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#bad incorrect quotes
myspacerebels · 3 hours ago
You have something I want. You might think you have some idea what you're in possession of, but you don't. Soon, she will be back with me. She means more to me than you'll ever know.
Hunter to Cad Bane, soon.
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korvanjund · 6 hours ago
Farkas: From now on, we will be using codenames. you can address me as “eagle one,” Aela, codename “been there, done that,” Firien is “currently doing that,” Njada is “it happened once in a dream,” Tahir, codename “if I had to pick a dude,” and Vilkas is “eagle two.”
Vilkas: Oh, thank Shor.
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kingsilver-fox · 12 hours ago
-2am and in the college dorms-
Luz: *leaving*
Willow: Luz? Where are going?
Luz: No where...
Willow: You going to see Amity?
Luz: What? No. This is prime time to watch the raccoons at the pond near the forest.
Willow: Make sure you make it back alive.
Luz: They wouldn’t hurt me! They’re my friends.
-Later at 4am-
Willow: *just fell back asleep*
Luz: *busts through the door, carrying 6 raccoons* I’M HAVING FRIENDS OVER AND I PROMISED THEM TACOS.
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sith-soka · 14 hours ago
Crosshair, bored: Omega, say kriff.
Omega: Krieeff!
Crosshair: Say osik [shit]
Omega: Osik!
Crosshair: Now say shab [ass].
Omega: Shab!
Crosshair: Okay, now go tell buir Hunter the new words you learned.
Hunter, later: Crosshair, what the FRICKITY FRACK did you teach Omega? We banned bad words!
Omega: Hehe kriff
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Iwa: i finally got new guitar strings
Oikawa: great! now you actually have to use a pick to play
Iwa: blocked
Oikawa: come on Iwa-chan, you know it's the truth
Iwa: not if i have anythign to say about it, at least the frets are big
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dangitsbrightinhere · 16 hours ago
Kleiner: I have absolutely no skeletons in my closet.
Gordon: what about them? *points at Greg*
Kleiner: oh they came out a long time ago.
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lover-of-skellies · 16 hours ago
Killer: What’s up guys? I’m back
Cross: What the- you can’t be here. You’re dead. I literally saw you die
Killer: Death is a social construct
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here-comes-the-moose · 19 hours ago
Tech, barging into Crosshair’s room: Hey Crosshair, I was reading and saw that-
Tech: *sees Crosshair sitting on the floor, sobbing and eating shredded cheese straight out of the bag while watching Toy Story 2*
Tech: *leaves*
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sith-soka · 20 hours ago
Hunter, teaching Omega to drive: So, Tech and Crosshair walk onto the road. What do you hit?
Omega: Oh, Crosshair! We can kidnap him and remove his chip!
Hunter, sighing: No, the brakes. But that is a good idea.
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incorrectyttdquotes · a day ago
Miley, taking notes about Ranmaru: After being exposed to our test Sara, subject started acting WAAAY creepier than normal. Like, even for Ranmaru.
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incorrecthsrquotes · a day ago
As Strong Bad prepares for his "Death-defying Mid-air Email Check" from "Weclome Back"
Strong Sad: Jumping out of helicopters is dangerous. You know, they say 1 in 5 people don’t make it to the ground!
Strong Bad: What do you mean, they don’t make it to the ground? Where do they go?
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ragnarokandcheese · a day ago
peter:  hey, hey, what type of currency do they use in outer space?
thor:  well, actually it depends on the planet.  like in asgard, we use -- 
peter:  starbucks!
tony: *facepalms*
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walter-sawamura · a day ago
Carter: Wow, these candles are so romantic!
Alexis: Who said anything about romantic?
Alexis: Maybe I’m going to sacrifice you.
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lover-of-skellies · a day ago
Cross: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something
Nightmare: Cross, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass
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myspacerebels · a day ago
The chip: Good soldiers follow orders.
Wrecker: Silenzio, Bruno !
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