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bandit-brunsmeier · a day ago
Bandit: no it's a crayon-
Bandit: Marius we are the poli-
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ohprettyweeper · 2 days ago
Reposted from my old blog. Prompts are bolded; translations from Google Translate. 
Tumblr media
Part One | In the Old & the New
Nine hooded figures danced around the synthetic light of the structure in the middle of their circle. The movements were purposeful, as were the words they chanted. Thin veils of black material covered their black and white faces.
On long, wooden benches, other beings dressed mostly the same sat, staring straight ahead at the ritual. Some were human, some were not. Regardless of species, they did not dare break the gaze set upon those hooded figures.
Throughout the temple, stone basins of water stood below large statues. Fire burned in pits, though the brightness of the flame did not compare to the light created by the bishops.
A red-eyed man sat somewhere in the middle of the grouping, holding his breath. In all the times he had sat through these services, this was the first time he had sat alone. Even so, his solitary presence was not what concerned him today. The ritual at hand, one he had seen performed on others hundreds of times, would today be performed for the man who usually sat next to him.
A kiln hidden behind a pillar held the lighted, glass dagger which would finalize the ritual. Once that dagger emptied its contents into his friend’s heart, there would be no going back. The bishops’ predecessors had refined this process centuries ago; those who succeeded these bishops, centuries from now, would likely perform the exact same ritual. The magic they taught was meant to be forgotten long ago.
The bishop known as Reisdro disappeared behind the altar area, returning with the red-eyed man’s friend. Three finger-shaped black marks were on either side of the man’s neck, and his dark brown eyes stared at nothing as he mindlessly followed Reisdro into the temple room.
The lighted structure disappeared below the floor as a door opened and the platform supporting the structure lowered into the ground. An empty altar took the place of the platform; a large cinder block in appearance, this would serve as the centerpiece of the ritual.
The smeared man hoisted himself onto the block before laying flat against it on his back. Nico, the head of the bishops, stepped up to the block and the other eight bishops formed a semi-circle behind him.
“S’ohodni my zasudzhuyemo tsyu dytynu do spravy.”
Today we commit this child to the cause. The red-eyed man knew that the end was now near for his friend. He let out the breath he had been holding, breathed in deep, and held that breath.
The lighted dagger plunged into his heart, but the smeared man did not so much as blink. Blood poured out from the wound, spilling over the side of the altar block and onto the floor of the temple. Slowly, the smeared man’s blank, staring eyes closed.
The red-eyed man watched as the dark liquid flowed past him, down the aisle, and pooled at the back of the temple.
He focused again on the scene at the front of the temple. With the smeared man’s blood drained from his body, the lighted dagger emptied its contents into his chest.
It was only a matter of time now.
Tumblr media
The steps beyond Faylinn McCarthy’s front door seemed to grow more steep by the day. She trudged up the steps, passed through the common area of the living space, and dropped her bags in her room before falling back on her bed.
It was not so much the public relations job she left outside her front door, but the daunting task behind the door that tired her out more and more everyday. Faylinn’s writer heart was heavy; words flowed easily every day but none of them satisfied her. She needed a catch, a hook, something different. Something to make her novel stand out from the rest of the unpublished manuscripts sitting on some editor’s desk.
“The idea is out there,” she told her ceiling, “I just have to keep digging for it.”
Knowing that she had only a few hours before her cousin was home and the common space of the echoes of the music Ildri would play during her after-work workout, Faylinn decided on a quick shower and clean, comfy clothes before settling at her desk in front of the big bay window in the common space. Her cousin was good about keeping things to her side of their domicile, but the walls weren’t all that thick. The extra noise made it even harder for Faylinn to concentrate.
Her laptop was open and a blank document was on the screen. The curtains were open, letting in enough sunlight, she didn’t need to turn on lights in the common space. Directly in front of her, she could see the wall of Old Dema, and the tops of the round, vertical tunnel structures in the middle of the old city. To her right was Trench; the green grass and rocky cliffs looked so peaceful from here. If only she could bottle up a little of that peace and give it to her muse, then translate it onto paper.
“That’s not a bad line, actually,” she chuckled to herself.
Closing her eyes, Faylinn pictured herself in Trench. She was bundled in a warm coat and scarf, and the chilled wind was blowing across her face. Everything was quiet.
Until the blaring alarms from Old Dema sounded, signaling that someone was trying to escape. They could be beyond the wall right now, with a red-caped Bishop after them on those white horses Faylinn had heard about but never seen. She could practically feel the adrenaline quickening her heartbeat, could hear heavy boots against the water that pooled in the crevices of the ground in Trench.
“Oh my …”
Faylinn’s eyes opened. She could see the scene in her head so clearly. All she had to do was put it into words.
Tumblr media
Yellow eyes searched Trench for the escaped citizen of Old Dema. The Bishops would be not far behind, and if she was going to save this soul, then she had to do it before they arrived. After nearly an hour of searching, she found a scared woman, likely close to her age, crouching in one of the few shallow caves. The rocks under her boots crunched softly as she carefully stepped towards the other woman.
“I’m not here to hurt you,” she promised, her yellow eyes never leaving the other woman; not even long enough to blink. “Come with me. Quickly. Before the Bishop arrives.”
The other woman stepped out from the cave, her red eyes searching all around the yellow-eyed woman, as though she was taking this all in for the first time.
“I never thought I would get past the wall,” she admitted.
The yellow-eyed woman nodded, holding her hand out. “Not everyone does.”
Red eyes flitted quickly from their surroundings to the pulse at the other woman’s wrist. The escapee bared sharp fangs and lunged forward.
The woman with yellow eyes never flinched. She reached out as the creature came towards her, gripped the vampire’s jaw with both hands and pulled the head sharply to the right.
The red eyes which had been wide with bloodlust relaxed into the calm of sleep, and the body collapsed to the ground.
Licking her lips, she stepped backwards, retreating carefully. She could hear the hooves of the Bishop’s horse coming her way, which meant there was no time to get rid of the body. Stepping over the dead woman, the one with yellow eyes crouched into the shallow cave, doing her best to blend in with the shadows until the Bishop came to claim his property.
The red-hooded bishop slid down from his seat on the back of the white horse and cautiously approached the dead body. He took in a deep breath, stepped around the corpse, then crouched down to lift a whispered prayer into the quiet, calm air around him.
When the Bishop stood and faced his horse again, the yellow-eyed one believed that her presence had gone unnoticed — until the Bishop stopped in his tracks, sniffed the quiet, calm air around him, and turned back towards the cave where she was hiding. He took three steps toward the cave, causing her to shrink back even further into the shadows the cavern had to offer.
The Bishop tilted his head, closed his eyes, and breathed in deep. Her heart raced; surely he knew that she was here. That she was close.
But instead of progressing forward to where she was hidden, the yellow-eyed one watched the veiled face of the Bishop change to some expression she could not find a word to describe before he again mounted his horse and rode away from Trench and the corpse.
When he was out of sight and out of earshot, the yellow-eyed woman hesitantly stepped out of the cave. Knowing now that the coast was clear, she ran out of Trench faster than she had ever run before.
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powerrcp-g3 · 3 days ago
Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! Today, we are building the Escape on Tatooine set from The Mandalorian to celebrate this iconic holiday. This set includes Mando, The Child aka. Baby Yoda and a Tusken Raider! Happy May the 4th be with you, everyone!
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arnettartworks · 4 days ago
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Another goblin, this one drawn by request
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powerrcp-g3 · 7 days ago
After a brief hiatus, the Museum of Apple Computers is finally back! Several Mac collectors have disappeared over the years including, Jason's Macintosh Museum. But one Mac collector who has thought to have been disappeared for a long time, is now back and ready to review the PowerBook G3 Wallstreet. The museum is back in business!   
 PowerBook G3 Wallstreet 
 Processor: 233 mhz PowerPC 750 (G3) 
 Floppy Disk drive: 1.44 mb Apple Superdrive 
 Optical drive: 20x CD-ROM 
 Standard memory: 32 megabytes 
Upgraded memory: 512 megabytes 
Built-in display: 12 inch STN Passive Matrix display, 13.3 TFT Display, 14.1 inch TFT display 
Resolution: 800×600 (Passive Matrix), 1024×768 (TFT) 
Sound: 16-bit stereo 
Video Card: ATI Rage LT 
Ports: 1x VGA port, 1x ADB port, 1x HDI-30 “Scuzzy” port, 1x RJ-11 Modem port, 1x RJ-45 Ethernet port, 1x Internal microphone port, 1x Internal sound in port, 1x Security lock, 1x S-Video port (13.3 and 14.1 Inch only) 
Original Price: $2,299, $3,499
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tobythetrashyartist · 7 days ago
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The end of an era.
"In time I will leave the city / For now I will stay alive"
I started working on this with the announcement of Scaled and Icy but I am slow this past month :')
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littlexrunaway · 8 days ago
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@deaddixie​ said: Hips? ***** Perfection!
Rate my muse’s hips
“Thanks, babe, glad ya like ‘em~”
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littlexrunaway · 13 days ago
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@deaddixie​ said: Date?
From my other blog: Send me “Date?” and i'll answer...
Who asks for it:
[x] Your muse asks mine
[ ] My muse asks yours
Type of date:
[ ] Platonic Date
[x] Romantic Date
[ ] First Date
[ ] Double date with: ____ & ____
Location for the date:
[ ] Movies  • [ ] Romantic Comedy  • [ ] Adventure Movie  • [ ] Animation (Pixar/Disney)  • [ ] Horror  • [ ] Drama  • [ ] Buddy Movie  • [ ] ___ (other options)
[x] Restaurant  • [ ] Expensive/High Class  • [x] Small and familiar  • [ ] Fast Food
[x] Nature • [ ] Beach • [x] Park • [x] Forest     • [x] …and having a picnic
[x] Visiting a Museum
[ ] Visiting an amusement park
[ ] Visiting a haunted location
[x] Staying at home • [ ] Watching movies • [ ] Playing Video Games • [x] Reading
[x] dancing (other options)
The date might hopefully end with…
[x] …holding hands
[x] …a kiss
[x] …in bed
[x] …knowing each other better
[ ] …sleepover between friends
[ ] …a marriage proposal
[ ] ___ (other options)
Should you reblog this?:
[x] Yes. I want to send you one.
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
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bandit-brunsmeier · 15 days ago
Blitz: Dom..? Bandit: hm? Blitz: Can I give you a hug? Bandit: nein I’m busy.*pats his head* Jager: Dominic, is it okay if I give you hug? I dont want to disturb you- Bandit: *Hugs him instead* Jager: *Happiness noise*
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b4thest0rm · 15 days ago
This is my most recent 'patch' it's a backpatch but I've chosen to frame it, he doesn't know it yet but I'm giving it to my partner. Inspired by the new twenty one pilots album art which I first doodled on my phone and then decided to paint. Photos 1 and 2 are what I painted. Photo 3 is my phone digital art. 4 and 5 were my inspiration.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Image ID: The first two photos are of my finished patch which is painted in colour on white fabric. The first photo shows it in a frame. The patch is of a blue dragon breathing yellow flames and sitting on a pink background. Next to him is the new twenty one pilots logo and his name Trash. Photo three shows a quick mobile phone digital sketch of the same design of the dragon with no colour. Photo 4 is a screenshot of Tyler Joseph introducing the dragon with a picture of him and saying his name is Trash. Photo 5 is an image of the real album cover which is similar to what I painted but the dragon is a little more detailed. End ID
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deaddixie · 16 days ago
with @mxthbladed from here
He nods his head, listening to her story. Made sense. Most of them had to fight for their lives, more so than others. Not everyone was so gifted in the ways of fighting. Consuming a soul was no small task either, so he can understand that as well. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. That is, until her last sentence. There’s pracitcally an audible record scratch as he turns his head.
“Y-You what?”
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someirish-brawler · 16 days ago
Heyo, friendo.
Think we can get some headcanons on Aofie's and Bandito's relationship? How much does she loathe the WHORE?
Thanks in advance 🦝🍰
Oh Boy, Where Do I Begin?
And Yes It's THAT Bad o.o
At First...
At First She Thought He Was Cute And Accepted Him
She Then Found It Kinda Annoying He Ate All The Food
Stress Levels Through The Roof
Mood Swings
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mortal-mun-dee · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Compliments to the chefs
He stole from the kitchens of Aofie (@someirish-brawler) and Kay again
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