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#bad jokes by zeph
liamjmoriarty · a month ago
i promise this is not as bad as it sounds but i made a bad joke earlier & my husband playfully went to "choke me" à la cursed emoji reaching through the phone, "some crimes can never be forgiven", what have you, but, i was like, less than a foot away, so he just
actually choked me (i made a loud noise & he stopped immediately to check on me)
so now i have a sore throat & my shoulder hurts more than usual from what was basically whiplash & all because i had to go & say botw guardians could plausibly, technically be trans & a completely reasonable & common gender could in fact be "attack helicopter".
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liamjmoriarty · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anyways here's some more of my bad jokes, enjoy
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liamjmoriarty · a month ago
Tumblr media
i think this was pretty cute, but apparently ppl only want dirty jokes, because......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this version got the most attention of any of my posts so far.........
we are all bad & should feel bad.
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liamjmoriarty · 3 months ago
catch a fish with your family, call that nuclear fishin'
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liamjmoriarty · 3 months ago
thanatos? more like tranatos, ah? ahh~? 😏
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liamjmoriarty · 10 months ago
you either die a himbo or you live long enough to see yourself become a dilf
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liamjmoriarty · 10 months ago
when your transmasc partner is a top, why he's a strapping young man 😘
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liamjmoriarty · 10 months ago
what do you call spider man when he's happy?
smiles morales
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liamjmoriarty · 10 months ago
gonna make a furry oc named logical phallicy
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rimurutempest-bounced · a year ago
what do you call spiderman when he's happy?
smiles morales
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rimurutempest-bounced · a year ago
when your transmasc partner is a top, why he's a strapping young man 😘
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rimurutempest-bounced · a year ago
don't you oregano that it's bed thyme? i know you mint to be asleep already. soon the night will be tarragon(e), so cloves your eyes! maybe get a blanket in case it's chili?
you cumin to my ask box, a salt me with puns, and send the mes-sage on anon??? i can sparsely bay leaf such behaviherb?????
anon i adore you????????
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rimurutempest-bounced · a year ago
taako, in the middle of being intimate with krav and mags: "change my name to buurrito baby, cuz im double stuffed"
magnus, without missing a beat: "that's why we call you taako supreme"
kravitz, deadpan: "let me speak to the manager"
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virtuti · 2 months ago
@thaliakwaxing asked | 💦 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re shy or nervous🔷️ - is your muse good or bad at lying? Questions For My Muse(s)
Zephirin - Zeph’s words get a bit more clipped, he talks less and makes less eye contact Adelphel - He gets giggly and awkward Estinien - He just gets grumpy about it Asahi - Asahi is a tiny sociopath with no shame and therefor does not feel shyness-- I’m joking, he blushes like a motherfucker  Kiht’to - He also blushes and tends to laugh at stupid and unfunny things, including things that should not be laughed at
Zephirin - Absolutely terrible liar Adelphel - Decent liar, only does it out of necessity  Estinien - Decent liar, but is usually brutally honest  Asahi - Wonderful liar but gets frustrated when he cant have his feelings known Kiht’to - Not the best because he just doesnt do it
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adam-dumortains · 3 months ago
Please please do a profile of your fanfic mcs in the Beckett fanfic
Tumblr media
The Elementalists / Something About You (Beckett x MC) fanfic: Adaline Russell
Faceclaim: Troian Bellisario. (I always had Troian in mind when playing the elementalists! I guess it’s cause I found MC close to Spencer from pll?)
Adaline Russell is a fiery and sarcastic (but the nice kind), caring young woman who would do anything to protect the people she loves. She is scarily intelligent, with her academics being one of her many successes. She loves to learn new things, especially magick, as she values knowledge as a way to open up the world around her. She loves playing thief and enjoys her trips to bars with Griffin and Zeph to watch Theif championship games. She also secretly loves Shreya’s girly spa days, although, she won’t admit that.
However, Adaline can also be competitive, especially when it comes to her academics. Example A: Beckett Harrington. She thrives to succeed and believes a little competition never hurt anybody. But she can also become insecure as she can often rely on her academics for validity at times. And although she did get into trouble quite a bit over the years, she hates disappointing her teachers. Adaline is also fiercely loyal, and whilst that may be a quality yearned to have by many and is certainly not a bad one, she can sometimes place her loyalty in the wrong places and be too kind to those who do not share the same heart.
As mentioned, Adaline will do anything for the people she loves, especially the pend pals. She loves them with every fibre of her being and would be lost without them. They’re her lifeline, especially Atlas. They’re twins, which already comes with a different kind of bonding than others, but Adaline knows that Atlas is the other half of her. And she knows whenever they’re apart, they’ll always find each other in the end.
Over the years in Penderghast, Adaline found an enemy on her first day: Beckett Harrington. An ignorant snob at first, Adaline despised him but also saw him as some healthy competition. She thought that he needed to be taken down a peg or two. That was until a study session made her realise there was more than meets the eye, and the study sessions turned into meetings outside of academics, which eventually turned into the two falling each other. They’re perfect for each other - both intelligent and love intellectual talks and they are absolutely smitten with one an other. However, Beckett still needs some training on not taking Adaline’s jokes or sarcasm seriously sometimes. Adaline’s favourite thing to do with Beckett is to visit non-attuened museums (which absolutely fascinate Beckett) and to make him blush.
After graduating, Adaline isn’t quite sure what she wants to do yet, but a job as a teacher (and later a dean!) in Penderghast seems like a good option. But Dean Swan also thinks she may be great working with magickal teens who have experienced trauma, much like she has over the years. Who knows, but one things for sure: Adaline is a force to be reckoned with. A girl who’s story isn’t over yet and is simply just beginning.
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roleplaygateway · 3 months ago
Aethyia, writing in Kanto Region, a part of Pokémon: Atonement:
June 28th Old Laboratory - Evening - Muggy Kasimir Rheinallt
Kas picked his way over a partly-fallen beam, frowning up at the collapsed section of ceiling. The former laboratory was in a pretty rundown section of Rustboro, something that had once been zoned for stuff like this but had over time fallen in to dereliction and disrepair. He wasn't exactly sure what the boss expected them to be able to find here, but it might be more a cursory check than anything. At the moment, it's just him and Cyrilla inside the building; they'd decided it wasn't really necessary for everyone to go, especially with everyone else being around. Besides, Ryk still had a victory to celebrate, and while he didn't exactly think the guy was going to do that the way Kas would, even he probably didn't need to be made to come search a grimy, falling-apart lab when he could be spending time with his adorable girlfriend and other friends and so on. "Gotta love the slasher-movie ambiance," he joked, checking the frame of the first inside door they encountered before shouldering it open. "You think there are ghosts in here? Maybe I could catch a misdreavus or something. Finally complete the team." Not that he was doing too badly for himself, even with only five to most professionals' minimum of six. “Hm, I don't know," she hummed, moving around a pile of rubble. “Haunter seems more your type, but then again, so does the sensu style oricorio," she stated with a light grin. “If you want it to have more authentic slasher vibes, though, I could always let Diva run wild, maybe even Noc. It's been awhile since they've had some fun like that," she huffed lightly and grabbed one of the pokéballs as if to emphasize her point. “Speaking of, though," she began, pausing only to step over what looked like a fallen file cabinet, “you did a hell of a job during the tournament. Meep was adorable as ever, as was Cinders. Though I'm not sure you'd call a charizard of her size, adorable. Captivating seems more like the right word, all things considered." Kas chuckled. "Honestly I think she'd prefer badass. Besides, captivating is a word I reserve for one person only." He moved into the next room, which might once have been a conference area, from the remnants of the large table and several tipped-over chairs. "Couldn't do a haunter though—Ryk has Imp and I'd feel like an imitation. Hardly my style." He grinned at her, clearing one of the chairs out of their way with a sweep of his leg. “True," she replied, pausing to tap a thoughtful finger to her chin. “I mean, you could always take Diva; I'm sure she'd love the chance to fight. Midnight Lycanrocs always love a good battle, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to completely part with her. She's my first and well, if you take her, you'll have to take me along," she stated, grinning in a way that indicated she was just teasing him. “I'm sure you'll find something to complete your team, although your team is good as it is. You've got a badass charizard and lucario, an adorable mareep and vaporeon, and a very cool flygon. In any case, your team is well-rounded. Adding anything else is just... oh, what's the expression, icing on the cake?" She shrugged lightly and continued walking. “When we get back to Cinnabar, the two of us need to properly celebrate you getting into the finals. Back island drinks?" she suggested, glancing up at him from her spot. Kas chuckled softly. "I could go for that," he agreed readily. There were, of course, at least a good half a dozen jokes on the tip of his tongue about taking her places, but he elected to make none of them for now. They made their way through an old laboratory, Kas trying an old computer only to find that it had been wiped back to factory settings. "Huh. I didn't expect them to leave loads of data behind or anything, but this is still a little odd. Why take your data but not your equipment? Unless they left in a hurry or something." “Possibly," Cyrilla stated, clicking her tongue as she glanced around. “From the way the place looks, I'd say that they left in a hurry, but not so much that they had time to download all of the data. There has to be a backup that they missed. Maybe a paper trail of some sort," she continued, opening one of the filing cabinets nearby, and pursing her lips together. “This might be a little easier with Siri. She might be able to see if there's at least something worth of note with her echolocation," she murmured, pushing out a soft sigh. "Well you're welcome to let her out," Kas replied, "but we can see filing cabinets and computers just fine, and that's where anything like that's likely to be." He opened another cabinet himself, finding it to contain nothing more interesting than mostly-intact glassware. Humming, he went to close it over, pausing abruptly when he heard something. It was a soft sound, not unlike the scuff of a foot on the floor. Eyes narrowing, Kas darted his eyes to Cyrilla and lifted a finger to his lips, reaching for one of the pokéballs on his belt. It could in fact be a ghost of some kind, but there might also be something else alive in here. If so, he wasn't going to just assume it was friendly. Cyrilla didn't say anything, and quietly made her way towards the sound. She peered through one of the open doors and quickly pulled back, eyes slightly wide as she glanced at Kas. He could see her mouth, “what the hell," as she made her way back towards him. “I don't know what it is, but there is something big in that hallway. I've never seen anything like it, but it doesn't look good," she stated in a hushed whisper. “It's almost as tall as Zero, if not taller, and it looks like it's standing on all four legs," she added, furrowing her brows and pulling one of her own pokéballs from the belt at her side. Kas furrowed his brows, pinching one of the balls off his belt and giving it a toss. Sigrún emerged from it, attentive and ready, her eyes turned towards him. He nodded slightly and signaled her through the door, darting out after her. And there it was. Quadrupedal, like Cyrilla had said, but unlike anything he'd ever seen or heard of. Its front legs were taloned, almost avian, while the back ones had paws he'd call leonine, maybe. Its tail was almost finlike, and a large metal contraption covered most of its head and neck, obviously quite heavy from the way it moved. It seemed to be some combination of muzzle and… he wasn't sure what. Since it was unclear to him how the creature ate, Kas was left to assume that maybe it didn't, or else it ate something unusual, like energy or something particulate or fluid. It spotted him and Sigrún almost immediately, swinging to face them with a ponderous arc of its head. When it lunged towards them with a claw, she interceded, blocking with crossed arms. The impact was hard enough to crack the tiles under her feet with how hard she had to dig in to fend it off, and Kas clicked his tongue. It'd been a while since he'd done this sort of thing, for sure. Fortunately, he was pretty prepared. "Aura Sphere," He commanded, and Sigrún nodded, her outline taking on a bluish glow that expanded and slammed into the other pokémon, forcing it back several paces. Kas wasn't totally sure if it was a normal-type or a steel-type or what, but the fighting move seemed to be quite effective. "Hey Cy—there's a ball in my bag. Can you grab it for me?" He felt like he really shouldn't take his eyes off the battle, even if Sigrún was already following up without needing to be told. “Covered," she replied, moving towards his bag. He could hear her rummage through it before she seemed to find it, and placed it in his hand. “Zephyr, use Hypnosis," she stated, tossing the ball that contained her pokémon into the fray. The persian emerged and trilled in the other creatures direction before the gem on her forehead seemed to glow. There was a soft wave that emitted from it, however; the creature didn't seem to be affected much by it. It almost looked like it was trying to resist the attack, and Cyrilla bit her bottom lip. “Thunder Wave, Zeph." There was a crackling sound, but before Zephyr could get her attack in, she was forced to stop and dodge due to the creature using what looked to be Dragon Claw. "Hey, relax," Kas said, taking the ball and hitting the center button to expand it. "Sigrún and I have this. Didn't anyone ever teach you it's bad manners to interfere when a trainer's trying to capture something?" He grinned, keeping the words light, though in truth he was a little worried about her pokémon. This thing hit like a truck, and while his were trained to probattling levels, hers weren't—she just had other specialties. The creature let out an earsplitting, metallic screeching noise, sending everyone reeling, and Kas snapped his focus back to the battle. "Power up punch!" Sigrún leaped in, delivering a rhythmic succession of blows to the creature. Her focus returned, but that didn't stop her from taking the brunt of a heavy air slash that sent her down the hallway. Kas physically caught her, most of the breath leaving him at the impact of the blow, and he looked down. She nodded—they couldn't leave the Zephyr in there unprotected. Hurling her forward with all his might, Kasimir followed at a sprint, jumping over the persian even as Sigrún slammed full force into their opponent. Kas leaped again, channeling his momentum to vault onto the pokémon's back. The heavy contraption on its head was slowing it down, and he intended to do more of the same, clamping tightly with his legs and locking his arms around its neck in what would be a sleeper hold if there wasn't rigid metal in the way. "Force Palm!" The chimeric pokémon, focused on throwing him off by bucking its whole body, wasn't much able to guard against the thrust of Sigrún's paw, and he felt some of its muscles lock up under him as the secondary shockwave passed through and paralyzed it. Still it thrashed, and it was just about all Kasimir could do to hold on with one arm and both legs, mashing the ball against the back of its metal-protected head. It disappeared in a flash of red light, dropping him to his feet, and he tried to slow his irregular breathing as the ball trembled in his hand. Sigrún watched it keenly, still in a ready stance. It shook hard, and Kas braced for the pokémon to reappear, but then it shuddered and fell still. "Whew. Let's not do that again." “Yes, don't ever do that again," Cyrilla stated, her eyes wide and narrowed in what looked between worry and frustration. “You scared the shit out of me when you jumped on its back," she continued, raising her hand as if she were going to hit him on his shoulder, however; she seemed to think otherwise, and it fell back to her side. “What in Arceus's name is that? It's... obviously a pokémon, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to capture it," she began, pausing as Zephyr came to her side and pushed against her leg, “but I've never seen nor heard about anything like it." Her expression smoothed out into something more like curiosity as she reached into her side pocket. She pulled out her phone, it looked like, and typed something before she stopped. “Do... you think we should tell the others, first, before reporting it? There might be something else about it here if we keep looking," she asked, glancing up at Kas. Kas laughed softly, shaking his head. "Whatever it is, I'm guessing there's probably not any more of them. Let's look around and see if we can figure this out ourselves, and then regale them with the story later." He didn't really want to interrupt the celebrating. Besides, it could be an intel opportunity Steele could use—one that wouldn't end up reflecting badly on his friends. "But first… I demand a hug." He looked at her with an obvious pout. "I almost died and I need to be comforted by a pretty girl." It was an obvious stretch, but the grin on his face made it clear that he knew that perfectly well, and was just poking fun. He opened his arms, though, dead serious about the hug part. Cyrilla snorted softly, placing one hand on her hip and arched her brow at him. “Is that how that works, you demanding something and I just giving in to those demands?" she asked, though it was obvious enough that she was amused by his statement. She rolled her eyes, but the smile on her face said she wasn't at all serious, and walked towards him. She wrapped her arms around him as best as she could and gave him a tight squeeze. She loosened her hold after a minute, but she didn't immediately let go. She kept her face buried in his chest and seemed to contemplate something. “If you want to be comforted in any other ways, just let me know. We do have a room all to ourselves, afterall," she murmured, and from the tone of her voice, Kas could tell it came out almost sheepish. "Mm, pretty sure it was your determination that I get to have what I want," Kas said, tiptoeing around a more explicit reference to that day. It was the kind of thing they both still sometimes acknowledged sidewardly but never head-on. Cy's joke was the kind she'd have made before, which meant it kind of went under the radar too. It was… Well, weird, admittedly. But it was what they were doing for now, and Kas didn't want to just take a hammer to that delicate balance. At least not all the time. And more importantly than not wanting to, he wouldn't. His hold on her was firm, and he didn't quite let go the way he should when she spoke against his shirt. Instead he swallowed thickly, humming and sidestepping again, in the usual way. "Well then. I might just have to take you up on that. Turn in my carte blanche for some premium cuddles." She huffed a soft laugh and loosened her hold completely. “I'm pretty sure they also have lavender bubble bath. It's supposedly good for relaxing and after today," she paused and made a wide gesture around them, “I think you might need it. I'll make sure to bring in some food and make you a premium dinner and then you can have premium cuddles after." “Now let's go see what we can find about this. We'll hold off on telling the others, and... the Boss. Chances are it might be what he wanted us to find, but... I don't know, maybe I'm just putting things together that aren't there," she stated, rolling out her shoulders and furrowing her brows. “Zephyr, go see what you can find, and for the love of all things, don't bring back any dead rattata, okay?" The persian huffed in a haughty manner, but flicked her tail. “Shall we?" Cy stated, arching a brow at Kas. "Mm, let's. Sooner this is over, the sooner I get all my excellent free stuff."
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thecasinowolf · 5 months ago
Growing Pains, Remastered: Chapter 2
Below the cut, enjoy v
Cider entered the house, allowing Aaron to set himself down on the couch. He removed his shoe and took a look at the metal. He whimpered sadly. It was but a dull stinging at the moment, but the injury looked TERRIBLE. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to walk after this.    “Yeah, that looks bad,” Cider commented.    “Thank you, captain obvious,” Aaron growled.    “Hey, who helped you get over here?” Cider asked rhetorically, leaning over the table.    “So where’s your friend that can help me?” Aaron questioned. “This wasn’t a ploy or something, was it? If you’re gonna murder me or take my kidneys, do it quick...”    “I’m... Not interested in your kidneys,” Cider chuckled nervously. “He’s upstairs... But... He’s asleep. If I wake him up, I might raise hell.    “Oh you’ll raise hell, alright,” Cider heard an angered voice call from the top of the steps. He looked up and saw Chronos descending the stairs, clearly less than enthused about what he was seeing. “Cider, who the hell is this?”    “This is Aaron,” Cider said bluntly. “Found ‘im in the junkyard.”    “Hi...” Aaron muttered, Chronos’ icy cold glare could have pierced through him harder than the metal at that moment.    “He hurt his foot,” Cider explained. “I dunno where he came from but I mean, look at this kid. I couldn’t leave him there.”    “I’m not a kid...” Aaron defended. “I’m 17.”    “Like I said,” Cider snickered.    “Ugh...” Aaron grumbled. “Um, are you the guy that can help me?”    “I’m not so sure,” Chronos shook his head, kneeling next to Aaron, taking a look at his foot. “That looks pretty bad... But you aren’t bleeding. Which means by some miracle you didn’t hit any veins. But it pierced the bone it looks like. If I remove it, I might injure you worse. I’m not a doctor or anything, so I’m not suited for stuff like this.”    “Great, I’m stuck with some metal in my foot, I’m on the run from the police, AND I’m gonna die soon. I’m having a great time,” Aaron ranted.    “You’re gonna WHAT?” Cider gasped.    “I’m sure I could take it out...” Chronos muttered. “But if it went through the bone, I don’t think you could walk on it for a good while.”    “Can you... Try?” Aaron sighed. He didn’t want to agree to this, but he didn’t want to be stuck here, at least not for long.    “Alright. But don’t get upset if I end up taking your foot off,” Chronos said, before getting to work.    “Wait, if you what- OW! God... Damn it!” Aaron cried in pain as Chronos began his attempts to get it out. “Nevermindnevermindnevermindnevermind! Shit, shit, shit! Stop!”    “I can’t get it out any other way. Hold still,” Chronos scolded. “It’ll hurt more if you keep moving around.”    “It HURTS, damn it!”    “It’s GOING to hurt. Now be quiet, we have someone sleeping upstairs,” Chronos reprimanded him as he continued. Despite his commands, the damage had already been done. Upstairs, Zephyr pressed his ear to the door, listening to the commotion going on downstairs. What the hell was going on? Was someone else here?    “Sounds like a party,” Seth joked, appearing next to him. Startled, Zephyr jumped back, before seeing who it was.    “Yeah... I think I should go check it out,” Zephyr said.    “No way,” Seth scoffed. “I’ll do it. I wanna see what all the fuss it about. Besides, it might be serious, so you should stay up here and pretend you’re still asleep.”    “I... Guess...” Zephyr nodded. “If it’s serious, Chronos might get mad if I interrupt.” “Everyone’s always mad at you,” Seth jabbed a final time before heading downstairs. By the time he peeked his head downstairs, the commotion had stopped. Chronos set the bloodied piece of metal on the table, and watched as Aaron sobbed in pain as he laid down on the couch. He muttered several pearl-clutching not safe for church obscenities to himself as he held his foot.    “Now wait, I’m gonna see if we have anything to bandage it up. We don’t have anything to disinfect it, but I’m sure just bandaging it will work,” Chronos explained, heading to the boxes by the front door. “Cider, check upstairs.”    “You got it,” Cider agreed, walking upstairs. As he did so, he felt a chill pass through him. What on earth was that? Having no luck with his search, Chronos searched the boxes in the kitchen. Seth finally made his way into the living room. Huh. What do you know. Another person was here for once. Aaron wiped the tears from his face and sat up, he turned to face Seth and cried in surprise.    “Oh! Jeez, sorry... I didn’t hear you come in,” Aaron chuckled. Seth turned around, and looked around. Who was he talking to? Then, he noticed Aaron’s gaze was on him.    “I’m sorry, ME?” Seth questioned.    “Yeah, you surprised me is all...” Aaron sighed.    “No, no, I mean... How can you see me?” Seth prodded.    “Huh?” Aaron cocked his head. “Oh, wait!” Then, he lowered his visor. Taking it off his face, the green projections and holograms that previously swirled inside turned off, making it clear and empty. “Huh...” He said, as if he had confirmed something, before returning the glasses to his face. “That’s... That’s weird. This hasn’t happened before...”    “What are you-” Before Seth could continue, Chronos came back in, stepping right through him.     “Here, I found this,” He said, placing the small roll of white bandages on the table in front of Aaron. “It’s all we have, but surely you can make use of it.”     “Oh, thank you,” Aaron nodded, taking the bandage wrap and slowly wrapping it around his foot, wincing and breathing heavily as he did so. “I’m, uh, sorry about all this...”    “Don’t be,” Chronos shrugged. “You’d be surprised at how often Cider drags unwanted things in. Not to be offensive or anything.”    “Yeah...” Aaron sighed, placing the roll back on the table after he was done. All that was left was one short piece. “Jeez, it wasn’t bloody before, but it definitely was when you were through with it.”    “It’s not in your foot anymore though, now is it? Anyways, I’m hoping to wrap this up soon. Can you walk on it?”     “Uh... Guess I’ll try,” Aaron braced himself, gripping the edge of the couch. He slowly pushed himself forward, planting his right foot down, and then, ever so delicately, he pressed his injured foot to the floor. After a wobbly five seconds, he stood upright. “Th-There. It hurts a bit, but... I’ll find somewhere to stay and rest up a bit. I should feel better soon. But, um, I’d like to leave... A-As soon as possible.”    “That won’t happen,” Chronos began. “There’s no means of leaving. This planet is completely abandoned, we ourselves are only stuck here because our ship broke down, and we’ve been trying to fix it for a good while now.”    “You mean... I’m... Stuck here?” Aaron’s voice cracked. Seriously? He wasn’t going to spend his final days trapped on a ghost planet with some strangers and some... weird spirit thing. Whatever it was that he saw... That he talked to even. But he’d figure that out later. He sighed, and slumped back down on the couch.    “We’re all stuck here. But how about this? If we find a way to get out of here, we’ll take you with us. You can’t STAY with us, of course, but we’ll take you out of here and then take you somewhere else, alright?” Chronos offered.    “You’d do that?” Aaron asked, but his face bore no emotion. He stared at the table in front of him blankly, suddenly, nothing was on his mind. The world around him went out of focus. He really didn’t want to die in a place like this. How did he even survive the fall from the ship in the first place?    “Don’t look so sad,” Chronos muttered. “We’re gonna leave soon, I’m sure of it. Now go find somewhere to stay, there are about a thousand places here for you to raid like we did. If need be, I’m sure we could lend you some supplies. Don’t count on us giving you much, though. We’d like to keep them for ourselves.”    “Do you... Have any food? I haven’t eaten in a few days now...” Aaron asked. “If I could have something to eat then I’ll be on my way...”    “We don’t have anything. I apologize,” Chronos said. “Maybe you’ll find something. Now it’s late, so I’d suggest you get going.”    “Okay...” Aaron sighed. “Well, do you have flashlights or anything so I can see?”    “We don’t. Here, just use this,” Chronos handed him a candle, and lit it with a match in one swift and annoyed motion. It was clear he didn’t want him here any longer. And Aaron could definitely tell he was overstaying his welcome. So, without any further argument, he thanked Chronos once again and headed out to find somewhere to stay. Seth had gone upstairs once Chronos was finished playing doctor, and arrived as Zeph sat himself on a bed impatiently.    “Well, what was going on?” Zephyr asked.    “’Dunno,” Seth shrugged. “Chronos yelling at Cider or something.”    “Oh, yeah... ‘Guess I kinda figured,” Zephyr nodded.    “I think Crow’s coming. Better hurry up and pretend you’re asleep,” Seth lied, as he disappeared into nothing. Zephyr quickly covered himself up and closed his eyes. As if he was playing along, Chronos headed upstairs and opened the door just a crack to check on Zephyr. As he saw it, he was still asleep. Satisfied, he headed off to a separate room to take a nap himself.
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miserypornverse · 7 months ago
1/21/17 - The Breakup: The Woman’s March, NYC - Grantaire & Irma
[text] u marchen
[text] …
[text] yes
20 minutes later
[text] do you want to come
[text] ye
[text] where?
She texts him an address and he throws on something outrageous he hopes she’ll like, make her laugh.
She’s wearing a fake fur coat open with a crop top underneath and MINE scrawled across her stomach in red lipstick
He nods at it, nervous Grantaire-grin, Cool. You look cool…
He’s just tipsy enough that he greets Vic with a kiss on the cheek and salutes Zeph who raises an eyebrow back.
He thinks he’s doing a good job of being himself. Jokes. Maybe a little too loud, but everyone’s loud and he gets very into the "can't build a wall, hands too small" chant.
At one point their hands brush and then hold and they don’t let go. At another, they get separated from Vic and Zeph and they don’t look too hard to find them.
And their hands are still clasped.
The March dissolves and it starts to feel urgent, knowing it’s getting late in the day, and they’re alone like they haven’t been in weeks.
He’s quiet, afraid to ruin it.
They stand on a corner as people walk by with their signs, with their friends, with their children, staring at their feet but still holding hands, not moving.
After a while, he clears his throat, “So, uh. You’re good? Doing good?”
“Not really.”
"Yeah, same."
“Project Runway’s not as much fun without the extra commentary… and the Tim Gunn impersonations...”
He laughs nervously, "Fulbert doesn't watch Project Runway. Miss it."
“Really? I’d have thought Heidi’d be a pretty big draw. She likes short skirts almost as much as I do...”
"He's on a disco kick, actually" Rubs his nose, "Spending a lot of time staring at John Travolta's crotch... Tight in all the right places. I guess. If you're into Scientologists." Half-grins at her, fiddling with the sleeve of his sweater, giving her outfit another look over. "Speaking of great pants… Actually - uh, fuck pants. Uh, how's the cat?"
“He’s confused. How’re Brad and Potato?”
"They're good. Brad, he, uh, whines. Sometimes"
“Yeah… Cat Power… he looks for you.”
He wipes his nose, “Cool,” runs his hand through his hair and squeezes her hand with the other. "I mean, obviously it's not cool... Does it kinda feel like... Nevermind."
“I dunno. Everything feels weird. World's fucked up." He mimes a small explosion with his free hand and makes a popping sound. "2009 is like a distant memory. I mean it already was for me. I was fucked up a lot in 2009. I would say maybe 99.9%" He shrugs, rolls his shoulders.
“I didn't know you in 2009... Wasn’t here yet.” She swings their hands a little. “Wasn’t even legal yet...'
"Oh yeah." He throws her a sideways grin, "What were you, like, 16?"
“17.” She nudges him with her hip, “Thought I knew so much...”
"Baby genius, right? With your blue haired, bad boy self…" Another sideways grin, he squeezes her hand again.
“I wanna ask you to walk me home...”
"Okay." Quickly, "I mean, okay, I could walk you home-"
“You don't have to-”
“I want to. I’d like it.” He stops himself from saying he’s missed her. She has to know.
They stand there for a moment longer before slowly heading off toward the Faptory
“It's weird.” He pauses to fix his dress, it keeps catching on his jeans.
“Wearing a dress? It's better if you're not wearing jeans underneath, I don't care what the early 2000's said…”
He shies away from clarifying and she lets him.
“You hungry?”
“We can get whatever you want. I have Fulbert's wallet'
“Let’s go someplace fancy then.”
He looks at her in her crop top and leopard print faux fur coat, her hot pants and boots and grins as she assesses him in his sweater and dress over jeans, his ratty converse.
“Let's freak out some squares.”
Full out grin, “Let’s go head up a little then.”
He turns them around and leads them back up town to the super fancy restaurants near 5th Ave. He lights a cigarette and offers her one.
“How’s the, uh, place you found?” She takes it and leans in closer to light it.
“I don't know if I got it yet... I sort of... got a little maudlin about it the other day… But it’s ok. I mean it'll be fine I guess.”
“You can stay - take the Faptory-”
“I don’t want to be there without you.”
He swallows, smokes.
“It makes me think of being there without you when you were in rehab.”
Quickly, “I could come back.”
She doesn’t answer, but she swings his hand a little as they walk.
The Russian Tea Room takes one look at them and turns them away so they go shopping, they go to the Columbus Circle Mall with Fulbert’s card instead and she picks out an outfit for him and he picks out one for her and they used to do that, they used to do this. Except they used to sneak into each other’s dressing rooms and…
He buys a shit ton of chocolate at Godiva.
She steals his cigarettes.
They get coffee and pastries at an expensive café and relish the odd looks and then after he pulls her into a Sephora, “Let’s do makeup,” desperate to keep this going.
She grabs his chin and he sucks in his breath at her nails sinking in just the slightest bit as she slides shadow over his lids.
She closes her eyes and tilts up her own chin as he reaches blindly for a lipstick when she says, “Choose one,” and it’s a wild dark plum and he’s so careful as he puts it on her. 
He looks at her and he misses coming home and watching her work on her projects, watch her TV, the way she’d touch his face like he is touching hers now, very softly, almost painfully intimate. His stomach is doing a weird flappy, happy swooping and he remembers one night, one of their three am nights, Irma touching his face so gently, murmuring, “I can’t believe I get to do this… have this…” and he hadn’t said anything but he had thought, Same, and turned his face into her palm to kiss.
They buy shit and he pockets the eyeshadow and the plummy lipstick for the hell of it, weirdly giddy.
“We should get chicken McNuggets!”
“Sure, or we can hit up the Whole Foods counter.”
Her stomach growls and she laughs and he grabs her hand without thinking to go back down the escalator.
“Bet you didn't have gourmet pop tarts and Oreo cereal for breakfast.”
“Fair enough.”
“I didn’t say it was good pizza.”
“Two Brothers?”
“It was old.”
He squeezes her hand, “Fulbert’s on a Chinese food for breakfast kick. Egg rolls remind him of fresh dicks in the morning or something.”
He glances back at the woman behind them who had coughed and says, slightly louder, “Fresh dicks. Fried cocks. For breakfast.”
Irma laughs and pulls him after her to order.
And they’re still holding hands.
She doesn’t let go even when she checks her phone to see texts from Vic ‘We lost you! Come meet here’ and then a pin drop to a bar and she types one-handed, ‘I think I made him go out on a date w me. Like rn. After the march.’ And then tucks her phone back into her pocket because she doesn’t want to know what they think about that right now, she just wants to enjoy this and pretend for a little longer.
But then they’ve finished eating and they’ve shopped Fulbert’s cards smoking and he reluctantly hands her her bags and drops some of the makeup he stole into one of them after walking her home and they stand there awkwardly outside of the building until he says
“Uh, it’s been real… I guess.” He looks at her overloaded with bags, “Uh, I could help?”
She pauses and then hands him some bags back and he nods a ‘sup to Fernando as they pass by him in the lobby.
He follows her down the hall and into her bedroom where she drops the bags and it’s a mess – clothes crumpled onto the floor, kicked aside, not at all the care she always takes with her things. Uncapped lipsticks left on the dresser, jewelry scattered across it and tangled...
She quickly ushers them out, away from the bed that doesn’t look slept in, to the couch that does and she knows she shouldn’t have let him come up, shouldn’t have asked him to walk her back, shouldn’t have gone out with him after the March, shouldn’t have met him at the March in the first place….
Cat Power comes bounding into the living room, right to him, yowling and wriggling, purring and rubbing up against his ankles and he bends down to pet him.
“Can I uh get some water?”
He hesitates a second and then crosses to the kitchen, picks out a glass, fills it at the tap and then downs it.
He rinses it off, sets it on the drying rack and shoves his hands into his pockets as CP runs to rub against Irma’s ankles too.
“Uh, so… I guess…”
He doesn’t know what to do. He’s surprised she’s been sleeping on the couch. That she hasn’t done the dishes. That the trash is nearly overflowing like the ashtray is.
“If you want to talk…”
“I want you to talk.”
“I really fucking miss you.” He glances away, wipes his nose and her breathy “Yeah” in response kills him. “I don’t get it. I love you. You love me. Right?
She nods and he says quietly, so quietly she can choose to ignore it if he wants.
“Well, can I just come home, then? I don’t… I don’t sleep…”
She swallows, says, shakily.
“Me neither...”
“Okay.” He wipes his nose again, takes a deep breath. “Ok, so can we… can we just go back? Can we go back please?”
“So… then it’s good for a while… better than good… and then…”
“You get scared. You get scared of how good it is.”
“Shit, Irms, no - it's not like – It’s not like that. I'm not gonna - I'm not - I love you-“
“But you… every time.”
“I really fucking love you, and I miss you. I miss home, I just... I dunno-”
“Just tell me you deserve this. Tell me you deserve a home like this. With the cat and the dog and the bird and the rat and me.”
“Tell me you deserve us. What we have together.”
“What kind of -do I deserve - I don't know? How would I know what I deserve or not? I want us. I want what we have together-”
“But you don’t think you deserve it.”
“What? I don't know. Obviously not.” He wipes his nose again, his heart rate starting to pick up, starting to feel frantic, like things are unravelling again. “I mean, look at us, right?”
“What do you mean?”
“You said it. It's good, it's great, and then it's not. Because I fuck it up, right? But when it's good it's perfect. It's like... too fucking perfect. The place, the love, the fucking coffee and clean dishes and shit. Futures. Pets. I'm a liar. I lie to people and steal their shit and I have nothing to add to any kind of future, so no-“ he deflates. “No, I don't think I deserve it. You. I’m not a permanent person. I don't know how to do that. I don't know how to live with all this nice shit. New furniture. All this - there's so much stuff. And pets. Picking out fucking pet food. And worrying what if something - what if they die? What if you die? What if I die first? And let's face it, it would be me, right? It would be me, cause I'm - I'd fuck up. And fuck you up.”
He stands there awkwardly, trying not to look at her but he wants to so he does and he instantly regrets it.
She looks slapped.
He’s realizing he’s sounding more callous than he actually feels but he doesn’t know how to fix it and she’s standing there, crying a little in that silent way she has where she’s not evenly entirely aware of it, but he is.
She feels stupid. Like she’s been playing house without even realizing it and liking it because she never had that... She thought he liked it too. That he wanted it too.
Just one more rug pulled out from under her feet.
He wants to tell her he didn’t mean that he dislikes any of it, that he’s just overwhelmed and he doesn’t know how to express that, doesn’t know how to express anything and she is staring at the floor.
His voice cracks a little when he says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that like that.”
And she thinks at the floor,
You wanted to get the table.
You kept buying all the animals.
You took the trips to Ikea.
You initiated all of it.
You opened the door and I walked through it and I loved what was on the other side. You made me want to be permanent and I think I hate you a little bit for it.
“It doesn't mean I don't - love everything.”
She shakes her head, backing away from him.
“Don’t - Please, Irms, that's not what I fucking meant-“
“You are a liar-“
“I didn't mean it like that-”
“You asked me to get a table with you!” crying outright now, “You bought plates, you wanted a new couch, you bought me a bed, and a bird. You said you wanted to get a dog with me. You painted the wall, you made me want a home! You made me think I had one!”
“I wanted all of that too! I do want that! I want to be - home with you! I really fucking do, but you asked me did I think I deserve it and I don't - okay? It doesn't mean I don't want it! It just freaks me out! Sometimes! I do want it. I want it so fucking much, okay?”
He blew it. Once and for all.
“What you want is to do whatever the fuck you want without consequences.”
“What the fuck? Since when is - I went to fucking rehab! That’s not a consequence? I detoxed. I go to all the gay therapy shit - since when do I want to do any of that? I do that for you!”
“That’s the problem! You can’t just do it for me! Because what that means, Grantaire...” her voice gives out on her entirely and she feels like her knees are about to follow.
“It's a problem to - what - to give up heroin - and drinking - everything, because I love you?”
“You can’t hang your sobriety on me! Do you have any idea… how much pressure that is... To make me responsible for your life… That I can’t ever… step away… because I need to to figure shit out without worrying, well oh now he’s going to... He’s going to…”
“That’s not –“
Her heart is racing, black spots dancing before her eyes
“I don’t want you to be responsible for my life-“
“Grantaire, you make it very clear the only thing standing between you and a needle is me and sometimes I’m not enough to keep you from it either.”
“But I wanted to be with you. I want - you can't live with the drugs or whatever, so I tried!” slightly louder, “I don't want you to be responsible for my life, if I get fucked up it’s on me-“
“It’s not just on you! I don’t know how many times-“
“Okay!” he pulls out his phone, pointedly, “I should go, anyway. Lot of dealers to see now I'm alone and apparently due to ditch my sobriety. Or Whatever.”
She feels like she’s going to pass out. Instead she goes still, she goes cold, she waits for it to be over.
He glances up at her, looks away again, unnerved.
He doesn’t know what to do, what to say so he says, “I can see myself out.” But he stands there watching her, hoping for a reaction, and she just says, emotionlessly, “Yeah, you can. We’re done here.”
He stares at her for a moment longer before he leaves. Loudly.
He buys a plane ticket to LA, to get as far away as he possibly can from all of it. He gets drunk on the plane, gets drunker when he lands. Tries to book a nice hotel room and they call the cops on him suspecting credit card fraud.
Fulbert takes a full day to call the detective back and tell him, actually that’s my nephew and heir and he is allowed to use my cards.
Irma brings all the bags of things he bought her to Fulbert’s not wanting any of it and Fulbert, ignoring the voicemail from the LAPD on his cell,
“Irma, darling, we really must do lunch. Leave the bags by the door. My nephew has hideous taste. I'm craving Italian - let's do Cipriani, yes? Splendid. Tell me about yourself, how are you? Yes? And what about all this nastiness with Narcissus - his nastiness, I'm sure. He won't tell me any of it. I can only take so many dark moods. What about you, are you a major designer yet? Will I be viewing your new collections in the summer?”
She reaches into the bag for something a little more upscale than what she’s wearing for a nice lunch and then reaches out for Fulbert’s tie and ties it around her waist faux-obi style with a wink and it’s forced, but she does it anyway, autopilot. She tucks away the tag of the silk shirtdress so she can shove it back into the bag after lunch.
“Oh, I’m just fantastic. Narrowly escaped being domesticated like a house cat…. And no... but if you'd like to throw a little seed money my way I'll name a flower or two after you...' - plucking at the knot at her waist - 'the Fulbert Knot...'
“Domestication does not suit you, my darling. You, like I myself, are a Holly Golightly. We'll do lunch. And a few hundred "for the powder room". He taps the knot and leads them to the elevator, has the doorman call a cab. “So, tell me, who is it that wants to domesticate you? It's not Narcissus, surely? Did he propose?”
“No. The Lady and The Tramp only end up together in the movies. And I'm too old for cartoons anyway.”
He chuckles, repeating 'The Lady and the Tramp' to himself in delight.
By the time Grantaire gets back to town she has moved out of the Faptory. Her room is completely empty. All of her sewing stuff gone, all of her notebooks and records. Everything they bought together left behind.
He ransacks the apartment, hoping she left something, anything, so he can contact her to return it. And that’s when he realizes he has no idea where she is now.
A few days later he goes to the diner and Julio tells him she quit.
He goes back to the Faptory long enough to pack a backpack and then leaves it all behind too.
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allofzephrina · 8 months ago
COMEDIC FICTION WRITING: The Rules we need to know
So today our professor taught us COMEDIC FICTION WRITING, our second lesson in creative writing and I really wanted to share it with all of you writeblrs, especially the seedling writers. 
It’s really easy to laugh in daily life but actually hard when it comes to describe it in words. Because for one thing, you wouldn’t know how to do it or where to start, and for the other, you might not be in the mood. You can’t write a joke while in a grumpy mood, can you?
So, before I give you all the rules, remember the most important thing:
Write down the comedic scene when you are in the spirits of it. When even you are laughing your guts out at the thing you wrote.
Before we begin, there’s a tiny point. Of all the things I learned today, the basic was the difference between Sarcastic Writing and Comedic Writing. I thought of them to be same, but they aren’t (Though Sarcastic Writing is a future lesson in my course, but you’ll get my point when you’ll further see this post.).
Let’s start with why comedy is used.
To write a comedy novel. (well that’s really obvious but our professor used it anyway.)
To bring comic relief in serious writing.
Like every other thing in every literature and every other thing in this universe, comedy writing also has some rules (I actually laughed at this. Comedy? AND RULES?). 
§ K-Rule:
Using words starting with;
‘Kaa’ sound: e.g.; Cadillac, Quadruple, Quantatino, Cupcake, Cucumber, Cockroach etc.
‘Gaa’ sound: e.g.; Guacomole, Gargle, Gurgle
Though I can’t grasp the scientific reasoning behind this rule but somehow it makes sense.
I’ll show you an example. Let’s say we use the three words from above; cucumber, cockroach & cupcake:
It was one of my those, usual hunger strike days when one night passing through the kitchen I saw the lonely, sweet cupcake sitting in it’s full might on the table. It was calling me, begging me. “Eat me,” I could hear it’s screams. My feet took me to the poor thing. Just then, I saw a cockroach was beating me to it. How could I lose to that tiny, ugly thing? I ran for my rightful cupcake & wacked the cucumber on the table, giving the cockroach the scare of it’s life. 
What I think is that the ‘Kaa’ sound words have this certain appeal to them if used rightfully in a comedic situation.
§ Rule of Three:
It’s a simple rule. And you might have seen this one the most.
Use three sentences which make more comedic effect. 2 of them similar, 1 different. Example, for someone who wants to lose their weight:
Eat less.
Drink less.
And go to NASA for an anti-gravity room.
Got the point? Next.
§ Comparison Joke:
If you have to write Quitting smoking is difficult in a comedic way, you can go like this;
Quitting smoking is as difficult as flossing a cat’s teeth.
Now, have you ever seen someone flossing a cat’s teeth? No. Because it’s a difficult thing to do! Hahaha. Ok Sorry. But the comparison not only delivers your point but brings a comic relief too.
If you are someone following the writing community even from far away, you still have learned this now and then, DON’T USE CLICHÉS. But comedy is different.
In comedy, using cliché is the best way to write.
Use as much clichés and extremities as you want.
Why? Because people can relate to something they already know. 
§ Funny Anecdotes :
Anecdotes are the common things we’ve always been listening and while at it, they make us laugh too.
e.g.; It’s a common joke watching people trip on a banana skin. But whenever the scene comes in a fiction, you always laugh with it (whether or not you are the person who just gives a side glance happening to the person in real life).  
But it’s not always that such thing will make a person laugh. What to do then? 
That is what the next rule is about.  
The reason why I’ve this written in Caps lock is because it’s the RULE OF ALL THE RULES. 
The punch comedy line or situation you have made so proudly should be on a specific timing.
And there’s no need to repeat a joke. Your audience will laugh once, twice and may be third time too but it will bring no reaction if the joke becomes frequent. 
So consider to use your joke/ the specific funny trait of a character and all of the above rules on a specific time in your work.
There are also some techniques in comedy if we see it through the practical approach:
Obvious Comedy:
Obvious comedy is about our common things. We see them around us on everyday basis but notice them really, really less.
e.g; If you remember that scene in Harry Potter (I forgot the part, please remind me if you remember ;< ), where Uncle Vernon and Harry go on like this:
Tumblr media
Watching news is a everyday thing but Rowling made a comedic situation out of it. There are a number of other things like this. Just look around yourself and be observant.
Something odd in a tense situation:
This is the thing we see most often in movies. There’s a serious situation going on may be a fight scene or soldiers raiding an area and something odd happens out of the blue. Actually, this is where the characters with unique humor traits show themselves. 
Everyone is at their wit’s end in a tense situation and then there’s that one moron who, out of nowhere, brings out a muffin and eats it in such a leisure manner as if he’s sitting in his couch at home rather than stuck up in a broken elevator on the top floor. (Sounds familiar? Isn’t this the trait we die for in our bad boy/ witty male leads?😛) 
Stand-up Comedy:
This one is also something from our usual manners/ situations. Take for example a dialogue between a teacher and a student:
Teacher: Do you think I’m strict?
Student: Well, you are strict to others, and I am one of the others.
The student is in a tight knot. If he agrees he would get a path to graveyard and seemingly, he isn’t the type to flatter too. So, he goes for a in-between situation, trying to be clever. (Though I won’t ever say such a thing on the face but who can listen to what’s in the heart?😗)
The reason why we laugh hysterically at stand-up comedians is that they bring out the humor in something that happens to us everyday and we can relate to it. (The reason their most usual targets are married couples.)
(Did you know that practical jokes/ pranks etc. have a name when used in fiction? I didn’t. It’s called SLAPSTICK COMEDY. Say thank you zeph. You are welcome🤗)
I hope these rules would be something helpful to the writing community especially the beginners. But before you leave the post, keep two things in mind for comedic work (consider it my token of gratitude for reaching this far):
Your audience should know that you are laughing, whether by words or situation (If you aren’t smiling at the piece you wrote how would the readers? So enjoy what you write.).
STAY AWAY FROM SARCASM. Till now you would’ve understood that sarcasm is different from comedy though it makes us laugh when used as a punch line but sometimes sarcasm is also used by author at the melancholic scenes. So beware of this one point.
[MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to start that wip, that dream, that piece of your wonderful imagination that has been lying down there for weeks, months and (for the legends) years. I am the legend, the legend is ME]
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kazinejghafa · 9 months ago
All the even headcanons?
at first i was confused and then i made a noise and went ?? really!!?? now i’m blushing 😊 ok so!
1. Light sleeper
altheia for sure. they have to deal with a lot of abrupt attacks during the war so yeah 😔
2. Has non stop puns
nova does use a few. but mainly remy and her dad richard. omg they’re jokes are terrible together, dwight has to leave the room sometimes lajfjdjfhj
3. Will cut you if you hurt their loved ones
almost all of them?? except a few dick side ocs. but nova was the one who came to mind first so her the most. she does a lot for the people she loves.
4. Has a dysfunctional family
uhhhhhh the correct question would be who doesn’t have a dysfunctional family 😅 maybe spencer? they love their parents but.... yikes!
5. Likes rock music
so many!! but nova and bo listen to it the most!
6. Will give you the middle finger
dkjdjdh most of them tbh but nova and bo again for the most!
7. Is a sweet angel
a tie between remy and zephyr appleby!! remy is so precious and zeph is such a soft boy i love them 🥺
8. Can kill you with a pencil
nova would 100% wanna stab a vampire with one. but corvina is the one who would kill you with one.
9. Looks sweet but will murder you in cold blood
mmm probably my only anime oc akane! cause she’s pretty violent but she looks cute!
10. Looks like they will murder you but is a sweetheart
alex and mars! ive done so much rewriting for mars, made her softer on the inside than she looks on the outside, which is the cliche ice queen slytherin look.
with alex she has a pretty bad case of resting bitch face but she’s probably my kindest oc, loves helping people, esp people in pain, no matter how much she denies it.
11. Will eat everything if they could
ljshdsg nova, she loves going to other people’s houses and stealing their food.
12. Wants to run away from everything
alex is constantly running away from stuff until she finally embraces her new world and begins to run towards people.
also noor, she does sometimes dissapear/runaway from serious sibling arguments and her job is basically her running from being truly intimate with people
13. Knows random facts about everything
14. Owns a motorcycle
i think a few of them do actually? but alex is the one that rides hers the most and takes care of it herself very well. she just loves driving anything from motorcycles to cars to that one time she has to emergency land a plane!
15. Is book smart
a few but al came to mind first!! altheia consumes books with a real hunger for knowledge of all kinds. the moment they step out of gallifrey they begin to see that somethings are best learned through life experience.
16. Is naïve
says a lot that it took me a second to think for this one. probably zeph or reyenna in her pre s1 years, although their naivety is because of their young age
17. Would steal a penguin from the zoo
1000% mars!!
18. Has very exaggerated facial expressions
remy and nova but nova the most tbh she has so many different looks she uses on people and only bonnie and her best friends can read them all
19. Likes Harry Potter
a lot of them but zaria and nova make the most references kshshjs
20. To solve other peoples problems, they say to murder the problem
skhsjaksj a lot lmaooo but corvina is probably the only one that’s not joking
21. Is a nervous wreck
alex has a lot of anxiety so her def
22. Likes dragons
nova, mars and zaria. mars just a little bit more though, very enthusiastic over animals, especially ones that are big and can kill you
23. Will laugh as they kill you
hhhhdg corvina mostly just to scare you but yeah
24. Would bake a cake for a friend who is sad
nova and zaria! nova keeps her friends well fed and loves cooking at random hours. zaria is pretty good at baking, for the most part, if only because she loves sweets.
25. Is the comforting one
a lot. alex, nova, noor and zaria.
zaria is a full on empath so she’d probably be the best at it.
26. Acts like they don’t care, but do
a few! but elena and corvina the most in their first season(s). corvina is a bit better at keeping up the facade though.
27. Loves children
roma!! she’s really good with her baby brother and other kids too!
28. Gets lost easily
talia and mars! talia with driving anywhere cause she prefers portals and mars trying to figure out all the twists and turns of hogwarts. she will probably be playfully upset w Harry for keeping the map to himself for so long 😆
29. Likes to work out
alex for sure!
30. Will sends meme in the group chat
a lot for sure but remy will send the most, sometimes she’ll only express her emotions with memes
31. Knows every song ever
probably my only fully formed singer oc audrey! she likes rock, indie and classical more but tries to keep up with every genre for the most part.
32. Likes socks
the first that came to mind was al! they have a collection of weird and funny socks, but remy has some pretty great ones too!
33. Can’t sleep without something special
noor can’t sleep without the lights on. usually dimmed but still light on always.
34. Has a sweet tooth
zaria!! no competition.
35. Has amazing hair
most of them probably?? but dessa and nova’s hairstyles are the ones i would want the most personally
Tumblr media
hey!! i love you!!! thanks so much for the ask!!!
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