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bliboboggins · 4 hours ago
i expected that png to get like 2 notes not nearly 200 i only had like 30 followers lol
anyway heres a much tinier transparent bg tove jansson bilbo to warily point Sting at whatever youd like
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sunlitwritings · 4 hours ago
LOTR preference / going on a picnic with them.
characters ; legolas,frodo,aragorn,eowyn x human!reader.
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Legolas would have had this day in the works for weeks. He wanted to do something special for his favorite human to show his appreciation for you,and what better way to do so than a lovely picnic? The two of you had stayed very close friends after the fellowship had ended and the ring now destroyed. He told you to meet him in a small field outside the woods of Mirkwood at midday. He had a large blanket there with lots of fresh fruits,cheeses,breads and jams all waiting for the both of you to dig into. To say you were elated was an understatement. You spent the whole rest of the day laughing and sharing memories together.
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A few weeks prior the Bilbo's birthday party,Frodo would have stopped by and asked you if you'd like to join him on a walk around the Shire followed by a picnic. You of course agreed without second thought. The two of you had a nice walk around the Shire,enjoying all the sights and animals around before you both sat down by a small pond and had a delicious supper together. Frodo had made it all himself (with the help of Bilbo,of course) and he was certainly pleased with it. Even more so when he saw how much you loved the food too. And of course no picnic was complete without some ale from the Green Dragon.
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Aragorn was a busy man; a very busy man,actually. When he wasn't on the road,he was usually asleep or tending to his wounds. There sadly wasn't much time for things as lovely as picnics for this ranger. But much to his surprise,you found a way to make one happen. It was something you had wanted to do for ages as you loved him dearly but you didn't think an opportunity would ever arise,but it did. And by god you took it. The simple picnic was in the shady corner of a forest while the two of you had stopped for a few hours to rest. You pulled various foods out your pack and sat them down on your shared blanket and Aragorn was delighted. You told him it wasn't much but he reassured you that to him,it was the world.
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Picnics were a regular thing for you and Eowyn; you two spent a lot of time together and picnics were a favorite thing for the both of you. You usually were the one to plan them and bring the food,but Eowyn decided this week she would do the honors. She picked a cute little spot in Rohan to sit and she brought some home cooked meals (Eomer helped. Eowyn admits she isn't the best at cooking.) for you both. It was a lovely homemade bread with a side of vegetable and potato soup. The day was perfect and the sun made it even better.
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satoichi · 6 hours ago
Kili: Is stabbing someone immoral?
Fili: Not if they consent to it.
Thorin: Depends who you’re stabbing.
Bilbo: YES?!?
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yacrimago · 7 hours ago
It's been a time. I'm trying proportions. :) I really wanted to draw Beorn. I think Bilbo should be smaller, maybe next time.
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dwarvishring · 10 hours ago
farewell, master burglar. go back to your books, and your armchair. plant your trees, watch them grow. if more people valued home above gold this world would be a merrier place.
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grunid · 11 hours ago
They are trapped together in a cave with a limited quantity of food ( Bilbo + Thorin + Legolas + Beorn )
(none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @yacrimago​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
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-the calmest of all
-he is a dwarf, he is used to closed places, tunnels and other caves and he has already been locked up because of landslides
-even without tools he knows what to do and where to dig
-he is also used to calm dwarves and dwarf children who experience their first landslide
-he knows what to say and how to calm fears
-he is obliged to calm down Bilbo and Legolas who are more and more panicking
-teamwork with Beorn whose strength is a considerable asset
-ends up putting a huge loaf of bread in Bilbo's mouth to shut him up
-they are freed in a few hours thanks to him and Beorn
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-he already sees himself dead with the others
-Thorin may tell him that everything is fine, but he can't stop talking and saying everything that comes to his mind while pacing
-Beorn ends up sticking him in Legolas' arms
-he wants to help but is not very efficient in clearing the stones that Thorin and Beorn move
-to take his mind off things while waiting for Thorin and Beorn to deliver them, he uses the available food to make snacks for everyone
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-elves are not supposed to live underground, therefore he feels oppressed, uncomfortable, anxious and close to panic
-except that unlike Bilbo, he panics in silence
-Thorin being used to this kind of reactions, he quickly spots the elf's anxiety and tries to calm him down
-he does his best to calm Bilbo down after Beorn puts him in his arms
-with the food they have he helps Bilbo to make lembas
-when they are finally free, his view of the dwarves has changed and he has a new respect for them
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-he doesn't like dwarfs but he knows what they can do and has confidence in their abilities
-so when Thorin asks him for help he obeys without question
-he is anxious but seeing Bilbo in this state makes him feel bad but he has no time to take care of him so he puts him in Legolas' arms
-he doesn't know anything about it so he does whatever Thorin tells him to do
-he compliments Bilbo and Legolas on the snacks they have made, if that makes them feel better
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silostosstuff · 11 hours ago
Sometimes I just wanna experience an adventure like Bilbo Baggins but then I remember I wouldn't survive that long in a world like middle-earth because
a) I do not know how to use any weapon
b) My lungs are probably destroyed (Thanks to Covid) so running is a no
c) Thorin Oakenshield would be so annoyed by me, he would probably kill me without any hesitation after like 5 minutes
But when I think about all the adult responsibilities that are waiting for me... I prefer the annoyed Thorin Oakenshield
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temporoyales · 11 hours ago
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bunny bilbos doodles
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rutobuka2 · 12 hours ago
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It'll soon be mother's day where I live, and I thought this drawing would fit the mood! Little Bilbo being taught how to stitch by Belladonna 🌻
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brglhobbit · 15 hours ago
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3 rd Breakfast - because sometimes a hobbit needs eggs and toast at 9 pm
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yacrimago · 15 hours ago
I had a beautiful dream, I was drinking tea with Bilbo and Bofur and I swear I could smell them, Bilbo smelled like cinnamon and Bofur had a smoky scent. I embraced them and that made me so happy. Don't know what I did to deserve that beautiful dream but I'm grateful.
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