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#because puns are very good
emile-hides · 11 months ago
I love my friends on Overwatch to death, and making jokes with 12-16 year olds is fun and all,
But I played a game with my pal Stardusty for the first time in a while today and like. There’s something so cathartic about talking to someone who doesn’t have mic but has voice chat on just to hear you.
Stardusty is my best friend they’re so sweet I love them.
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anonymouslyangsty · 6 hours ago
Mondo but he’s shorter than Taka
My HEART I’m going to bump him down a good bit, since Mondo is freaking BIG in canon. Short!Mondo will be about 5′5 to Taka’s 5′9 (Mondo is approx. 165.1 cm, Taka 175.26 cm for people who don’t use feet)
First of all, short Mondo. I love him. He’d be so mad about being short. Anyone who makes a joke about it IS getting their ass kicked. He’d probably be just slightly quicker to anger than canon Mondo, since he’d feel like he has to make up for his short stature. Mondo already has a rough relationship with self esteem and healthy expressions of masculinity, so being shorter than most girls in his school wouldn’t help. 
So imagine this short king, a guy who has always had to prove himself as more than Daiya’s little brother both in age and stature. Now he’s got to deal with this frustratingly tall loudmouth in his class, constantly telling him off. 
Gosh they don’t get along, but it lasts about as long as you’d expect it to (thank god for the sauna fight)
I feel like this would be really intresting for Mondo’s relationship with Chihiro (I’m using he/him pronounes for Chi). Because Chihiro thinks he has to become more to be consitered masculine, that he’s too small and weak to be consitered a man.
 And yet here’s Mondo, one of the most feared men in Japan. Who’s only about 7 inches taller than Chi (17 cm taller). 
I feel like that’d be inspiring, you know? To see someone who has the same size issue you do, but to see he overcame it in a way you wish to. 
As for Mondo and Taka, I feel like this wouldn’t really change their relationship at all. Taka’s not one to judge someone on characteristics they can’t change. Will he judge you for how you dress? Yes. Would he look down on Mondo for being shorter than him? Yes, but only in the literal sense of having to look down to meet his eyes (and not to get a face full of hair)
Taka’s respect for Mondo would not at all be dampened by Mondo’s height. On the contrary, it might be hightened by this fact (pun intended). Because Mondo isn’t naturally inclined towards being physically intimidating. So it’s through skill and effort (learning how to lead and working out) that Mondo has earned his position as the leader of the Crazy Diamonds, but by virtue of simply being the biggest man around. 
That’s all very touching and whatever, but Mondo is still hoping for a sudden growth spurt because puberty did him dirty. 
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tarisilmarwen · 7 hours ago
The Titans respond to the following: Robin getting blasted by a de aging ray that shrinks him down to his 8 year old self, memories of who everyone is and where he’s at intact though now regaining his little acrobatic, pun quipping, “Still miss Momma and Daddy” when he get nightmares, just very younger personality. also, his Robin uniform changed to the OG with a bright all yellow cape, green pixie boots and a leotard?
Robin is faintly annoyed because on the one hand he had just started hitting a good growth spurt, his body wasn’t as gangly and awkward anymore and with how he chose to style his hair he was finally starting to look cool and now he’s tiny and puny again and has to overcompensate for his lack of strength with extra acrobatics and that tires him out way quicker because his kid body doesn’t have the years of endurance training his teen body does.  And he misses his pants.
On the other hand, things kind of feel... better???  Somehow???  Like things are brighter and there’s not as much invisible weight wearing him down???  It’s almost like the feeling he got when he had Starfire’s powers.
Speaking of, she is Very Concerned of course, and very protective, and absolutely does not abide Cyborg and Beast Boy’s teasing of him.  She does find Tiny!Robin very cute and precious though, and keeps him on her hip and cuddles him as much as she can.  (Which he does not mind, in spite of the awkward circumstances.)
Cyborg and Beast Boy are merciless.  They find this all very, very hilarious and take full advantage of the fact that Robin is small and no longer intimidating and tease him endlessly about his height and voice and outfit and disobey every order he gives out and completely ignore his leadership.  (”You are so grounded when I’m big again!” he screeches.)  They basically take this as free reign to do whatever they want.  They have a blast.  Robin is irritated and angry and thinks up several chores and punishments for them for later.
Raven is mildly amused but hides it so much better and actually tries to help undo Robin’s condition.  Tiny!Robin does tend to hide himself in her cloak though, which she finds vaguely concerning and a little bit vexing.  (It’s because Robin used Batman’s cowl as a comfort spot and Tiny!Robin can’t stop the impulse.)  She gets in a few quips here and there but is generally much gentler about her ribbing, and she has to admit Robin’s signature feels a whole lot brighter and more carefree and less burdened than he had been.
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madamescarlette · 9 hours ago
WIP folder tag
Tagged by my ever-so-beloved @thebirdandhersong to visit my garden nursery of slumbering stories, so here we are!
The thing is, I have a whole bunch of story ideas that I just….tip tap away at over the years, like an miner in a giant cave, except that it’s a cave that I have to gear up to return to over and over and so it gets harder the busier I am. (Does this analogy make sense? No? Well I’m going to use it anyway.) I have a habit of saying that right now might not be the time to learn how to tell a story, but maybe someday in the future, with all the cumulative experience I’ll have then, it will be. Which is to say, I leave things simmering for years at a time. HOWEVER I do have a shortlist of stories that I typically return to over a period of time and still feel inspired to work on at present so those will mostly comprise this list. 
Also every story idea I work on for a significant period of time comes with their own code name because for me, part of the joy of finally handing the finished thing to other people is the unveiling of the name (because names have POWER) so that is what you’ll find here. They’re always puns or jokes or just straight up allusions to the title. They’re not always good, but they’re fun to ME and that’s what matters really.
Tree Novel: The story idea I’ve posted about most lately! It has its roots (ha) in my love for the bodyguard-princess trope except genderflipped, and in the delight of trying to world build from a scientific level, rather than from the lore as I usually do. The basic premise revolves around these giant trees, all separated across the world, where people have set up their own city-states in their roots, who have even learned to speak with these trees. The threads are: friends who share everything, even their birthdays, the joy of discovering the wideness of the world when you’ve always been in one place, an almost monster-of-the-week format except it’s my two kids wandering around trying to solve the problems of all their new friends. (The codename is just because. there’s trees and I love ‘em.)
Butterfly Novel: The sequel to the story of which my username is the main character. Basically The Goblin Emperor but if I wrote it- which is to say, more hijinks, less details and thus less fun, and because it’s me has lots of people sitting in corners being like “aaaaalright you ready to talk about your FEELINGS?” Takes place over the first few years of a young queen’s reign. It’s about- learning about leadership, learning to grow up and reconcile who you once were with who you are now, friendship blooming into love. (The codename is a pun about monarch butterflies.)
Milk Novel: My romcom I cooked up about two summers ago that was originally loosely (LOOSELY, LOOSELY) based on Snow White but has far devolved away from the original plotline but also I don’t want to rope it back so away it shall unfurl! This one’s premise revolves around a woman who, estranged and cut off from her family at a young age, now works in restaurants and as a line cook and essentially teaches herself how to be a chef, who gets hired to be a caterer for a floral company, and about the man who the company owner specifically hired her because of him and the fact that he doesn’t care very much about food. The main themes are grief, food, learning to forgive a transgression that changed your life irreversibly, learning to let go of a perfectly happy time to move forwards to something else, and about learning to communicate when you’ve spent your entire life trying to be as small as possible. (The codename is literally the translated title.)
Spring Novel: Everyone needs their own Hades and Persephone right? And this is mine. It is meant to be my version of OUAT’s first season combined with Greek mythology, so essentially a modern retelling where Percy’s an art historian unsure of where her life’s headed, when one of her friends’ illness leads her to meeting a doctor whose patients always seem to die. Similarly, about grief but also the lead-up to great loss and change, and learning to reconcile those things with your life, also the fears of letting yourself be loved when you had been convinced you would be better off alone, as well as learning to deal with the fact that your skills might not be what you wanted them to be, but how to live with them anyway. (The codename is really just a reference to Persephone- the lady with a suitcase full of summertime!)
SHORT STORIES (to come…I’m going to say that stubbornly to bully myself into it actually happening)
Garden Story: An idea that sparked when I was rewatching Roman Holiday and ruminating on how some true loves can happen in our lives that aren’t necessarily forever but are still significant. Revolves around a little girl who hides in a garden one afternoon, the woman who owns that garden, and the girl’s older brother. Bittersweet but in a GOOD way, hopefully.
Vampire Story: Based off of a conversation I had a long time ago where one of my best friends said she, as a vampire, would use her (undead) lifetime getting every degree that exists, and I would use mine paying for the bills of everyone I met (since vampires are fabulously rich); this along with the realization I had recently that if vampires don’t have immune responses and thus don’t need to note antibodies anymore, what would stop us from making synthetic blood for them? My premise is that if three vampires got bored of the debauchery of their comrades and decided to spend their lives caring for the people around them were suddenly put upon to raise a baby, how would that turn out? Hopefully fine, right?
Star Wars Epilogue: I said once that in my epilogue to the ST, Rey would begin wearing a wedding ring in the years that followed the war, and I want to make an entire story revolving around that. Rose is pretty much the biggest character besides her but also is a sub-in for me, wandering around telling people they need to take better care of themselves. The usual themes for me- grief, loss, rebuilding your life, bread and fresh air and life. Hopefully a sleepy story if I can pull it off properly.
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stargazerdaisy · 10 hours ago
Chenford Fan Ask Meme
Name or preferred nickname: Daisy
Pronouns: she/her
What’s the story behind your username: I actually wanted to use my AIM username from high school, but it was taken.  So I adjusted it slightly to combine two flowers, and also make a pun.  And I really freaking love it.  
General location: good ol’ PacificNW
Favorite Chenford moment: Lucy waking up and curling into Tim while he wraps himself around her.  
Moment that made you start shipping them: Lucy waking up and curling into Tim while he wraps himself around her.
Who you think will realize they have FEELINGS first: I think Tim is more likely to realize it first.  Mostly, because it’s out of the norm for him to have such strong and positive feelings about a Rookie (doesn’t matter that she’s not actually a rookie anymore, she will always be one of His Rookies).  Whereas Lucy frequently has deep and meaningful friendships with other people, so it’s actually a less noticeable difference for her. 
Favorite character who isn’t Lucy or Tim: uggggh this isn’t fair.  I think I might give it to Nyla by a very slim, razor thin margin, but then there’s also Angela “i have to go maybe shoot a guy” Lopez.  I really and truly cannot decide.  And then there’s Captain Andersen who I stan forever.  But we got so much less of her than the other ladies.  And Talia Bishop was the best TO of them all and you can fight me on that.  Basically, the women on this show are AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM AND I REFUSE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM.  
Favorite Chenford headcanon: There are so many great ones.  But the one I seem to have latched onto the very most and bring up a (possibly obnoxiously often) lot of the time is that Lucy has a Praise Kink, but mostly only with Tim.  
Do you write fics/make gifs/make vids/do something else cool? You’re awesome! Share your stuff: I write fic!  You can find me on AO3 under the same username.  I wrote all seven days for Chenford week, and I think 1 or 2 others on there.  Maybe a couple ficlets here on tumblr.  I haven’t written much in awhile, but I always plan to.  
Fic you’re rec’ing the most right now: I am currently dying over “Inevitable” by MeadowWard/ @inthemovingcastle.  It’s almost unfair how good this fic is.  But only almost.  It’s really, REALLY good.  
Tag another Chenford fan to fill this out: @universallongings, @dragonsthough101
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takaraphoenix · 11 hours ago
Jercy and 12 please <3
loool that’s a well-fitting one--
12: an incredibly loud and painful high-five
Part of what had brought them first together was the compatibility of their powers. That day they had brewed a storm with each other. Rain and thunder and lightning. It had been electric, pun so very much intended by the both of them. There were few who could match either of them in powers, which led to them more often going all out with each other when they sparred. Because to train, they needed someone who could hold their own ground. With most sparring partners, they had to hold back to avoid serious injuries. But with each other? There was no holding back.
It was pure and raw and a literal natural disaster (on more than one occasion had Annabeth come screaming at them because they had accidentally caused a heavy storm that had done actual damage to camp). They didn't mean to, they just had so much fun sparring. Swords, hand-to-hand, powers.
Percy was singed and shirtless – lightning had hit him earlier and his shirt had caught fire, so he had to quickly get rid of it (he was 95% sure that Jason had done that on purpose to get him out of his shirt. Jason didn't deny it, he just grinned smugly). Jason all the while was soaked to the bone, which was also a very good look, because his shirt was nearly see-through at this wetness, nicely clinging to his chest. And yes, Percy had absolutely done that on purpose, both the drenching his boyfriend and the picking a white shirt for Jason to wear today.
“Do you give up, Grace?” Percy's voice was a husky whisper, his throat raw after hours of fighting.
“As much as I love having you on top like this, Perce-” Jason started and rolled them over, effectively pinning Percy onto the ground. “-I also love having you beneath me.”
He knew that and he also knew how to use that to his advantage, because Jason was so weak for him. Controlling the water that had gathered after the last rain show he had summoned, he formed it into large hands and just lifted Jason off himself. The blonde blinked surprised and then laughed, tense muscles relaxing and indicating that they were done for the day. Percy released the water and let his boyfriend down once more. When he approached him, Jason already had his hand raised high for a high-five and, as excited and enthusiastic as his boyfriend, Percy slapped his hand against Jason's. Only that Jason was slightly over-excited – and in that case, he sometimes lost control, especially after a long, exhausting fight of using their powers. As their hands collided, thunder accompanied the sound – and electricity went from Jason over into Percy, making him buzz.
“Stop electrocuting your boyfriend,” requested Percy, trying to smooth his hair back down.
“I'm sorry, babe!” Jason put on the most apologetic puppy-pout as he kissed Percy.
“Yeah, yeah,” Percy huffed out a fond laugh. “Let's get showered and you can make it up to me.”
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abs0luteb4stard · 11 hours ago
For one goddamn time I have good personal news.
My TV cabinet(?) came today. It fits in the spot in my room by MERE 16ths of an inch!
Hair's width by the very definition!
I'm still treading water. No pun intended with the basement problems. And then it's Just these emotional health issues. And I'm already grandfathered into the plain problems.
But I had one victory. I'll take it.
[Oh, and I cut the grass, I avoided it because so much rain and taking care of other goings on, and whatnot, but it's off my nerves for a bit.]
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bearded-shepherd · 13 hours ago
LET'S Talk: Love, Death, & Robots Volume 2
I was disappointing in the number of episodes in this season but I can understand why they may have cut it short, but I still think 8 episodes were still a bit too short imo.
I fairly enjoyed the season but some of the shorts were not that memorable compared to the first volume.
Automated Customer Service:
Tumblr media
I enjoyed it for what it is, it didn't take itself seriously, it was funny, and the designs for this short is really good. I love the hyper caricatures of the characters and just the out right dumb fukery.
Tumblr media
I love Zima Blue from the first volume, especially in it's story telling. I believe Ice fell a bit short ( pun intended) on that but overall I enjoyed it; one of my favorites in this volume.
Pop Squad:
Tumblr media
I really like this one, tho I wish they could've add more on to the 'why' part instead of just 'overpopulation'; they could have shown more on the reason; I've very curious on why a whole city was technically abandoned war, climate, disease,idk . It's an interesting world and I love the direction of this short but there could have been more to explain it.
Snow In The Desert:
Tumblr media
I was getting a lil bit of that 'Beyond The Aquila Rift' vibe from this tho BTA story was a bit more fleshed out compared to this one. It has an interesting concept, the characters' race designs was cool, if this was a game (with a tweaked story and more worldbuilding) I'll play the hell out of it with the morning sun burning the flesh off the character.
Tall Grass:
Tumblr media
Interesting premise but to be truthful, not a lot is going on there. The art is pretty damn delicious tho.
All Through The House:
Tumblr media
lul, If you showed me this short to me when I was a child, I would block every single entrance of my house if that was Santa. It's funny, it's creepy, I love the sort of stop motion feel to it.
Life Hutch:
Tumblr media
Again with the 'why' part; nothing was really explain except for 'People are at war with something in space' but this particular situation has nothing to do with it. No offense, but it was giving me a bad Alien movie. In Volume 1, similar space shorts like 'Helping Hand' and 'Lucky 13' have a decent premise for me to be grounded on what is happening and how the world in the short influence the situation the characters are in.
The Drowned Giant:
Tumblr media
The final short in volume 2 and surprisingly I enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I've been very much into the volcano in Iceland lately, watching The Rekyjavik Grapevine from the beginning to the eruption, and the narrator in this Short is giving me those vibes. Not much was going on in this one but a guy deep in his thoughts.
All in all, in the end, there was something lacking, and that was world-building. Some pulled it off while others... not so much; it also felt that, these shorts stopped a lil too short as well, like there could have been more added to it for a fuller picture.
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kafkasmelomania · 17 hours ago
May 14, 2021: Stir by Bleeding Heart Pigeons
*Bandcamp here
If you’re looking for sad, synthy-y indie music, Bleeding Heart Pigeons’s sophomore release Stir is the album for you. “Sad” may be an overly simplistic descriptor -- in The Irish Times’s review of Stir, there was this line that really struck me: “[...] Keating’s vocals and delivery reach icier depths than what he has previously displayed.” When I read that, I knew exactly what they meant -- icy really is the perfect way to describe Stir. Music publications The Last Mixed Tape and GoldenPlec both share that sentiment, but they also both go into more detail about what makes the album great; you can read their reviews here and here. GoldenPlec also interviewed the band, which is a piece that I highly recommend you read. I found it interesting because the band talked about the music scene in their hometown of Limerick, Ireland, as well as the recording process for Stir. I also learned that the band started their own record label in order to release their music on their own terms and that they named it Hlym Records as a pun. Here’s what they had to say about that:
“[Interviewer: Hlym Records translates from Old Norse/Irish as Mighty Noise Records. How did you select the name?] It’s a play on the Viking word hlymrekr, which the name Limerick comes from. As you mentioned, hylmrekr translates as 'mighty noise'. It was no big deal picking the name or anything – we thought it'd be nice to have something we can continue to release music under, and who knows, maybe it will grow to put out releases by other artists. The central idea, of course, is that the music happens here in Limerick.”
Isn’t that so cool? Anyway, Stir is a great album and, obviously, I recommend that you give it a listen.
COVID-19 is especially brutal in India right now. People across the  country are suffering to a degree that should be unimaginable but is  unfortunately very, very real. Here’s how you can help alleviate that  suffering (text in bold for readability):
This Tumblr post contains a comprehensive list of ways to help, information on the crisis, and other important resources. This Twitter thread also has a long list of resources.
This post links to ways to help LGBT+ people in India, who have been hit especially hard for a number of reasons.
Here  is a Google Doc with a list of organizations to which you can donate.  This document also lists some news outlets if you want more information. This post also has ways to help if you are in the US or the UK specifically, as well as a link to the aforementioned Google Doc.
This post talks about the situation and recommends donating to KhalsaAid.
Black lives matter and here are some ways you can get involved in the  fight against racism, specifically anti-black racism (text in bold for readability):  
This Linktree and this Carrd are full of ways to confront and fight against anti-black racism: places to donate, advice for protesting, educational resources.
This post is specifically about Daunte Wright and how to help his family. This is Daunte Wright’s memorial fund.
The  Minnesota Freedom Fund is doing good work, and since so many people have been recognizing that work and donating to them, they ask that you  instead donate to Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence, the Racial Justice Network, Communities United Against Police Brutality, the Minneapolis NAACP, the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Minneapolis, and the Black Immigrant Collective. You can also donate to the Bail Project, which operates in multiple states.
Other organizations to which you can donate are the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, the NAACP, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the Okra Project, the Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative, For The Gworls, G.L.I.T.S., the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, the Black Trans Travel Fund, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective.
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lynne-monstr · 19 hours ago
@sodapop000 replied to your post “afincf tirwer replied to your post one of these...”
:kekdog: poor hst but also *nice*. don't go easy on him ywz. And I can only imagine how ywz felt when hst Literally Dropped To His Knees In Front Of Him 
it’s a good thing for yu wenzhou that huang shaotian was so intent on pretending he dropped his pen, because if he wasn’t so busy staring at the floor he would have seen yu wenzhou’s absolutely gobsmacked expression. huang shaotian wasn’t the only one who had a horny awakening in that moment.
yu wenzhou always knew he liked teasing huang shaotian. it’s so easy to rile him up, so easy to make him dance to yu wenzhou’s tune. but he hadn’t realized he wanted more than just lighthearted games. and more importantly, he hadn’t realized huang shaotian wanted it either. but watching him shuffle around on his knees and pretending (badly) that’s not what he’s doing, yu wenzhou starts making plans.
he goes very hard on him. so, so hard (pun intended).
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princess-of-the-corner · 23 hours ago
So there's a thing I keep thinking about that I don't know if I mentioned but it's a real angsty Ladrien idea that leads to a reveal. So I'm gonna type it up again!
So like. This plays into the whole "True Selves" thing without actually being that and also kicks the concept to dust.
Basically, Ladrien kinda happens, and it's the characters that buy into the True Selves bullshit!
Ladybug doesn't know that Adrien is Chat Noir, and actually knows her. She thinks he's just another person who fell for the Hero. The invincible Ladybug who is smart and graceful! Meanwhile Adrien has never seemed to see Marinette as more than "just a friend".
Adrien thinks the same with Ladybug. He doesn't know it's Marinette, a very good friend who knows him quite well. Ladybug must've fallen in love with the pretty model persona he puts up. And she rejected Chat Noir outright many times.
Both think the other is in love with their "perfect and idealized" selves. And though they feel guilty, like it's tricking them somehow, they end up dating and hoping that the other will learn to love all of them.
But in the meantime, they are playing up the side they think the other likes. Ladybug uses her fake "Interview Smile" while Adrien has the fake "Model Smile". Every conversation is awkward, halting. Not wanting to say something too weird. Not wanting to risk a pun. Not wanting the other to see them as anything that breaks the illusion.
However, they know each other too well.
Adrien knows that Ladybug is holding back a lot, being so reserved and too still when she should be ranting about her newest project and waving her arms around as she talks. And Ladybug knows that Adrien should be goofing off a little bit, making a cheesy joke or talking about some show he likes.
And the tension builds. And builds. Concerned, unable to ask because they shouldn't know. Wondering if the other really likes them because why are they acting like this???
And eventually someone snaps and demands to know why the other is acting so weird. And the other snaps back, saying they're being weird to. And thry just kind of fight for a moment, pointing out how fake they're both acting and god what is up with this can't you just be yourself around me???
Eventually it clicks. The other knows far too much about them.
Ladybug figures it out first. After all, there's not too many people who would know /Ladybug/ that well.
Adrien's only a few seconds behind because while he has more friends who know him, not many could be Ladybug.
And there's just this moment where everythign clicks into place. Not just the identity stuff but why they were acting so strange. Because they both had the same insecurities through misunderstandings.
It works out though!
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newmosaicideas2021 · a day ago
Tips on how to Win Associates And Affect Individuals with Animal Mosaics
There are such a lot of types of mosaics and it ought to be simple to find one thing to go well with you and your type. All pretty groovy items to be added to future mosaics in the future. Step 8: When you are executed breaking the plate, be careful to place aside the pieces you need to use to your mosaic and throw away the pieces you do not. But I couldn't visualize a solution to convey the concepts in the mosaic work. All of them wished to talk so I did not get very a lot mosaic work accomplished. If your mosaic could be very massive then you have to to chop it into workable pieces. Then I downloaded them onto my pc, made a espresso and had a great look! No pun intended! Garden sculptures, hedges, specimen timber, and shrubs all assist make good bones! If you are extremely imaginative, and have the required mosaic tools and supplies to slice and form items, few low-value projects could make you an important artist.
Aside from being thought-about as typical components of kitchens and bathrooms, these supplies may also allow you to develop into more inventive when utilizing patterns and designs to ensure that after the application, you will only create the most excellent results which are certain to amaze anybody who visits these areas in your home. The one that customized this treasure stared on the jewellery in excessive admiration. Saturn was named after the Roman God Saturnus, the God of Agriculture, who was derived from the Greek God Cronos. Saturn was later considered the God of Time as effectively. This turned the prototype for Father Time. Because the prophesy implied, Zeus overthrew his Father to develop into the King of Gods. In Greek mythology, Cronus, or Kronos, castrated his father on the request of his Mother, Gaia, Goddess of the Earth to place an end to her having to sire more terrible kids. So the first thing I did was commemorate this lovely occasion by making two little interlocking starfish in the part of the yellow stone path that parallels the entry that can connect with the sixth circuit when i reach the opposite end. The 2 little starfish lie intertwined where this yellow stone path crosses the arc of the 8th Neptune circuit, and passes the seventh circuit to turn in to the sixth. It will loop up to the North, then flip again to the East-West axis and switch West to run to the middle of the Labyrinth, the Sun.
The 6th circuit of the Labyrinth is devoted to the 6th Planet in the Solar System, Saturn. I additionally wanted to include symbols of prosperity and agriculture with the objective that it be suitable with the well being of the planet. He's the God of era (Brahma), dissolution (Shiva) and a lot (Lakshmi), wealth, agriculture (the primary source of wealth at the time), and periodic renewal and liberation. As a God of Plenty, Saturn's rule was depicted as a Golden Age of prosperity. Saturn's spouse, Os, or Rhea ultimately deceived him by handing him a stone swaddled in cloth, thus sparing the life of Zeus, who's Roman incarnation is Jupiter after which the fifth Planet is named. That is the second largest of the planets, after Jupiter. Saturn has 62 identified moons orbiting it, the most important of which is higher in dimension than the planet Mercury. It was laborious to resolve on a manner to start out the mosaic so I just did it, framing the edges with bigger stones and then filling in the interior like I at all times do. But as I wave my two sons off to uni, and my daughter starts the school time period again, I find myself itching to get again in the studio and to begin creating again!
This may occasionally mean making wider doorways or making your shower simpler to get into. When this center is awakened prematurely in a disciple's life, it may trigger problems that the disciple isn't geared up as but to handle. This a part of the path is centered on the East-West axis parallel to the entrance path, consistent with the Budding Trees Moon and the Ducks Fly Moon. Joy's memorial stone, that I would like to dedicate to all Mothers lies within the West and the flat granite slab that's the threshold for the entrance lies within the East. This interval signifies the crossing of a major threshold in life's improvement. The first return at the age of 28 signifies the passage from youth to adulthood. The second is passage in to maturity. Saturn is an ancient deity with connections to the early Vedic Gods of the Indus region of Pakistan and India. Natural stone supplier Jaipur is likely one of the stone suppliers that fulfilling the demands of numbers of people that not solely from India but in addition from various different countries. It was Veterans day with marvelous unseasonal heat autumn weather, so a steady stream of people got here by.
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nekomasmeow · a day ago
Hugs! Mattsun, Suna, Atsumu and Osamu
Request: Let’s get something straight, I love hugs. All of the different hugs. Arm hugs, back hugs, front hugs, running jump hugs where you wrap your legs around the persons waist, sitting on their lap with arms around their neck ect. (If you can’t tell my love language is physical touch) anyways, can I get scenarios with Mattsun, Suna, Atsumu and Osamu(if that’s too much you can choose who you don’t want to write for) since I’m so short, hugs make me feel so safe😭😭😭
Tumblr media
Mattsun had been away to work for a while and you both haven’t been able to see each other for a while
You had no issue with him working all the time but you have missed him in your arms
Mattsun would tower over you due to your short stature and so whenever you hugged him it felt like a bear in your arms
He would always loom good in his suit and you decided to surprise him with a couple things
His favorite foods, takeout, snacks, movies, and candies and you were in cute little black and white penguins on your pjs
You heard his feet before you saw him and smiled putting the finishing touches but it gets ruined when he walks in
“Baby.” He whispers softly having you turn and your suddenly chest to chest
“Hi.” You mumble blushing from embarrassment and anger slightly that you weren’t able to surprise him
“What’s all this?” He asks sitting his stuff down and undoing his tie and looking down at you
“A surprise that well isn’t one anymore.” You grumble turning back around and putting the rest of the food out
“I’m going to shower.” He whispers and kisses your cheek and walks off
“Wai-” but your die down having missed your hug that you both gave each other after work
Swallowing softly you just pull up Netflix to watch some show
After a while Mattsun comes down in plaid pjs pants and that’s it some water droplets still dropping off his hair
You move to avoid him and he grabs your arm having you stop walking
“Hey, c’mere.” He whispers and turns you into his chest
You Yelp softly but then calm down as his arms wrap around you his hand curling into your hair and you both just stand there
“I love you.” He says gently loving the way you fit in his arms
Tumblr media
Suna had been playing video games with the twins all day and you were starting to get touch starved
You were used to him always touching you when he was around you because he loved either having his fingers on you or in you
Pun intended
Anyways, he loved having you next to him and right now he didn’t seem to even care nor noticed you were getting impatient
Osamu, who was very observant when it came to the two of you because he knew you both got cranky after not touching each other
Strange but he kept an eye on that and started to slowly inch away from Suna so you could get close
But it wasn’t working for you and you started to pout and whine slightly which Suna was not even noticing
When he would normally snap his head towards you wanting to see what is wrong
With a heavy sigh you throw your phone and crawl across his bed to where he is sitting and start to nudge his arms to crawl into his lap
“What the hell?” He asks fucking up his game now but stops seeing what you were doing
“Baby what’s you doing?” He asks pausing the game which has Atsumu yelling but stops seeing you crawl into Suna’s lap
Suna smiles and help you settle into his lap and moves your arms to wrap around his neck which has you sighing and burying your head into his chest
Even with you sitting on his lap you were still shorter than him which had him always tease you but right now he knew you were tired and touched starved
So he didn’t tease as he helped you climb into his lap and pull you close so your legs hooked around his back arms around his neck
Suna smiles gently and wraps his arms around you and hikes you up slightly and has you pressed so damn tight into his chest that you felt like you were breathing for him
Atsumu so badly wanted to make fun of you two but didn’t knowing it would end with Suna killing him
As no one makes fun of you unless they actually wanna see Suna get very pissed very quickly
Tumblr media
He has been away for 4 months now as they were in a world tournament and you couldn’t go due to work
So, you haven’t been held in his arms in so long and you wanted to be able to hug him as you waited with the others at the airport
They had won the tournament and Atsumu was bounding with joy of winning and also being able to see you again
FaceTime and phone calls only went so far for him and the time zone difference was also hard hitting as his games were at night and you both kept missing each other
But you kept things working and got through the rough patch and now the wait was killing you both
Security and fans were being a bitch and Osamu stood next to you with food knowing the boys would be hungry
With the tapping of your foot Osamu had to remind you to breath telling you they would be here soon
Soon screams are heard and fans start to swarm around everyone and Osamu pulls out back and away
“Wait, Samu I have...he has to see me!” You fight back trying to get closer but Osamu just pulls you back and into the very back and away from the crowd
“I know, but you’ll get crushed in there, maybe if you were taller sure but people well stomp on your short ass.” He says calmly
You huff loudly and roll your eyes and turn your back before you hear someone screaming your name
Turning quickly you see Atsumu pushing his way through the hoard of people and you both stop staring at each other
“Atsumu.” You breath as he drops his bags and holds open his arms
Running quickly you move and jump as he catches you and you both hold each other tears brimming in both your eyes
“Baby.” He whimpers burying his head into your neck as he holds you up in the air
“I’ve missed you.” You cry softly as you both just hold each other as he gently puts you down but refuses to let you go
You hear the whispers and clicks and flashes of people taking photos of you two
Not a care in the world though as you both just hold each other tightly rocking sideways as you both cry softly into each other
“I’ve missed you so much.” Atsumu whimpers kissing you deeply and smiling at you
“You’re never leaving me that long again.” You whisper making him laugh loudly
Tumblr media
It was early morning when you woke to the sound of someone rustling around in the kitchen
With a soft sigh you turn to see Osamu was no longer by your side and you pout because you really wanted to see him naked
Giggling at that thought you grab his shirt that was on the floor and tug it over your body you look down and see how big it was on you
Being short right now had its benefits especially with his shirt covering you like a blanket
Moving slowly you huff at the soreness between your legs but shake it off and shuffle into the kitchen
The sigh before you was one you want to see for the rest of your life
And that was Osamu cooking half naked
Osamu kept his back to you having no idea you were even there as he just kept cooking humming softly
“Making breakfast for y/n, cause i love her.” He mumbles and you could tell he was smiling
Osamu came off as the quiet reserved one, but around you and Atsumu he was a goof ball as well
It was quiet a shock the first time you heard him singing little jingles about some of the stuff he was doing
With a soft chuckle you move hands touching his waist which has him jump but then relax
Arms wrap around his torso and as your head rests against his back not even close to his shoulder blades
With a soft kiss to his back he smiles softly and moves to turn but you tighten your arms stopping him
“Don’t, just stay cooking.” You whisper gently which has him nod his head and continue cooking
“Did you sleep alright?” He asks with a smirk
Slapping his stomach you laugh which has him laugh as well
“Yes you ass, but why are you up so early?” You asks gently which has him hum in response
“Wanted to treat you this morning.” He whispers and your arms tighten around his waist sighing gently
“Thank you.” You whisper softly knowing that he loved doing this stuff for you
“Come on, let’s go to bed.” He mummers turning to you and kissing you gently
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changxpressions · a day ago
Annabel Marshall | 1st year | Psychology
Tumblr media
Name: Annabel Marshall
Excomm: Fellowship Vice President
What is your proudest moment? 
Pride is a vice. Probably when I was valedictorian and some guy in my class said, "Oh, so you're Supreme Nerd. Cool."
Name 3 personality traits that you are the proudest of: 
I have no personality traits.  I'm sorry to whoever has to read these answers I haven't slept in
What are 1-3 things on your bucket list? 
Living in the UK, finally winning my year-long battle with a 12-year-old, mastering a Boston accent (for illegal purposes).
To you, what is home? 
West Oakland Bart, but only if there is a man throwing pieces of banana at passersby. He and I are platonic soulmates.
Describe one of your dreams (in terms of what you want to do, see, go, etc). 
To narrate a nature documentary but they don't give me a script.
Describe the first memory that comes to mind when you think of a happy moment. 
My friend jumping in a pool fully clothed
What is something you'd want to say to your past self? 
Nothing but I'd like to perform a traditional tango with her cause I feel like we'd be in sync.
What, or who, motivates you to work hard? 
Cash money, babey. And true love.
What's your go-to midnight snack?  
I've been bullied for this before but luckily my overwhelming vanity makes meaningful insult impossible. Read it and weep, suckers (respectfully). First, you take rice, preferably day-old rice or rice that has otherwise been announced as past its prime. Then, you add nutritional yeast, of which there is an abundance in my house, idk about you. Mix. Then, you cook an egg. I do fried egg because of my personality. Egg goes on rice. Add hot sauce. Currently, I own hot sauce by ZZ Top (70's rock band) and it is terrible quality but my childhood allegiance to their music takes precedent. Add soy sauce. Add different hot sauce maybe. Mix again. Tastes very good idk what else to tell you. I do often cook this in the middle of the night in low visibility but luckily its become muscle memory for me and I can generally avoid burning myself on the midnight oil (Ha! Pun.) How is this response not two hundred and fifty words yet. Other midnight snacks include: cereal (bowl first), pineapple, Ben & Jerry's vegan cookie dough ice cream, cold schnitzel, warm fried chicken, and room-temperature oysters. Just kidding, oysters are weird and if you eat them alone in the middle of the night. I think that's grounds for a diagnosis. Anyway, hope y'all are doing well. Don't forget to exercise and stay hydrated. Check out my 2015 debut album Having It All on Spotify. I'm sorry Christine and Henry I don't have anything else to say.
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dootdootwriting · a day ago
Hi! Hope you're well!
If u don't mind I'd like to see Kuroo reacting to his gf accidentally coming out as bi but like he doesn't catch on at first, but maybe Kenma is like "dude - _-?" Sorry if it doesn't make sense!
im in love with this ask ANYWAY BI RIGHTS also yes... finally an opportunity for me to make a terribly bi joke and base a whole scenario on it. you’re going to regret enabling me lmao
no warnings except cursing maybe, reader is gender neutral and explicitly bisexual!
“... Hey. Hey, I’m talking to you!” You tore your eyes away from your phone to finally focus your attention on your (currently very annoying) boyfriend, who had been waving his hand in front of your eyes for the last thirty seconds.
“Wow, really? What a surprise.” He grinned and pointed across the street. “Kenma says that restaurant is really good. Wanna go there for lunch?” You looked. It looked just about like any other restaurant you’d ever seen: the words “Sushi Paws” written in big letters above the door. Except...
“This is a sushi restaurant with cats in it?”
“Yeah,” Kenma answered, not bothering to look up from his phone. “The cats are really nice. They have free cat treats on the counters so you can feed the cats so they don’t feel left out.”
“That’s adorable,” said Kuroo earnestly, staring at the cats through the window. “Is the food actually any good?”
“I have no idea,” Kenma said, “I don’t really pay attention to that stuff.”
“I’m sure it tastes fine.” You shrugged. “Besides, I’m hungry and it’s, like, right across the street. Let’s go.”
Kuroo grinned. “Anything for you.” Kenma made a disgusted face - something the two of you had seen many, many times -  before following you across the street.
“The door is weird,” you remarked once you were actually close enough to see. “It doesn’t really have a pull or push sign. What are we supposed to do with it?”
“Oh,” Kenma said, pushing the door inwards, “it doesn’t matter. It swings both ways.”
“Hey, so do I,” you said, laughing a little, before clamping a hand over your mouth. Kenma raised his eyebrows at you but didn’t laugh.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Kuroo seemed genuinely confused. “Are you comparing yourself to a literal door?”
“Dude.” Kenma said, finally looking up from his device and giving Kuroo the most disbelieving face he could muster.
“I don’t get it!” Kuroo defended, raising his arms. “Don’t gang up on me or anything!”
“It means I’m bi,” you deadpanned, and closed the door behind you, following Kenma over to a booth with a cat on the table. Your boyfriend stood behind you for a few moments before rushing over to you. “Wait, really?” He planted his hands on the table, golden eyes staring at you intently. It was more than a little disconcerting, and also, notably, very hot.
“Yeah,” you said. Now you were getting nervous. It felt like everyone in Sushi Paws was looking directly at you, which you were about eighty percent sure wasn’t actually happening but was still uncomfortable.
“Well...” Kuroo trailed off and furrowed his eyebrows. You were going to ask if he was okay before he let out one loud, sharp laugh, startling Kenma, who was sitting next to you. “Then that was actually really funny! I’m gonna have to up my pun game.” 
“So you don’t mind?”
“Not at all. If anything, now we can both agree on the hottest anime characters - both the boys and  the girls. Also, I’m very happy that you decided to tell me that your atomic number is eighty three.”
“ what is what?”
FANTASTIC ty for this ask anon u made my day (also the pun at the end is because bismuth has an atomic number of 83 and the abbreviation for it is Bi so. yeah)
kuroo is pan sorry i dont make the rules
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zellie-x · a day ago
Yup, here’s my Dsmpsona because everyone is making one. Yay✨
Tumblr media
Here’s some things about her
They joined L’manburg during Tubbo’s presidency to record current event for history. Pretty bad at it though
Puns are their lifeline
Quickly became friends with Ghostbur
She’s not a very good at PvP so they are consistently looking for someone to teach them
Hordes all sorts of resources that they never used. Gave it all to L’manburg before Doomsday
She lost her first life to the TNT during Doomsday and lost all her records during the explosion
Afterwards, she moved to Snowchester
Great friends with everyone in snowchester, especially the Beloved_ family
She will now die for them
They still record current events but now it’s for Snowchester
Still hordes resources, just in case
After Ghostbur died she named her cat after him, which she usually shortens to Ghostie
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hi! can i get a matchup? my name is rose. im a 20 year old lesbian, but im totally up for a platonic match with one of the boys! im 5'2" and pretty chubby id say. my fashion sense is pretty goth. i have short curly dark hair and im pretty pale. personality wise im all over the place. i mean well, but i can come off as pretty blunt and rude, and my sense of humor is pretty dark. im very outspoken about my opinions. im considered the black sheep a lot of places i go. i super love bad puns, dogs, the internet, horror, and drawing. i love love love making people happy and making friends and making people laugh, but online, because irl im pretty anxious and withdrawn. i dont really go outsode. im also pretty physically ill but im gettin by. im currently going to school to be a court reporter, as i have a lot of interest in true crime and what goes on in a courthouse!
I match you with... 
You’re someone that tends to get swept up in this and that. It doesn’t matter what it is, you just know what you like and what you enjoy. There’s no shame in that and you don’t care what anyone has to say about that. All that matters is that you’re respected for who you are and not what people want you to be. This doesn’t always come across to others because you feel comfortable sharing this with people you trust, but if pushed too hard, you’ll stand up. 
I think Jumin is one man that can appreciate how head-strong you are and remind you every single day that your expressive nature is something that everyone admires. It can be one of those things that people don’t expect since your aesthetics almost seem to clash, but in reality, the two of you spend your evenings hanging out on the couch and watching dark films just for kicks. He gets your niche interests and you get a good listen out of what he enjoys. It’s like having a friend that understands what it feels like to not have enough people to talk to about what you enjoy. 
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lifeofclonewars · a day ago
Echo Screenshots Part One
Here it finally is, as promised! His will only go through TCW and not include TBB, since we’re sticking with what the rest of Domino has episode-wise (at least, currently. Filoni prove me wrong and give us another flashback episode of them challenge)
Rb if you download, please
Tumblr media
The first (and actually one of the only, since Domino keeps yelling at him) time we see Echo “echoing” an order (you can’t tell here, but he’s #3)
Tumblr media
Filed under: proof Hevy and Echo really didn’t get along until the end of Clone Cadets lol
Tumblr media
I feel this lol
Tumblr media
Update like 30 seconds later ft. Droidbait
Tumblr media
Also I couldn’t not have an Echo screenshot collection and not include Domino being mad at him during Colt’s speech
Tumblr media
This is a very awkward screenshot lol but basically, even Echo’s rolling his eyes at his comments. He’s self-aware enough to know they’re not that great haha
Tumblr media
This is actually a pretty good shot of Domino (minus Hevy)
Tumblr media
Also please ignore Fives’ kinda creepy expression here lol it was the best I could get with the angle they showed it at but also I love this because not only is it Echo telling more puns to Fives, but he also smiles when Fives shows up and I love the Domino Twins so much
Tumblr media
Immediate consequences of puns: Echo almost gets shot and Fives rolls his eyes and leaves
Tumblr media
Left to right: Echo, Fives (telling Cutup to leave DB behind smh Fives) and Hevy
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I hope you’re well! I can’t remember whether I sent you another ask or not (I have a terrible memory) so feel free to ignore this, but would you very kindly share your headcanons on Curufin? I love him very much.
- Captain Anon
no you didn’t send one, but that’s ok, we love you anyways!
you know who we dont love quite so much? Curufin. (like as a person, as a character he’s cool)
Anyways imo his character arcs kinda “yay cool person! go go go!! wait.. wait hold up. Child stop. No. Bad. WHY WOULD YOU- oh ok they’re dead now.”
Happy times: We’re keeping the puns thing. Why? because I get to make more puns this way.
Ok can confirm Curufin’s word smithing idea came from feanorianethicsdepartment. So credits to them for that. What I imagine is that while Neylo may have spent his time learning politics, Curvo’s the one who’s been searching for double meanings, who spent their early life digging through the under currents of speech. I imagine he forms his sentences hand picking each word for just the right Diction. For that reason, he’s probably buddies with Maglor.
Speaking of buddies, he’s obviously very close to Celegorm, so through him I imagine he associates with, but isn’t necessarily close to Aredhel. He also met Finrod through them, in the sense that Celegorm and Aredhel are the Unhinged outdoors people and Curvo and Finrod are slightly less happy with mud. They also share a love for language, so that’s nice too. In the blessed realm, their relation ship kinda boils down to: “If I didn’t hate you so much, you would be my best friend” “aww thanks”
I think Feanor isn’t a very trusting person at any point, and this kinda rubbed off onto Curufin. I think he’s one of those people who does very well running off competition, so a familial rivalry is something he’d enjoy. Once Feanor stops trusting the cousins at all, I think Curvo ends up in a tight spot. He’s used to siding with Feanor (I think all the brothers are, but especially him) and he’s used to having to defend that “feud” with the other families. He might not quite believe that the Nolofinweans are trying to supplant anyone, and certainly the cousins he’s friends with (namely Finrod and Aredhel) aren’t, but he doesn’t know Nolo, not like he knows his father. And Feanor’s never wrong, right? So he starts looking for those hidden agendas his father sees, and if you manipulate what people have said enough, there’s *always* a hidden agenda. The thing is I imagine Fingolfin and co (and really most everyone) aren’t polishing every word out of their mouth to be innocent of any second meanings because, in a world of fairly consistent peace, why would you? Unless you’re a particularly dedicated poet (like Maglor, Finrod, etc) or Curufin.
Parenting wise, I assume he was a good parent bc Celebrimbor a) learned smithing too and b) went with him to middle earth. Im also head canoeing that Celebrimbor picked up puns from him, so. good parent. Cool uncle Celegorm. Yes.
uh sad, later part of life? Shit person.
I think the oath kinda changes how the whole family thinks, and twists them into different people.
The defensive and loyal love from before changes to being possessive and selfish. He starts picking people’s words apart in order to throw them back into their faces, sharp and cruel. I do not like later in life Curufin (though I do feel bad for him) so I’m just not gonna dwell on it.
anyways, thank you so much for the ask. I am doing well, though I’m a little busy, and hope you are too. Have a great day!! (i just realised I wrote my intro as “we” and uh.... *gollum vibes intensify*
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