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#bad translation
ultradude · a day ago
I actually never finished the zombie mpreg novel come to think of it
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odinnadtsat · 2 days ago
Here comes an aggressive hilichurl with a wooden club attempting to hit Tartaglia on the head with it. "Ya! Lata ika, biadum!"
Tumblr media
       How had the Hilichurl gotten close without him noticing until the moment they're yelling out? Frankly, the Harbinger understands not a word, only finding their vocals to be a babble of sorts. Regardless, the man capable of knowing they meant to attack him on purpose as the enemy. Boot swift to push off against the dirt ground beneath his feet, kicking up clumps of dirt while jumping out of the way of their swinging club.
       With not making any contact, their swing must continue through its motion through the air. Bow manifests itself within grasp moment feet land firm back to the ground below, heels digging in to firm stance. Digits grip the tail of arrow while pulling back the string, line of sight focus on the target. Pull of water droplets from the surrounding moisture bubble up at the head until bursting forth right before he sends it sailing at his assailant.
       Hilichurls may not be the strongest of enemies, but hey -- he has to protect himself if he's attacked first.
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rukatski · 2 days ago
I miss when this fandom used to do like thousand word analysis of a single panel in a chapter to try and justify any of Hiro’s decisions and now the chapters are so bleak we can’t even do that
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hello-yue-here · 3 days ago
📓 :D
im so happy sharing these ideas lmao thank you to everyone whos sending me something i love it
fic idea number 174729: zukka
sokka is a movie director. he is precise in his execution and his films are brilliant. oscar winning. sokka is a big deal. sokka is also constantly stressed out of his mind. he loves his job, he really does. but none of the goddamn writers in this town are any good anymore. every new script he recieves is either poorly written with a good premise that sokka has to do numerous edits on with the writers until its worth something or just complete and utter garbage that cant be saved.
enter zuko.
zuko has been trying to get someone to read his scripts for ages. but its hard to break into the business unless you know someone. one night while drinking in a bar, he meets this girl katara and becomes fast friends with her and her boyfriend aang. they ask him what he does and he mentions that he wants to be a screenwriter, but no one will give him a chance because hes a literal nobody.
aang and katara are like oh wow thats so interesting! can we read ur manuscript?
zuko is a bit wary to share his script with someone else, because this is LA. who knows if these two will try and steal his idea from him.
but theres something about kataras knowing smile and aangs excited eyes that make him think “sure why not”
they exchange numbers and emails and he lets them read the manucript.
three weeks later, katara calle zuko and asks if he wants to hang out. zuko is a little wary because they havent seen each other in person since that night at the bat but theyve been texting pretty regularly, as have he and aang, so he figures why not. itll be good for him to have friends in this town.
katara tells him to meet her at her apartment so they can leave together to meet up with aang somewhere.
when he shows up to meet katara shes not alone.
no. she is definitely not alone.
sokka, one of zukos favorite directors, is sitting right next to her on the couch.
apprantly hes her brother.
apparantly he loved zukos script.
apparantly it was the best writing he has seen in ages.
soon enough the two become one of the most renowned director/writer duos in hollywood. and one of the most iconic couples too.
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xvannychan87x · 3 days ago
fun facts!
narcissistic is NOT a synonym for bad abusive person! having npd does NOT mean that you are dangerous and horrible and to be avoided! you know what it DOES mean? that you have trauma and you are mentally ill which is okay and fine and does not make you bad and it also means that your hair looks very nice today <3 unless ur bald and have npd, that means that ur eyes are very pretty <3
stop demonizing narcissists plz and thank you. they’re people too.
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jhsgifs · 4 days ago
hi!!! so first- your blog is s gorgeous!! thank you so much for all the gifs, i will rewatch munster in a day or two so if you'll still want ideas and i get some i'll send it your way 🤭 please take care. thank you again, i hope you are enjoying making them because you deserve ❤️ have a lovely day
Hello there! Thank you so much, i do enjoy a lot making them. Of course you can still send the request whenever, don't worry. Hope you have a good day too and take care 😚
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leatherbookmark · 4 days ago
one of the books i’m reading for my thesis is, how to put it......... translated in a way that does not satisfy me personally
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oldguardiannewtricks · 4 days ago
Welsh is an official language of Wales. This means, legally, it cannot be treated less favourably than English in any part of daily life. So we have bilingual signs and sometimes the translations are… well just awful.
This is a classic and made the news.
Tumblr media
Welsh reads “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.
Tumblr media
Welsh reads “Wines and ghosts”
Tumblr media
Welsh reads “Warning workers are exploding”
Tumblr media
In English these drinks are alcohol free in Welsh the drinks are free “Alcohol for nothing”.
Tumblr media
Um- Welsh reads “Free erections” yes really!
Tumblr media
This seems a tad harsh “Injure yourself now”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wording is fine but the English and the Welsh disagree on right/left
Tumblr media
The sign says “Parcio I Bobi Anabl” which is “Parking to bake the disabled” which I don’t think Tesco were going for.
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guillemelgat · 5 days ago
Hi everyone! I know I haven’t been doing a lot of Actual Language Learning Posts on here in a while, that’s because I haven’t been doing a lot of Actual Language Learning. But that’s another can of worms that I’ll talk about later; for now, I’ve decided that I have at least one language goal this summer, and yes it is coming completely out of left field and has nothing to do with any of the languages I’m currently learning.
Basically, one of my really close friends from college is from the same area as me so I’ve been going over to her house a lot recently, and her family is Russian, by which I mean very Russian. Everyone there speaks fluent Russian, including the kids in our generation, and while my friend says she’s used to translating for people, I feel really weird not being able to just like...follow the conversation?? I am generally a chameleon when it comes to being in a place, and right now I feel very much like I am getting in the way.
All that goes to say that my goal this summer is to learn basic survival Russian. Not to understand it fluently, not to speak it, not to read or write it, and not to be able to get my C2 certificate in it (although given the people I’m around, understanding the conversation might require a C2 ceritification as well as like 5 PhDs 😅). I just want to be able to sort of know what’s going on and not feel like I’m interrupting everything with my inability to speak in Russian. So in order to do that, I’m going to be doing something virtually unprecendented for me: only learning vocabulary.
My goal is to do this Memrise course with some of the top 5000 words in Russian and get as far as I can in the next few months. Then I’ll also try to listen to music in Russian and follow the lyrics, which tends to help words stick in my brain. Besides that, I’ll hopefully be visiting my friend enough to get in a lot of listening practice, and my goal is for this murky cocktail of practice to be enough. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I wouldn’t try it if I already wasn’t picking up one or two words from my one quarter of BCS. I think that if I really put in the time and effort, I might actually be able to start understanding stuff by the end of the summer, which would be super cool.
This isn’t my only summer goal, but it’s the one I’m focusing on for now. I might add a couple of things in the future, I’ll keep you posted on it! Anyways, thanks for listening to the ramblings, and hmu if you have any more recommendations <3
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bandsanitizer · 5 days ago
art that is warm and bright and happy and loving and caring and kind and lively is not bad art. music about love that is joyously unconditional and full of smiles and the best of feelings can be great art. poetry without heartbreak but still full of passion can be great art. stories with happy endings and paintings & photos of smiles can be great art. sculptures and pieces that feels so familiarly like home can be great art. we don’t need to be hurt to create something beautiful. beauty is not in or from the pain that we go through. we have always had something beautiful and great inside of us—have always been something beautiful and great—and art can always be, too.
#i’m probably going to regret and delete this later#this is NOT to say that angsty edgy sad angry etc art is not valid#and i would say the presence of it might be sort of cyclical but i do believe listening to only sad music will keep you in a perpetually#sad state/not have very positive affects on mood and I think that I always see a lot of negative critique overwhelm pieces that don’t feel#like pain or heartbreak and I know as a writer sometimes it feels unsettling to write without the trauma or pain or angst#but like artists are not artists bc of the hurt or etc#like artists deserve to be loved in their happy moments tok#*too! people shouldnt need to hurt for their art to be loved and appreciated#and i guess heartbreak/pain is an easier emotion to convey or more easily translated maybe? but like…#idk I just wish we put more value and love towards art that is happy and nice and not full of punchlines and plot twists and sad endings#bc i get that thats very much a reality but also… we deserve to see the good things in the world tok#bc if there’s nothing good in it then it’s like what’s the point of recognizing all the bad#i just…. honestly i read a comment saying some minor version of a song made it about ab*se and it’s sooooo better than the original#and I get that everyone has opinions but it’s definitely a consensus along the lines of ‘this is sad and edgy so ofc it’s better’ and like#i get but also like……… idk there’s nothing wrong with something happy either#alison speaks?
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