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#baby steps
uhmyeacauseidk · 14 hours ago
Day 1.5
I'm kinda scared of my scripts and it's cause I'm afraid I'm gonna be different wich is funny cause I had no problem with that before lol 😅
Still shaking and kinda gotta pit in my stomach but if I can I'm gonna try and make it through the fear
I'll try and save my next update for tomorrow
Tannis Persephone
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twilightown · a day ago
I joined an ARFID Facebook group :’)
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noteguk · a day ago
does the l word get thrown in Bad Romance?👀
there is a L-word. Not THE L-word.
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ezrasarm · 3 days ago
HOLD ON HOLD UP. I have the weirdest inclination that frankie knows how to drive stick and now I’m just thinking about frankie teaching reader how to drive stick and anyways dkshjhsja why am I thinking about this??? I can’t even drive???
Oh he does for sure!!! And yes I’m absolutely in the same boat as you like idk how to drive but there is something very hot about the concept of him teaching me how drive stick shift but not teaching me how to drive entirely cause I fear that would kill any relationship quite quickly 😂
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bambicambi · 3 days ago
Baby Steps, a time when Marinette was just starting out participating in "mechivious" acts with her older brother.
Marinette: look, this wasn't my fault.
Detective: there is video evidence of you doing the act.
Marinette: I never said there wasn't any evidence.
Detective: ...what.
Jason: *pursing his lips at her, internally screaming* I taught you better than this—
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bambicambi · 4 days ago
*at the police station, back when they were younger*
Detective: Jason said he was at the museum at 5 am, was that a lie?
Marinette: Jason has never lied a day of his life.
Detective: that's a lie.
Marinette: I never said I didn't lie.
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oakleaf--bearer · 7 days ago
the mental health has been Not Great recently, i've realised that i've missed an assignment for uni and i'm just generally stressed and not vibing, but i've finally reached out to a specialist about getting a diagnosis for my adhd and i've been honest to them about the fact that i am scared of doctors, so i'm at least heading in the right direction
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mentalhealtheveryday · 7 days ago
High five to you who managed to get to the store, buy your water, a few healthy foods and hygiene products like toilet paper 🙌🏽👏🏾
You’re doing great at taking care of yourself.
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chicken-with-a-spoon · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. I’m practicing drawing!   I’m not sure what to do with this one... I might turn it into my Icon If I finish and get new colors!  (Body drawing pt 3
2. I was trying to do that thing where artists use shapes and plan? outline? Before drawing. (Body drawing pt 2
3. I was practicing doing doodles Incase of the future. I chose DreamXD cause he was the most easiest.
4. Again I was practicing 
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huffipuffy · 7 days ago
I literally screamed at my phone when I read the chapter you posted last night!!!!!!!! It’s so insane to me how well you can capture the building momentum of stress and doom to the point when it all comes to a head. Like in the chapter where Narcissa goes to court, the build up there was so good. Then this most recent chapter too. You build up the sense that something bad is on the horizon and then THE CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!! I.NEED.MORE. Also I’m curious about Lavender because I found it strange that she was friends with Blaise/Theo/Pansy. She even seemed to be making Blaise uncomfy?? Is she going to make another appearance in Draco’s dreams? Or was it just to draw a parallel with Hermione’s witnessing of Lavender’s death as discussed in her point of view? I would love to know what was going on there. Maybe it was just Lavender’s jealousy that Ron wanted to be with Hermione that led her to the Slytherins?
Sorry I’ve rambled! I’m can’t explain how badly I need the next chapter though!!!!!!!!!
Hi! Thank you so much for reading ‘Baby Steps’. I’m so sorry, I felt HORRIBLE writing that cliffhanger. I know a lot of people are angry at me currently, but I am going to post the next chapter as soon as it’s finished. I’m aiming for Saturday, but I’m touching wood - because whenever I say I’m gonna post on a specific day I jinx it and I never finish on time hahaha. So we’ll say Saturday–Monday timeframe for the next chapter!
I love to foreshadow, so the intense build ups are a product of that hahaha. Draco with his mark was the big giveaway that something sinister was afoot. And as we saw at the end of the chapter, his feelings were somewhat linked to the outcome. Why that is, is a mystery as of yet ;)
And Lavender – she is another mystery in the works. There is absolutely more to her story, as well as her motivations with the Slytherins. She’s an obvious sore spot for Hermione - witnessing anyone die such a brutal death would do that to you. But conversely, she’s an area of distrust/suspicion for Draco. At least for the sixth year ‘about-to-let-the-death-eaters-into-Hogwarts’ Draco.
Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have a fab day x
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jaekaypea93 · 7 days ago
Building my ladder slowly; cleaning out social media of a toxic individual who I thought was a friend. Working on bettering myself mentally and physically. I feel pretty good albeit tired as usual. Baby steps.
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theariesseer · 9 days ago
Lesson One: Shifting Takes Time
It is okay if you do not get to a desired reality on your first try
That’s something that a lot of people assume is going to happen if they follow someone else's method and try to replicate it.
You have to develop your own method (which we will go over methods/schedule building in another post) That being said don’t ignore the warnings people give.
Yes HEAD ALL WARNINGS because while some things work for other that DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.
The absolute best way to begin shifting is to take a moment to yourself.
It can be anywhere that brings you comfort or is simply the best place for a moment of silence. In this time you’ve set aside for yourself I want you to think about one person/place/thing in particular that you wish you could see/visit/feel. Think about that particular thing in every aspect that it is.
Let the thought of that thing consume you emotionally and physically. Great example would be: Riding in the backseat of Baby after a successful hunt with Sam and Dean Winchester.
I want you to think about how the ride feels.
Are you on asphalt or on a dirt road? What is the weather like outside the car? Recall a time when you were in the car and those two factors were at play.
Nothing more.
The more you think about the more you add to the bowl without reading the recipe the more of a mess it will be in the end. You’ll have to start over.
So as many times in a day/week/month it takes for you to fully allow that thought to be something that you can pinpoint and distinctly identify in your dreams: the easier it will be to add more elements.
That is why taking your time is the key. Don’t overthink it.
Don’t force yourself to think about it, just let it be on in the background of your everyday life.
This seems like a how to shift, but it isn’t. This is meant to act as a guide. A Shifting for dummies book if you will.
No you do not have to take my word into account I am not asking you to do this nor am I telling you that it will work for you directly. I am simply sharing my 15+ years of experience.
Shifting Takes Time. . . Don’t Force it. . . Always start with something basics. . . (no more than two factors/elements at a time)
That is what will lead to the grand achievement of getting to another reality.
If you have questions comments or concerns feel free to inbox me or shoot me an instant message. I am always available to talk and give one on one advice my friends.
Happy shifting.
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myjourney21 · 9 days ago
April 6 2021
Im ready to get back to my healthy lifestyle again and try to get this weight off. Ive had a break due to emotional hormonal issues i suppose you could say. I was depressed for awhile. Now im getting better. Taking care of myself. I quit smoking got a tooth pulled so im dealing with the healing process of that. So ive just been trying my best to take care of me but my heart hasnt been in it as far weightloss. Idek how much i weigh. Of course my scale died on me i need batteries for it. So theres that too.
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owlee22 · 10 days ago
Finally defeated part of my anxiety and booked an appointment with a therapist on Wednesday
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magneticghouls · 12 days ago
oh yah i was able to watch black panther for the first time in like almost a year last night
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