense lmao
#this feels like 2018 but louies are sounding like larries now 😬#we’re one step away from some of you saying he doesn’t care about his career#you’d think yall joined in 2020 or something#but whatever im just going to start muting a lot of you LMAO#i guess that running joke on twitter about louies hating each other is true sometimes 😭#but thinking louis isn’t smart enough to do what’s best for him if he had the choice is really strange to me??#some of you are building up weird resentment and not making any sense at all#it’s really weird to see esp when it’s not coming from larries (i expect this of them)#but im shocked at what im seeing from other louies#feel free to give your opinion if you think i’m not understanding where y’all are coming from but holy shit#also i get wanting new music (i do too!!) but some of y’all won’t let him fucking BREATHE without begging for new music#and cutting him down because he’s not talking about music#i get how it’s supposed to be jokey but some of y’all are starting to take it too far….#yall will cut him down when he’s not talking about music and then cut him down when he DOES talk about music#because you think his ‘teasing’ is annoying#so what do you want him to do?#im just wondering when louis has EVER called the shots when it comes to his career and when some of you decided that he does#anyways this isn’t meant to attack anyone#i just feel i have the right to share my opinion#tl;dr being worried = totally understandable#being hostile and aggressive and gathering resentment = ????? weird
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letoatreiides · 6 hours ago
Fuck. I just really love Leto, okay?
So sorry for those who have been hearing me just word vomit about him recently.
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