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#bakugou katsuki x reader
bubblegxmkiss · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Barnyard event!! Hosted by me, Bubbles, and inspired by the one and only monster fucker Queen herself, Miggi (@miggiisdumb )
Farmers and Bulls available will be listed below.
Each character will have an opportunity to be written about 3 times.
Ex: Farmer Deku, Bull Deku, and one random scenario w Deki (Deku in heat or helping reader with their heat.)
If you make the reader a male or gender neutral let me know so I can specify !!
Inbox me or send an ask and I will update the list.
You can write for 2 characters.
If you want to write bull deku and then bull shinso, go ahead, but no double taking. (Let someone else take the other deku, don't do 2)
Have fun and take your time!! Commisions for art are open, and ill put them on here when I get them :))
Don't be shy about questions, and remember,
This is a judgment free zone
Everything is under the tag: back at the barn, follow it!!
Deadline is July 3rd
If you wanna write someone who isn't here tell me and I'll add them!!
If you wanna write someone who isn't here tell me and I'll add them!!
Inbox me !!
Inbox me !!
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bakugottablast · an hour ago
23 — Don’t Break Stuff
Word count: 2,405
Tumblr media
When you woke up in the hospital, you didn't know what had happened. Did they save Eri? Was your quirk back? Aizawa was sitting beside you, his head down as he worried for his student.
"Eraserhead?" You questioned, seeing him once you looked around. "Did we do it?"
He looked up, surprised you were already awake. He nodded, "She's safe. Unstable at the moment. But she's safe. Sir Nighteye– He wants to see you."
"Am I okay to go now?" You wondered, sitting up in the bed.
Aizawa sighed, getting up and sitting down on the bed beside you, "Y/N, Mirio said you took a bullet for him."
You stretched your hand out, your palm up as you tried to activate your quirk, "Yeah. Quirk's not back yet, though. Amajiki said it took a while for his too."
"Y/N, your quirk is gone," He ripped the bandaid off. "They upgraded those bullets. Your quirk isn't coming back."
"Oh," You frowned before looking at him with wide eyes. "Are you going to expel me? I can be a hero without a quirk, right? I can still fight!"
Aizawa chuckled. Of course you would be the one to claim you could fight quirkless, which you did do after all, "You won't be expelled, Y/N. We were going to give you the choice. It's actually why Nighteye wants to see you. But, he's not in good condition."
A wave of relief washed through you, and you nodded. Aizawa stood, leading you to Nighteye's room. Your teacher waited outside to give you some privacy. When you walked in, seeing him hooked to all kinds of machines with Deku at his side, you realized just how bad he was hurt.
  "Sir!" You gasped, running to his side. "Sensei said you wanted to see me?"
  He nodded weakly, "I wanted to give you something. I know your quirk is gone, and Deku said you were set on being a pro. I know what it's like to fight without a strong quirk. I wanted you to have my seals."
  Midoryia walked over to you, holding them out. When he placed them in your outstretched hand, you laughed lightly, "Very fitting of your suit and tie look. But, I— I can't take these. You'll need them when you recover."
  He coughed, shaking his head at you, "You need them more than I do."
  "No," Your voice cracked as you realized what he was saying. "No, you can't die!"
  "Y/N, you're going to make a great hero, even if you don't have your quirk," He told you.
Midoriya looked at you, a frown clear on his face, "Todoroki, what if I gave—"
You immediately cut him off, glaring as you lightly thumped him on the back of the head, "No. I don't want your quirk. All Might chose you. It's yours now, Midoriya."
  It was then All Might and Mirio rushed in, both of them visibly upset to see Sir the way he was. You thanked him, stepping back to let the two newcomers have their time with the unstable pro. You looked to Aizawa, who was uncomfortable with all the sadness.
  "Can I see Eri-Chan?"
  He nodded, warning you nobody could be around her just yet. But, you could at least look in on her. That was alright with you. You just needed to believe his words from earlier. That the mission was a success, despite the few losses.
  After seeing Eri, and receiving an apology from Rock Lock, you had a debriefing and paperwork. After that was done, it was nighttime by the time you got back to the dorms. As soon as you and the other students walked in, you were rushed by your classmates, asking if everyone was alright.
  Your stomach sank as the thought of telling them what happened entered your mind. You had to. Especially as Shoto approached you and pulled you in for a hug. Tears hit your eyes again, and the seals Sir gave you weighed your pocket down.
  "I'm okay," You told everyone as you pulled away from your brother. "I have something to tell everyone. Midoriya knows already, but I took a bullet for Togata-Senpai. It took my quirk away."
  Bakugou immediately marched forward, just as Denki lost his mind over it, "What!? Are you being kicked out of the hero course?"
  You shook your head, "No. Aizawa-Sensei said the decision was mine. I'm staying, I'll just fight quirkless."
  "You're damn right you will, short stack!" Bakugou yelled. "None of us are gonna take it easy on you either!"
  You smiled at that. Of all the reactions, you were the most worried about Bakugou's. Of course, he saw it as an opportunity for you to be pushed harder to achieve your goal. He knew you would. You never gave up.
  You excused yourself before heading up to your dorm. You needed to call Fuyumi. She more than likely saw the news and was worried sick over you. She could relay the news to Natsuo and if she wished, your father.
  The answer was immediate as soon as you hit 'call'.
  "Y/N! You're okay! Natsuo is here! We were so worried! How is everyone else?" Fuyumi all but yelled.
  You frowned, "We lost one, Sir Nighteye. He gave me his support items. They're weighted seals."
  Natsuo was confused by that, "Why would you need those?"
  "Because I lost my quirk," You told him softly. "Sir told me I'll make a great hero regardless. I have to do right by him."
  Fuyumi was crying, you could tell. Especially as she replied, "Y/N-chan, I'm so sorry we didn't do more for you. We could've put you in gymnastics or jujitsu classes—"
  "Onee-san, you've done enough for me," You assured her. "More than enough. When you didn't even need to."
  After a decent conversation, you decided to turn in for the night. You were exhausted, and planned on sleeping in tomorrow since Aizawa told you that you could have a few days of rest. He was also probably waiting for the reality of losing your quirk to really hit you.
  But, you were determined to not let it get you down. Especially as you marched down to the Support course the next morning. You already had a plan, and you needed Hatsume's help with it. You'd need Aizawa's help after the fact.
  As you greeted Power Loader Sensei, you asked him if Hatsume was around. Once she heard her name, she came running in, eager to help however she could. When she saw it was you, she was elated.
  "You loved my babies didn't you?" She exclaimed. "I knew you'd be back for more!"
  You bit down on your lip, "I did, thank you again. I was hoping for one more thing, actually. Uh, I actually don't have a quirk anymore. I was wondering if I could get a capture weapon made."
  After many questions and the shock of someone permanently losing a quirk wore off, Hatsume quickly went over some concepts with you. You liked one that she drew up, which was a small pouch that would attach to the belt of your thigh bag. It would hold a a coil of Braeön, which was an odd material that was flexible, yet as strong as metal. It reminded you of Sero's tape, and you hoped he didn't mind the concept.
Hatsume began working, and you even helped her out where you could. Within the hour, she had finished making it and sent you on your way with a replacement coil just in case. You thanked her and Power Loader Sensei before heading to the locker room. You changed into a uniform before going to track down a teacher with a free period.
  When the only one you could find was Hound Dog, you were slightly scared to ask him if you could have some solo training in Ground Beta for the hour. But, with Aizawa, Present Mic, and All Might gone for the day, you had to ask someone for permission.
  Begrudgingly, you walked up to him, "Um, Hound Dog Sensei, could you supervise me training in Ground Beta?"
  "Why aren't you in class, Todoroki?" He barked, glaring down at you.
"Aizawa Sensei gave me a few days to recover after losing my quirk," You told him honestly. "I want to use my support items to get the hang of them before I go back to classes."
He stared you down for a moment before agreeing. He didn't bother making small talk, which was alright with you. You were just eager to get some practice in. Sure, your body was exhausted from exerting it yesterday, but you were now a step behind everyone else.
  Being a hero without a quirk was harder than with a quirk. Almost all your opponents would have a leg up on you. That's why you needed the support items, without having to rely on too many.
  Once you got to Ground Beta, Hound Dog got comfortable on the sidewalk as you stood in the spot where Bakugou and Midoriya fought. You pulled on your cord, then let go. Like a tape measure, it retracted quickly.
  You hit the button on the side, watching as it all came flying out. You retracted it just as easy, and you nodded. Seemed easy enough to use.
  You walked over to a pole before pressing the button again. The material wrapped around the pole, and you tugged, watching as the material barely budged. You shrugged, letting your hold slack. It pulled you forward, and once you completely let go, you were flying.
  You grabbed the pole, swinging yourself around it as your weapon retracted. You practiced doing that a few more times, trying to nail that quickly, before switching to the seals you shoved in your uniform pocket.
  Hound Dog barely paid you any mind until he heard a loud crashing sound, "Don't break stuff!"
  You squeaked out an apology before going to retrieve the weapons. They were heavy, but were light enough to throw directly. You'd have to watch old footage of Sir to see exactly how he used them. The practice with that could wait.
  The rest of the hour you spent refining your stealth and use of the capture weapon. You could still do everything you could before, minus the assistance of your quirk. But, you knew you didn't need a quirk to be a hero. You didn't need a quirk to still prove your father wrong.
  All you need was faith in yourself, the kind that heroes you admired had given you.
Tumblr media
By the time Shoto and Bakugou got back from their hero license course, you were out front of the dorm, working with Mirio on using the seals. He was also trying to teach you how to predict your opponent's moves the way that Sir had taught him.
"Shouldn't you be resting?" Bakugou asked before Shoto could. You looked his way before ducking as Mirio tried to lunge at you. You curled the weights in your hand before hitting him in the stomach. He was knocked back, coughing as he told you that was awesome.
You shrugged, "From a psychical standing, I'm behind everyone else now. I have to catch up."
Mirio floated up behind you, giving the two students a bright smile, "She's caught on quick too! I wouldn't worry Y/N! You're a natural."
Once again, while you were off guard, he reached for you. You grabbed your capture weapon, wrapping it around his wrist from behind. You pulled, throwing him down to the ground, "Nice try."
"What's that?" Shoto questioned in curiosity.
You held it out to him, "Hatsume came up with a capture weapon for me. The material is Braeön."
Bakugou rose an eyebrow, "You gonna have Aizawa help you with that?"
"Yeah, I have a couple moves down but if he helps me, I can learn a lot more!" You smiled, surprisingly upbeat after everything that had just happened. Of course, you weren't completely okay. But, you could only think about now instead of what could've been.
You and Mirio called it quits. You headed inside with the boys and went to your room for your nightly ritual. Movies or shows with Bakugou.
After he got changed and came to your room, he flopped down on your bed, looking up at you with a small glare, "If you're upset, you need to tell me. Got it, Strawberry Shortcake?"
Well that was a new nickname. But, you simply rolled your eyes and laid down beside him, "Got it, Blasty Boy. I'm fine, really. I don't regret anything. I knew Mirio had a better chance at fighting Overhaul than I did."
"Stop doubting yourself," He scoffed. "You're the strongest person I know, besides myself and All Might, of course. You're not even letting not having a quirk stop you. You helped save that little girl didn't you? She sees you as a hero, so shut up. You have all this self doubt and for what reason? Because your dad? Fuck him. He was at training today, and you know what he told your brother? "Your sister got her license before you and she's half the hero you are." Sir Nighteye told you he believed in you, so has All Might. Has anyone else?"
You nodded, swallowing thickly as you really listened to what he was saying. "Fat Gum. Aizawa Sensei too."
"Yeah? Well, some of those people were strangers. They recognize you more than your own parent," Bakugou continued, taking your hand in his. "Don't listen to him. Listen to those cheering you on. All those people who watched you on the news during both of your fights. Your teachers and classmates. If I hear you down on yourself again, I'll roast you. Got it?"
You couldn't help but tear up. He was so sincere, his current tone less aggressive than his calm one. His red eyes stared into yours as if he was looking into your soul. Before you could think twice about it, you kissed him.
This was the second time now, and it still made your stomach do flips. Especially one he kissed you back.
Once you pulled away you gave him a small grin, "I didn't know you could be so cute."
  He glared before yelling, "Why did you have to ruin the moment?"
Tumblr media
A/N: below is y/n’s updated costume design! really i just added her support items to the original design
taglist [open]: @heroacadema @aomi04 @intense-socks @animexholic @lunamoonbby @quietsimp @makotokatayama @daddydaehyun @lovinnoya @theminorconstelations @kiwi-kii @falloutgirlzz @tsukibaby @welovediaaxx @cloudsgathering @yaskna @random-fandom-girl-24 @theycallme-becky @slut-for-serotonin @animeboisbitchthings @chickenandlimesoup @thesleepysphinx @tearsforhan
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if your @ is crossed out, i was unable to tag you
please send an ask or PM to be added to a taglist!
Y/N’s Support Items
Tumblr media
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whatdidshesayyy · an hour ago
Hey! Can I request a Bakugo x Fem!Reader. Angst to Fluff theme. Like Both of 'em will have a huge misunderstanding (you decide what that is) and the reader decides to ignore him for a week maybe? Like the reader will always be out the house or will go on a vacation without him? You decide its fluffy ending🥺 Thank youu❤️
Of course Love ❤️ I hope don’t mind I changed it a little bit.
TW: language
Purple =y/n
Orange = katsuki
Now it will never be unusual for you guys to fight
When you guys it’s usually over little stuff nothing to big like a funny argument don’t get me wrong those also get bad
But you do have a big fight try me IT’S BIG
I mean then neighbors can heard this argument
And over his jealousy or him working to hard ands not wanting to listen
But when you ignore him oh you know this was a bad argument
But you really only do it when he says something really mean like it’s outta pocket
He doesn’t know why he said it he didn’t mean it. I mean he’s your boyfriend he’s supposed to have your back, your hero, your shiny knight in armor. Not the one who calls out your insecurities and make you feel like you don’t be long here with him. He is definitely not supposed to make you question your self worth. Now your off on your trip trying to prove to yourself that your are enough. And leaving Katsuki to figure out how to make it up to you.
“Katsuki is everything alright.” You look at him with worry in your eyes. Red piercing eyes looking back at you. “Everything is just peachy why would there be anything wrong?” He says with annoyance in his voice. “Baby what happened” said with a soft voice to comfort the man in front of you. He. Just got back from work. And all he wanted to do was be alone. First he had to deal with Deku then the media asking him a million questions. He knew he was going to snap. “WOULD YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ” he screamed tried of keeping everything inside. You look at him in shock “One who the fuck are you talking too because I know it’s not me two I’m just checking in on you.” You give the look him that’s should shut him up and talk to you not yell. But it doesn’t it doesn’t it just makes him more angry. “I’M TALKING TO YOU STUPID ALWAYS GIVING ME THAT LOOK LIKE I’M WEAK.” Now your confused when did you ever say he was weak. “Katsuki what are you talking about I’d never said that you were weak and the is something to get you to shut up and you know that. Wait damn did you call me stupid.” You look at him with a confused look. “Yes I did. And you know what look I’m talking about the pity look-” “katsuki I don’t give you pity I looked at your with worry because” You cut him off which was a very wrong move. “I DON’T NEED IT YOU WORTHLESS BITCH” He tried to stop from coming out but it was to late. After those words it felt like time had stopped. You always had problems with self worth. “Babe I don’t mean I was just-.” You cut him “No I’m not dealing with this.” You started walking towards the door. “Baby wait please where are you going” you stopped “you can relax because I’m not leaving I just need a break… I just need sometime” “but where are you going” “to a friends house” and with that you left.
Now 7 days later
Here you two where finally ready to talk about what happened. “I’m so sorry” was the first thing he said to you. You gave him a small smile. “I know you are. But way would say those things I was only trying to help.” “I know that you were trying to help it was just a bad day for me and I shouldn’t have took it out on you” “what made it bad” he feels butterflies even after all he said you’re still worried for him he truly doesn’t deserve you. He begins talking about everything that had happened. By the time he’s finished you are a little more understanding. “Katsuki I get understanding everything you just said to me but if you do anything like this again I will break every single bone in your body and still break up with you do you understand.” You look at him with serious look in your eyes. “Yes princess I understand I’m sorry I didn’t mean because you are worth it. You deserve everything good thing in this world has to offer.” “I’ll forgive you if you make me dinner” you say with a smile. “ Deal.” He says with a smirk but let’s be real if you asked for more he would have done it because you are worth your love is worth it.
A/n: This okay I truly did work hard on it unlike the last one. I did change somethings up I hope you don’t mind it and still like it. :D
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animebae100 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
katsuki bakugou x reader
genre; angst
wc; 807
Tumblr media
you noticed katsuki has been very distant lately. he came home very late, he never ate dinner, always went in before the sun even rose, he never talked/texted/call to you. you were starting to get very worried. today katsuki was supposed to get off of work at 4:30 pm. it was 7:00 pm and you haven't heard remotely anything from him. you were worried sick. no, this wasn't the first time but you were getting sick of this. every time he came home there were marks scattered across his body.
you decided to call him.
no answer.
no answer.
you decided to call his work.
his secretary answered.
she said he was in his office and under no circumstance did he want to be bothered.
you decided to call kirishima to see if he knew what was going on.
he didn't even know.
you, his wife, and kirishima, his best friend, had no idea what was up with katsuki. with that being said, you knew it had to be bad.
it was now 9:00 pm when you heard the front door shut. you were lying in bed watching tv. you wanted to go out and talk to katsuki but you were afraid. he tells you everything so why won't he tell you what's going on? you came to the conclusion you were going to go out an talk to him.
"um, hey kat" you whispered.
no response.
there they were again. those marks.
no, they weren't hickies or love marks. they were scratch marks.
was he...?
was he overworking himself?
but why? he said he was fine with deku being number 1? was he not content with his life? were you holding him back?
"there's um, some dinner in the fridge"
"thanks" he mumbled
"i'm sorry, what?"
"I SAID THANKS" he shouted this time.
"oh, um, sorry"
he didn't say a word as he headed to the kitchen to grab some dinner an heat it up.
"so... why have you been coming home late, and with scratches on you?"
"don't worry about it." he said biting into his dinner.
"but, as your wife it is something i should worry about. i worry about you katsuki. you're not alone."
"yes i am." he deadpanned.
wait what? he was married. how the hell is he alone??
"how?" you asked, hurt.
"i have to do this alone."
"what is this?" you said louder this time.
"none. of. your. business."
"I AM TRYING TO GET STRONGER!" he said, now yelling with you.
now you were absolutely pissed.
"how the freaking hell am i not helping? i have made you dinner every night for when you get home. i make sure to make breakfast for you when you wake up so early! i don't bother because i see you need space! what more do you want?? for me to leave??" you asked, not wanting to yell anymore
"yes. leave."
what? you didn't really mean it when you said you would leave.
"if that's what you really want katsuki, then fine."
and with that, you left.
at his been 5 days since you left katsuki. you went over to stay at jiro and denki's house while away. in that time. not once has he called you. texted you. or even tried to contact you. he's been all over the news lately about defeating villains. yes, you both got into an argument but you were still his wife and still worried about him. that night you decided to try and call him.
surprisingly, he answered.
"what the hell do you want?" he spat.
"um hey katsuki, how are you doing?"
"look i'm sorry-"
"yeah you should be sorry. you're supposed to be my wife. you're supposed to support me in all my decisions. what the hell y/n."
"what the hell katsuki! all i am trying to do is help you. relax!"
"no, you relax."
"what the hell?"
"listen i don't have time for you right now. if you aren't going to support me, then get out of my life."
you broke into tears, but tried to sound strong.
"fine, if that's really want? that's what you get. but once you work yourself to death, don't say i didn't warn you. go find someone else who will put up with your bullshit and anger problems. don't come crying to me when everything backfires and you're 'alone'".
no answer.
"but just know this katsuki.
i still love you."
Tumblr media
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bnhaficswriter · 2 hours ago
Hey! if the orders are still open, I would like to ask you for a scenario in which your partner is pregnant only that she loses the baby and Bakugou and Kirishima (separated) see the body of the deceased baby, only that horrible moment was just a dream . I love your writing and I'm sorry if my English is not good (cof * cof * translator) I'm sending you a kiss here from Brazil :3
How would they react if they had a nightmare about you losing your baby w/ Kirishima and Bakugo
Im really sorry for responding so late, im really busy atm but here you go! Hope you like it baby<3
Warnings: Angst with comfort later on and some blood.
Tumblr media
It was a peaceful morning at the Bakugo household; he watched his wife cook some eggs with a calm smile on her face, life was perfect for Katsuki Bakugo. He had a beautiful wife, a place to call home, a job that he loved and a baby that was soon to be born, life was perfect. He got up and poured some coffe to sip on, while walking towards his wife to give her some morning kisses. "Did you sleep well?" He hummed and placed a kiss on her cheek, she was beautiful even with her round tummy and messy hair. "Come on take a seat, breakfast is ready." He take the pan from her wife and motioned for her to sit, just when she was about to reach for the chair, a pained yelp escaped her lips and she clutched her stomach "Katsuki!" His eyes widened at the pool of blood on the floor. He quickly dashed towards her and holded her bridal style while trying to stay calm, even though he was scared he didnt wanted to scare his wife more, since she had a baby inside of her. "Calm down baby, calm down..." He tried to reassure her and rushed towards his car.
As soon as he arrived at the hospital, the nurses came with a stretcher. He carefully laid her down and grabbed her hand, the nurses started pushing the strecther towards the elevator and he walked with them while holding her hand, trying to whisper comforting words to her "I got you Y/n, everything is gonna be okay." She looked at him with tears in her eyes "It hurts Katsuki, what if something happens to our baby?" He shook his head and tried to gave her a determined look. "Nothing's gonna happen to our little fire cracker." He said more to himself then her. When the gates of the elevator opened, their personal doctor appeared "How are we feeling Mrs.Bakugo?" His wife shook her head while clenching her teeth, the doctor gave the couple a confused look "Let me examine you first, okay?"
"Let's have an ultrasound scan first okay?" The doctor applied some gel on her tummy while she squeezed his husbands hand with full force, he played with her hair while looking at the computer screen for their child's display. "There she is." The doctor cooed, then the trio waited for the heartbeat sounds, the doctor looked at the screen with a confused face then turned to the couple with an neutral expression "One second please Mrs and Mr Bakugo." He looked at her wife and saw her looking up at him with a scared look on her face "W-why can't i hear her heartbeat Katsuki?" His heart stopped and face paled, he quickly turned his eyes to the doctor for answer but they shook their head. "Mrs.Bakugo... You need to get an abortion." Then everything went silent...His daughter, was gone.
The next thing he remembered was his wife's painful cries, screaming for a way to escape from abortion. The doctors were trying their best to diagnose the reason for the babies death, while he was sitting on the floor shaking. He was sweating, a lot. His head was between his hands pounding with fear, sadness, emptiness and a lot of other negative emotions. Just this morning everything was perfect, tears started to fall from his eyes and he wished he could embrace you and your baby daughter, a pair of white shoes appeared in front of his eyes and he raised her head to see a nurse with a sad smile on her face "Mr.Bakugo, would you like to see the baby for the last time?" His mind screamed at him saying that he shouldn't, he didnt wanted to see his daughter's lifeless body laying on an operation table but he needed to, his heart told him to get up so he did and followed the nurse.
The smell of the operation room filled his lungs and he grimaced, a small figure was laying on the cold surface in a white shroud. His feet shakily walked towards the figure and he quickly turned his face away from the view of his now lifeless, stone cold daughter. She was covered in blood in stead of a cute onesie, he started to shake his head "No, no, no..." The nurse patted his back and he grabbed his blonde locks, pulling them "NO!" He reached for his daughters small hands but the nurse pushed at his chest stopping him "Mr.Bakugo please calm down!" He screamed in pain and loss "WHERE'S Y/N, I WANNA HOLD MY DAUGHTER!" Then everyting started to get blurry...
No no no no no no no no no no
"Katsuki, wake up!" He jumped from his bed looking at the dark room with a panicked face, then he looked at a pair of small hands grabbing his sweaty arm and his eyes met with worried e/c ones. You were safe...His eyes immediately looked at your tummy and he reached his hand to touch it, after feeling the big round bump he gave a huge sigh of relief and covered his eyes with his hands. "Baby, are you alright?" Without saying a single word he pushed you to your pillow and enveloped you in a bone crushing hug, you smiled and played with his ash blonde hair, trying to calm him down, then felt wetness on your chest. "Katsuki, are you crying?" then you heard a muffled 'shut up' and gave a soft chuckle "Did you had a nightmare?" His left hands rested on your belly and started to draw circles on it. "Everything's okay Katsuki, the baby is fine." And just like that his erratic breathing turned to normal slow ones. You tugged at his locks asking silently to raise his head, then sleep filled teary ruby eyes met with yours, cupping his cheeks with your hand, you started to pepper his face with kisses. "We love you Katsuki." He closed his eyes and sighed in content, enjoying the presence of his wife and child.
Tumblr media
"Y/n!" He turned to your side of the bed just to find it empty and cold, the panic increased and he ran towards the bedroom door, kicking it open and breaking it in the process, he needed to see you and his unborn son. "This cant be true." He whimpered and every image came crashing down, your bloody legs covered in small organs and limbs that belonged to his dead baby, the doctor and nurses running around the room with bloody hands.
He clutched his heart with his hand and tried to call for you "Y/n..." but it came out as a whisper and he fell to his kness, shaking and crying. "Our baby..." His hands started to hit his head, trying to erase the horrific scene.
Just then a soothing voice filled his ears "Eijiro?" He whipped his head towards the voice and saw you in front of him with a scared look on your face while holding a bucket of... vanilla ice cream? "Y-y/n." His voice cracked and tears continued to fall, you quickly crouched in front of him and cupped his warm cheeks with your cold hands, the cold made him close his eyes and he tried to calm his breathing.
After he silenced his whimpers and sobs, he quickly got up and threw you over his shoulder "E-eiji what are you-" He placed you on the bed and pulled you on his chest, embracing you with force. Without saying a thing, you grabbed his hand and placed butterfly kisses on it, trying to calm your husband down. "You can tell me anything Ei." He gulped and his grip around you tightened.
"Our baby, is okay right?" He asked with a shaky voice, in the daytime Kirishima was a hero but when it came to you and his unborn son he was just like everyone else, fragile and soft. You nodded your head and grabbed his hand placing it on your stomach "Yes, he got hungry so we got up to get some ice cream." A tired chuckle escaped his mouth then he felt a soft movement under his hand "Look Ei, he just kicked he's saying he's alright." He nodded with teary eyes and placed a kiss on your head. "I love you both so much Y/n, i was so scared." You smiled squeezed his other hand "We love you too Ei."
After more cuddles Kirishima's heavy lids closed and now he was having good dreams about his wife and son.
A/n: For those who requested a writing idea, please wait patiently i'll be writing for them too<3
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milk-tea-cookies · 4 hours ago
Mha Boys Reacting to
S/O Being Betrayed by Friends
Gender Neutral Reader
Requested? Yes
Warnings: Little bit of angst, hurt to comfort
Tumblr media
“Am I just... not good enough?”
You wrapped your arms around yourself and tried your hardest not to cry. Earlier that day you had caught your “friends” gossiping about you behind your back.
“Hey! Dumdass I’m here- what’s wrong?” Bakugou questioned as he burst into you dorm.
“Nothing! Nothings... wrong...” you tried to convince him, but to no avail. You started crying almost immediately.
“Hey! What kinda extra did this to you?!”
“Well... it’s just.. my friends-“
He cut you off.
“They aren’t your friends anymore, from now on you can hangout with me and shitty hair and the other extras,” he declared, giving a hesitant hug.
“Thank you, Katsuki.”
“Leave them alone,” you heard your boyfriend say as he wrapped an arm around you.
He was behind you, so you still couldn’t see him, but the sound of his voice you could tell. He was pissed. Your “friends”, the ones he was now having to protect you from, flinched slightly.
“Hey we were just joking, come on man-“
“Jokes are supposed to be funny. Come on baby, let’s go,” he glared at them one last time then pulled you away, “are you alright?”
“Yes, thank you for sticking up for me.”
“Of course, baby, anytime.”
You cried into his chest as he cuddled and comforted you.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.”
“It’s fine, Shouto, you were somewhere else and I- I’m fine now.”
“No you aren’t.”
There was a loud silence throughout the room.
“Am I that bad?”
“What?” Shouto asked, his grip on you tightening, worried about what you were thinking in this moment.
“I can’t even keep my friends, am I that horrible to be around?”
“No. No you aren’t, they are the ones with the problem. Not you. You are the most amazing, most wonderful person in the world.”
“I love you Shouto. Thank you for being here for me.”
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bakugousdumbass · 5 hours ago
Welcome Home
Pairings: Bakugou x F!Reader (aged up)
Summary: You gave birth to your first newborn, a daughter. She was finally able to come home, Bakugou was pretty worried about her. She was a very small baby, but you told him she’s gonna be gonna just fine.
Genre: domestic fluff
A/N: My requests are open, have a good day!💜
Tumblr media
She was finally gonna come home, your newborn daughter Kayo. You and Katsuki were thrilled to bring your daughter home, she was gorgeous. She had Bakugou’s Ruby red eyes, his blonde hair, and your face. Bakugou was really worried for his daughter, she was just so small he was scared he was gonna crush her with his buffed arms. You told him she’s fine but still he worried.
You sat in the wheelchair as Katsuki pushed you with Kayo in your arms, don’t get me wrong Bakugou was so happy that his daughter was coming home he was just sooooo nervous for her. You snuggled Kayo closer to you as you shushed her little mumbles, Bakugou carefully helped you sit in the front seat as he carefully took Kayo from you. You seemed to sense his nervousness, “Kats, do you need help?” He shook his head “Nah babe I got her.” He carefully put her in her car seat softly shushing her little mumbles, he sighed in relief as he kissed her head before walking towards the front seat. He sighed before grabbing your hand, you smiled as he kissed your knuckles. “Let’s go home.”
On the way home Bakugou kept looking in the view mirror to check on his daughter, you sighed before cupping his jaw. “Baby she’s fine.” He sighed “I know it’s just…. She’s so small babe, what if something happens to her?” I mean you can’t blame him, you also worried about your daughter. You turned around as you grabbed her onesie covered foot softly, smiling as she squirmed. “Katsuki it’s okay, I promise she’s fine.” He nodded before turning his focus back on the road.
You sighed happily as Katsuki parked the car in front of your house, “Home sweet home.” You sighed making Bakugou chuckle, he got out of the car to help you then Kayo. He softly grabbed your hand before opening the door for Kayo, Bakugou smiled as Kayo had her eyes open and opening her small hands for her dad. “C’mere princess.” Bakugou mumbled as he picked his daughter up carefully, he gave Kayo to you as he grabbed the bag. You both walked inside the house and sighed, “Welcome home Kayo, your finally home.” You kissed her head as you sat down on the couch, “Should we bring her to her room?” Bakugou asked as he took off his jacket as you took of Kayo’s small one, you shrugged. “I mean I guess she doesn’t seem tired but we can show her.” Bakugou hummed as you two walked upstairs.
Bakugou opened the door to his daughter’s room, he smiled at how pink it was. “Here’s your room princess.” Bakugou mumbled to his daughter, Kayo grabbed her father’s finger before wiggling it around making you and Katsuki chuckle. “I’m guessing she likes it.” You said before walking back downstairs, with Bakugou right behind you.
It was bedtime and Katsuki was so worried What if someone breaks in and steals Kayo? What if she’s not breathing? What if she’s hurt? What if- “Katsuki.” Bakugou jumped at your voice before sighing, you walked towards him and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around your waist while he rested his chin on your head and rubbed your back, “Katsuki she’s fine stop worrying.” “I know babe but still, she’s our first newborn I’m scared.” You stood on your tippy toes to peck his lips, “Baby I know, I’m scared as well but we gotta stay strong for Kayo okay?” He nodded before cupping your face and bringing you in for a kiss. “I love you.” You sighed happily “And I love you Katsuki.” He gave you a soft smile before walking towards his daughter’s room, his heart warmed up as he saw his small daughter sleeping peacefully. Her little onesie and her stuffed animal next to her, Bakugou swiped his finger softly on her cheek before leaning down and pecking her cheek. “I love you princess, sleep well.” He mumbled before grabbing your hand and walking back towards your room, you gave him a smile.
Bakugou and you laid in bed all cuddled up as you both looked at the ceiling, Bakugou softly rubbed your arms as you traced shapes on his chest. “I’m wondering who’s quirk she’ll get.” You mumbled, Bakugou hummed.” Quirk or no quirk she’s still my Angel.” You smiled at his pet name for his daughter, you snuggled into chest. “I love you Katsuki and I can’t wait to raise Kayo with you.” Bakugou turned towards you as he placed a long passionate kiss to your lips, he gave you a smirk. “I know for a fact she’s definitely gonna be a daddy’s girl.” You scoffed playfully “Yeah right, she’s gonna be mommy’s girl.” Bakugou laughed deep in his throat.
“Well we’ll see babe…. We’ll see.”
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hotwings0203 · 5 hours ago
Meeee. I want a longer version of the voyeur deku and bully kacchan. but in kacchan's pov tho. 💜💜💜👀
My dear anon. You ask and so you shall receive 💓
Tw: implied gangbang, stalking, implied noncon
If there’s one thing Katsuki Bakugo hated more than Deku, it was you.
No, actually, scratch that.
He couldn’t stand you around Deku.
As his childhood friend-or rival, whatever the fuck you wanted to call it, Bakugo knew Deku like the back of his hand.
He knew how he liked his breakfast, eggs runny with cheese and pepper sprinkled in the middle. He knew how crazy he could be as a fanboy for All Might, collecting over 500 antiques of the hero. He knew how he liked spring better because then he could stand under the Sakura trees and close his eyes in bliss while the petals floated softly down on his face.
He knew how he liked to steal your panties and jerk off to them.
He knew that his favorite position to watch him rape you from the front so that he could see every expression while you were filled to the brim with cum.
How the fuck could you be so blind?
Did you not notice the way your undergarments slowly started to vanish, one by one? Did you not realize who’s handwriting it was when you found yet another threatening yet lewd note in your locker? You had to actually be brain dead to not catch on to how he was always the last person out, just to trail behind and watch how your ass swayed when you walked out of the classroom.
But no, apparently you were even more stupid than he thought.
Because instead of correctly matching a face to actions, you thought him, Bakugo fucking Katsuki was the one doing all of this.
He supposed he couldn’t actually hold it against you though. I mean, he was the one slipping a hand up your shirt when you were walking out said door, he was the one who was shoving you against the lockers right when you were about to unlock it and find the notes, and he was the one who tore your panties in two, dangling them in front of your face while you pleaded for him to give it back. He never did, of course, he simply threw them over his shoulder and proceeded dragging you away so he could fuck you in privacy.
But he guesses there wasn’t much privacy if he was being watched all the time.
It was actually pretty typical of Deku. To leech off of what he left behind and try to claim it as his own. First his All Might obsession, then his shoot style, and now you? It’s pathetic, but typical.
He should’ve realized it wasn’t the shadows moving in the corner of his eyes when he was buried to the hilt inside your warmth. When the hairs stood at the back of your neck in the showers, it wasn’t because he was fucking you dumb, it was because someone else’s moans were in synch with his.
But it’s okay, because he knows and you don’t. He knows how the dweeb looks at you, how he sports a tent in his pants when you innocently lay a hand on his shoulder, he knows why your window is broken even though you fell asleep with it intact.
He catches Deku one day. He catches him red handed like the little rat he is.
It was so easy, too, the green haired little shit follows him around like some lovesick puppy anyways. Sometimes he can’t tell if he’s following you or himself.
You walk home from your night classes one evening, when the night is darker than your own shadows and the stars barely dust across the sky. No one else is around, and so you clutch your bag a little more tightly against you whenever you hear a leaf or a start car rustle in the trees surrounding your path back to the dorms.
Bakugo knows your schedule, of course. You take English and Statistics in the morning and save Quirk Training for the evening when you’re the most tired-a stupid plan, in his opinion.
Or at least he thought, at first. Turns out that you’re the easiest to follow when you’re spent and covered in bruises from being thrown against rocks and burned by fire from class. He wishes he could’ve seen you in person when that all happens, but it doesn’t matter when you’re stumbling down the cobblestone path towards your dorm, deaf and blind to any person that might be right behind you.
You just want to go home, he can accept that. Especially when he can so easily trail after you, merely 20 feet away on the same path as you. No one would suspect he’s up to no good from the leisurely way he strolls with his hands in his pockets, and he would bet his entire life that you wouldn’t waste a second to turn around and check your surrounding in favor of hurrying up to your room so you can sleep the aches away.
He might be subtle, but Deku isn’t.
The fucker hides in the bushes and almost crawls like a bug in the foliage after his two favorite people. It’s not even a clever disguise because his hair is three shades lighter than the leaves on the thickets.
Bakugo can hear the twigs snap and rustle as he bumbles around trying to be inconspicuous. He rolls his eyes and turns around, a deep scowl on his face.
“You’re not fooling anyone you bastard. Get the fuck out here right now before I blast you away.”
It doesn’t even take a full three seconds before Deku’s head meekly pops up and he gives a weak smile.
“H-hey Kacchan. Nice to see you here, I just dropped my papers-“
“No you didn’t. How long have you been following us?”
Deku blanches and slowly lifts his eyes to meet Bakugo’s. His mouth might’ve tried to open and refute the accusation, but when he saw the subtle smirk in the latters eye he found himself caring less about being caught.
“Howd you know?”
“You fuckin’ kidding me?” He scoffs and takes a quick glance back at you to ensure that you hadn’t walked too far off. You were still slowly trudging away, an easy distance for him to cross. “You’re about as stealthy as my quirk you freak.”
Deku laughs nervously and scratches the back of his head, also trying to quickly turn his head to see where you are.
“You likin’ the show so far?”
“Huh?” The green haired boy snaps his head back to him, blushing furiously now.
“You heard me. And don’t pretend to be so scandalized, you’re not holier than thou.”
The low voice to an almost predatory tone makes Deku drop the act. He straightens up a bit taller and his eyelids lower, his brows raised in a mocking sneer of some sorts. His lips curl and his teeth gleam in the moonlight, almost looking like fangs.
Bakugo has to remind himself for a moment not to back up a step.
“Yeah, I’m likin’ it.”
“I knew it. I bet you watched us every time we fucked, you bastard. Next time I’ll make you pay for front row seats since that’s where you always seem to be.” He crosses his arms and stares Deku down.
But the other doesn’t cower. Instead, his expression morphs into that of a weird hopeful look.
“I wouldn’t exactly say fucked is the right word. I’d say raped is better, Kacchan.”
It’s the utter confidence and ease in which he says this that makes Bakugo do a double take, his scowl breaking for a moment.
But he regroups. He knew this little shit was weird and fucked up, but he didn’t realize he was twisted beyond repair. In reality, he knew he was actually having sex with you without your full consent but hearing it from a guy like Deku made it so much worse.
It made his heart pound a little faster, while it made Dekus mouth water.
“Yeah? You liked watching me motorboat and fuck her tits? You liked hearing her scream for me, scream to get away from me too?”
And even in the shadows from the trees he can see how hard the degenerate nods his head eagerly like a dog waiting for its bone.
Even though he doesn’t like how the glint in his eyes darken with each vile word coming from his own mouth, he can’t help but go further down this rabbit hole and see how much Deku can take before he snaps-he’s never seen him so hungry for something before, except for when he would be around All Might.
So he eggs him on.
“I bet you got off on watching her struggle underneath me, didn’t you?” It’s less of a question and more of a statement to which Deku confirms.
“I did. I got off so many times I thought I’d have to get it checked out. But honestly, I think you could do better.”
Katsuki wasnt expecting that response.
“Who the fuck are you to-“
“Have you ever really savored the look of fear in her eyes? Have you ever tied her up and really played with her?”
His voice gets stuck in his throat as Deku continues.
“She’s pretty when you fill her up, but I can’t help but wonder..what would she look like with every hole plugged?”
He has no right looking so shy and nervous when such filth leaves his salivating lips. A drop of spit falls to the cobblestone and as Bakugo grimaces and steps back a bit, he realizes that he has not given his childhood rival as much credit for being a creep than he actually is.
“No fucking way. You better not be suggesting you get in on any of this action. She’s fuckin’ mine and I’ll be damned if I have to share her with some useless fuck like you.”
“I promise I won’t be useless, Kacchan. I’ll make sure to keep her moving at all times. She won’t stop bouncing when I’m with her, please, please let me give it a try too.”
And when he doesn’t look convinced, Deku rambles on like a madman. “I’ll even gag her with her own bloodstained panties so that she can shut up and I can focus better. I won’t ask you for her pussy either, I’ll take her ass or throat instead if you want!”
Katsuki wishes he didn’t hear the childhood boyish eager in his voice as he spoke.
He also wishes his dick didn’t get quite so hard when all of that was said.
“God, just shut up already, she’s getting farther now. Okay look, I’ll let you give it a go this one time only so that I can fuck her in peace without you staring at my ass the entire time.”
Dekus eyes light up and he lifts a leg over to step over the hedges. “Really, you mean it? I can fuck her too?”
Bakugo snarls and turns away, heading towards the same path you took. “Whatever, just don’t think this is gonna be a regular kind of thing. I worked hard to get myself a toy and I’ll be damned if you fuck it up for me.”
And when they both join the other towards you, there’s a moment when you glance back that you think the shadow that has been following you this whole time has turned into two.
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sweetienova · 5 hours ago
Just look at me
Written by @sweetienova
Edited: ✅
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Character: Bakugo Katsuki
Reader / OC: Male reader
Warning: Angst
Note: This fanfic might not make sense but .....enjoy 😊 (READ AT THE BOTTOM PLS)
Tumblr media
Bakugo, (Y/N) and Midoriya were the best of friends, they did everything together.
When Midoriya and (Y/N) became friends they instantly clicked. They played heroes together, watched heroes on TV together, and even fantasize about All might together. They were like brothers.
Bakugo didn't see it that way.
Bakugo and him ( (Y/N) ) had known each other since they were babies. He had always been fawn and protective of (Y/N), even if (Y/N) was a year older than him. He had always thought (Y/N) were like an equal towards him, a connection and a feeling in his chest he or no one could yet understand. But the day when you became friends with Midoriya, a feeling of jealousy came.
He didn’t like how you two were so close. The young Bakugo felt anger and jealousy about how you two bonded with each other. He wanted to be just him and (Y/N) but he decided to not show any jealousy or anger, he felt towards how both the two boys bonded, terrified at the idea of losing you because of his selfishness.
The day Bakugo got his quirk, his feelings would soon make known.
Everyone had started to admire him the moment he had gotten his quirk, praising him, even admiring him, and it soon got over his head, making known no one else is better than him. The Bakugo everyone knew changed.
When walking through the park Midoriya was praising Bakugo about the boy’s quirk even said, “I hope when I get my quirk it would cool as yours Kacchan me, you and (Y/N) could be heroes together!”. 
Hearing that Bakugo had finally snapped, all the emotions, jealously, and anger that had kept hidden inside were released. ‘It would’ve been just him and (Y/N) not Midoriya’
Before you can register anything that is happening, the green-haired lay on the ground, elbows holding him up, arms, and legs scratched from the fall, and little spots of dirt on his cheeks, looking up eyes filled with fear and shock from the blonde’s action. Above him stands a young Bakugo, glaring at the boy, eyes filled with rage.
His body filled with rage Bakugo shouted, “Even with a quirk who would want a worthless nobody like you!”
As harsh words continuing coming out his mouth, his hands started to sweat, light audible pops could be heard, soon an explosion erupted in his tiny hands.
Unaware of his words of choice, the young boy raised his hand to hit Midoriya. His eyes still with fulled of fear, he immediately raised his arms to shield himself from the incoming attack.
Before anything could’ve happened, the blonde was suddenly pushed back, and the explosion in his hand was fired in the air.
In front of him stands (Y/N), panting heavily and try to consume air back into his lungs, from his position, he was running, fast, and pushed back Bakugo before he had done give any injury towards Midoriya.
“KATSUKI WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!,” (Y/N) yelled at Bakugo, the expression on his face shows a mix of anger and mostly shock towards his best friend.
He had just finished helping his mother at her bakery and wanting catch up to his best friends, (Y/N) ran all the way here to get to them and imagining his playing and getting along but only saw the scene of his best friend since diapers almost his hitting his other best friend with his quirk.
Seeing the look on (Y/N)’s face a million thoughts go through his head.
Why him?
Why did you pick him?
Why did you choose him?
Why not me?
Why didn’t you choose me?
Why didn’t pick me?
We were fine without him.
We were always together.
Why did you always look at him?
Why can’t you just look at me for once?
Just look at me.
Getting rid of those thoughts, he glared directly at the boy in front of him - and the hint of betrayal and sadness cast in his eyes -. 
Body still filled rage, those words never came out instead his mouth moved on its own, he said the words he will always regret;
“If you want to be friends with a worthless loser like him, I don’t want to be friends with a weak idiot like you.”
Hearing those words, shocked the two boys, the years of their friendship shattered just like glass.
And it did.
In middle school, Bakugo still being the same, and Midoriya’s hope slowly gives out on being a hero because he’s quirk less and the constant reminders that he is, are in their 2nd year. (Y/N), same bubbly extrovert he is now in his third year and last year in middle school and soon joining in the UA entrance exam.
The relationship between Bakugo and (Y/N) was still broken, no interaction, a couple of glances here and there, and only a few words are muttered. 
Only by these small interactions, feelings started to bloom in Bakugo’s chest, feelings that he thought were forgotten and gone, feelings that he wasn’t aware of at first, caused by the more masculine and handsome appearance that he never noticed before and the same way you interact with others, how you make others feel comfortable around you, causing an old feeling to bloom in his chest again. 
But being Bakugo once again decided to his feelings deep - deep - inside, not wanting these feelings to distract him from his goal.
Like history repeats itself it once again backfires.
Now in his first year at UA, standing at the end of the hallway, gazing at (Y/N), who was laughing at the ridiculous story about (F/N) weekend, and (F/N) who was also hitting him from embarrassment. 
Bakugo feels his chest tightens, his heart beating fast, seeing (Y/N) happy and eyes filled with regret.
He can only hold on to his feelings and dreams now and try to make up for his past mistakes, besides (Y/N) would never have feelings for him anyway right?….
For this I wanted to add in more in but I don’t know how to. Please rate/message me/comment anything you think I should change.
Bye have good day / night♥︎
~ Nova🦋
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jarmeen · 6 hours ago
☾ characters included: bakugo, kirishima, denki, sero, mina & jirou
Tumblr media
☾ katsuki bakugo
Tumblr media
pretty simple. usually opts for a t-shirt or hoodie with loose pants or shorts. not too much variety in his closet. his clothes are pretty plain but he makes them look good
☾ eijiro kirishima
Tumblr media
graphic tees and shorts are his go to. loves experimenting with colors and accessories. has an extensive collection of crocs that will go with all of his outfits
☾ kaminari denki
Tumblr media
so many colors and patterns in his closet. he’ll just grab whatever he wants to wear and put it on, even if it doesn’t match. always has cool shoes and absolutely loves sweater paws
☾ hanta sero
Tumblr media
his style changes every week. isn’t afraid to try new things and think out of the box. does not conform to gender norms at all. always looks incredibly presentable no matter what he wears
☾ mina ashido
Tumblr media
loves the small top, big pants combo. isn’t a huge fan of tight clothes bc they limit her range of motion. if her outfits are average, she dressed them up with her shoes and accessories
☾ kyoka jirou
Tumblr media
casual e-girl aesthetic. expresses her taste in music with band tees. prefers pants over skirts but will dress up every now and then. finds a way to include chain somewhere in her outfit
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explosivenebula · 7 hours ago
Hello! How are you? I saw your requests are open, so i thought to drop something I've been thinking for awhile.
It's something like, Bakugou in his 3rd year at UA, having a crush on his 1st year s/o. S/o is like his number 1 fan of sorts, and calls him senpai, kinda gets adopted by the bakusquad (lol). Just some teasing bakusquad, soft blushing bakugou and sunshine s/o, in general...
You can do whatever you feel with it, I'm sorry if its too specific, feel free to ignore, and thank you.. Hace a nice day! 😊
Of Course! I find this such a cute idea, I’d love to do it! Hopefully you enjoy this!
Third Year Bakugou x First Year s/o HEADCANONS {Gender Neutral} {REQUEST}
PAIRINGS: Bakugou x Reader
If you’d like to request a similar headcanon or something entirely different with the same or different MHA/BNHA characters, feel free do to so! Note: Most of my work will be a gender neutral reader/perspective, unless you specifically request something different. You may also request a headcanon for any size, ethnicity, religion etc of person, everything here is welcome! (As long as it is not offensive, and follows the guidelines.)
Tumblr media
◬ Bakugou, being the extremely grumpy and person he tends to be, takes a while to warm up to his s/o before they even begin to start dating. Truth be told, he had a crush on you for a while, so when he found out you were basically the polar opposite to him, it was pretty hard to process. 
◬ You had been practically his number one fan since starting your first year at UA, and he had surprisingly warmed up to you rather quickly. Being a third year, he was still pretty hot headed, but a lot more calm than he had been considering his now developed friendships with Sero, Mina, Kaminari and Kirishima. 
◬ Despite this, he was still reluctant to admit he had a crush on you. In fact, he was rather surprised that you would want to be connected with him in the first place. You were probably the kindest, most caring person he had ever met, but on top of that, you were supportive and smart. His crush on you developed rather quickly because of this, and how the Bakusquad treated you didn’t help his case. 
◬ When you began trying your best to talk to Bakugou at first and let him know just how much you truly admired his work, the Bakusquad (specifically Mina) immediately recognized and fell in love with your adorable attitude. You ere absolutely perfect, and adopted by the group almost right away. 
◬ Every where they went, you were, quickly becoming recognized as a part of their group. And despite being a first year they came to respect you as an equal. Each in the group had the same views about you, a close friend and adorable first year they quickly came to acknowledge as someone to look out for and protect. If anything happened, they were on the way, ready to back you up and stand in your corner no matter what the issue was. 
◬ Bakugou, however, took a while to warm up to you. Not because he didn’t trust you or thought you were annoying, but because he couldn’t see why someone as kind an caring as you, would be so willing to look up to someone like him, going as far as giving him small nicknames and beginning to call him ‘senpai’
◬ The small nicknames and overall admiration you gave him is exactly what started his crush on you. He couldn’t figure out why the hell you were so damn cute. It was a massive ego boost for him that you seemed to look up to him so much and treat him with as much admiration as you did, and he absolutely loved it. 
◬ But he was still the same Bakugou he was, which made confessing and admitting his feelings to you and his friends extremely hard. However, it wasn’t hard for his friends to figure out the way he felt towards you,. Inn fact, they knew he did way before he even realised it himself. 
◬ He would give you his full attention every time you talked, going as far as to yell at his friends to ‘shut up’ so he could hear you talk. He would blush every time you gave him a wide smile, and butterflies erupted in his stomach when you would look up at him with amazed eyes. 
◬ But what really sent him over the edge was how much you seemed to depend on him. Considering you were such a wholesome person, others would often take this as a weakness and try to use this kindness against you both in and outside of training sessions. Because of this ‘target’ like stature, Bakugou quickly became a ‘bodyguard’ of sorts for you, which you following him and everywhere and him glaring down anyone who even remotely looked like the wanted to insult you. 
◬ When he would show off his quirk you were his no.1 supporter, cheering him on and taking in every single piece of advice you could from him. He’d often give you advice on how to improve and win, and occasionally watch your battles which completely surprised him the first time, seeing you perform everything he had told you to do absolutely perfectly. 
◬ Overall, you were simply too perfect for him to handle. So it was inevitably one of his emotional outburst that made you realise he had a crush on you. Of course you suspected he would in the weeks leading up to it, when his blushing and borderline flirting became a little obvious. 
◬ But still it surprised you when he confessed, and he was a blushing, stuttering mess, even more so when you accepted his feelings and returned your own, quickly achieving your status as his s/o
◬ From that point, practically no one messed with you. You were a sweet, oblivious first year, and he was your big, ‘scary dog’ boyfriend. You loved that aspect of him, how he was so respectful and soft with you, but absolutely brutal and extremely protective when you were around absolutely anyone that wasn’t him. 
◬ Overall, you simply make him incredibly happy. He loves your cute and adorable personality, and matches it with his own scary persona. He adores ow you call him senpai, so don’t be surprised if he gets slightly annoyed when you do and it causes him to blush in front of his friends and classmates. But even s, he’s still delicate with you, and knows to treat you absolutely perfectly. 
Thank you for reading! If you’d like to request a similar headcanon or something entirely different with the same or different MHA/BNHA characters, feel free do to so! Note: Most of my work will be a gender neutral reader/perspective, unless you specifically request something different. You may also request a headcanon for any size, ethnicity, religion etc of person, everything here is welcome! (As long as it is not offensive, and follows the guidelines.)
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suckjasmins · 7 hours ago
The love story, Bakugou x reader
A/n i've decided to start writing a fic, it will me a bakugou katsuki x reader, fantasy au, they both are going to be in a tribe and the fic will be about bakugou and how he's competing for Y/n's love (not really but well) the story will also be on wattpad, same username lol lets just get started right??
Pairings: Bakugou x reader
Tags: fluff, angst, romance(?), ligh smut in later chapters
word count: 1054 words
Chapter: 1/??
The horn blew through the whole village. Waking anyone who wasn't already awake. The horns purpose was to signal when the mating season had started. Everyone now knew that the festival would start in about an hour, they would then blow the horn again. Each mating season started with a party, it was a chance to relax and to have fun. The season could be very stressful, and filled with excitement, sexual excitement. Right after the mating season came the actually mating part. The mating season included competitions with the alphas, although it wasn't the typical alpha and omega thing. A few betas would join too but omegas never joined. Alphas is just what the tribe described the warriors as. They also hunted the most, and protected the tribe from outside dangers. Betas was the 'fixers' of the village, they were more neutral and mostly fixed everyones problems. They also harvested berries and simpler things. The omegas, was the babysitters, the moms of the tribe. But just because of the titles, doesn't mean they controlled anyone. Everyone chose what they wanted to be.
You woke up, early as always, ready for the day to begin when you heard the horn. You had completely forgotten about the mating season. The only think you thought of was that the alphas was back. They had been on, one of the longest hunt, and the mating season had been pushed back. Almost all of the betas had also been with them. Running down to the centre of the village, you spotted the alphas back. Being the same age as them, you all played together as children, meaning you were friends with them. The first alpha you spotted was Mina, throwing yourself at her, you nearly toppled both of you to the ground.
"Y/n! I've missed you! How have you been?" Mina hugged you as she asked her questions. She held your hands while looking around. "Are you excited for the mating season?" she wiggled her eyebrows.
"I don't know... maybe?" you carefully asked, watching her reaction.
Before she could respond, strong arms hugged you from behind. You burst out in laughter, already knowing who it was.
"Eijirooo! Stop! You'er crushing me!" Turning around, you met Kirishimas eyes. You both smiled and laughed, missing each other. After all, you both were best friends while being kids. After talking for a few minutes, you both moved on to other business. Him having to help move the big load of deer and bear, you wanting to meet the others.
As you went on to search for the others, you saw him. Bakugou Katsuki stood out like a sore thumb, talking to a few of the more 'important' people. He stood and gloated, a pridefull smirk plastered on his face. Accepting and not thanking anyone for the compliments he got. When he turned around, you noticed he was hurt, his arm looked to be broken. It hung around his neck with the help of a cloth. When you looked up, you realized he was staring at you and had caught you staring at him. You slightly blushed and he only smirked. You walked forward, and only glanced at his eyes now and then. It was strange between you two, you played together while being children. There was also a period of time, you both were really close, but then he stopped being with you. You never knew why, but you stopped questioning it a while ago.
Finally you stood in front of him, you looked up and softly smiled at him. He had a little smirk but otherwise looked disinterested. He was a few inches taller than you, he had a thick fur covering his shoulder. But otherwise he wore nothing else then pants, he also had a necklace with teeth hanging on it. A few more teeth decorated it than last time.
"So... Hi Bakugou" for some reason, he was the only one out of your friends you called by their last name. Did he even consider you as his friend? "I heard the hunt went well.. and.. how are you?" you softly chuckled. He only stared down at you, he finally opened his mouth to say something when-
BEEEEEP  , (a/n  the horn is supposed to sound like a foghorn?? i dont know how to describe it lol)
He simply closed his mouth and looked at the little scene to the right, well his left, your right. At the scene stood the tribe leader, Bakugou Mitsuki. She waited for everyone to be silent and then cleared her throat.
"Everyone! We'er finally back from the hunt! We now have food for the rest of the year! Now I know the mating season has been pushed back... but it has finally begun! Let us start the festival!"
Mitsukis voice boomed over the crowd, as she finished her short speech, the crowd let out a roar of excitement. After that music had started and people broke out dancing. You glanced at Bakugou again and blushed. He simply stared at you, his eyes staring into your own. He was a lot closer than you remembered, and you could smell him. He smelled like, a fire camp and of blood. Surprisingly it doesn't disgust you, it was kinda comforting. Bakugou opened his mouth to speak when Denki and Kyoto wandered over to you two.
"Yoo! Y/n! How's it going?" Denki laughed and smiled, his arm dangled over Kyotos shoulders. She blushed slightly and smiled at you.
"You guys look happy... why?" you smiled smugly at her, waiting for the answer. But you already knew the answer. The couple had pinned after each other the whole year, so it was no suprise.
"Well.. you see-" Kyoto started.
"I'm going to compete for Kyoto!" Denki happily slurred, pulling Kyoto to him and giving her a light kiss on her cheek. Kyoto burst out blushing, yelling at Denki, hitting his shoulder while he hugged her.
"I'm so happy for you guys!" You laughed and hugged them both. You didn't notice Bakugous sour expression when you hugged Denki. Looking at them, you noticed that Kyoto was a blushing mess, and Denki was a drunk mess, except he hadn't drank anything.
a/n sooo firts chapterrr, a bit nervous because im gonna try to make this a long ass ficc lol
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melanimed · 10 hours ago
Hello Ms. Tay I have a drabble request. It is very very simple but it makes me so happy inside. Any drabble whatsoever about climbing a tree with Baku. 🥰
Tumblr media
“Get the fuck out of that goddamn tree!” Bakugou fummed out. He was steaming watching your determined expression scale the tree. He could tell your footing and grip was slipping at you tried to reach out to the long branch.
Your eyebrows remained furrowed, eyes narrowed in towards the branch—stretching your arm out as far as it would go. You wiggled your fingers out, desperate to feel the rough and intricate texture of the branch.
“Katsuki! I got this! Stop worrying so much!” you croaked out. Bakugou growled in frustration, arms crossed in dissatisfaction. His jaw was clenched tightly as veins bulged out from his neck and forehead.
You were always so stubborn about things, especially when you had a goal in mind. Although he would drive him mad at times, it was one of the reasons he fell in love with you.
He always love that sparkle in your eye when you got like this.
“See! I’m almost there—ah!” you suddenly yelled out. One of your shoes lost grip of the wood, causing you to fall on your back. Time almost seemed to slow down as you quickly shut your eyes and brace for the pain.
Yet no pain came.
As you fluttered your eyes open, irritated ruby ones looked down at yours. Bakugou had caught you in his strong and muscular arms, your body shuttering in relief. You sighed happy you didn’t feel the pain before Bakugou set you down and glared.
“I fucking told you! Don’t do shit like that!” he barked. You pouted looking back at the tree you were once on. If only you could’ve gotten that other branch.
“How about this. If I managed to climb it this time, you have to agree to cook whatever I want this week!” you exclaimed out. The frown on Bakugou deepen briskly before forming into a confident smirk.
“Fine, but this time I’m not catching you,” he replied. You grinned towards him before running up and trying your second attempt on the tree. Bakugou sighed, placing on of his hand on his hips.
He knew he couldn’t lie to himself. You were always his weakness. Even if you managed you fail again, he’d always be there to catch you.
Tumblr media
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smashboxgirl26 · 11 hours ago
katsuki bakugou x reader (oneshot)
(office au!)
summary: after pining over you for multiple years, bakugou decides that enough is enough
contains: fluff
word count: 1.8k
a/n: a little bit late because she didn't tell about it until today, but this is my offering to @mayxn15 for her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY (the song is "can i be him" by james arthur btw)
Tumblr media
Every time Bakugou passes by and sees you sitting at your desk, the fluttering feeling in his chest returns. The nervousness and anxiety returns. Sweat collects in his palms and he once again feels like he did as a teenager - uncertain about everything.
And everyday, when he stops by to say hello or good morning, you give him a smile and a wave that makes all his worries slip away. He forgets his previous feelings and basks in your warmth, wanting to stay out of the cold.
Yet every time, without saying much else, he walks over to his desk that’s across the room from yours and regrets not expressing his feelings.
You’d both been working at this same office for seven years, and in all that time he hasn’t said a word about them.
You were both close, sure, but how was he supposed to bring up something that completely altered the relationship between him and the one person in the entire office that he could actually bear. The others had good intentions, but they were all much too energetic for someone he had to hang out with everyday.
So he lived with watching you from across the room - making phone calls, shredding documents, scheduling meetings, organizing paperwork - telling himself everyday that he would finally express his feelings the next day.
And it worked. For the couple of years after he realized his feelings for you, he pretended that he would say something about the next time he saw you. That was how he convinced himself to keep going, to keep being as close to you as he was.
But then, it changed.
“Katsuki,” you called out towards him.
The both of you were hanging out in the small break room. You sat at the small, round table, while Katsuki rummaged through the fridge for his food.
“Hmm?” “What’d you think of the new guy?”
Katsuki swiped his little brown bag and closed the fridge before coming to sit across from you. He rolled his eyes at your question.
Midoriya was fine, he couldn’t really care less as long as he didn’t get in his way. But he couldn’t really say that to you, now could he.
“He’s fine, seemed nice enough,” Katsuki said thoughtfully before taking a bite of his sandwich.
You only stared down at the table in front of you before replying, “Yeah, he was really nice.”
The tone in your voice caught his attention instantly, your words caught in between a sigh and a breath. He lost the interest he had in his sandwich and immediately observed your expression, his own breath getting caught in his throat.
Your cheeks were tinging with the slightest, most subtle shade of pink - but he noticed it instantly. And the wistful look in your eyes, even while staring at the table, was enough to make him understand what you were feeling.
You liked this Midoriya guy.
When you finally drifted out of your daze to look back at Bakugou, he pretended to be busy eating his sandwich, watching out of the corner of his eye as you finally decided to eat the pasta you brought.
“D’you think we should invite him to karaoke? He doesn’t really have any friends in the office so it’ll give him a chance to get to know everyone,” you spoke in between bites.
Now that sentence was starting to set Bakugou off. He didn’t want to see the Midoriya guy at all after work. He’d rather hang out with you, and the other annoying people he worked with and forget about your newfound feelings.
Now, he couldn’t even pretend that they didn’t exist outside of work. Because there you’d be, cute and blushing over someone who wasn’t him.
“Sure, if ya want,” he grunted back.
Of course he said yes.
You, Kirishima, Todoroki, Uraraka, Mina, Denki, Iida, and Tsuyu, along with himself and Midoriya, were now squeezed into the small karaoke booth watching as Sero sang “Baby One More Time” in a high pitched and squeaky voice that didn’t fit the song at the top of his lungs. The air was filled with talking, drunken laughter, and hollers for Sero’s singing - leaving a mostly friendly and open environment between everyone.
But that didn’t stop Bakugou from brooding, however, whenever he saw you and Midoriya talk. And even now, you were both laughing about something across from where he was sitting.
Taking a sip of his beer, he averted his eyes away from the sight, wanting to relieve the aching feeling in his chest.
But how? It was his fault that he hadn’t said anything to you earlier, and just sat on his feelings.
And it’s not like he couldn’t have expected anything like this to happen. You’d both started together when you were younger and felt differently about being with someone. But the need for a relationship always grew when getting older. Hell, you’d even been talking to him about it lately.
Your parents were pressuring you into meeting people, but you wanted to meet the person yourself. And everytime a similar topic of conversation was brought up, he told himself that he would soon enough get the courage to express himself, and that those conversations would soon be about the two of you.
But now, looking at you and Midoriya awakened something in him that he hadn’t experienced before when staring at you. A burning feeling that spread across his body.
There was no more tomorrow. Tomorrow was too late. By tomorrow, you and this stupid Midoriya guy might be dating.
So when he heard Sero’s name being called followed by cheers and clapping, he knew what had to be done.
Whether or not it was a good decision due to his current intoxicated state was up for debate, but his mind was set on his next actions.
“‘Kay, so who’s going next?” Kirishima called out to the rest of the table.
“I’ll go.”
Everyone turned to stare at Bakugou with wide eyes, and he inwardly smirked when he saw that even your attention was taken by his sudden announcement.
“How much have you drunk?” Kaminari asked immediately.
“Four beers, it’s fine,” Bakguou said as he stood up from his seat, waving off everyone’s concern.
He never participated in things like these, always grumbling about how they were a waste of time and how he’d rather just laugh at everyone else’s attempts.But today was apparently the day that pigs would fly, since Katsuki Bakugou would be participating in karaoke with his coworkers.
After stumbling to the front of the room, everyone held their breath as Bakugou scrolled through the endless list of songs and finally came to the one he was looking for.
As the opening chords of the song played out, everyone immediately quieted down in anticipation.
“You walked into the room and now my heart has been stolen You took me back in time to when I was unbroken Now you're all I want And I knew it from the very first moment 'Cause a light came on when I heard that song and I want you to sing it again
I swear that every word you sing, you wrote them for me Like it was a private show, I know you never saw me When the lights come on and I'm on my own Will you be there to sing it again? Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories Can I be him?”
You almost gasped in surprise. Even though the usual rough undertone in his voice was still present, it gained a smooth silkiness in its notes as he sang along to the song. And as he sang, you noticed how Bakugou’s eyes never left you, his eyes gazing over your form with a sincere look in his eyes.
And that’s when you realized that he meant what he was singing. All of his effort was being put into the emotions in the song - emotions that he felt. And not only that, he was singing the lyrics to you.
“I heard there was someone but I know he don't deserve you If you were mine I'd never let anyone hurt you, no, no I wanna dry those tears, kiss those lips It's all that I've been thinking about 'Cause a light came on when I heard that song and I want you to sing it again
I swear that every word you sing, you wrote them for me Like it was a private show, but I know you never saw me When the lights come on and I'm on my own Will you be there to sing it again? Could I be the one you talk about in all your stories?”
The words he sang drove right into your chest, with a new feeling blossoming as you stared at him with a new sense of self.
A fluttering feeling entered your body, and you felt as your skin became warmer - making you feel like you were going to suffocate under the heat of your skin and Bakugou’s stare.
When the song ended, everyone in the room burst into applause and hollers at how good Bakugou was singing.
But even while getting squashed by Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero in an unwanted hug, his eyes never left you. They conveyed exactly what he was feeling, and by the look on your face, he knew that you understood.
After he finally broke out of everyone’s amazement at his talent and they’d moved onto Mina’s performance, he sent you a nod in the direction of the door. You gave him a slight nod back and watched as he exited the small room before you followed close behind.
The air outside the building was cool and light, the slight wind blowing against your face as you stepped outside. Bakugou stood adjacent to the door, his back leaned lightly against the wall while he watched you walk towards him.
“Sorry,” he said slowly once you’d gotten closer. “It was a spur of the moment thing and I-”
He was interrupted by you pulling the bottom of his tie towards you as your lips crashed into each other.
At first, your lips were harsh against the other, your teeth and tongues knocking into each other as you pushed yourself against each other forcefully. But after taking a small break for air, the feeling on your lips was soft and smooth as yours and Bakugou’s moved together in a rhythm that only the two of you would be able to understand.
His hand was resting over your cheek, his thumb grazing the skin softly while your hands rested on his chest, having pulled away from his tie a long time ago.
“What took you so long?” you asked after pulling away.
The two of you were huffing slightly now, creating condensation in the small space between your faces.
“I was scared,” he replied simply before pulling you into his chest.
He was so happy that he didn’t wait for tomorrow.
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writteninkat · 12 hours ago
hi🧚‍♀️✨ can i request a headcanon for bakugo getting fucked up that his s/o isnt answering the door lol, it can be in the dorms or something. so this morning, my mother was knocking on my door and i woke up but was too lazy to answer it. she gradually started to knock and call louder until she started a fucking earthquke and i thought my door was gonna blow the fuck up. that shit scared me that i finally called back and she thought i couldnt wake up or i fucking died god it was terrifying. that just feels like something bakugo would do lmao. have fun writing💗✨
a/n: lmao this is hilarious cause i do this shit too often to my mom
Tumblr media
You were supposed to be ready by ten am buy now it's fifteen minutes past ten and you're not in the common area nor are you answering your phone. As much as Katsuki thinks of it as a pain in the ass, he decides to walk up your room with a frustrated huff.
How could you forget your date today? You were the one who was so excited for it, you were the one who planned it and you were the one who bugged him all week for it. Where were you?
Katsuki ignores the 'good morning's and 'hello's of the girls he pass by, knocking on your door softly. He remembers how you got mad at him for banging on it the first time and now he's being extra careful not to make that same mistake again.
"Hey idiot. Wake up." He calls but it's silent. He furrows his brows, knocking on your door again but this time, adding a little bit more pressure on his knocks. When you still don't answer, he begins to grow irritated.
"Hey dumbass, weren't you the one begging me for this date? Wake up already." Katsuki huffs, clicking his tongue as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.
"That's so cute? The both of you are going out on a date? Ribbit." Tsuyu asks, coming out of Uraraka's room with Hagakure right behind her. "Mind your business, damn extras." Katsuki continues to knock on your door as the girls continue gushing about how cute the both of you are.
"That's adorable! So what kind of date is it??? Carnival? Cafe? Mall? A picnic?" Hagakura gushes to which Katsuki sets off tiny explosions in his palms as a means of intimidating his nosy classmate. "To hell I'm answering your shitty questions." He growls, "And dammit why isn't this idiot answering her door?!" Katsuki roars, now already banging on your door.
His irritation is slowly alters to worry. Memories of you crying to him about how tired and stressed out you were this past month creeps to him, causing his heart to beat irregularly. His palms are sweating, his breathing is shallow and he can't help but feel his body shake in worry and anxiety.
"Dumbass answer the door or I'm blowing it up!" Katsuki yells, placing his palm on your dooras he stares at it in worry. He grabs onto the doorknob, trying to twist it both ways but to no avail- it's locked.
"Have you tried calling her-" Katsuki cuts Momo off, "I did! Five times already before I came up here!" Katsuki's tone is laced with worry as he continues pounding on the door.
"I'll go call for Aizawa sensei." Hagakure rushes towards the elevator as the rest of the girls stand back in worry as Katsuki tries to shake your doorknob open. "Fucking dammit Y/n this isn't funny! Open this door now! I'm getting worried for you, you idiot!"
As Katsuki pounds and shouts worriedly at the door outside your room, you, in the other hand, found your old iPod with your old favorites still in it while you were looking for your blow dryer an hour ago. Now you're listening to Rhianna's S&M in full blast with your headphones on as you took your sweet time perfecting your winged liner.
You ignored Katsuki's calls the first five times while you were getting ready, not wanting to get yelled at for being so late. After what felt like forever, you finally perfected your eye liner. You smile, setting the liner down before seeing your door explode open in the mirror.
You turn around, glad you wore your clothes before doing your make up. "Y/n???" You hear Katsuki yell through all the smoke, making you cough. You stand, opening your window to let all the smoke out:
"Katsuki what the hell? Why did you blow up my door for?" You ask, only to be pulled in to a hug. You can feel Katsuki's heartbeat clearly as you are pulled against him. "You fucking idiot! I was worried sick!" Katsuki yells, his arms tightening around you even more.
"What the hell is happening here?" You look around, furrowing your brows at your friends' worried eyes. "Katsuki was banging and shouting at your door for you but you never answered. We got worried so he used his quirk on it." Momo explains to which you sigh at.
You pat your boyfriend comfortingly before pushing him softly away, smiling at him. "You're adorable, you know that?"
Katsuki narrows his eyes at you, "Call me that one more time. I dare you."
Before you can take him up on that challenge, Aizawa walks in, looking completely and utterly upset about the state of your room. "Katsuki you'll be doing community service for the rest of the weekend for entering the girl's side of the dormitory and for breaking school property." He says, crossing his arms on his chest.
"Sir, I was somewhat responsible too so what if I took half of Katsuki's C.S and we do it at Sunday?" Aizawa looks at you as if you've grown two heads and you take his silence as a chance to pull Katsuki by his wrist and up your window.
"We already asked permission and were granted it. We're gonna go on a date now, bye!" You pull Katsuki along with you out the window as the blond uses his quirk to propel the both of you upwards and to the rooftop.
You two run to the other side, hands clasped together. "You know we're gonna get punished even more because of this, right?" Katsuki asks, eyes straight ahead as you smile widely.
"Who cares about school rules right now??? I wanna go pet the kittens in that new cat cafe!"
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