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thesedangankids · 21 hours ago
if i may join in with the oc sharing: my first, oldest, and most beloved danganronpa oc who i don’t have any current art of but i still love so much is my ultimate archer, shihio kiyuna! she had massive gifted kid burnout from showing natural talent in her ultimate field from a fairly young age and bc of it being held up to really high standards ;] also bc of this she wasn’t allowed to make a lot of friends, and thus her idea of what was actually a friendship and what wasn’t and what was something else got really messed up. she was the ch4 blackened of the kg she was in and killed the sort-of antagonist of the game after having an underlying rivalry with her almost the whole game. i haven’t actually touched on her in a long time but i still think abt her a lot and i love her!! it was nice to talk abt her and i think it’s very cool of you to let people talk abt their ocs in yer inbox :O - 🔮 (going on anon bc i’m not a blog that mains dr content anymore HBGHGB)
yeah of course!!! its been a blast hearing people get excited about their characters hehe
we looove a former gifted kid losing her bearings and maybe just maybe murdering her rival as a treat ❤️
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kirkwallers · 3 days ago
Cannot wait for the best moment in me1 after my paragon ass works on garrus for the entire game and hes like um u stole the normandy? After everything u said?
I have literally never been so proud
#and yeah he slam dunks everything i told him jnto a dumpster after shep dies so he can go play batman#but its the thought that counts buddy#i just like that line a lot and ive never heard anybody mention it before but i love it#bc it means he really internalized everything shep told him and took it to heart#then the afformentionrd slam dunking and then i gotta start over#but i get him back there eventually#even tho the games refused to give me the same influence over him in me3 bc i feel like after hanging with paragon shep for 3 games#he would be more firm in his convictions#instead of the wishy washy centrist thing he does in that game#cuz they assume that shep will make consisten choices and he just agrees with whatever#tricking u into thinking he remembered and learned#but the criticism of the action that doesnt match the advice is so fuckin good and i wish that had been in the other games a lot#in me3 if u did that hed be like yeah well. gotta do what u gotta do amirite shep?#but the me1 paragon garrus arc is.....*chefs kiss*#me2 paragon arc path is still good but u dont see any confirmation or evolution from the results of his personal quest#how fuckin great would it have been if u save sidonis and he shapes up and starts trying really hard#or u kill him and he goes like full renegade no rules just right outback justice#u see that with a lot of other characters in me2 which is funny#i think its funny how they push the bff thing so hard with a character they gave very little dialogue in me2#im gonna write all this in a real post someday youll see
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spqce-buns · 3 days ago
The whole thread was just beautiful.
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renaepassthelemonade · 5 days ago
First we have selfies of our lovely leaders and now Seonghwa and Minho along with Felix and Wooyoung?! Staytinys we are winning!!😭😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mediumjon · 6 days ago
thinking about nonbinary arya and the way the house of black and white is a perfect representation of others seeing arya a completely different way than they see themself, other people not seeing arya at all but the masks they have to wear or the conventions they have to fit. but they're arya stark of winterfell and have always been!
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fluffyhunnie · 6 days ago
hii jaimie!! just checking on you i hope you’ve been doing fine!!! 💗
MAR THIS IS YOU ISNT IT?? 🥺 it’s been a roller coaster of good & bad days, but in the end im still doing good!!! thank you for stopping by to check up on me, i hope you’ve been doing good as well <33
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konmari-dogs · 7 days ago
anyway, personal loss of honor aside, yesterday had the most breed variety i’ve ever seen in a comp yet.
like there were your usual present breeds. the goldens, the border collies, the shelties, the german shepherds and malinois. 
but there was quite a showing of less common breeds. there was a great dane, a bernese mountain dog, russian black terriers, a newfoundland, multiple chihuahuas, a pug - who out performed majority of dogs to get third in obedience like that dog was on fire, yorkshire terriers, field spaniels and brittanies. a samoyed came away best in trial with a perfect 200/200.
and they all worked really well and under control in their respective disciplines within their own breed variational approach.
just nice to see.
#dog obedience#rally obedience#(it was a dual trial so both)#shout out to that pug though watching it out perform a range of gsds#a groendoel a black russian terrier#and none of those dogs performed poorly it's just that pug was that well performing#little legs powering away on the heeling set and just that RECALL was chefs kiss#and the SFE ngl quite funny because the judge had to bend down so far#and imagine how challenging that must be for little dog to have such a confrontational loom for SFE where the larger dogs#the judge basically stands next to them no need for looming#you go little pug#it was just a really good showing and generall the people who nq'd wasn't for lack of skill but#yknow u miss a step at a critical moment and immediately lose 40 points even though you were standing on an upcoming perfect score#it be how it be#brb im ordering canisnerdus NQ stickers#which were shared in the local obedience group so making the rounds lmao#i was still feeling shitty about it this morning so thyme and i did some drilling#and he was back on point#i think we were both just off yesterday#i was nervous and had a migraine and my bad leg was KILLING me#and i kept him out for way too long so his attention span was shot to hell#that tbh he worked well like to be very clear#we NQ'd twice because of me#thyme was functionally and technically correct the entire time even though i felt disconnected from him on the heeling#and he got a bit silly towards the end as he does when he's over tired#i really need to respect his mental stamina limitations and work within what he can do before i start poisioning trials for him#im just so CLENCH FIST impatient#he's so tired today he's basically an introvert of a spaniel so this stuff takes a LOT out of him mentally
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Delusional wish list for season 3
So guys I know the writings a bit on the wall in regards to season 3. BUT as the season is winding down and as I choose to ignore reality at the best of times, here’s a list of things that I would both like to see in a season 3 and what I really think needs fixing/addressing from this season. Personally to me this season has been like when you see those people on baking shows try to make a gateau with 60 layers and several types of  obscure icing in 10 minutes- tastes good overall but is underbaked in places, slightly wobbly and bits of eggshell in it. Aka an enjoyable mess with massive potential.
So for a season 3 I would like to politely request:
-MORE AINSLEY!!! Now the secret has sort of been resolved we need more  backstory, more of her day to day world. We keep seeing glimpses and flashes of her life from Malcolm’s perspective, time to see hers. Would really love to see her actually be far less high functioning than she initially appears too.
- More depth for JT and Dani. Like Ainsley their development is there but its been lost of the chaos of the plotlines. At this point whilst a romance with Malcolm is...fine, Dani herself needs development. Why is she into Malcolm, what does she do when not working. Ideally, I would like an episode addressing that they dont hang outside of work and see them in another environment. What would a date look like? Hell, what would just hanging out look like. JT’s friendship with Malcolm has potential but they need to be on more cases together, maybe a babysitting ep? Let them hang for crying out loud. In fact, let them all have a pizza night or something! They could throw axes!
-Martin’s backstory. Need this one like air. Before the breakout I thought it would be so cool if Malcolm met others Whitlys and for once Martin desperately wanted Malcolm to stop pursuing a case. How eerie would it be to stand in one of the rooms where the surgeon was ‘made’, realising that his mantra ‘no ones born broken’ also applies to his father. What would the conversation with his father even look like after a scene like that.
-Episode with Martin and Malcolm alone. I know this is controversial but the scenes when its just the two of them are arguably the best thing about the entire show, their chemistry is just insane. I dont know how that would work now but to have them together just for an episode alone to really get into it. One episode I really would have liked to have seen is Malcolm stuck at Claremont overnight in a lockdown with Martin and the two trying to solve a case which would inevitably lead to talking about the past and MAYBE CAMPING TRIP INFO?!? A girl can dream lmao.
- Endicott fallout. Proper consequences for that. Perhaps the case falls apart or Endicott is outed as a hack and some more competent people find out. This one I STRONGLY suspect was the victim of COVID but I wish it hadnt been so.
-More restraint. The show has a real issue with this. Yes, having Malcolm be hit by a car was fun, falling down the lift shaft etc. BUT they arent remotely realistic and pull from the actual immersive experience. It doesent feel real if you watched someone be cured by an accidental ECT. I get the show has comedic elements but sometimes it goes too far. Tone it down. The premise is already massively fantastical so you need to be more grounded to buy the central premise of the show. Otherwise it diverges from reality.
-Finally and leading on from the last point, pare it back. We dont need 60 fab things going on at once, stick to one overaching story and just stay with that. I get that Martin escaping was so much fun to write but that should have been the last ep this season. This needed to be the season of the Endicott fallout and Ainsley. It wouldnt even have been a problem if they had gotten away with it but more consequences needed to be felt. Especially regarding Ainsely and Malcolm. If Martin is still out that should be the one plotline we are going with, no need to bring in anything else, just stick to that and youre golden.
I know this sounds like I hated this season so far and that is absolutely not true!! I have loved the episodes individually, its how they come together as a narrative that I mostly take issue with. In fact a few episodes are in my absolute fave lists. These are just things that I think will bring this show up from ‘amazing elements let down by a few issues’ to just straight up incredible. The potential is there, its just all in the execution.
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kylewalker-peters · 9 days ago
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chaoticbutvanilla · 12 days ago
If a person listens to 'Songs of the SMP' without context, they'd be like, "omg is the singer fine??". Because without the context, Derivakat is just making us question our sanity.
I need a person outside of this fandom to listen to 'Blue' and 'Syndicate' and react to it.
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dionideatta · 14 days ago
Ok so the finale cast a bit of a shadow over the rest of the drama for me but I’m listening to the soundtrack now and all the memories are coming back sdfsdf I’m glad i sat down to listen to it, I’m remembering that before ep 20 i did in fact enjoy this drama, and as a whole it really was a great watch. It would be unfair to cast aside all the fun i had with everything, even if the finale was perhaps the hardest kdrama episode i’ve ever had to sit through. 
And honestly what a soundtrack???? That’s one thing this drama did truly without fault, the use of music throughout the story
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largecheekbones · 21 days ago
not anon but u are very fun and very nice and i know this isn’t ur spn blog but your opinions are so correct and i love your jimmy posting <3
aaaaa thank you sm, im glad you appreciate my jimmy posting and my opinions <333
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