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andreamaul · 3 hours ago
Sketch card done by Shane McCormack aka harrylime. Very talented artist.
Tumblr media
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black-dragon1998 · a day ago
Lone Wolf chapter 8
Summary: the Skaikru see a diffrent side of you and Lexa and also the Kwin of the coalition is revealed to the Skaikru.
previous chapters:  part 1-part 2- part 3- part 4- part 5-  part 6- part 7
Like always thank you for reading and leave a comment to help me improve my writing.
Also the progress of this story is going slower than i would have liked. but i haven’t abandoned it i promise.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Madi still had her head on your shoulder while she told you all about her days when you were gone and about how she felt about seeing you fight. Instead of speaking you nudge her head with yours reassuring her more than your words could ever do. They had to come with something more than Finn to put a dent into you. Madi giggled at your actions and snuggled closer. You also weren’t about to tell her that the only time you were concerned about the fight was when that stupid boy pulled out the gun, even thinking about it made you blister with rage. Madi seemed to feel it and kissed you on the cheek to calm you down.
Before you went looking for either Clarke or Lexa you stopped at your tent to get Madi a new pair of clothes, as night started to settle in it had started to become colder and you didn’t want her to catch a cold. Your daughter tended to fall asleep everywhere she was sitting.
Madi however started to get fuzzy when you put her on your bed with her ticker clothes next to her. She most likely was starting to get hungry and sleepy. It had been an eventful day for her. It took a bid of fighting with her little limps to put her in her clothes, Madi giggled through your whole struggle.
“you like that don’t you, you little monster.” You smile down at Madi while blowing raspberries on her stomach.
“you love making mama sweat helping you dress.” Madi now lets out a full belly laugh, which you think is the cutest thing ever. Placing her on her feet you hold up her cloak for her to put on. When she was fully dressed she jumped up and down next to you, overexcited for tonight. Although you think some of her energy is coming from being tired, she could get like that sometimes and was a pain to put to bed then.
You were ready to go find Madi some food when you felt a tug on your pants. Looking down you saw Madi looking op at you with her hands raised.
“up mama! Wane be tall.” And as the little princess demanded the princess got. With an exaggerated huff, you picked her up and boobed her nose.
“What is the magic word.”
“please mama.” You place her on your hip you started walking toward the centre of the camp.
“come on you little monster let’s get you some food and then search for nomon. Mommy will probably be busy for a little while longer.” Madi nods in understanding, more than happy to be in your arms.
  Lexa is where you expected her to be, in the middle of camp brooding like a real Heda. Making sure everything was ready for Clarke’s big speech. She looked up when the two of you approached and Madi started calling for her. A smile settled on Lexa’s face and she seemed to be happy that Madi was able to calm you down. She had seen your state when you walked away for the battle and had feared the worst.
When you were close enough Lexa took Madi in her arms and pulled you in for a quick hug. Not daring to kiss you with unfamiliar faces around.
“I’m fine hodness.” You whisper into her ear, pulling away. Lexa looked deep into your eyes to make sure you were truly okay and not just lying to make her feel better. You were known to make spare both her and Clarke from your torment. Seeing the earnestness in your eyes reassured her enough and let the matter rest.
“Alright, I believe you. The preparations for Clarke’s big speech are almost done.” Lexa informed you.
“good that means we just have to wait for the guest of honour. Maybe we should already eat if we would starve before Clarke gets here.” You tease, knowing fully well that Clarke could hear you. Lexa shook her head at your attempts to rile up their wife.
“is that complaining I hear from you general?” Clarke asked, raising an eyebrow at you. Daring you to challenge her when you looked down at her. You saw Lexa whispering something into Madi’s ear making the little girl giggle. When Clarke didn’t get a response she took a step closer and raised her eyebrow further if that was even possible and you gulped down your response. Antagonizing her more was maybe not the best idea. Even you weren’t immune to Clarke’s wrath when she had it all onto you.
“non Wanheda, no complaints from me. Just waiting for the feast to start and for the kwin to make her big announcement.” You ramble, hoping to save yourself from Clark’s wrath. She always likes for things to go her way, otherwise, she got grumpy.
Lexa couldn’t contain her laughter any longer and started shaking from trying. Madi was close behind.
The Skaikru that had followed Clarke stared on in confusion. The general that had stared down the gun of a barrel without flinching was shaking at Clarke glaring at them. On the other side was the Commander, believed by the Skaikru to be a heartless monster laughing with a little girl in her arms. The same little girl who had called run-up to Clarke before the fight and called her mama.
On their way through the camp, every grounder was also talking about the great dynamic between Heda and Wanheda and their general. Leaving all the Skaikru dumbfounded when you lead Clarke toward the podium so casually Every grounder and Skaikru had gathered around it and it seemed like the grounders were waiting for something important.
“I would stand a little closer, Clarke is about to introduce our Kwin to the Skaikru.” With that Lexa left the rest of the 100. The group quickly walked closer to the podium waiting for
 “Are you sure you want to tell the Skaikru this soon? It would be giving away a huge advantage and also put your life even more in danger than I already is.” You ask Clarke after you are out of earshot of everybody.
“yes, I believe it will help strengthen the bonds between us and I know we sure as hell need it if we want this alliance to work.” Clarke answered handing you your robe back from before. You sure as hell knew the Skaikru would be surprised to see to see Clarke step on the stage and announce herself to be the Kwin of the whole coalition. Well, you couldn’t wait for her to tell her friends she was married not only to the Commander but also the feared general and having a kid together.
“as you wish. As always your wish is my command.” You say giving Clarke a little bow as she ascended the steps of the stage. Midway she stopped and turned to you, making the two of you almost the same height.
“I know and I am insanely grateful for that. Lexa and I may not say this enough but we love you for all you are, you entrusted your fate in us almost instantly and saw the best of both of us even when others wouldn’t.” Clarke said giving you a small kiss, knowing nobody could see the two of you and those who could wouldn’t care.
 You watched on as Clarke walked onto the stage and called everybody's attention without uttering a word. Just like Lexa Clarke immitted this aura that forced everybody to pay attention to her. Nearly everybody had gathered around the stage and you guess this was your moment to get this whole ball rolling. Taking a deep breath you pushed yourself forward.
“everybody could I have your attention please.” You wait until everybody is looking at you until you continue.
“as previously discussed with you counsellor, the Grounder and the Skaikru haven’t always seen eye to eye.” A wave of comments washes over the crowd from both sides. Waving them away you keep going.
“no matter our differences a harsh winter is coming. Our Kwin doesn’t believe the Skaikry can survive on their own. That is why she advocated on the Skaikru’s behave against the 12 clans. That is also why she has come to the Skairku here today. She wants to restore peace between our two people and form one coalition. With Slaikru acting as its 13th clan. But maybe it’s best to let her tell you in person.” You announce to everybody listening.
You watch as every Skaikry’s jaw drops when Clarke steps forward. You can’t help the smile forming when you see your wife take the lead immediately gets to the point.
part 9
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teamddixon · 2 days ago
A New Normal - Part 2
Summary: Set in the future of the TWD timeline, this story follows Daryl, Y/N and her brother through their journey in the world of the undead. It wasn’t like Daryl to let people in to his heart easily, but it was Y/N’s smiles that had captured him completely, and before he knew it, there wasn’t a scenario Daryl could think of about his future that didn’t have Y/N in it.
Tumblr media
A/N: Second part of A New Normal is here! Check out Part 1 here. Just a quick note, for readers who can’t relate to having an older brother, Andrew can be read as an older cousin, or a friend. He doesn’t have to be a biological brother. :) Comments and feedback are appreciated! As usual, photos/gifs are not mine, but any mistakes in this are certainly mine. Hope you enjoy this second part! It’s doesn’t have a lot of action going on but hope you like the fluff!
Daryl loaded his crossbow with the arrow he had just dug out from the walker’s head and slung it across his back. Y/N watched him from the sidelines and got increasingly intrigued by him. Daryl’s hardened and tough exterior was evidence of a man who looked like he had carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders all his life, yet beneath that shell sat an inkling of a kindhearted and tender man. She didn’t know Daryl, but she felt safe with him, as with Andrew. Daryl had after all just saved her from a walker.
“Ya gon be okay alone out here?” Daryl’s stern expression was now softer, gentler. Despite having just met her, Daryl was worried about Y/N going on her quest alone. It was almost like an occupational disease after years of taking care of people around him. Daryl immediately felt a strong sense of responsibility for her, like he wanted to do anything in his might to keep her safe for as long as the world allowed. He was almost instantly attracted to her, like a moth to a flame – or a walker to brains. It wasn’t that he had no faith in her survival skills, but because the world – or whatever was left of it – needed her smiles. He needed her smiles and he needed to protect it at all cost.
“Yeah, I’m going to be. My brother shouldn’t be too far from here.” Y/N wanted to leave, but there was a disconnect between her brain and her legs. She continued to stand exactly where she was, across from Daryl. A part of her didn’t want to say goodbye. She felt a strong, undeniable pull towards him. And Daryl hadn’t moved from his spot either.
Daryl held on to Y/N’s gaze, his mind racing to think of the right words to say. He didn’t want to come off as a creep wanting to follow Y/N, but he didn’t want to see her leave either. Silence hung thick in the air between them. Y/N cleared her throat in an attempt to break the silence, although she had not exactly thought of what she was going to say.
At that very moment, Daryl’s ears picked up the sound of rustling leaves and breaking twigs not far from where they were and the sound was coming from all directions behind them. The low growls were getting increasingly noticeable, so was the smell of rotten flesh in the air. From the sound of it, Daryl estimated the herd to be at least 20 to 30 walkers. The earlier tussle between Y/N and the walker must have attracted the herd’s attention to their location. His instincts immediately kicked in and his very first thought was to get Y/N to safety. On his own, he would have easily taken all of the walkers down, but he wasn’t about to risk Y/N’s life.
“Let’s get outta here.” Daryl’s urgently called. Y/N turned and saw that walkers were fast approaching them, their jaws hanging like starved animals. They were both in plain sight of the walkers. Daryl pointed towards the direction in front and gestured for Y/N to run. Quickly and steadily, with the knife firmly in her hands, she followed behind Daryl without turning back. As Daryl ran, his mind was focused on one thing – Y/N. Ever so often he would turn back just to check if she was still there. Through the rush, Daryl saw that her smiles were gone now, replaced by a look of determination and fight.
Daryl moved quickly and silently with Y/N hot on his heels until he spotted a secluded area that would hide them away from the walkers. It was a tiny opening obscured by a thick foliage and just about enough space for two adults. Grabbing Y/N by the arm, Daryl shoved her inside the opening before joining her. Y/N watched in bated breath as the walkers staggered right past the spot they were hiding, completely unaware of their whereabouts. Soon, the sound of their growls became softer and softer, until she couldn’t hear them anymore.
Y/N finally let out the breath she was holding and looked up at Daryl just as he turned to face her. A soft laughter escaped Y/N’s lips, which made Daryl’s heart swell and his heart rate increase. He looked away quickly, afraid that his face would give him away if the sound of his heartbeat against his ribcage doesn’t. Standing face to face with each other, Y/N was suddenly extremely aware of the lack of space between her and Daryl. Her head was almost touching his chest, and she could feel it moving up and down with his panting breaths. There was a rhythmic sound of a constant thumping, almost as if someone was playing drums right inside of Y/N’s cochlear. She later realized that it was the sound of her own heartbeat that she was hearing, which she attributed not to the run she just had, but to the feeling of closeness between them. There was no way they could have caught the sound of each other’s heartbeats over their own. Although the walkers were now long gone, they continued to stay where they were, the absence of space looked as if they were both stuck together. Daryl closed his eyes for a second, mentally willing his pounding heart to slow down. When he opened them, he saw Y/N looking up at him, her expression unreadable.
“Ya okay?” He asked, as they finally stepped out of their hiding spot with Daryl fussing over the cuts on Y/N’s face and arms from the sharp branches. “Ye – Yes, I, uh, I am.” Y/N whispered. Seeing the way Daryl fussed over her, making sure she wasn’t scratched or bit anywhere made her cheeks burned. For some reason, she tried to hold her breath, as if afraid that even the slightest movement from her would break the moment. Without missing a beat, Daryl reached out to touch Y/N’s face to examine the cuts she must have gotten when she was squeezing through the foliage. That simple act, which would have been natural for most people, shocked even Daryl himself. His old friends wouldn’t have pegged him as someone who would easily show his affections for a girl he just met, and yet there he was. “How about you, are you okay?” Y/N finally breathed, to which Daryl simply nodded in response.
“I, uh, should go. I need to find my brother.” Quite a long time had passed since Y/N was separated from Andrew and as much as she enjoyed these moments with Daryl, she didn’t want Andrew to worry.
That was the moment Daryl knew he had to say something. It was now, or never. He needed to see Y/N again and to know she was safe, at least until she found her brother. In the current world they were in, tomorrow was not a given nor guaranteed. He may never see her again if he didn’t say what he wanted to say. “I’ll go with ya.” He half-grunted, half-whispered, evading Y/N’s eyes while pretending to be busy adjusting his crossbow.
Surprised, yet strangely elated with Daryl’s preposition, Y/N smiled. There were no words required. A bond had been forged between them and while they didn’t yet know, they were about to be bound together like each other’s new family.
Andrew soon came into view, not far from where Daryl and Y/N had started off from. He was visibly stained with blood all over his body. Seeing her brother again, Y/N dashed forward and threw him a hug. “Are you okay? Are these blood –“ Y/N gasped.
“The walker’s.” Andrew replied, relieved to see Y/N. When the herd came through moments ago, Andrew had been worried. The herd came from the direction where he last left Y/N more than an hour ago and he couldn’t help but worry if she had managed to evade, or at least fight them. He took down the walkers with ease, and quickly traced his trial back to look for her. From a distance, he saw her running towards him with a man next to her, his disheveled hair obscuring his face. He immediately reached for his gun, a weapon he only use during emergencies, ready to shoot, but the look on his sister’s face had been… happy, smiling. She hadn’t seemed afraid of the man at all, nor did she looked like she was under any kind of threat. Still, the sudden appearance of the man kicked in all of his protective instincts.
“Who are you?” Andrew asked as he stared directly into Daryl’s eyes, gun trained on Daryl’s forehead. Y/N was all he had, and if he had to kill someone who was a threat, he would have no qualms. Daryl on the other hand had made no moves to reach for his crossbow. 
“’M Daryl.” Daryl nodded at Andrew.
“He saved my life back there. Twice.” Y/N quickly interjected, tapping on Andrew’s arm to lower his gun. Andrew shot his sister a look, but his hand remain raised with the gun. “Are you hurt?”
“No I’m fine. Just some cuts from hiding from the dead but otherwise fine. Look at me, I still have all my limbs!” Y/N smiled and spun around with her hands in the air, her light chuckles filling the spaces between them. Andrew nodded and looked back at Daryl again, holding the gaze for a moment before lowering his gun and returning it to its holster. Daryl watched as Y/N twirled around, her loose pony tail flying behind her like a kite in the sky. His heart felt full again when he saw Y/N’s smile and hearing her laughter ringing in his ears. It was enough to light up even the darkest of times he’d experienced and he wondered where that smile had been in his life all along.
“I think we should move together.” Y/N steadied her footing and proposed the idea to Andrew and Daryl. Daryl had proven to be an experienced walker-killer and was quick witted, but most importantly, although Y/N didn’t want to admit it, she just can’t bear to say goodbye to Daryl. Where they are living in now, it wasn’t like she could just call him on the phone to meet up at the coffee shop down the street any time they wanted. Any day could be their last day on earth, and she wasn’t ready for that day to be last time she saw Daryl again. She was afraid of Daryl’s rejection, but she was even more afraid of her brother rejecting her preposition. Trust don’t come by easy, not when the alive were more dangerous than the flesh eating corpses.
It wasn’t like Daryl to allow people in to his heart so easily. He was happy and contented on his own and he’d rather be that way, so he could avoid the heartbreak when someone left or died. Just like so many others who were still surviving in this crazy world, Daryl had had his fair share of losses. People he loved, people he cared for, so cruelly taken down. But he was conflicted. On one hand he really didn’t want to part with Y/N, but on the other, he was so afraid of opening his heart to her, only to have his world torn apart someday. He weighed the cost in his head and finally decided to risk losing Y/N later than losing her now without even trying. Daryl held Y/N’s gaze and nodded in agreement before turning to look at Andrew.
Y/N’s heart and spirit immediately lifted upon seeing Daryl’s simple nod of his head. She got to see Daryl again, and even if it was only for another day, it would have made all the difference. She turned to look at Andrew, silently anticipating, praying. She understood the risk it involved, inviting a stranger into their midst. While Y/N had never been a hundred percent accurate with her character judgement in the past, she gravitated towards Daryl naturally and her instincts told her he was a trustworthy guy. Y/N nudged Andrew’s arm lightly to elicit a response and finally Andrew nodded too. “Thanks for saving my sister back there.” Andrew called out to Daryl, and Daryl nodded in response. “But if you tried to harm my sister in any way, I would not hesitate to kill you.” Andrew leaned in towards Daryl and whispered.
Even after years of being alone, it wasn’t hard to get used to Y/N’s presence in his life. She was like a rare flower in a land of the barren, her energy bringing hope to an otherwise hopeless future. Every day in this crazy world, new walkers were made when people died and there never seemed to be a way out of it. But having each other was all they needed to not just simply exist, but to live. Daryl, Y/N and Andrew travelled together for weeks, scavenging new camps left by now-walkers, hunting for animals, looking for shelters.
Just within the first week, it was already easy for Andrew to completely trust Daryl seeing the way he looked out for Y/N. He was quiet yet absolutely badass when dispatching the walkers and keeping them out of Y/N’s way. He was resourceful and almost anything he touched could be used creatively and effectively as a weapon. Andrew could see that Y/N was smitten, she once spent an entire afternoon naming random objects and betting with Daryl that he could turn them into a weapon. “I bet I can throw you a cotton ball right now and you would have made it into a deadly bullet or something.” She laughed, her admiration for Daryl exuding like the noonday sun.
Andrew felt assured with Daryl looking after Y/N. He could tell there was a spark between them and he could tell clearly that Y/N liked Daryl as much as he liked her, although the two of them had never openly admitted it. Andrew had never seen Y/N so happy like she was now since the day shit hit the fan. Daryl and Y/N grew closer and closer, and even though Daryl still wasn’t the type to show physical affections, Andrew swore he caught Daryl attempting to hold Y/N’s hands on multiple occasions.
Travelling wasn’t easy. A journey that would have taken them 3 hours took them 3 days on foot. It was a stroke of luck one day that they found a car that still had some kind of fuel in it, and it was even more of a miracle that when travelling down that winding road in the car, Daryl spotted a motorcycle abandoned along the side, almost hidden from sight. He quickly got out of the car and picked up the motorcycle to check its state. There was a hint of a grin on his face, which Y/N caught a sneak of, when he realized the motorcycle was working.
Y/N grinned, watching Daryl from the side as he admired the two-wheeled metal like a kid who had just been given an unlimited cartoon time. “Can I ride with you?” Y/N chirped excitedly, bringing Daryl’s attention to her. She turned to look at her brother, who rolled his eyes at her in response. Daryl looked at Andrew too, waiting for his approval. He would love to bring Y/N on a ride, but he was worried about overstepping Andrew. Daryl’s worries were unfounded though because there was no way Andrew could say no to Y/N. And he knew he could trust Daryl to keep her safe.
“Hop on then.” Daryl said as he threw his leg over the seat like second nature. Y/N laughed excitedly as she did the same. It had been years since she had last ride pillion on a motorbike. The pure excitement was like finally getting into the roller coaster she had been queuing hours for. She snuggled in onto the seat behind Daryl and waved to Andrew who was now in the driver’s seat of the car next to the bike.
Y/N wasn’t afraid to let herself laugh out loud. The sound of the engine was louder than her laughter anyway. She grabbed tightly onto Daryl’s waist with one hand, and raised her other hand in the air, enjoying the cool breeze kissing her cheeks as Daryl brought her down the road. It felt so freeing with Daryl there with her, the sound of the engine and winds in her ears drowning out the hungry calls of the walkers.
Unknown to Y/N, Daryl’s face was positively flushed. The gentle pressure and the warmth of Y/N’s arm around his waist gave him comfort, a comfort he didn’t know he was yearning for until he met her. A comfort that felt so much like home that it was unnatural for Daryl who had never felt the comfort of a home his whole life. He never knew he would find this simple comfort in the most unlikely of worlds. Bit by bit, Daryl was learning to receive intimacy from another person because of Y/N. Slowly but surely, the walls he had built were coming off brick by brick, mortar by mortar because of Y/N. He watched Y/N through the rearview mirrors and saw her beautiful face looking skyward, her eyes closed and a contented smile on her lips and his heart swelled. He wanted to freeze time at that exact moment where it was just him and Y/N, and none of that dead shit happening around them. The irony though, had the undead not happen, he probably would have never met Y/N.
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old-no7 · 2 days ago
You know I’m in the mood for some cuteness, can we get a F!reader and ABA! Taker spending the day together at the beach
I have faith with your amazing writing you can make this so good!
(Beach Day!!!!)
ABA!Taker x F!Reader, Beach Day
Fluff below the cut.
"You know, sometimes we don't have to rent out an entire beachfront to relax. We can be seen - hear me out - in public," you tease, and Undertaker rolls his eyes at you, ruffling your hair.
"Keep saying that, kid, and maybe I'll do it. Can't wait to have you see all the tits I'll have to sign," he teases.
"You've never signed mine!"
"Oh, hold on, I have a pen somewhere."
You laugh and roll over onto your stomach, the sand from the towel sticking to your back. All around you, the world is at peace. At least on this little swath of beach, which is protected by a large hotel and a massive gathering of palm trees. You two are alone, listening to the gentle hush of the waves as they meet the sand, the sun warming but not burning, the sands supporting every curve in your body.
An umbrella is angles above Undertaker's head to keep him out of direct sunlight. You like thinking that it's because he's a vampire and just hasn't told you yet, but really it's because he's pale as snow and doesn't want to go to work looking like a lobster.
You admire him in the cool sunlight. It isn't often anyone gets to see him relaxed, laid out on his back in sort black swim trunks, with the backdrop of an infinite ocean.
"Hey," you say, nudging him with your elbow. He opens his eyes from where he'd been dozing off and looks down at you, smirking. He can't help it - you're beautiful. Bikini, one piece, a full set of a turtle neck and jeans, you're a goddess to him. But the bikini helps.
"Yeah, angel?" he asks.
"C'mere." You lean up and give him a gentle kiss, prompting him to wrap his arm around your waist and rub your warm back. When you pull back, you give him a gentle smile. "Race you."
You spring up from the towel and take off down the beach, the sand shifting under your feet and making it hard to get purchase.
"Hey! Cheater!" Taker shouts behind you. You're giggling like a kid as you run, feeling him coming in close behind you. It's hard to move fast as the sand wraps around your feet and sinks with every step until, finally, you get to the dark, hard-packed sand. Unfortunately, right when you get to a place where you can run, who huge arms wrap around you and lift you up.
You squeal as Undertaker walks you into the water, plunging both of you into the cold water.
"Put me down!" you laugh, wiggling to no avail. He has you in his infamous vice grip, and you're not getting away. Undertaker walks both of you into the water until it reaches his chest, meaning you have to hold on to him to avoid treading water. "Jerk!"
"Now don't be a sore loser, baby girl," he teases, adjusting you so you're facing him. You wrap your arms around his neck and float, his hands keeping you steady and floating in the water as the chill evens out against your skin. The clear, cool water waves around both of you, pushing and pulling gently, somehow bringing the both of you to a more relaxed state.
"I thought the supernatural couldn't cross water," you tease, gently tugging at the band on the bottom of his braid. You undo it slowly until it's fanned out around him, making him look like something off the cover of a romance novel.
"Running water, baby," he corrects you.
"This water is...jogging, at least."
He shakes his head at you, but he can't help but smile. Something about you always makes him feel warm, even when you are incorrectly quoting supernatural information. Especially when you are doing that, actually, because he knows you know the right answers, because you've learned about him and his life and put it to heart.
"I love you," you say gently, leaning up and giving him a gentle kiss. You lace your fingers in his hair, pressing against his cool body. He holds you safely in the infinity of the ocean, keeping you protected in his arms. You sigh against his lips, and he smiles, nudging your forehead with his.
"Love you, kiddo."
The two of you lounge in the ocean for a long time, until the sun starts to go down. As sunset hits, Undertaker brings you up the beach, carrying you in his arms so you don't have to get sand stuck to your wet feet. He carries you all the way to the steps that lead up to the resort and sets you down, then goes back to retrieve your things.
You wait, watching him lean over to grab the towel. When he does, you get the world's most incredible view of his ass in tight swim trunks, and you let out a flirty whistle.
"Excuse me, ma'am," he says, turning around and pulling the umbrella out of the beach, "I'm taken, by a gorgeous woman."
"Oh, apologies," you tease, opening your arms for him to walk into. You wrap your arms around his chilled, wet body, resting the side of your head against his chest. Deep in there, you hear a heart that's still learning how to beat again.
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darke-15 · 4 days ago
Chapter 48 // SHADOW BOXING
┍━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━┑
“Romanoff, Barton, take the right...we’ll come up behind him—” Steve started as he rounded the corner in front of you, the metal of his shield glancing off what little light entered the stairwell and illuminated your lurking form.
“Or,” you hummed, your cloaked voice harmonizing with itself in the stairwell. Steve jumped, raising his shield in front of him and the team, “You could meet me mask-to-face.”
Steve froze, staring at you like a deer in the headlights, “Jesus Christ.”
“No, just me,” you shrugged, not bothering to get up as the rest of his team came into view, “Just...Ghost.”
┕━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━┙
» Chapter 48 // Shadow Boxing «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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teamddixon · 4 days ago
A New Normal
Summary: Set in the future of the TWD timeline, this story follows Daryl, Y/N and her brother through their journey in the world of the undead. It wasn’t like Daryl to let people in to his heart easily, but it was Y/N’s smiles that had captured him completely, and before he knew it, there wasn’t a scenario Daryl could think of about his future that didn’t have Y/N in it.
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi guys, this is my first time writing a fic of our TWD badass, Daryl Dixon. It’s gonna be a long one, and a work in progress. I write because it makes me happy, and I hope it’ll make you happy too. The intro for this fic would be pretty long, and Daryl wouldn’t appear until slightly later, but I thought it would be important to touch on Y/N and her brother’s background since we already know Daryl’s background pretty well. I’m not a zombie apocalypse expert, and neither dare I call myself a TWD expert (I’m not, please pardon me if I get some facts wrong!), so some parts of the story may not be realistic. It is most certainly strayed from the current universe since this is meant to be set in the projected timeline after the eventual season 11, which of course we don’t know yet how Daryl’s narrative would be changed or if it would at all, (or do we?), so this story may or may not make sense after season 11 ends (maybe think of this as a spin off?). I do hope you like it, and don’t mind the fact that it is set way in the future of the universe. As mentioned, it’s still a work in progress and I don’t know how many parts it’ll be. But writing this is extremely cathartic for me so I’ll continue writing for as long as my brain (and my full time job) allows.  Comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated! Please sit back and enjoy this journey with Daryl. :)
Photo is not mine. All mistakes in this are mine, please pardon them. 
There aren’t many moments in Y/N’s life where she’d just sit on a spot, completely and utterly at a loss. The camp where she’d called home for the last month was gone – just like that. Along with it, the people she considered her family. When an unexpected rogue herd of walkers stumbled across the cabin, she was out on a supply run with her older brother, Andrew. By the time they had came back, the cabin was in shambles and the smell of the dead overpowered their senses. Y/N stood rooted to the ground in shock behind the bushes, throwing a look of fear at Andrew. Biting back a scream, knowing it’ll give her position away, Y/N looked around, hoping to see a familiar face. A familiar face that was alive. There was none. It was too late for them to do anything to salvage their family, their home. There were too many walkers to take on and honestly, nothing much left for salvation.
Y/N had no idea how long she was behind the bushes watching the dead feeding on mangled bodies of people she once knew. She knew she had to move, but her feet wouldn’t allow. It was as if they were locked in position, trapped in the nightmare of a scene before her. The only comfort she could gather was seeing quite a number of fallen walkers with slash marks on their heads – meaning they had put up a strong fight against them.
“Come on, we got to go.” Andrew’s voice called out, his hand grabbing hers nudging her to move. There was a catch in his voice, although he tried to hide it. Still in shock and tears, Y/N willed her legs to move. Just one foot in front of another, just one foot in front of another. She had to keep her mind focused on what was in front, and to keep her legs moving forward. Y/N followed him, almost in complete auto-pilot. 
Without actually knowing how long or how she even managed to keep in tandem with her brother’s pace with her state of mind, he had led Y/N to a spot in the woods where the two of them finally crashed on the hard grounds. Y/N was shaking violently as she buried her heads between her knees. She had no idea if she was shaking because of the nip in the air, or because of shock. A low growl shook her awake from her reverie. She looked up to see a lone walker approaching from the right. Reaching for her hunting knife from her belt holster with her shaky hands proved to be a tremendous task. Y/N finally managed to unsheathe the knife and plunged it hard into the walker’s temple right before its jaw got onto her. She had no idea she still had that strength somewhere in her.
“Are you okay?” Andrew had walked over to her just in time to plunge his machete into the head of another walker that had approached Y/N from her blind spot. “Thanks. I didn’t see it coming.” Y/N mustered her strength and stood up before kicking the walker in its head with a mixture of anger and disbelief.
“I don’t, I cant –“ Y/N finally allowed herself to sob into Andrew’s shirt. While there were only a few people in the group to begin with, she have had time to know them through this shitstorm and had grown to like them like her own family. They were the people she had been moving with for years. They had lost some people in their journey, but they’d never lost all of them entirely before. To lose them all at once was devasting. But all in all, she was glad her brother was there. Andrew was fiercely protective of her, especially in this new world. She wouldn’t be alive and standing today if not for him. All her survival skills, her knife works, hunting and tracking skills, had all came from him. Y/N was not prepared for this world at all. Without Andrew, she would have become one of the walkers a long time ago. But she was a fast learner, and had more than proven her survival skills. Despite all that, she never lost her sense of hope and cheerfulness, that was until that day.
She was thankful for Andrew for giving her the time to grief while he single-handedly took down more than a dozen walkers while she was still in a daze. She felt horrible, leaving her brother to keep her alive knowing he needed his time to process everything too. Andrew didn’t say anything, he just kept her alive.
Nightfall brings another set of danger – the temperature had dipped drastically. Y/N worked with her brother to build a makeshift shelter with leaves and twigs. Andrew had also got a small fire going to provide a bit of warmth. If the walkers doesn’t get to them, the elements most certainly would. Satisfied with the perimeters, lined with makeshift cans and marbles to alert them when any walkers enter the camp, Andrew gestured for Y/N to sleep while he kept watch.
Y/N tucked herself in next to the small fire and tried to sleep. But of course sleep eluded her. Every time she had her eyes closed, all she could see was the grotesque bodies of her friends back in the cabin. She kept your eyes close despite that, hoping to catch at least a little sleep. Y/N knew she would be in no state to fight for survival without rest. Andrew sat next to the fire and finally allowed himself to process the events of the day. Most of the people in the group had been his friends since he was a child. He had grown up with them, went through triumphs and heartbreaks together. Losing them was painful. Losing them and not being able to do anything for them was painful. He looked at Y/N who had now finally fallen asleep and willed himself to stay strong. He couldn’t – he wouldn’t let the same thing happen to his sister. Y/N was his only family left.
Three hours into Y/N’s fitful sleep, she woke up in a pool of sweat despite the night cold. Before this all happened, Y/N always slept like a log. An earthquake could literally be breaking her room down and she would have no idea. But in this new normal, her body had adjusted itself to wake up within a few hours and it had learned to survive on a couple hours of sleep each night.
She saw Andrew throwing logs into the fire to keep it going. Approaching him silently, she gestured for him to sleep while she took over the watch. Nodding his head, he vacated his space before taking over hers. Y/N was on high alert, determined to keep her brother safe while he catch his much needed rest. Andrew had been there for Y/N all her life. She was only a couple of years younger so they were very close since young. This trip was supposed to be a break from work, but instead, they were thrown with an even bigger shitstorm than they could imagine. Y/N almost laughed when she thought about the irony. She would choose to go back to her office job any day over this. Before long, the cackle of the fire begin to diminish as the day broke. Y/N looked up at the skies, trying hard to fathom how this was the very same sky before the world had turned into hell. The sun still came up in the East and the morning birds still sang, but nothing else about the world right now was the same.
Gathering up all of their belongings, Y/N and Andrew set off for another day. They had to find a more permanent shelter, a sturdier shelter than twigs and leaves at least. Stopping by the creek to gather some water, Y/N took the chance to splash herself with the cold water. As the water hit her face, she perked up. Having not had a shower for days, Y/N’s skin was starting to itch and peel. Her feet was swollen with blisters and her arms were filled with dried scabs from all the cuts she sustained while running away from walkers. Y/N looked at Andrew with a longing in her eyes. She needed that shower. Convinced that the area was free of walkers, Andrew gave in and gave her privacy while Y/N washed yourself. He told her he would try to track something for their food today and set off with his bag, gesturing for Y/N to follow when she was done. A smile almost crept up Y/N’s face as she washed away days of sweat, dirt, and walker blood off her body. She hadn’t dared to take her time though. Once she was done, she quickly put on a fresher set of clothes that she had and set out to look for Andrew.
Feeling more refreshed, Y/N tried to put on a new perspective of how life was going to be moving forward. She was determined to continue living, living for the friends who couldn’t. She was going to continue living for Andrew. She didn’t want all of Andrew’s effort teaching her survival to go to waste. Y/N followed the tracks on the floor, hoping to find Andrew soon. No more than 10 minutes into following the tracks, she heard a slight ruffle of leaves to her left. It was so slight it was almost unnoticeable. It can’t have been a walker – a walker would have made a louder noise than that. It was most certainly a person. She smiled and moved towards the direction where she heard the sound from, anticipating to see Andre.
“Hey, did you managed to –“ Y/N’s whispers faltered into complete silence when a tall, crossbow donning man with striking blue eyes, greeted her. The man had his crossbow trained on Y/N’s head. She stopped in her tracks, knife in hand ready to strike.
“Who are you?” The man demanded. Not only was his crossbow trained on Y/N, his eyes were trained on her too.
“Y/N.” She spoke calmly, hand still steady on the knife. While she knew she’d be dead with his arrow before she could attack him with the knife, she weren’t about to go down without a fight if she had to. Y/N looked at the man, trying to download as much details about him as she could. He wore a long sleeves black shirt with two top buttons missing, a pair of cargo pants that were slightly ripped on some parts and his boots carried the obvious evidence of blood and someone who had been out in the open. Y/N tried not to wince as she stared directly into the man’s eyes. Although his hair covered the side of his face, she could make out his stern expression – an expression of someone who had been surviving on his own. But behind all that, she just had a sense, a strange and unspoken sense that he wasn’t a dangerous man.
“Look, I’m just looking for my brother, all right? I don’t mean to walk into your zone.” Y/N explained. “If you promise not to shoot me, I’ll just turn around and be on my way.”
Adrenaline from meeting a lone stranger in the woods had had blood rushing to her ears, muffling her surrounding sounds. As she prepared to turn and leave, the man spoke again. “Behind ya!” That was when she heard it – the unmistakable sound of a walker behind her. As a reflex, Y/N bent her body forward and side stepped, but in her haste to evade the walker, she had missed her footing. Y/N cursed under her breath but quickly regained her posture. She raised her arm, ready to strike, but before she could, the walker’s dead weight had pushed her, causing her to fall backwards on the hard ground, losing her knife in the process. Y/N quickly worked to fight the walker off but all she heard was the hustling sound of an arrow and the silenced growl from the walker. Feeling the full weight of the walker now, she pushed it off and saw that it had an arrow right smack between it’s eyes. Y/N turned to look at the man as he approached the walker. With one foot on the walker’s head, he pulled out the arrow with one swift motion with his free hand. He then turned sideways to look at Y/N.
“That was really cool.” Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. Seeing that the man had made no move to point his crossbow at her again, Y/N relaxed. She spotted and dug out her knife that had been partially buried during the fall and tussle with the walker.
“That was really cool.” Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. Seeing that the man had made no move to point his crossbow at her again, Y/N relaxed. She spotted and dug out her knife that had been partially buried during the fall and tussle with the walker.
“Thanks. I owe you.” Y/N gestured to the walker on the ground as she dusted herself off. “What’s your name?” She smiled.
Daryl was immediately captivated by Y/N’s smile and the sound of her chuckles. Earlier when he had heard someone approaching, he was ready to strike, ready to take them down if he had to. But as he heard Y/N’s voice for the first time, he knew immediately that she was no threat. He hadn’t seen or heard another person’s voice for days. But even if he had, there was something about Y/N’s voice and her smiles that enchanted him. Despite the situation the world was in, Daryl was comforted to see a smile that seemed to make him forget everything else.
“I’m sorry again, you know, for walking into you.”
“Sorry for ta’ crossbow on ya head.” Daryl nodded his head slightly at Y/N as apology.
“We’re even then.” Y/N smiled again. It was nice meeting someone else in this crazy world of the dead. Something about Daryl had made her feel a sense of comfort and calm, despite just meeting him a few minutes ago. Daryl looked away, feeling his face flushed from seeing her smiles. There had never been anyone who had that effect on him before. Her smiles were a huge contrast to everything he had come to know in the last ten years. He wanted nothing but to remember them.
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old-no7 · 6 days ago
Can you write something where the reader is comforting ABA taker?
I love your writing💜
(He might be big and tough but boy needs to be comforted, too.)
GN!Reader Comforting ABA!Taker
Hurt/Comfort below the cut.
You roll over in bed to find the other side empty. You frown, your hand resting on the spot where Undertaker should be, the sheets rumpled. A sadness falls over you, one that encourages you up out of bed. You slip out of the bedroom, feeling the chill of the winter desert air seeping into the house.
The stairs creak, making it impossible for you to come to your lover quietly. They alert him, like loyal dogs, calling out that he is soon not to be alone and that, as he probably expects, you are coming to look for him. He hasn't always had someone who would want to look for him if he got out of bed.
You find him sitting on the living room floor, a photo album open before him, old pictures protected by a layer of plastic and revealing people with smiles on their faces. They are ignorant of the future, and the plights of boys who were too young for what they were going to be given.
Undertaker turns his head to look up at you, and he looks so tired. His green eyes are bloodshot, his eyes have heavy bags, and his red hair is hanging listlessly around his face. Without a word, you pull a blanket off the couch and wrap it around yourself, then move to sit in his lap. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you in closer.
Facing him, you wrap your arms around his neck and guide his forehead down to your chest, combing his hair back with your fingers. His large body hunches onto yours as if you are a small mountain and he is an oak tree that is tired of standing tall.
"Bad dreams again?" you ask softly. Your fingertips dance down Undertaker's spine, and he grips your back a bit tighter.
"You can wake me, you know."
"I know."
"They forgive you. All of them. Even Kane."
"It's time you forgive yourself. You were a little boy. You didn't know what Paul was asking you to do. You thought it was a game."
"I should have been smarter."
"No, you were everything you ought to have been in that moment. Paul was the one who did this. Paul should hold all the weight of the guilt, not you. Not Kane. You were just boys."
"...Sometimes I feel like I am still just a boy."
You rest your cheek on the side of his head and continue rubbing his back, your free hand lacing in his hair and scratching gently at his scalp. You wish things were different. You wish things could have gone differently, and you and Undertaker would still find each other in another world where he hadn't been made to suffer so much.
"Somewhere inside you is that little boy," you say gently. "And he is frightened, orphaned, in pain, confused. He misses his parents and his little brother."
You sit back and hold his face in your hands, seeing the exhaustion of decades of mourning in his eyes. He is a strong man, he always has been. The locker room leader, the greatest professional wrestler of all time, the strongest man you've ever met. And he is weak at times. It's the part of him that is still human.
"You need to forgive him," you say softly. "He did nothing wrong. He needs love, nothing more. Nothing less."
Undertaker wraps his arms around you and his eyes drift to the photos that can be seen in the moonlight. One, in the direct path of the silvery light, is of two young boys standing in front of a creek with fishing poles. One is taller and red-headed, smirking cooly at the camera, and the other is short with curly brown hair and a giant, happy grin on his face.
Two days later their lives would change.
They still loved each other two days before the fire.
Undertaker kisses the top of your head and he nods, adjusting the blankets around your shoulders to keep you warm.
"I forgive him," he whispers silently. It isn't the first time. It won't be the last. But every time he says it, a little bit of that weight is lifted off his shoulders. "I forgive him."
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8-makes-one-ateez · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
POV : You’re sad but you’re a BAD BITCH ✨
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hikarimiyanaga · 12 days ago
It's official. I'm simping over Alcina Dimitrescu and Alexandra Trese right now.
The Loving You sequel is not yet complete due to these two and my sibling.
I'm writing about them so the sequel might take longer to be posted.
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ava-valerie · 17 days ago
Can we get fluff headcannons for American Badass? ❤️❤️
Yes 🥺💖 A thousand times yes!! 💖
Tumblr media
This badass biker won't admit it, but
To hold you in his big arms, so fragile compared to him, fills his tough guy heart with soft feels
When you snuggle up to him, he might sigh
It's a that kind of sigh which reliefs stress
It doesn't have to be overly romantic, just rest your head on his shoulder... or arm (this guy is really tall) while sitting next to each other
And his emotions go
Vroom vroom
Holding hands is a must when walking together
He always feels the urge to protect you
Guide you
Be there for you
The badass doesn't always understand why you might be upset, but he'd be damned if he wouldn't try
"I don't understand, but babygirl, I'm here"
(That's right, he doesn't make a big deal of it, when he doesn't understand emotions)
(You can tell him everything, though)
Long rides on his bike
What is all the freedom of the street, if he can't share it with you?
Snuggle your cheek against his broad back
Feel the wind
And the deep satisfaction he has, when you are so close to him
He doesn't need words
Fuck words
He needs you to need him
So he can be there for you
And be sure that this is forever, if you so wish
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nothing-but-dreamy · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
... 'preparing' for a fight against a Tyrant with Leon
"This plan sucks. We will die in all this.", you said serious, reloading your Smith & Wesson with more force than necessary.
"Yeah, another typical day at work.", Leon said with a dry chuckle. As he saw your grimace about his dark humor, he closed up on you, cupping your chin between his index finger and thumb, forcing you to look at him, "I promise, nothing will happen to you. Just stick to the plan and stay by my side.", he said low.
Leon noticed how your eyes flickered down to his lips. Slowly, he cupped your cheek with his right hand, guiding your face up and waited inches over your lips, giving you time to stop him, but as you didn't, he connected your lips.
You melted against him, you moaned into his mouth with the pleasure of him kissing you. You clawed your nails into his combat vest, pulling him closer.
Leon left your lips and looked into your hungry eyes, "Stay alive and we can continue that.", he said grinning, slightly out of breath, "I would love to ... feel more of you now, where I could taste you."
"Leon Scott Kennedy! You're unbelievable.", you muttered as he stepped back with a lopsided smirk. He even winked at you while you shook your head, already looking forward to continue what you two had started.
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queen-belial · 18 days ago
Tweels || SFW
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Where you want to grab some food with the tweels and in need of good cuddles (or squeezes) you start searching for them. You don't expect to see them like that. At all.
You had a stressful day and were just trying to relax after all the shenanigans. Your feet led you in another corridor from octavinelle, trying to get to Moustrou Lounge for a nice treat - chocolate smoothie with strawberry cake maybe? - and many cuddles with your favorite tweels. Or squeezes. You weren't exactly complaining about them, the contact to another one felt nice.
Ater a while walking the long corridor you stopped, looked around and cursed a storm wide. This wasn't the way to the Lounge! You prepared to walk the long way back and were already turned, but a whimper brought you to a standstill.
After a while another whimper was heard and you made your way to the sound, cautious. Hitting sounds and low chuckles hung in the air too, but for the life of you, you couldn't identify the voice.
Lastly you stood before the last corner, moans of pain and blood permitting the air, it got your own pumping. Something got dropped, a bone breaking was heard and you turned around the corner, one hand holding to the wall and ready to bold-
"Oh, Shrimpy-chan?"
Both eels were looking at you, perplexed to find you here of all places. Five or more people were lying around, bloodied and bruised. One was grabbed by Floyd on the arm, hanging limp over the floor.
You sighed, stepping over the bodies - it wouldn't suprise you if they were contract breakers...why nobody held their word anymore you didn't know - and stopped short for Jade, opening your arms wide. He smiled his serene smile and just raised an eyebrow.
"I had a stressful day. Hugs. Now."
The more calm eel chuckled to himself for a second but complied and opened his arms. You dove right in, circled your arms around him and smashed your face against his chest. A content sigh escaped your lips.
A hand rubbed over your head and elicited another happy sigh from you. A thump was heard and then a whiny pout. "Aw man, Shrimpy-chan! I want a hug too!"
You giggled, withdrew your arms from Jade and turned to the pouty taller eel who was crouching on the ground. Your smile radiated more simple happiness and your arms were ready for the hug.
"Come here, you big eel!~"
From one second to the next Floyd was in your arms - or you in his - snuggling his chin upon your head and squeezing you hard. It made you melt in his arms and feel safe.
"So what is our sunfish doing here? Were you looking for us?" Jade implied and you nodded, Floyd all but leaning his weight on you. "I wanted to grab a treat by Moustrou Lounge and cuddle lots with my favorite tweels." You ignored the moans of pain all around you.
Jade - like the gentleman he was - nodded and waved a hand to the exit. "After you then, my sunfish." You giggled and with the promised of more squeezes Floyd let go of you.
You strolled playful like a Queen to the exit, stepping around the bodies carefully. A hand shoot out, grabbing your ankle and suprising you, but you could hold yourself steady.
Before you could look down, though, an arm wrapped around your shoulder and shielded your eyes. "Let's go, Shrimpy-chan~"
The appendage withdrew from you - Jade stepping on the head with a dangerous grin, showing his shark teeth and gingerly holding your hand in his - and you continued walking with Floyd drapped over you and Jade holding your hand, rubbing his thumb over yours.
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kesskirata · 20 days ago
Connie Murphy x F!Reader
Word Counts: 2.1K
Prompts: pride  /  “Kiss me again, like you mean it.”
Summary: Connie (pre)Murphy and her old college roommate meet up in Miami Beach for a night on the town, but the real fun starts when they get home.
A/N: This was written for @autumnleaves1991-blog and @flightlessangelwings #WriterWednesday Pride month challenge. This is my first reader smut and my first F/F smut, please be gentle. It draws heavily on my own experiences as a bisexual woman who didn’t really know until well into adulthood, despite numerous flings with other girls. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Warnings: 18+ smut, F/F, Bi!babies, vaginal fingering, oral F! Receiving, face riding, anal fingering, overstimulation, Soft!Dom Connie, College roommates, oh my god they were roommates, 1980’s Miami Beach scene, period-typical homophobia, biphobia, infidelity, angst.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The streets of Miami Beach are loud tonight, full of brightly colored outfits, music, glitter and the delicious smell of orange blossoms. Dancers spill out of the bars onto the street and you follow.
Connie pulls you through the crowd, giggling as you sway against her to the music. Your hands tangle in her hers, swinging her around in a drunken spin. She stumbles and you catch her, holding her so close you can feel the wild beating of her heart.
“Isn’t this great!” Connie shouts above the noise, her blue eyes blazing with joy and adrenaline and want. It feels wild and free in a way you’ve rarely experienced, rarely let yourself dream about.
You don’t stand out here, two women pressed close together, drunk on tequila and each other. There are hundreds like you on the streets. It makes you fearless.
“Connie, kiss me!” you call, sing-song, and pull her into you. Your lips crash together, all teeth and tongue tangling together, the bite of lime and liquor still sharp in her mouth. Her fingers knit through your hair as you clutch at her wrists. There’s none of the usual fear, none of the secrecy or guilt. Just Connie and you and the scent of orange blossoms.
The sounds of raucous partying in the streets fade away as Connie throws open the door to her apartment and pulls you in. Your back meets the door, slamming it shut as her lips press kisses across your throat.
“Connie!” you squeal, giggling as you clutch at her shoulders to keep yourself upright. Her answering laugh is breathy with desire, fingers scrabbling to undo the halter on your tie-dye crop top.
“God your tits look perfect in this,” Connie moans between kisses. A whine escapes your throat when she mouths at your pulse point. The spaghetti straps on Connie’s dark blue dress roll easily under your palms as you stroke them down her back. She shivers when your fingertips trace the cutouts along her spine.
“You’re the hottest thing out there, Con,” you groan as you slip your hands under her ass and squeeze. Connie squeals, but your halter top comes undone and she’s too distracted by your tits to respond. She lets you pull her hips forward till you’re grinding on her thigh, both of you gasping at the sudden friction. Your hands move her hips in tandem with yours, a private dance that is full of promise. The sharpness of her teeth on your breast startles you.
“Bed,” you gasp.
“Couch,” she grins.
Connie takes over, steering you backwards while she unbuttons your mini-skirt. Working furiously at the hooks on the back of her dress, you push the soft blue fabric over the expanse of her perky tits and down past her pale hips. Connie steps out of the dress, humming softly in the back of her throat as you capture a nipple in your mouth.
The mini-skirt finally opens and falls to the floor, leaving you both bare in the neon tinted moonlight. You pull back, stroking her hair and looking, just looking. It’s so familiar, and yet so different.
You’ve both put on weight since your ramen fueled college days. Connie is soft in places she used to be hard, but her eyes are set with surety and fierce determination. The unsure 20-something you fell for disappeared beneath the pressures of being an ER nurse and was reborn as the confident sexy woman standing naked in front of you.
You know you’ve undergone the same process. Right now, as your calves meet the couch, it’s all you can do to hope that she still sees you in the hardened women you’ve become. But Connie’s eyes are still soft, her touch still loving, her kisses still gentle as she trails down your body to her knees.
“Baby,” she breathes, reverential, “you’re so wet for me.” You can’t contain your whimpers at that point, tipping your head back when her lips meet your clit. Her hand wraps around the back of your thigh, keeping you from jerking backwards out of her reach.
“Look at me,” Connie’s voice holds more steel than you remember, her commanding tone lighting a fire in the pit of your stomach. She twines her free hand in yours and moves it to her hair. “Look at me, baby, while I take you apart.” The hunger in her heated blue eyes sends a rush of slick sliding down your thighs, your cunt fluttering around nothing.
Connie moans in approval and licks an experimental stripe up your slit, swirling her tongue while you whine and beg for her fingers. Your grip tightens in her hair, pulling just the way she likes until she’s whimpering too.
“Let go,” she whispers against your cunt, and you do, rocking your hips into her face as every stroke of her tongue brings you closer. Connie’s always been able to break you down before she puts you back together, wild and efficient with her movements and words. The months apart disappear as your pleasure coils, hot and tight, waiting for permission.
“Come for me baby,” Connie breathes, slipping two slender fingers into your cunt. You’re so wet there’s no resistance, only a choked off moan as she slides in deep. Her fingers curve, pressing against the spongy spot inside that makes you see stars. You break for her, coming hard around Connie’s fingers, your knees buckling.
She doesn’t stop. Connie’s free hand moves from your thigh to your stomach, pushing you down onto the couch and holding you there as her fingers pick up pace. She’s fucking you in earnest now, drawing obscene noises from your flooded pussy, her tongue building another climax at your clit.
“Give me one more, now baby,” Connie is at her best when she’s in charge, commanding, sucking at your clit in the full knowledge that you can’t deny her anything. You sob her name, liquid gold flooding your veins as you come syrup-slow, pleasure drawn out deliciously. Slick drips onto your leaden, still-shaking thighs. Connie ducks to lick it up when you push weakly at her forehead.
Her face is pure delight, pure affection. She loves nothing more than watching you fall apart at her touch. Connie slides up, pressing herself into your satiated body. You manage to move enough to pull her down into a feverish kiss.
The taste of your pleasure in her mouth is energizing. A switch flips and you can’t get enough, your hands groping her tits and moving down over her ass, drawing out delicious sounds of pleasure.
“Ride me Con,” you gasp, suddenly eager to taste her, to feel her come on your tongue. She’s equally desperate, straddling your face with her soft thighs and moving her hips frantically the second your warm tongue licks up her slit. This is your favorite, when Connie is like this, so drunk on lust that she can’t think, just move. You’re drunk too, drunk on giving her everything she needs, drunk on letting her take her pleasure from you. Your mind quiets and you drown in the taste of her.
You trail your fingers down to your aching cunt, gathering up your slick and running them over her puckered hole. Connie gasps, then whimpers when you draw your fingers in circles as you push in just a fingertip, a teasing promise for later, when you’re both properly prepared.
If it were up to you, you’d tease her for hours, but Connie’s cunt grinds urgently against your tongue, desperate for release. She never begs, but her hands tangle in your hair and her whines grow frantic and you know. You wrap your tongue around her clit and suck and she shatters with a low cry.
She rides it out, shuddering on your tongue, soaking your face, until she collapses forward against the back of the couch. You rub soothing circles into her hips as you turn her so you’re both on your sides, snuggled up. Connie kisses you gently, still panting. You missed her.
“Let me know you’re safe when you can, babe.” Connie laughs into the receiver at whatever her boyfriend said in response, genuine delight crinkling her eyes. “Yeah, my college roommate.” She winks at you over the counter, cradling the phone in her palm. “Alright, bye Steve.”
Connie grins at you as she stalks around the counter, still deliciously naked. You’re laying debauched on her couch, a bottle of gin between your thighs, beckoning her to join you.
“I missed you,” Connie says, pulling your head into her lap and stroking your hair. The party swirls on through the streets, overflowing from the bars, overflowing with love and laughter and life.
“Pass me my cigarettes, babe.” You wink when she rolls her eyes.
“God, you know I’m trying to quit.” But you both know her protest is mostly for show. Connie lights the cigarette between her own lips, taking a long drag before she passes it down to you. She cocks her eyebrow and purses her lips, inviting you up for a kiss.
She bends down as you lean up, breathing out the fragrant smoke as you take a deep breath that tastes like her. Connie’s knee comes up to support your head as you take your own long slow drag. You lean up slowly, letting her drag her tongue over the crease of your lips before you breathe out. You shotgun the whole cigarette together, breathing back and forth, slipping easily back into remembered intimacy.
“Remember nursing school,” you murmur as Connie stubs out the end into the tray.
“We’d shotgun cigarettes back then because we were poor as fuck,” she laughs, tossing her blown out blond hair over her shoulders.
“I seem to remember you saying they tasted better on my lips,” you cock your eyebrow and stare haughtily, a smirk playing on your mouth.
“They still do, babe,” Connie bends to kiss you hungrily. You strain beneath her, devouring her mouth until you’re both breathless and gasping.
“So what’d you think?” Connie asks when she’s caught her breath.
“It was fun,” you say softly, “pretending all that pride partying was for us.” Connie grins, leaning down to plant a kiss on your forehead as she grabs the gin between your thighs.
“When I first moved here I thought it could be,” she sighed. “I even went on an actual date with a girl, like an actual date.” Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise.
“Really? Did you fuck her?” you squeal. Connie gasps in fake shock, mirth bubbling in her blue eyes.
“Darling,” she presses a hand to her chest, affecting a Southern drawl, “a lady doesn’t kiss and tell!” You laugh along with her, nuzzling the softness of her stomach.
“You’re not a lady, you’re a menace,” you tease. “Did that nice Southern DEA boy teach you to talk like that?” Connie’s cheeks turn pink and the look in her eyes softens.
“I like him,” she says simply, taking a swig of the gin. “He’s fun and sweet and driven, and” she winks “damn good with his hands.” You laugh and make grabby hands for the gin.
“What happened with the girl?” you ask as you drink. Connie’s face falls.
“She found out I liked men too and told me she wasn’t going to fuck around with a straight girl,” Connie rolls her eyes and continues, pragmatic as always. “And then I remembered Miami isn’t the real world. I can’t bring a girl home to my parents, and I don’t think I can stand to lose everyone I know.” You nod, feeling yourself turn grim. You’d gone through the same thought process when you moved to New York. There didn’t seem to be a place for you, so you made the easier choice.
“James proposed,” you say softly, “the wedding’s in three months.” Connie sighs and pulls you into her lap, snuggling your face into her neck.
“Do you love him?”
“I do, I really think I do. It just feels like somethings missing.” Connie pulls back, smirking, and you wink at her. “I told him I like girls too, Con, and he just shrugged.” You roll your eyes. “According to him loads of girls do that before they settle down.”
”of course,” Connie’s voice drips with sarcasm. “Fucking girls doesn’t count.” You giggle at her annoyance.
“I just missed you, Con,” you say, cupping her face. “I wish we had stayed close after college.”
“I wish we had, too,” she says, something like regret shining in her eyes. “But we have a week to pretend, and if this is going to be the last time we’re together, then I want you to kiss me again, like you mean it.” Connie wraps her arms around you, nuzzling your neck. You wind your fingers through her golden hair, savoring the moment.
“Always, Connie.”
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teamsladsandgents · 23 days ago
Peter, female reader, and #44?
You were stunned when a defendant took a full courtroom hostage; apparently, he had friends in the gallery, all who snuck in various weapons. Currently, the judge, defense attorney, two civilians, and Peter Stone were being held hostage, the latter at gunpoint.
You had your gun on your hip, but you kept that little fact to yourself; you didn't want to let them have another weapon. The defendant had stolen the bailiff's gun, and everyone else had either a knife or other sharp instrument.
"I'm not going to jail, understand?" the defendant said, holding Peter close to his chest. He had the barrel of the gun to his head, and there wasn't much you could do without sacrificing someone's life.
"You're not going to go anywhere but in the ground at this rate," Peter replied, and you glared at him, trying to tell him to shut up before he egged the guy on more.
The man chuckled. "Not if I got you with me, Stone." You weren't about to let that happen. Trying to think quickly, you half rose to your feet when the defendant started to pull Peter towards the exit. Thankfully, his friends let their hostages go, following the two men.
You waited a split second after the door closed behind them before you were following, gun drawn and safety off. You found the men a little ways down the hallway, Peter struggling in their grip.
The defendant let Peter go, then aimed his gun between his eyes. "You want to die so badly, Stone? Fine."
“Don’t you hurt a single hair on his head,” you threatened, gun aimed at the man's chest--a bigger target than his head.
The man scoffed. "What's this, your girlfriend coming to save you?"
"Damn straight; and let me tell you, she doesn't miss her shot," Peter replied.
The man looked from him to you, your hands steady, aim perfect. You were calm, in your element, and the defendant was trying to weigh if killing Peter would be worth his own life. His friends, sensing a losing situation, turned and fled. But you didn't blink an eye, staring the defendant down until he reluctantly put his hands up.
You kept your gun trained on him as you moved forward, reaching for your cuffs and ordering Peter to move behind you. Once safely restrained, the shaking started. The bailiff took the man away, while you collapsed into Peter's arms.
"Are you okay, my love?" he asked, concerned.
You let out a shaky laugh. "I should be asking you that." When he didn't laugh or even smile, you sighed. "I was...I was worried about you. I was afraid that--"
"Don't worry about what ifs; I'm alright, safe here, with you."
You nodded, hugging him close to you.
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old-no7 · 26 days ago
Okay, I have this scene in my head
So it’s the ABA taker, and he’s working out like hours on end and his girlfriend it getting bored having nothing to do while he works out so she decides to play music on the radio while taker is working out and dances attempting to get taker to stop working out and spend time with her (you can add more if you like)
And I’m positive with your talent you can make this 10000% better then how I picture it :)
(All y'all are too damn nice to me <3 Also this is absolutely something I would pull.)
F!Reader Trying to Get ABA!Taker's Attention While He's Working Out
Fluff below the cut (with slight NSFW).
You loved your boyfriend's body. It was broad and strong, packed with muscle with the perfect layer of fat over it that you could hold softly at night. And the way his chest flexes when he bench presses, and the way his thighs tense as he squats, how his ass pushes back against his workout shorts.
God, he's so handsome. You love how handsome he is, how strong he is, how much work he puts into his body and his job. You understand it's required of him, and that he loves it, too. But....
Four hours is a bit much, and you're getting impatient.
The radio changes and Undertaker barely notices it, too far in the zone as he benches his max. You've changed it to something more upbeat and less 'Kid Rock,' something you could move to. Both to entertain yourself, and to hopefully get your boyfriend's attention.
You twirl and sway your hips slowly, looking at yourself in the mirror Taker installed in your home gym. You like how you look - a tank top with Taker's logo, hanging loose around your body but showing your bra on the sides, a pair of short black shorts, some pink socks. You're pretty damn cute if you say so yourself, and Undertaker is missing out.
The song plays a bit louder as you gently tap the volume knob, then you spin around again and dance closer to Undertaker. Now, with the raise in the music and the image of you dancing in the mirror, his attention is turned towards you. He is still benching, pressing up into his fifth rep, but he acknowledges his lover and your attempts to get his attention.
Without his direct attention, you dance more, getting a bit silly with it. You brazenly twirl on your toes and end it with a swing of your leg so you are straddling Taker's waist. You see him fighting a little smile, but his eyes remain up on the bar.
So it's a challenge he wants. Fine.
You twirl your hips, grinding on his crotch and watching as he coughs in surprise. Still, though, he presses up the weight, those gorgeous but inattentive arms flexing beautifully. Your eyes roll and you decide that if he won't appreciate your sexy dancing, you have other cards to play.
The song changes, and so does your move set. You slide up his body and extend your arms, holding the sides of his neck as you dramatically lip-sync to the sound. You can feel the tension in Taker's neck as he tries to keep frowning. You slide your hand down his chest, writhing around as if you're singing at Eurovision.
You roll off his body to the floor and for a moment he thinks your antics are over. That is, until a few seconds later, when the song rises again and so do you. You drape yourself horizontally over him, singing passionately to the ceiling, and he finally caves.
You hear the bar rack and Undertaker covers his face with his hands, making a loud, exhausted noise.
"...Bored?" he asks with a smile in his voice. You wiggle up onto his hips and lean down, resting your hands on his chest.
"Yeah, do you have any idea how long you've been working out? Like, forever babe. You haven't paid attention to me in four hours!" you complain. Taker drops his hands and holds your forearms gently, smiling up at you with that gorgeous face.
"Are you a plant? If I ignore you too much will you die?" Undertaker teases you.
"Yes!" you whine, coming down to your elbows and burying your face in his neck. "I'm wilting!" You hear Taker try to muffle a laugh and he makes another loud sigh, his hands patting your back.
"Alright, would a bit of sunshine help bring you back to life? We can take a walk into town, I'll buy us lunch," Taker offers. You beam against his neck and give it a little kiss, tasting the salty sweat on your lips.
"I think that would help," you say, and sit up. Undertaker grasps your hips and sits up, shoving you into his lap. He leans down and pecks your forehead, then says,
"By the way, you can dance like that all you want. Kinda liked the view." He reaches down and grabs a handful of your ass, making you jump and swat his chest. Taker chuckles and smiles down at you, and god, he's just perfect when he looks at you like that. You really can't be blamed for getting addicted to his attention.
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old-no7 · 27 days ago
Okay i reallllyyyy need some emotional fluff rn, so basically Taker is head over heels in love with this girl (who he's known for not even a year) and she's also insanely in love with him. One night Daddy Taker decides "fuck it" and tells her that he loves her with this cute/emotional speech, she also has a little moment telling him how much she loves him 🥺 But the thing is, its really emotional and they're both nearly in tears knowing that they're eachothers soulmates.
I may be a future porn director, but jesus christ I NEED SOME EMOTIONAL FLUFF SOMETIMES 😩
ABA!Taker Admitting His Feelings to F!Reader
Hurt/Comfort below the cut.
Something had to break eventually.
He looked at you and he could feel his heart moving in strange ways. He could reach out and touch you and never want to let go. The way he felt about you was new, it was intense, and it ached in his chest. It was how his mother described love to him when he was a boy.
Nights of passion and confessing deep secrets to each other could only go on for so long without Undertaker saying three important words. He had never touched someone like you before, never told anyone the things he confided in you, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that he could no longer his his true feelings.
He doesn't know you feel the same. He doesn't know that being touched by him makes you feel like you are being worshipped as something holy. He doesn't know that when you look in his eyes you feel like you're finally home, and whenever you are away, even if it's across the room from each other, you long for him.
It has to happen.
The two of you lay in bed, naked, with you laying with your head on Undertaker's shoulder, the both of you looking at one another like lovers in old stories. And the both of you know it's time without realizing that the other is thinking the same thing.
"Hey, baby girl," Undertaker says, brushing his knuckles down the side of your face. "I have to tell you something, okay?" You blink, a worry twisting in your chest. God, you were about to tell him that you loved him, what was he about to say to you?
Undertaker swallows his pride and he holds your hand over his chest, hoping you can feel his newly beating heart.
"We've known each other almost a year now, huh?" he says, and you nod. He thumbs your knuckles and continues, "I'm not a man who keeps people long. Either they leave, or I drive 'em out. I ain't an easy man to be with, by any means.
"But you stay. No matter what I do or what we go through, you stay. And I couldn't figure it out for the longest time what made you different. I mean, kid, I don't know how it went from a one night stand to your toothbrush in my bathroom, or how it went from me flirtin' with you in a bar to...picturing you whenever I think of my future.
"I know I'm a handful. I know I'm a dumb bastard sometimes, and life with me ain't easy. But...I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you since we met in that nasty bar in Springfield. It's just taken a year to build up to courage to tell you."
Your fingers rest over your lips as the words really hit you. Undertaker squeezes your other hand and insists,
"I can't blame ya if you don't love me back. I know what I am, I know what I've done, and I know what it takes to love a dead man. I-"
"Oh my god will you stop talking for three seconds?" you ask, but you ask it softly. You ask it with tears in your eyes. You ask it with relief in your heart, because you just heard the words that have been echoing in your mind spoken by the man you love.
You lean up, putting your hand over his mouth. You love him, but he's want to ramble, and you have important things to say.
"My turn," you say softly. You can feel your heard pounding in your chest, but the words are wrenching your mouth open and demanding to be spoken. "I love you. I love you, and I've loved you, and I'm going to love you. I've been waiting to say it for...god, for so long.'re you, and I'm me, and....
"Oh my god we're both really bad at this," you breathe, chuckling. You see his eyes widen, and you push forward before you lose your nerve. "No, no, let me start again. When I met you in that bar, I didn't want to go home with anyone. I didn't ever want to be in any relationship ever again, I didn't even want to have flings. I wanted nothing, and then I met you, and...and nothing turned into you.
"I-I can't explain it. I just feel like I'm meant to be with you. Like we were supposed to find each other. We were supposed to have that awkward one-night stand, we were supposed to meet over and over, we were supposed to have all those fights and hold each other through all the bullshit that happened this past year.
"And I love you. I love you so much. Whenever I picture growing old...I picture you with me," you say, voice soft, tears forming on the bottom of your lids. They are tears of happiness. Tears of relief. You slip your hand from Undertaker's lips and it's followed by an immediate kiss.
He wraps his arms around you and his fingers lace in your hair, keeping you in place as he now speaks to you with his lips and tongue. As he learns to say 'I love you' in a thousand different ways. He parts you two for a moment, breathing against your lips.
"I love you," he whispers, looking up at you in awe. And you smile as the both of you indulge in the unique feeling that is confessing a secret, whispering it in a silence to the only person who these words are meant for.
"I love you," you say back, kissing him very softly. For both of you, it is a statement, and a promise.
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dead-daydreamer-jpg · 28 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Suits (US TV) Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Mike Ross/Harvey Specter, Mike Ross & Rachel Zane, Donna Paulsen & Harvey Specter Characters: Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, Jessica Pearson, Donna Paulsen, Rachel Zane Additional Tags: Love is hard, Angst with a Happy Ending, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, Donna and Rachel are powerful, Donna is Donna, Headcanon, First Kiss, Falling In Love, Love Confessions, Idiots in Love, Boys In Love, Kissing It Better, all the feels, Eventual Happy Ending, Happy Ending, Puppy Analogy Mike Ross, Puppy Love, Protectiveness, Protective Harvey, Jessica is an asshole Summary:
The fight. The aftermath, and then paradise.
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darke-15 · 29 days ago
You thought I was done? Here, have a mini-chapter 😘
Chapter 46 // Silhouettes
┍━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┑
“You let him pull your goddamn eyeline,” Weston spat, watching as Danny hurled you across the room, “Fuck. Focus, (L/N).”
You flipped in the air, landing on your feet and spinning to face Danny. He was on top of you before you knew what was happening. You threw a punch, but he dodged it and advanced, pushing you off balance onto your heels. You tried to throw another punch, but Danny grabbed your arm and hauled you over his shoulder. He flung you across the training space with enough force that your feet gave out from underneath you.
You yelped, landing harshly on cement and crashing across the floor. Gravel was embedded in your arms and knees as you rolled over to your back and you found Gonzalez looming over you.
“Back on your feet, Lieutenant.”
┕━━━━━━━━━━━ ★ ━━━━━━━━━━━┙
» Chapter 46 // Silhouettes «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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Tumblr media
And this concludes Le Celebration 🥳 Again, thanks each and every one of you for being just so lovely and putting up with my bullshit 🖤🖤🖤
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