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#bc my cats fucking insane and cannot have friends
janiedean · 7 months ago
I was wondering what you feel about the opinion that GRRM hates feminine/non-warrior women because they (Catelyn, Cersei, Sansa) are written with intentional flaws while his warrior girls (Brienne, Arya) are not? Do you agree with that? That Brienne and Arya have no flaws? It was some dumb meta about how the world is against Brienne, but she never does harm to the world, so she's a bad character and GRRM is a misogynist or something. (1/2)
I disagree obviously. Just because Brienne is not a demon doesn't mean she doesn't have flaws or she's a bad character lol. Like... why can't we have an angel in a world of monsters? What's wrong with that? Are these people jealous that Brienne is one of those pure character that their faves are not, so they feel like dismissing her as a bad character to make themselves feel good? I'm asking you because I know you love Catelyn and Brienne so I know you're the best person to ask this. Ty (2/2)
... I mean this has a long answer to give but this *meta* seems to me like it was written by someone who has no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to who grrm hates in his writing or his supposed misogyny because they have it all wrong and I think you pretty much guessed the point, but in order, let’s... tackle this one by one:
grrm doesn’t at all hate cat and sansa and their flaws are... flaws in the sense that he’s writing them like good people who aren’t 100% perfect but like.. sansa’s *flaws* from the beginning are stuff that’s common to most 12yo girls in existence and she overcomes them and she’s generally a good and kind and caring person whose main trait is that she’s good and kind and stays like that so how exactly now she’s written... like you’re supposed to hate her? bc she’s not. grrm never wanted you to hate sansa. he wrote her like a realistic 11-15yo but like most of us were like that at that age or have had friends who were like that, so... what the fuck. catelyn.... like guys the one heavy flaw she has is her treatment of jon but she’s written as a smart person who’s trying to live in a misogynistic society as best as she can and she’s written like a tragic character but grrm obviously likes her/loves writing her, it’s.... like if you read her chapters you can see how much work/love/craft went into them and how he worked on her bg very carefully also she is more of a protagonist than ned until asos when it comes to the stark side like.... how is giving her human flaws meaning he hates her?? grrm doesn’t hate her. the fact that she and brienne end up doing the knightly/lady sworn sword thing is even more of a proof he doesn’t but more on that later;
cersei... well I mean grrm obv doesn’t like cersei that much but a) he’s written a version of that character at least thrice already including the asoiaf one so I think he has an ex like that that he doesn’t particularly remember fondly or smth but like... she’s written to be a villain. she’s a villain. she’s a very well-crafted/thought out villain with a realistic background but diff. from cat and sansa she’s there to be the antagonist period, and just like... cersei and cat are aesthetically the same archetype and they couldn’t be more different so idk wtf are people smoking when saying that and if they can’t read cat chapters without fandom-hates-her glasses idk what to tell them;
brienne and arya have flaws are we serious, like arya has the flaws everyone has at that age (too impulsive/tends to judge people very fast/is too fixed on things/doesn’t listen to people etc) but like she’s fucking nine when it starts and she gets traumatized to hell and back, like arya’s sl to me is creepy af because no 12yo should be like that and it’s a very good trauma exploration but like....... she has faults but she’s not a bad person for obvious reasons as in SHE’S A KID same as sansa same as EVERYONE UNDERAGE IN THESE BOOKS except partially joffrey and even he has a background that explains how he is, like.... arya and sansa are supposed to be written in an equally sympathetic but specular way because they have opposite ways of reacting to trauma ie sansa holds on to her kindness arya gets progressively detached because she has to kill people to survive but you’re not supposed to hate either of them? honestly grrm wrote them with the exact same stakes, anyone who thinks it’s qualitatively different needs to go back and reread it with some intellectual honestly;
brienne... I mean we serious? the thing with brienne is that she’s a fundamentally good person who is written to become the ultimate example of a good knight™ and who is supposed to restore decency to the title after the institution has crumpled into the dirt, so... she’s... good, same as dunk is in the novels, but like: lmao she has a lot of faults, first thing that at the beginning she judges everyone on sight and sees everything in black and white, she has zero preservation instinct and nonexisting selfesteem because she thinks her life isn’t worth her vows and she thinks she’s not fit for anything she tries to do and would have died for a guy who danced with her once like sorry that’s not healthy, which are all things,... she’s... getting over.... because she has a character arc, but saying that brienne isn’t realistic or doesn’t have faults is ridiculous because she is;
now, this concept that grrm is misogynist is idiotic because a guy who has an insane number of female povs - some of which are the same trope ie brienne and arya - and have all a distinct different personality and voice and none of them are like too idealized or too evil and are to a level relatable means he’s everything but because a misogynyst wouldn’t be able to pull that off. like, in any other book brienne and arya would have been the same character, in his they’re not, so maybe like... give him some credit in the sense that the moment half of your povs are well-written realistic female characters and the ones without povs are equally well-written/manage to be fan faves (ie marg and olenna) maybe he’s just... not... a misogynist nor hates women so that’s out of the way;
re cat and brienne: like... saying ‘ah he hates catelyn’ when catelyn is literally the first *lady* who treats brienne like a friend/peer/person she cares about is completely fucking idiotic because guess what if you’re like brienne usually most Attractive Girls™ the way cat is are not your best friends in life (I mean c. calls her a cow and they didn’t even meet on paper lmao and it’s obvious from b’s povs that she has bad experiences with other women in general), so the fact that cat actually sees her worth, accepts her as her sworn sword doing a thing that’s usually just between men, trusts her with her daughters’ lives, thinks she’s a better knight than jaime could be and treats her as it befits her station (in riverrun she had dresses made for her but brienne wouldn’t wear them) and is actually good to one of the few good people in these books who gets treated like dirt by most others should tell you exactly what grrm thinks of catelyn, ie nothing too bad, and that she’s a good person who fucked up on one thing that the narrative knows and doesn’t excuse, but like.... lmao that entire argument falls flat just for that;
Are these people jealous that Brienne is one of those pure character that their faves are not, so they feel like dismissing her as a bad character to make themselves feel good? you’re on to smth but as I ranted on twitter once: this all falls again to the fact that people Cannot Accept The Fact That An Ugly Girl Who Is Going To Stay Ugly is one of the moral hearts of these series and is An Actual Good Person Who Deserves Good Things in spite of not performing femininity, and who’s going to get the guy of her dreams (who is Hot) without settling and without becoming beautiful, and she’ll manage to realize her dreams even without becoming beautiful and regardless of having been treated like dirt because of her looks all her life, and like... apparently that is too much or too complicated to conceive and so either they have to decide she’s not That ugly or make her things she’s not or decide she’ll die early wow and whatever else, but like: the problem is that usually the Pure Moral Center Of A Story Who Happens To Be Female and gets her dreams and the hot dude is standard attractive. brienne is not, she has trauma because of that, and she’s still the best person in there (or one of the best) and she’ll get her dreams and the hot dude, and people can’t handle this specific concept nor admit that grrm, having done a thing that no one else has until now because there’s no other brienne in genre literature/in that way, is everything but a misogynist, since he actually, ah, wait, gave decent rep to people who most times are relegated to playing the best friend who stays single or are usually evil bc ugly antagonist women are everywhere, ugly protagonist women who are actually Good People™ and aren’t a paragon of Pure Virtue and don’t die virgins? not really. so: people can’t handle that brienne the way she is is a Good Person and The One True Knight In Westeros and it’s a sad thing but it just shows that maybe more people should go for that trope and that’s my two cents;
other than that no guy who can write the range of women grrm does can be a misogynist by definition, especially a guy who managed to get perfectly how it feels being a straight nonstandard attractive woman in society in general because my friends if before I stumbled into asoiaf I never related 100% to one fictional character ever there was a reason, and I read a lot, so people can bite me on that thing;
to end and comment on one thing: 
how the world is against Brienne, but she never does harm to the world
congrats to OP they went THAT close to it: that’s the entire fucking point. being like brienne in her society (and not performing femininity™ correctly in ours) means that whatever you do people will criticize you and treat you like dirt even if you don’t mean them any harm. the world is absolutely against her because all the circumstances are stacked against her - she’s a woman, doing a man’s job, looking nonattractive and therefore other women treat her like dirt and men don’t consider her or see her as a threat and hate her for it because she’s better at their job than they are, wanting to be a knight which is a thing that’s technically forbidden bc women can’t be anointed as far as the westerosi law says, who’s doing that because she knows she’s good at it but every single person in her way doesn’t want her to succeed except for a handful, can’t use femininity to navigate the world and she has to survive as a woman in a men’s world in an extremely misogynistic medieval society and there’s a reason why no one but three people takes her seriously, ie that if you don’t count a few people in f&b that are history book material in her context/timeframe she’s an unicum and people tend to dislike it when you’re an unicum/sticking out/wanting to go against the system. the system is absolutely stacked against her, when everything she wants is do good to others and making her father proud and be a knight and find love, and even if it’s not that much to ask for her it’s, on paper, impossible.... and the entire point is that as impossible as it looks she’s definitely going to get it because she’s written exactly for that, and if people haven’t grasped that it’s her arc - overcoming a misogynistic society and living beyond gender roles regardless of your looks which in itself is groundbreakingly feminist - sorry for them but they’ll have a bad wake up call when grrm gets wow/ados out.
and that’s my two cents, but like: there’s nothing wrong in liking characters With Faults or evil ones and you can find Good Ones boring, just don’t try to make it pass like the author is a misogynist because the Good Character is a nonstandard attractive gnc woman because that’s actually a thing no one else ever did.
and this stated brienne is more similar to book!sansa than book!arya personality-wise so it’s an argument that doesn’t hold on even joking. /two cents
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alligatestheclotpole · 9 months ago
J'adore que ton chat parle française! Elle es trop mignonne! Donne lui un bisou de ma part 😻 and please, when you have the time, i would love to hear about how you aquired a cat from Qatar.
merci beaucoup !! c’est la langue qu’on parle chez moi, donc c’est la langue qu’on utilise pour elle :^) 
aight i’m puttin the story under a cut. it’s not really THAT long unless i share a bunch of gritty family details and drama sjhgbjsb i’ll try to keep it cat-focused 
so my uncle’s family (him, his wife, their son who is a couple of years younger than me) has been living in qatar for the past 10 years (this year their son was in university across the country from me and their original home a couple of towns over)
so in february, my aunt comes back to her town to take care of her aging mother. my uncle stays in qatar, my cousin is on the east coast. 
and in late march, back when rona was first shutting down north america, my aunt texts my dad out of the blue like “my son’s coming back from the east coast. can he crash at your place” aka can we quarantine your son just in case bc you’re staying with your elderly mother. we did 
anyway two (really three; redacted drama here) weeks later, she drives down to pick him up, and she sits down with us for a bit (i’m redacting so much drama) and mentions that she and my uncle have been fostering these three rescue cats in qatar, and there’s one that they think would be just PERFECT for My Dad (i barely exist to this woman it’s incredible. i’m not getting into it)
also worth noting - the other two cats (rowdy boys) had already found homes in qatar, but if they couldn’t find a home for this third one (a gentle young woman) she would have to be euthanized, bc she and my uncle are moving back to canada. anyway i started crying u cannot just say that to me i’m delicate
so for the next few weeks my dad and i discussed pros and cons of getting this cat, and eventually we decided. yeah let’s do it 
cut to two weeks ago, july 22nd, and we’re at the eerily-empty airport at 10pm, waiting for my uncle and the cat to arrive after a 30+ hour journey which is honestly. horrifying to think about. i feel so fucking bad for this cat. i started sobbing the moment i saw her in her cage. her drinking water spilled during the flight and she kept meowing at my uncle before he handed her off. i continued sobbing for the whole ride home but she was very calm asgjhgsbjbjsg i felt SO bad. also i’m just an emotional little man this is who i am
and then i got her in my house and introduced her to the litterbox, which she understood. and then i sat on the floor and pretended to ignore her staring at me through the door of the litterbox and after 30 minutes or so she decided i was friendly and she came and rubbed her face on me and i tried to clean her back legs that now had clumping litter stuck to them bc of the water :( anyway we’ve been friends ever since and i’ve cried about it at least a couple of times 
i like her a lot she’s great 
i bought her a laser pointer today and she went fucking insane over it 
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sweetcron · 9 months ago
i probably went too hard on all these of my summer classes just finished and i was like yeahahhHhhahah
11. what you have for breakfast on an average day?
totally depends where i am and how much time i have, but typically ill have yogurt & something small but sweet so i dont go insane
12. name of your favorite playlist?
god right now my favorite is handle without care, which is just stupid songs im into right now
13. lanyard or key ring?
lanyard, except i always get it caught on shit so typically i just throw my keys in my bag anyway
14. favorite non-chocolate candy?
oooo hard one, my initial thought was sour gummy worms, but probably... either that or sour skittles. oh but fuck lemon & black licorice jelly beans excited to have 0 followers & 0 friends tomorrow
15. favorite book you read as a school assignment?
percy jackson was dope. im trying to come up with another that i even read and frankly cannot
16. most comfortable position to sit in?
honestly i just sit like a fool all the time, but i like to be very reclined and almost horizontal, if im forced to sit more upright i like crosslegged or with my leg(s) pulled up to my chest
17. most frequently worn pair of shoes?
depends on the season or length of time, recently it’s been my black high top vans, usually it’s my docs. for a long time it was black converse.
18. ideal weather?
i like when it’s a little sunny, kind of overcast, but a little cold, like enough to wear layers but not suffer
19. sleeping position?
on my side, curled up, ideally holding pam(ela indestructable underworld), my adorable stuffed sloth
20. preferred place to write (i.e., in a note book, on your laptop, sketchpad, post-it notes, etc.)?
depends on what it is, but I have a planner sort of thing i really like for planning, a sketchbook/painting sort of notebook for more emotional shit and then my twitter that nobody follows and is private for really emotional shit
21. obsession from childhood?
i loved making like..dirt, water, and grass mixtures in an empty gatorade bottle. apparently this is not a common experience.
22. role model?
everyone to an extent, but also nobody. but to pin down a specific person, probably my therapist lol
23. strange habits?
i keep listening to shiny from moana? also i keep wanting to change my hair.
24. favorite crystal?
oh god, i love opal, but i dont know. most are pretty but some are awful. it depends, and id have to look at a million pictures for any resemblance of a legitimate answer
25. first song you remember hearing?
that’s so hard um. i dont remember very early but i do remember hearing crush, crush, crush by paramore and thinking ew crushes are gross even though i had a crush on a dumbass at the time, and welcome to the black parade and crying
26. favorite activity to do in warm weather?
warm, probably a concert but past that, walking around, going to thrift stores or record shops. 
27. favorite activity to do in cold weather?
a concert, again but past that going home, or getting a warm drink
28. five songs to describe you?
oh LORD!!!!! this is hard, but i did my best
1. caught in the middle - paramore
2. grow - muna
3. cool for cats - squeeze
4. cut my lip - twenty one pilots
5. tubthumping - chumbawumba
29. best way to bond with you?
share music with me, be vulnerable and share what is going on with you
30. places that you find sacred?
being in trees and being alone listening to music that means a lot to me loudly
31. what outfit do you wear to kick ass and take names?
i have a mustardy yellow shirt that’s got vertical lines that are raised from the shirt, and then a flared leg jumpsuit sort of thing that’s like plaid, with black and white and grey. then docs, and yeah i love that outfit. adore it. even better with a jean jacket with fleece lining.
32. top five favorite vines?
also so hard but after doing this i think im gonna throw up from laughing so hard
1. dancing puppet
2. get outta your mind
3. cat
5. krispy kreme
33. most used phrase in your phone?
that’s a great question, probably me asking people what to do with my hair
34. advertisements you have stuck in your head?
none currently, but always “meat, it’s what’s for dinner”
35. average time you fall asleep?
depends, but usually 10ish
36. what is the first meme you remember ever seeing?
probably some rage meme like brian or whatever
37. suitcase or duffel bag?
depends on what im doing, but usually duffel.
38. lemonade or tea?
arnold palmer babie!! but it depends, usually i’d say tea, i really like lemon ginger (especially pukka but its expensive)
39. lemon cake or lemon meringue pie?
i dont know if i’ve had lemon meringue pie, but lemon cake sounds better i think
40. weirdest thing to ever happen at your school?
i remembered this and it is entertaining, in middle school (i was...prolly 14? 13?) someone said “someone likes uuuu” to me and i was like. “......k” and they were like..... “it’s a giiiiiiirl” and i again, was like “.......k” and so literally, i fucking spent the rest of the class being like, hm! apparently i dont care. and thats how i realized that idc about gender when it comes to liking someone lol
41. last person you texted?
max, @laetan​. follow him if u dont i love him
42. jacket pockets or pants pockets?
women’s pant pockets are cursed. jacket pockets enlighten me, especially when there’s one normal and then one like, on top of that pocket but the entrance is horizontal. that’s my favorite.
43. hoodie, leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket or bomber jacket?
all? but let’s rank them 
1. jean jacket, my absolute fav, i have like 5 jean jackets and it’s bad. i always want more
2. hoodie, with a jean jacket is even better, but COMFY!!!!
3. leather jacket, look like a badass with one piece of clothing!!
4. bomber jacket, dont have a lot but always make me feel cool
5. cardigan, makes me feel like an old lady, but also really comfy idk. even the worst is amazing
44. favorite scent for soap?
i love lemon, but any fruit is good. or like, vanilla
45. which genre: sci-fi, fantasy or superhero?
sci-fi usually....fantasy is usually too much and superhero is usually annoying. unless it’s spiderman. i adore spiderman
46. most comfortable outfit to sleep in?
oversized soft t shirt and like, soft shorts/boxer things
47. favorite type of cheese?
GOAT CHEESE!!! also sharp cheddar and pepperjack
48. if you were a fruit, what kind would you be?
pear. i feel like i’m not talked about a lot but people like me and nobody despises me??
49. what saying or quote do you live by?
i really like “you can start over each day” and “only skeleton bones remain” (FUCKING CLIKKIE)
50. what made you laugh the hardest you ever have?
i feel like ive cried laughing so hard, or almost thrown up, but i dont know why, and that’s almost better
51. current stresses?
just general body things, appointments, school in the fall, graduating, etc
52. favorite font?
it depends on what im doing, but i love my own handwriting, i like times new roman, hate arial with a PASSION!!!!! brawler is nice but doesn’t bold well. handwriting fonts are cool too
53. what is the current state of your hands?
left hand’s nails is in silver glitter and right hand’s nails are blue/purple glitter. perpetual hangnails. still a hint of a scar from cutting my hand on a razor, and remnants of blisters from rowing
54. what did you learn from your first job?
that you can be kind and see change without changing the entire world, and that men are creepy as shit
55. favorite fairy tale?
i dont think i have one? max probably has a good one that i’d love. new ask game send me ur favorite fairy tales and ill read them and review them
56. favorite tradition?
my mom makes me a half birthday cake every year, it’s really cute and idk why it warms my heart
57. the three biggest struggles you’ve overcome?
fuck dude, umm this is hard and also a lot
1. my extreme self hatred!!
2. my extreme concern for other people’s thoughts, just honestly like dressing and listening to whatever and not really caring, ill always care, just not as bad as i did
3. letting go of things and trying to grow because of pain rather than viewing it as a waste of time
58. four talents you’re proud of having?
uhhhhhghaghhaghdshaghdhsaghadshg i dont know this is hard
1. finding dope ass socks at thrift stores
2. thinking creatively and trying to make something stranger than others like it
3. i can draw p well???? i guess? i designed my tattoo does that count
4. winning contests. i won like, 10 last year? like wtf
59. if you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be?
recently it would be life’s a sham and then ur wow, in reference to life’s a bitch and then you die and also shamwow. so that. or just constantly referring to things as bad boys, like. dishes.
60. if you were a character in an anime, what kind of anime would you want it to be?
there’s different kinds? but ummmm i dont know, i dont want to google anime types. can i say like a miyazaki movie and be done with it
61. favorite line you heard from a book/movie/tv show/etc.?
i dont know, can i do a song? bc i really like I’m alive in spite of me recently, also like this graffiti that i say that said 33 might mason men couldn’t put me back together again
62. seven characters you relate to?
oh boy, i asked my gf for help on some
1. nick miller from new girl
2. peter b. parker from into the spiderverse
3. dean mccoppin from iron giant for some reason
4. emile from ratatouille 
5. a mix of ben and leslie from parks and rec
6. a weird mix of chris and ron from parks and rec
7. rodrick from diary of a wimpy kid
63. five songs that would play in your club?
1. come down by anderson paak
2. send me on my way by rusted root
3. doses and mimosas by cherub
4. replay by iyaz
5. rap snitch knishes by mf doom
64. favorite website from your childhood?
65. any permanent scars?
yeaaa got a lot, most prominent are on my legs, partially just stretch marks, and then the one on my forehead from when i got stitches
66. favorite flower(s)?
i love carnations, marigolds, roses, but really anything, fuck
67. good luck charms?
i don’t have any, i used to wear a bracelet my gf gave me but it broke. *insert gif of me trying to remember when it broke and if that’s when everything went to shit*
68. worst flavor of any food or drink you’ve ever tried?
centipede jelly bean. worst thing ive ever had. it wouldn’t go away for a day even with eating other things and drinking water and chewing strong gum. horrible
69. a fun fact that you don’t know how you learned?
i have no idea. truly
70. left or right handed?
i am right handed
71. least favorite pattern?
houndstooth, i really don’t like it for some reason
72. worst subject?
i am oh so bad at writing, it’s really hard for me. but honestly recently every subject is horrible.
73. favorite weird flavor combo?
this was mentioned before, but black licorice and lemon. i’ve only had it with jelly beans, so maybe it’s not as good in other formats
74. at what pain level out of ten (1 through 10) do you have to be at before you take an advil or ibuprofen?
depends on what it is, if i think a migraine is coming then i take it pretty low, maybe a 4, otherwise i can deal with it up to like a 6 or 7, unless i’m needing to focus
75. when did you lose your first tooth?
i dont know when, but i do remember where. i was at a drive through bank in a rental car with my parents and brother in oregon, and i put the tooth in the lid of a plastic water bottle.
76. what’s your favorite potato food (i.e. tater tots, baked potatoes, fries, chips, etc.)?
jalepeno potato chips are soooo good but, honestly, tots are the best. mashed potatoes are good too
77. best plant to grow on a windowsill?
depends on the direction it’s facing and climate, but i’m growing some ivy right now and it’s so pretty and cool. also a christmas cactus that my great great great grandma or something like that started and has been passed down!!!! and a ..... leafy boy
78. coffee from a gas station or sushi from a grocery store?
absolutely coffee from a gas station, i dont trust sushi
79. which looks better, your school id photo or your driver’s license photo?
my school id because i’m smiling. i look stoned or dead in my id.
80. earth tones or jewel tones?
i didn’t entirely know what this meant, so i googled both and went oooooooo to jewel tones so. jewel tones.
81. fireflies or lightning bugs?
i say both, i don’t know which i say more frequently because i live where there aren’t ....... lightning bugs. ore fireflies. whichever. lol
82. pc or console?
i dont game much, but i like my psp a lot, or like a joystick sort of sitchhhh
83. writing or drawing?
84. podcasts or talk radio?
podcasts, i don’t listen to much of either
84. barbie or polly pocket?
can i throw in a third variable of bratz?
85. fairy tales or mythology?
either, but probably mythology
86. cookies or cupcakes?
depends on the kind, but i love frosting and cupcakes are fun, so cupcakes.
87. your greatest fear?
that i will lose everyone i love or push them away? eeeee
88. your greatest wish?
to be content and hopefully other people are content alongside me
89. who would you put before everyone else?
honestly my gf, max, and steph. and my mom. yeyeeeee
90. luckiest mistake?
oh god we could go deep or not. probably not. so like, buying pamela, my stuffed sloth
91. boxes or bags?
depends on the situation, but bags are fun, can put patches on them, plastic bags are boring and boxes are useful, help organize or carry lots of things
92. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights?
sunlight absolutely, i love it. i then would say lamps are better than fairy lights which are better than overhead lights. fuck overhead lights
93. nicknames?
for me? okay lets GO. delly, delly boi, dell, d, glen, glenjamin, glenny, yenaled. there’s a lot of weird/gross ones that i dont want to share.
94. favorite season?
fall in theory, summer in stability.
95. favorite app on your phone?
wasn’t this already asked? CAUGHTCHA
96. desktop background?
switches between 3 pictures around colorado that my gf took
97. how many phone numbers do you have memorized?
98. favorite historical era?
good question, i honestly don’t know. can i say the 80s or 90s? if not like, before racism existed. yeah
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gerrydelano · a year ago
Tumblr media
multi part ask under the cut! i am going to be killed with hands i guess! (thank you SO much @loverboybutch​!!!!)
if you happen to send any more in this thread i’ll edit this post with them! this is actually good it means i can reply to each individual one.
ok I gotta fire this off before I read anything about gnc jongeorgie bc that deserves an essay. the miriam and moses references? absolutely flawless. the way that gerry slowly starts internally calling himself gerry the more he warms up to Jon? kills me every time. I would like to gently tell this child that he does not have to play the hero!!! he is not evil for what his mother has done to him!!! god!!! your writing and characterization is so painfully accurate. (1)
oh yeah the gnc jongeorgie is a lot have fun with that buddy!
MIRIAM AND MOSES REFERENCES! fuck yeah! i am so excited to post my miriam meta in a little bit, i wanted to answer asks first, so keep an eye out for That!
also YES! there are a few moments where it goes back and forth between “gerard” and “gerry” for both of them, and it’s like:
chapter 1, gerry offers up his name as “gerard” after deciding to go with what he’s used to, it’s the only thing that makes sense
chapter 2, jon starts off calling him “gerard” because that’s what he was given, but he pops out the nickname to try convincing nana they’re better friends than they are. still uses “gerard” in his head for a bit though.
but then jon started calling him “gerry” in his narration when gerry hugged him on the couch instead of Bullying Him, and when he realized he was crying. from then on, in jon’s mind, that never stops or changes.
chapter 3, gerry still calls himself “gerard” because he hasn’t gotten used to it yet, and he’s still being put in situations where he’s gotta focus on Scary Things and also the end with nana puts him in survival mode
chapter 4, miriam just uses “gerard” and it is painful
chapter 5, jon uses “gerry” without fail every single time
chapter 6, gerry starts using “gerry” for himself right from the start, until the dissociative portion where he doesn’t refer to himself with Any name. then he only uses it for the moment that he hugs jon one last time, and is trying to commit something to memory, before all names disappear again, and then m*ry says “There’s my Gerard.” and sets him back in progress.
chapter 8 he uses “gerard” again because. well!
chapter 10 is a surprise! but a lot of things change.
so i’ve been doing this all on purpose! i was worried that people might think i was just switching them carelessly and whatnot but i definitely have a reason for why i use which name and when, who is using it, what gerry’s mental state is, where he’s at in terms of himself. i care him. SORRY FOR THE RAMBLE I JUST. LOVED THAT LITTLE TRICK JHBKN. and i love that people pick up on it!
he does not have to play the hero :’( but he will anyway. and boy do i die!!!! i’m glad my characterization is good!
(2) also all the little Archivist!Jon bits about how he has to See and Know and tying that into his autism and his curious 8 year old demeanor is just. chefs kiss. the symbolic SIGNIFICANCE of him forgetting his glasses upstairs to cling to gerry is gonna drive me insane. like!!! there are entities of hope and love!!! he has so little control and it really hurts. ugh.
baby archivist YEAH! he sure has to see and know things!!!! he IS just a precocious autistic 8 year old but there is Definitely something more there and i love him so much. my favorite thing to write was when he would crowd under gerry’s line of sight when gerry ducked his head down and away and just. demanded to be seen and acknowleged. g-d.
and YES HIM LEAVING HIS GLASSES UPSTAIRS. that bit was important to me AND to gerry and i so wanted someone to pick up on that THANK you.
(3) also your description of Jon as a kid just felt like coming home. I was never that into dinosaurs but when I was 8 Greek mythology was my SHIT. the subtle references about him being particular w his food and needing sauce on the side? felt that!!! also tv static absolutely fucks! I also used to find secret corners in the library where I lived as a kid. mentally this entire fic played out in my childhood home so you can tell how hard I am consciously and subconsciously vibing here.
:’) !!!! autistic jon is the only jon i will NEVER NOT make that an incredibly relevant part of how i portray him. the TV STATIC! HELL YEAH! FORESHADOWING! oh my g-d though nice WE VIBING.
(4) jon is just so Excellently written I love him. the big words that he doesn't even realize other people don't know?? pressure stimming?? I am going to kin tf out of your Jon I s2g. also the depiction of an autistic child whose family understands them and cares for them in a way that's healthy... that doesn't try to suppress their nature... crying cat emoji. nana is really just doing her best huh!!! we absolutely stan!! tysm for this I am going to skip my homework and read more
thank you so much! he’s a big reader! he’s got a big vocabulary! and sometimes he’s gonna use it incorrectly and that’ll be the best shit because that’s what kids do! and YEAH! PRESSURE STIMMING! boy when you get to chapter 9 you’re gonna yell.
also yes at miriam caring for him re: his tism - gonna post that meta SOON and you will YELL. she is doing her best!
chapter 7. I am like 5 paragraphs in and I'm gonna frame it on my wall. thank you for providing the essential service of accurate depictions of butch women you are a hero and an icon
okay yes if you send others i’ll put them in here to keep it all in one place i’m!!!! thank you so much for the thoughtful comments i’m sorry for infodumping i am, like jon, a huge autism, and cannot shut up, ever. i really am glad you enjoyed it!
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