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#bag end
mudwingprincess15 minutes ago
I have decided against printing the notes and giving them to my friends because I am a coward :)
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I had to bag up a dead lab and I forgot that dogs pee when they die. So I got soaked. Took the dog out to the freezer. Came back to get the other dog (a beagle) and forgot AGAIN and got soaked again.
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xcziel11 hours ago
Five Things Tag
tagged by @kholran (thank you!! 馃挅)
five things you'll find in my back pack
(i haven't used a backpack since 1993, and for decades i had essentially a bag-of-holding purse that co-workers used to joke i could club someone to death with, but pandemic times means i cut down to absolute essentials that will fit in jeans pockets, so boring *)
card wallet
spare mask
hand sanitizer
five of my favorite things
popcorn (right now)
the color black
being able to have all my books around me
cool, windy weather
making things that people enjoy (cribbing from @kholran bc it IS the best feeling
five things on my to-do list
new pothos plant
find some of the new 90s throwback platform shoes that seem to be coming out (bc i MISS my old ones that broke)
work on getting my stamina back
get hold of a laptop and photoshop(-like program)
figure out a way to download shows for (trying to make) gifs or edits
tagging @thewindsofsong @aurawolfgirl2000 @hesayshesgotboyfriend @epicwalrus @xia-xueyi @jockvillagersonly or anyone else who'd like to be tagged and hasn't been!
* in case anyone is curious, an actual list of things i had in my purse pretty much at all times under the cut because it's long
(i still have a messed up shoulder, as the thing weighed over 15 lbs - @7kg for non-americans)
old-school folding wallet/checkbook
small leather id/card wallet with keychain
separate, less-used keychain
tablet & phone
glasses case
contacts case & eye drops
makeup case w/foundation, powder, concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipgloss
zipper case with pills: vitamins, ibuprofen, tums, dramamine, excedrin, gas-x, etc
zipper case of small ultilities: bandaids, neosporin, measuring tape, tiny bottle of bugspray, girl scout pocketknife, tiny writing pad in a metal case, glasses wipes, nailfile, tweezers, superglue, carmex, safety pins, extra hairclip
small collection of chargers/cords
small rennfest dagger in sheath
mini maglite
many ballpoint pens and sharpies - 15 or so
hand sanitizer, hand wipes, travel pack kleenex
candy bar or m&ms - something with nuts
gummi bears or skittles
travel sewing kit
old & new recipts
little bluetooth speaker & cord
folding umbrella
in summer a folding fan, in winter gloves
old, cracked change purse from my mom
2 or 3 tiny folding knives from my dad
boxcutter and work gloves
*shrug emoji*
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otomes-and-tearsa day ago
Hello, I hope you're having a good day! I was wondering if it might be possible to ask for a one shot of Ezarel receiving news about Erika/Guardienne's awakening (whether by HQ letter, or maybe smth overheard idk)? ; o ; I miss that blue boy so much aaaaaa
A/N: Nevra and Ezarel are penpals. I don鈥檛 care what canon says, I will stand by this.
Ezarel finding out that the Guardian is awake
Ezarel always looked forward to Nevra鈥檚 letters.
Not like he鈥檇 ever let that smug bastard know, his ego was already too inflated for his own good, but it was still nice to hear from his old friend.
Nevra鈥檚 letters were lengthy鈥 usually several pages long and detailed the shenanigans that the ones that stayed behind were going through. Life in the HQ was quieter than it was before, but still busy, so he could forgive his friend for not writing too often.
That鈥檚 why when Twylda came running to him on one afternoon, with a letter in hand from the HQ he got worried.
鈥淵ou received one less than a month ago, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
He looked at the papers in his desk. The reply he was still writing.
Ezarel held the new letter with a worried glance.
鈥淒o you think... That something happened to him?鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 only one way to find out.鈥 She says 鈥淚鈥檒l give you privacy but... Please call me if you need something.鈥
He nodded. They didn鈥檛 really get along well at first, but with time he started really appreciating Twylda鈥檚 company. She was sweet and motherly, and seemed to know just what to say to make him feel better.
With a sigh he grabbed his letter opener and reached for the contents inside. It was only one page long and written hastily, which was unusual for the vampire.
His eyes skimmed through the text, and his heart almost stopped beating in this chest when he processed the words written in front of him.
They were alive.
The guardian was alive.
They woke up in front of the Crystal almost two weeks ago now.
They are awake and okay and they asked about him.
Ezarel鈥檚 first thought was 鈥渢his must be a joke鈥. But this was clearly Nevra鈥檚 handwriting, even if it was messy and lacked its usual flair, and the letter was closed off with his seal. Nevra has a weird sense of humour but he wouldn鈥檛 joke about something like this, and everything pointed to the fact that he found out about it and immediately ran to write to him about it, as he promised he would.
Ezarel鈥檚 hands were shaking. He was embarrassed to admit that he wanted to cry, and was glad to be alone for now.
He didn鈥檛 know what to do.
Should he write back and ask for more information? Should he just march over there and see it with his own eyes?
His eyes scanned over the letter one last time, and he watched the contents of the letter he was still writing on his desk.
No. He had to be there.
With a surge of decisiveness, the elf got up to look for his bags.
He just hoped the guardian would still be okay by the time he got there.
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opus3no14 days ago
For the vincenzo asks, cha young and yeon jin!!
Chayoung: how #dramatic do you get over small things?
if the smol thing is tidiness then Very i need everything to be organized or i will have sensory overload asjdfl;
Yeonjin: do people tend to underestimate my strength?
in terms of physical strength allll the time
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harringtn5 days ago
I wasn鈥檛 talking about the OP or even that post I鈥檓 talking hundreds and hundreds of comments acting like it鈥檚 the most hilarious absurd shit in the whole world??? like how obnoxious can people BE??
It鈥檚 not just that post, i see the same thing day after day, & that was just the 鈥淸non American people] DO THIS [mundane normal thing] OMESHWK 馃槶馃槶馃槀馃槀馃槶鈥 post that broke the camels back
The majority of the world isn鈥檛 US-American and dont do things the way you do<33
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vvitchblxde5 days ago
remember, if you're having a bad time in your twenties you're just working and/or have really good work ethic and a sense of responsibility. the people going out and having all the fun are spoiled rich kids and lazy people who willingly have no job or do bare minimum effort.
if you're in your twenties and having a miserable time it's because you're working on bettering yourself and making sure your future is bright and free of financial strain, toxic relationships, and unresolved trauma. it's not fun to work through your shit or worry about money or worry about your health but you're doing that right now in your young adult age and that is a commendable act.
your twenties suck because you're working hard to stay on the right track at a point in your and your peers' lives that puts a lot of pressure on you to be fun, sexy, and free. and that pressure comes from all directions, not just social media. there has never not been a time that romanticizes ones twenties. you'd be feeling like you were missing out a century ago too because you're getting your shit together while sally and fred are down the street at the club drinking champagne and dancing the night away and not worrying because her well off parents are taking care of her and he has an easy high paying position at his father's company.
nothing has changed except names and slight details, but the spirit of the struggle remains the same. you're doing fine and working hard with the very little you were given. things seem shitty and you feel like you're missing out on everything because you're being an adult for the first time and you're actually trying. but as long as you keep working it will get better because right now you are laying down the foundation for a healthy, happy, functional, and comfortable rest of your life and you're working so fucking hard.
i'm so proud of you.
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wonderfulcinderella6 days ago
oh no what am i supposed to sayyyy
I haven't been following you for that long but I really like your content, it's a nice variety of my other mutuals and fandoms, you're talented (yes I sneaked through some of your stuff) and it's the funniest thing ever we kept talking in english when we both know german 馃槀 (+ I really love our bashing 馃槀馃槀)
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milfminghao7 days ago
I wore my ring to work and took it off to wash my hands before my shift and the just never put it back on
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glorfindelridesagain8 days ago
Bilbo: Thorin, how do you take your coffee?
Thorin: As dark and bitter as my soul.
Bilbo: One glass of milk coming right up.
Thorin: Wha- HEY!
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dreamlikeatnatureblr9 days ago
Tumblr media
Bag End, the home of Frodo Baggins and Bilbo Baggins ( Hobbit, LOTR)
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spacejammie-eimmajecaps10 days ago
I was talking with a friend today, which lead me to realize that not everyone automatically makes up an entire storyline for strangers they see in public
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