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#because it came out of nowhere
ccherrybloom · 4 hours ago
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stylishanachronism · 2 days ago
Okay so no Caed Nua as an abandoned haunted house, but would you write about Neketaka as a not at all abandoned but still haunted AF city?
I would!!! Especially as it’s got a lot of overlap, given both Caed Nua and Neketaka just..... plastered over the Remains of What Came Before, and everyone just sort of forgot about it, but the House City Did Not Forget.
(A note: I’m on much much shakier ground as far as the real life cultures that inspired the devs with this one, so like, if you’ve got more info let me know if I’m wildly off base or like, rude, because all I’ve got is two years of Polynesian art and a thorough grounding in modern American, nebulously European, and fairly specifically 17th c Japanese haunted house archetypes.)
So Neketaka, canonically, is built on top of several centuries worth of Other Cities, not all of which are holding up that well. (I suspect most of the, uh, old empire(?) construction actually was built into the caves under the current city on purpose, given the Gullet hasn’t been swallowed up yet; despite all the shaky platforms there’s solid rock somewhere under all that, and that buildings for the living were repurposed for the dead at some point when they decided to start building on top of the mountain as well. All of that was more or less sealed off by Engwith, to my understanding, in an attempt to hide the God Battery Ukaizo, likely with people still living there, given the sheer number of corpses you see both below the Gullet and in Berath’s temple, which, again to my understanding, leads into the same complex, deep enough down. So you’ve got a whole city under the city, plus whatever layers of construction ended up in between (and there’s at least a couple of places that have two or three of those, given where we’re allowed to go), and that city did not go quietly.
(To circle back around to the Caed Nua essay nobody gets to read yet, it’s fairly canon that anything that exists long enough gets pretty damn haunted, for whatever definition of haunted applies. Places and things involved with death do this more quickly, obviously, but even sufficiently strong emotion will do, based on all the soul bound objects. Caed Nua is explicitly canonically odd because it Went Haunted almost before it was finished being built, not because it *is* haunted, and Haunted Hill scares people because that shit happened literally overnight, not because it happened at all; nobody cares about the equally (but much more gradually) haunted sewers, after all. Neketaka was essentially buried alive, as far as I know, and history swallowed that fact up whole, so the highly reasonably fact the city is haunted is not well remembered, and it’s real sad about that.)
A small part of the reason Neketaka is such a mess (99% of it is absolutely outside politics But) is that I doubt the Huana are as a general rule used to living in haunted spaces; some tribes certainly are, and all the Watershapers are probably at least a little Concerned by non-haunted places, considering, but anybody whose tribe used to live outside the city is probably not having a great time with that bit, on top of, y’know, living in a city at all. Neketaka seems fairly inclined to leave the surface city to itself, though in addition to being at least partially built on solid rock, the reason the Gullet is still standing is definitely because the city wants it to be, and it’s definitely more ‘active’ about Berath’s temple, and probably Delver’s Row as well. It also probably doesn’t help that p much nobody can recognize the haunting for what it is, for various reasons, and anyone who should is very throughly ignoring the situation, mostly for political and/or health reasons. (The Watcher is special, and the city loves them, for better or worse; not everyone can say the same!) Digging too far into the City’s city-ness just means you get it’s attention, and then it probably tries to help you, and it’s idea of helpful is not exactly a good time.
Speaking of, I suspect that to Neketaka the City, killing anyone who ends up in the Old City quickly looks like a kindness; the original people who died there either died fast or suffered for a long time, and the City as an Entity is definitely influenced by that drawn out despair, the way the city as a city is, even if they don’t recognize that about themselves. It certainly doesn’t look like a kindness to anyone else, but I really do think that’s the City’s idea of trying to help.
There’s definitely a lot more to unpack here, like why the City is sad and how that affects things like, oh, the Vailian and Rautai presence, but I haven’t felt it out yet, and I need to do some work with the map but yeah! Neketaka is Real Damn Haunted and nobody wants to acknowledge that, and it’s very sad about everything. Tune in next time for why my gut feeling says the priest dude in Berath’s temple and also Dereo in Delver’s Row are having the best luck with the thing, while Her Majesty is accidentally fighting a war on an extra front.
#look I can talk fairly intelligently about a bunch of different cultures’ art I’m just using Polynesian because they’re all thereabouts#also being able to talk about art does not make me an expert on any level about the actual cultures so uh#also to my knowledge polynesia in general doesn’t really go for haunted houses as a supernatural thing#haunted boats haunted weapons haunted sharks (?) sure but not really haunted houses#anyways#unrelated Things of Note:#Defiance Bay has sewers and running water and people have at least vaguely figured out germ theory#given it’s not a particularly modern city we can expect all those things are The Norm#caed nua almost certainly has plumbing as does Dyrford odd as that might seem#they probably have a septic tank and a leech field for dyemaking purposes however#the vast graveyards out in the middle of nowhere are probably a response to the whole death = faster hauntings thing#because it’s a smidge ridiculous to carry your dead All the Way Out There without a really good reason#I would really like to know if Neketaka also loves Adaryc; that’s ether a watcher thing or a Watcher thing and I’d like some more data#I suspect the thesis here is for Caed Nua the other side of love is possession; for Neketaka it’s grief#alternately: caed nua is v haunted and everyone would like to ignore that; Neketaka is also v haunted and everyone’s forgotten that#given that what causes a haunting to manifest is probably the same ground in uh soul dust the gods eat#and that that canonically is heavily influenced by the people it came from#I expect that the gods have changed more than they or anyone else knows or expected#like I bet if you put Magran the baby god next to Magran during Deadfire they wouldn’t recognize each other#....also entirely unrelated to any of this but I would not be surprised if people who eat adra#started showing physical side effects to go with the metaphysical ones#don’t eat adra kids you won’t like the results#I am once again laughing at the fact that if something is old enough to have a personality it unabashedly loves the Watcher#because that’s also a theme#I really need a better timeline on the Caed Nua was originally buried x Neketaka was originally buried y front#Caed Nua is.... arguably older? in terms of grief-stricken haunted shit not like in general#I’d need way more information for which place is Actuallh Older#it certainly had more time to stew in its resentment and less people to look after in the interim#...also y’know it’s a lot smaller and was tied into that adra pillar for a long goddamned time#which definitely helped it form a personality fast
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moransumbrella · 3 days ago
you know another thing I really really like about Mo Ran. Is that for all the sacrifices he makes, he's not a self-sacrificing TYPE. You know the ones: it's not that they don't make sacrifices out of love, but there's also a self-loathing thing going on where they'll be relieved to find something good to martyr themselves for. I love those characters too! But Mo Ran, even though he DOES sacrifice quite a bit (and gets to go all the way with it multiple times because magic, yay meatbun...), and DOES have quite a bit of self-loathing for a lot of the story, he's still not that character. Even as 0.5, every moment in misery, he was convinced there was something worthwhile to living that was just out of reach, and maybe if he fought hard enough he could have it. And his downfall as 2.0 is so heartrending and painfully slow because, deserving or not, he's snatching every last moment in the sun he can get. He clings so tenaciously because he knows that life can be truly good and joyful. (Remember he told Chu Wanning at the end-- he should stay alive, because to live is beautiful?). Self-preservation is actually pretty high on his list of priorities: he's in love with being alive. It's just that there's something else he loves even more.
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mustbewilling · 5 days ago
"There's absolutely nothing anyone could've done to prevent/stop it, there's no way anyone could've even known" is not a blank statement you can apply to yourself when you knew someone had the intention, detailed plans, date, and sufficient means to do something and you just sat back and let it unfold. You can tell yourself that to feel better about yourself but it is objectively a lie, regardless of how I feel about it.
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authenticcadence18 · 6 days ago
#I LOVE THEM SM#gosh I WISH I could relive seeing this for the first time#because like OK#before the episode even AIRED I remember talking to a friend and being like#‘....ok so if the episode isn’t canon phineas and Isabella could kiss right? or like confess or something? because it’s not canon!’#and like that was half jokingly (because it seemed way too out there) but like...half of me hoped it was true#and then the special aired and it kept having LITTLE HINTS of phinabella#like Lawrence saying ‘there aren’t any girls on this planet’ 100% being a foreshadow to phineas and Isabella#(...ok even if that line is mainly just a tired cliche I will STILL COUNT IT AS PHINABELLA FORESHADOWING)#and then the scene where phineas is like ‘a girl like her and a guy like me?’#(14 year old me was THRIVINGGGGG I TELL YA)#ok but then#the big final musical number came up#and usually at this point in the show big final musical numbers had an obligatory phinabella dance moment#so I waited for it#and gradually I started to panic because Isa was nowhere to be found#I worried they’d forgotten about her#but nO THEN SHE APPEARED#and tHEN SHE KISSED PHINEAS AND PHINEAS SMILED AND FAINTED AND I FREAKED OUT I FREAAAKED OUT#I was with my sibling and just like turned to him and was GAPING. so excited. freaking out.#AND THEN WE GOT OUR OBLIGATORY PHINABELLA DANCE MOMENT AS WELL 2014 WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR PHINABELLA#(and for pnf in general of course! lol)#but YES. I have such fond memories of watching this for the first time and thinking about it that night and writing thoughts down#good times🥺🥺#phineas and ferb#phinabella#phinbella#pnf Star Wars#Star Wars day#cadence rambles
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lovecolibri · 10 days ago
Well, I think I just wrote the perfect ending for my Dancing in the Dark fic! Endings are hard and I’m always looking for the right words. Who would have thought that a random idea that was just supposed to be a filler detail would become such a central part of this story that it makes it into the ending paragraphs? Not me, that’s for sure. But now I just have a couple filler sentences I need to write and then some editing and review and I think it’s gonna be done!
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pittssmitts · 17 days ago
you do realize fat trans men exist, right. because your fitness comic seems to completely ignore that not everyone is shaped the same as you
You do realize. That i made that shitty fitness thing like over 4 years ago. The actual workout of the post is fine, do it if you want to, but I also mentioned a few times on my blog to not follow the diet advice i gave. It is my fault for not adding that in again onto the original, but I honestly didnt know how to do damage control on a post that’s blown up so many times. Even if I added a note (and i did when it blew up) it would get ignored by all the notes.
I dont see why youre upset at me for sharing a workout that was working for me and I figured could also help other transmascs feel comfy. Well, honestly I can understand but it seems like projecting if anything. Workout and diet culture is something Ive had to re-evaluate countless times over because of the unhealthy coping mechanisms I developed from it. Its all fucked which is why I refrain from commenting on it again. Tbh i also dont know what even is the best way to respond to this when ive literally never said anything inflammatory toward fat transmen and I do my best to open up the discussion to fat transmen when its relevant, like in clothing or binding, so, if this is about the fact that my old ass workout post does not work for everybody, then yea. i literally also said that in the post itself.
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peacockdeisy · 22 days ago
GOD just remembered that phase in my life i had where like once a week i was getting vivid ass nightmares about the same thing over and over DAMN AM I glad thats over and forgotten. its so wild to remember that happened??????? h u h
#one of those things that feels like forever at the time until all of a sudden youre looking back on it. its over#b r u h those were wild......... like i just saw a post about dream meanings and someones hand was injured in a serious way#UGH i remember in one of them. gore mention?? i guess? graphic injuries?? ---->#i remember one of them like. they were all me being harassed ot the point of crying and screaming by my parents#generally me fighting them off desperately and them not understanding and still pushing me#one of them.............. i ended up biting my mothers hand and OOUFGDHJSFHDFJHSFSDJH#these were all so vivid. i remember the crunch and pop of like. biting through one of her finger joints#and the fuckign feeling of it. and she just stopped in shock and started like screaming/wailing#because she'd just lost a finger. and since they were so real it was basically her losing a finger irl and the g u i l t#the guilt. the sensations. the fear from being harassed. the s h o c k of going irreversibly far. she just lost a fucking finger#and i woke up and it was just ringing in my head. that feeling......... as i said. it was so vivid. the feeling of flesh and skin between#my teeth and THE NOISE AND THE FEELING OF IT............#but. i can barely remember it now............. Its so wild. like. These dont bother me anymore so its wild looking back#that that was like............. a thing??????????#HORRIBLE AT THE TIME but#what the FUCK was going on lmfao they came out of nowhere and it wasnt like. an especially stressful time of my life#i mean the last few years have been equally immensely stressful. i dont understand. WILD MAN. WTF WAS THAT ALL ABOUT#duke's ramblings //#diary.txt#violence#gore#injuries
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bisexualdanhumphrey · 26 days ago
Have you ever seen Jane the Virgin? It’s another CW show and the main character, Jane, gives me TOTAL Dan vibes - very much like Rory in that respect. She’s a writer with a very vivid imagination and a lower middle class background that gives her a rocky relationship to her wealthy friends, and I could totally see Dan relating to her if he happened to somehow catch that show on tv lol. (Also, the fandom discourse about Jane is basically identical to the fandom discourse about Dan. 🙄)
I have not seen Jane the Virgin but I have heard so much about it from my friends who have! That's an interesting parallel and I do think it'd be hilarious to have Dan writing fanfic for a CW show shhfjgkgk. I asked one of my friends about the parallels though, since she's watched both shows, and she disagrees strongly, RIP 😔😔 In retrospect I have no idea what her opinion on Dan is, and I am too scared to ask agdhjgkhl why do I do this to myself!
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ificouldtakeusback · 29 days ago
julie molina’s jacket in stand tall has a lightning bolt on the back.
lightning is bright. thunder makes noise.
lightning always comes before thunder. lightning is most noticeable in a thunderstorm, thunder needs lightning to be heard.
that’s why julie’s jacket— during the performance of a song representing how far she and the boys have come since facing their respective tragedies— displays a lightning bolt.
the boys bring her out of the darkness. she exists on her own, but they help her to shine brighter, be bolder, own her power.
julie gives the boys their voices back; she gives them the opportunity to have their music heard by everyone, makes them exist again.
julie molina is lightning. luke patterson, reggie peters and alex mercer are thunder.
their music is a thunderstorm, the sky is the orpheum, and the world is the audience.
thank you i am farkle
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synthezcid · a month ago
Okay but like
There is no 'definitive' comic version of a character. Everyone is constantly retconned and rewritten. We all create our own ideal comic version of the character from their decades of runs and bits and pieces of panels and quotes.
'comics version is better' which comic version. which specific issue. There's no consistency. There's no Santa Claus.
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theinfamousjack · a month ago
Why Hinny bashing is outdated and needs to be stopped.
tw// swearing because I’m angry 
So what we are gonna do is admit that Harry Potter was bisexual as fuck, regardless of what “canon” tells us.
What we’re not gonna do is shit on Hinny for the same reason, because every time I see someone say that Harry was bi (which in my hc he is) I see people immediately go after Hinny for some?? Weird reason?? Like they’re saying that bc Harry didn’t end up with a guy that means he’s not bisexual?? Or that it’s not bi rep?? Not only is that biphobic but it also sucks for people who-like me- love Hinny and have to deal with the couple constantly getting attacked by basically every other ship involving Harry.
They didn’t have chemistry in the films because the films fucked it up (PLEASE STOP JUDGING HINNY FROM THE FILMS JUST IGNORE HINNY IN THE FILMS ENTIRELY. HARRY HAD MORE CHEMISTRY WITH NEVILLE IN THE FILMS. WITH HERMIONE BC THE DIRECTOR WAS BIASED. WITH HEDWIG. WITH FUCKING DOBBY). Harry had more chemistry with his high school bully than his future wife in the books bc R*wling made the mistake of describing the male characters from her straight female perspective.
But the chemistry was SO there had R*wling, idk, been a good writer. Ginny was underdeveloped bc of misogyny (no you can’t tell me otherwise), but at the same time, she was a pre-pubescent girl for like, half the books, and people are really out there like “Ginny came out of nowhere! She suddenly had this sassy personality that had never been seen before!”
Yeah cos she was a thirteen year old kid trying to recover from literal trauma after being groomed and possessed when she was fUCKING ELEVEN. I’m sorry she wasn’t punching people at the age of twelve to get Harry to notice her or whatever the fuck people wanted, but the point is, in this household we don’t tear down other people’s ships. I love Hinny. It’s been my comfort ship for as long as I can remember. And like literally everything else it was screwed up by bad writing.
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rwby-dnd · a month ago
I'm confused
Where is everyone getting all this meta about Verin and Essek?
Did I miss an episode??? Was there a lore dump during which I blinked and missed?
Or is it that there's hcs already floating about as such folks are latching onto it because we are starved.
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