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#battle of the five armies
mrandrewbond · a day ago
My old charcoal drawing of a Gundabad Troll from the Hobbit: the Battle of The 5 Armies.
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satoichi · 11 days ago
If Kili Had Reported Back Like He Should Have At Ravenhill...
Kili: Okay, I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.
Thorin: What's the good news?
Kili: The orcs are indeed hiding inside the towers.
Thorin: I said good news.
Kili: I know.
Azog: *suddenly comes out holding Fili*
Kili: That's the bad news.
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verkomovies · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) dir. Peter Jackson
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lotrthobbit · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Kili X Reader
Some things have been changed for the sake of the story
I do not own the gif
The battle of five armies had commenced.
Here I was, just a simple (elf/dwarf/human/hobbit) fighting alongside Bard to protect the people of Lake town who had seeked refuge in Dale.
It seemed like the was never going to end. The amount of orcs were far too much to count, I was getting tired of fighting. But I knew I had to, deep down I know Kili was fighting his hardest.
I had just killed another Orc when Gandalf had grabbed my shoulder telling me that the Azog had a plan to end the line of Durin on the top of the mountain. I felt my blood run cold, I hurriedly began to make my way up, I needed to warn them, Bilbo Baggins had joined me as well.
I felt nothing but crisp and cold air hitting my face, the blood was pumping through my veins, I felt fear, for some unknown reason I had felt fear.
Why ?
By the time that I had reached the mountain and told Thorin what Azog had planned, I saw him kill Fili right before my eyes. My heart shattered into million of pieces as I saw him being plunged by a blade and his lifeless body fell beneath the mountain.
I needed to get Kili, I needed to get to him before anyone else. I quickly ran trying to find him, desperately calling his name.
That’s when I saw him fighting an orc with Tauriel, he’s alive, I felt some joy but a sour feeling seeing Tauriel, whom had fell in love with my beloved, but who can blame her, Kili was an amazing person with a personality of gold.
I began to help fight alongside them.
“ (Y/N)! “ Kili called to me, a smile on his face, “My love !” He called out again as I stabbed an Orc I called out to him,” I’ve been searching endlessly for you !”
I felt as if the war was really going to end. But not the way I had wanted it to. I turned around seeing Tauriel being thrown, An Orc had grabbed Kili waiting to impale him, Adrenaline rushed through me and I had found myself pushing the orc and getting on top of Kili, the Orc had regained its posture and before I can get up and turn around to kill it, I felt a sharp and stinging pain.
He got me....but I couldn’t think of death. All I could see was my beloved below me. A smile adorned my face as I told him,” I love you, so so so much.” Tauriel had shot down the Orc after. As I fell onto Kili’s chest. He stroked my cheek and I felt his tears fall onto me
“Please my love, please come back to me !”
But it was far too late, the darkness consumed me.
All I had hoped for was for Kili to live on and finally see the beauty of the home he had long to meet.
I’m sorry my love.
May we meet again in the next life.
Perhaps our love will not end.
I hoped you guys like it btw for the sake of the fanfic pretend that Kili didn’t see Fili.  Until next time !
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captainsolocide · 14 days ago
Rereading The Hobbit is all fun and game until you get to Thorin's death in the book and Bilbo goes off "and whether you believe it or not, [Bilbo] wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse" and all you can think about is that absolutely horrible, heartbreaking noise Bilbo makes after Thorin dies in TBOTFA
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theelvenhaven · 14 days ago
Elves Reacting To Your Period
Tumblr media
While Oropher has lived a long, long life and knew of mortal men and Turin and Beren, being around a menstruating human was... Well definitely new for the King of Mirkwood and former inhabitant of Doriath. He may have been married before to an elleth, but the reproductive cycle for an elleth is (I’d imagine) much different compared to a human! When you wake up and are surprised by your menstruation, Oropher is equally as surprised! 
Despite his cool exterior, this one is hard for him to hide it. What has happened? Are you hurt? Why are you bleeding? What is menstruation? He is very inquisitive about what the issue is. Oropher allows for an elf or two inside your shared chambers to clean up the sheets. Asking you in the meantime what all you need for such a thing and then explaining to the elves what to fetch for you next. 
All the while, Oropher continues to press for information about your menstruation. Wanting to know the details, how to make you comfortable, why it happens, and any other bits he feels he needs to know about your menstruation. Oropher makes sure your needs are well met above and beyond what might be necessary. He requires that during this time you take some time off, and rest. 
Thranduil while used to having some dealings with mortals that menstruate, the subject is quite intimate and never really brought up. Especially around an elvenKing. So like his Ada, when you menstruate, it takes Thranduil aback by what is happening. No one had ever mentioned that this happened to mortals before. Not even the healers in his halls had ever mentioned it. 
So Thranduil is a little flustered on how to help you and what it is you need from him. While curious, he doesn’t press for understanding, only seeing that you are uncomfortable and perhaps embarrassed. He doesn’t sass you, only having someone assist in gathering the dirty items and most certainly sassing them if they press to ask questions. 
Thranduil follows your lead entirely about what you need from him or from the Healers. (And keeps them from prying heavily about your menstrual cycle). When and if you decide to talk to Thranduil about it, he listens without judgement, unsure really of what questions to ask you, so he merely listens to whatever you have to add. 
Legolas, unlike his Ada and grandfather, had probably been around menstruating humans on more than one occasion and has a general idea of what it is and why it happens. So when you come to him explaining that you are menstruating and in need of products, Legolas is happy to get what you need. If anything, he’s probably a little too cheery, not about your period, but just in general. 
He will offer to go to the Healing Halls for you or to bring you with him, or will offer to grab you things or bring you back food if he knows this will help make you feel better. He’s very chipperly supportive, doing what you ask of him with a warm and bright smile before he’s off to assist how you asked. 
While he doesn’t like to see you so uncomfortable, he listens to all of your woes about your menstruation. No matter how gross or descriptive. While it’s not the loveliest thing to be hearing, I think he would completely sympathize that you are uncomfortable and need to vent about it. He makes a face here or there but is not judgemental in the slightest. Offering you hugs and warms cuddles and soft kisses to try and lift your spirits and mood. 
* * * 
04.28.2021 - A/N: I rarely write for Thranduil or Legolas as they are such popular characters. Please don’t send in a bunch of headcanon or story requests for them when my inbox is open. This is one exception.
Requested by @elarinya-nailo​
@saviorsong​ @lilmelily​ @dicksoutformtl​ @fandomhoe101​ @icarus-fell-in-spring​ @iwenttomordor​ @red-riding​ 
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vem-vem-writes · 16 days ago
Sugar Cookies (Dwalin x platonic!Thorin's child reader)
A/N: I always see people depict Dwalin having a sweet tooth so I thought having him bake cookies with Thorin's child would be cute
Key: (y/m/n) = your mothers name, (y/n) = your name, (y/f/c) = your favourite cookie
"Time to go little one" Dwalin announced, "say goodbye to your amad and adad for the afternoon." The small dwarfling was quick to press a kiss to each of their parents cheeks before running off to him. Hoisting them onto his shoulder Dwalin gave his assurances to Thorin and y/m/n that the dwarfling would be well looked after by him for the afternoon before shutting the door and retreating toward his house.
"So pebble what do you want to do for the afternoon? I told your father that I would teach you to spar enough to defend yourself. So I was thinking we could spar for just a little bit and then go and make cookies. That way we still did what your adad says" Dwalin said, eyes twinkling. Excitedly Y/N agreed. Despite his harsh exterior, Dwalin was known by his close friends and family to have a soft loving interior and rampant sweet tooth. The two often made cookies together when Dwalin dwarflingsat.
"What kind of cookies do you want to make then?" Dwalin inquired. The dwarfling absolutely adored y/f/c but was well aware that sugar cookies were Dwalin's favourite. Therefore, every time they baked together Y/N suggested Dwalin's favourites. Whether he knew or just thought they shared the same tastes, Y/N did not know. "Could we make sugar cookies?" the dwarfling asked sweetly. Dwalin agreed before setting her down in front of his house. "Wait here, I will get the wooden swords for us to practice with."
Y/N sat on the ground puffed, gazing over at Dwalin as he collected a cup of water for them. "You did will today. We can rest up for a little bit before we head inside and bake aye" Dwalin stated passing her a cup of water. The dwarfling thanked him, appreciative of the gesture. Dwalin sat next to them on the grass in a comfortable silence, the warm rays of the sun shining down upon them. After a few minutes of silence soaking up the suns rays Dwalin asked if Y/N was ready to go inside and make cookies.
Excitedly Y/N hopped to their feet and began to tug Dwalin up hurriedly. He let out a hearty chuckle at the dwarfling's eagerness and allowed them to help him up. The two made their way into Dwalin's small home where he lived with his brother Balin. Balin often schooled Y/N on all sorts of worldly matters; from speaking Khuzdul to studying maps.
Inside Balin was sitting in an armchair beside the fire reading a large book. He glanced up from his text at the two as they entered the house and smiled warmly. "Hello Y/N, here to make more cookies?" Balin teased gently. Giggling the dwarfling nodded making for the kitchen. Dwalin dragged over a chair for the little one to stand on as they baked before retrieving all of the needed ingredients.
Pretending to read his book, Balin observed the two. Dwalin was smiling down at the young dwarfling, eyes and voice soft as he instructed them on what to do. Y/N beamed up at him every time Dwalin spoke to them. It was good to see his usually prickly brother melt around Y/N, he usually did not let anybody see such a side of him. The small child absolutely and unequivocally had the warrior wrapped around their little fingers. Given the chance Balin knew his brother would be a good adad to a dwarfling. It was evident whenever Thorin entrusted the care of Y/N to them.
Having mixed up the cookie batter and rolled them into little balls to put on a tray, Y/N reached up with sticky fingers to wipe them cheekily on Dwalin. The action shocked him but he was quick to sweep the dwarfling off the chair and tickle them. "You little rascal" he grumped out in mock anger. Y/N writhed around giggling and kicking out at him. "Help me Balin" they managed to gasp out in between gleeful giggles. "Let them go brother, I think they've suffered enough" Balin heartily chuckled, shaking his head at their antics. Dwalin let the dwarfling go and Y/N scrambled over to hop up beside Balin, chortling the whole time. "Come on, I will read to you until the cookies are ready" Balin said.
-- (An hour or so later) --
"Thank you for looking after her, you know how much we appreciate it" y/m/n whispered to the brothers. Thorin spied his child curled up against Dwalin, fast asleep. Beside them he spied a plate filled with crumbs and smirked to himself. Y/N always came back from the brothers house with a full belly and a twinkle in their eye that screamed they'd had sugar. Yet as much as he'd asked the dwarfling had played innocent and pretended that she hadn't had any sugary substance. Despite this he knew the two well, between Dwalin's sweet tooth and the dwarfling's propensity to be able to wrap anybody who came into contact with them around their finger, it was highly likely Dwalin had been feeding her sweets.
He wasn't wrong of course. After stuffing themselves full of sugar cookies, Y/N had clambered up on the couch next to Dwalin and fallen asleep by the warmth of the fire. "Afternoon snack huh" Thorin teased looking between the brothers. "Just a few sandwiches" Dwalin replied raising a challenging brow. Thorin let out a chuckle before scooping up the Dwarfling. "Well in any case thank you for looking after them for the afternoon, I owe the two of you an ale" he mused, before the small family retreated back to the serenity of their own home, a slumbering dwarfling curled into their fathers chest.
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kalea-jordan · 18 days ago
I love that when Thorin says "this gold is ours and ours alone" that's INCLUDING Bilbo. Technically speaking, Bilbo is an outsider. He's not a dwarf, and Thorin seems dead set on not letting anyone but the dwarves of Erebor touch that gold. He's saying to Bilbo "you're one of us now (whether you like it or not)."
Regardless of if you ship Bagginshield, it's obvious that Bilbo has become extremely important to Thorin. And if you do ship Bagginshield (which you should lol), then this is just another scene showing how in love (obsessed) even gold sick Thorin is with Bilbo.
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