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#bc i was not going to order before
enemy-to-the-state · 2 days ago
me: *has ordered from starbucks by myself on many occasions and sometimes i even end up ordering for other people because i anticipated those situations ahead of time and was able to perform the task*
me: *thinks that walking into starbucks this time, my dad will order, and thus i don’t mentally prepare for it*
my dad: ok, ash, take my card and order
me, brain going immediately static: there’s coffee at home
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charas · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ohhh this is so interesting what the fuck
#DUDE THE SECURITY COMPANIES WOULD BE EITHER GOING OUT OF BUSINESS OR MAKING BANK TOO!!#i feel like the job economy would be super tumultuous#like.. i think in the early years before society really got its bearings there would be a lot more demand for labour and repairs n such#because reconstruction after big villain fights#but then id assume people with powers would start taking over those niches as well since they would be able to do it quicker#which would probably be subsidized by the government#i think there would be a lot more drills in schools and i wouldnt be surprised if courses like phys ed were coopted for self defense#like you know how youve got to pass a health module in order to graduate? like that but with self defense and self preservatory tactics idk#basically a RUN THE FUCK AWAY module#i feel like a lot of common stuff would get super cheap as well#phones would for sure get cheaper and probably more durable#i already mentioned cloud storage replacing hard drives in most capacities#i think some of the big political issues would actually be 1. jobs 2. cost to the cities 3. the death penalty#man this stuff is so hard to conceptualize bc a society thats become accustomed to superpowered heroes in the skies is like...#such a HUGELY FUCKING DRAMATIC SHIFT IN CONTEXT#like u literally cant assume anything but perhaps the barest bones of structure would remain the same in that kind of world#especially as the years continue like by damians era it would be so so much more different#i think by wallys generation it would be established and MARKEDLY different but by damiens it would be almost unrecognizable#okay i migbt be exaggerating but u get my point#Big Univeral Events can change so much in so little time.. like look at the pandemic#weve all adjusted and become accustomed to what wouldve seemed outlandish only a year ago#now imagine that kind of constant evolution with INFINITELY MORE VARIABLES on a FAR WIDER SCALR#LIKE!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!#god anyways yeah i think urban areas in general would become a lot less popular amongst those who can afford to move#kind of reversing the trend of urbanization and expanding cities#since most supervillain incidents would be concentrated in populated areas#so that leaves lower/low middle working class citizens trapped in the metaphorical fly jar with all this destruction and shit#which makes.. a lot of sense honestly its very characteristic of the running themes w class in america#i think initially cities with big name heroes would see a lot of immigration from young adults#but the trend overall would be people trying to move away from urban areas
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piper-wright · 7 days ago
My mom died and I really need help
I made a longer post about it (which can be found as my pinned post on my blog) but these last 3 weeks have been hell for me.
My name is Yas, I’m a disabled biracial lesbian, and I had to drop out of school at 15 to start working and help support my disabled mom. I worked for almost a decade at a job that physically and mentally crippled and traumatized me bc that was the only way I would make enough to support my mother and I. I’m now 24 and she died without any warning on March 11th.
My girlfriend got outted, my cat couldn’t walk anymore so I had to put her to sleep, my mom died the next day and she was my best friend and the only family I had, and then my relatives abused and threatened me, then burglarized my and my moms apartment causing 5K worth of damage and stealing any valuables like furniture and tvs I could have sold to pay for my moms cremation. It’s been blow after blow after blow here. We were poor so we obviously didn’t have a life insurance policy or any kind of inheritance for this situation. I’m obviously not handling any of this well, and it’s really hard for me to even function enough to get anything done, and a huge part of this issue is money bc that’s what would pay off the cremation ($2200), the vandalism charges that the apartment is going to hold me liable for (upwards of $5K) and my credit card bills that I had for when I just could not work anymore and my savings ran out and I still had to pay medical bills and buy groceries for my mom (which is close to another $5K).
If you can spare anything, I would really appreciate it. My PayPal is @jessaminewaters. I have a CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle too if that’s easier, you can message me if you have any questions. Signal boosts are appreciated ❤️
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kalu-chan · 7 days ago
Not to be touch starved on main but I’d sell one of my kidneys for a h*g.
#Only like two people in my friend group can drive (and one of them works too so we'd have to find a time that works for both)#So usually if I wanna meet anyone I'd have to take the train/bus bc none of them lives in my village either#Which. Y'know. Is currently not necessarily the smartest idea.#Considering covid number are rising and my 80+ y/o grandpa lives next door and if he has computer issues I'll be the one to go over and help#And he won't even get the FIRST shot before April. (If I'm SERIOUSLY lucky I might get mine in late July/early August)#(But if I'm not it might take till next year)#And while mom *is* vaccinated with her workplace there'd be serious issues if there WAS a breakout and like. Risk is tiny anyway but.#Better to keep it as tiny as possible#I met one close friend around New Year's and my best friend like two weeks ago. That's it that's all face to face contact I had with friends#this year#Like I know I'm lucky bc I live at home so I have my family rather than being alone but. I really miss my friends.#Plus it's like. Vaguely frustrating too bc when I moved from like Bavaria to Hamburg last year I was soo EXCITED that I'd FINALLY be close#to where all my friends are so I could finally meet them more often than like once every couple months!!!!! ... yeah so much about that huh#But while I was studying at least when I visited I'd meet them several times and usually all of them#But now...?#(to be exact i miss the hugs of the friend whom I saw at New Year's specifically. he gives great hugs 10/10 would recommend.)#I have to go to the city at some point soon-ish anyway once the book I pre-ordered finally gets to the book store so I can pick it up#And IF she has time then I can meet one of my friends I haven't seen since uhhhh. December?#(and if we're allowed to meet at all. a few weeks ago you couldn't meet ANYONE in that city bc they had a huge breakout.)#(the numbers are down from then but. who knows.)#(like I'm not too worried about meeting One Friend but public transport...)#(Knowing that people are often Not Good about wearing their masks correctly... would rather not do that too often lmao)
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justmehernthemoon · 8 days ago
some professors i feel like genuinely take pride in having their student get bad grades and it’s weird
#i feel like it makes them feel smart or smnth?? idk but those profs ALWAYS go on and on about it and it’s like who are u bragging for???#like maybe if people barely pass all the time .... you’re the problem LOL. and not because you’re just so smart and challenging bc you’re#literally just a bad teacher#like i almost took this course this term but dropped because i could take something else for the requirement and could already tell what#kind of prof i was getting#she went into detail on the first day about how most students fail her assignments on the first try ... but she has like this weird make up#system#like queen if everyone is failing assignments on the first try it’s because you’re not giving clear directions on the assignment ?? why is#that something to boast about why aren’t you idk giving actual instructions#and a lot of people didn’t have their book yet and btw this book genuinely does not exist anywhere online i looked everywhere my friend#looked everywhere and so did my classmates and they didn’t have the correct edition#and some people ordered the book on the first day of class or before and they still haven’t gotten it ?? and some people added the day of#our first assignment#and she was giving people a zero for that assignment 😭 and making them use one of three make ups to make it up (including the people that#added THAT day)#and you... only get 48 hours to make it up.#i feel like i sound rly bitter but i just genuinely don’t understand it and i wish those people weren’t teachers
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only-wonder · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Finally redid my Stuff Shrine(TM) some stuff had to move to the next cube over. The bee had been in a lil bowl but I decided to put N's body parts in it instead (which is a horrifying sentence)
It's mostly pokemon stuff bc it's easy to acquire lmao.
There's a toy truck in the back that Aloe bought me. I put Rowlet and the minecraft flower in the back of it wljdksjd. I have a lil teal car my ex gave me somewhere but I misplaced it when we moved.
I also forgot to add my new mawile :V I'm too tired to go back upstairs and fix that rn lmao. I also have more minecraft figures in the hutch in the dining room that need to go up lol.
Now, who wants to take bets on how long N stays upright before the cats shake the cubes too much and he falls over?
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SO many ppl (usually ppl not on testosterone, and this does usually include ppl on estrogen,but it's good info for everyone) dont know what dehydration feels like and it makes me crazy bc like. Ladies in their 20s esp those on any kind of psych meds who are busy a lot are esp likely to be dehydrated like all the time so:
DEHYDRATION SICKNESS FEELS LIKE: nausea, sharp headache in the front of head/back of neck, might be bad enough you think you're dying/have a stomach bug
SOLUTIONS INCLUDE: coconut water and tylenol!!!! Gatorade in a pinch but it honestly doesn't work as well imo. If you only have salty snacks and plain water thats fine too but sip slowly and eat smth salty intermittently or you'll just throw the water back up
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toytulini · a month ago
wrote out the to do list breaking down the task of cleaning my filters and Woof
#toy txt post#its like so much but also not that much?#mostly im dreading. trying to figure out how much water conditioner to add to a 5g bucket bc i Struggle w that#and also. moving 5g buckets of water multiple times. i rly dont want to have to go all the way downstairs for this. might try to just do it#in the bathroom but that could get me yelled at if it makes a mess..#also dreading the awkwardness of messaging the manager of the local fish store again to ask about him ordering 2 blue acaras for me AGAIN#1) after i already inquired abt this once before and he misinterpreted me as saying i specifically was looking for a breeding pair when i#just want like. any 2. and would actually like it if they didnt breed. and 2) messaging him this Again So Long After the first message#just feels so awk but im still like well i might as well support the local fish store over the fucking petco or whatever#i guess i should also test my water again..rly hoping it hasnt gotten un cycled but its been a long time now so its...possible huh. hhhh i#really dont want to have to cycle it thats going to be such a pain. ive been spoiled by my ability to seed media from a cycled tank everytim#also i feel like we should see if the local place will start carrying the catfood we've been buying so we can buy it from them instead of#petco or smart or whatever. its frustrating. like i know they sell purina but they dont have the one thats for urinary tract health and like#god i dont ever wanna deal with that again#there is so much stuff i need want should gotta do. i should also buy one of those weird half balls to balance on that they have at physical#therapy. i just didnt know theyd be so expensive. i should check my voicemail. i should brush my teeth#i should gET OFF FUCKING TUMBLR. god i cant even focus on my podcast episode but my brother is using the spotifyy#maybe j should turn my wifi off again but then i cant necessarily focus from the spotify eifher and it makes me want to draw...#i should...drain the water in my tank again a little enough to reach the back corner and fix that mess with the skull cos its kinda ugly but#i cant do much about it rn cos i cant FUCKING REACH. have i mentioned that i Hate tall tanks#oh i should post a pic of my updated scape tho bc i am proud of the little cave i made. had to get good pics tho#wish i could get a good pic of how it looks w the hinta of pink growlight but the growlight is so bright that its impossible to take pics of#the tank without ugly annoying reflections everywhere. need like a big black curtain around me to cancel out the reflections and get a good#pic cos even at night it reflects#god im All Over The Place today i need tk get the Fuck off this timesink app#i need to go to bed early too so i dont miss this fucking physical therapy appt tomorrow!! i missed the last one cos i just Forgot about it#and overslept so now im Stressed about that. ......fuck i need to message my doctor back too#last thing i sent was last friday in the middle of an anxiety attack at midnight that i needed to stop that medication. and then ive just#been Silent OOPS. week went by so fast???
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natesewell · a month ago
did you ever play es? i think it’s better than hero but they always remind me of eachother idk maybe it’s the art
i've played book 1 and 2 of es! and yeah i think it's better than hero ❤️ KSKSJSHHSSJKS the art is kinda similar i can see why u would think that!
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seraph-exe · a month ago
I accidentally made like 12 fucking iron helmets in Minecraft bc I shift clicked :/
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mybrainproblems · a month ago
So yesterday my friend and I went on a day trip and we meant to go to this nature preserve but wildly overshot the exit so we ended up in New Hampshire and went to this random beach and it was amazing to get out of the house and just drive for two hours before wandering around a beach in below freezing weather and getting lobster rolls before driving home again.
It was great because we got to just chat while not being stuck at home and there’s a kind of freedom and joy to watching scenery whip past while you go 80mph on a lightly trafficked highway.
And to me it’s fascinating to talk to someone who actually wants to date and have a relationship when I have minimal interest in dating. I don’t feel a need for sexual intimacy and the theoretical idea of a relationship is nice. But when it comes to the cost/benefit analysis, my mild interest in being romantically/sexually involved with someone is totally outweighed by my apathy about putting in the effort to meet someone.
However! There is a part of me that wants an honest to god meet-cute. As in fucking fanfic levels of meet-cute. There is a basically zero chance of it happening and therefore I will likely remain single forever. (Also open to friend of a friend introductions but holy hell do I hate dating apps and I refuse to use them. I’d rather use a matchmaker than a dating app.)
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yesokayiknow · a month ago
Any chance you could do a “eldritch!doctor except not actually about them” type thing for Fitz? Or if you haven’t done their stuff, Charley?
i'm very sorry but even though i am in fact very sexy i am not sexy enough to have listened to big finish 😔
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